The Mark and Kichen Show - Brad Faxon joins Mark and Ben to talk golf and the tournament; Jay Feely talks on his relationship with Brady 6-24-2018

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Sunday, June 24th
Hour 3. Mark and Ben are joined by Brad Faxon to talk Golf and the charity tournament. They also talk about how insane the situation with Kevin McHale is. Jay Feely joins the show and talks about his relationship with Tom Brady.

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Its market and kitchen. But that's what it. NBA draft the Boston. Dell picks like Robert Willie. Everybody just quick update we have. She's getting all the Robert this morning. So we're going to hold on the conference call I had. Like to part drama blue cells coming from between humans eat up the game here is being cited inaction on doing federal sneak in this he can. And that's the aspect has found. Very personal aren't accurate in the air America and that carjacking to negate the story with faculty. Is what on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I don't trust anyone that is China has regularly beat it and make it to guys that. Yeah I would think I it's my feet. I the guy OK then I as a general Italian thing as Corzine rabbit appropriate you just can't trust you can't trust red heads inject. It you can. For the most part he likes to get them as young as high yet. What the senator Reid I got a home freezer full of obstacles now it's time for margin kids here. Fox sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I don't remarking kitchen show one of your point seven WEEI. We're live from program that the CVS charity classic the Rhode Island country club. Haven't told we will be joined by Brad Faxon. Sometime in the 11 AM hour that is the expectation. He's just arrived he's playing in the afternoon group. To the pro am I believe. Brad Faxon. Some other NATO we've played the afternoon Brad Faxon Brian Scalabrine. Can coping. Brooke Anderson. Sean board yeah. Jim long board some big names Howard Twitty. Whose death. Ortiz celebrity. Never heard. Derek Sanderson. Crazy some guys some guys come out watching girls come out watch today here at the serious health pro am at the Rhode Island country club would you of the list tomorrow the tee times great field once again. First group out Sam Saunders Christie Kerr Scott McCarron whatever that he sevens that are shot well it's awfully. Lex Thompson Joseph Durant. Your card they got they got mad how to pronounce his name. They're not here's this one of the signature groups worry about or she knew you. June you zillions room Julia you're young you do ya and you Brad Faxon these guys in the yard you yeah only at the telescope status. Studio and you. Ten to anyone Billy Marshall Paul Cramer Marco marriage at 33 Jim Derrick Morgan press a caller Montgomery that's a great group into 45 Keegan Bradley. Brooke Anderson and Billy and raid the defending champions of this event so. Unbelievable field. For an event that does unbelievable work for the local charity share a brat he joins us we'll tell us more about the charity work they've done in the amount of money that they've. And that they've collected since 1999. These charities. They've they've raised just unbelievable funds for local charities around. So that your that your lineup tomorrow that you that every I mean if you have people here that won every major championship. So that's impressive field once again. You know we ended the last segment talking about the patriots. I was just wondering. Can I ask you quick Celtics question anything in this last week to the Celtics Joseph Johnson they've dropped it back in the day Chauncey builds a draft back in the day yes random but what did you. What was worse getting rid of Joseph Johnson getting rid of Chauncey Billups both have pretty good NBA careers they treated both. About I don't know halfway into their rookie Steve. I'd even like thirty some games in what was worse. Toxic. Johnson was much worse because judge Johnson because it was worst part of the reason each agent Johnson is because. Paul Pierce had voters had a guy depositions are doing exactly. It was shortsighted to trade Joseph Johnson away. But treating late. Chauncey Billups is far more detrimental to this team. Moving forward and treating Richard Johnson yes you got it somewhat decent return for Joseph Johnson to that helps you back here in Tony Delk and Rodney Rodney Rogers but com. Phillips would have solved their point guard position which you remembered for years. And so basically Rondo took it over and solidified that position they were kind a year a year constantly point guard there's you're you're bringing Gary Payton yet Kenny Anderson. You evolve these YouTube some retreads playing point guard for you. Charge those as far more detrimental to this team. Especially. Since you took him with the third pick. Before it was a third or fourth agreement that was part of that problem. No Rick Pitino was that prop yeah. There is no front office person in this town in the last thirty years done more damage to their team in particular did. Irreparable. Via tie largest market through the eighteenth fairway here did you shoot he did and keep track will be doing. It's shoddy made so we have no call to make potluck big coats. It's coming through love him. You big big poster was such a huge expense and 959697. Was a great tied his absolute beast harper went to via Baltimore Ravens. So last night I just don't Jurassic world all urging them you actually went well as some of myself myself yeah. An outstanding movie. So what do building codes reminded you dress is going through this topic here wanted to. It. I went Klaus wanted to make a point that I went to the movies it can always give me crap but I don't see any movie yes that's certainly to the movies saw the movie. Excellent dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs. Myself he set himself yes Soto. It. People's enemies with yourself. What is the movies and not going to try to not let it do anything. It myself I care just jitters weirder dinners a little weird but I'll do it here yet I mean you can sit at the bar watch what I. I don't I don't I don't leave my house my wife and said all right have a good night of gold at dinner by myself at the restaurant. But I'll do it if the if the situation calls for. Celeste I called for a UN so loads of them got to be addressed park yeah it was awesome excellent movie I had my doubts. I thought that really brought into this. That they really move the story forward. It'll give away. You know like a jungle scenes not as many jungle scenes in that movie which was sort of disappointing but if it weren't dinosaurs Olsen here yeah. Yeah. But I thought about hearing there in Denver area to go to him doing. Being coached appears to be left handed golfer. Any overshot in the eighteenth rough. Hurry out there in the rough we'll see what happens here on the shot we're gonna call live here Jeanette in the Booth here with Curtis Strange and here's coats the approach. Looks a little left. Catches the left side of the green about Oprah. It's going to be a difficult up and up from there downhill lie that what do you think. All the gulf pandemic well I think what bank boosted there was got a little too much about all. Put it up on the rough of the green again it's tough time trying to chip it onto the fairway yes he has the green whatever they're called. It's voted okay that's that's my analysis. Thing Coates not rushing straight. Still looks fit to host Drew Bledsoe one of his favorite target. Goes all to do so much from Deutsche and winter coats big pay cut I mean it means that he have good nickname. Yet back when Chris burns stupid people or Chris Berman that's that's that came from could remember where that came from Tom. Whoever that white guys may think it's cool. There's a good shot. Good shot there. A Gator single reloaded this morning. I just wish that Lou came through while we are here now that I've seen more entertaining approached him when he got he Lee hit it in the lip there. And any kind of muscled and on the had a nice you know bump shot pick it up near the flag any TV made a putt that was a good one. That. I think we all yet that might done heard a little. As a man it came up short of the bunker there. Should read such extent Chris Sale. Canyon. I mean if arms sale I want now which are being reservation knowing. No might from the sale mean yes they can extend him but I know that you pays for public. Yes absolutely without a doubt they should get so I ever. Well no moment problem is set to such a team friendly deal with the White Sox years ago that the reds and it's paying down now such a team from the deal from Chris Sale. I'm going up there again after more than just organize better that's my concern for the reds oxide when it comes to resigning Chris Sale. That's my concern. Which should do yes she can throw away that nonsensical crap about it. Thirty you'll starting pitchers if you have the retaliatory gosh yes and that proved to not work unless it's proven time and time again Iverson the year you look at ago. Especially when Dave price has been in the collective look at it even more so. And wonder what good bit yeah. I absolutely think you do. You know. Here's the thing where I am like for him to show me a little bit more in September and of course October of course I would but. I think. What I would gives Ellen a value it's sale as a player total player. I think he has the mental makeup to really. You know ride in a postseason situation he has and he has had a ton of opportunities but I'm not worried about him mentally. About worried that he's gonna disappear. Or he's gonna wet himself for anything like that I think that he is mentally. The the mind and that I guess mental toughness to get to beat affected postseason play it has worked out. I'd rather him. Kind of break down physically and have that be concerned about it what is it that's what I don't. But I'd rather that then this guy just is a puddle in the play like David Price right. I always take if you get work physically you can train differently can rest make an adjustment physically. Mentally I think that's ordered to overcome if you're just a mental midget. In October yeah I know Chris Bury I've considered it rice heads to Chris price the great football writers as he you don't come September he's not very good anymore. I'm not sail through it comes to come out late August September he he's starting to trail down he's not quite as good as he was anymore. That's written earlier part of the season. I'd still rather have that. Then just on reliability data press what did the processional numbering. You know that's the question and always rather your right. You'd rather have a guy that's dealing with a little bit of physical issues down after Kevin Daly just is enough Clinton can't get it right I think this guy has the mental makeup to play to beat the guy you wanna see in both seasons and that's what I'm gonna expect happened. Whether or not. You know he show now look you only have really this case he's a free agent after next season I believe. So this if one evaluated in the playoffs this is your chance here. But yeah I mean how many great ace starting top of the rotation pitchers are out there and available. Their farm system certainly. Is stocked full of suspense so. You've got to I think you've got you whether you want to or not I think you've got to you should want to get a guy has been really good. And you in his tested enough opportunities in the playoffs. I know he's been the late in the season thing is real but you gotta roll them at this point go with them and I just hope for the best you know use the manager. Rest do something different look at what he's done in the past leading into the playoffs and do something to. Yeah my concern we talked about those physical limitations sometimes at the end of the season yeah I'm getting a little concerned with the backing of apple and of course the eighth innings in a problem for most. Together I'm getting concerned with the those guys even being healthy ovaries of joked Kelly at times I'm worried about that I'm worried about Cora and his. Pitchers election when it comes on time to actually start straight for. What's up. I don't think you can treat if Corzine making that decision you can't manage that but I think. We've seen teams do this before and relied too heavily on the bullpen and where they're both of them by the time September Ross brown yeah totally how we've talked about Chris Sale. You know he's worn out your patient too much yet he maybe should take him on the seventh have taken him on the eighth or. Don't want to get that complete game let you take some rest after the seventh inning and let your bullpen closed it out. I'm concerned I'm concerned this bullpen. Moving forward I'm concerned this bullpen continually letting down people like Chris Sale there. Yeah that's been a problem and it's the boy those things I feel like are only more magnified in the playoffs in big games hunts are. They need to address that that's something I would look at it treat them all things I think he really need to do with the deadline or things that are manageable things they can really deal. You can find pool and help you can get a guy that can that he could not and not be terrible hopefully in those things need to do so. All right let's take a break. We hope to rejoice Barbara action hero while at the CBS health charity classic pro am is the market that you want reports at WE. Mark can kiss him on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Our American markets show one of your voice at WE I live from the she gets help charity classic program we are pleased joined now by Brad Faxon are one of the co hosts of the event along with Billy Andrea and we're just talking before we get arm wrapped this event. 21 million dollars raised since 1999 he's he's one of the bringing me here. Charity situation in all of golf in all of sports in this country. To be especially in relation to the amount of days that we actually play. Havoc. Seriously cute three to. Raise money in proportion to everything else that the big PGA tour insists the network. Is both everything. How it for people that maybe aren't as familiar count and come out and expect and they come out over the next 36 hours or so well article to get them because they're gonna see some Graco today if we come. To see some pretty good celebrities just look at the list of opium who have different. Athletes here's the football players hockey players. The PGA tour players but I wanna go RNC and some oil and boys here I mean seriously play golf but haven't. Great tip it was it's a big supporter and 20 past Willie mcginnis a particularly now we hear what he had ankle and it's it's amazing that we've got all these guys to do. They are innocent and other teammates when they wanna. Bruins won the Stanley and sixty's and 70. Yeah that's pretty impressed. We do something coats. Come through yet nice shot or the national football players. Correct me from and you never won this event correct it's really in a billion finally got you have one. Helio last year with the Brooke Anderson who really like she's a great. Player. From Canada were nuclear a couple of years ago to a few tournaments and Sheehan defending three time. Pinkie and Keegan has stood here. This body would you like to win this I mean you got a chance I think tomorrow yes I. I would of course I'd like to Libya for the second and three. It's really. But just acting tomorrow I got a you know romance reformer and a world player of the world and so yeah I knew she was former number one player in the world she just won a couple weeks ago so yes it is. I can take all the blame if we don't. Jack says that gets me to this Rory probably one of the bigger names you've had here in recent years at least can you tell us how that. Was cultivated how are you go Horry to Rhode Island. Will billion or you know we're a team effort your current and its players to play its part you know entity. Yet but Jordan's been through Phil Mickelson Rory McElroy. You know you have some breaks you you know we we approached him a few months ago. In December or early march signal here aren't we know you're playing with relative to protect the great villains in Hartford. And would you consider coming over. And he was great he's you know I think about it he was gonna maybe they'll play European event in Germany the next week or France and and then we waited for awhile. Some noise got together with a puck well he won a tournament bay hill and maybe that's the senses thank you for that. But we don't hear you know we hear that he's shown of these certainly one of the most popular players that replete team really. You know you you take the current feel affecting ratings Rory and be number three list definitely you wanted to better putters of all time and everything I've seen it. What it was like kind of teaching him you know giving him some wisdom on putting and how did that experience go for you personally. Most thrilling you if you don't respect that results so quickly and told everybody it was a couple hours we we spent the other after hour. What does this talk that like to see him grasping what we talk about what we're doing what we're well. And you know he went one in the day he won with my father's eightieth birthday so yeah and he gave me some nice. What television. Yet he did he did at any district murky one with a long putt right. Alarmist but yeah meet people sweeper there a possible. Keep your three putts to win it estimates predict it and access. So that's trees one of the big names here tomorrow. We have to ask you Brad. I was a big topic conversation I couldn't believe what was your reaction when you self Phil Mickelson the Yankees open running after a ball and hitting it while it was moving. I'm surprised if that be your first question I I yet again to us that. Growth like we've never seen anything like that before. John Daly and you know it just shows you the frustrations that. Any player can go through especially US open that's the hardest but sort of event of the year. Anywhere and these little play real Mickelson finished second place six times in the US opens and second there's Danica and Saturday you need to be good and it. Really. So for him. When a foot circle of it was just. You know. One of those freed since when you watch it you're going to really to studio slowed the re one of the TV's the way it is one. It's one of those moments like temporary golf and see unity career. There under the influence the golf. And he regrets doing it if the only people who are the channels of holes but Adam. The jury regrets for the people it's you know it's. Unfortunately nobody's talking about Brooks kept its defense this that was pretty impressive that. Everybody saw the question of the tools got away from used. Tenneco coincident. Should they what real quick she did you buy his explanation after just you know what happened when he did that did you know exactly what happened. You just get angry and it's. Well watch what happens. And then that was running scenarios through my head about what if he would just go on go to there would be extremely. Worse than that and the use given them it was a question of whether you would actually be suspended. Or disqualified. I don't think the US the source. Of at least moving ball if you'd stop the but it's deputies while accuse play but it was within it so it was very confusing it was confusing news audience that these. You missed it because they make it to go deep into the rule book of clothes that are interpret it. They did before a jewelry and you're not get warmed up and get into their my wife has issued today and I thought about this before your professional golfer and you're in the media bit now. Professional golfers when they're done. Playing golf when they retire what do they do they gulf still. So golf I mean yeah. Like. I don't do the same tenacity that it did when I was playing competitively public fun to play movement bodies when they wanna have fun aka what. I can turtle like tomorrow. But that appeals. You know we exclude you know look at you know was something that's just dried up over and you don't know anymore at this game well hopefully play for the rest of life in. And still play and still feel some welcome people who put. Art will be CBS health charity classic gets underway the program getting an array is underway it's doing great things for charities in this state. Right now the big names are out there at the bigger names will be out there tomorrow all the golfers please come out support charities support Brad. In Billy with what they're doing here they've been doing for the last week when yours. Brad thank you so much time for them with that we we re under so close we're you've been awesome I mean look at the view here and everything. I don't it's a three bridge de orbit quite a nice enough yet those sultry little breeze makes up. Beautiful day beautiful venue come out support golf sports charities Brett thanks so much good luck we retreat to win your first trophy that trophy apparently represented excellent president's press faction joining us here in the marking kicking shell 13 point seven Debbie I will be back. It's march and kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. You need. Are welcome back to being parking. Joseph one of your point seven Debbie and guy. We're at the CBS show charity classic pro am. Eighty shipped to seek help CS health charity classic which gets under way. On Monday big names you share at the event. Brett factual reporting with Rory McElroy. They tee off on Monday at 1009 AM. Worry. Are we see you know four time major champion never played in this event that he's one of the biggest names that they have gotten in the last five years. Since probably 2013. When Rickie Fowler was here he was have been Ricky Fowler hasn't won any majors. He was a big name so that is something to look for tomorrow they've raised. Point one million dollars in last nineteen years so this this event has been so good for the state. For the charities in this state. To get out here watching golf support the event we should Brad Faxon on Brad Faxon has never won this event so he's trying to get off the united. Meanwhile one of the things we wanted to bring up then we. The story that it talking about. So Kevin McHale. Decided that he was gonna go watch the president of the United States ya forget what you think of them the actual president. But this the president of the United States and speaking in your hometown. And he went to watch it and he is getting a lot. Of criticism because of that what do you think about that. I think people who're criticizing him are insane. Are insane. Insane insane. Idiotic. Idiots I wouldn't criticize him for going to see the president speak is a moron and thinks he should lose his job over it. To go see the pressure PC crap human beings. Just because someone doesn't think along your lines doesn't mean they should lose their job does that mean each slam them. Regardless what you think of the present he still going to support the president of the United States the demand that was voted into office. Whether you voted former not is irrelevant. But keep the coffers of which job because they simply go to war rally to see. Their presence be is insane. I would love and money trying to premium that because there's nothing you can say. That would change my mind that your crazy person there's nothing you can stay at I didn't vote for trump now. I certainly in Beaufort. Maybe if he was going to Framingham which you. You know would a part of you wanna see it even not having us yeah you once you the president in your town regardless what college when Bill Clinton showed up different camera I grew up. Everyone has seen what he liked him or not you want to see that for the president in your town when Hewitt yes that's. Yeah not only that it's a momentous occasion for your town page is what the town would have to do. To accommodate the president of the United States you don't like to share your talent response to the big moment. You know that's just acting but there are a multiple. They're multiple reasons why you reduced why you want. Or you're just as you the president talked to some regular old American who wants to see the person that's been voted into office to lead this country speak. I mean what he'll like not Q what's wrong with me to have that there's literally nothing. Wrong with going to rally to hear the president's been nothing with the support and offer it to call for his job it is to search in. I mean what are we living and where are we right now that's what we can have conversations and more we can have nice things now. Because people can't talk to each other especially comes on some like this what do they do and what are they doing in this case. Automatically go to the furthest thing possible. He should lose his job just for shown. I can't have a conversation with someone who thinks that Kevin McHale or anyone for that matter should lose their job just for going to rally where the president of United States speaks. I want nothing to do with you as a person. I think you're an idiot that that is the type of person that you benefit and I've talked about this way how. There's some people just get away from that type of person you just run for details yet and head for the hills a threat exists in any of these terrible people out there that think that he should lose his job to go just as he went to listen to the president speak. I've no time for you I care I mean what he wanted to see it's like Sammy when. It's different when you don't know what you know when Ichiro didn't know who Tom Brady wants you know. What do you want me to stadium what am I supposed to do you know I can't help you know this person is you still gone I can't help them and. It. He was writing letters to drop. Yeah France that is totally inept inept right goes into their stature I mean their big name people. The difference between liberals and well. It's. A. And I guess Sports Radio. Post Henry Lee never heard of them. But he wrote this Kevin McHale actually showed up to Trump's rallying to lose today with everything that's happening now what trump stones fans forget he's canceled. Why would you wanna talk to the guy if he's as of radio appearance with you. Why which won him the conversation with them on the air on the record. A you know I don't necessarily support from registers and why he felt the need to show the terms are like to get the answer first before you jump to conclusions yet piece of crap well. In this is again the you know there is still some. Some aspect of respecting the office in supporting the office as much you don't like the guy who's in it and I looked personally I still can't believe that this guy got elected president of the United States it's it's it's mind blown yet is but here's your helmet. He's the president of the United States dish reaction I mean literally you've got the reaction and a piece of and I'm just telling you would see you literally got the reaction. That you would have gotten had Mikhail cord to a or rally or where terrorists was speaking that's the reaction you would have gotten there. This is the president kept in my don't like them that this the president. Of the United States who was elected by the people it's it's like we're having this weird. Pizarro McCarthyism going on Maria you can't even be attached to this person with a normal like heaven hill's job is talk a basketball. I don't give a damn who supports politically. Unless it's like it. Genocide and me right that sort of thing and to which Obama tried to terrorists not a genocide mania to mania he's a genocide. Haven't used up its past. Who cares. What political rally goes to who cares who he voted for does he do that job talk about basketball. He's not great doing color care for scholarly nobody gains as studio that you just a very good job he knows the game he's been involved the game from fifty years. He's been in front office welcome he'd head coaches multi some people call on the best power forward ever now he's not. But don't call them the Colombia. One accurate is incidence. About basketball. Now if he was he he went into that turner. Pre game show answer talking politics. That's different situation if you but he doesn't do that he doesn't use that platform talk politics he does his job which is to talk basketball if you think he should lose his job talking about pass just because mr. trump rally. You're an instinct. Is one of those. Areas where. People were mad at him what do you like I wouldn't acknowledge. You know I wouldn't put him in like I mean this happening at home forward. If my wife gets mad at me for something that is I totally not worth getting mad over not a big deal at all yes of time that won't even or not so much at home but. There's been times either somebody. I know has gotten mad at me for something that is absolutely not a big deal or them completely over blowing it I don't even. Are you statement you being that I'm not even gonna deal with that because it's a ridiculous is one of those times if your Kevin McHale I mean. I wouldn't worry 12 about this because he didn't do anything wrong here you just these people it's the problems with these people. And and that's what you need to do. I mean I just couldn't believe that the backlash you guys all over Twitter everywhere. If if if turner caves. If they came to that pressure but I don't think there's really a lot of pressure I think you're just getting a bunch of you know. Sports Radio hosts who happen to be liberals are talking about us trying to leave discharge of getting Kevin McHale now for some reason it turner caves. I can't ever watch turner program. I can't watch turner broadcast ever again it's her case of this ought to be I've ever watch I don't gain aren't particulate turner and I can't hurt you brought that up. Is that really possibility they all I don't I don't I don't think they're going to cry out but if we've seen other media companies do this. Where they caved to that pressure. If they do that I'm done watching their programs. And I don't even like trump. Nadal I don't I just that I can't believe you're telling Americans they're not allowed to beat America this that's trying to change the make up in the fabric of this. We're not gonna deal. I thought we had a great America earlier in the show with a McGuinness. Replay that if you miss that replay that interview now again it's on your fitness health charity classic pro am from the country club is from where. Way to keep your head and your little ECB joined now by Willie McGinest Willie Howard you well good morning. The morning are you guys do it very well thank you for joining us if we can I'm former patriot. NFL network employee and offer knowledge they're not golf and I have not golfing or taking lessons from there pro. I'm learning a lot Kosovo wait force program accurate so you know swearing. I took one swing at it pretty good news straight so that's a start excellent we're here at the CVS charity classic pro am. Just golf what it. So you're you're at any kind of golfing background if you played in dot at all I have another celebrity charity thing and for the four events like this arc among. Support not a good golfers. He. And heading back to make jokes have a good times they'll vote everybody you know and have fun. Yeah early impressions of the game would you think you're good at key drivers are you putting masks there when we're I think my driving in my putting his mark attributes right now. It's way it is. It's a problem. Mostly putting and driving out of the yard is actually menace I hear you but that's that's one of the game's challenge. She's the people here in the first few minutes judges make a match of few different things but. We appreciate Jordan as a way actually. Well you know that there predicts Tom Brady he retired he just when the Super Bowl this season we talked about the finish out. I did say that I and. You know it's what I said it wasn't this year on the would have they would in two years now says it was played those forty fives turned 41. And you know. When you get to a certain age you see him start to change who he starts below or child to sell me in the offseason. Football takes so much saudis out of you if you do with the right way like he does. And your training and there's really no days off you take a couple of weeks off and that's it. Had the preparation there's this rigorous. Your plan at his level the MVP of the league of 41. Mum there's a lot of sacrifices. So. I know. That. The number six as far as the Lombardi. I mean he's already submitted history. But I know the number six. Price sit back can be like you know what. This will probably never be duplicated by another player I individual player you know Charles Haley has what 66. Charles Haley has six. And I think that's what the that's the goal or as the weight does Charles cup final because that's odd because that's why every five years matters cowboys right and yet so if you give six. Are acutely breaks you can go low and that'll in his own book do you think. An agent said maybe it's this year if they when Super Bowl maybe two years do you think if they had. Won the super what was pasture he might have retired. I'm not sure I don't think so I think he loves the game too much home but he probably thought about it before it was for some time I was thought about it but. It's hard to walk away when you're the MVP in your playing at such a high level and you have so much passion for the game but again electricity there's another side. The hardest part of this game is getting ready to preparation for the game. And you're doing it the right way like he is and there's a handful of guys in the league that. They go all out there and expect a lot of money on their you know. They're prepared for the season their bodies and in training. You know your family you know they sacrifice you know you know so there's there's. There's there's a lot of good the result is always amazing when you play you know when you win and you play at a high level board you do sacrifice some things along the way. Now the pitchers have had a it difficult offseason with a lot of rumors flying around about. Potential employees being described Liu spent a lot of time in the locker room you've dealt with these are the situations in the house in 2001 you guys haven't. Little bit of a quarterback controversy. For you guys in the locker room. Power units dealing with a caritas communicating with each other about these reports have come together and just laugh out number how's that handled internally. Or finger stays in through look because its phase internal I think that's the best thing about the patriots of that organization. Up until now you really didn't hear anything you know there's not going to be something that come out of the locker room there's gonna be a distraction. Or that's sort of you know pushed players away from each other. There's situations and every single lock room across the benefit trust me. I mean it goes on things happened. With players with coaches players amongst players. There's things that happen and the teams that are able to keep everything in house. And handle everything amongst each other. And lift everybody else figure it out. You know those that it seems that you know that move forward and avoid those distractions what you know there are people. At some point that leave the that this and they thought. We'll speak and that there's been a lot of chirping this offseason about how. Well you know it's not that much fun playing for the PQ you played there are too long time was it fun was it any fun playing for the New England Patriots water one guard Harris is more yes he's okay. Specifically that turned on the Kansas City amnesty why wasn't fun for him I mean the guy was terrible we played bad. When you don't play well. When you go execute when you give up a lot of big plays which he did when he was there and you don't fit into the system here it's not fun. You know stuff for me you lose either. And when you're not a part of what scored all of and and doing your part or doing your job though it's not fun I had a great. Was it all perfect of course not in anything what what is in the nodded in in any type of business sport or whatever. But we had a group of men are believed in each other we loved each other we play for each other work accountable. You know we laughed we had a great time together sometimes we cry together you know and sometimes we fought. No we fought it's who we got into it was highly competitive locker room and group amid. And that we all help each other to a high standard so. In football there's no it's. You know you can't be. Too emotional about certain things that people say certain things. It's before at the end of the day you know that's our job. In one of affairs when asked about there was obviously a lot of chatter about Malcolm ball enough playing Super Bowl. Do you think is that something that basin which noble Nobel triple. The deal the ball right before the game must think I would have been probably bigger distraction from shore he had the compensation. What the defense of coordinator Morocco and it dated feel like he was ready to go for whatever reasons I was. Whether restored to we him not being prepared or plan at a certain level or him. Philip things out right before the game you know that's that's that's a tough decision to host has to make. And you know I know bill pretty well and he's gonna put the guys that are best equipped and best prepared out there. And for what I'm here it's still being felt was the case were mild home and I know. It's a big game and a lot people wanna point out that one particular thing but it's hard to take away you know what Philadelphia did in that game you've got to respect what they did in. I don't think one player. Who's gonna just change everything around. Would you of one and an explanation if you're on that defense if you didn't know that he was going to be sat before the game started. Well I'm sure gore and it sort of guys that was supposed to go and do you know the captains and guys going to say and do what was happening and you know from now for an all missed the biggest game real life yeah and you got to prepare you care. Can't worry about certain things you it's already tough enough stay focused. Would all the other distractions that go along with the Super Bowl you know that's happening. So. Plane just came out he had similar comments to Cassius marsh but he also brought something else that table talk about not remembering the wins and losses and more. Just kind of remembering the camaraderie when his career is also done as someone it was a locker room leader. If you saw your teammate may just have Carmen how do you handle that how do you speak to about it. Or what do you do. I'm happy that lane won the super bull and he was part of Philadelphia history. And deservedly so. I just don't think there were economists that needs to be made about. Having fun you know you wonder so global enjoyed majority offices and enjoy your teammates enjoy everything that comes along with it. The bridges have had a lot of fun quote that possible Apple's slow I don't know which you equate that to you know relating you know laying. He's you know he's. He's entitled to speak whatever but until you spent time in the locker room. Two you've been a part of that process or parts. Of the min and coaches that's an airlock remote figures to speak on that I think you're only entitled to speak go where you've been and where you're. And you know can explode he had yet fun you know he was with Philadelphia for awareness of bulls. And and goal with a team that took a chance on him that he was released by you know Pittsburgh so. For some guys that work out for some guys at dull that's gonna be whatever single team you go to our district to guys. Downward Philly prior to to what they're doing now they did have a good time in Philly. Would you like the coaching staff or for whatever reason you can go to a lot of everything else that you Kelly Phillips here closer like you sit. Everybody you know are you gonna find certain people on every team that's not going to be happy when. Oh well I mean that's that that's the job. Willie McGinest joining the market insurers to CVS charity classic pro Willie was there one thing that one that needs wanna get into golf something make it Qwikster was it. This happened over time. Golf golf I'm here because it is great shared. Arafat of playing the game you're taking lessons that wide alert and I have. On alert because there's a lot of good things that happened on the golf course a lot of relationships are made in do a lot of events like this happens and you want that you know you wanna be out there are players. The nudges rival rattled apart. And I think you know at the overtimes it oh my pace since that this is the pace in sport. And no matter how athletic and how great you are whatever else you do it. You come here and be humble. And they think it is and I look forward to that up but I'm I'm almost our mom more my way and slow art we will. You so much for joining us to look at all of your golf endeavors enjoy this time here in again we appreciate it thanks for having me. You've Smart game kitchen. But that's what. NBA draft the Boston. They'll pick select Robert look. Everybody just quick update we are having. She's getting all the Robert this morning so we're going to post on the conference call I like to part drama blood cells coming from between. Kill the heat up the game Ramirez being guided connections on doing federal sneak in this he can. And that aspect has found. Very personal aren't accurate in your merit and that hijacking negate the story with faculty. It is what on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I don't trust anyone that's Italian that has regularly beat bit and make it to guys that. But I would think Shiites might think you see it. The guy OK and I as a general Italian thing that's Corzine rabbit appropriate pages can't trust you can't trust red heads and Jack. Can. For the most part he likes to get them as young as hot yet. What the senator creepy I got a home freezer full of obstacles now it's time for margin kids here. Fox sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I'm proud part of it away then maybe I would say yes help. Jerry classic here in paired in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island country club. Pro am going on one of the men that is about to get up this afternoon session some great games here in the afternoon is Jay Feely. Larger kicker in the NFL. And a man that knows Tom Brady very well Jay thanks very much for joining us. How your golf game how much you look forward to the action today. You know I'm. Incensed. At the University of Michigan hasn't. But this kind of like my last. Four men so last month and north. What's the next courses you play. Course. Well. America beautiful girl there and I'm not even gonna try and make of the great question about this but when you came over recent I've got a time for golf story. Just hit it and it hasn't worked. Hours. Or. Six. Hours. And whoever lost ago. It regrets yeah its. And it that way so losing wasn't that expensive anyway but it was not a street players. It. And it. You. Success. Do you ever get the political them these days at all scared you scared. Of course we knew on instant and I understand it. Send him coming into our heads I've Verizon goddamn it guys. Yeah they ought to play less time he got through yeah. Lately it's been so. Maybe we getting. Always listeners he listens every Sunday morning that's loyal listener we should get him into this tournament we get talking to Brad will figure out a way good you can you know win this tournament with a golf turn. Out. Healthy competition and everything it. You. Has she told you that he's angry at Bill Belichick who. There. Or. It's time. It. At. Speeds and trust him. And on and on him to implement bill's point is there. Do you so Willy was on earlier this week in his and he says that he thinks Tom Brady will retire. They win another Super Bowl did you see that happening if they win again if they wind shear. Retires. Me now you know. You have. Good evening do you. I. No agreement yet when he asked myself. The most. Off. Your. And you know when I've. Played. And when you see. When you see on the news and all the chatter surrounding the patriots in the offseason. You know as a former player utilities at the situations in the past how do you guys in the locker room deal with a how do you guys communicate with each other about it. It's. Been an incredibly successful. Nobody's ever. So. I'll just you victories. Six. History and it is not. And other. Executives whenever they. Now you guys are always question your locker rooms do you guys know amongst each other. Who the media members like. The G visibly is scouting report him beating numbers like this guy's gonna suck up to him because he wants the attacks from you do you know what the game they're playing is New Hampshire or programs to. Yeah guys. Of them consist pace and early. In. Certainly in Austin sort out yeah. It was a relationship that you with Tom Brady has it helped you at all has it been something that. Did you see it when you were in college working at the shop did you think you'd still be friends with than twenty years later. But. First. So I'll. Relationship forever because the person. A separate. He says you know we knew it was gonna turn into operating. On me and I was. Sports expert. What was he saying in response that it was exciting. And it's. Them. First our expert starts. On them. As bad as. Well on these units started and you know to watch. Net. Us. Have you had any team it's that have been more competitive than Tom Brady seems like he's in that rarefied air Jordan. Of that can't leave it alone and have to always compete isn't anyone else that's compared tila. And it supports. It. This one's. Much against. You know to go out and that's. Cnet's on. Some type. Complacency. Workers' party accomplished you that he used to. NJ just ask you know you're here today and a half from New York the event but this is what they do Brad and Billy raising money to charities. Walking but you then in being here and getting to the play in the pro am it's. A oh yeah. Her voice and that. It. Froze its work. Jay Feely an absolute pleasure have a radio with us so much good luck this afternoon at golf where are you. Up there. I guess yeah and I don't warrant that. But enjoy it good luck out there and again they should join us as a lot of fun articulate join us here at CBS health charity classic pro and jays Dina are. In a little bit around 1 o'clock. He's in the afternoon group with a bunch celebrities big name Calvin charities here. In Rhode Island so Jay Feely with a great Tom Brady story all of gone up. That's incredible RS itself germ. It's interesting that they. That's funny so. Yeah what are they gonna do to get Tom yeah. I probably pull a few harder strong Jordan but he got to do to get Tom Brady here. It's going to be tough. He was to bring out the match in the fifth fifth fifth. But Jay Feely one of the many people that help Brad and Billy ray's. Like we said when one million dollars since 1999 incredible job by them incredible effort. We talked about that have Mikhail issue few minutes ago. 25 minutes and you just on the shot out there and move on and know when world. The you know Jay brought up a degree before we get on that Robert Williams missed the press conference at. We can't really talk about that do you think that's a big deal celtics' first round pick you Easley he overslept as a I don't think it's a big deal but it records is not a good well I mean jeez what I'm doing yeah I got shot or how we say that ship it for that. You know I think times ten though who. I don't know how he slept. But that's like him like I didn't sleep I would so excited to get started and and do the press conference of the Boston Celtics and meet everyone and everything that I would have been able to sleep subtle about it is unless he had a little yet. We'll look I'm knocking. You know. Yeah gonna kill him but it's not a good walk it's not ideal especially with a guy who fell as far as he did mr. yeah. And has had not big problems in college but he had a couple hiccups against bench in college. You know. Diluted ago really via de one year are making us look bad they want to. It's I mean it's not a good sign but it doesn't mean he's going to be disaster like you brought Shawne Williams it though he's going to be Shawne Williams right. But guys feel you know it's just you know be a professional. For a minute you know you can find a way to grow up can't do that outage brought the you're an adult mount your professional athlete now you're well in a few weeks you're gonna technically be a millionaire. Yeah. But I don't I mean I'm not gonna freak out about it I'll give him Mulligan there extra night did you hear you read about the Joseph Kelly draft that story. It was a must choose the it's a joke Kelly real quick. He basically a call me Anaheim angels or whoever they were at the time. And they were gonna draft him but he was drunk he's hammered and he he spit out some number when they asked what it would take to sign him yet he still like really takes billion on it would have coach who would hamper some them so they'd ended up not picking up and as a result he lost a million dollars or two million dollars because he got drafted much slower. Dots a disaster this was it has been a disaster if this was sort of public. That was made public at times so that helps. But yet there it especially with the way this hounded like these are good teaching moment for him yet remain and you sick look. This town New England very ravenous fan base the media they will crush you for things like it if people be who you. To not be part of something like that badge a lot of us. One lesson before reunited here you know I'm on the Prius often yup this is absolutely amazing here for a country club. They're big down here I've lived down here and every scene this is unbelievable. You hit the ocean twenty feet to the right over here it's unbelievable but base here but golfers are here the big games the ball it is today and tomorrow pleased about support charities support event. Brad and Billy and everybody here doing this work it's great event Red Sox FaceBook coming up. The market didn't show what we're seeing yourself charity classic today tomorrow I've ago. Boston Red Sox on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI are brought you. Holmgren Subaru local 51 plumber pipe fitter as an island lottery playing late Toyota knew porn life span he's commerce solutions from its Cadillac dealers Rhode Island medical imaging and movies Clinton. Cameras are good senate failed to NN. And gone out two run home run movie rentals Valenti auto group followed.