The Mark and Kichen Show - The Bruins crushed the Leafs again; Al Horford vs David Price 4-15-2018

WEEI Providence
Sunday, April 15th

Hour 1. Mark and Ben start the show talking about the Bruins success so far through two games in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They also touch on the Celtics, who will be starting their play off series against the Bucks. This leads to the conversation of who is more important and worth the money, Al Horford or David Price.


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He EI and WEEI dot com. The Bruins dare I say rake the leaves last night winning game two of the Stanley Cup playoff round seven to three. David Pasternak with three goals and three assists Jake brusque Kevin Miller Riley Nash Davie creek geez all scored also. Game three between the Bruins at least will be in Toronto puck drops tomorrow night at 7 PM the Bruins currently lead the series two nothing. The Red Sox they beat the Orioles last night ten to three improving their record twelve to two. Smokey bets are unfortunately left the game with a left foot injury after a collision at home plate left him limping off the field. He returned to the field in the bottom of the inning and that one more time before being lifted at the start of the fourth. That's was diagnosed the left foot contusion X rays were negative. Game three of the series against the Orioles is this afternoon first pitch 105 joined him have the call at 1220 right here on a WEEI Red Sox radio network. The Celtics they began their playoff series today against the Milwaukee Bucks that game starts at 1 PM. Whether 37 at a high of 39 I met morale that's what's turning now the market gets a joke starts now. It's Martin. I think no matter. What has happened down the stretch here he would be slightly concerned facing them at least the first round. The maple leaves. 'cause of the way they play does that present some problems. If you wanna see them win the title you know sometimes you wanna see those couple of cupcake grounds. I'm deadly dollar. Thought there were David Foster knocked it really fast break on sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI. How come nobody ever thinks that. Dean. Good data bit about Danny Amendola being single after the break up with. Olivia Cole well I am fine without him and not about leaving the patriots talked sickened by it. A lot of things I didn't like about playing for a DNA doesn't need anyone else's line and the jury does. As one pretty eclectic combination of Fergie and she's now it's time for marketing pitch. On sports Radio One 03 point seven W me. Welcome into the marking kitchens no 13 point seven WEE 5401737127. Is the phone number marked on their obeying kitchen. Here Providence Ben how are you. Very good mark or in great. Boston Bruins sizzling right now on fire they look like they won't ever lose one game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs there headed back to Toronto up two zip. Over the Maple Leafs and that is where I am gonna start my opening thought has to do with the Bruins now that I've a couple of angles I'm gonna take your the first one. And let's give and I know I've been hard on this man. Two rounds to serve a little bit of credit. This man has been good now this man. Two I think they could of one these games of another person in goal probably with the way the offense play yup but. I will give Tuukka credit because in game one. Com when the score was one no one. Toronto had to keep our place where they were generating pressure and orbit we've been saying all where the heck is Austin Matthews band he was out there on those power place. He was he was lurking. He was attacking and they couldn't score despite some good chances that was on Tuukka. They survive those two power plays and ended up cruising in it last night there were some moments there in the second period especially. Where the bruins' defense wasn't getting the job done and took a step down now the Bruins had a comfortable lead. But this is. Step one if you will for duke where. The offense has been doing what needs to do so. Hey it's nice to play with that kind of comfort and that kind of advantage but early on I'll give to cause some credit. Tuukka showed up. Has played well so I'll shut up for now are to put up. That is pretty good last night at first I wasn't his fault is 211 situation across in front of imported. They did exactly what they needed to do on that situation was that that play right before that though. Which scared the hell I mean that's the bad to be you don't wanna see urged kind of lay easily gave it away. While he's behind the net right in front of the net and trial had an opportunity to score they didn't put it away. You know Bruins bring you back to the other end then the Mabel it's going to break 21 score on Tuukka. I thought he was excellent last night for the most part I I I wasn't I thought the first of those aren't really his fault. Especially that first one wasn't his fault whose is about situation for Eminem is good play by Toronto. He's been very good he he's been exactly what we wanted him to be going into these thought. Let me just tell you a couple of the fox across run mine. One this one will stand to go first second and I don't know it's so early but once thought that did cross my mind. And I don't think this is going to work I don't think this is possible but I'll bring it up. Do you remember into when he fourteen when the patriots made the run of the Super Bowl and they won the Super Bowl the B seahawk yeah. Inept playoff right now at the time I would I would told you this she's never. Even a possibility there's no chance this could happen. But it happened in 2014 the patriots won the Super Bowl in 2014. They won three playoff games right where Stephen costs gusty. Digging trot onto the field for one that meaningful field goal. And I couldn't believe that happened. So they want three playoff games and the Super Bowl and a close Super Bowl essentially. We're Stephen Gostkowski. Did an attempt one meaningful kick. Now there are some extra points obviously and that but there was no one meaningful field goal attempt in that whole run that's automatic when the balls are deflated it justice sure. But I'm just wondering is it possible is it possible. That the Bruins. If they're that good if they're as good as they sort of look great now could they find a way to win the Stanley Cup with out. Putting a lot of pressure on the goal without resigning on its head yet is that possible and can you make is Stanley Cup run. Without your goaltender having to come up big. A big part of the time you know what I mean if you go back to when the Bruins went on the cup. Tim Thomas wasn't great in those first couple around it he really turned it on in that a Tampa based galaxy or Jack and that he was really good after that but he wasn't great leading up to that. So big he won and standing on his head he wasn't the reason they were winning those gains have in game seven against Japanese in conference finals in the greatest games and don't want I think it was a one I think a cat. If to no penalty if you're missing if Tuukka Rask. Puts forth a gain seven conference finals one nothing win. Then. All the perception changes changes of this man this goalie of this player. He does is so yeah and that's what have you done for me lately and and if that's what he does for you most recently then yeah that's what you're gonna think of him that's exactly the type of performance and I would say dismemberment. So we'll say I'm just wondering is it possible hockey to win the championship with out putting your goalie. In precarious position. I don't know I don't think cell I would say no knowledge that I would bet I'm saying prior to Tony fourteen I would never guess you could win the Super Bowl that your kicker. Trotting out their for one important field goal one really important game changing field goal the other thing I'll say. In terms of the Bruins and that'll give video. In this year's biggest sort of one thing that these first two games have done was eliminated something that I was worried about you know. Were did they peak too early where they too hot too early you know running because at a great march. They were playing really well they have how many games in a row did they win the point streak all that. Where they hot too early and where they get that kind of drop off come playoff time. If they do drop off. I don't they can be because they were hot too early they're playing well now they're still playing well. They still are playing well so that's a mental hurdle that they don't have to get over because. The playoffs have gone and we're still roll. Players have done and they're dominating team right all thought was getting him a serious problem in the first round and they're actually dominating them throw wants nothing to do with the Bruins right now. They're not physical with them they're letting the bridges have their way with them for the most part. Countries it was just discussing it in itself but other than that the Bruins are just abusing them up and down the ice. Abusing them they want nothing to do with this team right now. And I think they're gonna win one game in Toronto and this series can and five I think that when one game steal a game and the Brooklyn apartment stock. It's just the revenue was not so wrong. On Toronto because of the way they played against the Bruins at the beginning of the year we kind of held onto that for some reason even on the greens were completely different team I mean the series as an older. They can't they get the matchups you know this this series isn't over but did they look like a team that just. They know they can't beat the Britain's that's the way they look right now I think the three goals helps them moving forward is like hey we can at least score ya we know can score they can't stop the Bruins. They can't stop them at all. And really the only reason they got back in that game last night was because in the second period the Bruins just kind of took the foot off the gas and relax a little bit. And then they still reported on. So try as I I think drones dead in the water and I think they win one game at home and mr. result. But sounds about right to make opening thoughts. Pasternak is absolutely. Amaze. Oh my god that my time sit down it's not deadly dollar book I thought there I. I so many questions I wanna know what a lot of that means I'm gonna call I guess I felt deadly Anderson deadly. I I noted dangle is I don't know it's all of it is but I don't put them all together and all the police talking about. But deadly dollop of dangles off there for David Foster knocked the belief that break. Last couple years you know Bruins use high picks castle Sagan. And we we think those guys in the next future star. Of the Bruins and I never really. Quite felt right they never felt like Bruins players Kessel was very good he could score but he didn't do anything out Sagan knuckle that he would disappear at times Passat. Is going to have the best career of those three yeah sickens front gonna put up the most points just because that's what he does. Kessel put up a lot of points he's put up a lot of points in his career did pass neck is going to be the best hockey player of those three guys. Those three guys that we have anointed as being the next great Bruin in the last decade David Prosser not is by far better than Tyler Sagan took us. The castles below some that wrong. It goes prospect Sagan Cassel pass act. Is so much better he's complete hockey player are those other guys we're just offensive forces which is nice you need those guys and your team. Discuss complete. That first line looks so much better with him than it ever did with Sagan are any of the other mix mash guys they've used their data Pasternak is a superstar and make. An absolute superstar in the making. I'm thrilled hopefully he never goes away some of those other guys where he wants too much money they can't figured out. This is the guy they need to make sure they lock up long term what is his contract status was just restricted free agent they figured it out. They know what value is no they don't his values but you know after that first contract this Arctic kind of wind down on their value a little bit. This is the guy you need to keep for very long time there's been a couple of guys here that we thought were Bruin lifers Lucic was one that we kind of thought was going to be a Bruins lifer and do work out next thing you know he's in LA with the kings. This is a guy along would Bergeron a martian you need to keep your efforts. One thing that he did was help on. What was Wu Heidi or to ease the the burden of losing Tyler Sagan in the Tony thirteen straight Emmy when he came around. He kind of filled that void so that was huge because that trade at the time was disappointing. I especially statistically I know you said he was that he was kind of an ass. But statistically Sagan has been really good Pasternak really good offensively and he sort of bridge the gap between. Beat the young young guys and that Stanley Cup or he was kind of the men in the middle there and as as a good player as he is. That's a good spot to be in because you're sort of I mean arguably one of the best players on the team and your you can Bridget everybody. You know that core that older the char is the Bergeron and that group decree keys. And then the guys they're younger that are coming up he can be the foundation. Of the Bruins are going for so they recognize that gay and playing like that and woody Allen's you will coming when it was six. I mean that's. Tying us Zito from my 69. It right how how exit eight million dollars cap it is six XXX XXX. The devils. Towering. Knelt okay. I'm on here is so it's it's so nice seeing an older established core that still playing really well and then have that younger core right behind it. It's so nice the way this team is set up are now thinking continue to figured out and make the money work. To be excellent for very long time with the way things ago Bruce Cassidy seems to know what he's doing knows exactly what he's what so's this series over over. Told him I wouldn't set I think Toronto wins one game at home they're good home team. But they have nothing for the Bruins they're they're not gonna make this a series is isn't gonna go past five Tony. The worst case scenario I think for me would be. Remember the Celtics lakers 2008 NBA finals to Lesley tanner you designate a diverse one where. Did big series went six games but. It really was and as close as a six game series now I think that's as bad as far as it'll go at most. Probably five maybe six but just. Did they don't have a chance and for whatever reason that you can't tranches can't stumble look at awesome Matthews just give up more most popular Bruins are what. What are they owe the public and why he should check on the power play which is polar opposite from 2011 when they are awful on the par port. And I give out toward crude edges shortcomings as a defenseman at times but on the power play he's been awesome. Go is all time he's been a huge spark. For the Bruins power play when I Alexi. The Bruins are exercising some demons here both micro and macro mentioned the beliefs this year. The lease your three and one against the Bruins if they could ever find a way I would love to see. If they could never find a way to match up and I think it would work out where they matched up with the capitals. In that would be in the east finals. Because I think it Washington in wins the series they're currently in. They would play Pittsburgh next but I would love to see that because historically the Bruins suck against cal. And that would be an interesting series for me to see how those two key capitals having good com. It would be essentially the you know I'll immovable force against the or whatever it's called the immovable object against the unstoppable force because. Brewers can't beat the capitals capitals can't get to the Stanley Cup finals that would be inching series to me. But we'll see this it certainly looks like they're gonna just roll past the mental time just can't figure it out intensely into too many men on the ice. Yeah hall of fame coach volcano figured out Mike Babcock I mean I can hear about the damn. Not jumps I mean he's just gonna really change in Toronto. Q make up that many goals in Toronto I don't think so. It looked like it anymore in the ice at times. All of that first period last night they it was like watching the Bruins play against the college team. It was that overwhelming. And they just. This up kind of caring for a little while. And let Toronto kind of get going and start to score some goals and sec to make things happen and then they put their foot on the throat again. It's what they do this team is a very good. They've proven over the course of the year they're very mentally tough we tie the game we talked about for a long time bear true Stanley Cup contender they are. They can come back they can score. It will see what app I mean I'll be interested to see I'll be really it just inches did you see when. They have to get where they cannot say they can win this game but when they have a game that's not five goal for first period goals are whenever I wanna see. What it's like they were in it a little bit the other day it was 11. You know let's have a 00 game I wanna see a complete game two. It's a little more pressure on the goaltender this is the playoffs that'll be different. So let's say but this is good because we've talked about the step for the Bruins undertook rats don't usually come back in series now they've blown leads. But don't you know don't get in that scenario don't fall behind in the series as that doesn't bode well for. I don't think in 2011. I think against the Canadians and I know. Against the duke knocks in the Stanley Cup finals. The brewers are down 20 and both series. I don't know. And I wouldn't think with Tuukka Rask is their goaltender if they can come back. If they faced deficits like that twice once in one playoff I don't like that scenario obvious self. This behooves them Tim Thomas at it was a little bit a mentally tougher than that Rask and I think that allowed them to come back and win some games and do things. That they necessarily we didn't expect it to do that a year but wrapped I don't think you do that I still think you can do that if they fall by two well. I don't think the Bruins are gonna win that series so. A huge start to the series for the Bruins. Not only winning the first two games are making huge statement in the process. That brings us to the Celtics. This is exactly what we didn't want to happen. We want Milwaukee in the first. While first of all they got the best player on the floor so that's never. I don't yep this is tough it's tough. This it was. This was one of those matchups that you just didn't wanna say. And it should concern you about them getting out of the first round obviously their help is what's. Put them in the situation there yup you know Tyree was here and everyone is healthy and ready to go Smart everyone good to go. You'd expect them to still beat the bucks. You'd expect a good series because the bucks are very talented team and to present a lot of problems for the Celtics that not a lot of other teams can do. They've a lot of scores in a lot of people like him punish you and then you have. A top five. Seven player in the NBA. He's that good yep he's unbelievable. How re gonna stop on how are gonna control to have been able to do it against the bucks this war games against the Celtics this season John SX. Combo goddess. 372842. When he nine. The finger. They've got a lot they need to figure out aggressive who's gonna who's who's gonna guard a little. You don't have. Especially if smarts not helping you don't have someone that's a verso enough to cover a couple of different positions which is what you need against the bucks yeah you need someone that has. That flexibility. To cover one through four. At least one through three. And you don't really have that bring Jalen brown has turned into a very good defender will be interesting to see what he does. Where he's lining up who he's going up against it he is he going against the Greek freak he's going handsomely Middleton. It's going to be interesting to see where he goes. When your health isn't this good and your bank should get shorter in the playoffs they're gonna have a lot of problems of the seem a lot of problems with the same there's going to be some good night's. Where guys all the sudden go off that you didn't expect him to go off because we've seen that happen with the Celtics in the lot it's the system it's the way Brad plays them. But. I don't like him in the series I think I think they get outs in the first. It was a shame. 4017371287. Is a phone number you can Texas 379237. We get back. We'll continue talking but the Celtics have a lot of patriots thought I wanna get too. We go back to the Bruins are you can call us on any of these things Red Sox to I have a lot to get to in terms of Red Sox. And what happened this week against the Yankees is the marking kitchens are 12 point seven WE. Kitchens on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Call the show went 4017371287. And acquired that series. I'm sick most important most important absolutely the most important. V. Buck should stop. Copyrighted even mean that because he's got a good defender out of she's got. One inch deficit went about a forty or fifty pound. It bid to join him so it's really the subtle hints that ticket it's gonna take a village and to start with him. Who who they were they talking about. They're time of the celtics' tough series. Who who they'd Al Horford covering yaks. Hooker and Al Horford does not have fifty pounds onion Imus. How they work or stay with yachts well the he's not just stay with him he can he can cover him. Moderately plotting the good thing about degree streak he's not a great shooter and so at least that that helps out that was gonna cover him so. His game is eighteen feet it. So that helps out a lot of Al is going to be on. Yeah on us. No one's stopping him there's no stopping him. It's just trying to slow him down a little bit and then make sure he can't get its the other scorers that's rejected deal. 40173727. I'll say this the thing I'll be watching most closely in this series. Because the celtics' postseason unfortunately. I mean this went down the drain the minute carrier Irving absolute. I'm not gonna say it's not worth watching it is. But there was some intrigue there there was some real intrigue there with Irving and then obviously Beckett take what mom so well be looking for. Is I would watch Jason Taylor. Because playoff basketball is different and if there's any way he could kind of I know he's already established himself as a damn good player we have high hopes for him but if he could assert himself and establish himself as a prime time playoff performer. Damn I'd be very impressive I mean this is a kid who's won twenty men the typically these young guys don't. Four arrived in the playoffs typically. And he has a chance to lead the Celtics. With Irving out. If he can lead them knives yeah I'm not thinking he's leading into the finals but if he can lead them farther than I think he could lead them that would be something that would educate me. And have me totally engaged. So I mean yeah that's what I'm looking for most closely in this series. Notice saying and and generally I would agree with you yes you wanna see what Tatum doesn't wanna see Jerry progresses you wanna CP parent takes the bull by the horns but the guy that's really going to do that the guys it's going to break out everyone's gonna. Start to look at again and go oh wow. Is Jalen brown. Well no grounds the guy who's going to break out the series and you're gonna go. While we that's a legit number two starter do you expect him to break on the sooners don't yes yes if he doesn't global you think I'll be discipline out of this OK if he doesn't okay. So that's what I'm saying because the difference between Jalen and Tatum is. Jail is allowed to do a little bit more offensively be a little more free offensively. Tatum if you watch what he's done. He's he's very good offensive player he knows what he's doing but it's very kind of cookie cutter it's very simple what he's doing they're not doing a lot of these elaborate sets with him. Jim Brown has little more freedom to do that. Busted Jim Brown can score a little bit more ways than Tatum and Jim Brown's gonna be the one that breaks out is an average over twenty points a game that's what I believed. And ever and you look at him go you gotta look at this team after the fact to know. That's legit contender for next year when everyone's healthy. Because now you have. A very good starter at the number two position in Jalen brown were the forty template and go right thirteen points game fourteen points again it's pretty good it's nice. Is gonna break out is gonna be that top pick that we thought he could have been potentially those that asked what is is and it's going to show he's going to have a very good series and I still think they lose unfortunately but I think Jalen brown is gonna come out looking really good. After the sooners. I would and that's why even though interest anymore. Because I brown is somebody expects. We use a majority thinking that thinking he's gonna do that arrest that doesn't really intrigued me as much I'd be more intrigued at least if he didn't play well. Because I expect him to take that leap and assert himself because it's his second year and he's shown. The capability and he is when he's scoring the Celtics are different team up. Tatum younger. It more inexperienced I wanna see brown has been in the past I wanna see how he handles it. Because I've never seen him and I think his upside offensively could even be higher. Did upset you his upside offensively has hired Jim Brown is a better defender will there be a better define much at yeah jock but yes. So I wanna see how he handles how the offense. What kind of offense he brings to the table especially with the top offensive guy out. So it's when you're the other top off and you have. Probably the highest offensive upside other than Calgary. That's why I wanna see how key specifically handles this how does he handle the leadership role offensively how does he handle. How does he handle himself offensively as he scored easy. Look to score. Does he not look for a shot I wanna see him when he looks spurs shot did he make a shot that you produce I there's all kinds of things I because this. Could tell me a lot about the future Jason Day. I mean DD have a superstar in the making give a star in the making give a good player if I mean we know he's good player. How good I think we get a very good indication about in this series I think the Bucs win the series like you do. Remember ER is a long time ago but date they were the team that in the second game this in this of the season. I was a first game out Gordon Hayward became into the garden and one you know Damon as his brutal they split this they split. The season series but I think I always lean towards a team that has the best player in this and not a shock to compose the best player in the series and you know Jabari park her in all these guys he said Middleton too complex but. It's a shame that the Celtics could have banned. I I had to take even asks question but I'm gonna do it as I want now if they had let's say they had Hayward in and and our own way where were the expectations based on. What you've seen and what you know right now. Would have been the finals. With the way cleanly into the way ores away we Cleveland's fell off this year yeah you'd have to expect them to be in the finals you have to. There's no other team in the east second match up with the Toronto. Is a regular season team. They always have been the strength of Toronto a day of a couple of good players in the starting lineup. But the strength of Toronto is their bench is so strong that their bench beat the crap out of every other bench in the end yet. They're punish them. They put points they create separation. Now the benches are shorter in the playoffs so you don't have that same advantage you have an ever regular season game. So Toronto was not built. To win in the post season it would be all right when they play game ones that today. No they won they won game one so that is the first game one that they have one. Tom in along time I forget exactly this dot but the problem is they could never winning game one they finally beat the wizards to win game one. In their series you said it and I said it that we both think the Celtics are gonna lose in the series. Is that a disappointment for you. Even when all the injuries. Yes it is yes it is. Don't lose in the first truck. I needed said they'd the other team has the best player on the court. Yes it's at this point. Yeah I mean I look they have the best player on the court. But it's still a disappointment I mean in the box. I mean if I was that the issue they fired Jason Kidd know. Yeah I mean I'm not gonna go crazy. And Rick. You know all of that I'm not gonna rip everybody to shreds. But that is it disappointment when a three C lose to a six seater whatever it is. Even with a while they're dealing with a revolving injuries. At room being out. It's tough because the way they played without those guys at times gives you hope for the team. And you'd think they can still get out of the first round depending on who they match up with the the matchup of the seven sixers absolutely no shot the way to seven sixes are playing no shot now. The box we always we're kind of worried about the bucks. Regardless of the situation because of what they can present the Celtics which not many other teams can present. Yeah it is kind of disappointment. Especially when they've been the best defensive team throughout the entirety of the MB yet it and a season it's sort of one of those scenarios where. You have this person that you know. Is gonna probably let you down and they let you down like our producer Matt yelling match you know. I do know we just assume you're going to let us down so when you do lettuce sound it's really not that big a deal done they never set like you kind of assume. They're going to he's gonna let you down on the beat kind of assume are still Matt's gonna let me this person's gonna let you down. And then. When they do let you down your disappointed. But to kind of assume that they were gonna let you down there's not much you're actually kinda mad at yourself out for put no holy hoping that her or that situation reelect. I know better what I'm doing. Why did I think that this person is gonna come through for me when they never did. I mean what's the alternative in my suit is supposed to say well you know they lots cutlery and the other team has a good player really good player the best player in the series now. So let's look at. I ain't now I because. Here's the thing if I think that they could be an NBA championship contender. Next season got. Why why is it acceptable for them to lose this series. I really think so they're gonna lose this series. Because that adds a coop on the other side get back Irving next year and I understand they get back Hayward to. But that is all now automatically very legitimate championship contender because they get back Hayward and Gordon I mean not Hayward in Irving. When they couldn't win outcome they couldn't beat the six seat I don't care they have on their team. That would annoy me that would make me feel comfortable so if I really think they're gonna be a championship team contender next year well they should win the series. Many. Because I think it down. It is their two best players so most teams when their two best players go why you don't have much extra expectations of them you're not gonna think they're going to do something. Miraculous and again I know you're saying because it this yeah but it's. It's this team that probably is better than actually being a six seed and it's a decent numbers that's a little bit better than we actually gave it credit. So yes you're gonna do is aborted if you lose who is 678. Seed but there are circumstances that kind of tell you. Listen this is just kind of a step along the way. We we lost our best player one of the top five players in the NBA we lost our second best player one of the top twenty players in the NBA. That's tough that's tough for any team to get over. Very tough. So I under silly saying but I don't think he can beat all of that disappointed if they lose so good box team without their two best players on the court and without another very important player in Marcus mark. Yeah here's the thing I don't think I know it's their two best players that aren't available. But I don't think that they did all this this year without one of their two best right that so that's number one but it's also this is in this scenario where. Com. It was OK okay see from a few years ago when it was Durant and Westbrook. They're the two best players they were the two best players auto Casey. But those guys. There was a much bigger steeper drop off if they weren't in the lineup Celtics don't have back and a drop off I think that. The core of the team the rookies are not relieved I'm Jason Tatum and then Jalen brown the young kids. Exhibit something in and equip the Celtics with a bigger. Upside then whatever though the founder had in those years so there isn't as big of a drop off. From. I mean I'd like to think because let's be honest Irving and Hayward aren't Durant and Westbrook now so they're gonna need more help in they're gonna be a championship team when they do come back and I think they have. So there shouldn't be quite as big a drop off. For the Celtics if Heyward and Irving are out then it back in the day to rant in Westbrook were out there that team becomes an absolute non factor. Which way to Celtics are constructed if we want them to be championship team next year. They should be able to. It is Ceres. Com. Even though they're two best guys are out if these guys their two best guys are really good but Heyward still superstar he's an all star. He is an all stock. Irving is a superstar but we always regard. He's a smaller player. And that's fine but you know result LeBron James he's not Kevin Durant some physically imposing so you need other help and they have. And that other help is playing in this series so I would like to think that that other help is good enough with Brad Stevens at the Helm. To win one series at least I know it's it's cool Balinese stud but win one series because I don't know how you can. Convince yourself that they're gonna lose this series and then next year. I know you get back to best player but next year than just be a title contender is Irving and Hayward are back a smaller superstar and an all stock. If you can't with the guys you got the court you've got right now in Stevens win one series. So yes it would be it would behoove them to win this series. And it would make me feel a lot better which is all I really care. Is this a make or break series for Al Horford. Al Horford perception in Boston. Null. Now a pretty easily live with the average down moniker from no go in all those people. There's a lot of people living he's he's really not even that good he's not worth the money is not really an all are worth the money he's not worth them. In today's NBA he has where he's not worth that much in today's MBA here is unfortunately her leg. But I think he's worth the money. I'm not paying about money I wouldn't pay him money. But if you're willing to pay a luxury tax and things like that. But I mean you got to have talent. Yeah I'm telling you have to overpay people I mean that's part of the problem look it would Tristan Thompson got in Cleveland and he's not even close to being as good as Al Horford and close. And he got a huge joint why these guys that hugely because the way to cap structure and it came back down and it kind of punish certain teams but. It. Whether he's worked them the actual individual dollars doesn't really matter he would say it very good player he is not just an. Albert's play it's how much he takes about the cap space is what you're really asking about. Really you know that the money doesn't matter. It's how much of their capsaicin Z actually taking up. So. I think he kind of busy he is a really good series and he's the CR the make or break series for him. I deal is his perception in boss amongst the fans because that is the defeat Al defenders and then there's Al. I don't say haters because they're not haters but average out he's not average he's an awesome he's very good player yeah. If he is a very good series and they happened to get past the box. And they are shut up. If they disappear if he disappears and they'd lose to the box pretty quickly it's just getting louder from much letters I think perception wise it is. Make a brick for now so can I just make this point. I don't know and I just wanna say this. Just I know it's it is sort of a selfish point but I just wanna get the sound guy. I think that just in terms of Tuukka rocks. While I'm always on always giving a hard time com. She Al Horford is a good example of there's a lot of Al Albert Al people that kind of get on now when they don't think he's quite as good is. Some basketball aficionados may think he has. I think. The reason I don't get on now is much I don't think he's worked entirety of that contract the money not really but. I do think he's good what the reason I don't get on him as much. Is because he doesn't do what Tuukka has done in the past. He does not show up in big games he doesn't say things that make me wanna just punch a wall. He is engaged for the most part he accepts. His leadership role I think he accepts. He's accountable for some of the games support play whatever. He I just feel like the guys mentally tougher than a guy like to garage so that's why I'm not on Al Horford like I am took. But I'm just try to point out the difference or why I'm so on Tuukka so often. Well Lou the dead simple differences one guy and you're worried about actually physically showing up. Right the other guy you're not worried about him showing up the slight worry without is that he disappears sometimes in games. Right and eat when you look at the box score ego. What does he do. Obviously he's more than just what the Bucs were scored tells you but there are plenty of times where he disappears and is completely I don't think he does that a lot of mental weakness we know that. Because he gets. Whatever I think this is just that's going on right now against I don't read a more just some right to Wear where to pick your word about him literally showing up to play the game. You're not worried about that would and I grew I completely agree with you at that I just wanted to point out because both both. Players. Sort of get some heat from the Boston landscape about either not being good enough for now whatever. But I'm just trying to put up the difference and the Al Horford is engaged I think he's differs teammates and his teammates trust him I think. You know he he does the right thing most of the time has his mind in the right place most of the time. I don't feel that way with rocks I don't think he's mine is always in the right place. And that's what annoys me with him more than out even if average out these average out at times I don't think he's average I'll call him. Com. But that that's the difference between the two of them Rask he's too much. East to. Mentally he's too much of a wildcard route is not and now I think. Tries yes sometimes they said can't get in rhythm or the the system to take out of it there's a lot and he just becomes too damn passive right. Last aggressiveness just take it to the hole. You're good shooter you're good finisher around the rim just be a little more aggressive that's what you want out of now. Could you just want to show up in new age. Art com we I have a lot of patriots things I want to get to we'll probably do that at the top of the hour. Our necks we got a touch on the Red Sox because had a big series with the Yankees and they are on fire but the Bruins play well. Does the Martin Kissinger what are point seven WB. Now back gum market kitchen and on sports Radio One knows we point seven WEEI. If I was them intently at one pioneer left center fail grandstanding going back to the track it looks up and as a looking around second on his way to the big boys home. Here comes the relay throw besides runs into the future and sit for delegates away from Cisco down in the third but intending. One nothing Red Sox walking slowly get out. The road so chance are still very Orioles catcher right into the base path as smokey began to slide. And I'm looking up been limping and being helped off toward the Red Sox struggled in the first place time. And is that Limp Bizkit play. Am thrown away bat with some rookie Matt. Appreciate that this event. Alive then I mean what are they doing now. Play house of blues last year did. Asia so I've been to. Chu limp biscuit concerts. Was there with. Stained Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock back in 1999 rate after that album just came out. Unbelievable that I saw them in 2010. In Connecticut random brutal and it was a brutal it was a big seven fold Olympus. I had my friend got tickets it was sort of like a throwback. What it whenever. It was funny it was enjoyed that helped a tie and it's so here's and it is in fact. I have I've been to more as fit as they. I've been to more Kid Rock concerts and patriots games. That's has a lot about him as a fan and I just lost a little bit of respect and a million patriots games like covering up and I must respect of a dependency kid rock and only god. He's all funnel early Kid Rock is all right this country can rock and country can rock. I don't go see him on. The early Kid Rock was offs. He shows were awesome the first. I mean I was third I would seventh grade eighth grade them first thing that app Angeles. This big middle finger just comes down from the remember the CD editing. Xerox shows pretty. Look at your parents think you don't you're in middle school he went with mr. Moore reference that took us. At the song to Serena and all who who. Kid Rock staying limp biscuit and trop this tour. Have been their planning its arms and well yeah you I used to work in Nam I sort of mystery circuit this hallway so I had to go to a million of those terrible concert area. You know kiss concert jingle ball I hit him to the hated the music it was a lot of fun being around people and and the atmosphere was a lot of fun but I. Could have cared less about the music itself yeah. But am. You know it was interesting. You you meet all these people before their stars like Bieber Katy Perry Lady Gaga they're all one concert that we were putting on at the Tsongas arena. And and Bieber was a little dilution. You play the song to Serena. As crazy. And you know Bieber Katy Perry and Lady Gaga on one shell can we get them on the shell. You know show you know knife I am you know K very deathly not. I tried to sleep with her sister that I didn't bats and go over well. Bieber was a thirteen at the time and use that do should. Yeah which he got all his see that. Some girl didn't put the cap back on the marker and he accidentally got a little bit on his hand and flipped out and Mike made. Made her put her sleeve out her white sleeve so we could wipe the marker on her to get off. Here's where it. Yes. Sometime. OK and a lot of those terrible concerts. So that was anyway. That was the called the Red Sox game yesterday rookie bats left the game. With a foot injury we do not have an update on the injury I don't believe mom. He leave the game he left the game up. OK so. Tom the Red Sox rolling right now. Here's my here's a question I have to ask Karen is the question I have to ask it's just the bruise. Just there clues on his back. David now here's the thing David Price in the second game of the series. With the Yankees. Now the reds this certainly this is April they had a chance they'll to step on the throat of the Yankees. And he goes out there David Price and how many how many innings as he pitched was a one inning. Gates. It's lit up and is out of the game in the first and tech so think this is what gets me negative things like this community to. Now here's the question I wanna ask you about where emirates accept. These resume was David Price now he had no feeling in his hand that would what ya know he edit tingling sensation knowing tingling. There's two questions. The first question is are you just are you just soft. And cannot perform. And do your job in cold weather. A war. Is there a medical condition. Where you actually hurt or injured or. Medically. And unable to perform. In which is which is can you answer that question form. I'll answer as best as I know you played sports for a long time I played for sports for a long time there's always that one kid when the chips got down and they weren't as successful in that moment. As other players were on the team work you know things are a little tough for them they pulled up with a knee injury. And you always had that under this a phantom injury because you're just embarrass your get your ass kicked out there. Or are really hurt. It's fair. For us to look at and go I think this is phantom injury I think is you're getting shelled. You wanna know more you pulled up with a knee injury I I don't think this is legit I really don't. So here's his track record doesn't give me a lot of faith in him. Here's the thing if if there was some sort of palm condition. I mean I'll say condition instead of injury to running a get real. Then will that we have a problem here because you gave him a what was it 219 million dollar contract. And he loses feeling in his fingers when it gets a little cold. And you gave money to play baseball in Boston where in the all in October. You might not be seventy. So that's that's an issue okay his post season record speaks for itself as a starter so that's a problem the other alternative. I guess what you're alluding to is he's just soft and he's just a pain in the butt and he diminishes us all off. And he can't well what do you know it's a big game it's a little cold and he's shocked again. Tech sucked so that's a problem because as bag we gave Tuukka Rask credit the first segment. Early on your stepped up looked pretty good pass early test so far David Price fail. And we didn't we said this last week or two weeks ago he doesn't have a lot of opportunities. To really show us what he can do because he's question mark is post season pitching post season starts. This was a rare game where it was a bigger game it was the Yankees you really had a chance to step on their throat on April whatever was eleven. Tenth. And he goes out there and not it doesn't just lose I hope he goes out and he's out of the game in the first inning. And then he's talking about fingers. Guy that's and then. Now correctly from DeDe did Alex Cora then have to move his next start. For not Boston and he's waiting until they go to LA. Yeah he's not pitch until Tuesday an island aha. So we'll otherwise. Monday it was really bad right now. You know. So now now we have to coddle. Because he can't pitching colder weather. So this prop K this is a problem. This is what I don't like about David Price this is very Tuukka of David Price in you know historically. And giving took credit to it some aren't but know what's going on do you okay knotted up I'm fine. A little tickle but I'm fine. This is a problem for me because this is what pisses me look. This is what I can't stand these kinds of things when the player can't mentally get over something and now we're moving starts. So he can go pitch in the lounge chair that is Southern California. I hate it I can't stand it. Get it out of my face. And we shouldn't be negative because the Sox with their record now. Twelve and told into moment and don't tell me that they can't win the division. Unit cannot time. Because at our insurer that was twelfth easily turn that don't tell me they can't win the division in April. Because I begin not in 2007. Wire to wire until they said they got out to a big lead. Maybe I'm the look at the wrong thing they got one of the years they got to do a damn big lead early in the season and that was it that was over Gonzaga. Nobody ever contended the rest of the way. Yet they were the best in baseball that year with. Weird amount of talent such and the pitching set you look at this staffed. And you know you look at bowed the bullpen there's obviously issues in the bullpen stale. I mean there's certain guys you just cannot trusting I don't know why they've been given the leeway they'd been given in their career map parents. But we David Price you brought up the money went Al Horford. Al Horford is worth every cent compared. David Price Alter gonna play. Every every cent compared to David Price David Price. This unless she turns around this season is going to be one epic failures. Of the Boston Red Sox in terms of guys that signed epic failure. And. A couple. Couple different things. That would be true. To me always cool. So did you know you don't you know where bigger Sox fan you're feet are always cold but. All I might not do. How is this kind of issue. 219 million to come here and pitch in the ops and and. Didn't go over November today and we'll. Doctors tell his testicles to descend from his body cavity actually grow a pair. Because he doesn't happen. I don't know. Good question we should bridges that we promise we need to we need check arm we have physical checked those medical. This this problem because this guy that you hate to be your Frontline starter now I know he's not that anymore but. Every time it gets called I'm gonna suck so what does it wouldn't be putting. You know she already getting the excuse is ready for the fall. Well hey David. You know I totally doesn't mean I know he got and I nightmares I got an angle old yep. So what are supposed to think he take take out of the rotation rate of org. I don't know what to do he can't pitch when it's cold his fingers. What do we suppose. We're what do you do hope that they played Dodgers. Dodd and that's the only chance Astros yeah. Diamondbacks hope the Marlins are actually any good. I don't know what did you who did you hear this by the way real quick and we're on the brick. The Marlins double a affiliate. I drew the Marlins. This weekend writing here that does 6900 people at the double a affiliate. 65 years it's double a affiliate even now. I've no idea. Dan drew them like 34500. People that is such a major problem office. It's hard to know why all the Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp Jacksonville. That dumpster fire of the city. That's tough that's tough thing to explain. What. I com. We get back we're gonna talk patriots. And if I don't think of anything else to say on the reprisal to stick with football is the market Showalter point seven to be the.