The Mark and Kichen Show - Can the Red Sox sustain this high level of play?; Jimmy G's preseason debut

WEEI Providence
Sunday, August 13th

Hour 1. Mark and Ben argue over the Red Sox and if they can continue to play hard and win big. Mark feels really comfortable with the Sox and believes they can make it to the World Series. Ben brings Mark back down to earth. The conversation moves to the Patriots and Jimmy G. Pats lost to the Jaguars in their first preseason game but the play of Jimmy G was solid.


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Now it's time for marketing pitches I can't wait. For the nice thing to hit the fan. In terms of this quarterback. I'm looking to cause controversy the situation in Iraq. Jaime struggling. In the first five days you can't eat anything to me no not meaning the guys I got their practice. Well every day. With the guys and it is really a rhyme or reason to assist that's the point seven. WPI. Semi that loves golf and you hate to find your ball and have to drop consisted demoralizing deal. I'm white hat off but never felt in my life I know never go off and now. Well it's a very very hard game I hope they don't roll back the ball I hope they do. Don't do certain things have been thinking about doing I think that would be not a good thing in a Pebble Beach there are clips there I've been to the course that you gave their lives on the there are that you've got to make became a little bit easier it's a tough game you've probably heard that I do know that yet it's a tough game. Once you've got to hit golf ball and soul and. It's really no wonder we point seven WEEI. Welcome into the marketing kitchen show 103 point seven WEEI here in Providence, Rhode Island mark donned aero ban cage and bang the morning Dario I'm doing all right. Was meant taking a Shania. Who was he met with with Matt take a shot and obviously a shot at me but I will tell you what he did do he did fire me up because I've played golf yesterday public ahead and and fortunate seventeenth hole I yanked an eight iron. That. It ruined my you know next few minutes launch was a challenge which award luncheon as a channel but I just sit now thinking about that as the show begins. So I'm you know. It was fine. Great thanks Matt beautiful course thanks work more like 17371. Point 87 is the phone number. Because he's never show 937. Is the text line. A lot to get togethers and Jimmy droplet chatter there during the open which we appreciate that good to have you back. I'm Jamie played well in the pre season game. Red Sox. Bounced back nicely on Saturday after a disappointing loss on Friday night on but I will defer my opening thought teal and you thought in the Red Sox and said. Last week. Don't worry about the Yankees they had a better trade deadline in the Red Sox it but don't worry about them that this is not the year to worry about the Yankees and I think they're proving it with the way they're playing. And the Yankees flat out stink with the exception of what happened Friday night Dave Dave kind of stunk. Over the last couple weeks err err judge terrible since a home run derby sesame tweet the other day. Remember when there and judges get a baseball and it's just gotten back it's gotten first three months yeah yeah he's awful right now this team just doesn't know how to win yet. I'm concerned with the Yankees starting next year. The Red Sox not right now but. This Pedroia injury putting on the him on the ten day DL that's got to be a little bit of concern especially when they're talking about yeah we we believe he'll be back this season. That's a major concern. Because they've done a good job over the last couple months building up some depth to this team for a playoff run and Nunez has been fantastic. Pedroia is still Pedroia. I killed him last week for his behavior and talking about leadership and all that actually killed him but he's very important to this Teemu import a great defense of second baseman. He's been playing very well since June. So batting over 300 well over three late 340 since June so this is a guy you really need to have on your team come playoff time and if they're talking about him pat yeah we think he'll be back. That's slightly concerning he battery back. He better be back. Again we talked about last week he can't Sam feels he can't Sam did you're not a leader. No you can't leave have to be on the field sweet my opening thought has to do with the patriots will get back to the Red Sox here to open up the show but I'm going to mention the patriots pre season game quickly. Com. What's it what I expected essentially. ID like some of the disasters put forth by Cyrus Jones. Despicable defense just all so but you know they wash the preceding game they didn't look great and stretches Jimmy drop look we'll get into this game. Here's my question opened the show though. And hiding dissect every single number every single. Minute of playing time going back I did look at last year nobody played in this game and that includes. Wayne Allen that includes Rex Burkhead that includes some of these guys who I thought maybe would play because their new because they're getting assimilated nobody played. Last year. Martellus Bennett played. When Garret blunt played in the first pre season game now I'm not trying to jump the gun or go crazy here but. Is it because bill once you're going to feed me keeping everybody's fresh as possible to say. I don't think he cares one way or the other half actually going undefeated okay this is the guy who's tracker it's pretty proven in terms of one week at a time let's win this week and make sure we're putting ourselves in a good position for next week. Is not a guy who thinks too far in the future. What do you like to yeah I'm sure it would bound to get something he's consciously thinking about and strategizing for. Did they think Debbie really bad coaching on your part if you're strategizing. For sixteen and now. It's it's it's definitely not gonna happen you're gonna put your team and there's bad positions and injuries pop up when you go full board pre season so I'm glad. They took to paddle though the foot off the pedal a little bit here and said all right let's work in some of these new guys here are some of home. Especially the younger guys we wanna fill out the depth of this roster and see what the second half of our roster actually looks like I. I'm just a little surprised looking back at how he managed the roster for pre season game number one a little surprised. That none of those guys play and I thought they would play. And that just said something to me that hey he didn't play any of these guys genetic make some assessments about Deon Lewis because he did. And Rex Burkhead didn't play and James White didn't put. And Mike ilsley who's dealing with it was an hamstring or something bulky. Didn't play so is Dion Lewis on the bubble this Yeltsin sort of bubble. I just got more those guys would play appreciating game number one I think everybody would be on the side Lewis looks like it. Guy who's actually fighting for his roster spot right now that's why he's out there. James lights on other Dion Lewis is out there and deal loses got to prove that he can actually make this team moving forward that would sound accurate they have got a glut at running back right now with all these guys here you have five running backs in trying to figure out who's gonna make your team and Dion Lewis is playing in the first pre season game that's a really bad sign for Dion Lewis. There's two guys in here that I thought really did well for themselves Jimmy Jay did well for himself. In the first by bad part first pre season game. An awesome car in crossing karma has solidified himself if he can stay a little bit consistent throughout the rest of the pre season he has solidified himself roster spot on this Teemu import. Got so we'll get into the pre season game we'll have more thoughts and that I have another concern. About the patriots stemming from the preceding game nothing huge right now but something I want to just discuss. But the Red Sox so. It Wade Boggs in Pawtucket the other day who. On weird awkward interview. But he did bring up something that I thought was sort of interesting I'll ask you all are the Red Sox warming an identity right now and what I mean is. In the first 58 games of this season according to wait item looked this up. They had no walk us in the last 59 they've had twelve does that speak T. Does Wade Boggs beaten and Wade Boggs does the fact that they've had some walk offs speak cute is that same thing about how the team has come together. Is that something we should make note numbers are just the way it's gone. Leadership decided shows you that they're kind of developing their own identity outside of David Ortiz is David Ortiz was the identity of this team for a long time. And taking it clutch hits without him he was the clutch player for the Red Sox for a long time if they can start to get these clutch hits like they've been proving. And yet there are starting to develop an identity to discern accent. There are Denny embossed and still is in good. Mostly because of David Price yep it's still they're still kind of ratty they've looked at as brats millionaire brats play in this game at child's game. That's part of their identity right now and that's part of their problem but. Are they developing a clutch gene to a certain extent all right you're spoiled little brat. Yeah exactly spoiled little brat that's what David prices and that filtered out the rest of the team that's all we've been talking about her over a month now. So yeah are they developing news a clutch identity to a certain Oksana. It was a nice win they had yesterday. I will say this though. That that loss on Friday night rattle meals rattled me a little bit because. You know these they were on the queen street you can win some games however you get to a game Friday night against the team that's in second place in the division I know you think they're a year away. But still they've proven that they can be formidable this year. You get into a game with down. Playoff type atmosphere was kind of rock and the other night in Yankee Stadium. Based on what they were saying on the broadcast at least and it. They can't hold that game and the bullpen that middle relief. Let's get away that if I'm John Farrell. Kind of rattles me a little bit because that's. Not every game you play is like that where it's a playoff type atmosphere against or rival against the team that is good it. About 500 competing for the arc contending for the division championship. Not every game not every situations liked and the fact you couldn't hold that lead. The end of the world not them you know some enormous red flag it's being draped over my face but. A little disconcerting because of the way the game unfolded how the relief which has been sort of and other relief pitching has been good. For the Red Sox this year. But let's be honest that middle reliever. That situation has never made anybody feel totally comfortable on your line another minor league blow again a big game like got in a big spot. It's alarming to me it alarmed me. I mean it's the way anybody can hold the lead when you when you're up ten to three. But team three an open lead blow given a lot of runs in the eight yeah yeah I mean this is why you go in trade for Addison reed. And Addison reed blows of well what a piece of crap he's meant. Yeah you strong feelings about I mean I just the future listened. Out occupant the other night that was just a brutal performance Kevin what does he do the other night what he did given that he hit a guy. Then give up home run there we go single walked in the wild pitch get out of my face I was so. Yeah and all. We saw again the other thing I will say is I did not mind didn't love it I do not mind Eduardo Nunez trying to get to third on that fly ball to left field. Did you have promised. Well I have a problem with the aggressive but bad based on no long that's been a problem for the improved on doctor. I yet there's a certain instances where you look at lingo are right I understand what he was doing in the there's plenty of time Jackie Bradley would one out in. Just had stupid base running. Odd that one I didn't have an issue would but the trend is really bad for this team and they can't get stuff like that order they're gonna get smoked in the playoffs. But. I'm not too worried about at Marin news is is the guy who's very experienced guy he's been an all star. I get a little more concerned when someone like Jackie Bradley junior does that. Room more inexperienced. Because he and he's clearly not paying attention to what's going on on the field. If you lose track of outs you're more that's it there's your dog no excuse you're dumb if you lose track of outs you're dom because you know what. There's only three of them first of all and it's all over the stadium. Any time you look up you concede outs. All over the site like high school we are asked the companies a scoreboards you have any exactly got some immediate freshman who's flipping over little plaque reading it right 31 now. But just broke in Nunez you know he's trying to get to third to less than two outs I get that now do you see how they had to get him out. Frazier had to make an unbelievable pick and tag you gotta make a make a play he made a good play Europe I mean. They still had the tying run in scoring position I didn't hate the play hiding hate the attempt. Just in case. The stick call Steve in Walpole. Wants talk patriots good morning Steve Dario. It broke the Walt already got or Russell feels a brusque. I called as you guys are talking about the outbreak is preceding game night we've used that you were Buddhist supported and then. You want the brawl in nineteen who knows situation and maybe that's what's going on here and I couldn't disagree. Stronger on I think what's going on here is. It takes is a approaches and precision is all the all the joint practices of their work is now being done in the joint practices I was down there and that's me. Dark side is putting more emphasis on the drug practices that could've maybe tried. These pre season games are now all bad auditions that although they are for backups and according to an awful lot so all. I think we have to do is to just concentrate on his pre season games not being up out starters that it's going to be a bulk. The backups. Arctic Circle civil number one I didn't say I was disappointed. I rushed in Walpole. I didn't say I was disappointed. In the game I was just surprised at how. The roster shook out that night that Dodgers a little surprised. And that trust is right though what I really bright and has enjoyed record joint practices. Really where this team is working out against the other team and you see the first immunity against Percy Munich. Percy defense is Percy Martin's. That is he's right about that that is the direction the NFL is trending towards right now are especially if they're gonna take it down to pre season games and bump up the season to eighteen. These joint practices they're gonna be far more important moving forward than even the pre season games will be to a certain. What have we heard Bill Belichick grumble many times about how you don't get better at playing football by not playing football. And the joint practices are fun I was that the joint practices last week. I was there for the walk through. The joint practices ago and I've been to a ton of them but they're not football games that's not a football game they're nice simulations for football not a football game pre season football games. Our football games. I was a little surprised that salt. I was a little surprised that he didn't put in a few more guys especially some of the new guys to get them in game situation. I don't listen I agree that he's unions or full load I know you're saying. But that there there really glorified practices more than anything else they're tackling full on tackle look at the roster they put out there. Yeah I'll put a roster of their like that for football game your putting it out there for glorified practice and that real quick would you think a letter for net the rookie running back for the Jack gore saying it's in the game's easy. Slow death. The ball back he's got a rude awakening coming form we won. I think he's going to be very good player I think he's gonna have a very good season especially Jackson wants to run the ball on every down but. These guys are much bigger better stronger faster than they weren't college and one's in a calmer on the edge and smoke him just to kind of say 00 it's slow for you. Well it's a grass pal. He's gonna get rushed in week one by a couple of defensive linemen just to kind of prove a point don't you think this game's easy it's not that easy try this again try running right at the middle again and see what happens here. I think they would men's Health Minister government to the money science that's right. Oh man tells the bigger fool then point that is why every four nets have a much better career than man's army Intel about a child to do the same thing is that a child. India. I just you know. We're gonna get to this later I just was a little surprise and even throw the undefeated thing in. On all I was saying there. Was this offseason. Was something that I don't call seeing I thought the patriots and bill specifically was more aggressive than I ever call. That's it. And there's a reason when you change up your routine when you changeup which you've always done there's a reason. So I think I'm waiting to see with their reads it is I'm looking for all kinds of indications that I didn't know if not playing any of these starters. These top level depth chart guys in the first pre season game was some kind of an indication I'm just looking and trying to find some listen if they don't play and we zoom. Denham kind of widget and then whats going on here is two and three as the weeks that they should probably plank is four you know they're not apply. Four is going to be mostly Jacoby percent if he's healthy. So you know these guys are gonna place in 44 is the week where you kind of figure out the rest of your roster. And go OK here's the five guys action wanna keep Dexter performed here. Four is when you go down that road too in threes when I wanna see the starters out there are a little bit more fussy too much but little bit more occur. Started JP in north Providence wants tucked deep down Brodsky JP Oreo. I'm doing well every rookie put his put it mile. Category never had a big Weidman I can't wait at some appreciate it come on up bullets and laid them out I will screen out the open it's going to be on their. Watched people watching this work shut them up goma where it battered bald spot by. That was the patriots. You wouldn't hear it may be dissipated in the Siberian. Football league. You out of the pitchers he would have known not to say anything about the. Yeah that we don't do that yeah young adult that brought up that you know once stop unload Pedroia Eric the end of the year and try and make a move and get rid of price and go to the commensurate that it came explain away it should. Without our so called captains wanted to throw it how it came they'd done that bought from the other guy that throws. Stupidity right out there then go out there I felt. I don't even wanna hear on the field we don't it don't we really don't under capital develop or come up and I knew we record we sure that I want to begin work but. And I like junior they regret to have run at its all its goal ought to be a bit of the court to stop. Tiger the on that it is the lawsuit the coaching staff I don't wanna see Pedroia go just yet I think. He's proven he is still a very good player. I'd rather see price go before I'd see Pedroia go and I'm not the biggest majority and I never really have been. That you do Pedroia fan I'd rather see Christ on the Detroit is I think Pedroia is still. Far more valuable them prices moved. I'm with you I don't I don't think this is the time you get rid of him. Tom but if somebody was gonna off for me to I mean it he's not Larry wise he's injury riddled. But he is the leader you have right now you got to show the rest of the year transpires you got to see who else emerges as a leader as a guy that this team looks towards you hope that the manager has a pulse on that. Even do you know Dave Dombrowski to a certain extent. Basically sitting on the producing. You know there's number us get the balls to do it yes he does have the balls do. Really do it I don't think so I don't think I don't think of Pedroia market is even that big either. But he still very valuable player for this team yet Jim guy is guy who's gonna hit 2300 every year he's gonna play exceptional defense. He's a guy you want to retain for another two years I think. But. Dom rust given the bosses do and I I think all his move show you that he absolutely does have a sack and is willing to make some trades that. While Hewitt JP would like but some people wouldn't like. This. I think that but the way the team structure and you gotta let him kind of see how he can. I don't know how is he redeemed himself. But it's been a rough year for him in terms of leadership and some of the heat he's taking any absence of David Ortiz. I would like to see them get to a post season situation. And see how we handle that we know he's been producing on the field how do you handle that and then how idea. Kind of rally the troops in lead them into the playoffs really haven't had. Six David Price hasn't had success this team hasn't had a whole lot of success since winning it last year given the chance he's earned not given the chance to try to. Right the ship so to speak get healthy produce in the post season in the lead. And then we'll see were. Gonna take a break we get apple continue this conversation I wanna get to the patriots are somethings about the pre season game and I saw that concern me. Talk about all that's coming up on the mark in pitching show won a two point seven WER. Its market in kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Call Michel led 4017371287. We all love each other work we're in here together and they're there's no. To divide this team for whatever people say from the outside you know you don't have a leader. Standing right here. Been here for a long time won first place so. That's it. Quarterback marking kitchens show one of the point seven WEEI hated that comment opinion that you made much sense of standing right here that. Attack. Let me ask you this question not a question. Red Sox. If they win today over the Yankees in stretched that lead to five and a half games. Win today's deep division over. Know you'll listen I would never go that early ever since 2011 I would never say that occur because that collapse that was a really good team. And they just crap all over their shoes for an entire month so I'm not willing to say I'm not ready to say that the division is over. It was in Tampa Bay I hate that team they're only eight games out. They can still may make things a little interest in a little scary for eight games out it's. Yet but they're still fighting for a wildcard spot they're gonna they're gonna be hungry they're gonna try and win some games here in their scrappy team I hate them. But they're scrappy team that can win some games. I I don't think you can fully count out the Yankees I know what I said I'm not worried about them. You can't fully count them out I even have five and half games out. This Red Sox team has had really bad stretches or on a great stretch right now I'd like to see them continue that stretch. You know with Andrew and antennae coming actually alive and Augustine I think he's out of the first two games in August 1 and second set those kids out ever since and he's got like 436. 430 odd Aron judges and he's he's he's been much better than iron judge for the last half a mom yeah. I still wouldn't exactly say the division is over. If they can finish August 05 and half games up I'd say the division is Oprah. 2011 always gives me a little bit applause always gives me a little bit of pause as it should we saw an amazing team. Just absolutely crap all over themselves and not know what to do and then lose the division. So. It would be over five and a half games now. I think it's over if they win tonight so everybody Watson I based on all get ready. Just Mendoza now to apply cuddled up an editor Jess yes because you're gonna watch the division and if the wind if the Red Sox can beat the Yankees tonight they will win the division they'll clinch it they will not. Even so wet going down the stretch I think this is it. We hear that. IA I think here are cocky some habits are now they are not going to blow this lead not with Chris Sale. Because he's one of the best ace is the best a spark that they've had since Pedro. Who by the way they're numbers pretty comparable from 1999. I I'm a 100% would know Matt I think it just happens out. Could there be any injury disaster that's different scenario we're talking we're assuming health listen we just talked about Dustin Pedroia doesn't make it back that is a problem for this team I still don't think they blow the division I think that's. It's just really hard. To come back like that and you said 2011. How many times have we seen collapses. Not that often see that kind of collapses heart you have these series right against a good team the Yankees or Red Sox two good teams. There is sweet the good team it's tough to do that if you don't you gain. What to game one game I mean it's just tough to make up that ground even with your concerns about the middle of the bullpen yeah. I'd say are gonna win the World Series I just think that the division will be wrapped up they can win tonight good fun. Yeah I'm not there with the I'm definitely not their review yet they've got a cup list tough games tough stretch against Saint Louis coming up granted is it to get answers. But they've been on fire lately. That's a team that's on the upswing. So they could very easily lose two games here. And then all of a sudden and the Yankees win two games now we get three and a half. So. Until September rolls around I'm not willing to make a prediction like that Coca Leggett said though I'm not terribly worried about the Yankees. But I'm not willing to go full there with the Red Sox yet I don't think they're that good of a team I think they've got a lot of great pieces. And this is a great team that could be build for the future and right now with the injury problems they have. Your what we think is their third best starting pitcher after Salem comrades is still are who we don't know if he's coming back he just did long toss which. To meet by this point majority. Get it going if he's not. Out for the season. And to let's be honest here not only do we still not know if he's coming necessary we still don't know when he's coming back yeah we don't know how people teammates the team will react. When he does come back. We don't know why I think the team will be fine with them okay but maybe they start losing games may be just. That's what happens and then he also talked about they started losing games once price returned I don't know it could happen and then. May be all the senate confidence get zapped a little bit like you said before you note it's down to two. I think they're just you know what they're on fire right now they're doing a great job right now I. I think he's temper the expectations just a little bit it will just a little remember though. Saying that the good hold on and win the division and saying you're gonna win the World Series something like that are two different very different things I'm not I'm not baloney and close that. I just think if five and a half they have showed me enough that they can withstand some struggles. And right the ship in and it enough is warrant being a team that can hold onto a five game that's right. What do you think this team is built well for the playoffs right now. Do you think this team around one of the playoffs regardless you know a against Cleveland or Houston or something or heard maybe Los Angeles overtakes the Yankees here and gets wild yet but. Are you comfortable would this team in the playoffs are absolutely not because of the middle relief because of how Craig Kimbrel has come back to earth no bullpen is big in the post season and I don't like where this ball and it's. So I'm I'm in the plants are more concerned about the aggressively stupid base running okay. That's my bigger concern. Is a team that just doesn't know how to really wing game of course to all that is micro is under the microscope in the policies. I'm not comfortable with the seemed. Leggett said not worried about the Yankees right now. They just don't really know how to win yet they haven't figured out how to put it altogether you know word about the Yankees and Tampa is eight games back but you don't wanna say they're I'm not comfortable car. Just I'm not worried doesn't mean not comfortable era means I'm comfortable I'm not comfortable with a team that is shown they can be wildly inconsistent in the Red Sox. That concerns me. I think the Yankees are gonna hit this surge in overtake them nobody do I think the Red Sox have a bad streaking kind of fallback and then as the one half game lead one game lead. Half game lead yes absolutely. I mean there's nobody really I can think outside of Kimbrel. I go through that bullpen and I just wanna puke everywhere I turn I mean Addison reed who was coming up because Pedroia is on the DLA rep. Brian Ross Robbie rod Roddy Scott Robby this I don't care I mean I these people don't do anything form. You know I want somebody that can shut it down in the seventh inning and I just read decent looking Adam I feel like. He's just that you won a key awful day he's so predictable I feel like I don't know what it is yet to snuff. I like the way to get out of my face. Let's talk right now whites are now well you just look at the thermostat and troubling other than that 95 trillion degrees and here but my ass off and it's stupidly or putting in the middle of the summer. Yet both you U wanna get under my skin you show hitting people so walking people. Oh I try and literally hitting people I start out getting it out Brandon sitting in the suited to CB doormat we looked welcoming can Richard hearings in studio taking in the show and earnings. You wanna start. You'd these Major League Baseball or walking guys is not an option here. I mean he hits it. It's not an option. Guys. You lock a guy every now and then but you can't walk guys that lead to you blowing three nothing leads you can't do it you can't I eat. The leadoff batter in the game in the inning you can't hit them. And that's what this guy does in limited opportunities edges. I'm sweat. You're really Prussia at. He repeats Condo to get tickets to disappear water relax a little bit. Ethos water there ago. Just remember why you're so worked up about Addison reed. Andrew Bennett Tony's on apps fire he's on a chair and it's a joy to watch him that's swing is beautiful. Flow is beautiful. So yeah he's been huge he's been huge for them. But you're right that the overall point and you know I even write this down but that that is a good point. That the makeup of this team at its core is worrisome especially for talking about the plastic has them all and doesn't make you feel good it just doesn't and not just because the other night just doesn't and when especially when nom Craig Kimbrel. Has been inconsistent in the second half of the season a little bit that. That's playoff baseball that's were you win those games with the bullpen locking down guys late now I'm not saying they can't turn around they can't get hot they can't find a group. Maybe they can but there aren't a group right now there where they're winning but the bullpen is not really on a group. They were but they're not after that other night and you know even less that they gave up two home runs in the arena was garbage time but still. I agree would you say it's not the best open in the world here and you wish you had someone. I mean I don't think you you're at it in the in the post he's arena drew. You're number two. Palmer into. I'm sorry I didn't know what the hell your saying drew I era because Palmer drew would TD day thing of JDJ yep unfortunately pomerantz is here. Who's playing very well he's pitching yet. Well yeah it does concern me. I they couldn't even make the sort of rotation last year is now he argued earlier number two going into this post season. Yeah that concerns you and it should concern you he is pitching well. You have a 123 right now would sleep priced out of the equation sale. Palmer and we're so there or cell socks or solos trash radio or at least this season yet. I'm not overly I'm more concerned upon rents in the class and I will be put Marcelo in the playoffs for summaries. That's okay. I'm concerned with both I mean I am to hear what I'm more concern for pom rants because. Marcelo at least has a little bit of which record has understood how to start a game in the playoffs. Has done well not necessarily but he gets it he knows how to do he understands the pressure of Palmer rants I'm still low concern with him move import he's having a fantastic season this is the guy you thought you traded for last year. Who had stretches really was terrible last year and he's very good this year is very it was very talked with even with price he's your second best. Regular season starting pitcher right now. I will say this the good news is and I just got totally frustrated with Addison read a canoe and talk but. All you really need now I see the more depth the better but he can post season time you really just need one guy. To emerge as somebody reliable for that middle relief so that becomes a read. Or bit become somebody else or Joseph Kelly here I don't know somebody from Pawtucket you just gotta have somebody emerge as the go to. I'm not asking for Andrew Miller but somebody Mike Timlin somebody that you can go to as the middle relief. And if they can find it you know I think we were having 2013 not and you need teaches how old was he the middle reliever is somebody like I was I can't remember. Simulate that. But they contain him based on a high performance it should be Joseph Kelly it. One you'll think Joseph Kelly's been good this year though yes he throws a 105 miles an hour I just. Which is what you want 78 days yeah you want to claim per hour. Yeah I'd love for him to be the guy. I love it. I just I'm not serious I'm not confident that they think he's the guy yeah they keep running out Matt Barnes who's been OK really spotty at times but other name is another well the entirety of the season he's been all right. Carson Smith Eric and wait for Carson Smith to show up. Three years. And it Jay still somewhere talking about Carson Smith. Joke really should be your guys. Joseph Kelly can be game changer for them coming out of the open especially in the playoffs if he can give you two innings that's a guy you want. You are absolutely gas out there and then leader right into Kemp got so in the Cy Young listeners so. It was is that there's so Kelly from black tires tires to whatever it was ten years ago. God bless him he needs to be that guy and they need to trust him would that role. So I'm looking at the rest of the season is let's get joke Kelly going a little bit more. Let's get Joseph Kelly more acclimated he should have already been in that apron and roll they really like Barnes for whatever reason. Spend this time now it's viewers comfortable as mark is with a five and half game lead you can spend some time working out joke telling figuring out several for him moving into play. Sounds good to me but they need to find somebody that can fill that role so they can get somebody into rhythm. And the team knows that that's that's the guy that you turn to in the sixth seventh inning inning ignored the seventh and eighth inning inning you get the ball to. Craig Kimbrel because Kimbrel has to find detailed. And they have the guy at the top of the rotation which is huge he's not going anywhere he's not dropping off now he has in the past he's been so good this year a knock on by it I don't buy it. Now do you do you have any concern with him moving into the post season having no post season experience I'll help with a guy that good I'm not that worried about it. With a guy like drew pom rants. I'm a little more word about yes but sale I'm not worried at all with him over into the play Davis this way how many people were worried about David Price. Going into the playoffs when he first went into the playoffs probably not many they probably thought this a really good money is used 22 years old at that time back. So no you weren't terribly worried. But his track record shows you why you should already proved that he's worth worrying about but first. This is a seasoned vet this guy I think has the mental make up to handle that I'll be fine. I'm Erik Chris still yet to prove to me that he can't perform in the playoffs before circuit concern but this there should be some. Level of concern if you're four man rotation is sailed Barcella Palmer and Rodriguez and now they've had good seasons you know pom rants has been very good. What are you Zacks are in pretty good or sodas from most of the season stunned yeah I'm still a little more confident with him. I see Rodriguez and icy comrades as your concerns. Would your starting rotation in the playoffs. I'd rather have David Price starting in the class and I'm Margaret. I know the track record's not good I'd still rather have David Price out there than he. And I'm with. Even though he has been awful even though I can't stand his voice can't say I'm looking at him really. He's pitched for how dare you talk about Astros down like this. He has pitched pretty well. That the nickname that he's going to use is brutal pastors dad. I don't have the nickname we can print them up later no I don't want hard sewed Tom protect. But I will give a tip the cap to baseball because. That the Dodgers this year are what are they 82 Lewis who is surges orbit snippet. But there is no guarantee. That they're gonna win the World Series they they're. His basketball the warriors we all know they're gonna win and that's telling you the Dodgers will not make the World Series let alone win the World Series there wiry. You write it down right now right down there and can write it down the Dodgers wanted to make the world sooners. That's what they make the NLCS or is it. One and done. I got it and Chicago in the first round team that knows how to win yet till it all depends on Bryce Harper right now. Yeah so what happened EU looks like he diaper extended his knee yesterday. Willy yup the rest of the season I don't know if he comes back I'm I'm a little more on the nationals bandwagon okay. But if he doesn't come back seal later. But the cubs know how to win they taught themselves how to win the post season I'm not counting them out now granted there in a battle with the cardinals right now. I'm not counting the cubs out when it comes last time. I just think I'm used in terms of baseball it's nice. To say that we don't as good as his team has been historically go in the regular season it's nice to be able to say. We don't know it'll be fun to watch them in the post season because of that they were so damn good. Can they keep it up can they not choke in basketball this are really an option warriors they set this record you know and losing in the first round that's impossible not even thought. The probably winning the championship. There's no drama. Baseball there's drama and I liked that despite all the drama though in baseball we get back we gonna talk about the patriots pre season game and some of the lists put forth by Bill Simmons. In the ringer this year this week. And some good stuff to talk about there is the marking kitchen Joseph won a three point seven WEEI. This 13124. For all the old one on the pre season and now get ready for the Houston Texans. Dan roach Christian for air on the call there. Patriots television network. Border they call it. To the patriots they fall on their first pre season game to the Jacksonville Jack liars. Jaguars. And charged Jones the big loser. Got burned twice now the second time he could argue he was looking for safety help not really his fault I don't know. That stuff happens when he's out there on defense seems like. I don't think you can Cottam. They still own. We're still a deal one point 17 million dollar cap hit if you cut and that's a lot. It's only is what second year and if he doesn't fumble. He can be productive on kick return dump punt returns and that to be good to spell. Cattlemen and and dole in other older they don't need to do that every time that this guy could find some way to be productive at least in the kicking game it would help. That was my big negative from the night what was George forward do you have a major take away. I don't have a major take away yes there's Jones was a negative but at the same time he got it he has sometimes understand that. When it comes to coverage we don't necessarily know what the coverage really is sure sometimes when you see a defensive back have earned you kinda yet to sit back and recognize the fact you don't know what the play call really is. So are they working on something I'm not too worried about Cyrus Jones and that is the big negative coming out of the game. I'm not terribly worried about him I look at more the positive in saying okay we got a guy like Austin Carr and O'Brien Hannibal wrote about it on WEI dot com this week. About like he's over hyped we've seen these guys before Brian Tim Zach suds out yet we have seen them before. But this is a kid who looks like the typical kind of receiver. That no check wants crafty. Quick. You get an out of cuts very quickly this is the kind of guy he wants an and a guy who's gonna get out there and perform and Purdue's so. I look more at the positive of what happened in something like Austin Carr. Then worry too much about Cyrus Jones. I'm not worried about tires it's going to be on the team and yes you Brad the cap hit and that cap it is a good reason why he will remain unseen because bill doesn't like throw money away. I don't think you can cut them just based on performance even yet as bad as he's Ben it's only is sect at the beginning of the second here you've got to see if this guy can at least a merge it not emerge into a top flight quarterback we don't need that you're ready to yeah. So I could it be nice if you want to do that that's finally made it's not like you're looking at one of the starting cornerbacks right now I'm going oh man is a problem this doesn't look like he wasn't gonna certain quarterbacks I'd be right there with. But he's not do you have Butler and you have Gilmore on either side so you have a guy here entire Jones who can grow into the role a little bit. I just said this before his lack of confidence astonished me because it's Maliki came out of no where. He played for Saban he played Alabama in front of a 100000 people every week where the pressure is enormous. And you can't find a way to get. Something done here in New England players I know everything into account the talents is not nearly as good. Well Alicia wetter for net then you can probably dominate idea. But I think he's slow he's slow doing his slow didn't you stupid I think he's iphones kind of stupid Lucy to each cowboy. We hope not. But I'm not worried about senator stones again he's not you not want your top two cornerbacks so. Just met remind yourself of that if you get too worked up over Cyrus stricken Jones they have some time now Malcolm Mueller is not suffered a cat. Jimmie were up or look good basically. Calm validating everything I was thinking last week when we were discussing his struggles in training camp. Meant nothing in matter see what happens in the game and we started slow but he did he came on through two touchdowns and both of whom are like sidearms little Saigon things which was interesting but. He led the offense he was pretty efficient no real mess you know turn over the mistakes out. That's basically what I expected out of Jimmy garrote. Do you think Jimmy should have been traded in the off yes I do yes I do. A 100% mark. Because I think that you are going to be committed to Tom Brady for at least a few more years and I would have maximized Jimmy's trade value at that time in traded and that's what I would have done. Here. That's completely here. Any and you know you're not necessarily wrong about that but my issue is. Look what bill did without trading Jimmy G and look at the pieces he brought in without having to do that okay and yeah it would be nice have first round pick yet but that's I guarantee you there. That the guy's gonna be any good we've seen plenty of first round picks just crap out and just to bat. Netanyahu into cats are more that's a guy I was go back to first round I yeah late first round up in 99. And just I think getting injured prom but just never got going and was gone out of the league in two years. So that's not a guarantee either. If you have a guy that we look at is this talented. Behind your star player the best player in the league and Tom Brady. And Tom Reese forty years old to think he's fallen off a cliff no god forbid gets an injury. And you look at the talent that's around Jimmy gee if Tom Brady goes down that's held that can still win a championship absolutely so that for me that's why you don't make the art. Because if bill didn't add bring coaxing Gilmore and all these other pieces. Birkhead most of Gilles late if you add those things or they couldn't data now of the cap space to do it. I'm right there with you but the fact they have the flexibility to make major moves with out getting rid of him. Kinda tells me why we didn't really need to make that move we didn't need to blow up that position even more. Fir first rounds future assets. I want him to make a decision. Even if that was. Trade Tom Brady I thought it would be better for them to make a decision on the quarterback situation. And say this is the guy going for records Brady for the next three years. Jimmy G for the next twelve I was trusting bill to know that Jimmy Rob Lowe would be the next Aaron Rogers or the next Philip Rivers or the next. You know name a guy who's probably in the in my plan and I thought he did make a decision. Which is. I'm hot I'm pretty sure Tom Brady's gonna be good for three year. His forty years old OK everybody sorts the breakdown a little bit I did see some dumb crap on the show last week about ice and announcements and around but. A forty year old quarterback you don't necessarily know what's gonna happen you have a 2526. Year old kid backing among them. Tom Brady does well this year does well next year and you're gonna have to pay a little bit too much for your backup quarterback. And then Brady's decides to be done at 4142. Now you have the heir apparent ready to go shark so I think he did make its position which is now such him he's. Jimmy's our guy in the future but now is not his time it's still Tom Brady's time went to number he's done it unless Tom Brady placed a 45. Jimmy's the next. With Tom rate placed a 45. Well if if three plays very well this year I think you will if he plays very well matched here. Then I think that's when you make a decision in 2720 year old Jimmy drop you'll still get on your money for Arab when he of assets more Wetherbee players are expect. Occur at 28 he's still gonna have value not as much a 2.5 but he still gonna. Have value have some value. And that's fine that's fine and usually bills right on these things. So we'll see how God's will see how it goes one injury one. Play. Could change everything so yeah we 72008. I'm not play changes everything. And we saw that in 2001 believe me there's nothing I would like to see more then for this thing to and smoothly. And Jimmy problem become the next great quarterback any NFL I would love to that seat that happened I used don't know. If that's realistic with the way Brady has looked in the way that he thinks I don't know if that's gonna be able to be something that's realistic. I hope it is our hope it works out. They have unbelievable depth with him in the in the mixed in the mix so we'll see if that's com. So if that's part of the story this season Jimmy rubble playing is part of how the season unfolds sucked Danny Chris and once talk about the page its quarterbacks Dan the more. They would suck though and well what you what are expecting. It all and physical trying to replete intermediate different we're real idiot to go right. And so everybody else the quarterback a quarterback is these artists being defined in all of sports. I do not I don't understand what those people aren't myself all the scheduled to victory is where are you event. It would Jacoby broached that meets UC what are people thinking about. Why can't Tom Brady being the one that though after this year and next great example of it tried not to. What do you what do you mean by Tom Brady does like the dealer Maury retires what do you mean. Deal if you want to play now. What is so difficult about that. Beyond city get it Brady toward it till tomorrow. What what do what do you know about the patriots and the ones who bloat problem that this year. I wouldn't feel good but I'd I would feel like they had a chance based on all the talent and what I seen out of Jim. I think that's where the rubber reach them all he's the road would be because. I think their chances barely go down at all I don't think they're not a prohibitive favorite British paper. Liz yeah I I think you can't say that they barely go down and all we've never seen Jimmy face real adversity in games. He had a good game against. Arizona to sort out the year news playing well we do. But we haven't seen him face the real adversity like we've seen Brady face. And to be honest with you I think there's no shot in hell that the Kraft deal Brady anywhere as long as Brady wants to play I think Robert Kraft and John the graft. One his ass in doing. And let me just say this real quick just for clarity I did not. What I wanna him to do Dan as far as Bill Belichick is make a decision even if that was moved from Tom Brady I wanted one guy here. So are you like you think that you don't wanna search for the next quarterback for the next decade five. You find a way to move on from Tom Brady bringing Jimmy grappled usually got the next twelve to fifteen years that's what I wanted to see happen. If they wanna still you know have two girlfriends. We'll see how that goes you do that doesn't go well Tom but I'm saying. I think that break what I wanna do is win Super Bowls okay. I would write love for Jimmy drop load to be the next big thing the next great quarterback. But I want him to win Brady can win if Jimmy he's good but not great at least Philip Rivers. Well yeah it's good we can plot around in the playoffs every now and then the divisional round but I wanna see the suitable. And break in take me to even if that means sacrificing the next twenty years say it's nice to be in the playoffs. But of Brady and Super Bowl that's. It's at Celtic tiger with two. Are we get back here. The resist Alicia came out on the ringer Bill Simmons site rang the sixteen most important people in the patriots dynasty we're gonna talk about that list. Our two coming up on the mark in kitchen Showalter point seven WE.