The Mark and Kichen Show - Celtics were stomped by the Cavs 5-20-2018

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Sunday, May 20th
Hour 1. Mark and Ben recap a horrific loss in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Cavs. They also touch on Johnny Manziel playing in the CFB.

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We have some margin. This season the company's. Can you say you get around it started the rookies it is those wondering I was I was sitting in costume of quite striking thing. Now we had a bad. We live and immune studios taste that I can get that sounded a note this is being run just. M re known as a creamy white and just cottage cheese legs and her students she should mention how. Rat hole. Underneath the soon. Ruthless entering no reason wearing flip flops in the office right now he's going. I'm certainly not going into us that's just lost looks like in person who. I your prophet sparked on narrowband kitchen ought to get you today ban Oreo. Very well my friend how are you doing well map or a behind the glass just thank god I'm not Chicago anymore. And have a good trip now that parents what does the worst experience traveling wasting my life does city's pretty cool it's fine whatever it's it's really not that. Wonderful I thought it was going to be cooler. But it traveling home was the worst experience ever had my life O'Hare airport just is awful personal I don't know that going into yeah it's it's a giant piece of crap. And our flight got delayed seven hours. Seven hours of just sitting there and stewing at the airport and then finally gets canceled at 1:30 in the morning the pilot timed out. I I understand that's perfectly fine I get it. Sucks because now we have to scrambling trying to figure out like Hillary gonna sleep for the night we're not getting it out until there's justice for in the afternoon the next act. So at that point I'm tired. I'm not feeling well and fight someone and I'm yes I do and I almost did. And the gate attendant was such a Lucia back up after the flight got canceled his being incredibly rude to everybody that wouldn't look at anyone's being dismissive and just basically saying it's not my problem. And that's when I got mad. And I started cussing him out to meet the parents kind of moment kind of an and I got really has and I and I started yelling at him using some choice words. And that's when he finally sites look up public cops call the cops and it is called cops on me. The cop comes through affect thankfully he wasn't very far oases kind of solve the whole thing in your was that back I was being an ass everyone. And I went home and I said listen he called the cops on me because like columnist. Gusto. He's slick balk at me as less. Back to instincts nobody likes him I was like all right cool and as a percent cut some costs. No not sleeping on a cot and the airport and going and find someplace couldn't find a hotel finally found on fifteen miles away. So now word gotta get a cab so were outside bunch of flights have been canceled all the flights the East Coast have been cats at this point so there's like seven year eighty people in this Kaplan. Am not feeling. At its 2 in the morning I've got the sweats going to and I can feel. And in the mill this line I just reach for that Hudson news back in front of the all these people and just start -- looking might face off and I'm really loud speaker. Live in everyone's looking into what is wrong with this guy aka. And I'm. Just puke in my face off it was the worst experience and then we finally got back to the airport the next day we take a flight home. It is the bumpy just flight people are playing on the flight. Let's just say next to me is trying his urges like drop in altitude and bouncing up and down like oh dear god it's so it's. So that was my Chicago trip. Actually suck. I was misery that's miss your misery. You. The game that the Celtics pay less than against they're the Cleveland Cavaliers. Doesn't he wasn't quite as bad as that but it was bad. It was almost it was bad and that's my opening take that game was bad on. The question I'll ask myself Yorkers are making the opening take did I changed my perception of this Ceres at all based on that game in my answer is no. That game did nothing for me to change what I thought I said after game two. Which is Tuesday night they have a long layoff I thought that. The question I oppose the myself adopt when was the Celtics win this series in less than seven or in seven. Because I initially picked Celtics in seven done and after game two I should know Celtics in seven I'm sticking with Celtics in seven. They haven't been as good on the road. This is still LeBron James you're dealing with I do not think Cleveland would just. I I thought that the Celtics could get out to a lead. Or withstand an early barrage that then maybe Cleveland would kind of roll over. I figured Cleveland come out. Guns blazing but IE. You know what happened was days kept it up all game long and they played a full a 48 minutes and they took to the Celtics. I so rolling over was never an option the Celtics could never get them into position into a vulnerable position. And that was that they played terrible. A terribly across the board zero hate him he was the only one that was somewhat of a bright spot. Defensively. I mean look you can deal Newton the shot that shots aren't falling defensively. On what it was awful and I thought look I'm not one to blame officiating. I thought early in the game though they get every call they had every call go against it every called. What was really strange not supports the finals and there was some questionable foul calls I thought. But every loose ball you know for guys cooperative goes out about everyone quickly. Looked a cell at a loss and you know is if nothing else wide involves. It it was a terrible game but it doesn't change my. It doesn't change my way of thinking. In terms of big picture in this series I still think the Celtics are the better team. I still think the cavs defense ultimately is what it is and now all kind of you know the cream will rise to the top the Celtics still have home court advantage with. Think people. Enough stocked in now before the series that's a big acting deal. You have home court advantage and people just got to brush that's what Eddie needs a big deal especially with the young. Joseph still somewhat immature team young. Immature team any team that relies a lot on because you don't have the best player in the series on the depth on the waves online. You know having Samir bench guys are your second and third tier guys outperform the other team's second or third tier guys. The home court is a big advantage I know Cleveland's MO is all we just turn it ought we flip the switch. You know zone I don't up that I. I think the Celtics are still in a position to do what I thought they do it be a long series and the home court would be the difference. And they were it's amazing though how fast things change you know one blowout LeBron plays great and now here we ought. Okay now is because what happened all that talk about LeBron isn't what he does a really wanna lose in the final he'd rather lose. In the Eastern Conference nuts I wanted to get to the finals. So an MS Cheney didn't wanna get to the finals and on and I know but just that thought process yes predict the bottom line is the Celtics. And the cat did nothing is changed after last night's loss. Com. As of the Celtics go out and we I mean look at the Celtics did you expect him to sweep Cleveland Heights didn't know. All I had Cleveland winning a series so but even after games to know you're expecting just finally now know I kind of expected the game like this was going to happen in Cleveland. Yet that long layoff you know Celtics team that. More so than any team I see no longtime feeds off the home crowd. And then you have this game in Cleveland which is that's a pretty good crowd especially following that team they're good. I expected them to lose a game or two doing Cleveland's without it and I do not expect him to sweep and I still. Before the season a series started I thought Cleveland was gonna and I can totally walked that back I think the Celtics are gonna win they are the better team. And they have home court advantage and that played incredibly well at home in this playoff run they played poorly on the road. No I'm five. Throughout the season they were very good road team. But right now you've seen it throughout the playoffs they really feed off of that home crowd pushing them along and pushing them forward especially got a terrorist here. Yes I will give them credit in the Philadelphia series they won the key game. On the road that was a key game they won that series what five. They won that game three that was the key game that ended the series essentially they came back they stole it that was a big win. Com. Look I go back I always go back to that await team and the struggle because that's I mean that is the that's the most elite Celtics team that we've ever seen I know where I mean in the eighties never gonna say eighty units and I know about you say like in recent years that today's Celtics. This generation Celtics rarely wanna call it. On more so than any of the Paul Pierce Antoine Walker T Al without Joseph is saying that team struggled against the hawks they lost all three games in Atlanta in that first round then they lost. I think a couple of games. I could easily won a road game actually until Detroit in the Eastern Conference finals stated era and one of road game. So that's kind of the blueprint so I don't get all that worried about being back on the road. But yet I mean they would have to win a road game eventually. I would think because I don't think they would get home court advantage in the NBA finals who was the orders to two seat but anyway. This is a team that. Does he need to win a road game all though it does tell me something going back to footballer of the patriot when you can win on the road that's a very good sign. So yeah I would feel good if they could steal game on the road against Cleveland. I wouldn't I'd I'd prefer not to rely on solely go home games because you know LeBron. I know he went off in game two and they still won that game which he never wanna play with that fire you never I never wanna get to a game seven on when you don't have the best player. I just don't regret those situations now make up by it I think he gets Milwaukee. It's it's not a short fake by you you know you get that that's that's a that's a role of the dot. You know if if curry was there and yes LeBron still a better player than Tyree ads you'd feel held up better he's a killer. He's a late game Keller yeah guiding you rely on to score at the end of games and game seven we see when he can Diller it in and knocked out can we see what he can do. When it's all on the line. With him you still held a lot better about it without him you kind of shaker and shake your head in wonder what this team is act actually it is. This team is not what you saw last night the steam is far closer to the team you saw on the first two games of this series there are much better teams are much better coached team. I love love hearing about how good of a coach Ty Lue is he's done nothing is done nothing in his career they're talking about. They're they're putting Brad Stevens Gregg Popovich Doc Rivers and tie Lou and category altogether. Which makes no sense to me absolutely no sense they'd lose one of the best guys coming off of that coming out of a timeout. They do the same exact. Every single door led offensive Doc Rivers either but the I mean it's tell. Hello Lee how or his Celtics before I Garnett and Allen got there I mean he set lot of spunk they're terrible in 05 or what was it. 0600607. Yeah that she was terrible that only twenty game losing streak and January so. This is this is about LeBron is about talent is about this isn't about titan of the cavs on about tie Lou now not com. It's just even purpose you know prefer dating get blown out last night I would prefer that. But there's that was gonna happen this is this still cap is still LeBron James he still has championship DNA. And somewhere running through him there's pride there's the feeling and desperation because is the feeling that this could be. And not just from the fans but from the team from his teammates. There's all kinds of things swirling around that organization right now that this really could be for that. So you felt like they were gonna add web one point and especially at home. Give a good effort they did last night you lose the game you're pathetic or sheared we have that sound matters you're talking after the game. I mean basically is talking about this something nagging me. It's gone like this would mean. It easier for us we're. It's clearly a ticker this moment. A conference here this Monday and what do you need to. So we can't say there's really. No way. And don't use first it's. Bruises all over the place went to best. It's. I was very. Yeah I mean that that was a big part of the game last night Al Horford is not what we have seen out of Al Horford. But this is this is do I agree with his comments I guess I mean I. They need to get crushed look they're probably using your image your if you need DA you're asking it to kind of get to refocus again your little immature and I know that it yeah. Tom. So yeah we'll see maybe he was I mean maybe that not common apply to terror here himself more than other guys they have the young core I don't know. But I. Look game four and I think Jeff Van Gundy somebody said this before game game three game four was the big. Because a lot of people expected to cast about vacuuming game to game four is now okay the Celtics to the punch. The Celtics looked at the adjustments or whatever the cavs made and now they make now Brad Stevens goes to work. Now it's have I mean game four is always the biggest game in seekers at all is it to two or 31. That's key I mean that's. Arguably the series. So. It doesn't change things for me this is how was gonna go is going to be a long series. It was going to be eight fights it was going to be a dog fight and I still think the Celtics win the series it does not change just because they got Ronald in game for. Well look what happened in the first two games and what happened in the third game what do we say you needed to do don't worry about LeBron what LeBron score let LeBron do what he's going to deal. Once he gets his teammates involved that's when the team is very dangerous. Wasn't getting his teammates barrel involved in the first two games they were involved right away. From the beginning of the tip. Right away in game three there were involved they're making things happen George Hill was involved right away. Hit a couple of big shots start to create this difference between the two teams. Go back to what you need to do make street clothes out everyone outs and don't worry just let LeBron do LeBron needs to do and to score and put those points what are you doing game one. 42 points. And they got their butts kicked because no one else can get going because it's just let LeBron do his thing you know big if you look at the stat line this is the bronze worst game of the series so far. When he was 27 point two I seven points and twelve cents. He still had a great game. But you allow him to just constantly scoring you and not let anyone else get hot or warm up or anything like you're going to be fine against this team do exactly did in the first two games. The problem was there's zero effort. Yeah they got their butts kicked from the beginning of the game so straight again. It was almost like they're expecting Cleveland to just roll over undeserving Cleveland they shot I mean look a lot of this is just. Basketball I've done a lot of this game was basketball. Big big shots weren't falling for the Celtics Cleveland felt good about being home. And they were fall I mean Cleveland shot 50% from third that's gonna happen every game rests in the series. Dot 1734. It's it's it's basketball I mean you go to the gym that your comfortable and you feel better about the shots you've seen a lot more balls go through those rims than the ones that TD garden. You're gonna make more shots I'll. The home court advantage is huge outs I thought it would be in the series. So I you know the Celtics have to come out after re calibrate or whatever you wanna call it. Figure out the game plan figure out what you're gonna featured take it to the rim more or just shoot the ball about I mean they will. They started I mean they were just ice cold to start the game ice cold economic shot Marcus Morris. Tom. Was it was brutal early on in this game couldn't make anything. Marcus Morse to me is a lot like god Jae Crowder in eighty days I think he's better than Crowder but he's kind of the guy I mean he can defend a little bit better. Com. But he sort of the guy he sort of a front runner in terms of scoring. Where. You know when it's all going great he'll Jack up and hit those threes there is just a party but when you really win. When you need him to make three. He is that he never does on the news or rationally car I don't mean he never does it like he's made some big time how he's had some game one game players are talking about. When the team is in an offensive they're struggling ya and you need somebody to get where can I turn. I usually don't turn LaMarcus Morse. And we fascinate you couldn't and I wish that you know he makes stories he can make threes sometimes you need to make them when nobody else is making any. You know he was frustrating. Hughes is he can be very frustrating frustrating -- irrational confidence -- him rightly thinks he can score with anybody out and there's times when he just gets caught that at all and just got these chalking it trying to dig himself out of that I'd let me just say though that I think does help him in some of those late game clutch situations does he always thinks he's gonna make it yet but then the problem is like last night he. Yeah. Worsened things because he's trying to. Do too much because he thinks he can be a superhero offensively. And then he just makes it worse he takes when you add that allow them the moment you can absolutely not afford on a horrible shot he Celtic. Yeah and while I mean that's usually the problem of Marcus Smart tip. Although Marcus viral just pull up and all the sudden chuck a three for no reason whatsoever to try and maybe swing things I don't really know. The there's some bad decision makers offensively on that team sometimes Morrison's mark are definitely the two biggest offenders of just making. This poor decisions offensively but Al Horford. You know they talk about not getting him a shot he has to be more forceful yes the company get the ball. He's got to do a hell of a lot more you can't if he's the best player on the court for them. Yes he can't just sit back and wait for to come to him he has got to go get a and you can't go through an entire quarter of one your best players I be taken a shot you can't go through an entire game with him only taking four shots. Here's the thing the Celtics are probably gonna Lou I mean Cleveland's gonna shoot 50% from three. They're probably losing that game. Yeah a bit defensively they've got to be better you can beat any team if you shoot 58% percent from Perry a good three point percentage in the NBA is like. 42%. That's it that's great rates reached three point 0% sell 50% is. Off the charts. But I'm not worried this is I think 50% when you're taking 34 phone. What's that what's what's the term that they use scheduled loss. I would say this was somewhat of a scheduled loss for the Celtics. I'm game for. I will be more I guess open to reevaluate in certain things depending on how game four goes. But even then I'll probably what I mean the home court advantage was a big deal for me. Cleveland has to find a way to win at TD garden. Om and they're like you said I liked what you said I think the real Celtics are the team that we saw. In games one until that is closer to the real Celtics and what we saw last. I look at that's what they've done most of the year yet. Mean the track record tells you that is far closer to what this team is that what you saw last night yeah we saw last night his admiration for Adam. This is team that's built on the hustle and aggressiveness. And they got out hustled them they got out aggressive to. Last night yeah completely by a team led doesn't usually show a ton of aggression yep Cleveland doesn't usually do that LeBron is always kind of going always going. But JR Smith can go by for four games that are doing anything Kyle Korver can go by a twelve games without doing a damn thing. Tristan Thompson at least the last couple years since he got paid. To low by for a couple weeks without doing anything Kevin Love is not the most aggressive guy in the world to begin. The Boston Celtics are built on hustling and working out working the competition. And they did not have that last night none of it. Normally markets Smart as the guy EC up and down the court trying to bring everyone together he was even walking up and on the court with his head down to Kenya. And he's usually the last guy hustling. Yeah you can't let George she'll be a plus 24. Now that's that's just unacceptable. So yeah I think there will be something to the facts. I vocalist forced errors your web but there's something to the fact that. This was an embarrassment for the Celtics and they're gonna wanna come out and change the narrative on in game four and I'm glad they got embarrassed. By playing the way they play they got embarrassed by not playing hard is only there were working their asses off and playing good and just. Playing very aggressive and got their ass kicked. They weren't playing well at all yup in no facet where they're playing well so that should be at least a little encouraging okay if you rampant ups or to hustle and surge play a little more aggressive in a little bit smarter. That's not gonna happen via. This is not gonna have. They got their butts kicked. Playing their asses off from playing the way they play you should be held a lot more words for 17371247. Is a phone number Texas 37937. This the markets show one of the point seven WE. Its market kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Called the show went 4017371287. I was so without a high degree of difficulty passing the front had tonight and is there anything defensively it's definitely the combatting that. When he had to say he gotta be we can't give up dunks. You know obviously some of the threes that he sprays out for tremendous. There's only one person can make passes going to his left like that in the week. But we got to do better job with all of our help and with all of our coverages. Martin hurt where are you market. It's your ass back to the Mike. We Carmen you know expressed deep concern about LeBron James and its ability to pass the ball. Now it may want quick comment about the project is the best passer in basketball. I say yes sure. But I wanna highlight this because I don't I think I've talked about it before but this is not brought up enough. LeBron James. And we get more to LeBron James specifically later but LeBron James is you the best passer in basketball yes you wanna know why he can't touch Michael Jordan. Migrant talk about the because. He doesn't have the creativity. That Michael Jordan had great passer Magic Johnson now. How creative let's see how how much flashed him he had. Behind the back. Wobbled block or behind ahead Jason Williams staff curry those guys nowadays those guys aren't the in the conversation for best player of all time. But creativity. If you're talking about LeBron in Jordan. Creativity. Is he needing clothes. In net is never brought up in the in the discussion about who's better LeBron or Jordan the creativity that Jordan had watches highlight the watched a no look lamps switching hands in midair. Those things last that is why he's the best of all time because of art that he put forth. While on the basketball court the broadest power he's explosiveness. He's all those things that make them all arguably the best of all time. But the creativity night around the rim nothing close to Jordan passing the ball not close the magic he could be as good as magic. He's close to Jordan but the creativity. It's up which won a whole other level. He's the better part of a match. I'm sorry I got him I know people love to live in the eighties and remember the the glory days of VM will run gives better players that is the magic Johnson & Johnson was a great player. One of the greatest players of all time probably in the top ten LeBron just better. But the reason and an Anderson rear door would that Jordan comparison. To meet it's even more glaring when you look at the fact that. Look at the first two games of the series. LeBron Kuwait's. He flat out quits when the chips get down and not even when they're down by like twenty he'll get down when their demy. Yeah and a loaf on defense well that's any big thing. And Jordan didn't do that mayor Jordan was still a killer on defense Ron. He he just watches too much defensively to even be really compared to Jordan in Jordan. Was the best defensive player in the league for a very long stretch of time. LeBron isn't good defensive player but a lot of it is. You know he's gonna trip from behind trying to make that block at the end instead of get up there and take the ball from you while you're dribbling it into the lane which is what Jordan would do. You go back and look at the end of that series against the jazz ever talks about that shot he makes over Brian Russell after push Somalia that ended the series. But look at a couple plays before that it was a key strip of Karl Malone that led to all of that kind of stuff to win the series out. Luke Jordan never quit. And defensively he was always working his butt off LeBron Lopes defensively from time to time that far too often. Yeah you can understand from time to time a guy that's putting in that much effort sometimes it gets by you who has better physical skill Jordan LeBron. It's close is that it's pretty damn a closer look pretty damn close I'm also always remembering that like. That Jack Jordan at the end you know that 959697. During those actually pretty Jack yeah that younger Jordan was pretty skinny but of a plot to try to look. For the bronze special when it comes that I've never seen an athlete like about a 68250. Pounds it's as fast as he is like Iverson yes it he's. He's a better athlete than Howard but. I'm what I'm gonna say it's close though you know it based analyst is Al Goodman here's the thing Jordan played the game. Like Russell Westbrook. In terms of intensity and rage and never giving up and never quitting and he's going out your throat all every second of the game. On that is a big thing that LeBron I don't think really hat he doesn't have that. Game inning game out night in and night out series any series out possession and possession he doesn't do. So that's and then mentally. I'm like you said. And then there's those finals it's go back to where he kind of disappeared to Jordan ever disappear. That's their term not turned in even exist until LeBron James sort of playing in a finer dirt never lost the final. Disappearing you've never heard and disappear he didn't win all the time but the ever disappear. He I felt like that's the different loads and you know it took joy in seven years to win. It took the brunt seven years to win Jordan couldn't get I couldn't get past his daddy ever disappear. And that goes to mental mental makeup. He never really disappeared that I can think of I was you know I was in analyzing basketball games in 1988. But. LeBron has this was a he's disappeared he's come up small he's vanished in big on the biggest of stages. That's something Jordan every ditzy combine OK they're close athletically. You combine that that Russell Westbrook raging tenacity. With the fact that. He he was always you know president. Does it but this if they're both on the same team is coming down to the end of the game and you needed one person at a shot you're given the bulge Warren. You know if you need one person make a stop. You want Jordan there not LeBron and just the last coming in gonna make it goes and Kyra Irving which we're gonna talk about in this call we're gonna take. Jordan his Forte. I mean LeBron is 11 scoring title not could you one more probably Jordan's Forte was what. Scoring scoring while he is winning scoring titles who's also wincing defense winning defensive player of the year award yes that's correct. Now LeBron probably could've won that award he gets screwed I think a cup talk whenever Jordan the scoring with his Forte in in basketball. Scoring. Is deemed most important thing especially first superstar. Like in football hey. Vince Wilfork was a freaking great defensive doc he was the best player on the patriots for a couple of years. But he was a defense tackle and guess what that position and what he does just not as important as quarterback with the quarterback does. So I mean he was in the best player and he's the best offense yeah a pitcher's apartment and we know it's. By. It just not as important as what quarterback us now so. I'm just saying. LeBron is great but scoring really is in his best quality he's really good you know but. It's always best quality. It's. It's the passing its IQ. It's the physical dominance now that leads to scoring. But as far shot making and just doing what you need to do Jordan was better and that's the most important thing and that's why the Celtics miss carrier ring so much in this series. The stock to DJ in Fall River. TJ good morning. Of I I've heard like a little bit chatter about that Irving. On trade and you know where is now on the bench and assume you know you know what Kyra we Irving did for us. He goes home caught in the playoffs I don't think we would have beat Milwaukee about won't call I don't that we would of. I agree I couldn't agree I I know pretty well I thought Milwaukee who's gonna win the series because I didn't realize they were sold poorly coached yeah. I think they're gonna in the series is they just had more talent. That's why we're in the beginning of the year was a huge. Part of that that's how the Celtics were able to get that big lead in the east that carried them to that two seat. And look out that I don't think. They would be where they are and my MVP might help the MVP but the playoffs. Is Kerry rose via fifteen basically made a seamless transition. When Ky we went down. And without him and it's what every average and in the playoffs for points. And is called you know. Ball distribution. And it aggressiveness. I opened the Celtics would be where they Albemarle. Very rosy as well you know what you gonna get from Tatum in Broward and offered you no doubt but you have to replace Kyle re in his 2325. Points per game. And Rosie have basically. It's seamless that he came in and basically took over that job. And he's not a player card real or not putting him in that category she's not saying you are. And all of plot of the play offs in Mike's I think the second most important player on the Celtics right now is baucus tomorrow. Country except that old for that defense. He's got that told baucus mop markets more in being that you see. On impede king did not want to go low post. On being he did it. Now maintaining good fighter jet production hitting 30 yeah occasionally. More than occasionally now. And being knows his role that the most important thing about his game he knows his role. No easy. No easy baskets you when you couldn't care. Couldn't mask every point that it teen tried to get in the paint in your question in your elbow and they they worker if deadbeat dad 45 points. He worked for I remember he thought that are being cut filed out when he was waving goodbye to walk follow what are not being. Good indeed want it to about a big game. Well being didn't follow you remember that pulls out all the followed someone else in being wanted being out of that game. Because all of his all of call physical he has. Let's listen I don't I think your point at the beginning. Of the hole all the object was was right retiree allowed them to get to this point yes far. And it and one of the great things about having -- here especially to being of the season as you allow Jason Tim you're allowed Gillibrand who allowed her easier to develop a little more naturally. And be a little more comfortable with what's going on. So they could take those now accepts and they can continue to develop especially in. Barbara zero Brown's case they can continue to develop and move in the right direction without too much pressure on them up and let Jason Tatum to each time jumping in right away. And sort stick it rains that role. That's what Tyree allowed them to do. Just a straight Tyree led team without a lot of talent is a bad team we've seen it in Cleveland it was a bad team before LeBron came back. He allowed them. To go out there and just play and figured out and thankfully they were very good right from jump street. If I lost the first two games this season to Cleveland and a warmer got hurt and then back at home to Milwaukee. But having carried their hopes kind of work through those 21 games work through the Hayward injury and get going right away and step on the gas almost right away. Yeah I'll say he mentioned terror here I agree with the point terror here has been a net positive for the Celtics in this playoff run. On the early side he points again and again any was huge I thought in that game three in Philadelphia is he showed up in that game on the road where he had struggled. Mom and that was why I think they won that game because he was able to put them in position and produce enough where they were in position to win. I'm the big differences in Israel was gonna get to these could it was kind of what I was alluding to and I Jordan LeBron thing. Hi re scores he's an elite score and there's nothing more important and that and that's what we're here can't do what he's doing great he escort. He's he hasn't been a disaster in terms of turning the ball over for the most part he provides good energy good spark. Our great handle there's there's more things there's there's things more important and being an elite score I mean in bass all you gotta be really solid team. Because the solid teams gonna beat the elite scorer yes every time I mean you look through the history of the NBA that's kind of how worked the Celtics of the sixties. Didn't have the elite scored the elites were result Chamberlain who won the majority of the titles. You know and that's how it kind of keeps going if you're talking about that the difference between like LeBron and and Jordan yet makes sense a guy I your target that's more of I guess of a macro perspective I'm talking just micro where. It basically basketball as you know comes down to making baskets you know may yet this week so. Rouge here if you need a basket and he in this is more of a micro view but if you need a basket. Terry root jeered doesn't really fill me with caught I mean. He's a good player offensively retiree Irving I mean if I if I need a basket I'm totally comfortable giving the ball or yes I understand so. If if you need a basket late if you need to stop the bleeding. If nobody is hitting shot I mean that's where a guy like Irving is so valuable. In so many did. You're you're in its you're struggling you're in a drought you're ice cold the cavs aren't around. Irving hits that shocking he's a guy who can take over he and a that they are have a friend that they don't have a one singular guy who can take over break and profits and and spark the offense I hit a couple of big shots and Robin don't have that one dime right now how many tar I mean basketball how many times in basketball have you heard. I mean they talk about it with the color analyst I'll attack it that was good defense whose is better offense yeah I mean that's basketball better offense. It doesn't matter what kind of defense you play better offense can win the debt so Irving is the best or the most capable of producing got better offense that's why not having him is so. Devin nominee Jason Tait and turns in that got eventually I think he's got a little bit of that the Paul Pierce the comparisons. That's what pierce was great at in his prime but not having Irving hurt it's like a quarterback because that's the most important thing you could have a deficient. And secondary are passer Russia but the quarterback is what's great about caught the quarterback is the person that most efficient covering up. You know Aaron Rodgers covering up the other deficiencies yup in basketball the score is dot. I mean the Brian. Meanwhile the cavs beat in rural where would they be the I mean to be in the lottery probably is yeah I mean they if they didn't have not brought in the playoffs is their love now. Europe didn't loving Thompson that you don't play up to new targeted in the water. I don't think they'd even sniff the playoffs are about LeBron I think that team is that bad Kevin Love would be his stats would look a hell of lot better Minnesota Kevin laughs yeah. I think he'd he'd look like the player you thought he was going to be when used with the Minnesota. After that. They're dreadful yeah there's not a single guy you can rely on on that team in there too streaky ger Smith is way too streaky plus he's a huge. I Kyle Korver way to street to when he's on he's lights out. He's really just a shooter yeah and among can go by without him having an impact on the game. I doubt that's not. You can't win would those guys. As your focal point as the guys you're relying on yeah. I am you've got team desperately needs LeBron more than anything else I've never seen a team other than that first LeBron Cleveland team that went to the finals in 07. That's solely reliant on one supersize. You have you have a stretch like they had yesterday. Kyra Irving is so good offensively even if he doesn't have it he has it was equal Manny Ramirez had a long time ago. You know your bad man when you're not feeling good at the plate you're still getting hits I mean yeah carry Irving scoring the ball he could be feeling lousy shots not there but he can still score. I mean that's what may or may or she's that he'd still get hits even if he wasn't feeling great and then he was feeling great. I mean it was all world but this is different I mean and that's where he you know you miss him last night you go through a stretch where. These other offensive players who are good but not carry Irving they can allow that drought continue in the cap to build up a lead that's insurmountable. Hi reason there he can break or he's the one that we enact drought he's the one that would keep them in the game for just scoring that his skill. Inability to score the ball and that's that they miss last night. And I'm sure the miss him again. But like I said in the first segment I don't think nothing has changed for me. This is ace quote unquote scheduled loss and I did they're gonna go forward they're going to be the Celtics that was not the Celtics last night I was teaming green. They're gonna be the Celtics going into game four and I expect a close game and maybe a win we'll see what happens. Aren't we get back more talk about LeBron James patriots routier's opened up this week. We're gonna get to that Ben is hot on the royal wedding. Welcome that's coming up is the market potential for point seven WE. It. Now come margin kitchens on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Who. Art for once seven's or 727. Annoyed he railed your opening thoughts you wanted to make a quick comment on quarterback. Yes finally a reason to watch the CFL. Johnny men's out and MCI filing does a great move. To me this shows that he cares more about four I it's really money. But it shows me he cares more about football and T and T however did Tebow I always thought just want to be tennis you just want to be a celebrity which is why all of a sudden. You know he leaves the game because he really doesn't wanna transition away from being a quarterback even though he had the ability to play something else. And then all of a sudden he's popping up doing. You know coverage for college football now is. In the minor league system for the Mets it's about being famous for Tebow well. Couldn't you argue that it's it's I mean being a minor you rather be a Minor League Baseball player than play in the wing tail Tebow doesn't. It's a big deal. Yeah mean he didn't care as much about football as he was leading on an advocacy and what they're gonna candidate. We're told again what's wrong with Canada than it's ridiculously cold in the winter ball and they later and went to spring right. I'm not sure when the season as spring and summer ranting to breakups right around Thanksgiving our Thanksgiving. American thanks I have to watch to see FL game since 1997. And the only reason I did then is is or where where I grew up as Santa Doug Flutie yeah. And so grey cup game comes on and flew east teams in it. Oh cool all right and figures on the Arnott and member. But that was last time I watched he felt and I'm going to watch a CFL game just watched Johnny Mans up sir. I watch those stupid spring game highlights just to see what man's I was doing. Is I'm interested in I don't think he's a starting quarterback in the NFL I don't think he ever will be. An interest in seeing him play football in the CF. I'll say this IA. I was high on him and they took him I covered him a little high to yeah. When I was in Mississippi working he was at Texas in am I saw him play at Mississippi State. He was great he dominated them that he was great huge head. And Al yep be really huge head I couldn't believe because it was a classic case of an ugly dude. Getting action simply because fame yet classic and I did not sexy looking man now com. I will say though. Arm. First of all. Look I give credit kind of echoing what you said a lot of people a lot of quarterbacks Tebow I guess is the gold an example. Have had this opportunity were unwilling to do it. Men's Ellis gonna do he's gonna go there try to make it. And try to I guess skip back into the NFL. We'll see if it works I give him credit though for making the move that that shows that he is committed to football. Make money like you said the committed to football he's gonna go to Canada. And he's gonna play football team voted wanna do it and I'm sure there's others that have put you know could of had an opportunity to do that. Andy's didn't want they didn't wanna go to Canada they did they didn't care enough to do that Ortiz just maybe an ego thing that you wanna. You don't have to face the music of not making in the NF so they did something which I don't understand I mean if you really love football it. Makes perfect sense go up there cutting get a little bit better we've seen guys we've seen guys do this all the time not all the time but. We have enough anecdotal evidence the point that this could work for people Flutie who worked for. Went to USFL NFL CFO back to the NFL. And ended up making decent money doing it and he was a good quarter and was pretty damn good quarterback just started that game rob Johnston should never sort Mayo and in enough. I'm Warren Moon a guy that they didn't think was gonna play quarterback in the NFL they want him her return punts. Moses see it felt like to up comes back has halting career yup you know if you really care and he really wanna play the game. This is a perfect movie makes perfect sense. Better than going to the you know Arena Football League one thing I will say though we talked about Tim Tebow and his unwillingness to do this yeah Tebow had options. To be what an H back tight end. Something other than quarterback yet in the NFL teams to give animal yeah. Men's Elvis and have an option knowing order back we which is why I I feel even more strongly the way ideal that. Tebow didn't really cares much about football as did about being famous because he had other options. To stay on team says sure and if everywhere else that would go into that argument and they were trying to do this with a minute young enough age where he could still get a couple of years out of his career as a tight Anderson nothing. He just didn't care I really think it was about being famous for Tim Tebow more than anything else and I think this move for gentlemen so is is a lot about money ya mean his best way for him to make money is applicable go to Germany he cares about four. Sleuth and some network you know the SEC network would have signed Johnny man's Allah. Sure absolutely because he would brats marbles trying to allowed those some of those schools have their own networks that you pay money good money to talk you know absolutely. Long so clearly works on the network and would have paid him. A good amount of money. Just to chill out here TV up. You know but he's doing this was down a football he wants a football I appreciate I love it. And I hope he's successful he's a jackass trust me de. He is a he's Canadian he's a child whatever boy yeah and I'd like to see him kind of rebound from that I'd like to see him grow up a little bit. Because he does that talent yeah he's an exciting and how we want we talked about creativity. With the with the on it's a different kind of support obviously. But he was thought it was fun to watch she was a watch that he was a winner in college jobs I remember that that move put the browns in the playoffs he was their second first round pick that your. Mom you just got derailed by the life nights I guess you could've seen it coming. It's too bad. You could absolutely see it come in the way use behaving yeah ecology OK I knew it was coming. But I'm I'm with you salute the move we will hope you know we'll see if he does anything success for productive up there's going to be no Jeremiah Amos solely. I think for the starting quarterback job on the team he signed with the solely playing and tiger tally the play former associate organ quarterback. It sounds great organ. Anyway we'll see what happens I hope he starts I don't really care I mean. If he's going to days ship now you're gonna watch again got to see some young know you're gonna watch at least one day ESPN's gonna pop up some day down oh yeah I would watch I would watch against one of the two teams called the Rough Riders in that league contract they're gonna show up. On under your on stub hub trying to get tickets at the royal wedding lots. Why do people care. I don't did you watch I did not want to. But Liz woke up early to watch on it came downstairs happen to be on a turnaround went right back upstairs cut it to me it makes absolutely no sense why anyone cares about this whatsoever I dose in my little girls should care because they dream of having that. You know fairy tale wedding or whatever yeah but these are two people better especially in this country are completely inconsequential. My daughter wanted to see with the bride look like yeah because she's five or yeah. So I turned it on mom. I try to figure out why people can I mean look. There were viewing parties. For this in Boston now people dressed up to go to this viewing party look at. My initial thought were d.s are a bunch of losers these people they are but then but gaga but how is this any different. Then when a guy. Dresses up in New Jersey and coastal border watching. You watch sports are realizing that competition a guy you know you're you're rooting interest to the rooting interest here. Auctions on the American. Well live mega Markel American. Any loss of good looking American too but who cares. It's a prince of a country and prince isn't a matter. Well he's diving and he's not even July 6 of march 6 in line is never put their guns who cares how in this country giving us his 1952. Now. Now that she's been their first ever for his wallet dot. I don't until I urge you would look at would literally after it all ended whenever I wanna watch the news that kind of wanna see what's going on that San face and generation. We get a real issue going on in this country. And it's a continuing issue and I can't find news about onto because everyone's covering this dirt at all what error there they are. And and I could David Muir Kelly he's brought to tears almost because there Whiting some. Some forget that you brought up a they carriage with poor white horses who cares you brought the guy wearing your Jersey going to the bar yeah or what those guys doing at that wedding. They were trying to get the hell out of there so they can go watch FA cup final between Chelsea-Manchester united they were leaving early. Did Beckham was leaving early prince Williams leave early they leave early so they did go to the stupid soccer game. Okay. In this country I'm watching the news I wanna see some kind of up to what's going on in San affair what they issue was going on in Georgia or an Illinois. And all I can see is royal wedding to people no one actually cares about. I don't get it why is it a big deal I can understand my Prince Charles and Diana was a big deal back then I can understand because you thinking might be the future and stick to your future and. Well his like ability. Apparently is he is higher than. That the queen in England prince Matt Prince Harry Carson Wentz. I mean it's it's it's like if he's more likable they're useless people. But they serve no purpose other royalty I don't forget so why they don't serve. Well like what's the role this isn't this isn't 1649. You know I know you'd think they'd be used to it by now they've been having this monarchies and Alfred the great. It's. I mean it's I guess that's what it is it's the fantasy wedding. Immediately all those people out there cheering I don't know are they cheering for I don't know that he's gonna get late and I. Want you knew it was gonna get laid tonight. What are we cheering for the look I don't get me I don't I don't understand any of maybe it's because they. May be it's because they aren't they dual. Good work charity work show it initiatives in Africa. And it cheering for the Ellis oriented cheer for the clintons every time they pop up she's opinion that charity work in Africa other criminals. But yet I mean. It's it boggles my mind I don't understand why anyone would care anybody. Other than a four year old girl. Want to see a pretty woman and a pretty dress and feel like oh that's the thing I want when I'm older yet they wanna see the dresses they wanna see. I mean it's a wedding so it's romance people like watching that it's a re out it's I think it's like the realities. The Super Bowl realities not in reality it's it's the zero point 001%. Of the one percents reality. It's a country opens real reality. It makes no sense to me I hate it I think it's the stupidest thing at camp lead anyone over the age of hand gets worked up to wanna watch coverage is just amazing the the coverage. Was. Federal employees or inappropriate but. Over the top at least I mean it was just. Beyond belief the carpet it was starts sending the all the networks there are incredible on the I mean look you wanna send. You got people breaking down and he got. I don't understand my problem is not win the that the TV stations. One into coverage as they know it's going to be aiming giants got it it's the fact that there's morons out there that give a damn about something like this. And that there's enough of them that TV coverage does yeah we had a cover why is he wanted to watch this crap I don't get. Well that's but this goes in to other conversations we've had I mean look at the shows that are popular. Reality shows reality TV yeah I mean. Yeah goalies and reality shows you can kind of watch Simmons jewelry Joseph is every shows they can feel better about yourself out. You watch of royal wedding you don't better about yourself you elbow worse if you do know him. The opulence alone makes GO. A crap and nothing going on my life I am no money what the hell's going on yeah we rode away from our wedding and machete. Whatever you know like. It there's nothing reality about and annoy your sank. Yes we we like that weird freak show but there's nothing freakish about this is just incredibly rich people throwing a big party. I mean you it's a princess she's a princess so it's it's sort of like a fairy tale real life fairy tale people probably find that interest thing. I have no idea I mean. Does he do but usually I just don't I wanted and I knew you know I first heard of Megan Markel did you have a thing with Rory McIlroy I have no I don't know I think she. I saw her in pictures with a roaring now. And I was like who is this with this golfer that I I am a fan. I didn't know about suits or which I mean I never heard of I had never heard her name I just seen her in the commercials for the action suits that it. Because I watched TNT on an NBA and Toni T entities and in the show and add pursuits. Or US it would have not so quiet back there he's all about the royal wedding. I was at the same conversation only the opposite version of me and Star Wars. What's in graduation with Star Wars exactly why do you care wise I felt slighted. But it's Star Wars is created to entertain and the story the story. During the just just doesn't figure alliance to figure out why care so much cut I think you too much you can really work examiner. I think it's time that this relationship is over Matt you like Star Wars are. I'll start ours it's ours is pretty it's not like my favorite I can Carol I used to buy you love it when I was a kid now on the dynamite and it's our. Com. Okay are so that's the royal wedding segment I didn't. Mom. IE the yacht I don't really understood bonds' home yeah I mean I only which was even watching because I knew everybody else wants. And I just wanted to try to figure out what to draw well and I never could figure it the only thing I I'd. Saw a bit when I walked downstairs was them getting in I believe it was a jaguar members now Smyrna I think there's a jaguar announcer why is it. Why is he on the wrong side why is he getting into the wrong side for eagle and why is it a left handed car early you know left out driver. Seton car I didn't understand that that was it. As Michael K welcome back upstairs OK so that answers the question as to why people cared about the royal wedding no it doesn't I don't I still don't know the answer well we try to answer it means we not an answer the question we're gonna close we get back here. The sort of our two whys of grungy and so hated that's next here on markets and Joseph went through ports MWE.