The Mark and Kichen Show - Cora vs Farrell; Gravy and Spaghetti talk 4-22-2018

WEEI Providence
Sunday, April 22nd

Hour 4. Mark and Ben discuss who was the better manager, Alex Cora or John Farrell. Producer Matt schools Mark and Ben on some Italian cooking.


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Get Smart came kitchen is too good goaltender. Yes he concluded I thought it was onward and helpful to have any confidence in him now he has nothing right I'm thinking that it tonight. So we went with Anton is a very good course and I. And at the benefit of the doubt on sports Radio One 03 points out telling you we. Beyond the rocks so great you. You're fired up it is somebody's you know fire fire somebody shut him admire this guy do it game ever and they hit the rock pile. Rock pile. I think to dryness of the deliveries would. They think it's kind of funny is mixed feelings being sarcastic when I think he's just stupidity it is now it's time for margin changes. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. True. All right our form. Martin KG show. First hour or but art career here we're talking Bruins. Vincent tax simulate the feedback I know we. I don't (%expletive) a lot of people up there yet what. So 11 of the one of the tax a few people they don't think it's even worth comparing Chara in Bork. Odds are now did you read charm and a two rings you guys are insane catapulting Chara overboard. Odds and Oprah Leno and let go ahead Obama stressed this he's only if they win again and he has to ranks yes in which case I would look I would. Absolutely choose the Reggie may legacy of Zdeno Chara over ray Bork as great great great as ray Bork was another guy another guy text or out of the 401. Kind of a bad debate. Because if the jazz somehow win two rings in next four years Karl Malone and John Stockton would still trumped Donovan Mitchell and Ricky Rubio. You know what I'm IE that's I don't know if no no see what you missed the most and some of the most important stuff. Out of what we just said you pick and choose what you wanted to hear and you didn't listen to us trying to give it to. Pork is a better player than GR. He is but he's not so much better. Then Zdeno Chara and if you have zero rings on your resume and the other guy has to do. I'm going with the tell Bork as well avalanche but we're talk talk about just brute I am a Bruins legacy. We both agree I believe because I know I sopranos he said it workers better player right correct yes we're a better player nothing's going to change that. But it's a legacy in the city with the team I will always heads to the guy if they're both good players the guy that has the ranks. That is exactly always I'm glad you specified that distinction Bork is better but it's not like Chara was just some guy this is in. Dan Marino to Trent Dilfer now they know exactly I'm saying. With Chara and his resonate five also against the Bruins twice a first team all NHL player in Norris trophy to his name. Hanging day and you had two cops. That's a big time trump card for me remaining two so I had and I ray Bork was great their stats and records he has that Charl never touched. Now you can argue their style of play a little different. Bork you know on top of being an excellent defenseman and he was also. Yet a little we was way way better but a little Torre crew to his gamer you is much more effective offensive player great on the power play things like. Com. I just think that char is good enough. Where if he gets to get to he would have to win another this is not a debate which is one note to. This becomes a very debate of her real debate so absolutely I. That's all which as I said channel that it does comparison look what would the jets fans want. You were a championship wrong in that compares and if Donovan Mitchell was 34 years old and Hattig. Very good career not quite as good as Karl Malone John Seidman a very good career and happened to win two NBA titles yes that's city will embrace him. Probably more than they did Dan. Would would Malone and Stockton. Why because they actually won. Malone great player one of the top three powerful words of all time second all time and points yes second all time in points behind had a career ahead of Jordan. But again Jordan didn't play nearly as long as Malone I'd. Stockton one of the greatest point guards of all time. David good team they never got over the hump day had to talk to cracks that in the finals I lost both times to Jordan in the bulls. It done immense Mitchell winced two titles. In Salt Lake City. And he's had a long career and he's been also are almost every single idea that's the key you have to have the longevity while O'Brien's tonight make that comparison work here then yes. Will look. More favorably on dharma main Mitchell the link did Karl Malone right again you're using reference. This is the problem people get stuck into when your child in someone's great you idolize them and you Revere them. But you always keep that reverence as you grow older so he always look at this the same problem we've had many conversations especially to export to older people. Who's always better in their day is all why does your child and it seemed better when you were a child it really wasn't much different at all. Unless you know it was baseball in the thirties before black people were allowed to play then we can have a different discussion. This is what happens. You whatever you grew up with it's always gonna be better know what anyone else grows up nobody will. Ever be better think anger Vijay and I don't care what they do they think that that's he's the guy for so yes and orchard scent on but. If Donovan Mitchell here's the thing if he wins two titles. Karl Malone went to say I don't know sixteen All Star Games destroy number out I don't know what the number is I'm I'm just in nineteen under its shape with a sixty say sixteen. And Donovan Mitchell. Wings two titles and goes to 99 All Star Games. That he's not he's good enough on his resonating Carl Moore. That's all sent. Because that's a guy who is Ben. Two and not false start because fifteen from buckets of fifteen it vigil goes to eight in which two titles Malone went to fifteen and one non. Mitchell I think would elevate above Karl Malone legacy lies legacy while not saying a minute there's many All Star Games not saying he's a better player. But in terms of the legacy you get them over the hump twice you know maybe there were injuries or whatever eating go to Israel surrogate but you get them over the twice you're ahead. And your higher up in Karl Malone on the list of most of. Your dew on athletes or whatever owning an oath Karl Malone's that revered I think Stockton is far more revered out there Karl Malone is a horrible human being is the he's the mailman trash. Oh yeah. He's he's a bad dude. He's a commute. Com. So we'll just stick you with the teams that are still playing good before we get off the air here where you are going to 1 o'clock Celtics play at 1 o'clock good. You feel good do you feel great. Isn't weird role first I'm gone for four hours and by far best pressure Honda. Now. Really you're giving Matic and no. I'm given it to you talk about there he came in and just took over for Matt. Matinee days. Yet his daughter's first birthday SA using wire time yeah. Hearing me yet tired of. Did get intoxicated yesterday minister of thanks. I know you told me and I told the Brooklyn tech. Yeah there's days where I wanna talk about a few of the things that teams that are playing. Where did you get it talked skated daughter's first part is laid it goes for expert. Well the right there in the kitchen I don't know who all around the house will she or new Jager shots. Hope to crawl on the floor and Kate good girl just like on the floor lapping up all the boos that mr. mouth. The dogs before. Serve impostor can you love costs low cost of upgrading meatballs element off. Wait you put gravy on your hospitals are sad and you know the Italian word for sausage gravy I don't know I didn't I know I don't Italian I did not look at terrific Italian. Followed around a tomato sauce called agree a really turn out that's fine I did not know that. Yeah I I love pots. I play the kind of pot so I don't. I don't want anything have to tore. Spaghetti get linguine out of my face I have no time to linguine and I will literally. I'll think about throwing the days if there's addition all they had there's a great Italian restaurant and all of Cape Cod. Unbelievable the bottom rail road and only costs they served. Is spaghetti Bogut is not major turnoff for me and you're not a great time I want something that will stick on the fourth. I can pluck I want Rick Tony I want payday out worse. You need some with holes and you've got to have another thing that that fourteen chorale I don't wanna be slurping up. This crap in the stringing things that are following all over the place in my wife's like a mom what do you Dylan and it's fallen off I think. I want something I can stick and go right to. Matt's for a few days lady in the tramp style you gotta do now may not Matt is right you need something with holes and it's a stick your parking meter. It's just that it's a necessity. Are no interest in anything other than that. And instead of your forks and holes. All right force there once haven't so there was no it's not a good time they got no hate Jessica I doubt that vision is that unbelievable and so publicly that the Red Sox. You know we were talking about Tuukka Rask and I was giving a credit I was being positive in any goes on there's just lose but day makes you look at did you miss any gets benched. It's amazing that it's nearly. Isn't as bad because the Red Sox early in the season and they've been unbelievable it's just one game in Islam in sixty to. But it's just amazing that after this run they've been hitting grand slams as of five grand slams and non last year and got. They don't know it. By guy who by the way I played for the Hyannis harbor hawks in the Cape Cod league a few years back. About pitchers know he's not bad not about pitcher but it it's impressive to know hit a Red Sox. Waited in play. I'm a little more surprised. Yes it is impressive to know it the Red Sox considering what's going on last couple weeks I'm more surprised that they haven't been no hit 25 years. Chris idea and three we got a text or not you want about process and you have a problem with all people question mark divers have a problem with all who today have a problem with a nobody from the 508 is I think I didn't say have a problem with old people but I do. Which a problem. And there's not a lot of use what. We mean what we mean what they do. How old is although we didn't need to start setting parameters here why first of all I ever said always know whenever so there's a problem with old people the patriots dynasty. Is. Old I mean it's on his last few lips now well but I was talking about was. People carry reverence with them talking to older people they knew they were always think their jewelry is I believe I'll look at. Mean that that's what makes sense yeah this was not listening to cars don't let tuchman bat. That's what I'm saying is. No matter how old you are yeah you always have this reverence for what you grew up in that there's nothing especially when it comes to sport yes we all do. You know that's just kind of how it works the glory days you know there's a generation out always say. Willie Mays was the great great player of all time. Then there's a generation now say Ken Griffey was the best thing that ever seen. That's just how it works that there's some that's where my Teddy ballgame. No he'll ever be a better hitter than him yes that's how we're excited to do you have a problem with doubled to keep ideal but I never said asked. Let them they're just little. Useless. German parents. Wondering. Associate. No they're not ashamed they're curious because I'm their medical proxy. So there were they're concerned more than anything thinker he doesn't like old people were getting old and he's responsible for pulling the plug if need be. That's what they're doing. This is good I didn't know this and I mean this is good so we will work and things like if she's I am but yeah. That's responsible etc. text or it's only gravy if there's meet droppings in the sauce not that your Matt. Should send you gotta have in the meat dropping its. And that little rap crap in your costs to have the meat balls that revealed the port the beef. And then a heart attack the sausage. Good job that got peroni put it all really complicated why did you have the simple marinara sauce. Then your gonna blow Erica no wonder you sweat going up the elevator. Solid on 300 pound guys please don't quit your day jobs. It's a job that trade Zander and Dustin. Commanding the job that's up. So. I just thought it was unbelievable the Red Sox. Did that happen that they got no that's unbelievable. I. Have much else to say about them because they've been awesome and I don't think they really could have started this season any better not look it. I know this radio world making it here all the talk a woman but an egg or impossible to positive. The positive five minutes and they are the best team in the winter ball. Stick it couldn't have started any better this team is great managers great. This was the right move out score is the right fit for this job he's way better than John Farrell. Well Todd not close ambient wasn't going to be honest because this guy has been good. He's been good and I think we can conclude even after the short sample size he's an ass. Oh yeah I mean. It was a perfect case of addition by some traction getting rid of John fair I guess anybody would have done a better job than him. And yes I know I want answers I know won back to back division titles I don't give a crap about division titles don't mean anything I'd I'd rather you. Via wild card team. And then win the World Series that celebrate African division title you went to Monroe who hears. You get nothing further they need to win a series in the playoffs so. Use crap manager and I think the players hated playing forum I think they just didn't like him. And I don't think management like him all that much. I think you war has welcomed really quickly not for being a jerk not for being a pain in the ass just for not knowing his stuff. For making poor decision after poor decision and then just blindly defending anything everyone on his team. I think they just thought he was soft and guided it kind of walk all over and I think they'd do it. And Cora. Doesn't seem to be that guy not much that disable the Red Sox right. No missing ballots were. Trust. Here's the only negative thing that people said about core. After the first game out crap more of the same old not knowing how to do the bullpen Capital One game everyone reacted that way fine whatever. The other thing the people got up in arms about slightly. With the fact that. Alex Cora. Kind of sarcastically. Championed the fact that did the best record in the pre season. Hughes being sarcastic and they ripped him for that's it. What is their negative to say about I have nothing negative says the sport nothing. Like I said we'll see how he does when they handle. Some adversity down the road as you know they're not this lead. They start they will come back to earth and at some point during this season they'll get a scare. Bill sweat a little bit the leading the alleys will get down to three or four games. My dad was listening amount of the you know severance there's no money. Targeted deceptive. There's an important light moment on you to share this sounds like you have some things work out after the com. So that's at it this is where they. They couldn't ask for better start at this point there hitting home runs that is one of the things that we if you go back to our show on April 8 we talked about that because they had won the division the last two years. So there really isn't a ton to look at to dissect during the regular season when I like David Price to pay twelve sharp. In big games that's the other thing we talked about you don't have a lot of huge opportunities. I thought he had one semi big opportunity and Kelly took it. Com so that was a problem. Not not to destroy and that's why you have other opportunities this season but home runs was a big the World Series featured a lot of home runs. They had no mormons to start last year early. Very few eighteen home runs. Arts are eight home runs in the first eighteen I hit eleven home runs against the angels Mets here and so this is a positive development obviously. That's something I'm taking note of and I think it's you know Israel is in 2007 when they got off to a hot start out to a big lead. They rode that to not only division title but to a World Series title to this can be real. I just think at some point they're gonna sweat the Yankees are really good. And did a divot right now these are about as positive as we can get there is not much bad to say about the Boston Red Sox. Not I won't even go to David Price and talk about what it's you know. You said now much and that's exactly where yet ago exactly but. Now I'm not upset would I need I mean David Price. You if he didn't have the other issues. What happened so far this tingling yet you wouldn't even yeah okay good you know you you had an issue get out of their major joke. Where did that the tingling stuff feels like a direct. Excuse in advance of what ultimately Lou Lisa kind of playoff failure. He's got a medical condition and I hate I hate. And that's what it feels like to me I don't know while she bring it up. It when it gets cold is a problem that he does have a medical condition it's called being a chip that's a problem. K that's a mentally weak problem that he has and that's his problem he mentally weak it's not a we have to go to break. Are we get back wanna talk at some point here we're gonna do this next probably. Patriots schedule hours at least. We have some aisle will highlight what part of the schedule we like we don't like a mom will be the next is the markets into 12 point seven WEE. We are back some marketing kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Third and ten direct snap to Brady stands in the pocket requires it to go right down the right sideline and caught a good one. God. And take credit. Tom ready random. You lost and they each have sent NFL records on the go ahead touchdown 65 yards while. Brady and moss but Tom Brady's touchdown that's number fifty an NFL record. We're Randy Moss touchdown reception of the bloody great and NFL record. One play bang bang they both set NFL records and the patriots take the lead with a little six to go with a game. Goes through the legendary pipes of the late Gil Santos who unfortunately. Left us this week. Longtime patriots play by play man passed away at the age at it was his eightieth birthday. If he got arms on his birthday and I thought I read his eightieth birthday. Passed away this week. He was the playback and after the pages for. Two decades or so. Called the Super Bowl 363839. The legendary call Vinatieri in the kicked it all that. Guy was a legend Annie is also a very very nice man met Gil Santos. A couple times an internship at WBZ back in college I met him super nice. I did a story with him and when he thirteen after he retired from Bob Scioscia took over inviting me news home. One odds story that outlines what Gil Santos is like they'll. IA. So I was in college others have had the internship I met him. And then I reached back out to him because we had a radio show at Bryant and I was trying to get a patriot player on the shelf I thought we can get serious attitude did yell. Who'd like talked to. And is valued you know you'd talk to Stacy. IE was trying to get in all collapsed special team are on the Ross maybe he come off my college radio show Larry read them. And I was before you and I forget but I said and Gil on the email said he is like book try staging games. If it doesn't work out I'll come to your out come on your show for each if somebody affiliated with the patent on its authors aren't so. I email Stacey James. And I said I missed James. Backpack. And he kind of is Stacy fan bases of a very nice man. But he kind of you know. Inform me that if I'm gonna reach out to somebody it behooves me to know their gender are Stacy decision that the email he said that it wasn't gonna work out for me being able to get a player to come on the show. So Gil Santos came on our show and it was great. That's not entirely fair because those before you know you could figure out who did you know marketing people were. I don't think I was doers play baseball we I should have you should and I don't know excuses but yeah it was a it was a whoops that was mystic. Both critical of guild they've they've bought and we talked to any had a great interview on a show to most people wouldn't do to show that actually I guess. Yet which one are you happier with. Mel and dished on wall when the days you know the look not exactly I mean this I mean the interview was probably disaster on my part cell. I got the first couple interviews you do are so bad night you just anyone anyone else you'd think you know my opinion no idea how the flow and and if you should work so the patriots schedule. Was released this week or top secret organization and operation but they it was released so we do know. Mom was there any part of the schedule they jumped out at you that you either saw as very difficult or very noteworthy. Am now I think the one part that could be a little difficult is in December between. You on vikings dolphins Steelers not a terribly worried about the dolphins but. The dolphins likely dolphins Steelers yeah that's the good section on the schedule that gets a little worrisome for gun the rest of it is pretty damn easy if you if I'm going to be honest with you. You know looking through the schedule there's only three games on there that I ago. They could really lose that game. It on and there's a couple of other ones that you just don't know what when the chiefs pop up in beach and beat your brains and you just you can't predict that. Packers. But the Packers are here. And you never know with them. Vikings Steelers. And he got that trap game in between the vikings and sewers with the dolphins were let loose I think that bill and Tom. They've never been Aaron Rodgers so that would be a game for them. That I would think would mean something just from a competitive standpoint. They they're being enacted the games in November which means Rogers prime one of me ever heard. You gotta I mean you got the best for the jaguars got the beginning of the season but I don't think the jaguars are gonna be close to what they were last look as if that's fallback. You know watch and then you get that jags defense then you got Matty. That majors because those games against Jacksonville Detroit or on the road. Any US some communication issues this year whatever bull crap was going on beginning a last year. You're gonna your average. Know early on because these are good teams watching is the real deal now he'll be coming improbably playing his first game since injuring his leg last year that's a problem for him that. You got Houston jacks out Detroit against the guy that notion pretty well. There is no time for a sluggish start. Yeah I'm not worried I know what you're saying about the lines and I'm not worried about them is still not a very good not hide out but I do have a guy that knows you and that that presents a prominence would you say they'll would you agree that this is kind of a difficult beginning of the sketch. These first three weeks at yes. It goes three games during December I would say that but since they start the season off and the way the patriots start slow. Yes what telling me watching cave in to fox Urlacher Jersey rookie and had his wet but that was early in the year when they are having problems. But he comes back in week one. Then you go to Jacksonville it's gonna be angry and you go to Detroit. We don't know what they're gonna do that attrition that's a wild card they could be maybe better than you think that's difficult start and we're going that this is. You've got what we agree is a sort of difficult sport to the schedule. On top of the fact. That you have all of this turmoil seemingly swirling around to it stadium all offseason to now on top of all it. There are no there Armey lay up here early you're going right into the front. Ray into the fire. On top of all of the animosity that has been. You know speculated about Afghan US and indeed so that uncertain we don't know if the starting quarterback in asserting tied in a right so all I'm saying is if they do have some early season hip cops like they did last year and that can be exacerbated when you're playing the team's. That could create for more headlines for more drama for more whatever you wanna call it because you're playing good teams are top of the fact. The only way that this all goes away. Is it they wit. That's how you cured the stakes winning so they come out of the chute and aren't playing as well or loosened games. It doesn't matter what they say or what training camp was like Eric who buyout. It's gonna come back. Maybe things aren't the same anymore with the patriots. They all this drama in the off season they blew the super ball. They couldn't get along and now they lose the first two for just not. Any more whatever Dilfer I I don't do I think that that means that the diocese over at that point nobody is saying that's what will happen. So if you don't wanna deal that racetrack and happened to be a regular at the distractions. And by the way can I should announce that I didn't send you many. Chef there was on with Kirk and Jerry gets out. Placements out. So at a shelter result Perkins Jerry. And one of the headlines. And I think was it all of Kirk jury said that. Tom Brady hasn't. Or was just a report what has validated from sports center and an item on after a cast. What that is where he said that Tom Brady hasn't officially committed to playing for the patriots into when he came we have some sound. Adam good morning how are you. Good morning good so we just we just literally read through your entire story so. I guess the good the gist of it is now there is I guess my first question is this. That it at some point is Brady failed to communicate to the patriots he's coming back or not coming back. Well again and we talked about this on your show. A few weeks ago couple shall we two are about ready coached yup and I sit there at Bristol multinational art adapt went right. And guess what we're out due to meet later ordered this. Additional won't work. So what that was. I Adam Schechter is an insider he's not really a talking head he doesn't execute an opinion he doesn't have his own show like he gives a podcast. That raid there was the insiders version of a hot tech report. Tom Brady hasn't told the patriot she's coming back that's nothing story to me yeah I think. Bullied and he's coming back to what I that's I take from any insight. That's an inside his version of Arctic dismiss it get out of my face that's ridiculous you just looking for clicks you're just looking for some dates. That's all that once I have not thousand. Well I would say this if there was none of the other stuff going on if you didn't see what you are here what you heard at the end of Tom vs time. And the way Graf has talked after the super loans up. If none of that had gone on the yes it's a complete non story but considering that it. Has gone on and there's been bought hurt feelings left and right and you had that wicker sham article back in the middle of the season. I don't think it's a non story because of all of that if none of that it happened your 100% right. Tom Brady is why I think so to congress believe he's par Brady is not going to I don't care what his wife says. I mean look barring some god forbid unbelievable tragedy every track summit. These guys play Gary ended discussion he's not think about retiring now he's not. Not going to what he's not gonna hang it up and leave the game. Coming up with Super Bowl loss. And then. Not having Julian element one of his DFS for an entire season is no way he would leave after element was out for the year I don't think you what. I when I don't think he would not after the way last year played out where they lost in the Super Bowl he didn't have settlement. He's coming back to yet unfinished business now maybe it's not a business left as we thought. But he had unfinished business he's coming back there's knows there is no I don't care what stories put out there he is back back. So I think it back to. A couple weeks ago I know. Now the show talking about how Tom Brady is engaging in. You know psychological warfare with the elbow checked did you know. Trying to get him out my my theory was that he wants Belichick aren't as he wants to try and win a ring without a tech because his legacy is always attached to bail. Bill has something outside of Tom Tom is nothing outside a bill in terms of legacy as a professional football player. Now is what I was thinking was going on I might be wrong about the legacy thing that's just me trying to put the pieces together. But I think you can agree with me now that there is some kind of psychological warfare here there are mind games going on between these two edit window ever not agree with that. Well yeah I think he kind of just shut it down and was like out of the death I don't know I I do think there is some psychological warfare going on. But I just always thought that they would be overcome any welcome back. But there is stuff going out there is take attention isn't nuclear power grab of course that's absolutely what's going on I don't know what the end goal of that is or what the desired effect is. But it's absolutely a paragraph without a doubt Brady wants more power in the organization or whatever she wants more power he wants more leeway he wants more like people have money you wait is power look at it it's the power to ignore. You know I mean everywhere I can ignore you I've the power to ignore you can go about my business and do what I wanna do. It's a power play yup that's actually what's going on out checks trying to hold onto his power pellets Arab Brady trying to gain more power and they crash sit there. Who knows what the hell he's doing. Ease pressure on both sides for all I know doesn't lose either. All I'm saying is there are scenarios in a professional situation where you might have something happened right in and you know. This is sort of the end of the road I can't do this anymore yeah but. You still kind of have to see it for you don't mean you know maybe grow up and Tom Brady. Have come to the conclusion. That we're kind of on our last you know little lake here this is yet. I can't do this Vermont's law. Maybe Brady I'll speak more for about Brady and grow enough for him but about him. Maybe that's where he's that but you don't just up and leave you don't just quit at it. You've got to finish it out and maybe this maybe that means this one more year. I don't know. And maybe it's too I don't know but he's I think he's maybe you arrived at the conclusion that look I'm done deal with this a done deal with Bill Belichick I'm done. I I'm sick of it I don't get enough appreciation. I want more power marketing and I want more money or marketing I'm done but that doesn't mean he is up and leave now. He might be done and that means one more year. Or the rest of his Contra or whatever it is so he could have decided that he's done. But he's still gonna finish it out that's why the Q he'll be back he's gonna in the he's got something to the finish. I don't think he's played sports or. For now I was convinced that he's going to do it yeah everything pointed to him proving to someone or something that he's gonna be able to Italy's 45. Now I think Jesus looked at it on the physical and mental. Cole is just wailing on me and I think also the family to black ice ages Els a big part of this does a big part of that she's been talked about for years yes this isn't new yet. And I mean she's she's let slip before. Was that last year maybe the year before she tuchman Tom's concussion issues on like Good Morning America or something up that. She doesn't want him playing and I think that was eight calculated move to put that out there on her part I really do because she doesn't want to playing anymore. I would I don't blame her deal. Now we got to go to break we get back we're gonna wrap this conversation up. A wrap up before our show as we lead into the Red Sox played threes are not directly leading into the game Celtics a 1 o'clock. I will be back it is the mark did you join a two point seven WB. It's mark and kitchen on sports Radio One three point seven WEEI. We use that twenty years or so after most guys have to pass burger. You're still scheduled playing tackle football game on Sunday that's not good cars are way to say what that you waste your time doing work. She says tomatoes are. That is definitely she says to me last night as a matter for Thanksgiving is always about the flow and be with your family and and it makes for great holiday. Happy thanks. So got into your point and that's the question I asked Tom Brady in 2016. All of when he sixteen wary of saying that his wife says that took all the time we wish you kind of an up or. So this rhetoric. The Brady household. Has been going so maybe the frustration she feels with the patriots in the organization and his boss. Then spills over to you not home enough for we wanna spend more time with you or you should not the beyond their schedule anymore. May be that he has more feelings about I don't know. I mean she wants and she wants him to quit. She wants him I don't I don't plan to retire I I don't blame her either. If your spouse is doing something that could adversely affect their health for the rest of their life school we want them to quit to have all our money they need it exactly. Bingo you just brought up the main point. She'll richer than him when they got together she was early still it's. Probably had no idea how I don't understand why models make the money to make because they're generally useless but. She is way more money burger she is a ton of money he is a ton of money doesn't need it financially there's some of those guys that do need it financially they've made bad decisions they blew all their money and they need to play for an extra 23 years mark are now. Had to keep playing used terrible. And yet keep playing because he lost those money. That's not the case in the Brady Bunch of household they got plenty of money and they can both make plenty of money for the next couple years without football. The Brady's net worth is a 180 million come and it's hard else's 360 million. Yeah I'm not sure does make it fifty million dollars a year to walked in Britain runway holy crap. That's the greatest job in the world. Other than being anorexic. You know I don't know much about the modeling game I don't either and a little bit. I haven't model nine and one in and of course clear on what I've spent some time would wonder so. I hate it but they make so much money they have actually I can totally understand what she's is rich she is. But number he doesn't add agency couldn't understand what she's she is. I can I Tammy she was the most beautiful woman in the world or at least thought of as the most beautiful woman in the world and and I understand that models make so much money I don't get you actually did you exactly do since she was the best I understand watch is that. Yet she was actually in a song. And even song from early two thousands. Even Gwen Stefani were on a soggy now and received the check would be like pop print on and press honor yes yeah. Even Gwen Stefani I forget the name of the song but they mentioned Zell in the saw. It is before Gisele was just I know which itself was until Tom Brady and William mind let me blow your mind was named the sun our body is gonna give me some information up and does an air this. A bomb. But yeah there's that I agree there is tension there is tension. Any real. I just don't think that the tension is something that will break them right now. They it may be something that will say look I can't do this anymore bill this is that this is that are this is it. He's gonna see this group whether this is the season or this contract or. Gronkowski tenure with the patriots I don't know maybe that's what he says if they trig croc come out in June I don't know. Grub though that did the press conference was definitely something that I couldn't believe yesterday that he walked into that room. And and did what he did especially to pulling the DOT good nursing embarrassing I can believe that the. Through to the whole organization should be embarrassed about what they let happen and what and he should be embarrassed for what he did he doesn't care at all it's a pretty joke. NASA Miller saying lighten up lighten up lighten up but it's all that's gone in normal offseason who would've thought it was funny or not really funny though there. Like you're not at that like whatever it's not a big deal. Yeah like now I'm not gonna lighten up about. I mean you're you're you you really you're kind of throwing. Garbage on the pro on the offseason program and that's what that's sets. I'm gonna hear unscrew it around to remote okra not this is a business decision for him and I respect that to scurry around probably isn't the way to put it he's making money he's being. Character for this company that pays him but. On but yet you still need to bring up the off season program and sort of make a mockery out that's what happened there and nothing you don't you haven't. Hope the team you have and announced to the fans bigger even playing. When used to have a press conference everyone's expectation gets risen one way or the other. Press conference saying that he's definitely yeah definitely returning press conference saying he's retiring and instead would you get is. Making dom lame jokes about my decimated he had no respect for the Belichick Brandt. Oh yes I would I mean that's what I said whether you wanna call the middle finger to the coach or not whatever that showed no respect. To the Belichick bred just to get up. Forget about the fact it was in the media work group the fact that he was saying what he was saying about the dirt biking and broom broom broom broom or road exactly in terms of not being out or in core relation with not being. Patriots OTAs in the voluntary workouts. And he's making noises and dress it up and putting on a helmet and playing games that is disrespectful. Now whether they have a strong feeling about data that's gonna bother till I know you're asked this. You're also disrespecting your teammates. You're disrespecting everyone that turns up to OTAs when you're asked directly if you're gonna show pro T isn't you know. And then make a joke about motor cross and you're disrespecting those people that are going there to get better to make the team doing all that. Lake cured that much better than them you are I get it yet they get it they know it yet. You don't need to remind people of that and it lets say you actually your team plus I'm saying DeVon according should be upset about that I don't think he would be upset about what wrong did yesterday no none of the older guys should be upset but some of the younger guy should be kind of annoyed. Because they're trying to make eighteen and whatever and are just one winner just arrived in New England. Yelled they they should be a little bit upset I think the person that should be upset as the coach. Because that's kind Jordan brand that your trying to establish as this is a serious thing and you work hard here. And we grind here that's not grinding not only is it not grinding York pooling and making light of the fact that people are they're grinding. Now that's what the whole patriots organization is predicated on they summon a relative Brady because drunks in the pre click. Mean it's it's wrong if everybody in their both in the upper great plays as. Annoyed with his situation as it appears. Yeah I'm sure he did never from now he prize like do that's what Salem Middleton made pars and that would have had a problem with that is built now you're making a mockery of his Brent. That's doubtless. Yeah it's embarrassing that. They either approved him doing that or they suggestive him during I don't know hot. And my guess is monster motor cross sort of Holtz called went to the patriots and they gave you know Bronx is. You know. We're sponsored drunks it would want to record let's stadium yeah and someone said yeah okay. The stupid it was a stupid decision on a team is as stupid decision on grant park the only person that looks good out of that the only person. Is monster motor cross because they got pub. That's it. Everyone else it's that. I'll now except for the reporters 'cause they tried you know I give them endless amounts of crap because they're generally suck at their job. They try pass and we actually just had asked me I tried to ask in different ways to get something out of them and they got nothing so I try. I daughter maybe this is the way I would've thought I wonder and good for that it is what happened. I what are they were just thinking to themselves this is a joke screw this I'm gonna go right actually rub. And ask Eddie talked about Jack has his cigar you know are you coming back I mean you're on your debts and around blob while Bloch my helmet on. They probably said screw it I'm gonna go right atom. Because he's not taking this seriously so I just ask whatever the hell I want. And I'm glad they didn't accept. I've never had a problem with any of grants off the field so no I don't I I never had a problem with I don't I don't either because it's never really affected damaged it's usually. He's a guy that's careful about not getting into that kind of trouble he protects himself he's insulated appropriately. You know going you know dancing on stage with Shaq find whatever I don't care about any of that stuff but when you make a mockery of the situation he kind of you you look like a fool. And it's an offseason were we don't know if you're playing or not and the fans to sit here sit on their hands waiting to figure out. Is Brady plan is grant playing and it's an embarrassment it's a joke yeah they they feel no. It's like they don't give a crap about the fans and I. You you have to do. You have to care about the fans. And again I eat maybe I'm unfair here but it was just the fact it was in the media work room that yeah. Place of work that's your place of employment you're making a mockery of his bread at your place of employment. About. I'm just gonna ask you I don't understand why it. Media work from six in your ass so much yeah yeah you kind of explained and maybe I'm like you were maybe I'm I am putting too much weight on that I don't know. Open that possibility. It just for some reason doing there. If you wanna do that wrestle mania that's different that's away from yet never dawned on him being a wrestle mania and evened. Getting physical in the rink now probably because. At least understood what that was an assay. There's very little riskier with what he's going to do or is doing it was a respect thing you know as a respecting you don't do that. You don't do that in my. House you know and you know would wrestle mania if I'm the crafts the American people I would approve him to do it for a couple of reasons because that's a huge audience. And you're bringing attention to your brain what was the it's a bigger planner meet the meet the blockers. Are now. Meet the parents what was the first one and it's apparently the stars on he says rob Muir says in that Nero achieved any RO guy says that is I I understand this 21 century. But wire under my roof keeper snaking its case for seven to. Ike I feel like that's. It's kind of a wild example but you don't you're under my roof you can do whatever you want I get it they're gonna have a advertisers are gonna have companies that endorsed you gotta do stuff appearances. Get crazy. That's out there but when you're here. The Belichick brand means something. When I think bringing that lead show into the media work room was adding to the fact that that was disrespectful thing that he did to Bill Belichick. I just wonder for causes more problems behind the scenes if you know craft or. You know and other people high up in the organization approved the bill didn't know about it and thought it was ridiculous and stupid does a cause more problems. Because there's plenty to go around here. So the NFL draft this week we wolf. Analyze what the patriots did the moves they make moves they don't make guys they draft. I'll play the doctor next week we have another. Three plus hour shell I think will be. Read tucked that one next week so we will be. Extended once again. Good show for hours Matt appreciate it. Many viewed you worked. You did a job so pressed buttons not good job you did it job. You know that gorilla back there will see I hope your best buds with Imus I mean this I don't even know his name with a name I know he introduced Robert got. So rob rob. Art dropped this week patriots. What to do Celtics and Bruins still in the playoffs we'll see what unfolds there can be an agency next week Celtics coming up ground so we'll see what happens it took you to respond. Is the market kitchen show won a three point seven WER.