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Sunday, December 10th

Hour 2. Mark and Ben discuss if the media ahs any affect on big time players coming here. The conversation moves to the Boston Herald declaring Ch. 11. The final Bill is Chill of the year.


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It's margin kitsch in John Carlos spin the MVP of the National League and the Major League home run king. It's come into New York does Derek Jeter his presence in Miami war you. Because of his history with the Yankees the Yankees I think in an offer better package on the red succession plan. The Yankees wanted to get into policy ten years 243. Million dollars. Club came over. Yankees win. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Tom. It's an emotional game. Emotions got the best that you would your coach yesterday. It's. Fine it's just what I need to. What do you obviously personal web part of the job. But last week no I love Josh sent letters back for him we're. You know very responsible for us but that's a great position to his. Chest. Now it's time for margin kitchens and fox sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I welcome in our view of the marking kids' show one of their point seven WEEI at 4017371287. Access 37937. A big thank you to MacWorld behind the glass for another. Piece of art. At trending now moment god becoming a staple of the show. Here's a bit. On Macs he's a really goofy strange person he's funny he scares the living crap out. I don't know how much of this is out there but Matt is Matt Marie yeah I don't know how much he's willing to talk about yeah I'll throw some of it out there. So a couple of months ago were down to shed at Gillette and it was at the time when tensions between North Korea in the US are really dared just like a missile test. The Mecca listening. Now how long did you serve four years borders. Match turns me goes man. I'm so jealous of these Marines went what what you mean that's the kind of war I want fight. This scares the crap. You want me have you studied history at all have you ever heard about how horrible the Korean conflict was absolutely and you want to go there and fight a war in them. To the people afford a war against a shyness and dress like women adrenaline. Lasts like people and actual uniform. The problem and scared to death of we appreciate your service the marine mentality. Incredible its just so. Yeah. Those those trimmings. Yes. I mean talk about the stock go up that thing is it's all in the right direction. Now the problem is is just game it. As soon as an eagle over. I'll embrace anything your. Senses weeks between shows and forget about it after a bomb. So earlier in the season. The Patriots defense was not good I destroyed them. Deservedly so yeah I mean I'm talking about the worst I've ever seen them play under William Belichick and by the way and that you gonna have to find the sound. May we can do it after the wreck. Are we do you shifting about pronouncing bill Belichick's name there were pronouncing it wrong now. There was a clip from the CBS sports network features they did on Belichick he says his last name. In emotion in the Croatian way of saying adult chip bill chip all the chip yeah that's the crucial licences so. I just thought that was not a good enough so I will get that's on I think. But of that happened about soccer player Christian ballistic. Oca where it Croatian my should be announced Kucinich. But he America's eyes America and and so you want to we'll get that's Tom the Patriots defense right now. I have completes an utter confidence and I think this unit that can dominate a game. That can carry a team. And and really lead them to wherever they wanna go I was so impressed and so caught I don't know where it's coming from. But I am so confident in this defense right now. I think they might not lose get. I'm the only test left on the regular season is really that Steelers. That's a very good team. Yeah and a lot of tell I'm not concerned about the Steelers defense inaccurate. Now I'm concerned about their offense because the pitchers always play well against that zone Joseph are aiding gonna play that game I'm not see that I I'm not sure. They put Sunday night against the ravens Pittsburgh it's their scheme. That doesn't concern me up and never hat slide to stick with Pittsburgh that offense. Does concern me and I yes I. I'm with you on the Patriots defense there's so much better than we were out hightower I can't believe I'm saying are now. But the communication is done so much better deal worst figured out exactly what he needs to do in the system wrecked the secondary has been one of the best Italy edit this. You always see how good look forty years as a player. He really runs that defense. He is the captain of that even he is the guy back there that's communicating with everyone in making sure they're in the right spots and everything. And he is done a great job. Once hightower went down. You don't I would love to do one day and I just thought in this. If we can get a real and our shows two hours of the timing would be tough but I would look talked to a real NFL films guru. Greg cosell or somebody and have them explain to me let's compare here's my question who's the better player. DeVon corny or Troy Polamalu. This tour Polamalu was a great great safety it's virtually the cat made fun of place flash place sexy place. But also up earned a lot. Because he was opposition because he was trying to beam too aggressive. Get in according doesn't really allow that to happen on that often so I'd love to hear from me real films expert. Or coach I guess. Who would you rather have. Because my according. There's no flash plays with him really you know he's not flying through the air jumping over linemen intercepting a pass like Paula Molly's did. But he is a very good very effective player for that defense. It's like the the play you bring up Troy Polamalu but I was go to Bob Sanders boxer the guy who actually wasn't even really that good. He made a lot of big flashy plays. In one little stretch they don't win that's adorable little six about him he was he was very good that impact for the entirety of his career a carrot he wasn't very good. He made some big flashy plays here and there he was very good guy here yeah. But overall the entirety of his career. Very average very very average bush. But did it to good point would Polamalu is that the guy ever thought was best safety in the game. Probably because the the show was bigger than the actual production. Yeah. But this defense is has proven itself to Maine I don't know what game what. In this is this goes back to the question. That I got destroyed four. Asking Belichick. After the chargers game. Here's the deal with the patriots in this is why I was asking about the style of game. When Tom Brady plays well. And throws for five touchdown passes for touchdown passes in the first half. The patriots will always have a chance to win that game and have a good chance to win those get all have a chance to win when Brady plays well. When the defense plays well. They can't lose they won't lose when the defense. Is playing at the top of their game will not lose so yeah. Do I like a defense to style game yes I do because if they're playing well Brady will not let them loose he's too good either of these sucking. He'll find a way he'll throw for one touchdown or limit the turnovers enough where they will not lose the game. And I think they'd I think they're written really good position you said the Pittsburgh game will be the ultimate test the big measuring stick of course who will be. And we'll see in Miami com. But I think what was it over the last two teams they play the dolphins and they'll they're back at home for the bills and jets. That bills game last weekend in buffalo the way the defense played there you had no chance. To lose acting I tweeted after the game how many times have you watched the patriots play were Brady was playing you know I have a top his game. I touchdowns. And you are still worried they could lose how many times that happened a lot. The ravens in the playoffs back in 2004 I mean he was please go to another field they still you felt like they were gonna lose I mean that happens a lot. When the defense is shutting the other team down. UI and there was not a spot my mind that they're gonna lose the game so you want to defense to Dominick. Goes back to the conversation that we had before why hasn't bill prioritize that seemingly. Over the course of the last ten years. And they've gone and become so offensive. Whatever Tom he didn't or maybe he did and it just didn't work out but when the defense plays well when you got Brady. He's not gonna make enough mistakes to lose the game for you and he'll probably make the play to win it. Even if he's not on his game and not throwing five touched. So I have confidence in the Steve that's a really really hot feeling good. They've done a very good job with filling in the holes at the line back in position. Then nor is not wearing. Mark they got into sync is he stepped in nicely yet he did. But they've done a very good job of just kind of plugging guys in to those gaps and just figuring things out of the secondary. Has been so good they are so bad at the beginning of the season. Especially Butler and Gilmore were both bad and what's worse yet thank you very much I mean they have been very very very good out over the last couple weeks and Chong luge event. Pretty damn good player. He is not the Patrick Chung may first colony drafted him he's much better than that. And according who's one of the best safeties in the game. You know I'd probably put him in that top five round 45%. I have to actually look at the list of safety isn't really you fewer quarterback he'd be in that. He partied like Philip Rivers yet another area you know at that next level not yet. That's secondary is caring and they're playing really really well. But that brings up the question was. What's gonna happen with him moving forward that I see Ryan animal or somebody to write about him actually we have that or he's actually. Maybe could stay with I don't know. I really hope he does how could you don't want to quality corners that you did you do to show you absolutely want to quality corners. It can you afford to pay them that's a different situation. Especially when you possibly over baited for Gilmore. You probably did slightly overpay for more. And where does that leave Butler feeling anchor feelings but. I think this team really needs to resign him and really needs it figured out. I'm with I've been on any bandwagon well if you get a move them don't move him the way you moved Collins or the way you moved Chandler Jones. And get art form. Actually get something in return because they unload guys for nothing just to get rid of them sometimes it seems like Collins just irritable. Yup you know you don't bring a lot or did you see this Malcolm Boller certainly not backed. I know did he is a locker room guy they like having him there he does all the right things he is not China free Lance. Or whatever those guys did Rollins was just doing his own thing yet he is not. I don't I think he's professional. I think he listens he takes the coaching I don't think he's that guy at all if they don't we sign a middle BA money financial decision and they just don't wanna pay -- What I blame our. Well I'd be surprised if bill says. We already have Gilmore who really emerged. And he'll be our number one corner we've got how many picks next year a first to another to I mean you can get a quarterback there I don't bother thinking. And what their quarterback plans are. So we'll see baker may feel womanizer in. If he falls to the second round do you entertain I don't know sell you draft another quarterback in the second round. As the in the heir apparent to Brady I bet your big guys there they will. I doubt it's mayfield of the CI doubt like to see it to I don't it is. But there. This is something you really need to figure out I don't think I mean yes to Bill Belichick drunken guy who grabbed his who's grabbing at look like the guy I like to play I don't think. That necessarily. Will be you'll be you know foreshadow what his career will be like but. I've been a little surprised. Yeah I mean does also got a coach Lawrence Taylor ever so threw nothing really surprised this guy brought now pertains Chad Ochocinco. So. He adds he takes risks on problem children yeah. If there's talent there he really only cares about the talent and as long as he can kind of keep him under control and couldn't necessarily keep those guys under control. He'll take risks on guys that. You know. Appeared to be a headache ya anything she probably just put him into the system and did the locker room culture of won't allow them to. Be that way that they were in the past that caused so many disruptions. I don't know if I'd really terror. Whether they bring in bring baker mayfield yeah goes on and I think Brady's gonna play this is about as armor here is about Tom Rick are you play with the defense go back to defense throw quick start. Is. This shows you. How good the second areas and how important it is for the seemed to keep them to get. Because there's not a ton of talent the other two. And on the defensive line in the linebacker group there's not a ton of talent right. All your your talent is right back there in the secondary. Keep them together and they have helped the pass rush generate pressure. Are we do complementary football. So that's huge and if they continue to play that way this team is going to be tough to beat and they're gonna. I would think get home field advantage and gamble lawyer by a you know in native talk about a potential Super Bowl situation. The NSC's interest and I like what I see you got to the Eagles are still have a hard time to believe me say this record but the Eagles. On the majors or we're looking way down the road here. The Eagles if they ever played Eagles in Super Bowl. I you know. I would just find a way to pump up that clip on height do but they get that sound of the Eagles running back right now remember what he set out to the Super Bowl last year. I think greatest and you epic greatest. How is gonna play in the eagles' not his fault he was on the patriot and that would be comical to me that. You know you're basically telling. The world that these two guys to coach and quarterback of the greatest of all time. And now we're gonna define a way to beat them in the Super Bowl Gaza skull. It was me funny does anyone in the NFC. Really give you pause to the Eagles give you pause the game they meet a bit of how I'm Bob what I picked him to beat the patriots of course not. But I do respect what they're doing now I thought that loss and yet there loss in Seattle impress me. When the vikings and I think that's known to do not by the Mike does not maintain a minimum not to and I don't care to their defense is on believe defense is really downtown don't care. Don't buy them not even. Entertaining the thought yet about what saints are Panthers kind of pour in for. One of those two teams out zero once I tell you the truth I don't like either matchup for the patriots they did beat the saints in New Orleans earlier in the season. On outplayed us. I'd rather see the sense the patriots cannot find a way to became a for whatever reason I'd rather face the saints Viagra I do not like. Cam Newton he has just beat the patriots he's found a way I don't like the matchup I don't love either matchup because Drew Brees before last. September's game. The one couple months ago had had a lot of success against the patriots that we probably talked about him. They don't throw the ball downfield as much now so I think what the saints still. Is. I don't receive playing into the pages tense as the defense is really get but I don't think that's. Something that would give the patriots a ton of problems. I think Cam Newton and I still fear. The mobile quarterback not Tyrod Taylor I don't got dinged up early in the game less worse players are black so I still think that's their big that's my biggest concern a mobile quarterback. How bad guy second run it into the end zone I would final two teams and it's the now won these two teams can win the west. The nine and programs and 84 Seahawks you want. Does he talks always kind of give you a little bit policy hawks are you got a mobile quarterback it carbon out you know what though the Seahawks. To me they have no defense they don't have anything that come close to stopping and slowing down Brady especially if you give meet rock you do mean Hogan you give me airman dole who's still there those running backs I used to I think you outscored them. So I'm not really worried about either team the rams I'm not worried programs now on I'm the Eagles would worry me most because I think their defense is for real and Wentz can move he's a mobile quarterback he can throw it. On a dime. They worry me the most followed probably by the Panthers. Really over the bike yeah. Interest and not let the vikings the defense that's usually what beach. But the patriots have a better defense now so I think it could be the mobile quarterback that does it not the defense. I think if the defense is kind of even each other out or cancel each other out could be the mobility. Of the opposing quarterback that could break. The game open and that's where my worry lies on top of like I said they just found ways to lose to Cam Newton. I don't love the match. Not stopped beating the patriots twice in the same disease it's very difficult to myself it's an intriguing conversation. Maybe I should be kinky skew them more serious. Well they argue we're where you're on court shortlist of its Eagles aren't we out forever and that's that big. Why should be the biggest senior word about coming out of the NS RXP or I give the vikings more credit than you do that because I think their defense really is that good. Case Tina and if yes there's a couple of weeks ago as a non don't worry about it. He is progressing I is getting better and better and better we week. I don't think he's who have long term solution obviously there were ready to bring Bridgewater and a couple weeks ago when he came through some late picks. There are just bad decisions from him. He's playing pretty damn well. The rich are used it Seahawks I'm not worried about not at all now not really. Saint I'm not really that worried about either but yes I'm with you on the Panthers the Panthers always present a problem always. Yeah I just don't think every time the pages have gone into the game with them and it's not a lot. 22013 and then earlier this year. I never think they're gonna get shut down offensively even though they've had good defense is up but for whatever reason. New makes a play he escaped to tackle they just can't find a way to beat down. It just hasn't worked out so I just maybe because of that I don't love the match. Now on the track record should give you pot but ever other team and the only team mom would even be really worried about in anyway shape or form is the Steelers. In the AFC yeah no announced. Buffalo c'mon no need. The ravens they're not old ravens yeah there's not much story about I never loved the ravens but you're right it's not seamer and teams like Jacksonville. Very good defense there's some talent on the offense they're run heavy. I'm not that team that pill condom. Allows them to make their own mistakes and tell themselves the team like Jackson. So I'm not worried about that no Tennessee definitely an hour now even with a mobile quarterback we talked about not run and I am. And in the AFC west you've got three teams that are six and six none of which should concern you. I mean the chiefs it would be I think of it to eight in the interest thing if they came in and it they're a completely different even Hillary and we've won. Completely but it would be interesting just because of what happened in week one. It would be circling overhead that would make me interest would be 2003. Buffalo all over again where we won. You got your ass kicked yeah buffalo and then the end of the season you come back and do the exact same thing to them that they did to you so let me ask you this question that. Is an interest in question we have to break. What somebody's got to win the AFC west. Let's say the patriots end up playing. That team whoever wins the ace USA are somehow find a way to New England which team. Would you for if you're trying to get a win for the patriots which team would you want to see. By the trial chargers or chiefs. OK you know I don't I don't make Oakland's gonna win the division I think Logan's gonna find themselves out here may be coming here. Too I'm not a word is she's now so you wanna see the chiefs. You know in a sense of yeah I want revenge OK and you show on whatever this team wasn't that good a guy that had a great week yeah we had a bad week. Now when crunch time actually matters we kicked their ass I think I think the the struggles early in the season. Began and ended with the communication in the second yeah I can get a day communicating my undefeated prediction will be right here on the table and I would be you know. High stepping out of the studio every week because they would be winning every game that the communication. In the secondary. With those three games the Texans which they won the Panthers. And the chiefs met that was their battered down fall early. And now they've recovered and the fine. But yet it is it would be adjusting an NFC. Lot of aren't sexy teams but a lot of good match ups based and they've played gonna be fun and we'll have time talk about Pittsburgh way to really into that. Later next week are whenever we get back here a wanna talk about why we the media. Have a hand in teams winning games we'll get that next the market KJ Choi won a two point seven WE. It's Smart game kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI call Michel led 4017371287. My dad's name is Stephen yeah. Blitzer. Bullets. Let's find the marking kitchen show one of your point seven WE are coming up at 1050. Belichick is jail bill is jail bill and myself play Mario Kart. Maybe the last one of the season. That's coming up around 10:50 AM here at the end of our two. But I want to get into a couple things here on this actually. I thought this after I watch Boston College basketball yesterday. And bomb. And this applies to Providence. And Boston obviously we might have even discuss is before the show but I think. The breeze in Boston College snow has sucked as yet they suck they sucked they've been about. The reason that they have sucked and that Providence College. And you are high basketball has beat emerged a little bit and maybe I'm just a little biased here. And I know right to say this but I don't care. Well you can go to any of those no I didn't but I'm saying the reason I think they've had more success recently. And why eight. Boston in general has had a lot of success. Is because. Of the media the attention that the attention. That they get in you said earlier about holding people accountable then nobody cares about Boston College sports in Boston nobody. Nobody talks about them as a result it's easy to fall into the trap. Or maybe it's not a trap maybe it's the truth nobody is watch nobody is. Holding you accountable. But it means to have the biggest schools in the city of Boston don't need a football teams and mourn Boston university and northeastern Nevada for drugs. And no one cared nobody cared BC is the only team in here in the it's here in Massachusetts. And you do you care about college sports it's really only BC and U mass. And obviously down here in Providence you get Providence and new RI and sometimes one of those are way up and has a great program for a couple of years. But there's always. Providence cares more than Boston does about the college student yes they always spent the basketball. Mom and I think that the coverage they get out to some of the local TV where I work WP RI. Thought we'd do our little online shell. Double OT when myself Kenyatta Caracas is filled in for you. I've had some of their the coaches. Chirp me a little bit about either something I've said now I'm not taking credit for PCs resurgence under equally. But you should take. To so they know we're talking about and when somebody is watching. And we people are. Judging how you're doing is daycare there watching. You're a little more attention yet you know it you know somebody's watching you do your work out you're probably not. You know you're probably going at it differently that it nobody was watching. Yeah you might have facet of no one's watching because owns Hogan's accountable someone's watching you don't hold me accountable. I didn't know where your going with this to you just kind of told me what you want to say in terms of how the media. Can breed winners and I didn't know exactly where your only that but now they've said that. In my experience. I covered the revs per WEEI dot com did podcasts on them for a long time and I had a lot of access to them why do I have access to MB is known council's effort right and if and a lot of the people that I interacted on Twitter are a lot of red stance. And they are very vocal right now and very frustrated. On two fronts one. The quality of the product that's being put on the field isn't very good. And on the other side of it they're pissed at the media because the media is not even covering them down attention to him to his elbows kind of countered with his. Well yeah you gotta kind of look at the ratings if if we're doing radio. We shall be talking about things have the biggest ratings and everything like that because that means the most people watch in the most people are engaged with the rest fired Jay heaps recently right yeah. So they got a new coach yet aunt and no one really cared when that Al surge happened I was kind of argued transition away from the down Holley show. But. Yeah it's it's interesting your premise here about how the media actually. Ten build a winner just through paying attention to what's going on. It is real thing don't first second think that that's just something the media created to make himself feel more important. Is he real life then when people are talking and people are watching. And the teams Syracuse they do they're humans and they have egos they hear it yet they listen in the sport are so they know what's going on they read the website that's correct newspapers but they read the way as I Iraq's. Vet that means something and it is real and it affects the wake and not only. Maybe going away from the media first second winning also reads. More winning because if the patriots are having success all the Red Sox feel that they want a piece of that today did their passing gear. Because they wanna have a winner and it just kind of trickles down but it starts it starts I think. In part with the media and how they handled the team's. But it's also how the team handles the media sure I think you can look at two very good examples here view that the Bruins and got the Celtics. Now obviously they both kind of rode his big wave of momentum and they each want a championship. The Celtics were very Smart how they dealt with the media in terms of being very open and honest and kind of talk about well you know we've got to. We've got to rebuild here we're gonna get her to the guys we're gonna work through the draft we're gonna bring this new coach. We're gonna it's gonna be a process we got a couple of years here but we have some good town to build around they're very open and honest ever kind of knew what was going on with the Celtics. And in a lot of ways they forgave the Celtics because of that openness and that honesty is saying. This what's happening we're gonna take five steps back so we can take ten forward and a couple of years where is the Bruins. Were very. Steadfast in not wanting to admit that they even needed to because that I didn't think they were his I don't think they're. Front office is nearly as good as celtics' front office. So they were very. Reluctant to kind of embrace we need to. Move away from some of the older stars and we need to kind of rebuild here they really want to hold onto that and that. Freedom present it from the fan base whereas the Celtics fans don't have any resentment because they feel like. The team was very open and honest with a my whole time about what was going on it kind of goes back to that whole Red Sox a bridge year. You kind of say that it. Explain what the expectations internally are so that the fans can look at that team and not get yelled throw riot because the teams not what they thought they were going to be. So. It is how you as a team deal with the media as well and yes I agree or your premise that the media can help. That situation because it brings more attention in you do you feel more of an ownership about your own perform. That's that's a way to say it can help you know. Providence hockey didn't win a national championship here few years ago because of the media coverage that's because Nate Lehman is a boss and he's a great coach. But it certainly helps and it certainly helps when you know people are paying attention. And you know people are talking about which did well what you didn't do well I gonna lose my job. Because of all this chatter that's being. It's out there in the media why African pick it up because I don't wanna lose my job. It it certainly helps. Opposed to the alternative. Where you're just you know doing your thing and nobody's talking about it nobody cares. And you just keep doing your thing BC basketball well I guess over the reds ever ever looks at the reds and impede that actually follow it and terror about it now no not a lot of you actually do but. For those of us who actually do we complicating go but if the media would hold the crafts accountable they put about a product on the field of course. As you know what that's usually what happens. Is when you get. Much greater attention on a team right they'd give owners to actually go out there and put the product out there so that when you cover the team. You're not crapping all over them in Bill Belichick. Himself talked about how the media and bill do you like press conferences yeah I like pressed Toms is why because there the outlet we have to the fans yup. Air quotes whatever network but he's a way that the fans. Can consume the information that's being you know that the team is. Putting out there so. Yeah that's how it works and if the media is not happy the owners the craps whomever. Will take data has all the fans unhappy in their customers know so yeah. They hear and it needs something now ought to know that the fans have a role to play in this tip of the of course and it's if you wanna see change don't go to the games. Don't give them money. Make them have to put a product on the field that's worth paying for shore shore. But at the same time and I don't keep going back to the media but the media also can kind of sheep. Fan's perspective absolutely so that's part of this so again. These teams here the media and it goes back to the power that exists on some of these platforms. If they hear that this guy is popping off about what's your. Not duel well will then other fans are I mean we've seen this with it happens all the time. You know Kirk and Jerry hate my question to bella check everybody hates me. Now Turkey Jerry come around and like my question about checked the job next question it's all they think they afford their own damn opinion or would Belichick. Belichick hates my question and eighty. You know what's stupid question what was really that stupid urge you to listen to what bill says yeah you know they don't think for themselves a lot so that happens when. That's what happens when. You know we talked bad about a team somebody or you know maybe another person. They'll form the opinion of the fans of the team hears that they get worried we'd better shape up. And that's how works and then all of a sudden everybody's more accountable everybody's working harder and the team gets better thank you media that's all. Set. You're welcome. You're welcome for all these winners and boss adapting said that's right. Real quick. It's a shame what happened to the Boston Herald and then file for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy and being sold it sounds like soupy we're gonna lose their jobs its share. On all the stuff about Boston being a two paper town and I'm for I agree with. I just wish I don't understand why we are talking about this before the ship why couldn't day. I don't feel bad for the papers and would you me. I don't feel bad for some of these some of these people some moment most of my don't know because yes being out of a job stinks in getting you know there through no fault of your own losing your job. Is awful yeah however. These papers have been so arrogant. And how they go about their business that I don't feel bad for them at all because just the use sports. Who Wear wanna go here is how many times did. Jackass is like Pete Abraham. Talk crap about chaired Caracas but he's just a blogger none enough thank you. Do issues are sending to the where whereabouts weren't there were a lot. You know you shunned all these other people that were trying to break into what you do it in a new way. And seeing what the new medium was the Internet which has only been around for a long time now yeah. You guys were such jerks to these other people that are trying to find another way to do what you do that I don't feel bad for you at all. Because you did it yourself you didn't see how the landscape is changing. And if the globe. I'm sorry I'm not paying for coverage on how well I'm not paying for by. Hello dot com well I don't care how much it is it was a dollar a month I still wouldn't pay four wide because mostly crap. Is out there on the Internet for free I would I can find so much better stuff on the free Internet. That I care. And your crappy newspaper I wouldn't even eat red have to pay a we need to put in my damn information my name and address and email I wouldn't spend the time do and that's not. I don't care that much to get affiliated with somebody. Our paper last und dot com Boston Globe dot com Boston Herald dot com. None of those were on my my first ten web sites I go to win I would do show Oprah. And the only time one of the more pop up is like out engine she which on us he wrote. There were arguably bigger than where they were working yup that guy like Shaughnessy was arguably bigger than where he's working. Because he's kind of a brand unto himself. So when someone did something like that. You like okay now go check it out values upon my free five articles per month. I don't feel bad for these papers at all I'm glad go way. You use you served a purpose I don't feel that way I think that even a good place for a move dot. Not if you're gonna trying to charge me all the time yeah when everyone else doesn't charge at this goes back again. Why. I don't pay for FaceBook why don't they make money like FaceBook I know will never be FaceBook. But why can't you have a cite a website and online at and T got people are attracted to and wanna visit and you make money. Now again I don't know it was easily get. There's probably things about it ad dollars I'm not aware of her ways that they make money that I don't know how to run it I'll let those web sites FaceBook and and Twitter make it a lot more money than these newspapers of course they are a lot in the last time I checked if you have a website that people visit you're gonna make some money yet so why can't find a way to do it. I don't understand. Yeah. You know I'm my news from Twitter Keck and if you put the Lincoln there may be I'll follow it maybe I won't. But that's where I get all my news everything that breaks concert Twitter and that's where I see and a lot of times I'm not gonna go read your full article because. I don't care what your Nasser perspective is I kinda got what I need to get out of it now for my own opinion thank you very much to get certain facts Americana need great. But overall I'm not gonna look at it. You RD game than lose by a need to go to your site now and. It's an interstate it it is interesting because. It's not going away it's just it's changing its may be being. Consolidated. Sports media we just don't need newspapers and we certainly don't need the news I mean. There's so I don't mean yeah old newspaper the physical newspaper you don't need not. They go into the bathroom to take a dump. And you got this thirteen huge paper it all you just have your fault you know and I'm not saying that's not sanitary. But it's a lot easier than. Carry in this paper where papers are flying everywhere and all new and is that labor mandatory that everyone's Todd I don't I'll put their grimy little phone brand's idea isn't the only time I biased frigate newspaper. Is when the brackets come out of March Madness does that put that stupid fold out on my wall and just fill it out as I go quicker on grins I haven't announced guy trying to got to print them off the web site. Now I just like the big account that's the only reason I do it. I don't either newspapers zodiac is trying to charge before you gotta update your business models everywhere else. If I got my news off Yahoo! yup which I know a lot of people do get their news off Yahoo! why do they get there and it's free yeah. By the go to always was is different. All I know is I will always want somebody's opinion I will always appreciate personality. In terms of sports especially pains I'd like I like a strong opinion I like watching that so all wanna see. It's not my job I guess I mean maybe it is but they mean if people can find a way to monetize great. Whether it's TV or you find a way to do it online I just don't understand you go to Twitty go to FaceBook and irritated dime they make all this money. But we're all worried about the newspaper why can't do get a web site that people wanna go to that will make some money. Without having burger I sign up and pay five dollars a month. Paper FaceBook they make. I don't know maybe it's not that simple paper Twitter now what did you find some people that are talented. And can get cheap. Gauge clicks gets people to go to the web site. I mean there's a thousand sites out there that have proven that the model works of was that a charge you for this content. You're gonna sit turnout sorry I don't think it's a big deficit through fifteen or 32 ad to get to what I'm trying to get to. I don't think I don't want to take money on my docket. I'll take that thirty seconds out of my day gotta be away whether they're on the side. Where you have to sit through an ad which I don't like doing but if it's something I really wanna see I'll do with it because I also understand that all this content I am getting is for for. If you do if if you're making me pay it and you're making me sit there adds I'd I had no use for north though it also comes down talent well. I don't wanna see if I'm the click on something a wanna see it so the person who's. Producing the content better be good or better be very informed or whatever or else I'm not gonna do. That's just how it is. Anyway I. When we get back here. Bill is chill made the final one from bill. And mark play Mario Kart we get back here in the market to show wanna two point seven WB. Guess simply you wanna share with mark and then give them a call at 4017371287. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I welcome back marking did you show one of two point seven WEI. It showed today. At to a lot. We got a few comments this Florida Giancarlo Stanton. When you call him gene will Wear space junk junk well you know the worst thing happen to me was we changed his name for some reason I was all on my I knew it was John Carlo. John Carlos are. Well thanks for pointing that out for crying out your welcome and only took us about two hours. Yeah Sydor wrongly used at a dinner every marathon. That's why I come to make ya. I don't look I think gave number rescue really missed on this one because I think that that's what he does he gets the big fish he lands the big fish couldn't do. And nine that he goes to the Yankees who now have two guys that hit. About out to third and what's the cut your home runs from last year what's account. These series much of one you talked about would you talk about those they're great Jose Abreu will be fine JD Martinez out there. I would I'll tell you why would really get excited about every half hour. Eric Posner Eric Hosmer would get me except. Good player in those other two guys have bumpers and yes I'm like daughter great fielder clutch player winning player and has power. I would like that guy now does that stand now. But it would make me feel better. You can add the and they are mayors DH more if you had implant first I would love that he'd party atop my which at this point. Okay. So this'll probably be the final bill is she'll of the season we'll see what happens next week we do have another show next week. And there we don't have another one because the patriots are off are playing at 1 o'clock to office on the Christmas and New Year's Eve. I'm glad and yes that buys and then mobile reassess after the new year but next week will be our final show of when he seventeen. On I don't know we'll have a bill as she'll see better enjoy this one this is bill is chill mark and bill. Play Mario Kart. Good feel like you can laugh. Mario Kart tonight. Yes there oh wait for only one. Capitalism but personally okay you play first also to Jordan told a lot of things. Are we think we can. This market it works well. Okay Nobel. I don't. Right right now maybe we're still legal and law stages. I don't know I'd like greens are actually doing it and I would think he's thinking once. Original bill you do that now. Well corner well. All the community. It's it's hard to do sometimes you go to Kenya tobacco story here and it. I'm lucky to suck at this game bill. That's just so I'm not an awful. Those who competitive effort and it yeah I'm sure whatever you say belt out here isn't it thanks. And they have a season one of bill is still probably in the books. As much from cup. Yeah they don't bring in Orlando Emma wrote it. Momentous. Tax. By the way when Hosmer is your happy place your path to meeting the Sox I kind of agree to them. I would say your half an hour and a nice yeah I mean nearly enough it happened but I think that's a guy that. Maybe a nice addition. You said and DH if I could be in the premier of three moves that's a good. If that is your big move that's not a good you haven't done nearly enough if that's your bait. If it's one of a couple of moves you also bring in another decent starting pitcher. And uttered pretty good platoon player something I've looked to see then and yes it's a good move but if that's your marquee move. You haven't done nearly enough. Yeltsin need to shore up the middle of that rotation is I think on rants or sell all we know what they are. We're in the playoffs arrive they're not gonna get it done the dog crap they're dark you need to get some Yeltsin you need to get some ups and they're not doing preferably. Somebody from the farm but I don't know if that's a real realistic possibility. With what that farm system has become. That's what I would like to sit com. Wealthy anyway you know I'm looking forward to next week. And we don't do a lot of this because it's just not worth my ActiveX just enough and would borda. I'm next week that will actually be able to talk about the game the upcoming Steelers game. Pittsburgh personally we'll talk about some match ups we'll talk about the Steelers matchup with patriot that we don't do much of that. Because these games aren't really that entertaining or interesting in terms of the matchup dissipated just gonna cops exactly. Import that and lives in in the playoffs you do more on the next week is the big one pages on a short week were you at all. Now it's now it doesn't really wearing the Israeli army. They'll have to go back on the road from a place that they've played well historically cell. We'll see it's a Monday night game delegate to short week and they're going across the country where it feels like it drags even further. They're as they're coming back to minorities essentially. Non habit yeah. Not that far away. All right coming up next. Of one through which seven WEI what's up next. I cannot even in my football. Until Sunday Elsa say keep him but let's go. So you'll get them next year. Big kitchen a marked and there will be back on the air next week nine to 11 AM on Sunday last show for us into when he seventeen. Shall see they'll preview Pittsburgh New England. The market until one of two point seven WE.