The Mark and Kichen Show - Gronk's motorcross press conference make him look bad 4-22-2018

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Sunday, April 22nd

Hour 2. Gronk was at Gillette and it was for a motorcross event. He spoke with the media and made a joke out of his situation with the team. Mark and Ben discuss and call out Gronk on this move.


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He's Smart can kitchen we all I have this deceptive while he's a fun loving do much of party do you know make all these jokes. And frequently. When the date baucus just like any other human being we have to sort things about life after football. Well that would make you retire. These questions right now. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI he's working on it yes but it yes next week. Yeah. Sort of one of those scenarios where. This person that you know he's been a problem let you down and they let you down like there's a man yelling match it. This bill we just assume you're going to let us down so when you do lettuce sound it's really not that big a deal at a minimum set of KS civil wrong with that he would find it. I've been to more Kid Rock concerts and. These shows are awesome and. It's time for my game changing our sports Radio One 03 point seven WB. You kill 100 point seven WEEI. It's been the first hour talking about teams that are playing games. We're gonna get into the patriots right now. Also with you Ben more towards your take away from the from the rubber 'cause you press conference on Saturday to its stadium in the media worker. My first initial take away from when I saw that he was doing it. Was that go clearly he's back next year clearly he's back they wouldn't of let him use the work refers some Brazilian trivial as this nosed event going on there. But those pretty obvious to be that if he wasn't come backer he was hemming and hawing they wouldn't let him do. I would just assume they wouldn't let him do that if you committing no well no chance I think it a point and it's obvious that. They're OK with him missing routier's. They're obviously OK with it I mean is optional and Bill Belichick did say that back on what was the last Friday's press conference it happens every year guys miss it it's find their OT isn't and that's. But they are. They're more for the younger guys that kind needed a little more time and a little more. Care from the head coach himself so they can kind of impressed him that's what OT is a really therefore. Com. My thought was it's obvious grunts coming back and then when you watching ego. I still think he's coming back until I think it's just time this Mariah she's putting on right now. By saying maybe. Maybe or have you talked about their well now known I'm Amal the moto cross and their whatever help was so stupid as that. That was my initial thought it's obvious he's coming back while I was still playing this game of maybe maybe not. That's my thought. Is the team's second let me do this if he isn't committed to damn why would they just all of a sudden let it let him use the work room for this thing that has nothing to do with football. Would they do it adjusted. Yeah curry favor with MB they see no it's still the place where people know. The cac. That's a great point I don't know why they would let him use the work room if he was. Not gonna be an employee of the team for much longer something like that. And I will say though in terms of this press conference and what happened. Not to I was interest I didn't think much of that when I heard he's gonna pockets of moat across that we've seen them you know have media scrum to have it a media session. These of etc. am I brought an ounce or. I have heard clinic in Redding yet. Saturday though blew me away. I thought that now this do I think ultimately this is a huge huge deal where it will affect wins and losses no I don't. But I thought it was telling in it blew me away a little bit. You have a guy who. I think the biggest thing and maybe I am blowing it out of proportion and you can tell me if I am. But this guy who walked into the media work room. I don't know I just I felt like the fact it was in the media work Rome. Inappropriate was that the word to walk into the media work room in a full moto cross suit with a helmet. Looking like a fool let's be ansari. And he is up there absolutely not it Qaeda wanna talk about whether he's coming back or football stuff aren't. But not a is that who point. Pulling it and Mike reset in his column year. Then he thought some people teammates could have found it disrespectful. He said quote it wouldn't surprise me if some felt it was disrespectful and got here's who's disrespectful to the parents. Because of urine to order easy grow Rogen 'cause he's having a press conference at whatever time it was just say noon 1 o'clock yesterday. You're expecting one or two things the statement now about I'm back don't worry I'm here I'm playing or I'm retiring. But the fact is he went over title and I and the easiest moto cross COU just a waste my time Katherine moto cross press conference yeah. It was also confusing because Rob Ninkovich was there his dad was there was another ex players somebody that was it but my question is I mean here's what happen. He walked into the media work room. The facility were guys are working out to play football he's dressed up as a biker. He's going work outs in OTAs saying yes to work on his biking skills. Or is dirt biking skills. Basically and making a mockery of the fact that he has got his teammates there working hard to prepare for the policies that essentially that's what happened. I mean there's no debating them. That's what he did that. Yeah. Well listen these questions Bradford transcribed it for EI dot com question what's your status for the 2018 season. Rock status is doing really great. It. I've been riding dirt bikes training real hard I can broom broom really good I can ride that bike like no other and my speed is up. Which. Heller redoing my personal white having a press conference about this I mean this didn't feel to you like. You know like if your friend said he breaks but the girl. And he doesn't want each is actually just don't hook up with this girl. And then you not illegal and a couple of there be a hook up with are in your friends row. I mean I just felt like in the world more bill hole I don't want them to be my friend for much longer on trying to find a break. Banging his ex girlfriend on his bed this this is it about the relationship between growth and build ballot to that this happened that this took place the way it. If I'm Belichick and just look and of this hoping in the answers and edged the whole production having on what to Hillary doing what are we doing here. Why this is not productive for anyway this didn't sell more moto cross take it's certainly. No 1000 look at this press conference of the I can go see those. Pastrana go jump attic he says actually. That was Juliette daisy I think he died Travis Pastrana is dead I think so. I competing at a young person's dead. But anyway that's the only name in motor president that I own and and I wanna seem jump jumps. OK I don't think this did anything any good for anybody he's not that he's not dead Ariza and other witnessed it Donna Hoffman. OK Erica. I'm sure thanks thanks for bail me out from now and so anyway. Look again do I think this is a big deal I don't think in terms of wins and losses are big but I was shocked. This is a guy I just optics of it maybe it's because I've been in that room so many times. It's just alternate professional setting where bill is always all business when he stands up at that podium if you are there if if you had to go covered this is who. For some bizarre ass reason. What would you have some here are the questions I'm not giving answers but here though questions what your status of the 2018 season. Are still contemplating retirement from football what do you have to say to your fans are wondering about your future so you are coming back. Have you been in communication about it I think all those questions were very good short would you have done handle it any different than what they did in that room as we give them crap. For being jocks differs earlier and they did their job right here job at that Prescott's. I listen to that I was right. I made army if you wanted to you could say do you think hey Roch do you think that this whole. Circus that you brought onto the podium today in this did this get up and in supporting moto cross and kind of who winked. OTAs will annoy your boss. And that. Is prepared. These terms or homer racists go go to where do you think any of your answers today it will annoy your boss should. I mean guys are ready you get asked about Seattle responded to that. I mean I don't know I would Circuit Court I would think. Look I'm not saying they should that was a good job all the question to the right question they did a good job it would be embarrassing thing was wrong at Enron W embarrassing. And what the patriots allowed to go one was embarrassing yet my political leaders they did their site. Media did a good job to ask the question that needs to be asked. They've really dead they got nothing. They got hurt out of the sky yeah IG's I've for some reason I just can't get over the fact. That it was in the work. That just felt like that's a place of business this is such a joke it was set to quell shell. I can't believe they brought that under the roof of Bill Belichick I just couldn't believe I couldn't believe. There has been a lot of speculation around my whereabouts this offseason. And what's next for me that's why I'm here today to clear though. Today I'm a monster energy super cross writer at a place I know well Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Massachusetts Jesus guy Kimberley Reid he said that that was part of the press conference. I was opening right. He's definitely coming back for coming and I don't doubt in my mind just say it's yeah what's what's the point. Oh OK you have a contract dispute going are you wanna raise more money it's time to sink your common. I think DV bill wants him to play it off like he doesn't always come back now. Now I don't big bill bill 100% commitment a 100% of the time I don't think you bill does not like players waffling like this. Is it just. It it it creates a shroud of uncertainty. And you build does not like that don't want that around his team he wants to know exactly who's here and who's doing what. Is like this knowing the organization get like would grant doing. I don't have a huge issue would go wrong contemplating retirement. But I get pissed at these games that he's fine. He's playing games of the organization you're playing games of the fan base. I'm just wondering. If the Belichick I mean what he did this I think Clark does these things because he I I think part of it is he feels he's underpaid. And it's hey if you're gonna pay me to sit on their abide by all your freaking rules. I'm gonna do what I want. Whether that's going to the wrestling ring off you know off the field yeah not nothing stupid about myself you I hope at risk. But I'm gonna do what I want I'm gonna get paid. In other ways so yeah there are gonna pay me bill I'm gonna do this for monster energy because they're paying me a lot of money or the super cross thank mom. But I'm just wondering I'm wondering after yesterday. Is Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski are they essentially the clintons where. You edits and what he's saying like the clintons they're married snell I mean they were both have Barbara Bush is funeral would marry a little Hillary bill and Hillary I don't all. I don't know who's who I'm just saying the marriages that what marriage is all. But they're just together because it's probably better for business which is better. Whatever for the brand. For just it's better the easier to just stay together. Yeah I mean that is the clintons it's just easier so it you say critical about our our bill are the are the patriots. In a situation where. It's easier if you know we don't like each other we have a lot of angst. Built up against each other but for the professional relationship that we have which is better we stayed together for the next few years and that's what bill and Archos you're like right now. They both really don't like each other but they bowled another good pair Tom Brady. They did they win so we're gonna just kind of grin and bear for the next couple years it's not gonna last that much. It's like build open in Indonesia. Each other for ten years hated each other this is that a very successful show together with a each other for ten years. So. I mean yeah you can see that happens but when when you do that when you just kind of grit your teeth and bear it for awhile it inevitably blows up. It blows up. Feelings get hurt yeah we're things get said publicly it blows up it's not a good way of doing things. So if that is the case where they're just sit there and kind of just need each other images dealing with it say about us for the team. That's not best for the team because other people feel it and it creates divisions whose team bill whose team grant Christine Brady. You can't do that. The you have these little tribes within a team and get these little clicks. No one's ever not everybody's working together on the same goal will he get traded Murkowski now. I don't I can't imagine you'd trade the absolute best tight end right now. When there's nothing even comparable. To other tight and it's even close to. Is that much better than everyone outs and and a cholera now you can think depth press conference was sort of an F you to Bill Belichick a middle finger. Baby was I don't know them well enough yet but then that's certainly possible I'm not throwing that Al. I just think it's grown thinking you know eases big goof ball funny guy whatever and someone in the marketing department allowed this to happen that's pretty much it maybe it wasn't that punitive to ballot check media what is. And if it was your child grow. Your time. If you if you're holding press conferences about moto cross at Gillette Stadium just to kind of put the birds of bell attack. Crow I think the biggest issue. And I know I was talking about to get out and I think the biggest problem was that when he was asked about the actual football stuff. He didn't seem to take it seriously. That's the problem. Here's the final thing from Bradford this. Bronco two is a bit more definitive when asked if he'd be participating in any of the remaining optional workouts flatly saying no. When asked if he'd be in attendance when asked why the tighter when asked why. The tide and responded. I bet dirt biking skills to work. That's a problem for me. That's a problem that's not a good com that's not a good look that's a bad and look so. I guess. Hattie Hattie dressed up and looked like a biker and just kind of avoided the questions I mean if you just said I'm here to talk about the motor across and and just stuck with that I think that would have been better. But he's he's mocking. I mean he's essentially mocking of the work outs the offseason program. I said I thought I got dirt biking skills you were mocking the team he's mocking the reporters he's mocked in the fan sees mocking everybody to do and everybody it's a complete troll job by him. Complete troll job our show for press number two and everyone is wondering whether you're gonna play or not. And then not address that it's a troll job it's immature. It's it lacks professionalism I think. I thought it was a disaster. But that was it does now when you said a few minutes ago it's you using in my view middle finger to bill. It is a little bit of psychological warfare going on a power play of sorts from all these guys like do you sell the patriot somebody allowed that happened you know yeah mom. I just think Rob Gronkowski looks at what he makes which is it even more than Trey Burton I mean some guys that said nothing in the leaked. And he he's annoyed with that his body has taken me a lot of injuries he's absorbed a lot of hits. I think he's annoyed. At the fact that he doesn't make what he's worth what he's thinks he's worth what you what he's worth. So he says I'm gonna do whatever the hell I want this company is paying little on the parade out in assume your motor cross staying. And I just don't think yet it will prove oh TX now. Listen it grumpy is annoyed so it's. Go ahead it's our confidence up I was gonna say the F view is the fact that he doesn't care thank you probably prefer to not pit sop telecheck. But if it does all well. So be it got me to do an immunity got deal with the consequences later mere maybe that's case. I'd be frustrated too. This offseason especially if I haven't made quite as much money as I probably should of over the course of my career and I take with talk of the before and have taken. Take cuts or you know might my contract isn't as good as it should be. Because I'm sacrificing for the team is a wanna be here and I wanna win when the coach doesn't do the right thing in the biggest game of the year. Aggregate mean knowing those feelings are gonna they are bringing that way they're getting that way up you make sacrifices but this guy can't let his ego got all the way and make a sacrifice for the team. I add this to it would not be playing these games you know if you if you're unhappy about your contract don't please get just walk. Just walk down. Sand less and get a better deal to privately just tellem flat out less and getting a better deal not conduct warm I'm holding out calming women when you have better yet. Done. That's it that's the best way to deal with it just walk away don't answer calls let them deal with your agent finally put a better off from the table he said look I meant. I and I wouldn't mind because if he did that right wouldn't you have some leverage their because hey. It sounds and appears like the quarterback has the orders a year. Pretty closely obviously know so I've crawled is holding out because he's not making what he thinks he's worth. And he's not. So he'd be right you'll think that Tom Brady would fill certain kind of way about that you don't think Tom Brady base all these things that happened Brady will go to craft and China and I mean grow up Brady we saw this and commerce is Todd the first call he made out to the AFC championship game was to. Rock. You know was half in miracle that we won that game without you meant. I think miracle. You don't think. You know that tells you what you need to know about what Brady thinks of rock so grow up is holding up because he's not getting paid what he is worth. And that's clear and evident. Radio BC knows that probably agrees in Europe think Brady would maybe go to bat for Irvin one way or another that Robert Kraft that would get his attention. Ending rocket get a new Gary I think you have Levitt good to. Two guys right now that we're talking about right now Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski both made sacrifices financially for this team in the name of winning. And then win what happens in the super boat down you're going to be even more pissed than just the regular guy on the team a dad it's making exactly what is worth. Yeah you're gonna be even more pissed at a ballot check for the decision that was made with Malcolm Butler and even more pissed. The devil according to make good money your whole run you know maybe not quite as pets or something organize pissed because you're probably get it you probably feel an eternal gratitude. To Bill Belichick for taking you in the first round so you got way more money than you probably thought you're gonna get ya. And then you've got a big contract and yet he's probably not as ten now is the twin Brothers here's a guy trying to not sell well at all but. Mean Brady far more than gras has sacrifice a lot of money in his and a cocker a lot of money in his career. In terms of team's salary. I did yes if I was him. I'd be really has and I don't blame him for obviously security is a don't care of 41 year old Tom Brady shows up to OTAs it doesn't matter to me yeah. And I really don't care grant doesn't it Democrats play in this childish game in the media that I can't stand. Brady's not playing that game he said it kind of once in a in that documentary the end of and vote and so was six of converse is time he kind of hinted towards at the end but that's more in the moment. Contemplating what's going on he's not playing these games with the media. He's not doing that you're here in the report from shaft orgasm game I don't know of in them up and you don't play anymore. But he's not coming out here and holding press conferences and Dick around with the media and playing with the fans emotions not doing. I think he's handling it privately behind the scenes and that's exactly what proxy. Problem. It's yeah. I can't believe. What are pulled. Mom but they do of the draft in some people have the patriots taking up a titan. With their first round pick and we get back you're gonna talk about dropped the NFL draft upcoming round one this Thursday. We're gonna get into the draft and the patriots more on the pats when we get back you're in the market to Joseph one of two point seven WB. Wanna share with the market then. Give them a call at 40173712. Weeks after college sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. There's been a lot of speculation around my whereabouts this offseason. Then what's next for me that's why I'm here today to clear well today I'm a monster energy super cross Ryder. At a place I know well Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts. Who is advising him who said hey this should be a good idea rob you'll cool do in this. I don't whoever they are they should be fired but then again robs also made it crap ton of money. Off the field no good for them from being in this goofy. Guy that for some reason me members find. Unbelievably amusing. Listen there's times when I find amusing to don't get me wrong but. They may come out to be like Bill Berger something. Seeing her that it does most laughs from what was the answer before that Matt. When you are from. A big always I was yeah he was coming run back yacht and he said maybe and they laughed. Most funny about the. Comeback make sure. Maybe process. What I don't understand that who's laughing you know the people in the room was laughing. I have no idea was Reese left and. Not loud enough for you to hear. Or it fair enough to I was actually kind of. I don't know who would have a laugh there I mean you know I think was laughing there I think you heard actually was the moto cross guys who standing next Graf whose life. Richer much of the media laughed at that comment. Maybe it did I don't know too heavily female left in America come Williams in the media a cannot just come on and we'll take that journey together. Did you rabbit I think that I thought it was about look I didn't I didn't love how that was and that's not an Internet based you know played. And to your child which battle. Unprofessional looking. Is that it. Unprofessional immature all of those things forgot it's a veteran in the league and he's been a captain and all this and he's going the OTAs. I it would have been a lot less explosive. Had he not. Made made light of the fact that some of his teammates are there working hard to get ready for football's. And it's essentially would get. And speaking of getting ready for the next football season the NFL draft. Is coming up on Thursdays at first rounder in Dallas and I love that jingle I love it to protect. Love that noise. They OK as far as the patriots needs and what I want them to do here's what I want them to go. Now without getting into specific players will talk about some specific players you get to mark drops up. I would take here. At 23 the best available defend a 31. The best available defend. At 43 I would take the best available offensive lineman. At 63 I go back on defense I think the best available defender. And edit 95 I take the best available defender unless there's a quarterback that felt to that spot then I would think about doing. I am not interested. I'm certainly not adjusted in a quarterback. In the first round two and I image sitting guys that can come in and make an impact right now. And the only thing I and I want that impacted be on the defense this side of the ball. That's all I want is I still think Tom Brady is good enough. To make plays into elevate guys' games and he got got guys that are cut I mean Malcolm Mitchell didn't play at all last year he's coming back. He's still Tom Brady are talking about is good enough to elevate players on the offense you know I don't complain at all ushered Julian adamant he's doing you know. You still have Josh McDaniels calling the place. The defense. Sucked in the suitable sucked they were they were leaking oil down the stretch a little bit. And I think they'd probably over or not they didn't have gone to Idaho for much of last year so they did a good job trying to make do without him. But he's been hurt he gets hurt you need guys that can step in if he gets hurt. And perform. And the defense with the way it ended you know I really care what they did down the stretch last year 401737127. Is the phone number if you want to chime in. They were so bad in the Super Bowl on the biggest stage. And I know we talked about the Malcolm but we're thing and I think that's factored in too is shame that it can't. But they were so bad something needs to change and they need to find a way to make sure nothing like that ever happens again that was unacceptable. And if you wanna get Brady help. You get him a safety that can get the Patriots defense off the field on third down doctor I wanna see a lot pass rusher I want I want to safety. I want a guy that can get them off the field on third down. That's what I want now. So I don't want anything else. Look could you use replacement for Nate sold yes but I like you said at the break say what you said again please I have no idea what you said that you don't like drafting in the first round for Vatican may be eventually be replaced oh yeah. Is summit. Then I mean cold mill that the mock drafts and I have to cut Carolina because I. I'd be disingenuous if I would you watch all these guys play college for I haven't absolutely haven't but every the name. I slightly disagree would you in the sense that. I would like defense and offensive line that first round today. I would hate that. Yet I would today that keeps coming up is Miller the tackle from UCLA or Mike to clinch you to tackle from noted it. Those two names that keep going up I'm OK with either one of those. That's at that 31 pick at that totally predict I think your apps are right you have to go defense whether its defense of line. Or defensive backfield you have to do it. I mean if you're taking a quarterback I think. That's unbelievably. Shortsighted even though it's supposed to be a long term plan. I think it's stupid to take quarterback. Right now so that any of them are going to be even that good to begin. So. I would go defensive line of apparel lender falls steal it that I got you take them yeah you let us call it weather's Josh Jackson that at cornerback out of Iowa you take them. You find when those guys you start defense if you take a quarterback. In the first round you just waste a first round. His voice a first round pick. Mark Jackson my fault you later tickle Mark Jackson then yeah or or and that can at a Richmond. You know there's a letter I think it takes him then in the third or fourth round take one of those guys late. I don't love the quarterback to not I don't know a lot of it Josh Allen I didn't want to. I want you give you much. Sam Donald absolutely doesn't impress me I watch some of his games he looks skating she looked like you know what the hell he was that. That's not in between the years I've big questions football IQ I have questions great arm great hair. Yeah great great moment we've seen a million these guys have great arms with the rocks for brains or just. Can't play you don't win Ohio bowler dot com play I want to see if you can win on Kenya wit. And dating really win Josh Rosen didn't really win the UCLA. So that is really making all that excited now you probably could point to quarterbacks it didn't do it on a winning they came into the NFL or really good. On. I'm just not I'm talking about what I saw its Arnold seems like the consensus top guy I just don't love him. Based on what I saw he threw some awful interceptions in big games. It's awful reads. Ot not he wasn't Jimmy Claussen radian looked like he belonged in division one football. If you don't like junior had him go I mean I was the worst moment melt Khyber junior's career. You know who did win some games and I think is gonna stink. Of mayfield. I easy instinct you don't like him in the NFL I actually did I usually like to touch things and killed. What do you mean too small and a look at you know Drew Brees is small guy but he figured it out but you see RG three guys that got killed in the NFL too small too skinny did it. Obviously his problem was that he would run and wouldn't get down ya. But those. I just don't seem. Bigamy to ever being any good in the NFL I think he's going to be career backup six years in the NFL's backup and darn I think he's going to be anything I'm not super high on him. Com. If the patriots. Take your quarterback. I mean who passed this. They lose no time for that not if you can in the first if you waste a first round got a first rounder should come into your team and play immediately. A first rounder is not someone that you should sit there and and take his long approach project where it. And say you know maybe in three years he replaces this guy you just waste a first round pick you lost three years of someone could've actually been playing could've been contributing on the team. It makes no sense to me. I didn't really understood and understand why agent Jimmy G in the second round but. At that time but you know kind of made sense of the same time as we didn't think Tom would necessarily be this good at forty years old. But now we are you know he's still the best quarterback in the league. And again throw away. For another you're gonna throw away another pick. On a high quarterback for no reason. Any fake trade up in big trade these 21 round picks. Up to take a quarterback. That's ever be the worst case scenario just out of a prozac has a draft or you can't do that. UK I mean you've got Tom Brady this is it. This is it. The future is never guaranteed. To which you can to win today. Did you do that. OK if you have nothing and you need that like on the jets I would do if I'm Tom Brady I retire her. If you trade your 21 round picks and move up to the fifth or whatever take one of these quarterbacks I retire I say Nat I'm good. You're not doing what you need to do to win now you're not maximizing the fact you degrees quarterback of all time still playing an incredibly high level MVP. I would walk. I'm just retire if us Tom Brady and they traded up. And Dave Bassett for a quarterback. I would retire a walk away and just say I'm not doing this and this is ridiculous. They're not they they want me to sacrifice that they don't wanna sacrifice and I never cried a lot especially at the end of what you say at the end of documentary where he was like. I forget paraphrasing but I just wanna be appreciated for all the work I've done New York I mean that's the ultimate slap in the face if they did something like that idea. And from someone the other players on the team is still. Billy you're doing this and your basically sacrificing Tom Brady for an unknown quantity. Right now when this guy still the best quarterback in what you did the rest you know Rogers lovers can have Aaron Rodgers numbers better. I would be so mad if that happened they would they would be punting on the rest of Tom Brady's career yeah that's the that would be. We're not winning anymore Tom it's over it's not they need to point out you're essentially forcing him out. You really count I mean I wouldn't take it which hill. You're forty McCormick just server 530 yards in the Super Bowl yeah and you lost because as we both believe. The coach made a stupid decision dip and you lost the Subaru because that even you played a great game. And then also they turn around and draft another quarterback to replace you and give up assets to attracting got way too high to replace him I'd again. I'd. Are you surprised if you would walk would you would you I would want to. Yes I would want to say after it I would walk you don't need to stay around for the money you play Noah. And you'd be letting a lot of teammates down there's other things to consider. I don't certainly think that would help the dynamic in the locker room at all. Yeah that would be a very interesting scenario that happened. Because you'd have a lot of people anger you know there will be a lot of people anger. Even dim according like Illinois in that situation I don't think they'd be that has to Tom that he has to be pissed too bill and rightfully so yeah rightly so busy you forces guy. You force the sky you Harding knew his kind of on this on the fence a little bit. And then you made this other decision and it hit it over forget about that forget about what you did to Tom Brady's feelings. It's just a bad football moat and yet you have Tom Brady like you said there's not much more time you're gonna have in place were you playing at an MVP level. You've got to get big guy in here and they're not that many album but if you get too personal you gotta get a guy in here that came. Helped win now win now with the Brady because you're not gonna have for much longer there is no other option there is no other option. Find somebody you're Super Bowl contender. Go out and win more. When you can win more regional jail in a couple of years you're gonna be seven years old usage you don't wanna be doing this at seven years old you said. I don't wanna be Marv Levy out there at seventy. So why are you preparing for the future this massive future of long term project down the road. That doesn't make sense the patriots the patriots are. This dynasty. Is elderly there it's an elderly diners. And when things this is part of the problem though we know the dynasties on its last I mean usually part of the 66 your quarterback Warren I was saying this is part of the problem that they have to deal with there. Yeah that when ever like this is part of probably the groping we get Texas they were taking ourselves too seriously. But this is part of the problem if this happened in this press conference with crock happened in 2013. When he twelfth not nearly as big a deal. But now because the L because the dynasty is older. Is more frail. You never know. Any anything any little thing could speed the end. You know you fell down the stairs no longer a right into all look at other answers but if you're 87 of fall on the stairs. Probably did that surprise that the big problem unfortunately probably don't that the patriots right now they fall down the stairs. It's it's more dire than if they've fallen down the stairs six years ago. And he's grown up things in this press conference in him draft in this guy that this is not talk you never know which one can be the fatal blow at this juncture. So I'm just saying. There in a touchy scenario that that's what happens dynasties that they always they never last forever now and this one's good and and by one has last longer than any other one area in football it's gonna end and it's just a matter how I'm just don't. Don't accelerate the process he has a chance with 21 round picks and Brady still playing and an MVP level and a Super Bowl MVP level for that matter. To continue this to squeeze out a little bit more. In you don't have anyone else in the pipeline anymore so now's not the time now's not the tar. Now days they you gotta do what's right for the team and the players you already have. And to me where you do is you stamp put it Tony three and 31. You take a defensive lineman or quarterback and take a tackle. I think you need to take attack on efforts and take good success taking offensive linemen very early in the draft that's one area bill. Has been very good at Logan Mankins Matt Light Nate solar he's been very good drastic at identifying tackles and guards in the first couple rounds. Up I would still good defense. Even Stephen's idea it's the fact I wouldn't notice they let it on the line online that's what I would do deal final cut I wouldn't be upset if they did that. And if you could say depending on who's there best available whatever I I just really want them to load. That's where coast that's where it is offensive line they put together they have Scarnecchia they've got the offense coordinator. You can use one. But I just think and they've had success strapping guys in the later rounds in the office on the off its lack of any non they've been good what's his name is that it lows. Nom blank that is ABC was second round pick was nick. Not Ted care some like abuse name. There's no the other guy must starter I don't drink go to and yet Joseph Toomey he's day. Second or third round pick. I mean they've had success cannon was a late mid round pick. Cameron planning. So they can make guys I mean bright sport was a fourth round pick now he's announced but he was he got it started for them waited to get David Anders seventh round. Undrafted undrafted cell. Date it doesn't have to be in the first round Sebastian Vollmer and ultimately second round or second round so if they get a guy. They can have success doing it later I just if you get to first or picture want to impact offenders when hate and offensive linemen want to impact and you basically want them to do what they didn't twelfth. Chad Johnson got to I change the culture and they needed that at that time and that changed the culture of the defense. In that moment it change a culture of the defense we get back. We'll look back at some other patriots Strauss I talk more about the Portland is the marketing Q1 two point seven WE. Marketing pitch him on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Call Michelle went 4017371287. I'm back here on the marquee pitching show one of three point seven. WEEI. Fours you're once 77 what when he seven. Is a phone number 417371287. With sucked getting crash sent listen dots on the patriots draft Dan Dario. And more. For four hours go to 1 PM today that's correct thanks to your recommendation then it all heroin. It's ongoing. And yet at least through the summer there Red Sox season I think zone it all depends if we really really suck. Then it's probably not gonna last tournaments. Well you made at this past so you're probably going to be Garros both points and we just you know yeah. I really quick I'm gonna had to draft a minute I wanna if you try this young load radio analyst program like ball that repeating that. I wanna present what if or in very realistic scenario and tell me it wouldn't make basic Islamic if we weren't organisms that I'll be quick. That's under the pretense. They never traded drop below OK and back in the and that QB Carroll thought at all to connect but they've wrapped in cabinet ball. And Belichick who do we want to do. Call look Minnesota Vikings need to QB to win at all he would you give me Brady when you think Minnesota get. Well. Minnesota gave up a first round pick for Sam every elaborate shell I would hope they would give up. Oh my god to college of wanting to choose to ones I mean for quite a lot could at least I would've taken two ones and Harrison Smith. I would have looked at and a small percentage of ownership in the Minnesota Vikings and their Love Boat. On one on the same page OK so now I have made that trade goes down. Now you get drop below you don't have franchise and you never played in San Francisco. And you get him to probably 1820 million yet because he never would play those five games and he never would've epic aren't there yet now that that's probably pretty true. I would think so sounds. Rekindled itself right yeah. So here we have the war now we now we're going into the draft. They probably have multiple no moron number one pick with you quarterback apple and I think he has. The next two or three years they can know all these holes well all of these picks that they have. And there's no more Guerrero is no more any of that crap going on. You don't mean that. It doesn't matter if that is a totally realistic scenario Bill Belichick would be considered the bad gene is the ball fine and we would be set for the next decade. That make you sick when I think about it I think that is totally realistic it could happen. Yeah and what makes you more sick Dan is the rhetoric. That has come out I guess in the last I don't know couple months couple weeks where Tom Brady appears. A little closer to the and then maybe some of his comments suggested. You're golf or six months ago he appears like he's a little closer to want to hang it up and if that's what happens I mean if he gives you one more year. Then this becomes a disaster because George scenario. Would have banned the right way to go. What are the right way to go anyway. Mark if they don't win the super all of that that appears and yet the other thing is is anybody that tells me and I insult secretary of you can't trade the scope he can't print the boat in 1992 don't want you know what that bill is gone and the saying is oh he can't win with a operate. Next trick insult each one would get peace and simple don't tell me that Bill Belichick now when a simple bullet Judy drop what I don't wanna hear. I mean the guy tonight he did go eleven and five wood Matt Cassel SO. I didn't make me sick because that's the I hate I can take craft because the side radio in the standard motors and and the crap the went and that stopped the whole thing from being. You know what it should have been and what it continued could've continued to be. And two years from now or whatever it is when they're seven and 96 and Aaron MySpace right gold in the draft. Which is the hardest thing to do once bought. Is applying a franchise quarterback and they added and I athletic don't want Obama patriots spent. I will Neville at the plate plate everything else that's the biggest thing that I can't let go period. Aren't they were called at thanks good and I would speak for Dan here when I say I I would think maybe it should speak for debt you what I. Where I am a public Tom Brady got a look Tom Britt yeah I would say probably did the patriots fan he'd tried to loves Tom Brady to dot com. But this was the waiting media to go. We did anyone wanna see Tom Brady goat no this it would have been really frustrating but you can you at least one of understood yes no I don't understand nobody. He wanted to have the conversation. I wanna have a conversation. An Iowa Monroe wanting background like yeah you brought up Joseph Montana but here's here's the difference would that scenario vs the scenario. Montana could not say how the opium use missing the large chunks of seasons. And Ron Amadon was coming in and performing very very well there's a little bit of a difference there were Montana could not sit on the field. So it made their decision a lot easier plus they had a guy who had spent a lot more time as a starting quarterback in professional football. You know he has time in the USFL sewage on about it but there was a lot of good players in the USFL. And they had his time at Tampa Bay which wasn't great but yet wraps yeah a lot of reps do figured out it does it make you really kinda. It does sting when you think about what they could have had. And I know getting rid of Tom Brady is a that's that hurts that's big time. If it doesn't go well I mean that that's just really tough to win another championship and how Q that's really tough because he's so why obviously. But you could out of last year and you probably could get Jimmy and he could have moved on I guess after the should I be moving on after the NB PC. But again it it would have hurt initially. But in the long run that was the move. That was the move and I love Tom Brady and he Tom Brady got. But that was Lou hello Jared times that you and I you know I mean I am a great night I don't know Jerry towards the guy we hear about whatever. I'm Tom Brady guy like any patriots fan that. There's is no. And now Jerry your word and kept it water bottle that Tom pretty sipped from I. I forget ridiculous I mean at home and put it on his mantle OK I love toward. I'm just saying this is a scenario where it's a disaster. Yes if you don't win a Super Bowl you lose the bet now but if you it's even worse if Brady is done after this year. You'd think he's gonna play beyond this year based on everything Evert now. Not anymore I. Why then coupling that 45 I. I think you might be. Upset I'd exited the family comes into play the wife and her needs it why come into play advocates and I'm not completely sold on Jimmy GB enact I'd never really how. How they all seem clearly enough of him yet but at least. You'd look at that go. I understand what you're doing. You're trying to get rid of a guy. Too early. Instead of too late I'd get up and you brought back a lot of facets that you could have used to it any rebuild or retool the team got and I know it's touchdown interception ratio was in great as you pointed out many times in San Francisco but they do you think. Maybe he's winning several Cisco. Welcome to do with bill now Matt Cassel like you said eleven and five but talked a little Roy in Woonsocket who thinks. The pick you to take a quarterback early in the draft Aurora Ariel. Arctic you guys just that was aircraft wants things that are ready it's aka was supported by about that is because it is physical feature that the and the other fact that the ball but lack. That apple. That was it that the quarterback and their routes will operate while building for the future. Well I guess that's I guess that's a valid point because if we don't think that is my LeRoy. Aid. LeRoy street as my boy your boy it OK so I guess well the U wanna answer this question first of all how dare you call and challenged me LeRoy you know. You'd be in the me for four years you know back into the rap and lead the sports cost. If you can win now you win now. I always look at is. If you like I said earlier in the show to future never guarantee. It's just not got to get hurt career is over and done. But when you've got talent. And the ability right here sitting right in front and you and you were just in the simple you trying win now because you have no idea what can happen in the future. Bill Belichick could sink his boat and could drown in the ocean for all we know things can happen. So when you have the opportunity to win now you trying win now. You don't mortgage the future necessarily to win now but you do what you can to win now and give the greatest quarterback of all time Laura do we agree on that. So it's hard to give up on that. In the 49ers gave up on it would Montana but like I said that was because you had an injury problem their tip. So I don't know I understand where you're coming from you got this guy that looks like he's going to be the shining star for ten years. I get it it's a hard decision to make. But you also of the greatest quarterback of all time. Who's proven that he can win and he's won more some rules and anyone else for our chairman lord what would you do you what would you do you trade those first two. First round picks to move to get a quarterback could you like which quarterback. They're. It's that the act the act. But. At it again. Late rat who that we Mac Apple's you know we need at least some. Apple pack quarterback I don't think that what I believe it went out. But. I like that but what I want to collapse like that that people why not had a built well and it. Decade and leave. Blow a lot of spot of that equipment but it decades you know what I can operate at a sport and do everything else that they could about the future. I sent Laura and I love you brother to do here. That's a boy your boy. I'm shocked I I heard you said LeRoy and I immediately turned around it manga that might. I didn't really had a moral idea I have the just one and that's a apparently he lives in Woonsocket I have been okay. Once you we should all Havel Roy and shifts and you find. I'm economic final. We'll talk but that after the show up here's what I say about lawyers call. Why do you use a terrible cell phone while yet. Ask Helms why do you not draft a quarterback for the future now I'll give you couple reasons number one. Yet Tom Brady who still playing apps. Elite level and beat you last year so if you if you use those first 21 round picks on. You know a guy can help you now that would help him. Maybe. Entice him to step is what I'm trying to set you maybe could entice him to stick around longer if you got a really stacked wood to number two Jimmy. Was she should he bed in the program. For a few years so if he had stepped in right now I know we and that a lot of regular season game experience but he would have been more ready to go ready to rock ready to win the in the I did in Cranston scenario where pitch and they built the team kind of around him he would've been more ready to go in some rookie. And number three how much longer will bill still be in place draft the guy now that's fine how how long until he's really ready to win a Super Bowl. Best bet rookie quarterbacks when soup so at best I mean maybe maybe once would have this year I don't know if your rookie now. I was a rookie year was. Well personally I seniors the rookie quarterbacks only Super Bowl now rock star one and in his second yet never got that one another terrible in the second year. But I'm just saying you figure. Best case scenario you get the next big thing. Roethlisberger whence it takes and at least a year to figure it out. And then maybe more than a year to win. How much longer will bill be Europe and the head coaches sixty G-8 years old and he's leading into this I don't know I don't like that's an area everybody's really old. So that's why I would just try to do it now you've got Brady knows what it takes he elevates other guys in the offense Josh is still there. You'd draft now to build up the team hopefully you get it right Brady did not like just one more year. Maybe two or three maybe not 45 but maybe 43. Just keep him around and they knew bill stick around and then you can may be helpful hopefully win opposed to go with a rookie who's trying to figure it out. And I do best case scenario he wins his second year basket. Now. Well I you know. That gives everything to. Their other pieces they need on the seem to even win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady. So yeah we talked about you need to help defensively whether it's on the defensive line defense to back to you need help. Even win a Super Bowl whip Tom Brady so how confident are you gonna be that they're gonna put it all together and win would. A guy who's not even close to you. Being Tom pretty yet not just let the next guy you don't have a question. You're gonna be seamless transition after governor grapple you couldn't have done with the Eagles did last year Brian Hoyer was not and we need the Super Bowl Tom Brady went down. Like knicks bulls did for the Eagles it's not gonna help the team itself around to number eight was not good enough in. So getting moving on from Tom Brady right now. Unless you have bag I already here doesn't make sense because you're so many other things you need to do. We're late coming up next hour three of the market kitchen show the first our three our career won a three point seven the BB.