The Mark and Kichen Show - Kyrie's attitude; Bill is Chill - Bill and Mark pick a movie

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Sunday, October 22nd

Hour 2. Mark and Ben discuss if Kyrie Irving has an attitude problem and if so will it affect the team. Another edition of Bill is Chill, this time Bill and Mark try to pick a movie.


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Needs margins. Surgery went great you know he's already started on three. The minute you guys are. I'm I'm I'm I'm. Bad enough. And do the movie dude. Now it's time for bargains if you want sports Radio One of those three point seven telling EI. Back are two of the marketing kitchen show won a three point seven WEEI. Pores are one. 737127. Is a phone number 37937. Brigade you said. Patriots docket tonight Gillette Stadium. We just had spirited discussion on team USA soccer and the World Cup. As if Pete Shepperd is here he would destroy that conversation. But. Anyway yeah but he's been put out to pasture in Siberia so. You know in association with that conversation we're talking about the media and how we treated it. Team USA soccer leading up to this embarrassment and that. Kind of relates to the way things have started with Tyree Irving in the Boston Celtics as a not. It absolutely does and it media market anywhere Philly New York Boston. Very similar very sick very similar. Tough towns you've got to deal with the media the media are bulldogs. And we'll go right after you they don't care and so all the fans for that matter. And tie every needs to learn a couple of lessons he's 25 years old he's been in the league for sick served seven years now. He should know better. But he doesn't seem to know well enough yet. Coming off the home opener against the box making excuses for so don't ever make excuses just own it. Just only what happened what you specifically talking about. They target date his shots aren't there incitement and complaining about legs men out you know back to backs assert the season. Yeah it's true we know that ya we know you did at home and away back to back. It just don't don't make the excuse we know it will make it for you don't worry about it just own it didn't have a good night. I will get better that was not my best performance you'll see much better out of me moving forward. Done no one complains or says anything look at Chris Sale this year when he didn't have a good game he owned it Josh Beckett. Not the most popular guy in town but everyone kind of respected how we deal with the media for the most part in terms of just owning it. God that I sucked out there. We liked that we respect that you can get away with a lot more when you behave like that. Oh entire career rings making excuses. About a home and away back to back that's not good and he's getting into altercations with fans. Saying things he definitely shouldn't be saying and he needs to be more aware that people are going to film him. It's not gonna go well for him this is going to be very difficult challenging town for him and if you haven't heard the altercation with the fan in Philly is what it's out of. It was silent. Can't do. He can't do the gotta be smarter. Miss fans heckled you'd just walked dude. There's no need to respond dorm who cares if I'm guy you'll never see again for the rest of your life. I will say he did own that he did own that the comments he made saying that. He takes responsibility in Italy does with the league does he can't do anything about you know so that's the team coming Yemen saying did you gotta. Yeah you got to own up to this one yeah but in general he needs to take more responsibility. Like it or not he is the leader of this team he's the most talented player on this team. And only getting goes as far as Perry can take it mean he has got it especially when you have guys like Jalen brown and Jason Tatum nineteen and 21 years old. And markets march 23 who really is the leader of this team terrorist here 23 years old. These guys are going to look up to carrier ring he's been in the league for a long time and he's had the most success. And he's had the most success he has a title they don't. He has got to be an adult he's got to be grown up I'm a little concerned about his attitude so far I conservatives level play yet. Yeah now none are now. My opinion on Tyree is continuing to develop I will say I think. I think I like him better when he hid behind his beard and didn't really say much in Cleveland has LeBron was the focal point now you know I think I elect. The depth initially intrigued me visit deep guy when I heard him talk and yeah but I'm offered depth and whatever. But then it out then he starts getting annoyed that people continue to ask why you have cleat. Well did you that you never answer the question. Then he goes on first take it has that really awkward interview where he doesn't really answer any questions and he just talks are right he did answer the questions. So I'm that annoys me you know a little bit nod being deep is one thing but you got to answer the questions and if you're not. Don't don't get annoyed when people keep asking you the court. That's the same exact problem I had with patriots players when he came to the protests. If you're gonna protest. You know you should probably let the general populace know what you're pro wrestler. Because at first it was kind of confusing with tapper and what does he protesting that we were like OK it's police brutality against minorities. That's. A reasonable enough thing to protest. I don't necessarily have to like the way you're going about it but that's a lease something that's reasonable to protest. And then when patriots players start taking any for the anthem. And at this point it's got confusing to the point where so what exactly are there protests and here I don't really know it kind of seems like their protests in trump but. We got to find an answer here. So we ask now I'm not talking about that not talking about that don't what the hell is the point of protests and if you're not gonna talk about if you're not inform. The audience of what you want. To be changed you're wasting your time in your wasting our time they don't bother if you're not gonna get out there and talk about and take a stand. Don't bother you you're trying to take advantage of your platform to take advantage here platform and and fans of really who would you isn't just the media you will want. No the voice of protest is so let people know what you feel is wrong. If you're not gonna talk about it you're wasting your time yeah just making yourself look like a jackass that's all you're doing. Now I am not one of those people that they. Hey if he meal for the anthem you disrespect in the military when are now I I'm not like that that's again we talked a thousand times. That's their right to do we all know that. And that's why people in the military fighting dies so they bet us average Americans. You know have basic rights do these things. It's just if you're gonna do it. Tell us why you're doing it and what exactly you want to change to be. Because if you don't do that will never know we're just gonna criticize you for whatever you're doing because we don't know why you're doing it if we know your motivation is. The cool we might be on your side we might not. But at least we have an understanding here as to why. I don't want Kyra read to take to go down to David Price rabbit hole being a likable let's say that's reason. But you know the east where we handle the media. In correctly. It's easy to kind of be viewed that way so I I need him to. I don't want him to be a likable this team is likable of the situation there in his likable so I'm hoping that. PI haven't loved how he's handled the media early on his tenure here. Now you're right to bring a dear price for you brought that up during the weakening he got kind of laughed at and he's he's kind of right. You don't want him to become like that you don't want him to be so standoffish and Dick is with the media. Because the media in this town is too good and too tough. Yeah they're not gonna take it crap with the exception whenever and drought just took it from price. Than I can just sit there and take your crap. And disgusted him he's really powerful in the sound you look at sports media but in the Sports Radio stations in Boston. Huge huge numbers but that's because of people care per calendar getting out of Britain seventeen. People care yes so don't. You know and they of power yeah. Any influence so. OK so that is an IC needs to step up put the injured Eric Gordon Hayward thoughts in the injured gore may or those almost gruesome things I've ever seen me live now I weirdly happened watched the Kevin where one live general White House what I was watching Louisville game at a time. That was more discussing I have an easier I mean easier I'm an ankle. Situation to me isn't as bad as a lag where only sticking. You know that's worse this was awful I don't did you hear. You hear Tom pretty daft but I hear you watched the I mean I've had a recordings are where watch your back you can hear the snap that might have been the worst part. Off this felt like a big stick it out and that's one of those times are glad I'm pretty death yes I could not hear it thankfully it was brutal roast a look at. What was that. He broke his racquet that was little over the I mean everybody was so shocked. And I and you know when he went down I was hoping it was something minor league lost the wind or I don't know the day's other reaction of everyone and you knew. Yeah you saw their reaction before you I think really saw yet slightly. And once you saw that foot it was almost vomit induced yet that was really growth zip but the good news is now is you know. Brad Stevens talked about after the surgery and said he's got a good five months ahead of them. It's nice to have a timeline. I think everyone should just dismiss Hayward for the season. And to say he's not come back to season yeah if he does it's the last couple games may play ten minutes a night. And kind of just get back in the rhythm of things. Just. Disregard. From the steam for the season. And just say all right let's see what they can build. This is a great opportunity for people like Jason Tatum and Jim Brown to really step up. And show what they're worth and Tatum already looks decent Jim Brown that opening night 25 points against the cavs. And doesn't look quite that good sense. It he's showing flashes and following signs and that app but a schism Omar dot. He can dunk on anybody. I just wanna keep seeing him be aggressive and I want it high reading kind of really figure this team out and figure out how to win this team and I need Tyreke. To be a little more selfish on the yes yes just put your balls the wall and go. And the evil leader of this team. How or third. It's playing very warrant. That is the guy in this system. He's getting everyone involved he's doing everything needs to do. Retiree just needs to be a little more selfish and take. More shots the predominant. And tyra I've spent watching carrier Irving has been in the NBA finals with the cavs and playing the the warriors. I would root against the caps I like warriors I didn't root for LeBron whatever. But he in the finals. I read lately he's superstar. He took control he made the shot she was unstoppable at times. You notice it more video overly so because your are rooting against them so it feels like every shot he takes goes in. But I need that because that guy was a superstar this guy's not a superstar this guy's an all star. Yeah I mean it's going to be harder because you and and it's a lot easier to doorway Tyreke. On this team that it was when he was with Cleveland got as yet other weapons too worried about laying off LeBron and until Tatum and browned truly be calm. Offensive weapons reliable offensive weapons he's still gonna get doubled. But if he's a little more selfish that's gonna open up spaces for those guys to take more shots and be successful. To where they can't shade off of them defensively and they have to send him and that gives Ty re more opportunities. So. He's got to be shoot first pass second. But you can't go too far down that wrong rabbit hole but I do want him to be a little more selfish because he's more selfish and successful it's an open everything for everyone else. And I need to see him handle the ball a lot more I'm tired of seeing Marcus Margaret bring the ball up the numbers here brassiere who's playing very well looks like he's. He's training to become a very good player. I still wanna see the ball and Harry's hands far more than I do bruise here or Smart. When after you so Gordon Hayward goes down then the game plays out brown sit 25 points Tatum looks pretty good. Did any gain your mind kind of change. When you saw how these young kids performed in the first game in the first three games. And then he thought back to the Gordon Hayward injury. Its meaning if the Celtics still had Hayward. Would you have thought to yourself boy maybe maybe they can do some a little more than I thought this year right or was it just you know they weren't going anywhere this year anyway. No I thought they were gonna go to Eastern Conference finals again ya. I didn't know they were getting get past Cleveland quite quick Hayward yourself with Taylor yeah I didn't think they would necessarily get past Cleveland quite yet B is Cleveland did load up. Prince they brought an old talent but they added to their depth they're. In some ways they're better team and they'll be interesting to see how Isiah Thomas played him when he comes back out probably January or February. But. This is now a team I look at lingo. You better still be a playoff team you'll make the playoffs that's a joke. And I'll look I'm not sitting here thinking this team to make the Eastern Conference finals again easy look at its Washington's. Decent team yet. And in my view Washington Cleveland in these are numbered tiles all obviously depends on how things shake out as seamless but now Toronto Kyle Lowry left in me. I I'm not sweating teams like Toronto and they can't date they can't do a whole lot but it. My expectations change in the sense that. I want to see more of the young guys develop and look I guess he's still there yet eat the heating get a ton of money offers. Outside of Toronto. I'm still not a word about Toronto but. My expectations change when it comes to the young players you need to see Jalen brown take that next step. You need to see Jason Tatum. The basically a top three rookie of the year candidate. So I think we've hit or out this year and I didn't think you're gonna win certainly when the title this year. It actually in a way unless he were comes back in stinks and for whatever reason is like never write or just mentally he can't do the same things at his word about breaking a leg again. I think this team now will end up being better positioned next year when Hayward fully healthy. And this team will be better for Hayward missing time because rounding Tatum are gonna get a lot more time. I appreciate that optimistic outlook. You're probably right. But it's still so I mean I do not wanna see that happen you wanted to see him play this year I will say this. I am not I am shocked. At some of these people that think the cavs are better and if you're one of them good men and I just don't think they're better at all. And then last year or I do think there are worse this year than they RL then they were last year. I do not think the cavs are better at all this year Dwyane Wade means nothing to me nothing to me Derrick Rose breaking down if you want it. Gold with a Isiah Thomas and say he could be. An impact player down the stretch in the playoffs I'll give you that. Wade and and rose mean nothing to name. Wade is my least favorite player in NBA history I hate him yep he's a dirty bastard I can't stand him. But the reason I think this team is better why at least once Isiah as healthy. They have a lot more depth that was their biggest problem last year was their bench stepped was called rat yeah. Their bench is much better now I do not like wade he still can play a little bit now grows can still play. Their bench is much better now Elise and as a comes back that's why I think this seems to. That's good that helps but I still think is a league of stars it's a league of talents and digit they don't have a guy on the team as talented as irate and you saw how he handled Golden State you saw how he's able to perform in the playoffs. I think they're works I think there worse and I think. What we sell I mean I've made the analogy. They I think what we saw what we've seen out of them is as good as we're gonna see I think it's. Only going down from here that's when I think based on what I said the other night. The Celtics will be going up and from that game the cavs will be going down I think that's what's gonna. I don't I don't like their yeah I disagree Akron just review more I think you think I don't think the cavaliers are gonna get exponentially better. Year two or three from now but I think this team right now season. Yet again I keep saying it though when Isiah Thomas comes back out. I think that cavaliers team is better than their cavs team lashing you think this team this season we'll have a better chance to be the warriors if they go to my idea. I down I think that's ridiculous. The way cool you writing great way they don't want anybody beats the warriors are Gigabit words of the best team. By a lot. You but you do have a lot of towns in the west now. I I think the cavaliers are better than what they were last year not that's ridiculous there notes. The Viv Dowayne people called Dwyane Wade and that acquisition the thing that put them over the top not the only what. I don't know drew just the addition to your way when you're talking about I think helpless Isiah Thomas who I mean who is really the god eight. That puts them over the top deputies dogma. Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose give you a lot more offensive power off the bench but wade started. While he won't be so. A healthy then you're absolutely right this team is not better than they were last year okay he's not if he doesn't recover you're right. I can't argue that but I think he will and I think the team's going to be better because. Party your problem with the cavaliers last year was. Other then Kevin Love you did not have a great outside shot Isiah Thomas is a better three point shooter an inquiry. Carries a much better finisher at the rent yeah now Isaiah can do amazing things for his size at the rim getting to the rim and getting up there. But carries a much better finisher. In and around the basket. I think is a much better shooter from three and if LeBron is just driving and kicking either love or Thomas that's going to be good for them. As they can put more points so that's our wives and their dark. I I think wade will be useless come playoff time I think rose will be useless come playoff time I think roses a black hole and then. I mean age is bad things happen when hit the ball. I I don't expect that to change. And I say you know way I don't because back healthy I think he's less of a player I think carrier Irving. And it ends there I don't think the captors go to the carrier ring is the mark in kitchen show one of two point seven WB. It's margin kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Looks remarked on Twitter at mark dent aero. Here after its. Strength of your time you feel right. Well I gotta get that going I go to sleep you know in the those let them do you make of him. He was disappointed when I felt so. To me it just goes back to technique and fundamentals and you know making sure everything's. You know working in and yes constant daily if you work on so. I'm back. Marking KG Joseph what are point seven WE yacht patriots not tonight's Sunday football patriots under Bill Belichick out to Eckstein is 85. On Sunday Night Football. Little surprise that that number that's that. It's a pretty good test for them tonight and of the falcons have been great but Matt Ryan still capable quarterback they have weapons. They played bad at home the patriots have. I'm action this'll get to five until they want. Yet this is a big game and I know the falcons have kind of stunk lately. But this is a team it's so much talent offensively. And they do have some down on the defensive side but offensively this team is so much talent and it's a great test for the defense. With RD Ed argument about where the defense where we believe the defense is at this point. But this game is very important it's a statement game really. For the rest away is the schedule gets pretty damn tough for the new pictures. The falcons signature win this year was week two against the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is playing that was again I was an impressive win. Was not a semantic game I think you might event. Then. I mean that there are only two losses go to QA issue each team's. They want at the lions now some of these there was an act giving its alliance gaming should've lost yeah protect. So they could have been you know they could blossom the bears ago loss of aligns. It could be one in four. But they're not they're 32 and they can't be the ACC teams are you think the falcons are winning I have them winning you know why. What's the score one a 2827. Mainly because what to be totally honest I had I had to pick against the patriots at some point. Like you have to. Because I felt like that was the right thing that they can't it is felt right and well first of all they have and earn my selection every single week. That's there I don't think they've earned my. Every week I'm Carol they've played and I picked them because I beat the falcons because of the way the pages of plated home. Pretty bad my. I think the falcons are desperate. Based on the division there in the division especially the saints the Panthers. It's pretty good division yeah pretty competitive division right now. The case of the Super Bowl still lingers. I just picked the falcons I thought that was a spot to pick against the patriots will say I mean I never pick against the patriots with a lot of confidence. Now I think the pitcher to win in this game but I think it's going to be difficult. And I'm worried about a couple areas which split the clip of Tom bridge Tagamet is accuracy is actors he's got a lot better partly because they're not thrown his vertical anymore yeah. That is a major problem it's always been Tom's weakness. Was thrown vertical search and when he cooks is not Randy Moss. Now we're rainy mosque could bill you out of almost any situation. He's not only was he. Insanely fast but at that height and that jumping ability to just jump over ever wanna get that all even if it's a poorly thrown ball like you go back and watch 07 when Tom Brady throws fifty touchdowns. Watch how many of those deep also rainy mosque. Were perfectly in stride or how many of them did Mossad to kind of stop come back a little bit and jump over three dolphins offenders to pull the ball. That happened a lot. His depot has never been the most accurate thing in the world where he's deadly accurate Marie's a surgeon is those crossing routes. And he just puts the ball right exactly where it needs to be every single time. And that's why his actors he's gotten better because they've gone back to more of the old style Patriots offense. Instead of just trying to chuck it up. Let's just cut them up and car from up down the field keep going marching his team down the field. 678910. Yards at a time that's when this seems at their best and they're starting to get back to that that's writing this team's gonna start going rural. I've been doing this the last few weeks I've been kind of putting a number in my head as far as points goes down as in terms of where. I wouldn't see the defense of performance as impressive. So what number. How many points of the patriots give up for you to consider it a successful defense perform. If they keep the falcons unnerved they keep the falcons 124. That's a good defense a performance yeah especially against a team this much talent out now they haven't played great to start the season but they still have a ton of talent. You keep that offense under 24 points with the way this defense has played yeah far this season that's a win I think that's fair. Mustn't lose the yeah knocked it well I think that's fair but if you can moan or point four. I think the defense has done a pretty damn good job if you keep them under 24 points that's a pretty damage on the defense yes. Yeah and I'd like to see some punts you know I'd like to see it by the falcons. But I yeah that is a good job if you can keep them. Under you know 23 touchdowns somewhere in there with Matt Ryan. And because they've scored points 232330. And then they scored only seventeen the last two weeks. But the bills and dolphins I mean the bills at least have play good defense. The dolphins. They're all over the place. But there's often have a lot of talented yeah that that team's reared yeah very bizarre he bit. My least favorite quarterback of all about Jay Cutler all time cod could anyone care less than that jackass what how you if your fox. Wanna put that guy on TV no idea no idea Tony Romo has been very good. Very good yeah Jay Cutler looks like he does even care about football he's only he is like. Here you know who is was that he's Keith fault. He's key fall yet doesn't really care about the sport he's actually going full would have rather played hockey Asia's real baseball player now okay. Pope didn't really care about but you don't you don't like it doesn't really tell me how I will say this about Jay Cutler in his defense. He is so one like you said I I can't stand him you can't stand him what is fox thinking. But they were. Who was very unlikable himself. Is awesome on television he's really I love him on TV Denning and anyone sitting next David Ortiz on television don't look good and Ortiz has sucked. Well they read have been very good yeah he's good he's really good he just gets. Interesting you know hand gestures and mannerisms in inflection and yeah he's got so maybe it'll let's hold off on the on the Jay Cutler TV crushed. Maybe he's better than we were just because he's a sour puss and unlikable maybe he'd be better on TV. Right I think Jake colors actually really bright guy. Went to Vanderbilt yeah good school Harvard of course I'll just go just because you're a bright guy does it mean you're any good on TV now from now. But romo's got a pretty good job growth are and I think we. But I think we need to temper that a little bit because he is replacing Phil Simms who has been dreadful for five years at least. Absolutely dreadful so anyone coming in their after Phil Simms don't look good I think romo's been pretty good. Not a may I Jim Nantz feels alive again you know it's Erica yeah he won and he feels at least half alive yeah. He's still dead per one did you say you know OC he's been. I don't know. Jim name means Phil Simms is just. He if he had to carry that guy I just that was that was. It was brutal it was brutal for a long time it's it ran its course. Say that but I got this I'm excited about this game because I wanna see this deepest spot of one in every game this year is going to be difficult. The defense will be tested in every game and this is a good test especially coming off of it. You know you've played them twice now in the last calendar year. So we'll say it's game at home where they've been terrible leader need to play better integrate test of defense. What's Malcolm but again until you know with Gilmore and bro how that's really tough for this team Korea and then you also have to deal with the Freeman and Coleman. Now. Like I said earlier in the show Coleman is my biggest worry going into this game because of his ability out of the backfield catching the ball. And just being able to run for ever. That worries me who how this team can deal with him. Because they've not shown a great ability dealing with running backs that can catch above the backfield source of the smaller quick ones who they don't deal well those guys. Which is weird because they play against them every dame practiced as they have to move them themselves. And Lewis and why. They don't play well against them. So I'm worried about Coleman in this game I'm hoping the falcons are stupid and continue to limit Coleman's touches. I don't think they will be that's stupid but I'm hoping they are. He. Not gonna ask a question that could be a little hot vacation I don't so feel freedom. Bash me whatever. But the way the defense is played obviously has been bad air towards the bottom of the league and in many categories multiple categories. We've seen Porgy it's a play before from this team. Is there anything Bill Belichick can do. Negatively. From the it from a defense perspective that could hurt his legacy. Because we all know he's a great defensive coach giants' defense of coordinator carried off the field on the shoulders of his players. He's known as defense genius. Can anything happen before he retires that would hurt his legacy. I mean he said that he said some bad defense is in this Bill Belichick Bill Belichick. Now I know you're sang and the answer is now a cap I. I think what you are most people party think his greatest coach of all time OK so there's not a lot he can do what about to distract from that that's a perspective. Yeah might shake that defensive genius label little bit but I don't think it matters when you got five rings not enough don't matter and back into question. I just about defensive genius Bill Belichick the game plan in the giants. Redskins super whatever that was the game plan in the rams' Super Bowl. Those big game remains in the hall of fame is and it. Oh yes so like. I know we have do your jobs in this in that neat bite and notice yeah that did the game and defensively ago. I just as a defense it's x.s and those guys. I don't know I think this is the worst defense in the league I mean what am I supposed to say why. If your defense genius it should never get him doing this again it should never be that bad. It should never be that that. It doesn't have to be top five every year but why should that that why. And I don't think his legacy takes a hit unless he goes one on fifteen our own 600 billion wrecker record that would really hurt the legacy yes I'm going dad and I. Now I still don't think it hurts legacy that they get that point just like man doesn't happen anymore Briscoe to vote and loses it at some point yeah. That that's threatening it happens but and I'm not saying it should I'm just wondering if defensive genius of that. Moniker that legacy takes a bit of a hit with the way the defense I think he still is a defensive genius as you look at the talent they have there. It's not a lot everywhere OK you know yet some good players across our lives we don't have yet it's Belichick GM. It's Belichick the GM's legacy which is never gonna be nearly as good as boats at the coach's legacy is because he. Puts himself in situations. Where he gives himself not enough town to work with. And look at their defensive line this on a town there you look at that line backing where there's not enough talent there now the secondary has enough talent yes it really does. Especially Gilmore is healthy. But the other two defensive units do not have enough talent they just don't. You know high terror is a great linebacker at the other kids are not great. That defensive line not great. Yes but my hope was that you have high tower there who is one of the better linebackers in football correct me if I'm wrong on your right hand. Because of that I know you don't have elite talent. Beside him a B you have him you can't find somebody and you kick it I genetic at least suffice. I mean eleven Roberts. In pass coverage has been pathetic. One the Fed has been a little better but these guys I mean pilot and no I'm not a good idea on that you think it's like every team has polish up on the roster. No they're not good but both for that but that's why those teams suck though. The really good teams have good players at different levels. The really good ones too. But when you have an entire defense of wine they can't get to a quarterback pro football focus has Malcolm brown as the patriots best offense you know I don't care what pro football focus ever says. Because this team. They're saying the defense is the seventeenth best defense well why are they I think it's thirty points in thirty seconds. Policy and in yards out that can't be the seventeenth best defense like that now 32 in pass defense yards. And we easy thirtieth in points some like. And that's not the seventy S defense and only now I'm saarc. And Malcolm brown has not been the best defensive player on this team he did play well last week he did jets get a very good game but. He's the best player he hasn't been the best player wearing a lot of ways my forties probably your best player most reliable player defensively. After the chiefs game app he's one ever on sucked in the chiefs. No 100 game. This defense is not a good but they are getting better they're slowly getting better we've seen improvement week to week in a lot of areas. Again you brought up earlier the run defense last week very good very good very good. It's getting there but let's also pump the brakes on the jets jets suck and I know their record is a little deceiving right now. They're crap they have vet they have no talent. None Matt Forte old law Powell overrated. This team that team's not very good. Again I just can't stand when. Hey coach talks about. Points. It's him it's about points. If you don't give up yards any yards you don't give the points so I wanna see I I've tried like hell and I can't find it. And it pisses me off. I wish there was a stat I wanna know how many hunts. Team there's got to be a step for punts forced. I wanna know how many teams or which team has forced the most punts. In the last year and a half. Or in the last two you know how many parts of the patriots forced this year compared to other teams. That's the staff I'd like to see I can never find. Maybe that's on me I wanna know who forced the most putts and who forced the least amount of putts and that's defense punts. You forced punts can they not moved the ball yet they do attitude just alluded because you know the bend don't break defense philosophy. Hasn't worked for them throughout the year we ask Jeff Tom Brady you have an offense yeah yeah Willie even defensively work for them because they wouldn't give up a lot of points it gets you into the red zone and they'd shorten the field so much that. You can't do a whole lot against them but now these teams are getting in the red zone and having no problems going against them. None but why why you let them get into the red zone why not try to. Clean up. It between the thirties. You know like if I don't what somebody hey nobody's rob my house but I let me into my house did you ever rob me don't even let a man. Stay away well that's what this defense should be doing now is work in the past so you can't argue with them what what's worked for them in the past. What worked in the past is not what's working right now because your letting teams into the red zone and their walking in your house in on Hank. A six point yeah yeah not a problem diaries have more room for error if future I mean and they'll say that they're trying but if you don't let them move the ball at all. Yep more room for error OK they got a couple first on the got a couple first out. That's it and down and you know now they went from the 25 up to maybe the 45 an amateur upon market. We get back goes she'll pick coach bill and I. Try to fight figure out a movie we're gonna watch. As the market can show a two point seven W ya. I welcome back as a marketing kitchens show bill is still coming right up first suck to Ralph in Cranston Ralph good morning. Good morning guys. I have discussed this earlier. What. Bill before the injury sort so excited about but of course they at a delicate bill. But now off. It could turn country and you know we have also report it right back tablet but. Look at it this obviously is our go to. Your doubles in. Like if there. In that were so that the order could order a quote collect where I'd say that we saw last year it okay whatever that he cannot ignore god. You know he doesn't look like. He Joker quicker guy. I reached quote with the game. At the band are we haven't moved if there's. So we will look at it if it was very different probably the oil and big now what is. Though he didn't rule especially the weight brag like structure a European. Thanks for the call Ralph I think that he's going to be the guy that we expected him to be the guy that can fill it up the guy they you can turn to when you need a basket. So you don't get no one of those situations where there's no hope for an offensive play to be made you can go to Irene he can win a one on one battle in score. Isiah Thomas was that guy. To what extent. I do I lost confidence in him in class situations and you know when things really tightened up I expect Harry to be that guy when you need a bucket you can go to him. I am assuming you'll get to that point. I do wanna see him be more selfish. And assert himself a little bit more. But if you go back to his time in Cleveland this is. He's kind of doing some of the same stuff he's doing in Cleveland you know rob brings up he's not handling the ball all the time it wasn't only the ball all the time in Cleveland either. A lot of times he's. Essentially. Within the rotation on the offense is playing that off guard position. You're kind of seeing a little bit of the same suffer again I don't really know how much did the how much has changed from Brad win Hayward out I can't imagine a lot. Easy don't change the system up you want guys split within the system that you're gonna use one here were returns anyway. But I need to see how I read be a little more selfish. And yes more of the onus is on him without Gordon Hayward there. But he's got to become that guy. I want to see him shoot Alex seemed she. Yeah I enjoy the visual C and he makes a lot of creative shots he's great at the rim as you said earlier. Entity needs to be that guy when they need a basket. You give him the ball you get out the way that was the guys was in Cleveland when they were winning the finals yet you know down the stretch LeBron was an act I. He needs to be more selfish. And I I need Seymour 12 ball with him and Horford. Yeah they're running off each other because Horford is a very good point center in terms he takes the ball he holds there you'd let everything kind of figure itself out name makes the right pass he's very good passing big men. I'd like to see them play 12 ball a little bit more accepting this team will. Will surge figure itself out the next couple weeks Celtics back in action on Tuesday night. At home against the next guy should smash that in bill is chill mom this week bill and I. It coach bill and I find a movie that we're gonna watch so this is the second week to. Of bill is chill here. Good you do okay today I was thinking watching movies Wheaties certain OK cool. Bruton rich get these they'll learn DVD is critical. Sure you're within her romantic comedy right. And you think about being a movie. You could be built the Hollywood hunk your age you may call it world. I'll try to figure out what my watch. We don't know yet more of an update on the roster. Here's horse he'd lose you when it's that whipped cream bikini bill that's not that is tied to Tweeter can ball I mean he was settlement before Adelman was up. This is a player that is a secret we're never gonna find a movie. They won a legal game wrong team when he's batted an eye. I don't know what else to do that Cisco's ability holes are now that the car me jump for it. So I was bills show put in the next bill is still. I think I I thought somebody said we we play Mario Kart that's the next one Mario cart yeah bills a local news on I've for Mario Kart once he got whipped cream bikini. We. I don't want you all laugh the movie is horrible by the party blue socks. It was a the only reason being bullied you and me actually like it. Because we're of that age yeah we're made sense for us we're both and I think middle school at the time when his little amount and maybe just being a high school freshman year in middle school. That in these are a lot of funny quotes the cool things that you could still quote now that make you laugh I don't the only thing the only seen one of I don't want realized. The idea and the only seen net worth that Damon that entire movie and I can't remember her name but she was smoke and hot Alley water without who was yeah martyr. When the whip cream McKinney. 00 yeah the Florida auctions CNET that day. When Tweeter comes into the truck though. It was bleaker. As she uses. A there's a lot of he probably does know he does that mean to win on Mondays when he's down there with dale and Holley. It was last year he couldn't stop talking about the World War II museum in Natick Massachusetts. Real good sub talked about he loves. Military history to amp as yeah maintenance. He loves that so I bet I bet he'd love to hacks are ridge Saving Private Ryan all those that patent aria. Sure election movie. Look at hopefully we label we see out of steam tonight as they play the falcons actually it's stadium Sunday Night Football pages to try to get to five and two. Should be agers think it's gonna be back with you my friend it's exactly in two months is CEO it's been around long now our next show is when we're not on next week I don't think right. I don't things and now from so will be back a message get out as folder and it did you seek the open our mind. But dom. Our next show will be. Yeah so the pages I week. So be able to assess. Where the team is that. On their bye we did with the chargers next week which should be a win shadow home chargers aren't good but again I guess at this is is is this season and no guarantees cell. We'll see what happens 28 it's when he denied patriots went. The falcons winning 20/20 seven we're gonna be around and we'll see how that goes. For being kitchen a marked and Eros Ewing two weeks is the mark in kitchens show won a three point seven WEE.