The Mark and Kichen Show - Mark and Ben are live at the CVS Health Charity Classic; Willie McGinest talks Brady's retirement and locker room camaraderie 6-24-2018

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Sunday, June 24th
Hour 1. Mark and Ben are live from the CVS Health Charity Classic. They talk about Hanley Ramirez being eyed in a drug trafficking ring. Willie McGinest joins the show to talk about Brady's retirement, locker room camaraderie, and learning to golf. 

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You've Smart kid kitchen. NBA draft the Boston. Dell picks like raw. Everybody just a quick update we haven't. The issues getting holder Robert this morning so we're going to hold on the conference call. Legs apart. The drama was all coming from each week. Kill the heat heated up in the Ramirez being guided connection with the ongoing federal state investigation and that's that's that has found very hard enough I actress Kim young man and that kind checking today's memorial at tackle is. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Not a choice anyway that's Italian has really creeping back and make it is because that. I will agree I too much TV it's cotton yeah big. OK as a general Italian thing as Corzine Babbitt appropriate I just can't trust us you can't trust red heads and general Hank because you can't. I have never done for the most part he likes to get them as young as hot yet. What the senator creepy I got our freezer full of obstacles. A sports Radio One 03 point seven. Oh meant to be here in Barrington. Rhode Island for the CBS. Golf care plan we right now. On the sixteenth. Eighteen. Offers looking at your sort of go off course. I'm not sure that the polite thing to do not proper etiquette but it. It's a great. History. Of dollars. Cherries. And do it. It's got to be one of the best in the country Europe he would have been doing its. Only started there's still doing it it is still going strong. It's the pro and the actual. The actual day is tomorrow. Or Roy. Who's currently playing at the travelers in Hartford he will be here. One of the biggest games I've ever gotten. It is an honor to be here we hope you join us later on I'm Latino celebrities on the course street now we just. Beat yourself former Boston red sock in the current theory goes over to come through here. I butchered a few and a whole butchered it into thoughts on a couple times out of the bunker hit a couple issues in the bunker didn't have a nice little chip shot from off the green. Gets onto the green nights you know itself a little something. Really put an am and program. He associates. At least in the maybe he said he said he had a bad round of matter are and figures just about this economy watching your money team because I went down to talk to them. Greed you'll only see me butchered eighteen. You don't what are you known if you butchered and so we're hoping to get a few guests on today we hope Brad Faxon join us co host for the tournament. Can be around eleven laughter faction is playing in the afternoon grouping here. If you're around the area. I would highly suggest coming out there who look I've been covering this event for five years. I don't remember. Bigger names on this list of people playing in celebrity pro or on the course are now Ty Law Willie mcinnis and think he's playing he's out there he's walking. He may join us we'll see it keep you updated data barrows is out there. Ben Coates is out there. Brett Quigley data quickly. Some big named Wally Szczerbiak is on the course right now Joseph injures he's on the course. How to get Wally Easter eggs Ken Hodge. For the hockey people out there so Billy Jack he's out on the course right now in the and I just told Szczerbiak deployment of pressure on any sort of Tuesday she beckoning I don't remember you'll remember that went out for scam when he first came to Boston did Bustamante go to Africa to photo shoot out with shirtless. Perfect and the women ages when an analyst guy was put them Nomar one from the cover vests are without his yoke dub ya systems error there. Tom. Afternoon group backs in this grenades Brian Scalabrine explained the great asset good names Bruce Cassidy. This is for sorry Brooke Anderson is boring one of the best players in the LPGA and rate croft random but line Jay Feely Derek Sanderson. Game cope and a lot of big names here at the pro am today. The golf the real soft and what about the pros will be here tomorrow we have a lot to talk about this week a bomb. And I wanna start. With the NBA draft and what the Celtics did with 27 pick songs and give my opening offers and you have an opening not on sex. I wanna say I absolutely loved. Love with the Celtics did there was talk of injury trading opera whatever they're gonna. Trade a bunch of people and maybe golfing will get more Obama would have got it from Texas was when when an. That would have been OK I did not like him giving up a lot to do that you get I like what they did and they got a guy who is a perfect fit. For what they do we sell the Scott played at Providence in the tournament he wrecked Havoc against Providence. He's a defensive. You know he's a defensive force down low on the block. I absolutely loved that they did. And I think he's got ticket feeding in right away they have scores they have guards that can score their wings that can score this guy you know what I hope. I should issue Italy this ticket they need to reach our markets Smart and now they need to pair. Robert Williams in market smartly need to become the bash Brothers of the Celtics are a lot. The Mighty Ducks got to defensive. Rough riding. Savages. Who just can. Or to take over game defensively but just give the Celtics and identity defensively because you know they have an offensively with Ky every next year. Gordon here were coming back we know decent medium is Apollo score despite being twenty years Ole. You add Jim Brown who can play defense I love what this guy does the identity of the teen I loved it dated NAFTA trade anybody. Picked 27 what do you want to pick 27 knows perfectly that depict 27 is a tough pick to cash in big time. Our that they did as well as they possibly could have I love the well anytime you see you guys start to fall in phone phone draft I think. It's your responsibility to take that guys pursuing here at the end of the first round right I think they did the right thing by taking your mind concern with him. Is that he's Shawne Williams from Boston College 2.0. Good hours commitments good athlete. Can have an impact on the game but can't get his head. John Williams could of had a fifteen NBA career earnings had drug issues that need this guy have a drug background he had an issue and he got suspended aka I don't know what the suspension was actually full work but we don't know it was drugs no. But telling Ted has other issues that should simply drug related uses some knucklehead in general Michael this it isn't just snuck but Tom Williams was who found itself out of league entered for yours okay. This kid could not that haven't unpacked on this team. He could have very good impact on the team owner and needs to start with or for if you wanna go down that road and have a big body come off the bat second grabs in regard to protect the ramp that's. It's it's a perfect sent scenario where they didn't have to give up anything. To get a player that will contribute on this team. I was pressured with all the people that wanted them to get up into the top five in the cents. You've got these assets they can go to another supersonic help you win now in for the future. Instead of just another guy he wanted to develop you have enough of a young core right now the don't meet and another. Young nine given some time to do were you frustrated about that I was rusher with the fact that they might have treated. Things like Smart and Morrissey and rose year to trying get up into the top five I didn't want them to do that that never made sense given up too much of your core identity which those young guys are now especially terrors here I don't wanna give up. For you would have to enter here to get a top five player tough fight. No the problem was it wasn't going to be just terrorists here who's gonna be all of those I would've been up here and more should get another hit I was market to more wasn't going to be just to update these teams especially the kings wanna Jim Brown or not that was not a daily route but I know I don't get up mark mores and rosier. That's a lot of your identity right now look what happened in 2008 after the 2008. Celtics won the championship. They lost some of those key role players off the bench yup and they could never do it again James Posey was gone in the couldn't do it again. Did you even after 2008 the only season yet really okay well part of the problem there was 2009 Kevin Garnett gets hurt if he doesn't get hurt. But he got hurt in Quincy or you're meeting again. Saudis want it now another blow up. The the the core of your bench I which is sort Russian Boris is a guy you can replace a let's and one of them keep markets more I get a top five any one of them you can replace about a problem. All three of them it's gonna get harder to replace the crime. They wanna brown what do you tear everything up the phone I don't even answer the phone if I know that are addicted to the apps the right thing took a guy who fail in the draft young guy was projected to potentially be a top ten pick if not sure fire lottery pick. Snagged point seven. I think there's great move by Danny Ainge to stand pat great. Great move to stamp especially when you consider. What they got I thought the coverage of the drafters interest thing. Because. The people the reporters he insiders anyone ought to tweak the pics well yeah it is like around so much treat awards announced he can't we depict. But rape for the Celtics sources say waste any other very intrigued by this guy and I forget how he worded it but basically telling me that they're gonna draft this guy and nickel in disguise that was great. Whatever you know the NBA draft which funny is that there can be. You go back four years from now look back mr. that might not be won the that's NBA draft it's possible in the NFL I don't there're more players more positions and all that they're literally could there could be not one good player to commodities dropped so we'll say. I don't think we. I don't think to be the case with people like badly. And some of the guys. For young I think we'll have a place in the week but. What the Celtics are able to do there in the fact that these guys perfect mean. Ain't nowhere else to slash it's him. Bill Belichick he doesn't always draft war I mean. Sometimes with Bill Belichick is and I'll be rooting for him drops amity and he won't drafts of the I want merger actually I've heard of and this is a need at the and as a result I'm happy because they get a guy that I think they need to transition to build a ticket sellers in over our children if it. Yeah I'll take credit for that all right. We keep your head and you'll probably should be. Joined now by Willie McGinest Willy or yeah I am well good morning good morning how are you guys do it very well thank you for joining us if I'm a patriot thing. NFL network employee and offer knowledge they're not golf and I have not golfing or taking lessons from there pro. I'm learning a lot codes of oh wait force over how accurate just so you know swearing. Two point swing at it pretty good news straight so that's a start excellent we're here at the CVS charity classic pro am. Just golf what it. So you're due out any kind of golfing background inflating dot at all I have another celebrity charity thing and fourth. Four events like this on c'mon. Support not a good golfers he. Kinda heading back to make jokes have a good time sailboat everybody you know and have fun. Yeah early impressions of the game which I think you're good acting drivers are you putting masks there will Wear that I think my driving in my putting is mired attributes right now. It's where it is the it's a problem. I was very putting and driving out of hundred yards is an option menace I hear you but that's that's one of the game's challenge. She's the people here in the first few minutes judges make them match of few different things but. We appreciate Jordan as a way actually. Well yeah they're predicts Tom Brady he retired hatred when the super overseas and we talked about each other. I did say that and you know it's what I said it wasn't this year on the would have they would in two years since it was put those 45 stores in 41. And you know. When you get to a certain agency started chains these storms but what we're to vote them in the offseason. Football takes so much body out of your you do with the right way like he goes. And your training and there's really no days off to a couple weeks off and answer. The preparation. Is its readers. To play at his level it VP of the leader of 41. Thumb there's a lot of sacrifice so. I know. The number six as far as the Lombardi. Mummies are written submitted history. But I know the numbers six. Price sit back and like you know. This will probably never be duplicated by another player individual players notre Australia what 66. Charles Haley has six. And I think that's the that's the goal or the way the straws that thought process I trust that's why at least five years matters cowboys right Sophie gets six. QB breaks you can go low and that'll result. What do you think. An agent said maybe it's this year if they when cerebral maybe two years do you think if they had won the super what was pasture he might have retired. I'm not sure I don't think so I think he loves the game too much. But he pot with a lot of water before I was spent some time I was. It's hard to walk away when you're the MVP in your playing at such a high level when you have so much passion for the game but again like there's another side. The hardest part of this game is getting ready to preparation for the game. And adored it the right away like he is and his hand for the guys in the league that. They go all out and expert a lot of money under you know and he prepared for the season their bodies. In training. You know your family you know they sacrifice you know so there's there's. There's there's a lot of it is the result is always amazing when you play you know when you win and play at a high level board you do sacrifice some things along the way. Now the pitchers have had a it difficult offseason with a lot of rumors flying around about. Potential employees being described he's been a long time in the locker room you've dealt with these are the situations in the house in 2001 you guys haven't. Little bit of a quarterback controversy. For you guys in the locker room. Power units dealing with caritas communicating with each other about these reports a commodity and it just laugh out number how's that handled internally. Or a finger stays in through laws because its phase internal I think that's the best thing about the patriots of that organization. Up until now you really didn't hear anything you know there's not going to be something that come out of the locker room is gonna be a distraction. Or that's sort of you know pushed players away from each other. There's situations in every single lock room across the benefit trust me that goes on things happened. With players with coaches players amongst players. There's things that happen and the teams that are able to keep everything in house. And handle everything amongst each other. And let everybody else figure it out. You know those are the things that you know that move forward and avoid those distractions work you know there are people. At some point that leave the that it fit and they talk. We'll speak and that there's been a lot of chirping this offseason about how. Well you know it's not that much fun playing for the PQ you played there are a short time was it fun was it any fun playing for the New England Patriots water one guy art Harris is more yes he's talking about it. Specifically that turned on the Kansas City embassy why wasn't fun for him I mean the guy was terrible he played bad. When you don't play well. When you don't execute when you give up a lot of big plays which he did when he was there and you don't fit into the system here it's not fun. You know stuff for you lose either. And when you're not a part of what scored all of and and doing your part or doing your job though it's not fun I had a great. Was it all perfect of course not if anything what what is in the nugget in in any type of business sport whatever. But we had a group of men are believed in each other we love dutrow that we play for each other work accountable. You know we laugh we had a great time together sometimes we cry together you know and sometimes we fought no we fought it's who we got into it was. I highly competitive locker room and group amid. And that we all help each other to a high standard so. In football there's no it's. You know you can't beat. Too emotional about certain things peoples they have certain things. It's before the end of the day you know that's our job. In one of affairs when asked about there was obviously a lot of chatter about Malcolm ball enough playing Super Bowl. Do you think is that something that basin which noble Bill Belichick will he address that with these players because it sounded like some of them wanted answers after that game would he bring that up to the team once the teams maybe finalize this year I don't think there's something he would have made it. Big deal about right before the game. I think I would have been probably bigger destruction I'm sure he had the compensation. What the defense of coordinator in my local and it dated feel like he was ready to go for whatever reasons I was. Whether it was during the week am I being prepared or plan at a certain level or him. Philip things out right before the game you know that's that's that's a tough decision to host has to make. And you know I know bill pretty well and he's gonna put the guys that are best equipped best prepared out there. And for what I'm here it's still think that was the case were mild home and I know. It's a big game and a lot people wanna point out that one particular thing but it's hard to take away you know what Philadelphia did in that game you've got to expect what they did did. I don't think one player. Who's gonna just change everything around. Would you of one and an explanation if you're on that defense if you didn't know that he was going to be sat before the game started. Well I'm sure gore and it sort of guys that was supposed to don't know you know captains and guys going to say and do what was happening and you know from now for an all missed the biggest game real life yeah and you got to prepare nuclear. You're worried about certain things you it's already tough enough stay focused. Would all the other distractions that go along with the Super Bowl you know that's happening. So. Link Johnson came out he had similar comments to Cassius marsh but he also brought something else that table talk about not remembering the wins and losses and more. Just kind of remembering the camaraderie when his career is all said and done as someone it was a locker room leader. If you saw your teammate makes us have Carmen how do you handle that how do you speak to about it. Or what do you do. I'm happy that lane won the super bull and he was part of Philadelphia history. And deservedly so I just don't think the economists that needs to be made about. Having fun you know you won a Super Bowl enjoyed of the offices and enjoy your teammates enjoy everything that comes along with it. The bridges have had a lot of fun quote it's possible slow I don't know which you equate that to you know relating you know lane. He's you know he's. He's entitled to speak whatever put into eastern time and I'll locker room. Two you've been a part of that process or parts. Of the min and coaches that's an airlock remote in which to speak on that I think you're only entitled to speak go where you've been in where Europe. And you know connect blood he had yet fun you know he was with Philadelphia for awareness of bulls. And and goal with a team that's a good chance on him that he was released by you know Pittsburgh so. For some guys that work out for some guys that don't that's gonna be whatever single team you go to our district to guys. Our war in Philly prior to to what they're doing that I did have a good time in Philly. Organ like the coaching staff or for whatever reason you can go down a lot of everything else that you Kelly Phillies here upstairs like you see it. Everybody you know are you gonna find certain people on every team that's not going to be happy when. Oh well I mean that's that that's the job. Willie McGinest joining the market insurers to see he has countered classic program that was one thing that one that needs wanna get into golf so the make it collector is it. Its capital. Gulf gulf of here because it is great to hear. Of playing the game is taking lessons they want a blurted out of. On alert because there's a lot of good things that happened on the golf course a lot of relationships are made in do a lot of events like this happens and you want that you know you wanna be out there employers. The nudges rival route on the cart. That the you know I think overtimes it oh my pace since business does that base in sport. And no matter how athletic and how great you are whatever else you do it. You come here and be humble. But they've got it and I look forward to that up but I am I almost thought a moment more work my way and slow. Are we thank you so much for joining us to look at all of your golf endeavors enjoy this time there in again we appreciate it thanks round. Willie McGinest on the market kitchen show and we are gonna go to break we get back and Ben has thought about him mare's back here is market Angela two point seven WER. Now mark and kitsch and on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. We're back in part yeah Joseph yeah. Definitely I would life and he helped your classic program. Be faced with a mcinnis who just joined us those awesome yeah it was great came up here are trying to get his golf game going. Understands the challenges. We understand the challenges well base and the people that we've seen come through here and I don't know twenty minutes. Tough game. Beautiful course at a Rhode Island country club. And we are perched above the eighteenth fairway rated the sixteenth tee box. And I mean this is just ridiculous that view we have you're partly right next to the bar. This year. This event. Most importantly here to benefit charities we talked about that great charities. This event has raised over millions millions of dollars for a rarity in the twenty years. So what Brad Faxon and Billy under what they would they've been doing has been unbelievable we hope that we are joined by Brad Faxon at some point during the show. Maybe in the 11 o'clock hour. But for now. I give my opening bottom Celtics now with a join us this you know Hillary Ramirez. That's that's probably does it wasn't expecting that kind of situation. To unfold. If you gaining here. Hanley is reportedly being investigated. Can it go that far I mean that's the word right. Yeah in a drug trafficking. Rain or situation where up that Lory Manning investor is investigated whose connection to this drug trafficking ring so what happened was. Simply basically got busted back there in the car they get busted. They check in you can correct me from a gun leave anything out but they checked the the trunk and there's a little black box in the trunk. The person who got pulled over by police at that dot blogging here or there were drugs in the box. And there was a facetime call that went to heavily as far as I know that's the primary connection. What do you make of this and what are your thoughts on this New York will. One of I think the update you kept hearing rumors and people on the radio and on some of the tees it kept talking about even as a Parcells torture crops talked about this as well. We keep hearing something but we're not willing to go with it because we don't know enough and weren't sure which true and I applaud them for doing them they waited until someone actually. Could really look into it right and actual piece about this which Michelle we didn't have very good job of as she usually does. Put down. This stuns me. Because I didn't know what the rumor was just keep hearing people say hey there's some debate on handling. Where it talked about yet but there's something bigger I'm stunned and stunt any player professional athletes done that he's part of this yes whether it. Even if he's loosely connected to it. I'm stunned that any of these pro athletes get this far down on the road with drugs. Your millionaires. And you play any games it. You know the drug game which only can and your life what okay well no it out of freedom relies so you it appears that you're pretty us oldies Portis. Guilty. Up until I'm told that he's connected to this and someone. What the case in the face time with increased funding or. Not seen enough these athletes get in trouble for this kind of stuff like meet new boss was 660 pounds of pot as caller. But these guys don't understand what he's a sense I mean I sometimes you can't use it at all. Michigan let's guess that he would be involved in and it was for money. For sport which do I don't know that's the confusion of it. Keeping money you've got plenty of money. You've got more than enough money so why are you getting involved in something like this that you and your career puts you in jail potentially in your life. It makes no sense at all those stupid but here's the first time in athletes and stupid. It's not a it's not something I mean these things happen but do you think the Red Sox knew about this when they decided to part ways with him. I would I mean look. I don't know. The owner of the Red Sox owns the Boston Globe and the Boston Globe that's investigative reporters reporters people here think sources I mean Dave you don't think maybe possibly. He's been tipped off by something I didn't. I think I mean at least some of the little guy he's gonna go to Red Sox the guy was excellent in April yet so. What you know in April. Yeah somebody that he's its usual Jackie Bradley junior Matthew judge Greg junior remembered this guy is proven that he can be a force in the just give up on about it no we're gonna surprise the twenty trillion dollar whatever what 22 million after 495 dot I get it that you give up on him. Quickly. After he dominated and didn't dominate a guy who whereas. Who is a very good track record and policies he's carried them at times carried a team offensively at times and in the postseason. You watch the World Series last year that World Series was dominated by Buffett's home runs so you give up a guy that's. When he's when he's acts I mean. You know not one of the better hitters in the league but he's up there when he's when he's clicking. I don't know why right they gave up on and so quick exit and we talked about that at the time. So yeah I'm thinking that they knew something I don't I think what's. Obvious about this you've heard not a single other Major League Baseball team had any interest and a guy who can break can break when he's on. Form minimal money. No other team's interest it. That that blows my mind that proves to me. That someone in her Red Sox organization which means someone in Major League Baseball mill which probably filtered out to teams stay away from the sky and Clark he's got big trouble on the horizon. And whether he's actually involves whether or not he's connected to this in some way and are clocking and people were finding out. These teams that are doing their due diligence are finding out something makes no sense but even. Take this drug situation at a that we kind of understood at the same time while they were doing this because they want to get away from that massive contract for next year. So we understood I know but this ad did. This solidifies as yet accurate. I don't know that Ohio okay I looked contract I don't brown okay every one of them. The 22 million. This is baseball I don't really in baseball worry about money I mean I guess John listed at 1 AM that's a lot of money. If you thought that I was gonna help you mean this team is supposed to be ready to win the World Series now if you thought that I was gonna help you now. This isn't you know the talks are Bill Belichick where they have this MO of all of a shocking. You know. Release David cut a guy out of nowhere and she got coming Logan Mankins are normal. They don't do those sort of things you. So I'm gonna go with their track record history and are gonna say that was ought. You know that in that was something uncharacteristic. But now that we hear all this makes more sense it makes a lot more sense there was salary can after the money shouldn't be the first thing you get. At the time you know there's a salary tax that there is that luxury tax threshold which can cost a lot of money which fairway Oprah's. I'm not worried about it as much money and it's not a salary caps I don't worry about it as much but. The twenty million at the time just looking at him getting released saying okay data wanna pay that twenty million actually they've got a lot of guys they're gonna have to figure out how to. Re sign a sign or whatever and that's just going to be an albatross contracts to meet. Take the drug situation it's still kind of made sense to get rid of him because he didn't wanna make sure he gets that for 97 mark. So that his 22 million plus is guaranteed for next year you wanna get there anyway plus liquidity may. You sold adds it would that in May he was hitting 160. So you'd think he just gave up. He had one bad month this season he's been a streaky player for them and is tired he and his entire run here with the Red Sox are good months is that really bad month. Plus what Alex Corson at the time kind of made sense. I'm worried about him taking a reduced rule becoming a problem we see other guys do that. We've seen guys become a problem in the clubhouse when they're not getting what you think the retouched you know something about this I think it definitely. Look it's worked out because Mitch Moreland has played well. I just because this guy gut. Arrested a couple of weeks later doesn't mean they didn't know what was going on these teams have investigators that kind of go around and make sure do their due diligence sometimes they do that a good job doing that. Other times they don't do some bit of a job went to the patriots that are Hernandez but these teams have. Former comps that are on the payroll that kind of watch out for the players make turnarounds getting into too big trouble. Yeah I. I think it is something. And I'm not saying I'm not saying that this stuff about. They want to not want to pay the money or outscored thing that he could become a clubhouse distraction or the swamp. I'm guessing none of that factored. Com. I think it off factored in but I think distracting. Helps put the doubt definitely if you look at all those other factions that we could. We could actually released this guy. With all of these issues and no one would really bad and a couple people might be known really bad and you add in this drug thing it's a slam dunked it. And that's why you're not gonna see the Boston grow your markets in the Boston will be the ones who break the story there you have the habit of burying guys when they go out of town DO Lucchino. These record guys Francona did Kerry ever once they couldn't. Be perceived to be burying the Skype tip. Yeah I mean it's you. Look. I don't get it how you could like you said. Beat in baseball making all the money in making baseball. And get more angled in the something like this audible Lawrence Massachusetts. You know I don't win this is gonna happen at least it was something maybe. You see it at home. Or anyway you like an air Hernandez situation where you can get away from the bad influences that surrounded you you know. Did you connect and civil warrants aware Lawrence Massachusetts that near you. Oh that's I mean that's straight thirty minutes from me yes it's up by its. By the border New Hampshire. Well it's a crappy town after. Enters third I see America that really. West Virginia Ohio in Hampshire author. And it's really bad out western masterpiece. He's got the Greenfield area thank you for Springfield. It's bad out there I don't even know what's essential I was injured ya later. Oh yeah. Yeah it's that that was unbelievable. Not the thing about it is he's got it he was already gone. I had this come on you saw on the Red Sox. That would have been a bigger story I get you know he would have been on the team are much much bigger majority gone he's gone he was released. And I don't know of him being released after this came back if you majority they are designated first time and then he was moved technically release. After the phone call and the rest of that guy in the car. I don't know of that has anything to do with the Red Sox releasing armor that was just a formality. But. The keys. Africa I mean just incredible feats they keep getting these things. All right let's we're gonna take a quick break and we get back here have a thought on the pages something I read I wanna to. Bring your attention we sort of alluded to with Willie but I wanna put deference Internet is the market jolt at two point seven WB. It's market and kitchen. On sports Radio One 03 point seven we. EI. I look back into the market kitchen show. One at that point seven WG I live from the CBS health charity classic pro am. Here Barrick in Rhode Island. Can overlook the the water eighteenth fairway even I was hoping more people would. Becoming a break here we could maybe in you and some of the golf play by play. Jeanne style but we haven't had we have some. The group coming up now out of the penalty here is whispers to you know we're not gonna do that we'll just we'll just bothers jobs out there. Pour advocates but. Radio show. So wanted to bring some model but the patriots had a read this morning that I thought was interesting captain apparently noticed Mike Lombardi you know that is former patriots employee to keep it in the media now back in the media he gets that worker he has fox sports or something. He's coming over the book. Gridiron genius to come. Now now it's at its soon to be replaced at least gridiron genius from Michael Marty. In a little bit a little background for America party worked we've Balata yes with the browns got 91 and 95 they've known each other for thirty something yours. And any work of patriots. Fourteen to when he fifteen. Kiki was with the patriots during the run up to wore in the beat the Seahawks. But in the blog talked about a lot of things a little Bill Belichick actually wrote the forward for the book com. But in the book he talks about how one of the highlights at Mike Reese mentioned if you get a sneak peek of it he matching any Sunday notes section. Was at Bill Belichick is very good at communicating to his coaching staff and communicating with stakes. He he's made to the coaching staff the example that Lombardi references is. In 2009. Belichick drafted the now late Ron Brace due to demand or deepened to tackle got a Boston College. And Belichick admitted to the coaches. That that was what his worst ever graphics on and I thought that was very you know we're. Or the reason that we discussed with Willie. I've been saying a lot since the suitable. That this is a guy that you beat Bill Belichick talking about should be in a situation where he'd. I think it would behoove him to explain his reasoning for benching Malcolm. This book and Lombardi says he does with the coaches if he makes a mistake he tells the coaches. Would he do the same for the players we tell the players if you made a mistake I think he would now Willie. Seemed to think that Belichick told everyone needs to know that what we're gonna sit. During the Super Bowl. That he told them so that makes me feel about that DeVon recording or not it makes me feel worse because they put like such dog crap that dog get. So I don't know why they can get their heads out of their wrath but. As high as you use that language on the eighteenth hole apologize and ask them saying they played so portly. Okay what was the problem is if you will he's right in Bildt told the leaders the people they need to know and he explained why but receiving. You know what happened that night was all system article that was back on. But I'm just wondering if it didn't happen and if more people if he didn't give a proper explanation to the tape and beyond his base and so that in the comments Weaver. A lot of little Marshall searching for some sort of explanation. I mean I don't blame them we have an intimate knowledge no I don't disagree review dog saying say if if they if they haven't gotten an explanation. Based on what Lombardi says in the book where he talked about his mistakes coaches who worked out extend to the players. This is the line from recent column Lombardi praise Belichick for how he acknowledges mistakes to his staff. Which promotes a more honest type of communication as an example of a job Belichick would relate 20092 round draft pick. Ron Brace the lead defense attacked for Boston College as one of his worst ever X. I think what's important errors he acknowledged six to his staff. Not necessarily to his players not necessarily the people there in the organization but to his coaching staff he acknowledges his mistakes. I think he looks at his coaches it's more like he's a mentor slash teachers are kind of going through with them and the players are just commodities. An and that I don't think he feels like they need to necessarily know as much of what's going on their focus should be on the field playing not personal contract. And I get and that's how you do business in that I would that's why it's a coal industry and all these things you com. The probably you know the problem is. These are human being. These are adults these are these are key yet to imaginary takes the human condition of the equation yeah. Yeah but peace but when you're managing people. On the precipice of the Super Bowl these are human beings. They need to be added in these are adults don't call it it yeah so. It's you know you gotta I guess. Be both I know that's hard you've got to be cold and maybe that's the problem with being the GM and coach. Because you need to make cold decisions. As general manager kind of CD's players assets. People that can be traded in cotton that's an aperture also trying to manage them as the coach yes I had to bail them you know handle dealing with them as people. I think you nailed the one major flaw being coach and GM however I mean in an orders as I'd rather have my coach BP GM as well. Because if he's gonna coach players wanted to pick the players yeah that fit right into the system I don't want there to be. Back and forth between the GM and the coach about what's the best system for us is best player not want that. Guy to make those decisions and and I I think though tech is for the most part an excellent job as being the GM. Yeah well as you know he's one of the greatest coaches it's not the greatest coach of all time. So. That's the one major flaw. Is that it's harder for them to digest your decision and you don't have another guy could potentially even own. You know it buck stops right there which is good thing and it allows everyone to look at me like no he's the boss can't run of the back stairs. It's a good thing to have your GM a year ago. And I wouldn't want any other way I'm you say we're going we're getting kind of off the point. He's got a I still think he has to find a way if some of those key guys won an explanation I think he's got to give it to them accident settlement accord he obviously Tom Brady. If any of them go wrong key I mean if they needed it or want an explanation. He's got to give it to them and if they approached him he absolutely has to treat them like adult it can't be some while that my decision is my decision. Problem. Because again what Ben what would bend the point of the benching. If the mid nobody received the message. And I know that that's who said over and over again as. What's the point of doing this if ever announced that it doesn't understand why and what they can do to avoid that situation themselves the most point yeah was point. And I just I was injured I mean he said that he has good communication with coaches or outlined other areas. How we talk to coaches and keeps people and I guess that was inching specifically identified. Acknowledging mistakes. Because. This this is probably the most. Publicized. Mistake if you wanna call it a mistake. I mean if the players think it was a minute whether it was a mistake or not the players think it was a mistake is all that matters and so he we need to explain to them if they want to all be on the same page. Go for now. Mini camp OTAs that got underway. Everything walks in order yup so that's why. People looking gauge people look ready to go so I'm gonna guess everything's gonna be far. So maybe this conversation is obsolete a little bit because they've met they've you know they've seen each other since the Super Bowl. But you know if they're harboring hard feelings. You never know. If you know one little thing where there's one decision he makes in week two that oh. Now people were you know they don't trust him is as much as they don't trust the wrap where this guy and he you know something like that in that can lead to other things. Yeah the problem in this situation compared it to you via. The lawyer Malloy situation from 2003. Is that the players had an immediate distraction. Data to go right into games yeah this way these guys have time to sit armor but and think and just keep trying to digest what happened in that super morning. It can unfortunately create bigger problems than necessary would normally go into week one here ass kicked. You know you come back in your focus right back I'm playing football again in this situation months and months away we're just sitting instilling. And that's why I think it was important for him to address it then with the team. Right you know I I think it loses a lot of punch if he does it now. You know I mean. If he had done right then you could cut some of those hurt feelings off the pass and distractions. In not a word about it anymore but now we're still talking about it. Months admirable honest I mean look that the fates is may have been mended and we think date for the most part have been based on what we heard inside OTA's and mini camp. I'm just saying you know if your girlfriend cheats on and you for giver you can what have you heard. If if that happens and you know you forgive her and you're moving on. But I'm traders zealot as you say that happened yet again. You know you move out the relationship but then oh gee you know she's out with the guys are set. What I'm saying is you moved on everything's good you can function. But that trust maybe isn't fully there and then maybe a little thing. Would kind of set to off because you start from what app you know eventually made the patriots they moved on their finding passed it. But he's gonna have some residual effect where. A little thing that happens later in addition we too were we or words. Personal decision would that have an effect on trust and and yeah rewritten for the middle of the season because they moved audit everything. Britney and trust is like breaking a bone. It's never strong as it was before it can never be as strong as it was before. Can't you could have a 100% trust when to break a onetime nanny of 95% trust. You know her so that that I don't know if that's medically correct light it's in the it's in the science does insurance. We have the son Matt has sent books and let you know you signs book. It we're looking for biology. If is breaking to trust equal to breaking ball so well that I didn't know breaking a bone I would never he'll straighten her songs are as this. It's into a trust it's never strong as it was before once you break it there's always that lingering doubt about your head okay amateurism. But he did screw me over when before and always have them accurately if you have. Don and everything's good I trust you but yeah. But I'm not forgetting what you did. You're able to move past it yet but you can't. That's always there and pretty deadly you don't. The other thing I want to bring up was an article that was. The time it was in about soccer premise that right Hannibal brought up basically how Tom Brady senior was right. And that this. And I guess I mean Tom Brady's time with the patriot is running New England is not good and well just not. Do you agree with that. Do you agree that line cannibals premise that Tom Brady's time into it will not end well. I don't agree I mean it was it looked like it was heading down that road this year yeah but I don't think that's why I said I don't think honestly. If I had to place a bet on which person's time is not and that great Belichick Tom Brady I'm gonna go Belichick. I think it's pretty clear as what has had a vivid over the last couple we can cut elegiac that Robert crops get. Or he can just decide not to do it anymore because and just walk off and half you cut it's absolutely possible similar to how Bill Parcells left you know. 1997 via so I think it's pretty clear with the way things have gone this offseason what we seen transpire that. Crafty is more pro rate. Denny is probe that Jack he sides of radium thinks he doesn't want Brady to leave he doesn't want it to end badly with great I think that's his focus. So right I think there's no way that it ends poorly for Brady. And if I had to bet it was him and more poorly for Belichick Brady and Brady in that. In the craft household walks on water and they're gonna do everything in their power to make sure he is always somehow connected to the to a patriot. Snow on the eighteenth fairway Dana barrows former Boston Celtics games of Varian Brothers talk. In different approach on here ignores ball is. You've got this in his pocket Q go to. Doesn't know either I've gotten. So. Keg now that dog ate cookies. Eat more oil to our number one you know you can I mean you have to ion. You know what I've always what is that just a little sidebar I've always wondered over the years what Bob crops. What he thought of the way Bill Belichick handled the media. Always wondered what he's about. I know he likes to give bill the space he needs to do things the way he needs to do things. But bill standing up the podium is the face of the franchise at least rate that in their in those moments and let's be honest he doesn't treat the media. You know we don't agree upon them with respect so I I just wonder if you don't deserve privately if that kinda just bought that Robert Kraft it's. He's the one that's you know it doesn't look good. I bet in those years I look at the 2006200789. Bet that the Barry years of the patriots dynasty if processor to bother. But you know 01 throw for bread and butter were winning what do I care did embarrassment and approach. I don't know that's gotten looks good. Tracking towards the flag. Get short of the green. Weak front of where upn now from the front and it okay. But he ETT and to your point I think there's times when he looks that it goes Jesus like you stop being a pain in the ass of the media like we kind of need these people they helped set the you know. Give the fans more let them in and help build those are our fan base. But I think there's also times when they're not as successfully looks it's going to be difficult. To you know we see that. He just answer their questions please he looks at that crack. Yeah I'm I don't disagree I mean I just think. Yeah I mean he's feels like a guy a business guy that cares about the brand cares about. The perception I mean. You know he treats the fans like the customers. And you know that bill himself has acknowledged that the media is how the message gets to the fence yet. Yet he doesn't want to express the message you know they'll come in short your face for thirty minutes ago right and they and then image and then act grateful that. The media there to get the you know the message to the fan so like what am I just think that something that rubber craft probably probably never lost probably never law. Because it was something that I. Made his. Organization look. You know I have not out of touch but childish through sort. Yeah just means that not enough let Turks are friendly but no company wants to be seen as. Jerks and yes Bill Brock dropped his company didn't mean to master. In terms of business so. That's just you know it when you see him with the media he's. Usually very open and honest and gives wealth on the idea losers did you see there the video we had with. The camera guys and NBC sports boss and we are supporting well not only that have a when he went he went to the podium in the cafe Martin to support John Martin for the the national cameraman who unfortunately the only jail last. But he. Com he went native point to put the how to aren't. Go front of the camera in front of the media and he expressed his gratitude to the media for people like John Martin who get the message out to cover the team work are covering it. So. Yeah that was something that you know it's it's just totally different. It's totally different when you're when you're thinking about. With the way Bill Belichick sales media can't imagine a guy like Robert Kraft he's doing it until it's done things like I like when. Houston open the door and they are Canadians India immediately came out the Houston. I'm so he has used the media to get a heartfelt message across. But I think you know Robert crowd is always focused on the I think they would give immediate two different shore up what it is like I can raise my profile blew through it. And that looks only. Only things go wrong here. As of optimism and pep pessimist and that's what you're getting raped and look you've got. Now I do. Nothing without being so much. Crops or ruffled on the edges while saying nothing but I think the fact that they say nothing. Probably does benefit them more often than not because if there's nothing you don't have David Price. Go to before and I controversy you don't have Dennis usually you know I just don't have those things so. It works. Of course it works and will say we're live at the she gets filtered classic pro am here in Paris nice approach after his shocking little short of the green. We expect Brad Faxon on here we have a few more gas that we put in four we hope Mort guess it would gain you know one. Coming up or to live and she gets help charity classic is the marking it Q1 two points of and a beauty.