The Mark and Kichen Show - Mark teaches Ben about betting in sports 5-20-2018

WEEI Providence
Sunday, May 20th
Hour 3. Sports betting will be legal soon and Mark explains to Ben exactly how to do it. 

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It's margin kitchen is impressive bounce back win. Much needed win for the cavaliers your responsibility but it sale losses. Never really a loose ones and up the score of the revived the bed back door today. And also out this fire about famous. Don't be vetted this Eastern Conference final was now two games to warm paperless overhead on animal that would go. On sports Radio One 03 point seven W. And he DC gets around it started to what he's. His I was wondering I was I want to see it may be green coliseum and quite striking and beautiful now we had a bad. We leave a ban him from the studio executives track I can't get that sounded a note this is a big one just staring at him right now and is like creamy white. Just cottage cheese legs went students she Suu Kyi protein rat hole. Underneath this who it was look at some terrain and Andrew he's wearing flip. Flops in the office right now he's going nine and certainly not going ninety so that's us lost looks like in person who. More work groups now it's time for marketing pitches. Fox sports Radio One 03 point seven W we. The mark your kids show. Point seven WEEI 40173727. Is the phone number again 401. 7371287. Celtics lost game three in Cleveland last night the game was over in the first quarter. It looked like crap they look out they were out worked they were the defensive effort was my biggest concern. In the shots weren't falling which doesn't shock me those things happen I mean great on the road that's not a big concern the question is after that game with a way to game play out. Hanjour. Mindset. In terms of how you feel about the series changed at all after what you saw on sat. Very night. No because I change our mindset after game two is I originally said the cavs are gonna win the series you change your mindset after game two didn't change again after Saturday night no it didn't. It didn't. But I was disgusted with the what I saw yeah because there's no effort whatsoever from them no intensity no aggressiveness no hostile. And Cleveland had all of that in spades but Cleveland none of them the first two games that's why I'm not that concerned. And more because my dictionary look like a fool anyway. No I'm not concerned with them because. Cleveland is a very streaky team those other guys are very streaky player stares and a streaky Kyle Korver streaky Tristan Thompson bring enough good. Kevin Love decent but streaky as well and whenever streaky team like dad dad they might be able to get hot one or two games. But it. No I'm not worried about them right now over the the entirety of the seven game series because we've already seen what the blueprint. For the Celtics is we very seen exactly what they need to do which say hey LeBron do whatever value one. You can't beat us on your mountain we're gonna limit whatever announced India. Because if we do that. Not earlier re in the game were price pacing you're right. That's exactly what they dating game one and that's exactly what they did third tour and half quarters in game two there what happening game three. Ice is testament to what you just said the front page 27 points twelve assists. You know he didn't dominate the game statistically. But they still won and they won't comfortably. Mainly because the cash or 50% from three which I do not think it happens again now it doesn't happen again ME George Hill did a good job of getting going right away right away right away they do they were none of those. Starters on the cavaliers. We're looking to facilitate the LeBron right away they're looking to get their own shots right or women cart Kyle Korver came in and took five for five. It didn't miss a single shot. He came in and he was very good he was looking for his shot he was hustling is NASA. That's one thing about corporate he's got a great player for for four from three for crew for Korver five to five overall though. PO five for five field goal yeah yeah I didn't miss a single shot on he's all first three minutes of the second. Half now that was you know I didn't think the officiating. Did any favors for the south we know we're not out but it didn't cost and no it certainly didn't the officials. You know they they've cost teams games before yep that's what it's a close game it's a thirty point game be if there's been gusting to. I'm going OK did my mentality about this series change after game three no it did not I think that this was a quote unquote scheduled loss tactic that. I do not even after the two games we saw a bus and I did think the Celtics are gonna sweep LeBron James out of the Eastern Conference files I do not think I was gonna happen. Might. Our thought process towards the series has not changed I still think the Celtics winning seven. Despite what we saw the first two games in mosques and I think it will be a long series home court was critical to meet. I think that was underplayed going into this series. I'm. Because last year I forget who had home court last year in the Eastern Conference finals you remember Celtic Celtic channel court. It meant nothing well doesn't the number one seed let the right. Last year it meant nothing. To me. Nothing not as you knew they are losing that series number one seed home court didn't matter that nothing. Last year this year in mean something because of how close the teams are evil without Perry. It means something and it's going to mean something. And I was just thinking while you were talking my concern it did I change the way I think but the series after game three now. Is there anything. That could change the way I will think about the series and I'm gonna say no really I don't if they get blown out in game two I'm still gonna believe it holy war. Our guys are game four I was still believe in home court yup so if they lose at home you're not gonna change her mind. They lose game five at home. That changing Torre if it moved into the cavaliers. Wins games 34 and five and five being in Boston and now they have a 32 series lead does that change in story of a ticket to honest really I'm not gonna get onboard. With Cleveland winning four straight games over the Celtics game. I don't care I don't think you can happen and then it's then it becomes can they still winning game six and then you go to Boston for game seven. Yeah that's what I said Celtics in 7 I am not look I'm not saying I'm gonna be wrong I don't feel great if they lose game five and they've lost three in a row. I've just I refuse to believe because that's the question will become does it become discipline the wanna ask you last week I mean does it become disappointing. Going up 20 and losing four in Iraq I mean you could I get tickets comic. If they lost the series if they went to seven in the barges was unbelievable and just took over. But you're losing four in a row rural that would be a tough thing to stomach going into the summer. My concern with the Celtics though is and we've seen it throughout the entirety of the clips are not good on the road and end date it feels like. They need the home crowd more than any other team in the M I ran. They really need that home crowd as part time on terror rosier so much better when the crowds behind him yeah you know there's only one guy look at that ago. He's pretty steady regardless nets' Jason Tait is portable as. Al Horford China needs the crowd to get behind him. T really get going it is hard to feel in the flow of the game is kind of inexcusable for veterinary Alex it's inexcusable for anyone in any age really to that it childish thing. But yeah yeah it's more forgivable with a guy that's 2221. Years world. You know rosier does it it's hard all season and yet Brazilian needs it. You can see it in his play you can see it in his body language he gets emboldened when the crowd starts cheering for me out does a couple of good things are now physically can take over game. And he's actually on it up. Al Horford seems to need it you see animals and get really pumped up in the crowds getting loud behind him specifically your prediction for game four. I think the cavaliers win game four but I think it's a very good game are very again I think this is like a 96 and 93 Tampa game I he's a really good yeah I think the cavaliers were in game four and I think it's close yeah. And when I just that yeah well I agree I I am with you right I definitely think it's close I I don't I think is Jimmie did get no way the team gets blown out nobody I think the cavaliers are a little more confident if you try to bring him back down to earth and you start to limit a little bit of the terror Smithson were sent from three yeah 34 tenths angle 50%. Absolutely. And the other thing I mean you saw this last night in the game. Too often this has happened LeBron was driving they'd they'd bring the double to him and he Pastor Wright Patterson Thompson or Kevin Love underneath open it put it right. There's been too much of that. Let the let the bronco. A bronco and there's no need to. Lectures and Thompson get involved in the games on the road to the foul line yeah may earn any has having great shooting free throw a no he hasn't so make them earn it. You've got people they components fouls live we're physical defenders and semi ocean like you it's not keys ever there. For offense he's bear literally to play some solid defense. And to give a couple of fouls. And make the other guy work for. With Semih out they're not I'm not saying playing for thirty minutes on LeBron does Marcus Morris is done. A serviceable enough jobs. Not the second best player defending LeBron in the league but he's done a serviceable job so just. You know make sure you keep letting those guys take the towels instead of someone like Jim Brown I know removing Jalen brown payment more equipped because he's a little one of the. At all last night was ridiculous if you if why he got run over by LeBron it was followed her out thousands thing. There's a couple of insane cause last night and that was a close game anyone would send the rest you know I know I know though you say that the the rescue implode game and beatable and I and I I am with you. But an early TT tech folic act candy rail I tell you think you'll like the rest of book game because of actions early in the campaign set the tone for the game every wanna get very local. A couple of years ago Chris Dunn who was on Providence. He early in that game he got two quick picky picky tack fouls called on him cac. And that could happen. Try again that he got what how what kind of false. That catch where every political. Week files we sought okay they look at and he got kind of derailed his rhythm. Because you're all all of a sudden automatically kind of get edited you get. You know concern I mean in college the only F five fault which are worried that you're not be able to be as aggressive you aren't as aggressive. And that sort of and that the real the whole game as he's their best player. They can never really recover from those early Tiki Tiki doll so. There was a problem and I just think I. I don't think. That gave them referred to with Providence that was more of a player that what happened last night but there was probably a little bit and adjacent army Jalen brown early foul trouble. Probably get a little bit not congratulate the grad who's said that somebody said after the game forget though. Somebody said it's hard I think it was brown he said it's hard to guard the brawl when you can't touch. Yeah I mean it is a little insane how much he gets. And how physical hill decide to play in Denton and it was just the way that it went last night they were calling it they were not letting the Celtics lack. I'm not again not blaming the officials but that's the fact. They were really letting the Celtics play early in the game. That her brown did it certainly didn't help the rhythm that they were trying to get into when we talk about the entirety of game three and then by the time they. Either file some semblance of rhythm Cleveland had found there's a big play free and easy OK it. Yes I understand it when especially when you get a couple of ridiculous fouls that shouldn't be fouls early in the game it kind of puts you at a game but that's. I can buy it as a Sammy excuse. For Jalen brown bought ever announces its lowest everyone else's excuse for the lack of defensive effort out of them there's no effort. There's Ohio she'll there was Hector yeah it would is that scheduled loss does again all right. Were up a little too cocky here we beat the king. Twice in the first two games at home and they just kind of most in that game not go low pre game for. They're gonna work their asses off is still goes back to. This all comes back and forgave we've talked about this but at 22111. Yard tuchman. That is so I like it because he really does not only does it favor the underdog it favors the team that is now. You know because. I mistake and pay credit to the casket into what he sixteen they did in the finals to that's 2232 format yet. It's I think it's just so daunting. Tactical win two who in a row at the other team's place and to not have to do that late this series I think he's if you could steal one. You know game seven anything Italian navy still if of the cap said a win six and seven in Boston. If it was greeted you Celtics I mean. Yet but here's what I hate about absolutely hate more than anything that is. Stadium Saturday. That's unequivocal way I'll that's ridiculous I mean daddy is it did not like you waited. You know it's only went to London for the student has they're just sort of timing needed. We ridiculous joint at Cleveland from Boston was got a did that affect the Celtics at all that benefit or bra that extra time I think so yeah. It only as it should always benefits the team that's down not even if he's got he's out no discussion that's ridiculous that that time off. Absolutely unnecessary I could live played. It was a Monday it was Tuesday Tuesday and its Saturn. Who's and Saturday got microchip that person. You you or you've Friday at least a little Debbie yup flew to Cleveland after the game Tuesday now I don't know you are all day Wednesday you're there all day Thursday want to put there isn't. But I think to be honest with you. If if it was 232. The Celtics. They feel so they win the first to a halt you know they protect home court. They're thinking we see team one in clean and you have three. So now are you thinking that we need to take chewing Cleveland. And it's usually mentally yeah it's different. We gotta take what likely will there's only two chances get three you feel like you have a little they've put themselves in a position where they don't have to thankfully for them because they won the first I don't the home still like to take one include net. Yeah I mean that's all we always say this there's dozens are to some nine on oh wait court but I just think mentally. The 22111. Is such an advantage for the underdog and the team that's trailing. It's mentally in the setup is such an advantage not having to win late in the series two games on the other team's floor. Is is this is huge it's huge down and I care more about does it as a viewer. And it to happen was in just the insanity of waiting for five days personal freedom fighters and 2211 want. Is that why did the layoff for so long nods to the TV we I hate that it's India I mean it's the networks more than he can play option B two months long now and months long no ridiculous because if you get to a series you wanna watch every single Mac yet it appears you wanna watch every single thing about Tom. Think about I. I mean when the last that we saw launch a ball player feels like a season ago army has now it's going I'm real quick Western Conference thoughts. Mum. You had an issue there with the mood the warriors not hustling and playing very hard either swear words like they had this series. Under wraps are already down winning one game. I still think the wars win this year and is it I think they win the title without much of more of a problem tour false. Steps curry is overrated. True I think he's a little overrated in the playoffs if you look. But I don't know if I'd be saying that if Kim during wasn't there okay. He hasn't been good really I mean he actions he hasn't been good he's never want finals MVP that's a fact. He's on me that you want league MVP yeah okay. But in the playoffs it's arguably a different game. Well even a dollar and during. Correct correct. So that you know that's something to me he was horrible. In the fourth quarter in 2016 aria which I mean he make a couple of shots they win that game he could not hear anything. Cano he turned it over he was brutal late night game. They lose that series lose two in a row at home. Com. He's been a little. Baby overrated is in the way to put mound no I didn't it's that it's fine a cut in Alison might. Is he one of the greatest shooters it's not yet great shooter bass all time yeah without a doubt without a doubt the rest of his game isn't. You're taking advantage of defensively so not bad defensively up at eight for those people that look at just the numbers again. He gets her fair amount of steals per game he cherry picks a guy. His dues he's kind of positioned the guys making the right play yeah and he just happens to be there because I'm cubism ought to forget Israel's. Nine nobody don't use that as a barometer hitting it good to shut you down it's a did not have maps and night every point guard in the league can go by him. He's Smart shot he might not get the steals but he can shut short he shut you down yeah you know he is overrated. He's a very good player he's an excellent player I love watching them play he's a little over I get destroyed I remember a few years go on Twitter when I said. If I'm if I'm keep that one guy on trade and curry and keeping it Nazis easy decision over for the ward yeah I figured that if they couldn't keep everybody. I mean yeah history you keep direct ponderous he's a better defender hunter has shoot over anybody in the league. Curry degraded sure I've ever seen but we all know you know the playoffs injures and it's an injury problems it's shooting. You can go cold that's the way the game is and if you're not as good taking it to the basket I mean it's like Dwyane Wade was so good. He took it to the basket now his career he shelf life was short on he wasn't as good of a shooter but he always can get to the rim. He got follow and get to go I mean I never really goes away. You know. That's playoff basketball curry that's not him so people are giving you crap by saying you'd trade curry over Durant go to go to sleep something about Seth Curry and watch rabbits are did it once about Rondo when he was with the kings in those idiots came after Munich I mean everything I can't even tell you how many people. We got it all you got down off that crack pipe. Yeah Elaine yes you should suddenly crack yet but that's neither here or there that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand it was all over I mean you were I was destroyed weeks later I was get in a tweet I did it isn't then went out. And I hardly ever tweet that just don't really like social media on a much. I'm when Rondo had called that referendum forgetting the referee's name. A homophobic slur gap and then cause I apologize never actually apologize. I just to weed out responses sweet. That wasn't actually an apology but it was literally dollars yeah. And then it was like eight lead storm came raining enemy from Sacramento can understands because he was in Sacramento at the time. And like they're pulling out old tweets out of context and trying to see you're you're a jerk to. What Kelly talking about yet what is going on here northern California bass and I don't block people 'cause I really don't care you between me all you want saying the worse things in the world it doesn't bother me. There's just hilarious. Do you think the Celtics. Lose game yes and it's. Put that you noted a I would go Cleveland in a close. Game four I don't know what the wind is com. We can check it we get back and talk about the ledge how important is that sign your Supreme Court decision while against the spread that's very different than if you just betting straight up anyway. So we're gonna talk about betting. Sports betting gambling we get back is the markets into one of the point seven WE. Its market kitchen on Sports Radio when I was three point seven WEEI. Call we feel like 40173712. ESATA. Sort of sounds great and it ought to be nice having a little extra cash to bet on college football yeah I'd like to bet a hundred bucks you wanna pick a team not just take it. Our backyard mark did you show or 17% want 27 rate now and Cleveland Cavaliers. Or six and a half point favorites. Format so what do they ignore what examine the case of their minus six. You're not you don't what is and he he look at. There so that means that their favor to him by six and a half points out acts of you better in Cleveland and the line. You we need them to win by more than six points yes I seven points or more you lose the back. So if they win by five you lose about so if you bet on the Celtics in that scenario explained to me to sell dramatic. So you bet on the Celtics plus six and a half in that scenario. If they lose 194. You went so they have to lose anything less than six cent to lose by less than six points or Witten so even if they win you still win a bad way they win you win the back. So I would take right the Celtics are probably would take the Celtics and the sooner I don't think that is what we both yes I was in its gonna be more than a six and a half point game. Yeah I I've only made three sports that's my talent. I am not anti gambling I like to casino I like betting on things that I. At least in my mind has some semblance of control over yeah amid three sports bets in my entire life and out came in the span of a couple of months ago as I delivered to degenerate gamblers number 23 years old yeah. And I won two of them possible. So I'm slot is it just straight up that's par lays teaser is well worth it to strip that's I don't wanna game. Knows three different game or whatever their teaser I won the patriots forth into game against the colts because of the spread occurred. I won one of the games in the 2010 NBA finals don't remember which one was I lost the series. I thought the Celtics are gonna beat the lakers and I lost. So I went to those bets and consequences of where those three separate bats yeah it's okay threes ever rest not a homer tied to guess they've never done a teaser you never done a never or hardly know him I don't ever done any of that I don't really understand what it is amen I watch these two kids lose 50000 dollars. Tim and on sports. Item no that's a lot of money to lose especially when your 2.3 Jeffers. When they have that money to gamble they didn't. Yikes yeah you wanna be careful. But a partial part way is you you risk. You don't have to risk a lot to Whittle. But you need a lot of things happened so it's like instead of did you like roulette instead of betting one number with fifty bucks to be spring that fifty dollars over a couple of number or orbiting five dollars on a couple of numbers and if that all human bigger. I guess yeah I mean a Bartlett would be. Like we were gonna do apart late today the Red Sox plated their oral Orioles right. If we gonna do partly we would take the Golden State minus seven and a half we did the Red Sox minus one and a half we would take. The not the golden knights to win the series they're minus two we take damn. So there's a three team part way we need every one of them to work out or we lose. And if they don't work out you hit huge unit use so it I've done a few par relays for example on you can adjust the spreads in and you winless. So today I did apart away where I wanted. I was gonna take the Celtics but minus six are a plus six and a half was enough I wanna get the plus ten. Like increases have a better chance of winning the pennant lose money so I had one wrist 200 are like. I risk twenty dollars 1320. 'cause I eight teams in the part way in hell. I'll. Logan and it's the absolute most fun you'll have watching. I I've noticed that mean when my friends are doing it they're watching games that no one in their right mind would actually you're just seemed like 88 mated. December. Oregon basketball game vs Santa Clara local. This football game on watching legacy AC Jeremy he's getting greater yeah how often are you betting on sports every weekend. I know I'm not doing it now I mean are you saying I've done it before out and I'm not actively doing it from I could be. I just I'm not. It's the depending on this look. Draft kings. Yeah that's that's camp. Yes that is get that they can call it fantasy that is a part way that's what that is okay essentially you're you're letting on all these players you know all guys have a good game I don't win I never done it I mean night I appreciate. Draft kings what do I play tennis Obama friends and that's clearly they call it odd the elite fantasy no that is betting is that partly it's hard and it should be illegal. Yeah however many guys you have. It's what it would be 67 guys this is seventeen partly you'd need each one of those guys that have a good game and then you win or. I guess the difference is you can win. Yeah you could win a little bit of one of the guys he gets a win some money or whatever apart wave of one of the teams doesn't hit you don't win here let me ask you this yeah. When you were doing this yeah. Because the three I made worse through damned through whoever they're guy once yeah. Not it was a hard create make sports bets. Oddly there was a bookie at the time was it difficult I mean like. It now you can you didn't know that I would you would you have been able to find some guy a pretty easily. Probably. I can tell you this you getting paid is a little more shady getting paid is harder than finding where to make the I can imagine it's not just like to direct deposit they got to get there I mean I don't know. The bookie raid everything in this situation. And I wasn't heavily involved I just it is enough for I know what I'm talking about. Yeah it's. It would be more I'll say this it to be a lot more comfortable if it you know now that it's legal. If there were kind of more mainstream ways of getting paid an app that everybody could freely used it was connected to your bank account set. That's a little dangerous because you're you know you don't want funds is getting zapped if you're betting in com. But. Yeah getting the army army people come and break your legs you know now don't ever need the bank of Montreal or whatever I I don't I just can't understand why. Sports betting was so taboo but going to casino among your entire paycheck was perfectly are ya in this country I've never understood why there is as big difference between the to a vote was too big it's big for the business I think that we are in its big for the sport I mean when he says you'll watch you watch these games you'll you should've seen me. One day. The last team I have an eighteen par late navy Notre Dame McCarrick. And I had the over. So you betting over under orders I need the over Notre Dame I'm watching is noted it was up. Forty did nothing. Over navy out watching like I said it's the last two minutes of a tight Super Bowl because I need the over a 44. Messages immediate frigate touchdown. A last second navy. Through this is aid to this big fat. Fullback Indians out he makes a one handed catch at the backcourt the end don't onyx or opting. Because that made it. 46. And I get the over and won the bad news sports become more popular because of its do you believe. There's a definite possibility I think it doesn't actually makes sports overall more popular but it makes those. Games that your talking about. Far more popular. I guess the amount of people watching sports is gonna say the exact same look at those people are gonna be more invested in watching more sports aren't thinking about my wife I don't know who would make the sports more popular she's not huge in the sport yeah. I have I said hey babe if this happens in this game we win acts. She would watch the hell lot of active she'd been to sit I know I'm thinking. Probably so I don't like embezzling and I don't get out of all of that gets a more into sports. Then I Portman and more than just an entertainment invest and there's a financial data and it just fine did you find one thing. I hate don't ever ask me if you're gonna make the bet and it's your money don't ask me. 'cause I don't want any part of responsibility for not yet because on Mondays I of this body you know there's a Monday April boning and it's it's there's soccer in government and prepare. Or like 330 in the afternoon for us. And you know is that he would steal these two teams. Like who who who do you think should win and I didn't know what he was I think just generally ask me because I watch the sport. Is that how you know my thing stokes better than Sunderland to whenever. And then it turns out like two weeks that are really is no he's taking mine information and betting on it. You know I don't even know the rules of gambling on soccer are again with football league it would basketball I truly understand a baseball and hockey and soccer never really understand. Now this stings call prop bets with him sure you've heard of it yes that totally related to be heads or tails that system that's fine I guess fought till the bottom line but I think that's fun because it's once the Nevada had a lion will Kate Middleton Wear the same color hat as the queen and more aware that on us now yes on the line was minus 101000. Cell so one dollar you 101000 if you had. When though you would have to bet 101000 dollars to win a hundred. OK okay so I gotta I gotta it's based on a hundred yeah so. Because I guess there was no chance that that's where it was minus 101000 that. So if your bet that they were gonna Wear the same hat Agassi didn't Wear the same I mean. Oh my god hold back Hal. I agree that people bad on you I don't sit in his life this NL I may not understand it. I will probably never do it again it doesn't really interests me that much I understand why an interest certain people it doesn't exports more interstate I get that. I've seen in person with my friends are where they're watching a crap game. From two. Teams that you don't care about no one really cares honor and good but they're invested in what happens and I get that's intersect. I think it's a great thing that we finally did yes I think so because. And it's not just gambling and people a lot more that they need to be responsible with their money I mean you've got to be responsible to suck the government's job to worry about what you want with your money after EU but paid your taxes. You know they they care about taxes yeah and that's part of the reason why they're doing this is they know they can make more money off of this same thing with the Merrill marijuana industry define who does like. We can make out a lot more money we just legalize this and you know what it's really not that bad. You know we have lob or not the morality law you get to choose what to do and that's what I believe him. I believe that this is a good thing because you're allowing us to make our own choices and tell instead of telling us exactly what we need to deal. The government's not supposed to be the parent were not supposed to be the children and that's when we've been acting for a long time were rear of the children and the government is the parent. I think this is a good safer or good. Grueling for sports for the media. Anybody associated with the professional sports with sports. It's only gonna generate interest I think that's where we go here's the one flop. That I have right now the one flies that. For those people who listen to Sports Radio across the country now we don't have the same problem here because we have. Actually pretty good sports talk here ya better than anywhere else in the country for the most. Mostly those sports stations they're getting paid by some con man who is a sports gambling expert. I don't wanna see too much of that crap because they are aren't they don't know diddley about it. I don't want to hear that have a content it's garbage it's a waste of time we'll contact you never heard those aid program shows with the it'd. A sports bookie or gambling expert. I'll be doing all the time I don't recall what they bring on a gambling days are on the Saturday show your. Oh oh. Yes they do on Saturday issue here sarcastic Shane. It's a shame and I noted is it's that they do they have a handicapped all the companies taking short money and again I totally get your take in the money. Okay but it's it's it's awful radio it's much he got a bachelor's and yeah what would you teach you how to about the horses. It that much of movement to Sports Radio personality for the for the record I'd never done anything like that might only batting experience is games. Wins and losses over under and just tip never duty under rooting for the under is miserable. It's agree for deep cancel yeah miserable unless you know like a football game let's say there's a football game and there's gonna be re mean rain all day or the Seahawks are. The Seahawks. Had ever score look at the game like on a six game like. It's just miserable reform we got to go to break. Oh OK we get are gonna start rap on some things we wanna get to the rats are Jim talked about that as a marketing job. Now mark and kept on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I ask you David Price and credit pitched well. He pitched complete game back on him Thursday and Wednesday night. Against the Orioles made much out of that for meaningless to run home run in the ninth. He's been pitching well I'm yours and I'll say about. David Price people were cut you know given credit they're trying to you know that the Tuukka people are getting on the David Price they have wagon people this and David Price. I looked it up let's cubic feet nine dollars a second. Grade and 8000 something dollars. On our. 9000 dollars a pitch love. So this these are the kinds of starts I should seat. Out of David Price they should be the norm not every now and then you're not gonna pitch well. I you'll get lit up a little bit but I need to see more of these starts you know starts the kingdom this I don't wanna hear what am I supposed to do. Bet it did because David Price any gaming mid today. Dominated the last place Orioles do you what he'd go party because of that. What am I supposed to do good for you I wanna see another one and another one and another one then maybe you can throw it a difficult outing. Eight and shut up the whole time no no no comments no no weak comments knows no. I don't wanna hear any of the David Price comments he shut up and have these kinds about it. Yet he needs to do this held up more often because that's what he's paid to do yeah and he's paid that well because he's supposed to redacted of a pitcher out. And you know here's the thing I eased his next against the Tampa Bay Rays this week. As of doing is getting its shield. I still I have no confidence in this guy none. I more confidence in Rick Marcelo. Who was. Worse last year than David Price has ever bit. I mean it's it's kind of like what we talked about earlier with abroad. I mean who would you really want to be in the fox hole with not not David Price not David Price now not to go Rask. And compared to other legends not LeBron yes I agree I just. Had no faith in this man. This is exactly what he should have been doing all along for this team this is the ability he actually happens. But when the guy is supposed to be your ace. You have more confidence in the third guy in the rotation and that's really bad for this team and I wonder how they feel playing behind him. You know the pitching staff has backed Purcell is back when he got into would DeVon relic. And then that led into getting into with actors Lee and it seemed like Pedroia was on prices side would that. But Jordan needs to be when he gets back he needs to be on Alex Cora side. He can't be doing this he needs to lead what we talked about at the end of last year yet what he just needs to match leadership he needs he does not really. Com does not even one of the top ten guys on the team now down there. That whole Al fields from him rookie Betts has been excellent. Moody that's the best player in baseball so far through the seas he won I'm sorry what it was that he finished second in MB two years ago. He had better no not the analytics. Favored Mike Trout as stupid and that's why he won the award probably ones over replacement Mia not Dirk. That's had better. Bets overall his statistics are odd in that season we're better than trust patrol when he award here's what you need to know. That's played excellent my child played excellent yeah both players played really well. One team in the playoffs. Once he didn't yep. One team won their division the other team did even come close to winning their division didn't even come close to making a wild card slot. That you tell you which eats now Trout is a great baseball player. That's far more value building his team might try to say is why Mike Tyson doesn't win. Yeah. His his greatness. Doesn't put victories in the win column for them. No he's greatness. It's victories in the win column. And so let me. It's between genes and I just wanna present this to you miss some stats. From 2016. Through 2018. Who were looking smoking milky Trout and Bryce Harper about that all three of them yet. Now Betts is the first name I'm gonna read that it's trial and it's harper can get the numbers the first number will be bats. Games play 2016 to when he came 353319302. That's Trout harper. Runs to 71 to 51 to ten hits. That's Trout harper for 4344. 291. Who'll home runs 707666. Bryce Harper is 66 home runs that has four more home runs that Bryce Harper in the last three years I didn't hurt for ya but that's a part of this during built. RBIs. Pets Trout harper to 47200. Tool for him. He bats dominating RBIs extra base hits 184150. Q1 24. He got the top of that list sole basis 6360. Point nine bets on top of that list walks. Trot harper are way ahead of bats that's 145. Dropped to 48. Harper. Q seventeen I wonder that the sides that just can Jacques physically impose. Strikeouts. Beth Stroud harper. 18266. To 48. A bad batting average 301309. To 71. Slugging percentage by 28 91512. And then OPS 89103192. Most of the statistics that you care about rookie that is leading. I think he's in last place I mean OK he's in last place in terms. Run doesn't really matter all that much to me now is not care what people are doing what I mean RBIs he's crushing them in RBIs crushing her young 47 to tool for the next closest. Doubles. We need to do doubles. 1066655. Doubles what you're saying is you'll take movie that's so I'd lose my back Robert Bryce are he's been stricken better. End of this I don't care about war this guy's been better. And he has more warmer. Doesn't matter Mort isn't where it it's about a baseline for something outside again it's a mathematical equation that blog doesn't belong in sports. None of those things matter. And I mean that's that's that's. An old one more step for yet. He's younger than try. And he's the same ages Bryce Harper. What trial is 26. Harper about a twenty. Yeah. Our he's gonna get paid. He is going to get. Aid and he deserves it. Because what base several what you rhetoric they're he's better than most yeah I don't know if he actually is better rhinos still he he's. He played in a better situation both harper and that's a way to much better situation than Trout have. I will say that trust probably a better defender. In center field he robs a home runs he's probably better defensively. Yeah maybe I mean Harper's obviously the low man on the totem pole back so he's very good defensively they're. All three of them are actually pretty damn good defensive yeah you really can't go to the wrong with any of them. Trial has had the issue of there's been very little pitching out there as an entity and very good teams injuries Hamilton comes out there he stinks then all of a sudden Richards gets hurt. Pujols not the same pools he was before and got a ton of money. Look at what I just said look at who I just talked about pujols Josh Hamilton in his prime. Any of awesome my trumpet they can't do anything the killing games out there. So no numbers are great everything but what kind of impact do you have at the end of the day on the game and winning and losing. You know numbers are great but if you're not winning the games what do they matter. A-Rod in 2003. 52 home runs and wants a hit like 288. Great season individually. The Texas Rangers were the last team in the Al central I think they're lesson in the American League. And so wins most valuable player. What value did he is the most expensive player in baseball. On the last place team in the American League and yet he hit 52 home runs. The your name your award as most valuable player he wasn't valuable. You win games if you don't win games then you're not really that good. Yeah that that can be a whole separate and I know percent diamond I don't go to the Democrat winning winning game of the board right. I mean they they should I'll just follow the NCAA most outstanding player. Then we get yeah it's a lot easier to do that. But I'd rather take the two guys I'd rather bets it harper because both of those guys have experienced winning. And know how to win and have an impact on their team winning Trout unfortunately really doesn't. And I know it's fun to watch the big you know big body in how far that Bryce Harper and hit the ball but at his sides. That's 510 I mean you wouldn't even bat an eye if you walked past you just some dude hits for power. Does it all great player wool wrap everything up on this show we get back is a market initial reports seven WER.