The Mark and Kichen Show - The NFL draft is here; Ray Bourque vs Zdeno Chara 4-22-2018

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Sunday, April 22nd

Hour 3. Mark and Ben breakdown the NFL Draft, from prospects to who the Patriots should draft. They also discuss who was a more valuable Bruins player, Ray Bourque or Zdeno Chara.


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Now it's time for margin. And fox sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Graham the market didn't show one after point seven WEEI. And in the middle of a patriots discussion. If it were. Getting ourselves too seriously about this Rob Gronkowski press conference Saturday wasn't. A big deal is just fun and funny. If this was any other offseason and we're doing that yet we'd be taken or Sosa Sears but concerning what's happened. And the patriots haven't left the top of the new cycle. In a year. I don't think we're taking ourselves too seriously not like I didn't write on the money. When they are. In a place. Where. One little thing could really kind of signified the end of the dining say. Which is where they are as its sole. Frail at this point. Anything like this needs to be discussed and examined and you you think. Could this be the straw that. Sever the relationship that and the damage essentially. From their present is scenario to you. What would you say if let's say Josh Rosen quarterback out of UCL they were talking about the draft now. Prickly kind of personality. His former coach UCLA Jim Mora junior I think he's had some kind of questionable things to say. Regarding who is now member of the media. Is that some questionable things to say about the quarterback. Tom. You know he's been on certain draft boards not as high. Guys have different opinions let's say he falls let's say he has a free fall in that first round. Falls into the teens. Patriots have 21 round picks is one of the bigger name quarterbacks they trade up to get him. Josh Rosen yeah. Now you shouldn't I don't know if they do not you absolutely should not know it's not in a million years now should not now. Saw I don't know one of the things about him is he's such a Smart guy asked so many questions and while this. Questions. They talked about it. Really gets us talking about it from a football camp when they are in high school went. Rosen was in high school and it was a football camp. I think it was at Nike. Organ 1077 elite care yes exactly and and Dilfer was the quarterback cock GAAP and a big one of those camps before. And as a prospect. Did you know I was not a prospect whatsoever. I was named Rebecca but I big one of those Chancy for Chris Slade is one. And dom. You know they're like yes a lot of questions and pointed out some errors in the playbook that Trent Dilfer came up with a though. Okay he asked some questions that's fine I like him and ask questions and he's really Smart and a really if you is that Smart he'd shut his mouth because he's been costing himself money by opening his mouth yeah that's tomorrow. He asked questions that apparently eating get answers to because he didn't do a lot of winning UCLA. And that is the ultimate. I don't know is that what the quarterback is judged on wins. Winning. He might have the wolves I don't like Josh Rosen I don't I don't want Josh Rosen likes it now looks reduced it does look like a do. If if Josh Rosen false pick number nine I. It. That's different if you're in the third round yeah I'm not gonna happen really that's I think they should use this pick is in the third round. You know 6395. Whatever it is I don't know who the hell's walking by the studio right now I use presence mature blockages in rulers through here. You know Lamar Jackson don't turn your Mike off to laugh. We need to sell my joke okay. Mark Jackson all the guys in the third round that's when you do. That's when you do. Your diet yeah. Did I catch your matches on the you night. Mean you know this guy nobody looks like a walking. That's Robbie RX reporters here we have an actual producer ice comes out of hard I don't know another handout. He does. Not with the job just in general. I'm with you forget where I was going before and there's no way they should draft. This quarter yet known how all of deep into the third round that's different though if it falls judge duets especially Somali you know you've frozen falls. Then you got a guy that has some talent but also has a chip on racial. And any kind of like maybe get more at al-Qaeda member before so now you do not take a quarterback until least the third round. OK I'm so wicked look we're not gonna dice especially with where the patriots are drafting but it's hard to know who will be there. You know the exact type of player that they could drafted 23 and thirty so let's take a quick look back what you say. The best patriots draft picks now we're talking about the Super Bowl championship ever. You joining me like Bruce Armstrong Letterman and great value in 1980. That. How can Thai army Bill Belichick are what we're talk I'm actually talking about any player. That helped them win a Super Bowl that you could bring up Ty Law. He wasn't in the Belichick era but he helped them win a Super Bowl is he did sort of McGuinness Islam. Well I would look at obviously Brady in bed there's no shaking her during that is that number one yes it could go up from one. Yeah I guess. Am doing this on Tom I had site I ranked. Or I looked at draft class is I didn't look at and we want to read what I thought god 2000 all right I want you wanted to read what I do and adding you can react in number 10 I am Matt Light. A guy Tom I don't have Willie mcinnis on this list is that ridiculous yes. Com okay. I've had that light at nine Richard Seymour. I think he helped turnaround the defense that was ultimately able to beat the rams in the super won the big mark amazing in the true that you can really play the run and the pass yup he was a monster. On number eight I have doctor height arc. About because of his contributions. I probably could've put him higher than the next guy but uses Super Bowl MVP number seven Deion Branch. Mainly because they haven't had any success outside of Malcolm Mitchell and he's probably still and we don't know jury's still out yacht. Bill Belichick's best wide receiver selection easily was the number. I'd go Julian Edelman seventh round. More than the number it yeah real I think I don't better I think did at their peaks adamant peak is better than branches I really like branch it's it's very close but I would -- somebody as you've got a guy that's a game changer in the seventh round I was kind of hedge towards they had no that's that's. OK got to consider that I distinct branch was a guy. I mean he was sure he was Antonio Brown not as good as it Toyota round get more credit for branch because you're taking a flyer and again sevens with the quarterback. You're taking a firearm deceive you could turn into something and he did after a couple of years. It's really close yet. I'm not cattlemen was directly involved in two huge Super Bowl wins directly but could have been the MVP in the yard one of the greatest catches one of the great history go to -- the MVP of the Seahawks. Com. Brady got that was five it could have been held in Brady threw two picks whatever so I don't have much of an issue with your Deion Branch. Helped them win two Super Bowls Super Bowl MVP and one of them. I came up big was it was a dire need I think that they had at the time and you would've beaten you would've won another one if data I believe. And you saw what happened after he left him went as the and have you added in 06. You would have beaten the bad as you would beat the colts you won that Super Bowl so I have. Mom. Wait a minute I showed that seven my number six Ted Lieber a good number five Angelina. So I haven't further battle your plan on my emotions for no reason I was I out of the lives question but anyway I got Beagle was because it was in the seventh throughout. And we knew happened in the seventh round. In assigned just that. He he willingly defensive back for the patriots user your administration there are hundreds for the pitcher. That's why I put him above break after a touchdown and a playoff game. He's awesome Andy at seven brown value. He's always he's there in the big moments he never shied away. Huge number four Ty Law he's a hall of fame quarterback. You know how they was huge in that first Super Bowl win another sequel running at three or. I mean that guys are all our number three Rob Gronkowski. And then number two after bullets. Now too high. That too hot he helped turnaround. The number one overall pick that your health stirred around emirates admirer. And I took him to a Super Bowl looked into a Super Bowl had a hand in the one they want in a one. In two ways relegating going to the AFC championship game and produced but I think he could have been a huge distraction I wasn't. I wouldn't put bullets of that hi I got in my like 890. I think you'd be on the list not happily I'm on the list yeah yeah like nine or ten side but it has I think Parcells is a bigger factor in them turning around them. Bledsoe was or not turn around becoming a viable franchise second stay in this marketplace and Parcells is more important the Bledsoe. I'm not gonna hate on now let's OPEC too much. Our report you're egos are those that are that are goes to Bakken sweat pants again. A real quick before we're gonna have to go to regular just go through patriots best draft classes. Yeah we talked about it at the beginning of the show. Arab forward or you're back yeah 2001. Seymour Matt Light. You got you guys that word studs Torre for a long time you got emirate Qatar direct you're just pointing out ones that were really good. I'm just pointing out ones that are really good crap as I did my what I did from my research is aidid plus minus is on every one up so at the end you look at what. If there is more pluses and minuses he doesn't want I had his number two. Seem more like you get the left tackle that protects Brady and you get to guys. Arguably turns around the defense underrated draft class 2005 you had a bunch of people that contributed and played. Logan Mankins Ellis Hobbs Nick Cage or Matt Cassel that's not a bad draft class is a small draft class but everyone played the worst one in my mind. Right now looking at 2007. Magic castle in 2005. Yes just get under 2007 is by far the worst draft they ever had did you hit on a single player. You might look at the top and I bring him out Meriweather is pretty good guess you could that hurt Wendell was much much better they. Hit on a single I don't think it. I don't think that was a disaster of a draft class or arch I'm sorry. Never barked I don't think that the meriwether pick was a disaster of that no wasn't a disaster but that's only one you could've looked and go. Yeah I think mildly hit on the yeah but when you look at the fact that. Another team took a much better player a couple of picks later. And it's about her that hurts I'd 2010. 2010 is number three crawled according Aaron Hernandez. 2012. I was number four for me is that changed the culture of the Patriots defense they have the 21 round picks they were aggressive I love back other than that I'm up on when banks. It doesn't it too. We'll tell me what you tell the listeners what you said about 2002. I mean I Campbell I notice. 20020 here's your draft cousins who doesn't to Daniel Graham Deion Branch Rohan Davey Jarvis Green. Antawn Womack in David David Givens in reg actually a very good dressed head that number five until you told me what's so here's your problem. 2002 you take Daniel Graham in the first round yet. Well if you waited three rounds you could take him Randy Mick Michael who's better. You know more productive at least they're very different did programs are very good talker but if you wanna blocker take another tackle geez. But you know he could had you could draft and Ed Reed went up to pick her two picks later after Daniel Graham did that hurts so you could have had Ed Reed. Deion Branch rendezvous Jarvis Green David Givens that would have been great draft class David Givens. He was good player how to win a Super Bowl. I'd Jarvis Green another good player Ron David was a backup quarterback find whatever Indian bring Jordan brought him Daniel Graham wasn't. A terrible draft pick but when you look at what they could have done it becomes about draft pick. He's he was okay for them he did when he needs it but that's not what a first rounder should. I mean if you have every sitting there actress Sox are 2003. I had a number six. I mean I was starting center for you understand so they say they'll lose a starter for not right away. But eventually became your best color Banta-Cain ended up being a serviceable player get amity and we double digit sacks and let when he ten G. Taiwan was a good player Eugene Wilson. Wasn't horrible. But again I look at guys you could've taken it went right after them Ken Hamlin was a better defensive back to Eugene Wilson number ones from. Never thought Johnson eager to take in Britain and grumbled racked about the only times I number seven. 2009. You got Charles you got all the work. You got settlement in the seventh on the problem lies you've missed on and I think Ron Brace as a second round pick through and Darius Butler was awful because he did nothing here any with the Indian was good. Was actually fairly good that first year was he as a rookie he was fairly good okay good pictures and it was kind of like. Hey this kids get a BR right not the same player from wider wonder what would happen to him what happened DeVon according. What'd they continue to be good quarterbacks I don't know for athletes importing into being a very good yeah yeah. All I had 05 number eight brought apple back on number 92008. Jerod Mayo Matt Slater. So about all. None Jonathan Wilhite played yeah could've had better defensive backs out. But you missed on Terrence Wheatley is huge domestic Shawn Crable was nothing Kevin O'Connell whom offering one of those years that they also an I don't know that fit the scheme but they'd and it could add. Clay Matthews and didn't draft him they draft it's a real report where America's. Made it I think that was the Chung may have been known 09. Meg wrong here you have some really bad drafts here in 06. Laurence Maroney yeah you could had DeAngelo Williams you Joseph Addai who's better running back and Laurence Maroney in a Dolly that I. Correct me if Iran Joseph Addai helped change. Mom and he'll change the game in terms of the patriots colts rod. They could never beat the patriots when it was Edgerrin James when a guy got there and the diet change the game a little bit. Well the defense also helped build the did I think I got much better earlier right but it dye also was a you know he's a new guy that they brought any younger. A bomb explosive guy and he helped change or elicit those days of the cold running Chad Jackson. Now complete bomb it's the definition of a buys it Thomas the tight end. You don't know who I don't remember me could've taken Owen Daniels was much better David Thomas though was coming off the big game with Texas while let's see is that what was he was in the tide had heard that Vince Young Texas team and they DUSC and yet a monster game in the national. I don't so that was a but thus does he yup she's good but. Nothing are really into of the man. So when you look at entirety of this and laughing number ten I 2011 because you had sold the evergreen. Yet Ridley your candidate. That's a good draft the problem is they day. The unbelievable mess of Ras I Dowling though at number 33. Overall. Mission there that was can't release there. 04 or not terrible Wilfork Ben Watson who's got a very good career yeah mark he's still unfortunately I knew him but he was a decent player of the rest of it stinks but. That's not terrible when you only have a couple of picks. So I don't know when you look at the entirety of this list is really not great. You know if you look at if you go back to 2000 obviously. They get credit for Tom Brady. They traded at 2000 is number one because they got Tom Brady but they traded their first round pick for Bill Belichick factor that it. Managed to gauging climb who did nothing to air Redmond who was good as a rookie. You know 500 yards as a role the other guys aren't Patrick Pass into Talladega to pass at the end of the draft and that was good pit he contributed Libya he contributed on this release of cruelty so. Dim record is not very good. It's not. Especially when you look at the top of each strap that first guy they take is not great you know you start in 2000 Ager in clam. Seymour. Daniel Graham. Ty Warren could see more respects yeah Wilfork my Mankins Maroney. Meriwether. Mayo John. According solar. Gemma Jones Jamie Collins. Army easily Malcolm brown eases Irish Johnson's. In the Bill Belichick here. Unfortunately easily and Jones. I mean their redefining bust and that's too bad. Because those guys that those as it may seem. In those spots is just killer when we get back here we're gonna talk more about the patriots will get back to the Bruins as the market you Jo wondered what seven WER. It's march and kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Are back here on the marking kitchen show won a three point seven WEEI force or once every 71 when he seven. Is the phone number 37937. We got attacks that there won't listen to this man I can't believe we got this tax on the Gergen attacks like this before. Send out there understand that the Bruins and Celtics are in the playoffs the best team in baseball got known it last night and all the station talked about as the patriots. I I think that's the first time we've ever gotten a complaint. For talk about the patriot usually the complaints are we're not I don't look good it. You guys stink you're taking ourselves too seriously those are typical complaints and are you so we've we've finally really but people wanna talk about the pages most of the time is the patriots most popular team in town. I MIL. By a mile the drama of what goes on in the off season. Is more into seeing them what goes on during the season most of these teams anyway. Yeah that's how we shall we we talked the entire first hour about the Celtics the Bruins and the Red Sox were gonna get back and I didn't even mention it even mention the page and Richard I'm quite a bit. I I hate when people text that there's a reason. Because that as private listening for ten minutes edged assumed that all we've done is talk but the nature that's part luck. Where before they show signs of raw until 1 o'clock today. It's the new norm here on the market kitchen shelf. Before the show and I wanna just talk about the patriots schedule that was released last week do we know when they're playing with their part operate now. I wanna get to the Bruins because. I could not believe. The way last night ample but I literally couldn't believe. I'm at a birthday party were watching the game you know I'll keep watching it I'm keep it around this am and. The Bruins they they get down to enough. Okay not perfect. But I'm not all that worried because of the way this team is the 'cause the way they've played all year they have been able to come back from those deficits has been a big deal. But in any constitutional why David back on the power play yeah. Before you name in order another drink or whatever it was Florida won. So not only was it a problem that day. You know it was for a one and then wraps its poll not only did he give up two quick goals. What if that's the big thing he gave up two goals and it was quick because. You just took all the life out of the Bruins he gets pulled so I guess sort of trying to say is I'm stunned that not only did they lose which OK they lose. This team the Maple Leafs playing desperate hockey. They lose their season's over the game was in Boston but they're desperate. And they're good team so they can be each. They win the game but it's just unbelievable to me that Rask up pulled. And then after the game he gets crushed ice take coached we have any that's out. We'll get that sound for. That that's. I had a tonight so we went with Anton is bigger force. Then there's those that part it. Guess that is the rest of the team's attention as well so. It's both I don't wanna measure. For quantify what percentage of each but known that this. Conclusion I thought it was on anywhere and uphold. Your superpower. It's funny because the person who asked that question was Scott McLaughlin who does a little bit of hockey sub mostly College Hockey for EI dot com. And he's gonna ask that question that's the answer he got that this is the headline of Scott's story sorry but this is an onto grass no matter how much you want it to be. The head coach just basically told Jenna is two arrests fall that's why we lost again. He basically just told Jack and then you go turn around right sorry but this is an all onto the grass no matter how much he wanted to be yet I'm gonna take the coaches were a little bit more death there was this guy I've. You issues with that headline and here's what happened Scotty. The coach. Basic not basically the coach told you that what to Rouse put on display last night is unacceptable. In the NHL playoffs unacceptable. So guess what took up you sit over here with me. What you did was unacceptable. Down depending on your opinion that's what the coats. Like you said I'll I'll give him I'm gonna trust the coach. I don't wanna hear this headline no matter how much you want it to be. What I want is Tuukka Rask to show up in big games to play well. That's what Bruins fans want what I'm reacting to the facts he has always played in the biggest game for you need Amanda. He hasn't always been at his best. He has a war record. In closeout games and you can close out a series that I believe it was five and five and eleven now on five and eleven now with a save percentage under 900 that's sucks. Those events over three out those of the facts those are opinions and theories in this in that. Those are the facts he is not good. In clothes that situation. I heard some guy today on the morning skates. Ten is on there I like ten whoever is on with him now Mac now OK I don't know that is you uncover immigrants Veronica. Heat when he said today wise and I couldn't disagree more. He didn't think going forward that there was a mental component at all involved in T Dix mentally Tuukka Rask is spot. It's physically hurt has breakdowns and back and get him into trouble some times. I am worried about him mentally he is batting close out games they just set when you can win this series he gets an awful record. And now he's going into Toronto in where you're one step away from a game seven where we know Kevin Moore said anything can happen in game seven. You're one step wade might still think the Bruins win this series yes I do that too good of the team to lose him blow this year. But let's. We're not absolving ever everyone else present lack of ahead factor right like other people had of course word games duke who is worse. And when you ask the head coach when he thought about it and the head coach. Very Duca. Absolutely freedom and then you write sorry but this is an on two good no matter how much you want it's we know it wasn't all on to greet the biggest problem and then you read this line. None of the four goals Rask allowed once you look at and think it was a save he absolutely should have made. Pit bull. That does mean and I mean I don't know why you wasted your your you know your wrist like I doubt honestly typing fingers you being hypocritical to doubt though. It just I don't understand why they are sold assessment defending everything to go YE. He by the McCarthy must just the nicest guided us a little tugs under the table when you're doing an interview with a who could talk a little took a Tug. I went so far from where I thought it would but. I don't get it why there's these sacred cow players that really aren't that good or not. I take it back to good good he's good goalie yeah he's not the goalie they make him out to be. And okay I'm I'm trying I was trying I. The record beating here I was trying to be positive. I wouldn't even trying to succeed at W I was being positive. Last week adding get on him at all. You've been playing well good game for first I'd say anything else. I ain't saying hey they won the Stanley Cup yet I just said he was damn good in game four. He could've played better and I gave them credit. This sucks this scenario and I think. Do I think Bruce Cassidy. We'll have a hand in May be helping to overcome some of his mental shortcomings that we've seen in the past yes I do I think camp but dates. You could argue now what. I am sorry SI article Joba just autism but. Who said something about it be a match Hellman said it was a physical issue not a mentally I knew if your head coach passed him in the playoffs. W from a game and the light a fire under your ass it's a mental problem. If that's what's happening and that's a mental problem on to cut Coretta physical problems not saying that right it's not a physical problem if your head coach. In the playoffs as the pulling you for a game and call you out in the media you got a mental problem five you wouldn't have done that if it was a physical. Correct five of eleven in closeout games. Is a mental problem to me it tells me that's the hardest one to wit. That's the hardest game to wit the clothes. That tells me that you let things get into your mind and you let some doubt creep bitten. And you have you get a little tight I don't know that's what it says to me. So get you better ask some aboard about his mental capacity of mental make up and you could argue what I was gonna say is you can argue. You can argue. That this is the worst case scenario for Tuukka discs. Where you're going into game six on the road we believe where you are. Where you I mean maybe it isn't because it be worse if they were trailing in the series but this is pretty damn bad the next worst thing because you could argue. Not only are they going back to Toronto. After a loss where the police have the momentum but you get poll. In the game five where you lose any give believes a moment so. It's just so much if feels a lot more work it feels a lot worse than a big and they just. Does it work where crushing to the renowned deservedly so I still that he should be your starting guards turned into a yes. Nearly all of us yes you think you should know. And I don't I don't I do that you need to say. If I'm Bruce Cassidy. Absolutely. Yeah you need to see for Euro you with your own eyes is this Mike guy. For going for my career you know for going forward is this thing got. He's only been there. User for half of last year. They did have a playoff run under Bruce got beat in their apple last year now this full year. He will get a good read on to gore if took a look. He could go out there and this edging could've really got his attention or scared ever whatever he could go out there and having. Awesome game down what is it six new and ran an and they win and that's got it to guys back. And everything's fine there had not to play Tampa. Not gonna happen. And it would be good tests in it would be good. It would be good for it. It would certainly be good for him because that I think that would be knocked ultimate test that he would passed that would be a nice hurdle to overcome. Caribbean nice hurdle to overcome may be perhaps on his way to proving people like me wrong. He is a guy that can lead you to the Stanley Cup because if you have an awful game in the playoffs. And your your hat you'll have a chance to close out the team and you get pulled in the you can come back from that have a good game and then close him out. On their ice I mean that would be impressive doubt be an impressive that yeah I just think it's gonna be interesting to me we talked about this too. What do is Bruce do if Tuukka gives up another soft you earlier couple goals early yet how long is kind of a spot yeah he kind of set a precedent now did I at home town hall not even on the road. I mean what does it say if you if took gives up double quick early goals and you stick with and that's. I don't know what to do there I mean yeah I'd like what Cassidy did don't give your I like the I liked the kitchen to help you understand that message. That he put himself also in a tough situation get out and put myself for the spot unless Tuukka stands on his head in game six and potentially game seven if that you know they lose this game two to one or someone nothing not gonna bury Tuukka. Certainly not gonna bear to be that means a lot of other things went wrong for them yet. When they get their ass kicked they get blown out. I hope Cassidy and I'll nearly in the front office look setting does. He's not a guy we need to go get another I don't know how you say anything else I don't even know if if a guy is if he's not oh I know how you do you just one of the media members that covers the team. That they do it just to kissing his ass for some bizarre reason but I'm saying Cassidy would look like Keith. Full if you just kept Beijing Tuukka that running back out. Now I can't tell actually in the I. I mean could you argue that if he gets bench one more time if Cassidy feels like yes the bench took up one more time. That's it yes to be done at least for that series. No I agree if you that we events or pull him from game six and come back to Boston for game seven. I seriously considering starting you don't you do you have to he would get destroyed at each starter rash they lost after him twice. To spot. And it makes the series a little more interest. I do I still think the Bruins win yes idea hundreds of I've got to go to break we get back here. There's a question I wanna ask you about the Bruins. On any term in terms of legacy. And resonates we're gonna get to that next year in the market into one of two point seven to be. Point seven. Clueless when. Much to get to the top of the page for a couple of holes. To what general pretty solid on. Knowing that you want to come tour too soon turn to go to. No really good chances happen but there's so clearly a web address that those odd manor. Commercials that's not stretch plays that's just basic to want to that we need to communicate better. Screw up better defend better. I assume you wanna save as well mixed emotion. That didn't happen this sort of stuff so we've done well lately defend it seems. I didn't happen early on them. We found their legs eventually far away back in but. He still wasn't enough. It was just after the reported pre game five blocks. To the Maple Leafs. Game six Monday night in Toronto. Certainly a more interest in situation now with the way that game played out. Yet to corrupt. Sort of on the hot seat I guess pressures on the pressure is officially on two got a bomb tech to come up big and have a big game. Because this is what we all talk about visual we off the year of the two people that. Are sold he's the best goaltender in the history of the Bruins or whatever this is what they fear these kinds of scenarios. Will say. One they wanted to ask you thing about this during the week. Zdeno Chara what he's been doing with this team at his age is remarkable. If the Bruins this is the question I want to post he. If the Bruins win the Stanley Cup this year presidential favorites despite last you know if they win the Stanley Cup this year. And Zdeno Chara is your captain and has a good run and guarding scored a goal in the series ugly. And he you know he's the one that hoist the cup in Gary Bettman gives him for the second time. Does he. Overtake ray Bork in stature. In terms of the pantheon of Boston brewing greats Boston Bruin defenders defenseman yet. So it's it's body York. Ray Bork Bobby yours not into this is yeah now nobody in the hierarchy as a right now it's body or. Ray Bourque the data chart yet read I don't think anyone out not fit in that theory. That's really tough. That's a hard question and if I would say just the one cup doesn't do it but if he gets to and plays well at his age. I think the two championships you have to accept the question. Are you when he's the leader winning team leader of the team you know it he was the best player on the team and he's not the best player on the team now. And I'd go reminders of I'd look back at Bork certain Bork stats. And I again especially early in his career his his point numbers are insane but that was the high flying eighties. And knives like and maybe we kind of inflated similar got a thirty goal season. He did 84 yet a thirty. She uses. Really in 8031 goals yet eatery for 31 goes 96 point say here I kind of initially knocked him down a little bit because is like who's eighty everything's going at a crazy pasty look regrets his point totals that are off the charts. Every room was kind of doing putting a lot of goals as they are operative that when you look at the 90. Good god he's still doing it you still had a couple of ninety point seasons in the ninety's. Ports a better player ensure our. But legacy in Boston. I'm going which are. It's 21 years right now vs twelve so that obviously favors port on Gonchar. Two rings that's the name of the game is is to win. And who brought to you it's not like you some slob he was the best player on the team when they won the first one. He's one of the best players on the team if they win this one. If they win a second one was Zdeno Chara is their captain is their defensive leader Binyamin I'm gonna LeapFrog char over Bork. You're 100%. If they win again I think you're ready you know crap they went again. It is a tough question. As Bork was alleged import is the better player and Chara the accolades that ray Bork accumulated you get touched amateurs there a chart. I mean the All Star Games he was the timing just. From an optics perspective Bork was the all star game MVP in Boston. I mean they scored the game winning goal in the act I mean that guy there's ESP Zito moment where he takes a sweater I mean he's a legend. But you're right. Bork also one more nor stroke. Com char has won in 09 or 18 how many times on 23 font size 55 dot. So yeah. I can't come close that but who ray if he leads if he's the captain of this team for two championship runs on top of impressive stats. An impressive resume twice in this just as a member of the Bruins two time first time all NHL player five All Star Games. That Norris trophy. And you had two cops to that yes let's I think more to matter planner. We're better play out but the better the guy I'd put on the on the on the mount Rushmore. Would be Zdeno Chara they would both be there but I know exactly what you mean by that it look and listen to some of the stats here Bork. 15106. Career points the dinner char 450 per. Plus minus Zdeno Chara won 92. Ray Bourque scored 34 and hold on the does it look does charges some things maybe defensively. Better than Bork. The feds have probably yeah. Yeah and import I think ports all around a better player yes he has Chara presents a different physical presence defensively and import it. I guess the question is which line if he wins again is more impressive. What port did or what Chara did in leading candidate who got I think that's a different question got to that question yet because what port did for 21 years to me is more impressive. And he was amazing yeah let's throw that stuff but but legacy wise I mean you got to go chart to. Brings to more so is this a guy with 15100 career points I rather have sat and watched. One guy win two championships. And I have a nice long career and they never climb mountain top. I'd rather have a guy that wins. I guess what I try to do is figure out damn question. Because I didn't want this necessarily turn India whose resume would you rather have Dan Marino or Eli Manning. I guess sort of trying to say is if you're at a Bruins meet and greet. Whose hand you go and shake first. If they win the Stanley Cup this year and I think that's. Is that another different I think that's another different question held a question asked I don't know I think US a right the first time a guy who's got the better exactly yeah. You know not doctor but leg legacy legacy is what's important here. I'd rather have the two rings knows that I'd rather have to rain suit so char as the better legacy if they win again yet. Because that's when I play you play these games to win a championship the score that's brutal. It's a win championships and make a lot of money then money has nothing to do with our legacy yet. Has nothing but if you're having an autograph signing were more people gonna go to their. Headed to our battles are you. How old you are yeah is it your own now you have the reference birds is an attorney Donald Ray Bourque is right if you're. Forty years old right now you go to ray Bork because you have the reverence for him but when you're a kid. So that's always kind of playing into that scenario. But again I'm mag in the simplest way of answering to rings vs zero. We're not comparing a slob to ray Bork were comparing the best offensive player on the team. Maybe the third best defensive player all time in the organization who at one point in his career. The best defenseman in the NHL yes so it's not like he wasn't able to do things that pork did. Just didn't do quite as often wars long. But this is a guy that got the two the two championships. That's the that's trump card for me and try to our championships especially when you consider he was also very decorated as an individual player. Won the Norris All Star Games they both Federer is insisting that they both had their thing in the all star game Bork was a a master of who was at the accuracy shot. In the also skill and Arnold was the hottest this article Jon Hamm doesn't matter but it was just not that that was kind of interesting. Yeah it's it's it's it's an interesting debate because it's just funny that. The Bruins over the course of whatever it then last thirty years have had these kind of signature to defenseman. Number captains. And now we're at one point atop the leak as defenseman I'm not every organization. Has. You know I'm just shocked haven't heard from daily 'cause normally listens to our show next. So I'm just shocked isn't tax me wanted to punch me over that he loves for. So boy it's owed Dale's answer part B ray Bork I wonder I'm gonna text him and Adam does someone know what his body is and I assume you would go import but I'm curious what Dylan's. Mr. President I was actually listening to that show in this is where I thought of this debate over the same. They weren't talking about this well they were to they were talking about. Just the series and are talking about it just kind of they talk they talk about the series they make you Zdeno Chara is name and I I don't know I just. Thought about over the course of their conversation does like. Bork charge like I'd be a great debate I'd deadly dollop of dangle thoughts there right now allow him so much and I wonder what dale would say. I wasn't like I was doing I was gonna call him. But the gutsy if harsh. But I I just would wonder what especially at a Bruins guy like that it's been following the team covering the team for years. A has an affinity for Zdeno Chara if you win another cup. I think that's where the debate becomes real I don't think right now it's really just one you've got to win to what you went to the debate I think he's now. I not only do I think the demands real contributed tips and favorite chart I think dots. How can a hot especially I mean expect it would matter to I mean imagine if he has a big goal. In the course of this run now or a game winners whenever. Yes a big impact he's H. It would it's an interesting debate but it just not Nicholas Lidstrom played for the red wings know the red wings don't have another Nikki lynched. The Bruins they cut out another ray Bork sort of a big. Dominate defenseman who's been captain for more than a decade and those are two hall of famers and neither one of them is the best defenseman in the organization's history. That's why are close to build audio at all that he would even come into the sky. No he was the best player arguably of all time. I mean it if you if you say Gretzky American argue if you if you say LeMieux might argue with the little bit but Bobby yours and everyone's top three. Of course. I wouldn't say LeMieux I wouldn't let there I know there's some people that problem for a little while there but it was probably that post retirement. Blow that everyone had he was ease right there I'd like I don't think that put him in the back I didn't but. Most people think Gretzky a lot of people say or no matter how you shake it Orson everyone's top three of all time. We're laying here we get back gonna get back we've got a few things to wrap up in our final hour hour four of the market kitchen show coming up next here 12 point seven to be the.