The Mark and Kichen Show - No faith in Tuukka; Johnny Gomes is terrible 4-22-2018

WEEI Providence
Sunday, April 22nd
Hour 1. Mark and Ben open the show discussing Tuukka Rask and his horrible performance in the last few play off games. Mark is not a fan of Rask, They move on to Johnny Gomes, who is terrible on the tv broadcast.

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It's Martin. Found their legs events and thought it was back in. Instead it was written. Sports Radio while we point seven. Gonna guess. Let him again next week. Sort of one of those scenarios where you have this person that you know he's gonna probably let you down and they let you down. Like our producer map. Yelling match do you heat bill we just assume you're going to let us down so when you do lettuce sound it's really not that big of a deal done they never have sex okay is simple wrong would have done just fine with that. And I've been to port he'd rock concerts than he. These shows are awesome and on sports Radio One 03 point seven PW. The large contingent showed 100 point seven down. You mean yeah I hear in Providence or I marked down there obeying cajun band how are you. Very good -- in my front door well first four hour show of the marking pitching error about to go down Nero or three point seven WE I would memoir about a glass. It is a big moment for us somebody mistake somebody he. Well somebody is good timing I would say you can mistake we'll see let's let that. What that play out arm but if we were gonna have a four hour show which were not used to doing you were two hours to date or hours and today. Is a good day for four hour show because there is a lot to get to. A lot to. I guess dissect and I will. Started off with an opening take bomb look there are a lot of places sec ago few places I wanna go up I'm gonna start though. With the Boston Bruins because last night you know there's some frustrations associated with last night on. You know I I believe on the show last week if I have this right com. I gave to grab some credit did I not do that could not accept issue about you did I now. I was not surprised that's so I gave duke is some credit net and then. What night was that they've played it is Thursday night I don't remember game four. I'm watching game four and I spectacle was excellent. And get tweets what does mark think about to pick tonight are. And I said I didn't IE you know hey Tuukka Rask could have been better. Danny was in game why could I didn't think he could have I thought he was as good as he could have that. Anything you know. So you know he goes in game five in the in the Bruins to try to close out the series. You know or two does not great. Five intend I think going into last night in elimination games are close out games I should say where the brewers can in this year's. Save percentage and and underwear. You know it's okay. He goes and and the Bruins lose but not only did the Bruins lose. Okay. Rask gives up four goals on thirteen shots. He gets pulled from the game which is the first time the Bruins have I think pulled the goalie since when is it 1995 banking and in a playoff game. In Afghan play up there and they'll blame locker pulled jerk. And then it out after the game. I have I'm listening to the head coach of the team. Gotta give to look at the business. Publicly at the press conference so they you know that's not great because. I'm giving you credit. I'm feeling good. Now my coming around I'm not necessarily coming around and I'm feeling good I'm giving him credit. And not only did they lose the game but they lose in the fashion in which they lose where Rask gives up four goals outlook did I think. He had an abomination of the game I actually didn't when I watched the actual goals go in. I did I mean I didn't think it was a disaster in terms of softy after soft eight. But then what am I supposed to do the head coach pulls them. Then the head coach crushes them in the press conference so he must have been really terrible and united tonight to run with tones and very good course. So we will win it not been very good for us that's a hell of a message to send right after the game right after the game so he gets pulled. And they immediately search plugging the backup we've been very different now I you know Rask is the starter Rask will be back com. But this is the antithesis. Of why Tuukka Rask. Isn't what I want him to be so to speak this is what I worry about with Tuukka. Is now not only going into a pressure packed game six in Toronto on Monday. You're going in coming off the game where you got benched how does he handle that. That's what my concern is so it's disappointing that as I've trying to give this bank credit. And I'm listening to all these people eight took a great job you're doing what you need to do. Not only does he lose he comes back with that with a flat any gets pulled. And he gets benched any gets crushed by the head coach in the press conference recruitment thought it was on and win a couple. Not good love I love it too. I love and a coach or manager is that honest. About as a player. He's telling the audience he wasn't good I'm giving you the answer and it would also doing is trying to light a fire and disaster. Because I'm holding them accountable to everybody not just in the locker room to everybody. So I love what Bruce cast he's done with him I I'd he did earlier in the season tip. Did the same exact thing pulled took it from a game wasn't very good and then he crushed him after the game. And what to do it actually lit a fire and to possess he was much better after that so I'm hoping that's what happens here that first code the Brown's goal. I didn't think that was a huge deal on to his part in Austin Matthews wrapped around eating. They're quite fast up which by the puck popped up the weight did Brad just slapped it and that our market atone for but some of those other ones. That there weren't very good performances by him. He didn't do very good job at all their people still defending him saying. He wasn't one of the worst reasons one of the biggest reasons why they lost this was you let in four goals in thirteen shot there. Look I know there NHL players there is no defense outreach I don't care what the goals were the ultimate dangled the best thing you've ever seen on the ice. A pro goalie in the playoffs cannot give up four goals on thirteen shots. I ArQule with the defense is doing you've got to find a way to not let that happen. Let the defense wasn't very good young voices uncle Jesse did so it's not all of want to go but it's a lot on Tuukka it's a lot of Tuukka. I mean he should've gotten there faster on Matthews rapper he should've gotten their fast in my killing him for that goal 'cause it's ended up being a little bit of a fluke but. He he was not good at all suggest he is one of the top reasons they lost if not the biggest reason they lost that game. I'm sorry did duke defenders struck a week easy I don't get it. This is a guy who's adding five and eleven in playoff series closeout games. I've been eleven. That's terrible. Not to go way off the reservation here. But sometimes I listen to Jack and Greg calling game yet you know there's a movie you love movies I was a little big league love Jack. And there's a scene in that movie where there is an old veteran and the kid he's the manager of the twins in the movies and old veteran Gary Busey. Now that's the rookie of the year. Obviously literally weekly data on where he owns the Minnesota two Eagles were a long story short. Is his beloved veteran that. He's kind of his skills are dwindling he gets a base hit. And everybody's cheering Billy the little manager is cheering great hit great any assisting coach turns indicate manager says. You know there's a problem if you're cheering up Hartford a simple basic. Sometimes I feel like with Jack and Brett I mean bagel wild that took a make some basics of us. Okay that's what he's supposed to be doing making those saves and they're freaking out when the guy makes a save should make the playoffs so that kind of vote. The two good defenders are just. I don't well. I just don't I don't like that they make such a big deal out of these basic saves it should be made in the playoffs 40173727. Is the phone number text. 37937. That's something that worries me. Is it a big deal although the home team broadcast sell them whatever. I. The other thing offended seeing as Anderson was getting so much love he had a great game pick it gave up three goals there's two that went off the post that easily could have gone and so let's. They could've scored five goals and and he was very good at the very end of the game when their peppered him with shots and they just had the puck in his own in just peppering him he was good then he still gave up three goals. He still gave up three goals and there's two that hit the post that could've gone he wasn't outstanding he wasn't amazing like they want to make amount to be last night shark. That's fine I'll agree with dot com. I'm just saying the wave that Tuukka and again I don't think it was an abomination. Of the game but it doesn't matter. Because he gave up the four goals on the thirteenth judge gets pulled in that as head coach crushes them after the game. In the press conference and I just want to check the capitals beat the Blue Jackets last night. Okay 43. And I watched the highlights of that game the the Blue Jackets goalie his name is Sergey Brooke block ski for Brodsky the dietary set. Gave up four goals. But do you if you watched the way he played. It was a lot different than the four goals Rask gave. They lost 423 just like divert now but this guy at times are standing on his head. He was making unbelievable save after unbelievable shape he saved the game a couple times in overtime for the apple eventually won it. So there's a different way to give up before you don't want to give before goals and he certainly being up four goals on thirteen shots but. This was a bad four goals because of the ratio and there's really no defending you can't depend. Is the playoffs. There's defensive breakdowns the other teams are really good Toronto was playing desperate. Because they need to win or else their season is over so yeah you're gonna be put under some pressure you gotta make a big save and he didn't go to and they need I got. I said the fact that he got pulled. I mean that's held a message to help end. You know what happens let me ask this question. You liked the way that Cassidy handled the situation in Iraq but what happens if in game six. Rask gives up cop or illegals again then what happens poem again plays out what you have to do grappled in this game. Yeah I mean it's a close a game for the series he got home again gotta win that game I'm sorry if you're an opportunity to win game six and you're down. 31 in the first because Dugard gave up three goals really quickly you got a poem. You have to you bring up the ratio. That's the thing that's the scariest part for me. Thirteen shots and you have four of the men. That's really really scary that's the greatest race restarts let them goals really quickly in game six you've got to pull right lakers who don't it was good the rest of the game. The governor was cut. We know who'd opens a good goalie he's not as good as to grass he's not a guy that you're gonna. You know rider died waited for ever but he's got the king to a solid job for you when needed to be he's not that far below Tuukka. So you're not having his big drop off and it took a seven a bad game. You're you're going down a slope there I don't let us open only to god never loved to go I never thought he was this. Great goaltender that everyone makes him out to beat if it is a lease should be really short with him this this and this was. About you last night was a bad night for the two gators arms Hartford Tuukka team to deduce the data that you could offenders that's terrible. And they're still trying desperately to. And then there you go. Scott Laughlin started this one and all too grass no matter how much you want to see this is my problem. This guy already let's play this is it took defenders meant yes it is because they know much hell no matter how much you want it to be this in Scott. I don't want it to be I want this guy to be nails that's what I what. The facts. Are that he's not nails so we talk about what the facts are Scott. Okay he shocked last night collapse Bruce. He has a bad history of closing out playoff series. I know 2010. Skews got a lot when they blew the 03 lead against the flyers. But that's what this that's what the reality is with duke he is not good closing out games or series. I don't mean this crap about this when I want it to be not I want it to be. I want it to be rainbows and they go all through the playoffs in sweep every series. But that's nobody is any misses games important games it becomes a small and he says stupid stuff sometimes we'll remind chart. My favorite things out less and onto ordered. Heidi is putting out their ties getting into a debate with some time Anderson. Is summit dot. And he's trying the guys you know using the the diarrhea last game of the season. As evidence against duke as you showed as you can as we've done a thousand times and they're just trying to dismiss it. That was years ago you know he was sick he can't control getting food poisoned. Stop tying yourself to not defending this guy. He's not that great listen. Again. I played College Baseball I saw teammates in my place now this is in the NHL deeply sick they played in pain. And they played well in those situations. Is College Baseball. So if you two can't do that he's gonna get ready if he can't play in pain or does he had a you know Tommy aid figure it out. Adrenaline let it take over I don't know. We are all backing it up but the point is he has not been great and I was given him the benefit of the doubt you where I was. I was I was I was trying to be positive no I don't. And I was gonna just be some who reliably find that you work I just still can't see it from him still no easy not an unknown well. I can't either. He everybody I mean I didn't think they look at it great game for the winning the cup now that's all I was saying I was giving them credit. For gay a great game four and then at the end of the playoff run. I would make a mass generalization or final judgment. To go was awesome horse to go let us down again. Can just reduce any little snippet young out of Seattle golf pleased about it it's not on Tuukka none of the four goals Brasco louder once you look at and think it was a safety capsule should have made but three of them were stop global. The support Rick there you go one more time. None of the four goals Brasco louder once you look at and think it was a safety absolutely should have made but three of them worse probable that in him. So it's. Okay then give up three goals and twelve shots in the other one was an unstoppable roll in no goalie would just look for Eagles until twelve shots listened. He's right they started slow the defense allowed them to Toronto to have opportunities very early in the game. Which is not good the defense was not good. No wasn't breast works but that's the point. The defense is gonna be put under pressure this team is good this team is desperate. You're gonna get put under pressure rash needs to come up big this is what playoff hockey is all about. I just find it unbelievable. For the Tuukka apologists in the people that support him blindly support a that it's just amazing to me that not only does he get all this grief that we get on on the we're gonna take this call. Not only they lose the game right so you got a great game for the come back they could close out the series they don't they lose the game but not only do they. Went into getting Paul think that's because I mean they could just lost the game three until they lost the game it'll go back to. You know Toronto try to close it out there none and now. It's amazing grass can't you know he gets old. And now there's all this talk. This is why there's this talk because he's getting pulled in big games. Not just you know okay dating get a dot. By delta and fight tough tough team good note the playoffs but he gets Paul and now that now to the coach. Destroys him after the game. It has been good I didn't think he had it tonight. It's the playoffs and even took seven after the game wasn't good Lucas that it is the playoffs there's no time for that. No talent but talk to GP in north Providence who wants to talk about. Tuukka and I guess that's David Price to be a more. Well tomorrow endowment. And that kind of then it's wrong to kitchen sink guy meant it was no match in the way of encouraging gold. Thirteen shots to listen that was struck out twice last night with this strain is all I'm just glad. That that that's not taco problematic item you know expect edgy opened the floodgates are open and and it edge to edge and I got to give tragic out of a poem and that would coach you wouldn't have senate word out that it went up poll combine. It's scary because that they come all. I'm not actually in the same thing could not been. That's exactly right Judy that's who we were talking about if they come I don't know how you what kind of message are you sending. If you don't pull him if they get off to a slow start or smoke gets off to a slow start Dave's ex you have to. Go ahead. Question about defensemen that you know. Actually likes to push them up big guys like plate right now. No they shut down the wrong crowd shut the middle buy in New York based I didn't breakaway didn't think I don't know. You really you really don't always gonna show opportunity of Austria was just. But it did you ever check the bag that quotes like I give incredible come about gonna don't we wait the flip side. Yeah I don't know doberman guys are gonna say hey you know what he kept us in the game. And don't win almost one we almost caught him so. That's probably about a pitcher yes I know it was when they lost only going to get in the game it's not the backup that. Just two batters took what are plate. Yeah. Thanks for colleges Rick here here's the thing I did he kind of brought it up. Is too good good goaltender yes yes he's a very Google do we have any confidence in him now. That's bad. If we feel that way imagine being on ice with him. I'm sure they have a higher level comment on them redo but they can't go much higher. When you're starting goaltender the guy is most economy one of the leaders and your team gets cold in the middle of them. Clinching game of the thing here's the thing when you play sports you know you know your teammates well yeah you know put guys in the mental midget you know for guys soft. I mean I've played with those guys they can be talented. But they're also soft they come up small and big moment you can't trust them in big situations. I mean did you see the you know. I don't know how the Bruins feel about to get there obviously not gonna say that publicly. Tom. And for cried out bodies of the reporters that cover the damn team find out they're not even report. Is it that. Like I feel it's like 90% of the fans feel this way about Tuukka. And then these this small percentage of people that have been go to the garden to cover the team all seemed to defend him. Why is there such a discrepancy between maybe Saturday nights at the play the media they're ego. Their ego. That's exactly what it is the media members followed with these guys because they'll actually talked to them yeah and and they build them into this other thing that they are art. We see this all the time he's the funnies got no he's not really funny he just happens to talk to you. Oh he's not that Smart he's not there he's really Smart he's now he just happened to talk to you. You think is something that he's not. Well what I mean let's. I hope to corral Oscar is a very you know I'd root for him to be a happy man. I don't care if he's an army as a. This is just about hockey yet in the hockey the facts the facts he has trouble closing out series backs. He blew all three lead facts he didn't play that game that we keep those are all facts and this city like we've talked about on the show the fans here. They know what it championship team looks and smells like they'd seen a lot of them. They know the DNA of a championship team and they've watched a lot of championship dvds they've heard a lot of interviews. After a team won a championship. They got they have a good feel for what. Players. And men mental make cops. You know what what makes up a championship scenario and sometimes this guy makes us think that. He doesn't fall of that category mom gave me a lot more to get to we get back. The Red Sox. It they did not hit the ball last night out we'll get into that there's a few other things a big time patriots. Segment coming up here on the market did you joke won a three point seven WER for a course. So marketing kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WPI. Call the show like 40173712. Rock chopper move on my heart thank intern in the UK I see nothing. In the ball to second for the force out there today. When I drop it's. 31 its. Third knock. Take away. She's us what Julie. This guy Dennis sectors like I don't know if you've heard him he's ridiculously good in the votes he's so good so good. Remy is fine I mean read our got through what he got brewing and I didn't think they'd be of he'd be able to come back from what happened to be as. You know you always look at and oh yeah you might never forget what happened. But he did and Jim Remy is good in the Booth calm when he's engaged in when he's. Doing it. Good lord this is exactly what I was talking about last segment Jonny Gomes is unbelievably. Bad. Calling game let me use let me just make you are going the record he socks okay. He sucks sucks well even further and usually you know I got to the years only tackles the beer and all that after that. He sucks calling the baseball game he's apps and he's never exactly been interesting now he sucks. Actually speak so we think that is interesting it's not he is not interesting he's incredibly tedious during the game and born. He's so slow delivering whatever why they might relate to put him off. Why. It's it goes back to exactly what I just that last segment would these media members that get a quote from someone and all of a sudden they're the funniest guy in the world Shaquille O'Neal. With any of the stuff he ever said really funny old. Well no it desist calling them the Sacramento queens that was even funny the big Aristotle the big she shamrock. None of that stuff was funny at all just gave them a quote and they. If you go back and listen to some of those clips we Shaquille O'Neal holding court at his locker room. There'll tackling and giggling like little girls that got aids the stupidest thing and then all of a sudden. Jonny Gomes is dreadful. At first someone go. I understood the thought process used in choosing guy is funny quote you know okay Tuesday marking that I thought back on and I was like no he really wasn't even that interesting. He wasn't that funny yet oh he he showed up in American flag shorts. That's not funny. It just shows he's kind of weirdo and correct wrong not funny. I'm sorry if he's childish I love watching him play I like the fact that he has fun guy but he's not funny. Hold our respect go wrong has been funny. When he I think it was I forget where they were Pittsburg. When he. 69. Any sits some I I don't remember exactly where you know what I mean you know what I mean that that was funny how that was funny funny a cat but no I know what you mean overall debt but what made that funny was the fact that we know who Mike Reese's and we understand migraines zones. No worm only know what I mean maybe. They responded no matter because it was Mike re they gave you no limits even font yes. But generally not really that funny and certainly got to hang around with oh yeah. The funny in front of the media the public and you'll lap they loved what they want everybody till they want to be lights by the popular people. I never how many times elk and nothing against the media is telling you what happened how many times did I as Bill Belichick question at a press conference. Where you know it's kind of off. The beaten path forward everywhere I call it a bomb outside the box I'll ask it and then. Bill either you know if he cracked a smile although in the room erupted in laughter. They didn't what do they do they only ruled they're all realize what a fool who wins this and not get you know why they rolled their eyes because they wanted to validation from rebel. That's all outlets I now listen multiple. I'd like what you did generally a press conferences there's one or two there's like Jesus are you doing. But for the most part it was different at least what you don't forget and don't forget I don't forget about that Doug is saying. They're reaction was based on whatever bill did you not about what they thought probably there's there's very few. But that's why they wanna be liked by these big powerful popular people so they left. That's why would I mean how many times have people laughed at them at the mice my face face based joked Bill Belichick made. Ad nausea wasn't really funny the first now is so it certainly isn't funny the 27 and and people still laugh. Though the one that was it was funny simply because it was more about what held that he just say we have the Mona Lisa veto thing. Those funny because like we why would build it built just bring up My Cousin Vinny references. That was funny because there's just so bizarre and out of left yeah you didn't expect that coming but now they they'd laugh and laugh and laugh at these guys they're not funny. I don't I don't get it like people killed Dan Shaughnessy and he doesn't stupid stuff he writes some lazy columns from time to time. But he's not they're sucking up to anyone know he's not kissing anyone's ass now you know. I always thought that way of Bob Bryan. Today isn't really sit there and kiss anyone's asked I read Bob Bryan's book. And there was that moment in the seventies or is kind of kiss and certain people's ass on the Celtics a yellow idea I mean it and going out to dinner and drinks with them and everything like that who's getting too damn close to them yeah. And then you you can see as a different era of sports coverage obviously much different Arab but I mean he even wrote about getting too close and who. And and getting too involved with the team and the age as a rift with Tommy Hudson because he's too close to date talents there. But Dave Collins. Went to his hotel room to meet did give him his retirement. Yeah tech talent yet. Yeah exactly so that's close that's really close but it sure seems to any of this stuff. I've been a lot from a couple of times very few times and they just sit there and tackle. And and there's a couple of people that are just I just there to hold Michael vitality and ask a question oh yeah I open my front looking and everyone else. And there's a couple of people in the that are kind of like me like I don't really wanna be here and just getting the sound. I'm just going up and the rest and they're so engaged to what's being said there hang on every single word. Weeding through this late comedic moment from them. Yes that's the little chortling that you hear at these press conferences. It's painful. And it's just chalk sniffing over and over again. So. I don't know if you were surprised that the Red Sox a no hit last night. I don't think it's big deal obviously build the outback but. Just you know kind of like took we're giving them all this credit none at this isn't as bad as what happened to because there's I mean that's there on a bigger stage right now but of course. They can't they hit a million home runs having this team. Going they hit eight home runs through eighteen games last year and this is let's give ourselves some credit here this is what we discussed. Early on. When we were talking about this season and what were the things to look for because they've had success in the regular season before and it's about the clouds. Or wanting to look for that we sit with today at home runs they had eight almost eighteen games last year they had eleven in the series against the angels and they hit two more. The first in the first game of their series revoke. Not a you know hit last but we're saying all these nice things about the Red Sox then what happened no they don't just lose they don't just on the face they had no. Very Tuukka of them not a big deal but I just thought that was funny that was funny moment. Man Tom Karen after the game last night was desperately trying to. You know. Break up that no hitter by saying claiming that that blue. Single to center should have been a single instead of an error and then. Anthony's base running out he he was in no. They just don't know it I don't think it's that big of a deal you got no hit it's one game you've been absolutely crushing the ball Bravo last couple weeks so. I'm not upset about what happened last night. Hit a good pitchers some days good pitcher so bail us who have. Good pitcher having a great performance by the performance of his career in a ballpark that is not very easy to get hit in. So I'm not killing him for that did an awesome one bad game. It's kinda comes to me like you're upset about the the no hitter not a set amount of set I think is just amazing that. After all this praise giving giving them in the offense is Ben. Unbelievable. I get no hit. I this is hilarious and I mean I just can't I couldn't believe it up one down game that's what I'm looking as one down game not a big deal blip on the radar. Man was unbelievably wrong about the steamer and I didn't think they'd have any power. I thought I predicted before the season started that they finished second in haley's behind the Yankees out right now that would sort of horrible prediction. Let me ask you this can we conclude even this early in the season. That out score is an asset to this team are absolutely I think so too absolutely yeah now we'll see what happens in chaos when they face them. Significant adversity some real adversity but you know it is it it's kind of akin to it when Cassie took over for usually ends and it's the same situation where Julian was just. Finally defending his players left and right to the media. And Cassie comes in and the breath of fresh air he's taken a couple people to task same thing with core. Is Ferrell just offended everybody every decision ever made he added defense or even know wasn't working. Court comes and it's different he holds people little bit more accountable. Just like Cassie is doing with the Bruins. So it's nice to get rid of those managers that are just gonna sit there and defend everything their players do it's nice to get rid of those guys and then have someone in there that's gonna tell you little deterrent. Outscored giving god the decision to see when I read about they're giving got he's giving guys days off after big nights after big series. A guy go three for fourteen saying that last year spent a lot of time around whose failed to that you've got to go three for five a lot. And he even considered it a taxing experience going three for but you're on basal like you're running your out there column. It seems to be working I mean outside of last night it seems to be working. As a former baseball player what I wanna day opt if a hot not necessarily but it seems to be working so he has a direct impact the David Price that. He was he moved dump Romney who's gonna pay didn't end up happening to the game got called but he was scheduled to pitch Monday the patriots day game sin no way. Fingers cold ping Li whatever you'll pitch in Anaheim and LA. And moved to start then when he was out there price had always have five innings pitched pretty well yanked him. Let's end on a hot. I got to manage it you know he's managing the team and he's managing it well. The one thing I will say about the Red Sox. And we'll see the Celtics waited a wee weed up to the Celtics it was a matter fact 1 o'clock game four against the Bucs will target itself in a bit. Let's remember the Celtics because 90 injuries in this is basketball and different things duck but the Celtics started off unbelievably hot. Unbelievable. Stevens is doing everything right they couldn't lose it was on the it was amazing. And you know they come back to earth to this team will come back to earth on. Seventeen into whatever it is now yeah they'll I don't back to her. I don't see them being a wired or wireless 2007 team. I just maybe they technically go wire to wire will lead to at least the entire way they might but it's some at some point. Still get to scare the legal get down three you know whatever I also think some of these other teams assert to pick it up I I think the Yankees will pick it up. I am standings been terrible so far absolutely terrible. I don't think that's who stand is I think seemed gonna turn around and see teen idol young's lack yes or kill the ball again that's just what he does best so always comes back. Comes back or they're gonna rebound they're gonna prove to be good team they're going to make the plant is. So when a team like that's hurts a rebound you're gonna start to lose some games to so yes they welcome back to earth I hope this is the start of it I hope this last night getting no hit. Isn't the start of them come and actor and I hope they can continue the momentum they built at least through the end of the month. And and that we can walk out of the first month of the season you're in first place with a nice comfortable lead. And you can kind of relaxed just a tiny tiny bit. They literally could not start of the season that they lately there could not have been a better shot link at gunpoint and well. They're hitting these baseball. I am aware they're hitting home runs off they're hitting. Home runs there are the starters one through three. And having good da bomb you know the bullpen that's Gigot but they're big good all the way around. I mean good. They've they've executed they've had I mean we forgot about Zander Bogart's. He had an unbelievable start to the year gets a gets injured he's out and we forgot about them because everybody else picked it up. So did they kind of started back from. I mean how can we Jeremy and John there there are six and a half games in the Yankees. I think after like eighteen games this crazy. Alexander gone. Do we Lin has been very good bitter that it's that they haven't really missed a whole lot with him being out I think he's due back Friday and return home let's take a break is I want to get to the Celtics after the break and then at the top the next hour. We're going hard on the patriots we got a lot to talk about in terms of the patriots talk about the draft a lot to get to. A lot to get to hear on the four hour marking Q did you wanna three point seven ABI. Who do you think you'll be the rock pile it is. For now back to mark and Aegean on sports re the ones who point seven WEEI. But the rocks in center field a great deal. Running water throughout the whole game but if they could be the rock pile. Experience. He's the fastest guys. I mean I yeah I mean I I don't know. What is that crowd had he not here then a fire somebody has obviously no fire to fire somebody should have let my this guy do a game ever again. The rock pile. I I thought for a second I didn't know he was talking about himself that what did you I don't know what that means. I don't know why you go down that road. I don't know the rocks so I feel great view. A great deal of rocks in May and maybe maybe it's the delivery maybe part of it is the delivery it's so slow and so dry yeah maybe that's part of it. I think I think the dryness of his delivery is what. Makes you don't think he's kind of funny because it makes them feel like he's being sarcastic and I think he's just a stupid idiot yeah. I still is a dump human being we're market America we get into this too much but I now I'm done now and I'm just gonna say I'm just gonna say. That. You know we don't try to play baseball. Nine million need professional athletes on the air because they have a point of view that the normal media member wouldn't half I respect. I'd rather have a professional athlete on their because baking do you view inside that ajar and anyone else enemy cannot give you but I think that you know there's so he needs Jerry medal itself. This guy needs to marry this guy needs a coach who was that Jerry Matalin is a long time he was guide ESPN froehlich and that helps when they would bring in an athlete. He would mold them and get them good he basic coach about to they can be competent on the air and learn how to talk. To the one who taught jaws how to swear on I don't know if appalled I don't know I don't know I think god. But they need to coach he needs to be I mean that's just I don't understand why you like you said we have that grossly there you just give Montevideo I don't know. I'm okay well I think Steve Lyons is much better lines that much better. So the shot I'll tell you what they're about we're gonna get into the self which are not patriots at the top of the hour pundits talk a got a ton to say about the patriots in a press conference that happened on Saturday. Tons to say on that. Com. But I just real quick Celtics. They have game in fort today in Milwaukee against the box I will say this real quick. The Celtics. I I was down when we Kyra Irving got hurt I was down I've got their playoff run was rendered useless for the most part. I had nothing really to look forward to where carrier ring went down they're not going to the finals it's gonna sock guy but then. You start watching a little bit and now I'm excited again because if they win and beat the box and it Philly wins I believe. We're basically Philly. Or is that gonna get screwed up in Indiana beats the caps. I'm checking back. What are trying its act which. If they beat. The box and play the sixers. That will fire me up that will get me excited for a playoff series not a lot from watching the tears at the box. It's it's entertaining. But this would really get me excited. This to me would be the battle of the future he got bad Simmons the next Magic Johnson to schedule well indeed who's sort of a talker. Everybody is combating Irsay can't stop talking about NB his game he's so funny he tweets that rearm Rihanna. Jesus but enough this is kind of cocky which makes for. You know drama and I like. This series if it sixers Celtics would make me happy. Coming off the Super Bowl Philly box in there'd be a little bit of that dynamic still in the air. But these should be a fun series yet Tatum and brown and I'll forward here and that makes. On the way not turning the ball over fifty times and again basically he's. Now he's alerts a little bit he's absolutely emerge in the sense that he's a very good player he might make Marcus mark. Use parts when it comes on demand season Redford and that out. And like me just a little too inconsistent right now but when he's on he's really really good and he's not afraid to take the big shot I don't think he's afraid of any moment out on the basketball court. I would like to see him and Tate of engram go up against him beads Simmons and faults. I know faults had them his rookie year wasn't exactly what they hoped for and yet he's got a real short and progress correct. But that series. We can get me more excited and really anything else because look even with Cleveland or Toronto. They the Celtics wouldn't be favored in either series I don't think with al-Qaeda Rian Hayward. So I wouldn't I mean if they could win a B grade I wouldn't get all that excited because my expectation to be low. My expectations were low I thought they're gonna lose in the box Jefferson got so I. I I think against Philly I would have. How would be a fun series for me because you would think that can be battle what we. See in the yes exactly that's why that would be great series because these are the two teams that are on the upswing. In the Eastern Conference now obviously everything can change. At the drop of the hat and new players come into the east and that changes the dynamics of teams. But these are the two teams you look at for the next 567. Years as probably the two best teams in the east. Now Toronto. Daugherty kind of a little bit past it they might be in it right now put it in two years they're not going to be one of the top three teams in the east. Cleveland. They're just terrible right now. And I I think LeBron is as good as gone so they're going to be nothing they're gonna be back to the bottom of the pilot to have been for the majority of their existence. So these are the two teams the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. That are gonna rule the east. The next 567 years so I would love to see that series even though it's I think right now would obviously favor Philadelphia. Shark because of what's going oh yeah the Celtics an injury problems. And that I would pick fill our data will allow your listeners but I really want to see that's yours yes I would really could I would love did. Problem you and I we missed the majority of the eighties we miss those great Celtics right I received I. Eighties I don't remember anything about the eighties only Larry Bird I remember is broken down dream team Larry Bird that's the only Larry Bird I. Fair enough I don't remember the eighties I mean not as a basketball. I mean I don't remember. I barely remember the eighty's and had a member Jody reed. I don't really remember those guys those nineties is that the ninety's they're very Garros early 90s9123. As back up some where. Carlos can Tana. Sop Oca. I still plenty here. Tim nearing. Hungary and ended down just redon that's brutal Erica. I still don't think they're gonna get past the box. I think they're much better coached team and that's what you saw on the first two games used you don't you do think they're gonna get past our don't you don't still don't think they're going to pass the box. And I think the bucks just they have so much more talent. It's nice having this guy you don't like Eric Bledsoe still good player he's disappeared. But it's still a good player you have by far the best player on the court Yana yeah what I said before the series was regardless of the box. You're gonna see Jalen brown really break out. Now for through the first two games those are right about Jim Brown wrong about the celtics' losing to the bucks you have do you think the box can win at the garden now. I do I think what they needed is what they got in terms they needed a good solid game. And bring Celtics back down to earth a little bit because the Celtics are playing phenomenal in the first two games. But that was mostly due to their so much better coached up from the Bucs are now in the box or to figure it out. She but this goes back to what we said last week. Vicious series where there is some pressure on the Celtics because if we want them to be the team now we think they can't be next year. They should be able to beat. A team in the first round what what is it what's the seating green six. Not to realize that they should be able to beat the seventy even without Irving they were because if they can't beat seventh seed. They had a Hayward and Irving I don't think that and that's an inherent Smart only is this Muslim born players or don't run out their best defensive player Tom. Yeah be you know what belt Irving Hayward and Smart. I still think they should beat the seventy. Yeah I just I don't because you write up last week to we have the best player on the court usually gonna heads towards that yeah. And I think especially with Ky re being out they have by far the best player on the court. By four yes Al Horford and all star again Don this is so much better than Al Horford is so much about Don this is one of the best players in the NBA. It's okay it's Hayward and Irving two best players and team gets cut so I guess if you think of it this way. It be if you're missing. How good with the 070 wait Celtics have been if they were without Garnett pierce and Tony out. Who sucked it was sacked again so I guess. Now Garnett and pierce I think at that time. You probably was I mean Garnett and pierce were better than. Collectively better than Irving and Hayward in 200720080. Without a doubt I mean you had the best defensive player in the MBA. End Kevin Garnett who is also still targeting and vote but I'd superstar angered the truth there who's gonna put up twenty points a game no matter Crimea was still in his prime at that point yes I know he Mike you wheeled out. I play but my point is though. That team would've been as good but when you get those guys back you're getting a bigger boost. Then weigh it you get back surveying and Hayward. You're getting a bigger boost with six foot six since Paul Pierce. In six foot eleven is Kevin Garnett who's a bona fide superstar and so my concern would be if that team without Garnett pierce and Allen lost the seventh seed. I'd probably wouldn't be as concerned. That it would be of this team lost in the senate seat because you're not getting quite as big of a boost from Irving and Hayward when they get. So I'd like to think there are more peace is on the you know on the plate now. Beckett let that enabled the Celtics Thabeet the seven seat without those guys the labor market. The difference taking the superstars out the difference of those two teams was you know a lot of veterans that knew what they're doing knew how to play in the playoffs. Outside of the Big Three you're a lot of immediate Sam to sell you had James Posey UN. You had these guys that knew what it took to win in the post season. So you had a good court this course very young there's a lot more promises they're more exciting to watch. Because you have that those visions of the future of what they can be when you're watching them now Brazil's other guys it's a very solid team be onto the Big Three. But we've I've been able to establish I mean a success would be beating the box and playing the sixers. Even if they lose the sixers that would be the ultimate I think that's a show success for me based on the injuries in this current situation because it the way this team without higher Irving. Right now and without Smart. It's not second best team in the east now that are. Our bottom there of 45678. Team enjoy east. Now he's isn't great but that's where they would be quiet by probably closer to that 67 down at the box still. I mean I know is. Every of the teams there were close in terms of seeding but they're the seven seat they are in the senate seat. Says senate seat team and their team fired their coach righteous couple weeks into the season I'm intent. So I'm just worried that if they. You know how much how close will be to a Jimmie your team if they can't beat the seventh seed even without the guys they're playing with out. Because I'd like to think they have enough pieces that are there incapable of beating the 78. We'll see. Com. Will stick let me last question before go to breakers or TARP but the pagers the top of the hour here. If the Celtics win game four today. Is a series over. For the Celtics will they win the series if they win today Milwaukee series over now I'm not send that because I've seen too many valleys and the Celtics team. You know without the stars there's too many times on the court where they're just lost I will sit there and win today or over. There's no way the Bucs are winning two games in Boston overt if they win today it's over time my box are. Are we get back. A lot to say about the Rob Gronkowski press conference from Saturday to a stadium is the market kitchen Joseph one of three point seven WEEI.