The Mark and Kichen Show - Pedro vs Merloni; Lebron does the right thing but comes off bad 2-17-2018

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Saturday, February 17th

Hour 3. Pedro made some strange comments about Lou Merloni. Lebrons means everything to society.


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It's Martin. He did well but there's a word here about me age you know but maybe. Or. You. I wish I did it when we. The last and just. They've just. Yeah. Jane you take care of itself we welcome PLO that the wife is living thing on sports Radio One 03 point seven WB. And like the dawn Darrell our impact yet. This respect I mean we're live with the you're dreading it and the two hours and you're already knew nothing but in the except. Think this Andy or what are your interests sports when you read and listen to. Read general Stan what the hell is going to need it and fix some things he's not right and wrong. You were wrong I am right that's the difference circus the night if you want but finally India abroad something rigidity shark now it's time for marketing pitches. Fox sports Radio One 03 point seven W. That was edited. No I was gonna ask you those edited yet but this question is what do you read mute your responses I left. Yet that that's not how that went and plus they eliminated the part where I said I don't know I have an eight year old and a ten year old my whole life is you know taking them to practices and plays and stuff. They edited all of that out. Another escalation of that sounds boring but the truth is boring sometimes so this is like reality TV now only the third second mile and it's. Both. Now thank you. I was very. Early morning that was though was that the Tito Jackson morning rooms interviewing former city councilor Boston. You and I talked about that beforehand and I had called you like the night before. And you're like and I don't care what is the whenever I think about anything we got the TV twelve message. You want to but the TB twelve multiply WTO's coming into this a segment did you make that decision. What does that sound on an engine models producer or maybe your name is in the headlines it is. Bull but when your producers a marine you're kind of scared of him. No not mirrored and associate if you produces a marine and he's the nicest guy in the world but he's kind of intimidating because you're like. You might be a really crazy you kind of just let him do what he does don't have let them know I don't think that I've had long conversations with him about certain things I don't. Did you skip crap I. Like you he's the nicest in the world he really is super nice he's fun hang out with but there's times in your like. I think I wanna walk away demand for a minute just could just a minute got going here is a crap. I know you're right there that's why I'm saying how afraid I am have you actually you understand that you know that I'm just pretending you're not there as you should Wright he's usually not really likely you'd usually there but he's not all day you don't talk to the 3000 people and from and pretend that. Or they're in the run by some as a son as underwear. Advising his underwear now is Ian. Is he in his underwear. Not disclosed to see in mind because. It was on here early but now to a settlement. Amount called I don't know what works I am when it comes the cold yes I am a complete once and I'll admit that it's ironic 173. Now willfully freezing. Reasoning. It's immigrants. And now I'm on a good leader that's gonna wanna work for me. As Matt Matt in my negatively Selena saint. And diesel for Edmonton. I don't think he has no I don't think he's there at I just want all that out there to make myself a better now but what about what's gone you don't like the TV twelve method for a Stanley and people like that. I just think it's perfect. Mike a lot of criticisms of the so called TB twelve method. But I think for people like handling who have had injury issues who I think we can all universally. Agree maybe is a little over bowl and no not now why did you see the picture of handling you know birdies on the TB twelve method did you really believe he's on the TV to a map. Yeah I think he hasn't worked out with Guerrero or anything like that I think there. He's doing it like a lot of people will. Read the book or hear about it find out about it and add aspects of it many of which are just common sense and totally sound bites said. I don't know you better stretch a little bit tournament the better off well as is smoking and drinking indeed to be two of my afternoon then Ramallah. Actually it's the opposite if you drink alcohol you have to drink like. Ten times that amount in water to flush three system or some and so if you have like four Beers you have to then drink. 200 ounces of water to try to squash and roasts so forming a lot of people like dabbling and they're not going all in like pre that you know it's the be all and which I actually think is the right approach to huge it's something that you. Because there. My problem these math does is it doesn't take into account usually how a front spot he's actually very different what works for one doesn't SO work for another and everybody's job is different yeah. Not work out the same as Rob Gronkowski portray flowers as you do Tom Brady yeah you have different roles requirements. Those guys probably actually have to do squat so that when they need to move it 320 pound player in front of them they have that ability and it's not like oh crap I only used the blue band today I'm not feeling very strong there are requirements but. Most of it is common sense and that it's O you know forget Tony to kind of nice commitment night right and that that's only grow and if you or your job for I think Tiger Woods. Had the TB twelve method come along like fifteen years ago and somehow he got Tiger Woods on it. I think Tiger Woods would have benefited because I think tiger gut. Over muscular lost some flexibility led to back issues it led to other issues that. I think there are people like that for ever there was always the talk about baseball players steroids or not. Getting two ball to know you know losing their flexibility and all of a sudden you know a year Jose Canseco you're only a rib cage muscle every three weeks and you're missing time you know those types of people could certainly benefit for more. Flexibility stretching massage. All of those things that are part of the TB twelve method. It's not the be all end all it never is it just because Brady's go to forty who just came off that the accessible by a forty year old lesser bowl maybe by anybody in terms of throwing the football. It's not this like poster like okay declaration. TB twelve works because guess what. Brett Favre was the counter example he took pills he drank but heavy and did it in to his late thirties and forty plate and that doesn't prove that that's the right way to ScanSoft take pictures right is that the right thing to do does that mean you're going to be a good quarterback now. Take your pants up and take a picture it actually does mean you're going to be a good quarter and a I don't know how our wide networks there Don on that yes. It's just like us and the link on Amazon just like today don't meet just like drinking a lot of water as a mean you'll get a sunburn like. Brady sort of proclaims yes that's my problem was some of the suffer concussion Jews no seven hitter he's amid a match like they get caught up on that when there is some really good stuff yeah you have to pick and choose right you get pictures right stuff as after picking it just saying hey if I drink a lot of water I don't need sun screen while you come here in India people are dumb but that's only it was human being and I can at least a slap you on the back after that match sunburn and operate because he doesn't sound. Plus you wouldn't. Now. Security stopped and all my years of doing things I've only seen Brady in person wants. Yet. And how many times is -- a residual at every single week I know some once in person through yet. He's met. You know synonymous. He does exist he pressure exists and it's I category with the Carl Everett approach if I don't see it it didn't happen. So like dinosaurs. Never did never it and they don't now will they do. Push ups. So Pedro Martinez. Horseshoe crabs dinosaurs looked. Are alligators crocodiles. So sore you look at I am not had a now. Freaking Los. What a way to join ago I say Pedro start and as. Spoke to the media and but it when I say the media I mean the camera guys at NBC sports boss and who are awesome who I am sure they're very nice guys cameramen for patriots football weekly television other and yes moves and one that's into say the best cameramen in the business I really don't care about them I care about Pedro had to say to be honest. I'm just of those stories about Johnny Damon doing those need to follow ups after this. Lol you're anything like that we have received it from blue known to be honest moon. Always felt like have a site Mosul exciting. Maneuvering. So good. I. Look at that I've LB like showing off maybe and let you spend a lot of time in the mirror. Kind of comedy that at that night theory. Apple OK he's two of them died okay. And he is hiding a little thing I don't think that's very nice to I was very rude. I didn't catch up the first to marry you guys are the ones are clued me in America what you may just like the key piece of information there witches. That being reciting a little thing via the rest was crazy. I've I've noticed pretty funny about that it just standing in the mirror and comers Eric is a totally believe that and have a problem with that in the mid day show. Mean a lot of combing their hair a lot who first lose decorator he's got a great editor OK last visiting Greece but it's a great at a hair. Never at a place. It our way during every single break and I find this to be hilarious and bizarre at the same time you've done you've seen this before actually you know exactly what I'm saying yes between every break. I love this about him. He sits there he takes is rush out and sort of brushing his hair and then this headphones back on it we put two and so why bother brushing your Harry now you're going home after work very and its radio we all look like crap usually correct what are you doing. Yet I. I do does that intimidation. Now I was guessing is that kind of trying to keep up with the Glen I mean with Lou and Christian. No use doing that would when Michaels in the CN it was a done that for a long time and it is very strange it's bizarre I never really thought about it other than when he does it thinking. This is weird when you work with him day in jail for years that you can't afford it you can't not pay attention he did not seen with him so that's with them at all times or the brush and comb whatever uses you to brush and it's with him at all times. I would she's carries a brush more than crushing carries a Super Bowl ring and that we you're not really known for his hair. Right now well now now now not a good way like no not a good way and certainly a way that I can't say anymore. When I originally talking about exactly say not now why I'll wait till I between two Harold Willis. Yes a guy. I don't have much equity to save ridiculous things and get away with a big investors is armed guards juice you and I talking and it's not just you and I it's you mean Matt Borland. Today. Which we can be arts school. I think are wrong no. Front of that group back to the previous discussion. A time that like we criticized the players. I have no problems people criticize me on the radio I'm on the radio and in a public forum meant you don't like me that's part of the job so who cares enough people don't like me that I'll be done yet and if they don't like you what does it matter anyway. Doesn't release him now. Owns a direct deposit comes through to talk about that Letterman with us we can talk about that 523 after a toll the other thing that I can't say on the air right. I you know what the problem is when you get derailed you forget why you set something up and I've no idea why I was really going without Pedro stuff. Always felt like kind of guy who have always fighting maneuvering. A little. Low key though. Yeah I don't know why you set that up either rather than I heard that answer is we went so far away from the other where were going that I've known to us now you know doesn't have that problem. Naples. To read that on the Internet post Super Bowl memo apparently. Nick foale's is. Not hiding a little thing signs were all over the operator yes he doesn't need to turn her to win the related race knows everybody him. Big blank net and the word I skipped rhymes with a neck he DN. War. Remember the famous subway ads. How they sold their subs five dollar. Oh yes I got a fairly that's also. That polls is his nickname she hazardous. Pay you set this matter no you take. Even know about that clip that part of the Pedro clip I didn't even know until you guys clued me I just educated you doubly then. We know about Lou on one end of the spectrum and nick falls on the other actions always wanna make Honolulu a little bit. I know it's sort of blew by you rubbing your head getting red now are you worried I'm sweating again. He just has plans holding their correct no it's just hot and it's cold it's hot it's cold. People have different bodies they'll come to jail and sizes I know Brit boy I'm short like a brick. And some guys are just you know what that is and others now. But I just I liked to educate people that's what I do them more of an educator. I appreciate that about. It is why did you bring equipment to I don't know Ambien dancing around just trying to grow bigger joke it's gonna make it hard on me for the final 45 minutes of Michael says stroke no I did not have a stroke I'm just having a serious brain fart. I've no idea what I was doing it was probably something along the lines of man do I really miss Pedro which now in the back mines has couldn't have thought of that as being the resent plated because that's incredibly lame and boring yes. That's it was thanks Matt is a perfect example of player in this town. Looked up at a urban resemble the player in this town. When they made a mistake they owned it and we instantly forgave him he would go out there and if you had a bad game he owned it right. And there's not enough of that right now in this town and especially with the Red Sox they don't. Seemed to be able to own any mistakes and we can't they can't endear themselves to us. Because they refused to do that is that a natural. Reaction is that a born reaction or is that something you learn. Nature vs nurture yes I don't know because Chris Sale has that right. Chris they'll tell you what he saw you mean you mean that abilities do that I think my reaction we have two that matter all I'm saying the ability to do that to say I sucked. Dot I I think that's just a Bourne thing Chris Sale but I think you can learn it it's also easier to do when your Chris Sale. When you have to say that once every ten starts it's easier to do them when you or somebody who has to say it every other start right. Yeah like the confidence that's. The red by being paid. I'd be increasing the only if you go on have won that game you don't need to say somebody double when you make eight a massive mistake like David Price did. Randy what Dustin Pedroia did. The biggest offensive in double down yeah it's just gonna make it worse for you right and we're gonna just like you even more and more and more two point or were calling for David price's head and he needs to go. He's not going witch and the sad part is he's the second best pitcher on the team were. Is Lisa starting pitchers you shouldn't wanna see that guy go would ever want to see him go visit his. Terrible personality or a combination of his Terrell personality any hasn't lived up to the hopes that the expectations he's not been as good in Boston. As he was prior to boss and he's also not been quite as bad as a lot of people want amid crowds out general not at all but he hasn't whereas sale was as good or better than advertised. You know he turned it into he became the the reason you watch the Red Sox last year his starts became Pedro like. Must see why because I'm gonna tune in all. I had to work late guess what I I got home in the sixth inning and I'm picking up where sale has given up one run. And he has twelve strike outs in the sixth inning and I'm watching. An historic performance tight. I pork whereas price has had. Good bad men in between. But he hasn't lived up to the contract he hasn't lived up to the expectation or what he was prior to Boston I think the other thing that benefits sale in that scenario they're talked about is that most Red Sox fans didn't really know enough or much about Chris Sale outside of the Jersey cutting incident right. And and and that's actually some one of those things were a lot of fans are like yeah good show. Where's what price using the division we'd met him in the playoffs he actually shut them down in the class I can't put I just said we have Felix such a jackass for doing that you should tell you are not a member of the media but you do play for the Red Sox are now but you don't as they weed through media noted listed actually own two minds sink before and not called me that's why that's why you rate that's why I'm arguably the best on this show right now I would eliminate the first half of the segment where you forgot what the hell you were talking about why you know or not. No to err is human I am trying to err is human thank you Latin class from ninth grade. And even on a cinnamon and but then that that needs to take place you need to kind of sit. Price down and explain that Tillman it's not like Lackey. Verso let you when he was first here and he wasn't paying playing very well he's blaming ever announce he saw. With him on the mound if if someone didn't make the best player in the world and now field he's thrown his arms up and given that god right. But he seemed to kind of learned that it. Hey don't quite do that don't mean knock off the histrionics and Mexico own something that goes wrong here so basically you're saying. You need David Price to fall in line behind Chris Sale yes and by doing so that should eliminate some of the negative leadership he brings an end. They're the fault line in bold everything falls into place I think we figured it out salt well he's. I don't know one more source rent a six and we saw that so I think we can go home all right amount. There and gone my body's skeletal and I'd sailor who. It's just it's just weird back some market in kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. That's why I'm arguably the best on this show right now I would eliminate the first after the segment where you forgot what the hell you're talking about why you know god. Note to err is human thoughtful exciting. I. Answered budget doubled down on him like that. Massively your Durham dirty poor Lou for a Lou. He's doing he's doing fine. He's doing more info radio TV star beautiful family desperately Major League Baseball means pretty delight as RD chief Dolan more than I've. Yeah yeah ever had never win. I don't know I'll be much bigger okay two REM much bigger though but I like it. I don't mean physically I mean like. Obi and far more well known. At least among the I was is that when when should weigh all the latest to come to for wish us the CM 32 right now. 55 obese look at me around them when I'm 54 in your 5520 years and I'm not sure you know two or three years. Short short lifespan in the heart households not and sorry I meant in the grave early so my wife I'm shooting for sixty. That's so. Twenty so yours and yours is she preparing herself for that inevitability idea. She tells me not to pushing it well Paul and arts and mentioned to live for ever in my family I don't know why what's good and none of them are healthy. York and no I might be the healthiest of them really that's sat that is like grandfather smoked for like 35 years in the to lose 94. No that's that's a little bit like the TB twelve method like chest as Brady's good doesn't mean the TB twelve method works just as your grandfather lived. Forever doesn't mean it was 'cause he smoked. I'd say it was 'cause he smoked and I was saying that you live despite the fact that she's also would argue maybe if he hadn't smoked you bullet to a 125 and in in the hell wants to live till 125. Evernote. You know they say that the first personal of 2000 some people believe has already been born. You know some people believers like Noah. I'm so a lot of ice yet now 900 believers actual number for him. That believe in him know that booted the believes that he lived to being 90 Leonid abuse that some people believe in no. Yet they shouldn't. And I got it now. We go down that if you wanna dump that match dumped out of heck I don't wanna start I don't wanna open a can of worms with a half an hour ago. And have people who actually known was gonna call in question and and it's so. You've been very negative I am manned positive that he is part of the TB two movement as well. Yes and let us again closet again cantor. He doesn't rip people who may be rip him he doesn't fire back. You seem like a fire backer. I am you know arming enemies are shown a throw back me too because you know what that's actually more fun it is positive all the time isn't very fun house and don't think it's fair you. Helping. Natural. I think most people have a natural reaction to fire back and he can be healthy why because it was actually competitive with each other Cameron just like every animal on arms and some. Eat or be eaten. I like and go ahead. Oh my god Boston Celtics are in the all star break right now to dunk kids a freak athlete. They've had some problems and last couple weeks their defense has just been. Awful really over the last that's most Europe a 129 point no it's it in the all star unless the Denver Nuggets from 1984 I gonna score 150 right or it's an all star sports and all are only two times and it's okay to give a buck 29. I'll be honest with the star never better defensive teams in the NBA statistically I believe only San Antonio right. Fewer points allowed I never thought this team this year would win the title. He'd. No what I'm I'm optimistic and positive about them because I think this free keyword injury. Yeah I didn't think they could win the title that anyone could beat Golden State I I'd thought Golden State was unbeatable. And the only team in the NBA that acts as a shot at beating golden Satan a series is Houston and I don't even really give them much shot. And if they do being in the end of the tunnel for. Mean in my life to get the actual title for B they they get that Western Conference title then you lose as a result isn't all or not. The Celtics it's our. Simply put the Bruins here one week we expected this bridge. For a couple of years and both teams seemed to have shortened that bridge took over the last couple years we thought this is a law much longer project with the Celtics and they surprised everyone by showing up question Isiah Thomas had a great season. No denying. Hit a great season. Are you concerned. At all with the Celtics moving toward the fact they've slump recently are are they falling back to what they actually are what they actually are. Is the best offensive team in the MBS. I. Think they are falling back probably. In part because. You. Are relying on two young players to be core players and as good as Jason Tatum was early in the year. Try it wasn't realistic for that to be sustained. And Jalen brown is a young player I know he's in his second season he's not a rookie is no rookie wall this year. But. You're expecting a lot of those two guys and have talked about. I talk about the as Tomas ago that the consistency but it's. Not all thirteen points per game are the saint. And right now I think those guys get to thirteen points per game with a 27 point game. And then a down game five point right now and then over the course of a couple of weeks yet they're averaging thirteen point. Whereas they'd be better off I think with a veteran players that were thirteen points a game. Every game in it goes up to maybe seventeen down to eleven that your your and that thirteen point per game range. I think there is something to the fact that they're built around those guys and they say in a vacuum brings up. The African commercials on NBC sports seeing sports Boston say. Hope for the future. But competing for a title now another welcoming for so you're acknowledging that year you're probably not really built for right now to make that runs right now. And that's OK. You know will take its Smart fun it's Smart that you're going to bring this year right I mean. You're going to be a top three team in the east you're gonna win a couple series hopefully and have a little fun. And that's okay with an eye on the future in what it what what's your take on Hayward do you believe he's coming back. He shouldn't. I don't know why not I don't want is not what do you wanna Wear I don't want him coming back if if it's against doctor's recommendations. But if the I don't want to show it is okay and I don't feel the need to not. Compact that's fine I'd rather have him if he's coming back I'd rather from practicing getting through the motion of with the team and getting back in. That type of shape instead of actually playing in games because the reason I says I don't think this team can win a title with Gordon Hayward this year regardless. So why even bother risking it by now let's. Here's why not well why not that they can't win general Weiner. ET in the word risky and that again I go to the bill bell there's inherent risk and any time you get an injury that you can repeat that injury right and there will be next year when he comes back to. Right yet and that's all that's also a couple more months where everything to do I don't wanna rush anything to where doctors like that. Do if you want but listen loses on my head that I don't want. But if there is yet you if the X rays are fine you mean you're healed. You're healed it's faster than maybe expected whatever you're yields. I don't see any reason why not go for outside of the physical risk. I also don't want him coming back this year. Because I don't want a stunt the development of Tatum and brown again I don't think this team even with Heyward coming back this year can win a title. I wanna see brown and Tatum get very valuable playoff minutes and continue to develop as players which they won't get as much time obviously Hayward spat right. But he's also not going to be all the way that no he's a guy he'd play for like. Fifteen to eighteen minutes but that's still taking time away from them invaluable playoff series where I want to see them contribute I want to see them further develop their game. But it also makes a stand your season. Because you're adding a talented player to the rotation even if it's a a a complementary roles on a roll that is beneath what he'll be moving forward you're adding to that. And that's we are playing with moving forward. That's that's your rotation. It's going to unless there's some blockbuster trade down the line that we you know the Anthony Davis steel and bubble blah. That's part of who you're going to beat. Is Tatum and brown and Hayward and those guys playing together so I don't see the harm in them playing with him now if anything. At that point those guys maybe outcasts. It may be too. Too much to ask of them you know I think there's very questions number where you walk Needham has hit a rookie wall whether he speeding down the pick the stretch of the season here so. I have no problem that I would look forward to and I think that's the chance you take to get into an NBA finals. Yes the I don't think fondly. I don't I don't think so those are not I don't think they're season is longer or shorter. This year with Gordon Hayward. I think this team is Eastern Conference finalist I think they're gonna regain that first seed or. Whatever it is and face the cavs again in the Eastern Conference finals which is ideal situation for me in terms of are you wanna build up a rivalry wanna keep things going. As a fan and that's what you wanna say I don't tell me what is leagues that's different that's a different. I don't think this team goes any further I don't think it along it's the season for the entire team if cordon here were chosen. Remind. I mean that's an a skilled player and a just a periscope that's a guy who can score for you right. And if you're defense has lost a little something will the only other way to make that up as you to make it the defense back like it was the beginning of the year we were holding everybody below a hundred points. Or score a little more and not necessarily rely on only tie Reid to be your consistent. Score if you add Hayward. He can score four. In even if it's in a bit role acute would abuse at fifty community team a game. I'd I'd take that and to me I'm I'm looking for that next step in the process and I think he's part of that and I think there would could be potentially a nice benefit for him that. If you play in the playoffs even in a big role. It removes. Anything during the off season of uncertainty. And then he's always making his. His debut again and we all know what happened last year when he debuted on. I think you can eliminate all of that. By eight you know knocking the rust off whatever you wanna call it getting back in the rotation playing when those guys in the post season and the net benefit could be. Six C he could be the difference he could help you and all of a sudden you're in an NBA finals and you've advanced as a team because you've gone a step further than you did your four and then. All hell yet next year you go all in and say this is our year were with it Tatum is a year older brown is a year older and a year from now you're seen as a legitimate. Content future and right now I know anybody really thinks their title and they should they shouldn't be there and NBA finals contender dude do you think this team right now without Gordon Hayward. Coming back this season to make the NBA finals to ensure. I think we're no where okay will they make these and dozens were in that stretch where everybody's just like you should never have believed they were a sixteen in a row team. When they were in the midst of sixteen and yeah. You shouldn't believe their team that's gonna give up. 120 points a game because they've been giving a hundred pointless right. But the truth is somewhere in the middle is where they are as a team do I think. They can win a series against Cleveland. Yes yes I do could also don't buy in that Cleveland is going to be this honeymoon period that they've gone into since the trades is going to be who they are nonstop. At some point you know. I was talking about this will all grow in our office at some point when LeBron. Hit you in the corner for the open shot that he expects you to make. And you miss it and then he players you know how does that play out how do you react to that when you're these new guys that have been added to his mix. It's all great right now here here's the difference is that those new guys had been ad business none of them are superstars or former superstars or believed themselves to be superstars so it's a lot easier for them to kind of quote fall in line behind LeBron. Whereas before he had Dwyane Wade who has his own agenda you have Isiah Thomas who thinks he's so much greater than it actually is. You have these other guys Derrick Rose these are destructive and disruptive forces. The other thing they Cleveland did they got a lot younger and a lot more athletic correct those legs will be able to carry them through the playoffs unlike. Isiah Thomas with a bad hit unlike Dwyane Wade who's there five years or on his what's gonna carry into the plus there's a reason he goes to the finals every year where Pressler is out. But whoever is around and he goes to the finals every year there is no question that LeBron will be the reason they go to the finals. But I also think. These Celtics are capable of beating them their table eating Toronto I don't see a team that I would say they can't win in the east Nancy beat anybody in a series the problem with. That's coach Brad the problem with Toronto and it yes it's very hard to guard DeMar DeRozan that's right and it's been very hard for the Celtics to figure out and Larry's had moments where he's punish them to. But the stretch the real strength. Of the Toronto Raptors especially in the regular season is their bench. And when you come to the playoffs that and gets so much shorter so no I I think the only company to real competition. Especially now after the trade deadline in these incumbents is the Cleveland Cavaliers and I still think. As they did demeanor is he's in the Cleveland goes back to the semifinals I still think that the Celtics go to the NBA finals as I did that the unions is I don't believe him. Nine duplicate it said it many times I didn't hear on radio. Everywhere. Predicted it immediately mean. I mean you don't know because I predicted and it wasn't so much my high side for the Celtics. Can you tell me more about your high side. And have a high side now you have high side of course everybody does Tiffany. I know what's wrong with you I don't know. No it's like legal now. A local people are doing it yeah we are I'm not. I did my eyes off life. Natural day be. On that. Result owning their for a minute. With. I had Lou what are you thinking go further. Celtics or Bruins who's gonna go further this is I I think it's clear you just do things a Celtics the Bruins need to prove to me that you win a series nevermind. A series of series. In a row. I think the Celtics have a the Bruins have a much greater chance you have no faith and took a rescue to them massive cheap shot at him yet you know I don't know why do have faith and anti who'd opened. Who is you barely missed a step when he's an N as opposed Iraq slates or you're your your any picture of the Bruins know my prop my prom dance my back local my prom more with grass I think he's a good goalie I just might. Worries those moments worries like how my stomach hurt all we really need to win this spring game Rask is a goalie goes a bit at the end of regular seasons in recent. Yours right. And they're putting themselves in position they they won't be in where they don't have to worry about those last two games that he can come in the first playoff series in game seven to meet the same situation right season ends if we lose the season extends if we win and Rask comes up short. They're not winning in the post season because of their back a goal of the reason I think you're right there's always that question mark if they can even get through a series but the other reason I believe they can go further. Is because there's no other dominant there's no real dominant team in the NHL right now. There are two teams in the MBA that I think are dominant teams pre golden seeing Hewson who are both excellent or both better than every other team in the MBA. But in the NHL you don't have that one team. That is running wavering in his so much better than other teams but the the Celtics don't have to face either of those two dominant teams until they get to the finals and that'll be a massive success in my. I know I know that the finish line changes and if they get to the files then you're hoping they win the title now obviously is that in moves if I. Honestly if they make the semifinals that's a massive success exactly it is a massive success or not taking that away from I just don't think they're gonna do it wouldn't be America. Would it be a pelican his eight seed going and I did that. The number you see right on the Eastern Conference they're very good team I still think they're quite enough to get over the and so the Bruins but I still for me personally that would be more unexpected. I don't care what the Bruins are doing in the regular season for me because the Celtics are coming office is on track record the track record so. Yes it is the trek are good but different GM different head coach Fred especially since that head coach as an insult to different system right. Do you take that into account. Sure but it's still EU need to show it to me and that the what is true of the Celtics like I'm counting on the Celtics to. Reached the same point or beyond that they went to last year innocent totally different team. Right the reason they did it last year was very simple or a big part was Isiah Thomas or he's not here anymore so you can think high res better in this team is better. But I know carries it was a different team that did last year so both teams are the same the probe into the same. There bear bear adversely affected by a negative history whereas the Celtics are propped up on a positive history that every player that did it. Savor a couple is long gone in hard to find. So they still need to prove with high three. That day in advance right that they won't wilt under the playoff pressure that he won't choke now part of it is because we know -- reed doesn't joke. Well we've seen in the literally final and and yes that's so. It's fair but both team was our resume Bergeron win says Stanley Cup race in March and we seem traits your recent Chara right. They have more pieces that know how to do it on their team than the Celtics have just one haven't done it recently. There's an extended stretch here of questioning how far they can go you know what they've also won a title more recently sure. But not. And that's really yet. But it's a different coach and seems to be different culture and that's to me the biggest thing I think with a broad letters we get back to leaders we are getting back to leadership may mean the obviously the biggest thing for the teams ever and brings up the young players now it's the resurgence of Chara right Chara all the sudden having a great season at 39 years old whatever it is ZCE 33 method. Right he should have his own method. Mountain biking in the mountains. Or whatever. That was repeated his method should just be pay be six inches taller than every other player in the lead until I can reach that talk and you that it is exactly. We now return until March came kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. What he will definitely not sort of drivel. I would definitely not I mean too much too little. So society got into my suit and you to meet my suited. That are submitted to feel like they don't have. They'll have a way out then that means someone to delete them out of the situation barrier. I'll say about LeBron. It's time an idiot. But he scanner at the same time he is but he sounds awful scholars even when he's right he sounds like in eighty there should be no way. In this situation. That he comes out looking portly. And I feel like you kind of just said something that makes him look a little bit and I don't know how how is that possible how do you do that he's is that ego mania here is an ego mania absolute you an idea here is that idea here is what he was right about. And he doesn't dribble he travels all the tapes and it's crab walk yeah rhetoric it's a crab LeBron Laura Ingram. Who has a much greater impact on the side. LeBron I am my most of your knowing your hands up even in Iowa I do resenting me I don't know I wanna Judy Tellme so that I could shift the scales entryway hire a taken. Yeah because he means too much to subside he means so much as I know that he said he's told us time. And time and time why did when LaDainian Tomlinson set up a classy person let's if you have to say your classy you have a prop. Mean people go into class they got no class dog. It's so weird to me. Because LeBron. Has really done nothing wrong. What do you mean. Christie done that's really wrong putting massive mural of himself like in his house okay that's silly that's not wrong wrong and bias OK that's fine but I'm talking about. Has he done anything that really justifies the dislike. Other than the stupidity of some of his decisions in terms of like it that the announcement Eric and now the week we'd love Michael Jordan I still love Michael Jordan and I still think he's the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan's farmer flawed. As a person and yes then LeBron. That we know that's fair brawn to be very flawed we just don't know well then he's brilliant at hiding it but. Rich but Jordan massive gambling problem you. A lot of infidelity in his background yeah. I'll I'll tell you quick sidebar about Jordan a couple of years ago and also yet a couple of years ago my girl and I were down Atlantis in the Bahamas doll and we're at that crappy little casino and they have their. And and all the sudden. LeBron starts chatting in Lakeland pills compromise everyone. Michael Jordan's at one of the tables and it's not like there's a private room for guys like Michael Jordan at the scrappy little casino he's just in the middle of ever. So fifteen minutes later was and I go to the cage to cash out in other words you know hey I won ten bucks Greg. All the sudden. Bohemian please stop. Everybody that's in line and move us like ten feet out of the way. And this is a scene trying to paint the picture while four. All the sudden here's about twelve Bahamian police officers surrounding people that it's hard to see. And then you realized it kind of parts and oh crap hey there's Jordan again George come up to the cage. On his left arm. He's got three girls. On his right arm. He's got three nights and what happens after this he cashes out does what every does and they start to leave. And this entire casino empties out and follows him outside falls into his. They just brings the six girls aren't just can't. Owes his wife and daughters. Who was not an activity I I don't know open and cared about that stupid little story probably not but. A similar story with John Legend and some really yeah or who was waiting for the elevator he finished a show. And he and like a dozen women got into an elevator and none of them. We're Christie to. Chris so Chris and Chris. None of them were her and like. I don't think they were personally it was a coincidence it was just women and I don't think they were going to there's just do you know. Talk now say they weren't gonna have a code scrimmage game mattered dogs. Julia seller what was the point I don't know cares you have to have a telling Jordan is more flawed then yeah now the point Georgette moral problem but we love Jordan. A lot more as it is LeBron steps in it every time he talks. Malcolm X two world because I think about it like that it's easy. Okay do you mean to punch society say it no but you mean more and more Ingram a society. Just say that differently yeah I have a responsibility. Are all he had to say what is black man in a position of power to help. Those that don't have the same. Pulpit to speak from the exact sounds different and I mean too much to society I don't know why he knows it writes. I wasn't sure I was going there until Pope often but yeah I thought it. But he just steps and when he speaks because he's so. Ego driven and he can't help it. And he's right. He is in a position of power to lead and and say things that almost no one ever no one hand and last ten minutes of the show price is a bigger topic but it's why some Jordan was criticized. You know Jim Brown criticizes people like Michael Jordan because they didn't. Step outside bear marketing comfort zone and become leaders. Right. For the laws how that's so stupid of Jim Brown though how you can't blame other people if that's just not who they are right. And listen to open Jordan was always. Republicans by my sneakers to correct when he doesn't have to why does anyone who's famous also have to be an activist because he he has the opportunity that not a lot of people had and I think other people say. You need to maximize that opportunity. Yeah he did maximize opportunity which is to make a billion dollars correct and focus on making yet he was what it's all you want more money as a player. And now he's an owner or we got a couple. Tweets here or tax ex his main. What do you think of the reds' new coach I don't know that would damn game yet. Mean now the other question is the other one is I don't know who you guys are on WEEI you must be knew but I can say this. You saw that will use up more. I've told my dad a thousand times about attacks on us a he's kind of reduce sometimes. Where's that 860 area code is a Connecticut I believe it is dammit there are talking about us on yeah. That's fine. It's okay we know Texan in the BC basketball. And will be those notes out of there and it's the plans on and a pair. Doesn't bother me I just want highlighted in Woodstock okay it's on been sucked who have been working Saturday afternoons. Yes that's for ten shirt and some analysts have to go back door Sunday morning and actually that's what we're competing tomorrow. Let's snout and when I says if you're eating I mean you're you and your costs and I'm Robin comes the hammer. I like them apples I'm too important. Of the Boston Sports Radio society. And I cracked myself up there on that shows over is yeah a complaint don't don't. The dispatcher pica and now I'm a little warm actually very well regulated here. At the could be a meat problem. Well that was a fun albeit. Mediocre shot. Think. Seek. T minus yeah that's about right T plus that's about right. So we won't punish you guys anymore news.