The Mark and Kichen Show - Red Sox need leadership in the clubhouse 2-17-2018

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Saturday, February 17th

Hour 2. Ben and Andy talk about Dustin Pedroia's comments about new leadership in the clubhouse. The Red Sox need some new leaders for all the youth on the team or else the clubhosue could collapse.


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It's Martin. He did well but there's a word here about me age you know but committee. Or. You I don't. I wish I did it when. The last thing. Just you know. Fifth they've just him and there. Jamie take care is obviously wealthy political wife she is living thing on sports Radio One 03 point seven WB. And like the dawn Darrel out of me about that yet. This respect I mean we're live with the urine reading it and the two hours and you're already knew nothing about it in the except. Think this Andy or what are your interests sports when you read. And live to read general Stan with the Helmsley who need it and fix some things right and wrong. You were wrong I am right that's the difference circus the night if you want but finally India have brought something written any sharp now it's time for mark came kitchen. Fox Sports Radio why don't we point seven W. I am glad you found those clips of John Dennis this is just embarrassing. For total. Yes yes what does he sixth Indy shark Indy far. We remember his other one ripped a low road below it just screws up people's names of she god that's awful. I elect do you Callahan was not very fair and that's why he literally yet so what do you know. But that's what that was a question that's what terror no jet. In the women's cyber harassment two plus two is four I know that like. We're gonna start with the basics you what do I know could result is -- that in no some songs some movie or he was in a movie at a normal lounge lizard was or whether analyst Eric are shallow Hal yes there was all mad at that has like. Those that years. A lot of people mode users old people. And I'm 32 I noted lounge lizard is might say something about you yeah I'm like seventy. On the inside. Start to get on the outside Cuba. Did you say anything stupid in that first hour. Now you sure about that now Dana Cranston is pretty sure that you said something stupid it's possible and I'm curious as to what it is what's up Dan. Okay I'm stupid is that an auto parts of the callers to you to hang up on a now he stuck there now is they're damn what it into an oh so stupid. Good days components aren't debt thanks yeah. I'm real quick it's actually in late adult can't expect. He's good sampling along the line there are briefed ball in line behind Belichick. Yes. Know how well I'll give you that up until maybe you're too little which certainly not more in a way around it giveaway Iraq. The industry. We've got brought a lot of talent. Ought to know south quicker sham I guess. Yeah I honestly think that that Tom Brady does not or hasn't fallen in line with with Bill Belichick. Up until this past opting out of this year I reviewed a 100% but I think he felt we don't and there's now and the whole basis of the wicket semi article might. No like that's 100% the basis of the wicker shim story the question is how much of it is fact how much do you believe in that story. You believe that. Tom Brady traded Jimmy Grupo. So are you clearly believe that. While I won't crap. It in and that's been great that goes right direct line Beilein afraid and I think that as well and I think that's great but it's a Belichick and I literally. And I think that Josh McDaniels comes in the fact that Atlanta as well. I if that were true I think Bill Belichick would already be the former head coach of the New England Patriots if if your belief is true that he legitimately was cut off. At the knees he has run this team forever right he's been allowed to do whatever he wanted and now he's cut off at the knees don't you think he'd be gone already. You know I'm not he's not injured coming back into the heat right now let's be honest with this. That's where we kind of agree I actually kill I have my doubts to Dan thanks for the call I appreciated but it was a cult no I actually think there is some consideration as to. Whether things are changing and would that good. No penalty would be no wouldn't be good it's works I've always believed somebody is always said imagine if Rodgers. And Belcher court together Aaron Rodgers I don't they ought to work ethic Aaron Rodgers has shown time and time again. That he is the alpha he doesn't just fall in line behind the coach of the organization of the team. He's one of those he has some selfishness. To him as an athlete and many of them did their seem Seymour individual agenda with him and Brett at least on the field them a Brady but I actually within the organization Dan's point is is great because. Beyond even the girl trade. Which I do find it hard to believe that he is quote unquote sort of orchestrated that trade and bill still here I can't imagine that happening. But I do think there's a fair criticism with the TB twelve stuff. And all of that. Goes into that and showing up pressed congress liability across his chest and a TB twelve hat that can be bought on TB twelve dot com later that day. That is countered the patriot way and they've done forever. I'm sure that rubs elbow checked the wrong way on some and that's part of the Guerrero thing if you gonna believe there's so we're ashamed story that there are questions as to. What Guerrero should be allowed to do and did bill let him do too much and then trying to rein it in and all of that. So yeah I think it's fair to question whether Brady is different over the last year I think that's a good call primitive thing it's pretty obvious a breeze how they stupid. For me to say that Brady falls in line behind Nobel check him say we have we're gonna chance we Fortis the other plays out there. Speaking of falling in line. I. And I will see where it goes I don't think you just stop mid scent dog is Steve you have recruited other time efficient and transition I think it loses its value when used snow. I need or validation I need it now. Senior following an on again and again. The Red Sox players seem to have a complete inability. Your phone line or to figure out who's actually a leader on the that's the problem I think they couldn't might be able to fall in line if there was a leader. Well they can't because you have four or five guys that think their leader and their possibly the worst kind of leaders you can have negative. You have Pedroia. And you have David Price those seem to be the two alpha dogs on that team at least a vocal. And the two in terms of performance the two alpha dogs are really Chris Alamo cadets those are your two best players in that organization. But David Price has hijacked of that organization and he's a horrible leader and I. Guys like Marcelo follow mine because they'd probably looked up to a met at some point in their career taught something else about him. Pedroia. Is the type a guy that lets everyone else hang out to dry. And then if you have to sit there and press conferences and pound your chest saying you are the leader you are in fact not a leader right. And until they can figured out ever since David Ortiz left until we can figure who would that actual leader is someone they can follow. They're not gonna win and unless they win I mean they're not gonna get over the top when worlds are. And part of the problem is I I actually do think that too low natural leaders or or there are price and sale. And I just don't think a pitcher can be. The alpha dog leader because of the nature of the position you know your obviously only out there once every five days on that. There's going to be a road trip we're gonna send you out you know two days in advance to San Francisco to make sure your arrested. Will stop this happening like that that's just too. Outside the realm of every single day grind that the position players go through I think you need somebody was strong leadership skills and Pedroia just isn't it he just isn't he's he's been a great player for the team for a long time. But his natural. Handling of situations is is wrong it's how owner to leadership its owner to do the right thing. He seems to step in it more often than he does not and that's why I think it's it's got to be one of the young guys and I don't know if that was a and manufactured effort this week the talk from Bogart's in these guys about the culture of the last couple years we're gonna turn that around I don't know if that's team. Naturally to them if one of those guys brought that up war if that was a situation where. You know they were sort of told by core or somebody in the front office. For all I know could be consultant they can bring in some high priced consultant. Try to try to fix things but. I think one of those guys and it's bets did you write them. Things work the best when your best players your leader now right 'cause it's hard to lead and a hundred IC may be looped Maloney was saying this. It's obviously hard to lead when you're not. Playing well when you're not that good if you were slumping whatever. It's much easier to lead when you were David Ortiz and you're hitting forty home runs and everybody falls in line in your winning games you're coming up clutch who would you rather have lead you as a person you'd rather have. The person who's more successful venue right because you kind of want to aspire to get to that point to yourself if the guy is much worse than you you kind of roll your eyes and a did chat up why are you telling this you can't even do yourself why you're telling me which why natural reaction. Betts is the most obvious candidate because he's the best every player and he just doesn't seem to have that type of person out and then the other is like Bogart's. I think it's hard for him is naturally it would look like. You just look at him. He came up and impressed as a young player he plays shortstop. He's kind of a big guy for the you know the shortstop position that's a natural good looking leader right there. But he's had his issues with consistency maybe hasn't he he hasn't been a player I thought he was going to be. In his evolution I don't think he's continued to improve you know out of the hole and talk to John Tomas he still thinks he can be three to 125 home runs yet that's why I'm expecting. I'll believe it when I see any any to see him get to that point. And if he's not going to be a and you circuit you know I start leaning on like the catcher because it's the catcher position unless the leaders in social leader. Vasquez but they don't even have an every you know catching position there's some uncertainty there so. I do I I think there and as soon as you tell me Dustin Pedroia that. We all need to be leaders were all leaders I immediately think back to we don't need an ace were all aces and guess what that did work every team needs an ace. Every team needs a leader and it needs to come naturally and I think one of those guys needs to send that position so far they have not does the majority talked about leadership down at spring training. But that. But not only that tech but they David they had Trot Nixon had Johnny Damon there there's a ton of you know core players that. We're leaders. No and then you look at that next championship they want they had David Zach might lol Alex there's there's multiple years. And then thirteen. You know there's there's multiple leaders. So I think our our core group or are there you know guys they were young. It's it's it's my responsibility it's it's. I need down and they and they mean we all have to work together because it's not one leader and everybody always says I want a guy in baseball it's. It's me it's movies bogeys Jackie's Betty it's it's our team. Seeing this is the problem he doesn't go to leader as he's confusing leader would big personality and those are not the same thing. Well I think you can have. Multiple layers of leadership personalities or positive influences. Like what we just talked about the patriots a mean Tom Brady. Is the leader of the patriots well the coaching staff but then Tom Brady and it trickles down you can still get positive leadership from Iran Harmon or from DeVon McCourt. Or from romper Julian adamant other stars. Your stars can all be part of some. Positive influence a wave of leadership but there's a leader mean there's one guy you sought in the struggled at their house to be two guys the super all the way. The red seep carded as the players were lined up to the metal locker room and they literally just divided and it was like the king was coming down Tom Brady jogs out between them. That's your leader everybody he says the right thing he does the right thing doesn't or anybody under the bus it works. They need to find theirs and it's not a group effort it look it's it's a whole thing. You have two quarterbacks. You don't really have one you have to shortstop or center you don't really if you have a bunch of leaders. You don't know really exactly. And I wonder how much that has to do with this the issues last year the lack of leadership the lack of control obviously alleged John Ferrell being dismissed as he should've been because he's supposed to be the leader and he had absolutely no control over what was going on. And I wonder if how much of that actually leads to. The fact that no one seems to really care about the Red Sox right now this is unlike most other spring training is where. The covered so it's really get cramped up and everyone starts talking about the team no one seems to care while our I think there's some some pretty. Obvious factors towards that day. The way you petered out in the post season two years and arrow. And see you didn't add anything you didn't you didn't get me to believe you're anything other than that a regular season team right. Okay yeah you price compete for the for the division you by winning the other teams are better suited for the post season and oh by the way. It and address anything you sat happy at hand only that's the phrase that sets patent happy sad and happy. He says that and you sit that happy I've noticed that fat and happy but they're not bad has it inside anybody thought to be fat and happy to comment on. Plus I still have guns they should be likable. They have a young core of talent generally that's likable right they you have a young when you bring these guys up all the bees right. Should be in love with that there should be like T shirts everywhere should be like this groundswell of support. And there isn't that it's a little stagnant right now which is a little too early to be stagnant for young crop. What they should like Bogart's it's in Ben intensity but here's the problem. It's bigger than that they're boring personalities they're not these big outlandish guys that are gonna say oh these great things that they can listen to whom is in now on. She won't but that's the only personnel you're getting out of the stimulus dance after the game yet realize that at the flag instead of the dance after the game. That's the only personnel were really getting out of that we're kind of spoiled because if you look at the great teams of 03 you know for not only did you have great players good these tremendous personalities that we're engaging and interesting. You're right major you'd Schilling yielded many you had Ortiz you had moloch you got all these big personalities. That these guys can ever live up to that and we also have to wouldn't go OK but their grip all players were actually watching. At the ascension of a couple of great ball players on the team but a. The the problem with last year particulars Pete is all the tee markers or the canyons along the timeline of the season that really stood out were like negative. And they were David Price and in the things that we're going on McElroy image Otto Reich they were negative. All the major points on the timeline from last year were negative what the positives like Chris Sale was good. He was excellent the beginning of the season and trailed off. Like what do you point to even even his accomplishments became a negative. All of that put hundreds of case for no rear of the we are these like dramatic positives. That would be in that timeline of the season or even. Memorable. Like you said. Personalities something that wrong. Does 69 or Bronx touchdown celebration with cooks in I want to talk about a porno to talk about it patrol troubles are really wanna talk about it McConnell talking like. They don't have any of that. Alex wrinkle into the success 'cause they were successful you know the positive was they won the division. And that's a major positive and then he's got enough for us right. Then the next game they play the blow. Out yet cigarettes smoked. I'm just wondering why. Red Sox. Nation just doesn't seem to care as much and I know a large part of that obviously has to do with the fact that baseball is declining in popularity. Sure it is it's a generational shift right now they were going for a you're seeing certain sports such. That's bulls rebounded and huge way and it's becoming much bigger sport than it was even fifteen years ago within just this country more eyeballs are paying attention to what's going on in that sport but think what they're doing and put to have baseball shooting themselves in the foot and some nature because you wanna compare to that. Basketball's coming off one of the craziest off seasons ever. In terms of trades and people switch teams and stuff like that which ignites youthful interest right in. Baseball is now in the midst of the craziest offseason ever for the opposite reason. Don't signing people are just sitting on the open market a guy who supposedly is worth five years in a hundred point five million dollars. Isn't signed spring training is happening in you don't have a team I think that right there hurt some of the interest and I think what this team in particular I can tell you from personal. Experienced my son is ten years old man. Loves sports. Really like Zander Bogart's coming up like yeah when he first came on the scene he's playing in the in the World Series you know he's playing. And he wears number two because of him now and in all sports and yet last year at some players like. He's really as good as anybody was going to be every hurt his hand and there is he just couldn't hit forever like. So first you need to superstar or really take off like Daryn touch and evil stick it right maybe that was his best season ever. We even had a bats technology in the midst of last year like. And I'm Hibbert played had my greatest season. I think that might have been through is unbelievable don't cities have yet that's so stupid is due to be our superstar we need you to keep thinking you're going to get better that Bogart's is gonna continue to get better. The people wanna have like. These dreams of greatness especially when they're seeing it elsewhere and they also failed the measure within their tackle. But the Celtics are coming off a great run with a Isiah last year might even though it didn't end in a title was a great round the patriots were coming off a title. In the midst of another title run that came up a little bit shortly the bar is so ridiculously high and that's why the Bruins and the Red Sox are in. Well even when you make the playoffs you get on to the Bruins don't even make the play the Bruins there's not a lot of trust their moving forward in the playoffs and I get and I understand that and I think with the team show me in the post season I don't care what you can do whatever you want the regulars they've proven to us enough times that you can win the presidents cup and then crap ownership in the first pressed this isn't you know Cleveland or kansas' it's not good enough to go on a regular season run or to make the playoffs. You have to win titles these kids are spoiled these kids have been to parade after parade after parade they want rings. I think also the problem with the Bruins in terms of why people aren't paying as close attention to him as they probably should right now is you have a really slow start of the season. And it kind of gives you a multiple steps of the season really OK get a great start event nice medal he get a get a crap again at the end is to grass gonna decides not like his old tummy ache when you need to make the playoffs and hopefully the cheap shot. I was just reality trap it's never mean that's what I always say the truth is never mean. I don't care if it's mean or not. Doesn't matter to me me me today to shut him mean Ben Poland Tuukka Rask. He's he viewed as and that big share on the radio take shots at people as an it yet but I also don't care to take shots of me that's why it's a lot easier for me you get the paper up 4017371287. I'll take your shots I don't care. That's something you want to share with the market. Then give them a call at 4017371287. On sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI. I know they've gone. You know when when we attacked fact we've done. We were OK you know him because he's built that it did in the David and David though better than me to Wear. No I got I got to do better job of finding a way to get everybody to realize that if I want guy everybody. And then not after thinking about about about what it is. Why I'm just so contradicted himself this attack was gone we're fine because we had David when David left. We were buying because I suck is based to access yet. Does because it's everybody now know that means it's not you which is a problem because it should be you got it should be Dustin Pedroia but I think. In my opinion. These guys and I think I would do the same exact thing is just and murderous chair and match you try to get you thing you don't roll your eyes and you're gonna kinda like Arie entered relaxed leave me alone. The other team can talk emotional where yeah eggs it's not me it's down right. Where is David Ortiz if he's gonna have laid on the lawn you for two reasons you're actually going to listen. One he's a lot bigger venue because a massive human being and two he is a really long. Track record of success in mislead the jury has had a very decent career. But there's been peaks and valleys right David had a slump for a little while but then he came back for a couple years it was very good again. So drain is not a leader this team needs so who wins. Chris Sale. And I know you said the pitcher now I know what you oil pitchers during come back in four days fight if you're gonna have to leaders you have a pitcher and the position players leader but Chris Sale. She it sure Chris Sale should be leading and they should be following him by his example not necessarily that he's hourly speaking on everything but just following is zig example in terms of putting in the work and getting out there and performing your ass off. So who should be the leader of the position players that should be milky bet he's the best player and wise and not as I don't think that's in his. DNA to do that Japanese you later I don't think yet but I know what I'm saying it should mean it was best just as good but he wasn't your leader why 'cause he was Manning well he's crazy right. That's my point like sometimes you need to find out OK it's not my best player does that was Manny. Right now you have to find out who's next in line is that players not the guy and that's. It like you don't think pets is a negatively known and or not it is just not the leader I just don't think he does enough to lead so my next. Everyone keeps saying Eduardo Nunez now. I'm sorry a platoon benched I cannot year leader he just can't speak that's just not how it works people don't respond to that right. And that's the name they keep throwing out there and I look at the wrestles Ross are no bad intending deathly too young sure he doesn't know enough he's got to get some experience under him. Bogart's know again he is similar situation is too young and hasn't really prove himself to be a it's superstar player either correct. Where will mr. moral and now Hanley Ramirez now. We're I was gonna catch devers. Never hurt this regularly. Now that one home run showed everyone that home run off of Chapman's reverend he's leader that that's the problem they don't they don't have that guy and but that day. Seem to be relying on guys like Pedroia who's a bad leader so that its core. While core hassle right yet to bring him in. And then hope to pass the torch or transition or. Work wins. Whoever's next in line whether it's been intending. Whether it's devers I mean it's not ridiculous to say may be devers comes in this year and it's 35 home runs and really his personality strengthens or whatever. But I think that puts a lot of pressure on core two. Right now you know you have to circle the wagon like there's a lot on his plate there's an expectation. He's the right guy and he's replacing the wrong guy. But the wrong guy won the division. The wrong guy won 93 games last year. The wrong guy has a World Series are ranked as. As the manager of the team not as the bench coach Carrera. He has the ring is meant I think he was a better leader earlier earlier in his tenure Boston partly because yet David Ortiz and you panic. Kim let him do his thing with the guys and lead them to you know he's gonna do the right thing. And he seemed to completely lost the clubhouse had no control over anyone and let David. Price basically be the alpha dog in there when Ferrell should have been that guy all along. And that's why he deserved he deserved to go because he lost the team so that's I think if you can eliminate the negative leadership if you can name and eliminate. David Price you know setting up back on a plane thing. Like fires right brush fires that pop up you can eliminate those I don't know that you need the leader. If you can just eliminate the negativity. At some point I think the natural leadership will evolve you don't have to really create that. And I know Belichick says this all the time about leadership. Eat you can't created as a coach you you try to guide things you try to bring in certain people. But you really have no idea how it's ever gonna play out when the personalities the locker room the success and failure you know it's a big part of leadership winning. Success. Because it. It all falls apart everywhere you could have great leaders. But if you don't win and if people don't play well and fulfill their and their and our great leaders right but no like the 09 patriots they're really points to. They saw Tom Brady right they still had great leadership theoretically. But because they didn't live up to expectations and couldn't succeed on the field the way they're supposed to. It came crashing down. And you get the head coach just lamenting I can't get this team then let's just did a short term leadership failure right that's a short term president the leadership earlier people in place yet. To fix it and find a way to fix my point is if you don't have those people at the very least G to eliminate. The negative leadership the negativity. Hope that in that vacuum you've now created. That you not only succeed and people. May be Bogart's is back baby he is the guy that's hitting 300 point puzzlement maybe devers does continue to evolve as your power hitter which. A lot of times people's assumed power hitter the guy in the middle of the line up is the leader. Now just naturally. People assume that. But there's no money so we always look to be tech is being the leader and then you have to whom guys I know that lineup that are great power hitters catchers and other position where I think people assume the leadership comes from it's it's it's literally all over again you look to the catcher you look to the shortstop senate right now it's the best players you know my coaches damn kid. Use you talked about getting rid of negative leadership and we identified at least two of those negative leaders you might be able to throw a third was a moment Rick Carcillo who. I don't know why and would follow him anyway. But. How do you get on the baseball that's images 450 itself how how do you get rid of negative leadership and David Price and doesn't address. Dictatorship amount David Price I think you hope he has a great year than opts out of his contract. Which I'm not sure which according to what he's been saying that's not gonna happen. Well I think Andre your Adobe Hartford wolf that's a lot of smarts 'cause he's looking at the the link you know it paid rent for a and a 127. Million in the hand is worth. 200 in the bush. And you know bird in the hand to in the bush should I know it was just awful she's this year are awful you stopped mid teaser something to as trees is a graduate myself yeah that's trying to deal last year a joke next I think I was just gonna say that's all you do in like it. Orton. Have no idea dollars sort of thinking about was one of your horrible jokes the video from like three years ago. Believe the bush was the last thing you mentioned something about Beason. Ghosts or something wasn't our duties ethic ethic and the of that horrible choke from here is horrible you remembered from three years ago it was so bad that it can't we in my mind. OK so that's that. Thank you you're welcome back the prices leadership so bad it's good and now he's asking for recess right. That's what you want to reset button yet we we don't do that now that doesn't happen in life. Yeah I know we don't we don't just forget everything apart and chances ashore right sure do you buy him. By Eddie can't buy you think he even wants a second chance or will he showed up at age see the the switcher we need leaders he. I know the first step everyone always says is acknowledging the problem until it's over acknowledging now. It will. Leader I don't think their knowledge in it I think they're mocking us I think that's what they're doing I think that's what that is wearing that hoodie is more mocking the media than it is. Kind of embracing him or whatever or or going too far with it. In the right direction we're going too far but they're mocking. That it is their toast. If they're truly mocking right now they're toast that's what David Price is that's the type a personality he has. Like him and I neither Oka and I'm not review like him I mean I'm with him. Rip or so of them it seems like those guys in the clubhouse seemed to love them although. My reading things from key and Sander and then Pedroia kind of contradicting them. I don't think some of the players I don't think the position players room like I think the pitcher seemed like him who knows with sales sales kind of a mysteries in his own person. Which aren't that's what I love about him. But it seems like there is a divide here between the pitching staff and the position players based on some of the things they're saying the position players feel like they have no leadership and except for Detroit who thinks there is leadership here. Yet there isn't I think there's a series divide between those two parts of Teaneck so they're mocking us guy. Over acknowledging the supposed lack of lead and because they're highlighting everything we're saying to kind of put back on her face. Yet they're scared that. If that's true they're screwed over it's true that's what I believe and if I believe he's Brower true if he keeps doing more more like the aces thing. The W we were all we have five days yes they don't know you don't actually not a right now we have a couple made. Mean if Arab leaders that they may have basis of price ten. Become the pitcher again that he was in Toronto down match stretched the one that he was in Tampa which we bow action never see again. We will forgive a lot of what is how god yes. Winning and success covers up almost everything widget if he had to rein in his head he would shut his mouth and go out there and perform. I watch everything there's also some some uncertainty with him and I think he feels he'll answer. Even though he tells us a line in my elbow never felt a thing all offseason will you'll sit in row. Hundred innings in the offseason so what do you mean yes when you took the milk out of the preacher elbowed in her. If that had her then we would have had more problems than we even now but. Yes personally is to get back to the starting rotation right he tipped in the ball I think that was a mistake to begin I do too but. If yes if he can go out there and win twenty plus games and have any RA you know in the whose. People will will forgive all law. And watchers people disappoint a good example of that John Lackey. Sure hated. Hate him in this town writing come back and we twenty games and have a sub three ERA but it very good season when they won the title right. And we forgave in fact we want them to take him to make sure he stayed no question and I don't think he ever became a better person no. But what did he do he shut his mouth right he'd just talk as much to the media and let the stuff filter to us were we can make judgment calls on them in succeed. Individually and as a team that acts. The the be all and all of a core like if he comes in thinking he needs to manipulate the leadership on this team. And the keys. Accurate in some sense that missing the boat in another sense where he needs to win. That is the most important thing now if elites to be that's great. But he needs to win the most important thing is that. Chris Sale gets off to a good start in that David Price gets off to a good start that you. Turn the clock back a year plus four or sell right and he becomes a Cy Young candidate not a adding human batting practice for the other team those are the important things because. I firmly believe and I've always believed this you have to have. A note the worst chemistry in the history of anything to you really successful in steel. That the right for the most part. The extremes I don't think there's a lot of leadership and chemistry that overcomes lack of talent. Very often. And I don't think there's a lot of negative leadership and chemistry problems that here down the most talented team generally if you're talented. You succeed well a great case and that is the big yankees of the mid to late seventies where ever hated each other but they're the talent overcame all right. I also think the opposite is surely Corey and gonna win. Because you suddenly. Improve the chemistry in the walker. And get guys that he did shots before games again because there's some some easy why now you're gonna win. Because you're young players are good and your ace pitching staff performs like ace pitching staff and then the rest will fall in line I really believe we overeat this. A lot as a media the chemistry in the leadership yes it's a factor I'm not eliminating it but I think if you were. Putting percentages on different things. And we put too much of a percentage and the leadership and chemistry you know it's the only conversation that is interesting were having about the Red Sox right now. What's more interest in the over under is with the Jones mossy anything over under is is more interest and talking about personalities on the team. Devers over under thirty home runs under. Well to monsoonal. That's Tomas yeah he was very very positive almost everything was it's always super positive that comes and its new superpower I think he had. Bogart's at 32125. This year. Which seems overly positive to reach out of that and more I think high in the sky would be 300 in one. It hit 300 and get into the twenties a Baxter a good season from should stop no question it's a very good season no question that he set himself up. For failure in the fans' minds about having an excellent season to begin and then yes he's coming back like maybe it's somewhere in the middle with him obviously. I think that's the biggest problem with Cameron at his fans want him gone. When they're throwing out hypothetical trade packages left and right version Carla Stanton and that was fun Bo Ellis on Imus that. Bogart was in every package for everybody on that. When I see shiny objects I reach for the well that you also have to give something to get some short and I wanted to get that in the worst way and that's what sort of also ruined offseason. How are you haven't done anything to there was this like your green you could have gone forward you do your number one rival got the stud player yet you. Terra with the other stud player. To smash over a hundred home runs this year and then you know there's nothing more exciting in baseball and home run world in a mock the Yankees win stance hurt or slumping. Suckers that's why you don't go and go all in on a guy and pretend that we would no vote. We all one. I'm him more than anything it. My my concern in my worry with him was the injury problem it's. Yeah you get hit in the face of the ball that that's that just happens when your hamstrings or consulate on you that that was my problem with him to I want among the team yes but I do wanna give up everything just to get this one guy that was my issue I did one moment when he gets on the TV development at a time and hamstring issues. Play ability. Thanks handler Maris I appreciate it it's true heroes and play. Now's our industry actually gifted an effort. Now you look like a brick. It's not very nice again our Dan and I that you missed Rick's heart of the foundation of almost every house I was at about thing. I think you are building is the foundation. Has room. Papers up again 'cause I don't know the number I concur I don't know the number four's on 7371287. It's mark and kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven delegate. Called the show at 4017371257. And 102 point seven million in the hand is worth. The book. And you know bird in the hand to the bush. Should I know it was just off she's this Euro awful. I was definitely not his favorite moment of the show so far. Mine was that I just last Shelley a look at our awful give it that's how you really are and I appreciate that that's when we're interacting with each other off there that's exactly what happens it's a can't help but make fun of each other. It's true I don't think we actually like each other. Is that what it is called me a break from your mean. You are usually pretty mean to me together who I would made you thousands of dollars. Street should be a lot nicer this true. Make a lot of money in recent weeks I know I heard incoming at all froehlich the whole seasons like this are seeing now like I need to go home it's. It was almost every day I am good I like it yeah. There's a reason why kept booking it helps their bills it's spend. That doesn't. That does help when there's when there's actually openings. Two to get some air time. Nelson in Cranston and again I don't know how to answer the stamp phone doesn't Cranston wants to be back off our our conversation about the Red Sox leadership. Nelson was going on. If you aren't sold on him. What hole it but. That these guys are just basically are you are no law. Dark out that new leadership. Out there. And all they got a couple reasons. They have they are what they want Jason Nelson it's personnel they have one case they hope to have to yeah. They should in theory had to win win Seau and price that showed that sale is like you can't you can't rely on price right now until he proves that he's capable reading that ace again. I don't Sherman salt the book but you know I mean I get some horror or not. All the credit cards wrong when an adult they pay. They know announcing an outlet Juno little secret. We're all homers for the team's yeah we all are. What we get two years Leonard. Everybody talks about a knock it in all of the what they coached boy and one little odd night I get it. And balance act. The media rips these pages and outages and audio. Too much because. The enemy that that will be our that are there Obama so. They get written up and not I get it. The app only two guys get ripped up are you make the economy. You've got to get ripped up to it means you and Olympia. It's weren't sure and that they're trying to see if shops are in in regards to. Well you know leadership. What you would talk. All you expect. To make it the wrong I assertions on the tree and. And here's a here's. Here's the difference Nelson when we make mistakes. We usually owned them. Some and it only speak for myself cut and you can speak for yourself should I Nancy for other people on the front. I usually only my mistakes and what happens when you own your own mistakes and you get out in front of a situation. It's a lot easier to forgive you because it shows the other person you made that mistake too or whatever that you actually recognize and you know it. That's that's the difference here they weren't owning up to certain mistakes. David Price was insanely defiant. When he was going through all of that which was completely created. Why himself. Right and that's why we have that issue would them. Is because they refuse to own and they keep digging their heels and. Yes and I think some media do that as well and I guess they're just as guilty of some. Heat you shouldn't say that he. We. What are you doing right now talking on the radio about the Red Sox questioning their leadership. Questioning their aces you are we the media. Now NASA today at a time so bitterly in the media that's true up but I would say some become shtick to and like oh yeah we. Our media but we are also entertainers. Like Sears it's it's well there's a hold on there now like he's in that. Yes but there's also people listen to sports talk radio. To also be entertained like I saw and mostly he entertained most so therefore when a guy like Lou Maloney goes all in on John Farrell and criticisms of John Ferrell dated dated day. Part of it is he understands that you're sort of creating a story line that listeners can latch on to. Right and down and they may like that they'll be a certain part of the population that's watching the game with you and thinking. Ponies righty dated again in the seventh or whatever the situation is in your bringing people together in sort of an entertaining fashion. And there are some piling on that becomes involved there and sort of ignoring me B of when he makes the right move because that doesn't fit the narrative of our little fun story line item playing on the rate. I think there is a difference between radio personalities because that's what there are personalities. As opposed to journalists well yes because our job is to entertain and hopefully maybe we import a little bit correct and you know I don't really care if I do inform your not I've really only care if I entertain you because that's actually far more important more people are going to listen for entertainment and information correct for this. And I haven't really been tent. And you haven't really I have an uptrend inherit you but I'm not my strongest right now so again it's just a thousand freedom degrees and it's what are administered I don't know if I should paint the picture but I have taken my pants off you Shia and my sweatshirt quite fast. With a lot. A moot but QQ. That's a person I used senate and a good or bad for your trip and nice deal once but the idea that. The media should be accountable I think that's accurate. If you if you are wrong yeah no I've I might agree with the premise of you guys got to do this to what might my point would be to what ends like two way air. You know. You took the under on devers yeah so it you. At the end of the year have to say well I need to go back first of all on February the whatever the hell fifteen sep seventeenth. I said devers would would not have thirty elements and he hit 32 so it really proves that I knew nothing like do we do it now it doesn't cry you know nothing in December sec man was I wrong about devers and it's done. But it's the same thing like. When when Pedroia pops up. That's it that's a failure on his part a tiny little failures like any one of these hours could be a tiny little failure for us over certainly fluid to bigger and bigger protest the passage of so I just think. When it's when it's a really big one yes you need to only in units may be if your radio host to an hour on it or if you're a writer you wrote something ridiculous you need to write a second call them. Acknowledging what you screwed up but. We. Have lots a little failures just like they have lots estimates the big picture. Like is Pedroia leader is devers a good power hitter is Bogart's are good shorts up you can make those assessments. In the grand scheme of things just like you can with any radio personality deal likely overloading on the radio I hate that your barrel maybe. But you know what overall like the energy he brings he brings a certain perspective that I enjoy and that's how I look at the big picture. Everybody screws up. Right everything Belichick screws up he may have done it in early February when he edged Malcolm Butler. But on the the the whole key is a good coach and more often than not he does the right thing and that to me it's all about. Do you like Steve. Their overall performance whatever it is the radio for us what we're doing right now writers for what you're doing like Mike Kris Perry everybody who falls it is loves my crease right. He's wrong sometimes. He writes things incorrectly sometimes he goes down the wrong road sometimes his analysis but overall yeah atrocities that put out because he's built up enough equity and us exactly. Whereas you has apparently made a different decision within bowl of the Boston Globe war what do I don't think it's you that's the other thing too is people haters gonna hate. Haters are gonna hate but it's not having been on the bad guy I don't know it'll barely even know him. Show them on the real beef between me and Ben bow and the fact that Stuart I was the one that created the who and Poland and also an he tried to crap on me into it well that's an inside joke between me and Michael and I was like. No that's actually an inside joke between media Michael 'cause I created dom dom. Don't tell me now have a little personal feud but it's the stupidest thing in the world. OK I acknowledge that it's Tom papers up again I know when to stop talking yeah you couldn't because I need to give the number I don't know why need to give a number I don't care. One more hour ago.