The Mark and Kichen Show - Is Stanton going to the Yankees a good thing for the Red Sox?

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Sunday, December 10th

Hour 1, Mark and Ben are in studio and they are disucssing the blockbuster trtade in which Miami sends Gian Carlo Stanton to the NY Yankees. Was this actually a good thing for the Red Sox? The conversation moves to the Gronk and his late hit on Tre'Davious White.


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He's Smart game kitsch in John Carlos spin the MVP of the National League and the Major League home run king. It's come into New York does Derek Jeter his presence in Miami worry. Because of his history with the Yankees the Yankees I think in an offer better package on the red succession and the Yankees winded getting sick. Carlos ten years 243. Million dollars. Of game over. Yankees win. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Tom. It's an emotional game. Emotions got the best that you would your coach yesterday. It's fine it's just what I need to. What do I do think personal web part of the job. But last week no I love Josh sent letters back for him you know sort of that we you know very responsible for us but some great just to his. Chest. Now it's time for margin kitchens and fox sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Amanda marking kids. So one point seven WEEI air Providence marked down there obeying kitchen back out of it after what was it three weeks off being get a showing her I think it's about Ohio and nice to me it's easier how's it going. You you were just saying it turned open there ya know how does. Does he find this stuff Wal-Mart were never on that's true there's not a lot of this isn't that long to sift through all the crap Oca. 401 hours a month 4017371287. Is the phone number 37937. Is the tax line a lot to get to today a lot gonna start with Mike's been Gian Carlo stand general Weis column mikes for some reason. The metal bars now it has I don't know why Sean Parnell thought at the John Carlos Stanton move we're gonna talk about Brady we're gonna talk about mcdaniels and Brady we're gonna talk about rock. A lot to get to I was at that press conference yesterday were Tom Brady a first of all it was an interesting scene I tweeted a picture. When he walked in this wasn't because of the snows because of the timing of the locker room and maybe the snow and it. We looked at me it was like oh. OK then Mike Reese if in two other people came in. There was nobody there for about three questions it was three of us for about three questions and cameramen in the back with you and your cameraman. I don't have a camera. It was just me my cameras just thought I was sitting down and just started right away I let's get to this any thoughts on judgment I thought he should just don't heating was he wasn't asked he just offered that up I thought that was strange why do you feel the need to do that. I'm sure apologized just days ago why I mean do that in front of the media. Really strange in my opinion I have no problem with that I did it was a big deal I got to talk with him apologize I don't know why I'm where the incident on the side either. I have no problem with either. It's the middle of tea now you come off the field coach says you know basically like that I was open you miss your reader. You're pissed yeah. I know I miss the read you don't need to tell me that's basically all that was happening yet really not a big deal. And if the camera didn't happen to catch ever heard about ever do you want to give an opening spot on the John Carlos Stanton deal is that which are gonna do. Yes I'll let me just give my opening thought on the Brady mcdaniels. Interaction before we get to that just because you brought it up to open the show. There is the ENC Graham post by O'Dell back in junior you sign I don't course of the week a cat where he's comparing if you didn't see he's comparing himself and Brady you know. Further emotional outbursts on the sidelines they're both prone to doing that. Based on his Inkster Graham post he put a bunch of videos together chronicling both of them going nuts on the silent. That is I it was acute attack but listen O'Dell. How many of those clips of Tom Brady were when he was 25 years old and younger probably not. Tom Brady can do that to Josh McDaniels and get away with that because he has built up. Equity over years of mature behavior over years of winning over years of leadership. So Tom Brady can pop up every once in awhile. Coach on a sideline. Or you know coming off the field you O'Dell 25 ball boy cannot do that. Because you haven't exhibited any maturity you haven't led fourteen to anything. They they won a playoff game they've been I think one with him. So you've done nothing so I don't want to hear these it's nice it's nice thought but Brady. Kept his mouth shut. For the most part. Or at least in terms of yelling at coaches on the sideline when he was younger player he built up the maturity he built up and earn the rights. To be able to speak to Josh McDaniels or Billy O'Brien like that so he's not owed about them is. He's off base with that comparison I like he's trying to do I'm not such a diva crazy nut. But he's drop you're not you or you haven't earned that yet O'Dell great player great talent Tom Brady has learned that. So that's why I'm not concerned that's why unions are concerned now. And we know win win Brady pops off like that it's coming from the right place he's mad because the team didn't execute he's not mad because eating get his he's not mad because. They didn't draw on the ball he's not mad because of a selfish reason. He was mad because the team that puts it all this hard work during the week the index acute needs a perfectionist he's proven that he's the right to be able to do that. That's why I had no problem with a I didn't I wrote. Like I said I didn't think it was a big deal he apologized to materials at the press conference on Saturday six days later I just can understand why he felt the need to. Especially with the three people. We're in the rough yeah I've no idea why he would. Even bother doing. I don't care in how so yeah. It's not a big deal if you lost the game that it's a little bit different. It is a little bit different if you actually lose that game and you're having those issues then it becomes a bigger story like what's going on there not communicating what's happening here. But he won the game yeah it was a big deal. Now the auto Beckham junior video comparing himself to Brady in the histrionics on the sideline. I'd rather have seen him done that video comparing himself to Dez Bryant because that's the actual. The exact good compare yesterday's now you don't see Dez do that anymore. Not to that extent that he used to do it was like every game he was having a meltdown on the sideline. He doesn't do that anymore he's matured he's. I would say he's a better player than he was a couple of years ago but his matured as a player. And he's a better teammate now and I don't think too many guys in the cowboys' locker room Gannett. That meltdown is worth adding plenty of guys in the giants' locker room or get a bad mouth photo back in junior behind his back you know secretly to the media whatever it is. Uses a child yeah exactly that's a children did and not this a perfect example but you know when you have a certain stature and win you've been around. For a certain period of time. You can use doom who's the boss of who has the program director WEI Joes are Bana catch you worked in Boston a day you know young. There are things obviously that you could say to him that I couldn't take it down as you know me better around him. That's the same thing here. You know ID photo Beckham junior can't say and do certain things that Tom Brady. Who has been around for more than a decade and has won and I don't think it's quite as much about the winning I think it's more it. That factors in I think it's more about maturity and leadership he's exemplified. And the type guy that we know we face. That that's why he can do that and get away with that and at I think it. To be productive two matches get away with a and I think it. It rallies people together and everyone loves seeing Tom Brady fired up that you know not so much that he's yelling at coach but fiery Tom cycle top. Everybody loves that. You don't see it that whereas Rebecca but she all the time it's to become the boy who cries wolf bright and every time until everyone's hearts rule their eyes that you. He's doing it because he wants to be a leader of the giants he thinks he's a leader of the giants a seat he wants the real leader Jack is you think that's why does that those Bono I think it's part of his make. He's one of tension. I think that's. In some instances when the same you ought to be leaders because you want the focal point on you you want all eyes on you it's because you want a leader a leader really wanna leave you just wanna be thought event that I got a leader wants what's best for the team I think back of just want real good yeah I did you want to look good and we've talked about real leaders all summer because of don't read the threat. But Beckham. You brought up equity you've got to build up that equity before you start having meltdowns on the sideline and looking like a little kid out there. Like that's what happens a pop Warner and you know it doesn't happen that often and pop Warner. Most kids don't behave like that. I think age is very childish of him it's. I attempt you know trying curry some goodwill with some people but most people especially people in this Richards still what did you go really. Okay our. So speaking of emotional outburst I've been a lot of Red Sox fans looked like Tom Brady looked when he was cursing out. Josh repairs the other day when they said the news at Jim Carla Stan was going from the Marlins to the New York Yankees. I have thoughts. On what went down do you have any. And they got almost nothing we talked about how they wanted to Marlins yeah yeah startling Caster who I mean for. Ryan a lot baseball's. Yeah and we talked about how they wanted to get rid of that financial burden of that ten years 295 million dollars left on his contract and I think they're gonna pay. I think ten years over the ten years are gonna pay about two went to 265. Million I think they get thirty million back from the Marlins to help pay that. Contract off I'm glad the Red Sox and make the state. And pony up all that money back because if the reds are gonna make a deal for stand on one at least some. More than thirty million dollars financial relief on basically 300 million dollar contract more than 10% I wanna at least points that you're you're sitting there worried about the dollars. See I would have been worried about that just get me the guy. I worry about the dollars because every now and again the Red Sox ownership likes to bring it back yet. Now and when they do that they have expressed guy I know but they had success doing it one times that's always get that kind of hover over them where. Okay we can go out there we can play the market a little bit we can you know paid chain victory know thirteen million dollars to debate Napoli fifteen million dollars. We could have all these guys for a lot less money than this 1 guy so I am feeling that that that's gonna be another page on the Red Sox. Book in a couple of years where they go cheap again they think they can win that way does that prove Perdue wants. Is everything perfect weapon a derivative in the third salaries with the guys that went to the Dodgers. When they got rid of the big salaries and they come back and Jon Farrell's first year and I Shia signing guys like victory achieved in Napoli there take a flyer on him. And those guys are having great seasons. Bomb in terms of the. A moment not. Given enough thing. Castro. We were talking about some decent player you we were talking about some of these top prospects. The data to give up you have to give up both Bogart's embedded can be. Or bad attendee and Bradley here Bradley junior and one of the pitching prost and then Ben intent is Weller Bogart's agreed it is devers and been attending have to go I don't wanna part with this got. They got the Yankees thing and step out. Oak cliff Frazier in that deal now have to make you go back and look at it again would Jeter I ask you have to revisit that now and go. Did you used to a favor for your old team. It's so I sub one tweet that said Derek Jeter's now mr. December. Atop a mr. November visit I mean. Let me just say this and just jump in here and tell you why this was so concerning to me Eric. This was especially concerning to me. And there's a million reasons but one of them was because of the World Series we just witnessed where offense. Essentially ruled the day economic defense of guy if you listen to the show you know me you know back up. But offense was was basically everything in that World Series games hee-seop. You have they had outscored Joseph the Astros and Dodgers the masters did at home runs flying out of the park. After seeing that and the lack of home runs you know coupling that the lack of home runs the Red Sox last season. Not getting this guy that watching him go to a team who enjoy archrival who is seeing a division web. ALCS. Games and. Happy if I'm a Red Sox fan I'm disappointed also go ahead how did the Yankees get there. The power group yet they let him are they that led the majors in home runs in what was a record setting year for our in baseball. That's how they go up today. The guy who had 59 home runs in not a great ballpark. Yeah atomic at least they are not just powered offense. If they had some good night everything was a home run Brett Gardner I mean it's a moment but yet. A big series a big. Playoff run not at all home runs. But between Sanchez and I don't judge you led baseball with power yep and you just added the biggest power hitter in the game. 40177127. Is the phone number com. Look this its problem in my mind for Dave Dombrowski because. Correct your former on the there ain't no parent judges are Gary Sanchez is coming up through the system. I'm dom brown skis watch I mean it doesn't happen with that direct your thing gave your big. You know the thing that you are known for is getting the big fish that's what you've no doubt that you are. And to let young Carlos Stan. Slip through your fingers or whatever had happened. And land with the Yankees that is a huge swing and I mean don't get he swung he missed he fell down. I mean his face is in the dark it doesn't get. Can't get worse than that. Seeing that guy go to your arch rival of the biggest fish may be you would have gotten as in your tenure with the rats. 59 home runs 132 RBIs now as I've said he wouldn't have hit 59 home runs Abbas I don't really know what he would have. You know low ports now I think I don't know Roger is not holding them. I think it is our largest home runs again how many he just lying drives out you watch it again with a monster. In Yankee Stadium. He's gonna crush the ball he's absolutely going to crush the ball. Opposite field home runs are really easy Yankee Stadium just look at what judge did last year like seventeen of his home runs were opposite field. Amazing how. The station is gonna be fantastic for the Yankees if he stays healthy now you look at him where's he gonna placed pride get in DH there. People complained about his injury issues in the past he has played a lot of games all he did get hit in the face with a baseball. So that's can't figure out for a while that's a freak injury. Breaking your hand on a suing the freak injury right I'm not worried about getting hit in the face now set. The real injuries you wanna look at bird Alex Stanton is the fact that he's pulled a hamstring in and torn his groin. Those are bad injuries as a base running injuries. His entire injury history. Is as bad is it might seem to be when you look at the amount of games he's actually played. And you look at what actually injuries work there's a freak injuries they're getting hit in the face with a pitch is kind of a freak injury. And having a facial fracture so everyone's gonna miss time for that you got to be concerned a little bit with a hamstring injury in a groin injury. Dutch is means you need be and slightly better. And you gotta stretch out you gotta get going here but a broken hand on a swing and a facial fracture on a pitch. No word about those. But that's how. Yet net nothing that you just said makes me feel any better here than he's had a couple injuries I mean what I'm saying is you shouldn't it's especially if you're yankees and you shouldn't be too concerned about his injury history. I'd be a little worried about that hamstring I'd be a little bit worried about that growing because those base running injuries. But the facial fracture the broken hand the time he had to miss for those two was the majority of the amount of time he's had to Mets. So I wouldn't be too worried if you're a yankees fan and others planning have you here and confidence pure Yankee stand you shouldn't be that worried about his injury. So now what happens now is that we have to conclude that the Red Sox are firmly positioned. In the backseat right now behind the Yankees. After what they did was stand and on top of going to game seven of the ALCS forget about the division last year that was great but it's over that means nothing now. That means nothing to me now the Yankees surged past you with their playoff run. With the young core and now I'd step division titles and enough. Means nothing I mean all that matters is you make the planting do you give yourself an opportunity to make and win the World Series. Winning the division especially the team behind you in that division makes the playoffs and advance is further than you in the playoffs. The what did that division title mean meant absolutely nothing and I think the Red Sox felt that way too which is why they are far. So Giancarlo Stanton -- judge lectured at a combined I think I have this number eleven a 111. Home runs notes that the Red Sox to 168 as a team. Door I I don't love you know I I don't love that from a Red Sox perspective you don't hit a lot of home runs now. Do I think the Red Sox are absolutely screwed. Now is we'll see we've we've seen things like this happen before where you say on paper this team is unbeaten ball. And then all of a sudden. Death there's not a Y eleven they're the greatest team ever they're not as good as you dent and a bomb. But man that hurts. That hurts and I don't know what to do from premier I don't know what you do today the beat go after a middle of the road starter. That's supposed to make somebody feel good. Adult guys don't work there's been talks about Jose Abreu with the White Sox and had an I don't Bradford is treated about it and I don't know. How serious those talks are but that's a good start. That be good start at the very good shark that big it's like if you think that's the only thing you need to do your crazy. You're absolutely crazy if dom rescue thinks he only has one hole to fill he's crazy he's got at least for. At least if 59 home runs those to steroid numbers like that's steroid Erin number one and we don't see that really anymore. 52 from judge fine. I'd that I mean. They had to bring that guy. Chewed the division. Yes. That's I don't know how you're not. Punching a wall all night long after Dave number. I mean that's you're known for. They beach which your game that. Got the big really really already had all of that. Thumb that they generated from the farm system. And now they get the big free agent to boot so you're gonna have Stanton. Stand 66 to 45. Judge 67 to 82. In the middle of the outline. Managed by Aaron Boone so who the heck knows what the hell happened there but. What do you make of the fact that the Red Sox really haven't been in the Staten race for three weeks almost a month. I'd like to know what happened. I mean if the guy didn't wanna come to Boston. I'd guess you can't fault Dave Dombrowski I'd like to know why I'd like to know what happened. I'm because it sounded like the Red Sox are just that I wanna know what you if you even actually made an offer. I want to know what that offer actually entailed some wanna compared to the Yankees off. Is that we really know what exactly Jeter just it. Because if the offer wasn't that good they didn't want it take enough money. We know that the Marlins want to get to stand because of financial reasons we get. So how much were you willing to pay. And visited that why he and a move into the Yankees because they were willing to pay so much more of the contract that they were willing to accept lesser talent in return. I wanna know exactly what the Red Sox were putting on the table. For the Marlins right let's go to break we get are gonna continue this conversation have a question to ask you about the deal and may be about stare at his mindset and what he was looking at. From the outside will do that we get back this is the marking kitchen show won a two point seven WE. Now Markey and chip chip on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. You might want to call on the return of the evil empire according to multiple reports the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins and the greens which played. Hello I'm John Carlos Stanton in pinstripes next season. Don't believe the Marlins will receive infielder Stalin Castro and to that level prospects in return for the rain and Allenby feet. The deal were not official until the end half of the physical and officially waived his no trade clocks. Don't rescue thinks he only has one hole to fill he's great he's got at least for their. Welcome back marking kitchen show once or point seven that he's the guy but the question that is where is that third hole but he needs. I don't know. To go look. Okay search third hole. Or 01737127. Is a phone number you beat Texas 37937. To go to the two excellent year few people saying. Today. I got plenty of anger from the 207. I'm pissed. My hatred for the Yankees 832000. Import level they suck it I love it. Look there are high right yet argues that's positive that's emerged as yet from Red Sox fans the robbery was kind of dying down just. I heard it was it was died out. And you just aren't big log back on five Iraq Angela from that sense and that the rivalry is renewed and can be bigger better moving forward. I just don't want to Red Sox the fall too far behind here right now they're behind behind that they're not some garbage team and I don't know they're still a good team. That's still very good team. With a lot of talent and they are going to add something. Yeah they know they need some thump records again again. Martinez. Let me ask you this question. Is there a chance and we talked a lot over the summer even into the fall September. About this team is Red Sox team in the like ability. Of that team up. Deep do you think that that came into play at all. When Gian Carlo stand was evaluating who has a full no trade clause. Did that come into play they're not that likable because remember the Yankees all the and the thumbs down and they were really likable and fun loving punch drunk that run in the post season. Deducted in the play at all maybe can I don't. Of the electability for the individual players are into like that comes into play but baby comes into play in the sense that the media. The media the media seems a lot tougher there's a lot we're going door unlocks denied that that's where I was going to get a second was. A lot of times people don't really wanna come here because of back yeah. Because of the media's reputation of the city or how. How. Vigorously we will hold people accountable and we're gonna talk about that later we're gonna get into that but if it is New York then I don't know why. If you if you went Saint Louis source different Cisco and that was an excuse Seattle there yeah Seattle. Then you kind of look at ego I may be just didn't wanna deal with the crap that comes along with playing in Boston or even or even Los Angeles. Arctic immediate air it bears in Los Angeles that don't show up till certainly lead in the seventh and talk about the media. So. I don't think the like ability had anything to do. I think a lot of guys look at new York and go man I can make so much more money on top of my contract is being in New York. So I think that Crowley has more to do that than anything else drug got a little taste of the celebrity life. After the home run derby and all that stuff and and going on Kimmel and stuff like that and I want to be a part of that. Sharp. So not a good off season so far for for Dave. Umbrellas key because you know as I said earlier in the first segment what he does is it land the big fish she goes after many Lance sale price. I mean yesterday so. Not only are there such market Jim Carla stand they whiff on show whale Tony these super prospect from Japan now. Maybe a little bit more out of their control this guy's coming from Japan you know nothing about him you don't speak his language. Japan is a long way from Boston Massachusetts. In the United States sell. In work out he goes to the LA angels of Anaheim. It was not a big deal was at a big missed opportunity for the Red Sox. It's. Off to save these Japanese players sometimes they come in hot guy and then they Peter off. Almost immediately look at Daisuke yeah look at Hideo Nomo OK I know what a great first year and then more than a great first year and then just became her new hit it any thought no hitter with the rats he did but he hadn't been very good now aren't grabbing the Dodgers were his best years in the mean ninety's and I believe that was his first game in the American League too so it's a whole new crop of talent that hadn't really seen him or maybe it seemed just once and hadn't gotten used to. He looked at the National League west they got used to pretty quickly out. Daisuke. Very interesting and weird but very successful first season right and then just petered way often became a average pitcher and so and of course Yu Darvish and his World Series performances. You know not but anyone looking for. Again another guy that came in very good and yet just kind of leveled off as a slightly above average pitch a game above average pitcher yeah. I worry about those and the amount of money have to pony up just to get these guys it so. I would've been highly intrigued because they need pitching how yet. And even if you look at is or Tony is pleased to have a great first year and the next two or three years are gonna be slightly above average I probably would have taken that. And a guy that you look at and go just the novelty and I like the novelty in sports have he's gonna pitch so he's not that she's gonna DH. What I wanna see that on their TR would've loved to have seen her pure entertainment standpoint. I wanted that I wanted that I'm disappointed dating atom bomb. It sounds like am I have a little more confidence in his abilities that you. Mom he supposedly a better pitcher right based with two outs think they think it Ching dot com. Is more of what he'll do or what he'll succeed out in the majors I don't care I would've loved to seen him pitch and hit. It's intriguing scenario and I think he's gonna be effective. Do I think he'll be as good as advertised this super prospect not now I don't think he'll be Sims phenom. Nobody even really by his gives you flexibility yeah okay so the pitching starts a follow up he's still a decent hitter it was so good hitter here yup the hitting doesn't. Keep up in his pitching still pretty damn good thing and so got a good pitcher here. When a prospect like that gives you so much flexibility in the fact that you could put him into two different areas to different holes that did dumb rescue needs filled. Oh. I just want to see the novelty of it actually set. Carrick before we get into Rob Gronkowski. And go back to some football is real quick while in talking baseball. Managers Aaron Boone. Alex Cora. Now we have been on since this whole thing with Cora came out and one is that he is now I don't really value might get a little moved up and David Price somebody. Yet their of their broadcasts so a team members name to you who have any reservations I mean Aaron Boone has no managerial experience. He's got a talented roster and it just on new China to reply of yeah. What does it any reservations about Al. What what it says to me is that managing the game. Has become. Less of a concern. You need to I guess be a friend of the players keep the club house in order. I guess know what the players are going through and managing the game. Becomes all about the analytics I mean this guy Aaron Boone has zero managerial experience. Zero. And now he's managing the New York after yankees I don't know how do you expect that to be super successful may be will be I don't know the nod. Media. Why why why are color analyst and uneven Goodman. How do you expect him to succeed. This is. A lot of GMs are trying to get really Q because it a couple of teams have success with a new young freshmen and your so everyone wants to go out and do it. For a couple of reasons one I don't have to pay quite as much is an established manager who's had a long track record of success. But they all get Q1 to beat that team but we discover the next bright young manager. Got every team they they wanna beat that. At least with Cora you've got a guy who sat in the clubhouse. Who is learned how to do it from watching someone else be very successful doing it hinge. And hey he was there when they won the World Series so he has the best possible staring them in the face exactly as he was there. Own. I don't know I know that is a joke I have no earthly idea to get an open mind let's go we'll see what happens. How do you expect it's got to come from the broadcast Booth. And be the next great manager for the ballot I'd hit it. What he's got next great. Ballantine did not does very well actor it's against the sarcasm I've put on a pair of yeah. I got my apps act guys. Account. So I don't know I can't wait to see. If it should be interesting. I mean it it's like. The the kids like all the there's no parents at the house I I don't know what's going on and you get this team that's on the precipice supposedly of greatness. I love how it comes out now. At least in Boston when something happens like this it comes out almost right away. I almost right away comes out and yes sometimes you like with the price situation you get a little more details further down the line. These other places in these other mediums do in this where they kind of hold on to some dirt on you and them wait till something happened so that they can release and be like my whole look at him. This is the real him at least here in Boston and New England we kind of face right away yeah. You know that that's crap months later. Caters. OK so what I'm not worried about core I'm not worried about his disposition. No. How does that that interaction doesn't bother me I'm not throwing up red flags here I think that we prozac usually one wasn't even that big of a deal it was just happened to be because everyone was really sort of following up would act. It out and out of love for David Price. Yeah I'll save time in whose other people involved it would have been that big of a deal art and it should have been that. So the state of Miami sports is not. Got a great place right now I know the use back a little bit and football so that's good but the heat I mean the heat their big free agent signing was Kelly a limit the Marlins just got rid of Giancarlo stand there all time player one of the best players in the game 59 home runs MVP you get rid of them. On where the wells is down there and dolphins adult basket dumb and that's right and then you know I don't know what the the Panthers are they when it. On not self. Speaking of the dolphins that's where I was going the patriots going down there we're gonna go to break a few minutes will talk I wanna get into wrong and that whole scenario. But the patriots dolphins you have any worries me you know reservation because of Tom Reese track record down there. This is game or either not gonna have grown. I'm not I think they're gonna win the game and I don't think it's into that big a deal but my concern though is the health of the offensive line. Because that's a good defensive line yeah back to cause a lot of problems for. If the offensive line if the Patriots offense like can get healthy and other gonna miss I believe cans gonna be out for tomorrow night. Canons out. I wanna see them get healthy then noise out some a little worried about this game in the sense that the offensive line might not do the best jobs in terms of keeping Brady operate yuck and you know what happens if Brady gets hit. Often and early. He doesn't have a typical Brady get. You know still plays well but he does have a typical Brady game and without the safety blanket of ground there that should concern you a little bit. I think if you want my hot take on this game I think it's going to be low score. I think rock being out. Will factor in a little bit I think Miami will factor in a little bit. And I think they won't scored a ton of organizing unions are a lot of running out the guy out there are 173. I I think Jay Cutler is an absolute putts and I have no faith in him I think he sucks our daughter here H yeah I am not going to add Aaron naming and entertain the thought it Jay Cutler will be the patriots I don't care where the plane again. So there's my thought on the game on the gras thing being out. From an on the field perspective we'll talk about the hit the dirty this of that to sack on the field. But they won the Super Bowl without much up these Chris Hogan that apply looks that way zealots so that helps if he comes back. Their offense has been really good and I expect them to continue to roll I mean we'll see. They're gonna be you know they're gonna go and that Pittsburgh game offers short week. But I think this Miami game as just another thing on the schedule on the roll through that let's go to break right now we get back and talk about Brock gonna talk about this game and I've thought also. On the Patriots defense specifically. That I crushed earlier in the season. We're gonna have a conversation about them we get back you're in the market kitchen show 13 point seven W yeah. You're back jump marketing kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Man on the with a soon. And homeland there. He's not do my Baghdad. Could broke when they come and I got a son raised. You know all the people don't think about giving me notice yeah. This year whatever it is it is. But back here on the market KC show one of three point seven WEEI 40173727. Is the phone number. Mr. Davies white of the Buffalo Bills that. I ground cheap shot at. I absolutely. Despise that SoundBite I thought that was. Way too dramatic. Unnecessary let's move on please it was a dirty air. You know I just couldn't stand listening to that out now played again Matt. Don't man I don't know the sailing them and homeland there. He snuck through my Baghdad. He can broke when they come and I got a son raised. You know how it moved we don't think about daily business yeah. This year than ever it is it is. Now did you think about the fact that you've asunder is when you decided to play the most violent sport there is. Don't use it as an excuse. Correct that's a jackass comment to make. It is Mon do you try to buy sympathy it was a dirty hit it absolutely was discussing what he did you should never done that. And he deserved what he got in terms of a one game suspension. If you've ever went to two new I would even argue it you wouldn't even argue it is I would have been fine with two I thought one though was five. I'm the only one I don't think he needed more than that he's not typically dirty player he's not lake some of these guys that we've seen bonds has perfect right to do this all the time. The only other time I could think of a potentially dirty play from him is when he we sat out the club. And that was a flag as it was laid it was after this fine it was a good idea I'd I never thought of that is being 39. Ether but that's one thing is that the closer you can yeah with camera but those comments about he could broke my neck he snuck up on me. You know I got a kid defeat local broke when I got a lot of roles that you decided to play football you know what it is and you say and I got to Sunday Reyes. You clearly aren't that concerned about it because you choose in the play the most violent sport there. Rob that he simply. Lost his cool it happens it's happened to us it's happened to you and me on a certain point. If you know anything about Rob Gronkowski. And you don't have to all warm. I mean to you know cover him to NB it is locker every week and now this man and he's watched Prescott. Over the years this man is nodding mean spirited meant now he's a Teddy bear anything else he's a happy guy he just loves football. He simply got frustrated and by the way he was being held on that play. Not at all of the NFL to any ownership over that even a little bit and said man you know he does and have a point so we'll give them one got held and he got pushed the threat. Edit and he talked about seven years and not just that play so he's frustrated. I understand that now again no excuse to do what he did and that was brutal it was brutal. But. I never I never feared that the guy would break his neck. He he didn't even end up in the McIntosh report I mean he went into Iraq but he has a concussion so he was back to practice talking to the media. He just lost his cool for a second. It happens it's unfortunate I thought drawn Hartmann explained it perfectly the guy that's the right thing every time didn't happen that way this time. But every time every time he's responded the right way and kept his cool and may. It just didn't work out and he got the one game he's gonna lose how much money to ordering 81000 dollars. Guys paid and not only that. It puts him behind the pace for some of those incentives. That he had in his contract that are worth at a five and a million dollars shows you why he's not your gadgets right. Financially and yes the guy who always talked about finances in terms of I've never spent my salary at only spend my bonus money in my endorsement money and never spent a dime of my salary this is a guy who cares very much about his financial situation and thinks a lot about it clearly even though we seem out partying all the time. So losing that kind of money is not something this guy is just okay would doing. OK there's an interview I don't know if you heard it on your former shell Mike will dog cat. Did you hear the inner bits abuse got. Because apparently what happened was will bond. The shelf part of the eruption Tony Kornheiser Mike will run. Will bond brought up race. Of course he did he always. Well Tony brought it up in the show I was watching Michelle. Will bought agree. And he said when he went on with dale Hawley Keefe that. He did not think that rock there was any racist component to what wrong did and I agree not no chance of that. He's. Bringing it up was. In terms of the NFL and the punishment levied. IE. I guess I understand why eight. It has to be addressed I don't think why why don't think race really came into play here it didn't at all. It's the stupidest thing and you need to stop bringing it in agreed Conwell reason I will not. Pop off like that is because I'm not black so I don't know. Wrappers go when you use it all the time again I come back to the boy cried wolf when you use it all the time uses an argument all the time. It doesn't mean anything when something really happens. So now we are getting go almost not a big deal I mean you complain about everything in life is being a race issue what would what's the problem here now. It was a race issue when Tom Brady got four games. Now backers black knows why and got our. Ridiculous punishment. Over something that's relatively inconsequential. Yeah. It's many times you I'd get this call it like you guys that are great the thought you'd take. That is going to be at the good the rest of not rescinded about walked in addition you are. Eddie's right Boston is sensitive about being a racist city because of apple let it go people are here. You know I would like to think too aren't racist or most of them till they get offended don't like you know I kind of offends me to a certain regard. His most of that stuff happened before I was even a lot right like it. Decade before I was even alive yup the busing situation of awesome that's the mid seventies but it goes before my time. So don't lump me in with other things that happened to other people forty years ago. I had nothing to do with it most of the people you had nothing to do with it most of the people we know interact and have never done anything along. Any of those lines so yeah it does get frustrating getting lumped in with everything like that yeah and actually should you should get frustrated you should get angry but you should also have the conversation. And try to explain your side of the conversation. People does I don't care what color your skin is stop bringing race into every little thing the only way to get the arm that. Conversation to get it on those issues. Is to treat everyone like they're the same exactly I'm glad all of them bleed the same was in that. Where the ultimate progress. Would be made when we stop. Analyzing everything as being racial or having a racial component to it and it's. Oh yeah he's not seeing Vegas she humans they stop seeing race. While we when we can and maybe that's I I'm maybe I'm being unrealistic. But that I feel like is when we really make progress. I don't mean. Forgot that I was even. I just the issue. Nowadays it's it's the simplest things like you know when you when you're describing someone. Meg yeah I'm at this chick last night she's hot and we're all white. So you we are that just happens through the yeah. And but constantly bringing it up he's a black quarterback just cornerback yeah he happens to be black who cares what does that matter what does that mean. Doesn't mean anything it means the color of his skin is slightly different tomorrow and what at the end of the what does that mean grow stardust were omitted nothing. This whole. Bringing race all the time and use in Boston is a constant scapegoat for anything. That there's nothing racist here yep so why does it even have to become a conversation that just creates a further division. Amongst us as people. It's so childish and stupid. I can't get beyond it sometimes. There's no reason. To bring into this. Yeah situated anal here's the facts drunk dirty play. Got suspended yup that's it that's it that's it he got what he deserved because what he did was wrong. If you were kinda getting into. A deeper topic here but I'm you know I'm just thinking to myself this all the talk that we dealt with. I shouldn't say that we've dealt with that. The conversations we've had to have recently over the last few years in the race the racism. On topics that have been discussed. You know eventually my daughter I raised her. Regular there's no racism in our home there's nothing so but I'm gonna eventually have to explain to her what idiots. And it's it almost feels like a shame that I'm gonna have to put that on her radar. Because each his love every one. You know we're humans instead now any inning again this is unavoidable maybe but now we have to talk about what racism Mets and that has them enter her. Having the cumbersome and it's not. A bad idea sure sure having the conversation. And having a real honest conversation maybe it's just unavoidable when you throw everything that I saw a sack that's a big problem and that creates further division. Because then people start to pick sides again yeah and that's the last thing I want to write want people picking sides in this he just won an open honest conversation. That's what I'm saying real progress will be. In my mind and partly and you stuck having some of these conversations. Because we're not worried about out. No what I'm saying is having a real conversation it would it would substance to it is very different from just. Throwing it out their left and right willing knowing what every round did that's right and I think that's a conversation that should happen once or twice not every single time something comes up. Because we keep doing that. I now look at you know I don't care what you have to say you are kind of disproving. Your intelligence committee sensitized me a little bit of topic because of the amount of times that we brought this group. Race factor into everything I don't know anybody say. I don't think color could that the day a lot. You can choose to deal with it some people better than others don't meet you guys. I mean people all ought. Everybody sees call. I I feel like I don't. Not all I mean I okay no hold on July see color yeah I absolutely do see color does it mean anything to meet new. That's the big difference. As did a fact that this guy's black in this guy's white whatever does it mean any thing. It doesn't mean anything the whole point is. You know. We don't. We just start to throw things against the wall for no reason whatsoever to create something bigger and the biggest culprits in this. Is that Michael will bond who constantly bring it up. Constantly. For this had nothing to do embrace the dirty play from one player to another player. And it was his suspension different from someone ounces. It was different you wanna know why because of a tracker to Akron Reza color risk strike had nothing to do had to absolutely nothing to do it. So you're saying in a situation like that ration even come up. Don't think I agree it has nothing to do with the situation. And saying it has every. Saying race has everything to do and everything is just idiotic. You can't get on the problem in our society if you bring it into every single conversation you just can't. Now we're can't sleep thinking about it and it's not something you should think about walking down the street you shouldn't. Think that's what we're trying to set if you have a problem. And you keep going back to the problem in discussing the problem how are you ever getting over the problem. It's always there will always discussed you're always talking about the prom we never talk about the solution that's the other thing you're getting with these situations. Admiral wants to bring up a problem but no actually has an answer to the problem ya. And they're not real problems a lot of the times the problems that people create. That's how marriages go south when you start making mountains out of mole hills and problems arise that. Or you don't need to fight about things they fighting about. It's tough topic obviously but I'm with you there was no. There was nothing. Racist about this hit there is nothing racist. About what happened was gras. If you wanna go and talk about the league office and how they handle it I really don't think you have much to go on there. But it's conversation that. We have to half according to have Mike will bon every time so. Welcome. Our next you know I didn't. That's like Ron did he think in the WW you know it's. I heard Tippett behind. He him possibly having a wrestling background or a wrestling future issues after he's done playing football I would talk about. I mean he wasn't Romania with his friend mode yeah right right right OK. Coming up an hour to yankees earlier the final what. Probably is the final. Deal is still of the year Billiton mark Mario Kart. Will be at the and if the mark I want Iran there. In our two will get a gonna get into. Or go back to the stands stuff more patriots. Tom I also wanna talk about how the media. Helps teams win. How it applies not just Boston. Providence were gonna relate everybody. In this that's during our two of the market it to show one after point seven WEE.