The Mark and Kichen Show - Who has a better chance of a championship, Bruins or Celtics? 3-18-2018

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Sunday, March 18th

Hour 2. Mark and Ben question which team has a better chance of making the championship, the Bruins or the Celtics. 


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Its market and change into. As we're doing this show I got a text from someone who is very tied in to both camp rock calcium Brady. And like this stuff is were you guys could either. Seeing which for eighteen years and they'll all want to do that and sandwiched bloody. When are we doing this word planet players feel like. They don't get respect it enough. And there and if they feel miserable about what's going on going to be answers to those four guys are not happy on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Trying to beat Tom Brady's backup also trying to fill the shoes of Jimmy gruff while this quarterback Kurt guy who will be succeeding a player who played six quarters has some pretty damn big shoes to also will be interesting to see how they handle that this isn't even about Tom Brady and filling those shoes this about Jimmy drop polish Jews have bigger feet. Don't reminders of that. That tape now you burn that tape and staples self destructive Biotech and now. I'm for Martin JT and mark sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. My challenge with the mark didn't show one other point seven WE marked and Arabic it junior province have been teasing all show that we're gonna talk about the moves that the page that made. And that we keep finding ways to not talk about them and so my apologies if you've been waiting. Wars are won 737127. Is a phone number 37937. These attacks line we've got a lot of tax on what you tell me that the listeners will just talk about off the air regarding John Elway and it was great well. Now damn glad he said that on Gaza to remember the rest of the stuff I said because of the attention span of a damn goldfish but. I would think about Elway you know the end of his career he wins those two Super Bowls gets a ride off into the sunset and changes the narrative of his career legally he went from being kind of a lovable loser and losing three Super Bowls early in his career. To the immediate discussion after that seconds probably want any announces retirement. Sports center and I'll mosey has been chosen next thing they're saying is. Well is is John Allen one of the greatest quarterbacks of all times he is he the greatest quarterback about time that. That's kind of what we've been talking about here in terms of the way things and and how it completely changes the narrative. You know you can watch you said this during the break to make you watch a really bad movie but it's got a great Kenyan caliber teams everything or you have this great movie. And Manning sucks so makes it seem like the rest of the movie. Really wasn't that great. And that is great sorry we're going through right. Elway thing because it's football because sports is the best example. Mean that guy was open three in the Super Bowl finish to win three. But I've said to myself before wow what a great way to end your career what a great career is he the greatest of all time because that's a lasting image you have. Some of your fighting this battle. Against some of the haters out there your patriots fan just thinking about Tom Brady bill Belichick's legacy. How it ends is important. I don't know they would deny that or not this is a symptom of a bad ending that we're going to think opinion of I disagree to. Bomb going back to baseball history Willie Mays is probably the greatest center fielder of all time problem sure. But when people talk about Willie Mays is career they talk about a gray was. But they inevitably talk about his time with the mad at the end where he was just that you're just flat out bad he couldn't do anything in the feel we couldn't hit nothing. They always talk about the end like that there's only one person I can think of actually two that kind of get away would that. At the end of their career by not being what they were earlier. Jordan with the wizards who and then again this stupid I hate doing this but. Nobody ever really mentioned they talk about babe repeal the greatest baseball player of all time whatever yeah no one ever talks about the end of his career with the Boston Braves. Where he wasn't very good anymore. There's all those are the only guys. You know Mohammed Ali it's always talked about great fighter great fighter in the they always mention those last couple years of his career reviews just in his ass kicked in the ring and it was just painful to watch okay. Com. I here we are saying the Jordan thing had Jordan lost in the finals. We gotta talk about it a different way had Jordan lost in the finals with the wizards now maybe he brought this nothing wizards team to the finals in. Had no business being there but if they lost he would have been viewed the winner that he was. Are out of theaters legacy now I think if he took that wizards team into the finals OK I I think actually would have affected his legacy positively because there's like. Geez look with thirty year old Jordan can do with a crap I'm around that I was in a good example I know you're saying I know he sane if you just can't get there and lose at the end you're going out on your back. Rice you know sort of set you going on your back itself the very tired of the story he was six you know the shot. Last shot that was the perfect way to go up Montana there's a good example Korea. The Montana Dodgers Sobel and lost at the end either. You know in his last couple years of the 49ers or even in those two years with the chiefs if you lost that would change because everyone talks about. You know the only guy they used. To kind of pushed back on Tommy Brady being Grey's cornerback bought time is too much because it's perfect purples. Now if you his foreign one. Soro is completely changed and I think like you said. This story would've completely changed even if you should be saying that he got that team is Super Bowl now. They see the one there is see that he wasn't perfect and that would be the lasting image you have. Montana not. What he wants he couldn't win the Super Bowl like he did earlier in his career he was older he wasn't what he was even though. Maybe he got this team they had no business being there to the big game time he took the chiefs team that really had no business today FC championship game I mean he that's what he did did yeah great what he did at the end but. You know it if he had lost one at the end it would of changed that aired for him right he wasn't perfect in super balls anymore so how you end is important in terms of legacy. And that's why we're talking about this. One they we had a text here that ask had the patriots won the Super Bowl would all of this come out. Some. All of it no because. Winning cures a lot of things. Winning cures a lot these you look at that sacrifice he made all year and I know it's it's express slots but you look at that sacrifice you made all year. If you actually win at the end and you get that reward. It kind of negates everything else yup it's and we worked our ass is up we deserve do we are the best just being able to say we're the best kind of changes things around in your own mind a little bit. I think that we would have heard the whispers it would have been this in that but. It wouldn't have I mean look at what they do with Tom vs pat they changed the whole thing when they locks they won but they've been talking about he wants to feel appreciated and be happy go don't work no way no so this that was obviously a big statement. Build benching Butler and all the things that happened. All play into this and they lost the game has another tax that's not true LeBron has brought Bob asked teams to the finals and it's affected him negatively on. No I don't think it now Purcell Iran's Kurz and over so we don't know how the end is gonna affect the entire like I don't think anybody holds the fact that he brought 07 cats at the finals and lost the spurs against no that's actually a feather in his cap that's a feather in his cap. The the negatives for him is having a much better team and losing in the finals to when he was with the heat and the Dallas Mavericks. Is where elbows of the knocks against him when he has the better team and he goes the finals and loses those an ox O seven. That's actually feather in his cap look how damn good this kid is were these other players Eric snow's agendas of Dallas gets. Like Jesus he took that pilot crap to the finals. That actually looks in his favor. I think you could say maybe not to the level of that LeBron team at Tom Brady 2011. Taking a nap teachers seemed to support that defense had no business being in the super. That was the super ball I thought that the patriots. You can give Brady credit for getting them there I'm not gonna crush him for losing that game even though one Wes Welker catch away from a win. So that that hurts gives you I mean that the cavs got back with a swept across with him close the page it's one that. Tom. Tech let's keep moving on here Malcolm Boller comes out this week he gets introduced by the Texans. Make some comments that his comments changed the way you thought about how the Super Bowl played out his bench based on what he sent. I wanna read you know I. I have very here I wasn't feeling too well I felt like the patriots or no one. We hope that I felt like that was kind of part of it not to blame anybody accept full responsibility for myself I'm not blaming the New England Patriots or no one. It could've been just me now it could have been anything but I was not feeling too on New England Patriots are all about doing their job. And they want everybody locked in and focused 100%. And that probably was not the case I'm glad to be a Tennessee tight. Reading Ryan Hannibal here based arm bowler silence on the matter until this week in his words continuing to support. What has been since our said since the game we pretty much know that there really wasn't anything more to the benching other than being. A strictly football decision. I don't I I still don't fully believe our I think look. If it Malcolm ball or got into some trouble had some issues or having issues throughout the course of the season that the patriots were aware of and they didn't love and and Butler came to a head at the Super Bowl and he got benched. I'm sorry why would Malcolm Butler come out and talk about all those things. We've heard about Paula taking the high road to the high road in a bubble block now. Maybe deal stigma and maybe bill as the one that hasn't come out and said look this guy I was having this problem this guy did this. And that's why we don't know when I was in Malcolm Butler took the Smart road shot up don't shut your money. So if that's more important if don't expect your chili and yet you're out of a contract you got enough that. And you trying to get time by new team shut up will affect your money I. Do we agree that Bill Belichick. I happen to think that Bill Belichick had a reason for benching Butler other then he had the sniffles yeah it was dehydrated had to go to the hospital. There was something more at play there the guy in 98% of the snaps there's a reason they got the bench for the biggest game that they played all year. Happen for a reason. It's funny looking events never played ever played that he never played they were getting destroyed. And he never went into the game. Because he was sick for a couple minutes and missed a meeting. I mean for crying out loud there's something more going on of course wasn't gonna bring this up. I don't know how you can just conclude that it was strictly a football decision but are you gonna bring it up. He'll look like an idiot still look like a malcontent hill looked like somebody a batted Leah bad teammates. Like he'll let everyone down. You don't look like you just don't wanna raise more eyebrows intermountain Muller after the fact. And have other teams look at you when they're trying to bid for your service as you want multiple teams bidding against he driver price up of course so I don't want no potentially eliminate suitors. Because I served running my mouth off before I even have a new contract that's the financial. Piece of it on EU would have affected his negotiations and the teams that interest did might have backed off that's not. I'm talking about from a from a a legacy standpoint characteristic I mean you don't what these things out a reputation standpoint you don't want these things out if there was issues if he had. If he broke rule if he was caught got in trouble whatever was. You don't want that out that hurts your reputation forget about the negotiations even now he cited the money says you know what the reputation art. You don't wanna be the one that was the reason that there was this Beijing and cause all this hoopla. There was a reason he didn't play at all in that game and I think bill is protecting Bob Bildt the high road not. That's what I think is but the biggest loss of the guys who have left for you in your mind I think it's older. Look but the only thing about sold or is there is no way I was making him the highest paid tackle in football now I was patriot to that makes me feel a little bit better. But being here that the money that they were offering was king of the giants I don't know yet IDC shoulders a problem losing him his problem it had offensive line issues. Dating back to the conference the AFC championship game in Denver that your they couldn't protect Brady. Brady's older Tom who was gonna replace him so I'll I'll. Yeah I guess they'd sold to review my answer that question number defense of god but they probably can find ways they have the number one quarter. In Gilmore I believe is the number one corner you bringing Jason according as we finally can get into some of the moves I think he can. I think he has a better chance of emerging as a solid number two corner than Eric wrote does hundreds of so I like that. I like it a lot these new guys they can beat the number two corner of Gilmore is gonna give you what I think you can give you. Forty Jason could be the number two court. And all you did was give up fourteen spaces are towards the end of the draft now hope now it's not a not a huge deal of knowledge gave up a first rounder. But you did for cooks which made sense at the time I'm not knocking that trade now. At the time it made perfect sense I'm not knocking a trade now I think and I I like the addition imported because I did not feel good. Here are some of the reports saying while they really think Derrick Rose going to be the guy don't I I don't feel good about that. Because while he did have a decent second half of the Super Bowl the reason it looked as good as it did is does he got burned at the beginning of the Super Bowl. So don't get it twisted that he had this great second after the Super Bowl it just didn't look nearly as bad as what happened at the beginning of the day. We've seen enough of our growth. Mean we know kind of player he is to make some plays he come up big at times but he's not a guy you can consistently rely on he's not a number two he's got some size. He's on number two yeah he's got something you like he just of them everything you'll like according. On top of his game. Will come in the locker room obviously embrace him what his brother there. We know what DeVon accordions if Jason recording has the same DNA which you guys you assume that he is a good. Locker room guy who will be good team may well received and making news Gary so happy people. Many people's app. DeVon happy Evans happy to be couple of the guys get happiness of people we can be app on. So that I like got any shot that we talked about or whatever. Claiborne is a little bit of drink label a little bit of a myth here. Because you look at this if you just looked straight at the stats DC nine and half sacks and that's pretty good as it yet six of those came in one game. Okay what does outlets a grand dame game but that means three and a half sack right came in fifteen games look. This is this first of August say. Big picture people were sort of freaked out a little bit about what the patriots were or weren't doing a free agency one you know with. This is what they do I think this is what they did this what they should do not doesn't always work out now I think the best case scenario for majoring Claiborne. You know he could be a it's different kind of player but you think you could have the impacted did you all she or did. Many down pretty good gut yeah get data out of the guy is that it was unexpected do ya think. This kid this is a guy that doesn't suck that make some plays that if he gets hurt. Yet you feel the loss you know that's all you want these are going to be some in. Pact. Now I global player I know the team doesn't have the same cap flexibility to going to last season last season the last off season agitated. Data about sixty million dollars to play. This year they have twenty just over twenty so it's not easy to bring in a superstar player. Death can only get you so far. Depths nice when you have really good players in front of that to correct and when you're not ringing in stud players here I do have a little bit of a problem. Now rivers we get to see woody is hopefully if he can come back from that injury that took them off the entire season maybe he is that superstar on the defensive line. But there's other work to be done. They're there they can't be done you or you can't win the championship with all the players not bomb. Yeah the work to be done. There is work to be done but they need to hit on traffic's. Nothing will benefit them more in hitting a draft picks getting guys like make an immediate impact. And getting guys decade to fill the pipeline will benefit them the most. Especially if you could draft a guy in that first rounder in the early first two rounds that can immediately. Not a guy kind of stash away for year Letterman system you need to guide it immediately. I don't like the fact that Matt Slater is visiting the Steelers. Again. With rent a locker room is out now he's the one of the key pieces to that. Chemistry to that culture all of those things I don't really hear this is not something that I want is this is not the time to lose him. You want him around at this point. Yeah 88. This is one of those times when you look at the player and go how much is he really providing ill. Yeah he's a special teams captain but how much special teams are really running here but this just one of those guys you want. To maintain on your team and keeping your team for what you just talked about the opera presents. There's one of those guys you need is he's always gonna do the right thing he he it's always. You want these guys around especially now. People weren't happy. Or whenever I want this guy around in the locker. Aren't we get back what would continue if you have your calls or 017371287. If you wanna talk patriots. I also wanna get into a few other things other scenarios that are going on while question I'm gonna ask but we get back who has a better chance right now of making the conference finals the Bruins Celtics into that we get back. This is marking QGQ 12 point seven WE. Am. Kitchen on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI call Michel led 40173712. Lost. So you know was great about last night that Bruins win over the lightning. All the two good tools that I saw on Twitter last night after the shot out. Yeah actor guy or ask really a detriment to the game they're going to be in trouble with the act are asking golf. Listen this enemy he was gone it was god. Hey duke got you know great game still got you know as much bad break game the defense defense is great that only allowed only three shots to be taken. Let me tell you something and a hundred court took it only face like seven shots the first thirty minutes of the game. He didn't have a whole lot to do. Our iPods during my question last night was what real pressure. Was to Rask under an act they came off a bad loss to Florida in which to continue to play that was could build. So he there was nothing to worry about there you know they use either a good performance and you're coming off the game where the backup. Team play while you feel no pressure everybody wants you Ingle. There's no real pressure associated with that game yet to be game it's it's the best team in the Easter chasing after the 11 seed. Seeing get home ice advantage in the last change. Who cares home ice is the most meaningless. Advantage all of the four major sports home ice hockey doesn't matter as much as it doesn't football baseball about. There was no real pressure associated with Beckett to Tuukka had a good game for a day. He had a good game he was but yeah we know he's a terror to goalie when he's on. I come back to me when the heat is turned up come back to me when the lights are brighter. In the game matters more when they need to win it or they go home. That's when I don't trust who got the most when they app so we have to habit when the pressure is sought. The pressure wasn't really on last night that you wanna have a good game you wanna win that game. But those are nothing to lose situation for took. In my mind I didn't think. That it had the pressure correct me if I'm wrong of a playoff series when you're down 21 facing 31 or any game seven or do you need to win the game to get into the playoffs. It didn't have that kind of pressure. So that's why I still think get to gut is gonna fail them when it matters most that's what I think it can change because he had one good game last that he gets a very good team. Didn't change. But it was a good game good game for the Bruins and I tickets solidify the fact look it was Dave bats this season some patriot kind of moments. Some Red Sox kind of moments when they've been in championship form these unbelievable comebacks these historic wins doesn't mean they're gonna win the title. Would you think of the game. I thought it was. Great performance by the defense it's great points by the entire team considering. You know how many men they've been down and I'm Backus goes down in that game with a laceration on his leg. This team you asked the question before the break. Which teams Celtics or brewer I get to that question yeah in answer that question is which team will is more likely to make the conference final acts it's to meet. It's it's already separated itself work. The Bruins are more likely to make the conference finals and I think a lot of that has to do with the Celtics and their health problems that that I think they were both in very good position to make. The conference finals. And then we can talk about which team do we think him win and it was obvious the Bruins because the Celtics have to go up against much tougher competition. The wave the Celtics have been going about things recently and guys being injured for the season Dana ties after the season. Marcus Smart were unsure of when he can come back looks like eight weeks if he's gonna come acumen in time for. The second round of the playoffs we don't know. This Celtics can't go nearly as far as this Bruins team can even when they're all health. Marcus mart is so important for the Celtics. That I'm concerned with them getting out of the second round whereas before I thought it was pretty much a lock that you're gonna get them back in the Eastern Conference finals and that might have been. Maybe they sneak buying get into the finals but I was thought there're going to be in Eastern Conference finals against Cleveland it was not gonna work itself out again. The Bruins look good team. Not only that can legitimately win the Stanley Cup. They look like they're the best human accurate. Even though historically hockey is more unpredictable. Much more unpredictable would you be shocked would you be shocked. If the Bruins lost in the first round yes it depends on. Yeah I'd be shocked you know there's two teams out there that you have to look and go okay they can give you problems Tampa even though they've had Tampa's number of the last like ten games are so mean something we're gonna tell Washington has always on the Bruins and that's always that's yet. So that always yeah still it's he gets are because they're very talented team and can score like nobody else. Toronto on fire scene got to kind of look at them and go. I don't necessarily want to face some. The team you'd potentially face in the first round the Blue Jackets. Penguins. I'm not worried about either of them. I would have talent wranglers have talent but I'm not terribly worried about them would this Bruins team right now on the witness currency was constructed. So they get all healthy that's a team that I I think legitimately can just sort of when the car. Which everybody's got tunnels I think this is a team that can truly win the Stanley Cup this year they can't win this in the cup yet and I think they're going to be in the Stanley Cup finals. I think it's gonna be Boston national Stanley Cup finals. Literate at the site into. Look who who led the Celtics who would the Celtics have to go through. To get to the Eastern Conference finals both Cleveland and Toronto one or the other we don't know right now. Is Cleveland doesn't look like they're poised to make. Well let's just say this Cleveland looks like they could get knocked off. I don't think it's team that is a lock for anything. I think that the Celtics in those injuries are the bigger concern as it stands right now if that if the playoffs started today the Celtics would take on the box. But you concerned a little bit that's us that's a tough match that is tough matchup but I think that series they should win that's the series they definitely should win. With home court advantage. And then in the second round he'd probably play either you know endear Philly. And he's been on fire lately the pacers have pretty good team that's kind of going under the radar. But I do little more concerned and a seven game series against the 76ers. Just as they copy something completely different. If that's the case. Right now and you have it up on computer then I would I would pick the Celtics. To get to the Jews as a lot to get to the conference finals. I would pick the Celtics out that it was either of those yet money markets mart's not their their date book completely different. Now I know it's obvious implant so your rotation gets shorter your bench players are healing as much. He's one of the most important is the Arab part of the rotation he is the best on ball defender on the team. He changes the game when he comes into the game he makes him look like a completely different team without him I am. I've reservations and concerns about the same. I really do now Rosie heir has been great whenever smarts apps and resume can do a great job filling it offensively. For Qaeda reason. He's not the defender that Marcus Marcus. And without Smart this team isn't a little bit of trouble. I'm still sticking to my guns that I have heard the last though once I still think Cleveland's go to the finals. They're not giving me a lot to go with yeah I'm just being stubborn about it but they're they're not they're play. Is not what we I don't know I don't get it done donuts and I did go against LeBron James I don't by the raptors. No I never idle teams now the raptor that's a that's a classic good regular season team. That you go they do the right things they beat up on bad teams. They're not decorate the strength of the Toronto Raptors what we just talked about is their bench the bench get shorter. Will this will vote next string of games for the Celtics. Be important to you in terms of projecting their playoff. Potential because they will be playing these games though markets. So you wanna see if they can win some of these games because they look like they looked awful before the all star break and had to deal with this when he was helping hand. I'm just trying to think. It's a big injury but I'm trying to figure out how big if there's no way they can overcome it or if they could overcome. Because they should've been I mean I can't believe Graham this conversation that they might not even make the Eastern Conference finals but the bad situation does that a year that they've had. It got to find a way to make that series. Harold and you didn't deal with so many injury problems. That's a problem. I read you know he's he's I can be offer ever but. You worry about his health moving forward Jalen brown and you don't know exactly. How he's gonna respond to this concussion that awful injury to pre just fell yeah and landed right in the back as head. You wonder how they're gonna respond Wednesday to the Bruins are banged up but. There's no. There's no player on the Bruins that you look and going he's going to miss significant time in the playoffs they're hurt at the weir right time of being hurt. Heading into the playoffs but. Projected to be healthy for the start of the plants and this is allowing the Bruins some time to get those depth players to step their game move up to the next level. You don't move up the next line and perform with these other players which can be very important to them moving forward so the Bruins are putting themselves are much better position. Mostly because of health and the long term health of these guys. And Celtics. I think both teams are gonna get to the conference finals but I think the Celtics or. I'm gonna ride with the Celtics on the question. I just think that they got their last year. I I think that they are better team than they were last year. I think they find a way to get the competition in the east is also better than it was last year it is better Milwaukee are better than they were Philadelphia is obviously much better than they were Indiana's better than getting worse. But I still think that they can do it and I think that they'll get their base on the guys that they have in basketball. Just because they have to get upset not to get there I think there's two but the question you know being who's more like yelling we have more faith in doing it took the how. How much the alliance. I don't know Celtics yet. I mean I'm I'm going back and forth but I think I'd go with the Celtics and and Stevens and the experience. And the pedigree that they've kind of created there even in a short amount of and the Bruins. Mean Bruce can they they have really made any runs under Bruce Cassidy Evan made a run in awhile. I just I think they're gonna get there I I do I'm just not a shore. I go Celtics. And I hate to smarting if Smart wasn't injured if I knew it was going to be back in six weeks and not. Eight weeks with six weeks from now basically may first so that's the first round. I mean I think you can get by. I think you can't you should be up to date definitely should be able to get by the first time without Smart but if you want a deep run you Needham and you need them. Dog you wanna do what we've been talking about all year and and achieving the goal of what was the goal not just getting to the Eastern Conference final but making a series. You need market Smart you need him is plus minuses off the charts we all know about all the numbers we've been hearing about all year lark in the defense is outstanding. I will be watching closely these games here without him a wanna see how they play it was so bad for the also break I'll feel better they can win some of these games without him. Even though they're just lay regular season games I'll feel better when they played and beat the magic the other night the president what do they play we had a orleans' New Orleans are cast so we'll say. But yet that's that's were taken there. It's aged that the Bruins look great I mean that's they they don't have who did they not have last iMac aboard Bergeron that's great performance. I'm excited about this team. But again it's I mean this is this is what we've come to arrive that in Boston here I guess. Part of it is interesting creature intrigue but. It's so much about what you do in the playoffs because of all the championships that we have seen here. And all the opportunities that the teams here had to succeed in the playoffs in the most important games. They've just rendered so many other games and scenarios. You are useless but. Less interest. And it's it's just funny I can't wait to see how the Bruins. Handled this run their favorites. They should win. Well great maybe the best team in the NHL you set I can't wait to see how they handle some of those things. Ralph regrets it on the line Matt stick to call. Ralph good morning. Good morning. We're going but you're gonna go picking up an air load. What are you on talk about the good people call them the direction that they haven't Michael al-Qaeda. Was great crowd out there real blow it debate it work out at all. Indeed we want to talk college basketball is or what we open up Shia did you talk college basketball jealous I. Don't want rattled and we don't care what does he do so with one of the top you talk about. Wherever the basic what we did with these two I BP C lost so many guys that let the probe escapee that this is at least you think of it where has the only two teams in NCAA this is a tribute to the basket. People state people should feel so blessed or lucky. I'm basing get both cultures and this is new clue what this is this is like a train to do this that people should should realize what we had even though they've both got knocked out broke credentials of these. I mean look at look at the rest in New England not one team from the rest of New England went to deter enemy and you had two in road rock that's that's impressive regular. Poppy is like spectacles of the national title game because we lost re Geist cannot problem I had the piece together. We lost you grow he leapt at Toshiba that electric lady legal should have been in this class and thicker should've been. And it starts. With them that knows what we would that. Yeah they had at one point there before suspensions and transfers anger they had an elite eight roster they have Alito and Don and Bryce cotton and the Donte' hand there was guys there that could've gotten into the elite eight out of ten like a similar to many things. And if they had the regard for attention. Because Russell is to meet lord that would disappointment 8816. Inch here and deceit in that it doesn't happen its report seek his place you know they always. It would it would sure as much as they could. We have Lindsay was a big under achieve the but I don't think they wanna talk basketball or. No we don't spend time to time talking just listen to what you. All right thanks Ralph. Did I'm Warner did Ralph Williams on the air there. We still screen in the calling him. We went to a two facets he asked me when he called then what are you guys talking on us explain it in the Bruins and Celtics so I'm and is wondering if you thought that'll call is with you're on the air. I don't know at first he knows he's on the chart. I don't know because the way he and it made you have that question let's talk about the goes as far. Are we got to go to break we get back I'll wrap up the show a Red Sox thought we get back here in the Markakis and show one after point seven WV. We're back some market kitrey. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I think is the market to show one of the point seven WEEI. Rob Bradford then had a and at peace. On WEEI dot com few days ago about las Erica why David prices start Thursday and so much. Spring training baseball that's a lie or did you think this is a thing it is tough you know baseball I mean unified content each time I think the story you're trying to (%expletive) But look. This guy he had a good he had a 95 mile an hour fastball. Who he hit low ninety's cutters hated the corners. The curveball changeup for a team people wherever he plays. Essence of the game mean I mean it's huge. Did that game count towards the future record motors corridors at that what we. If it let me ask you this question if David what would be the narrative towards David Price if he goes out has a crack season. But then in the playoffs as a starter dominance. Or will people sit up. All you want to forget all those forgive. So is forgiven them look and then the best case we have as a parallel to this is John Lackey. Everyone hated John Lackey for 22 and a half three years. Tatum and by the end when he left because he didn't wanna pay to play for only that 500000 dollar. Deal that was at the end of his contract. Everyone's like well what are they doing not not gonna Lackey they meet this guy. Several insurgent really like John Lackey when it came time to that point thirteen World Series run. You need now is art he's now thought of as being a good deal for the team. We're for the first couple years when he wasn't performing well is a horrible deal for the team. I just don't understand how one start in the middle towards the end of spring training. Could mean much that's what I don't understand. It's got it's been around the block this is a better in this the guy that has been in the playoffs I don't understand. How that could be such a noteworthy. Situation. I don't know if it's generally get angry working on things they're not true that there their goal of these games isn't necessarily do whenever onto working on that working out thanks so when a pitcher has a nice performance against people that are working on different things like. Hey I know he likes his. I'm gonna really focus on this did that to try and spray the ball to right field this kind of goes on the two rocks that I what was really at stake. Mean it's harder to put yet warm when there's more at stake. Eight great job on Thursday start that whirlwind that would terminate clinic at 10:30 AM I mean who cares how many people were there. Look at this just tell thousands maybe it managers say here's the vaunted lineup that he faced. I mean he's dye has. Yell steam. By Dino. Knock Kevin Clark. Isn't legit Major League player he was O for four with a shark. Harold Ramirez Steve Pearce has played in the majors one for 32 RBIs. GO scar Hernandez. John birdie Jason. Led they DG and you would not be a good idea so teacher Amelio Guerrero. Recent McGuire. I mean I never heard of any of these people PK a while pat can't while I mean it's a great start who are these people all be minor leaguers. You that you didn't do in front 36000 belittle you didn't do it in front of 36000 people at Fenway Park you did it and the game was an online. You don't get a win or a loss at the end of the game that matters and it's better than a soccer game yes or go to that that meant so much. But I've also seen players come and just kind of suck and loath their way through spring training and then turn it on their awesome I've also seen these guys grew wheat we sit there and give a little Tug on the table enough and this guy's gonna have a great breakout season and does not it is absolutely not all the Greece are these guys are yet. I was the biggest thing that we received in terms of terms of that I mean he was a warrior that here spring training means nothing you're right though you're right at the beginning. You feel bad for these writers especially those studies it's not baseball because that have to find something to write about. And have people trying B Anderson yeah but I don't know why anyone would be interested they threw 93 and a grapefruit league game. Another story that map put on the desk here before the show worry not Cora golfer laments abusive fans suggest limits on alcohol sales during PGA events or pro golf events. Where do you stand on that fans getting too rowdy golf. Limiting alcohol sales. But I think golf golf is a great sport people are just hitting golf but I still think golf. She let the fans are coming out. Let them come out and just let them kind of to what they want but I'm I don't think that they should be trying to deter fans from coming out anyway shape or form but it's as if this trash talking you know. Gross spot. The only thing now is their truly being disruptive and Ike. You know throwing that figure on while all the where players I know you try to edit a football game and I know dat. But if they're just talking trash you guys and they're still at least respecting be quite during the backswing. And I had no problem but they tiger says that there as long as they don't talk in the back so yeah and that's off. That that really should be it if somebody I mean look. He started about to be brought up his wife for just said her name. But that you don't want sticks inside they can't reconcile in your endure now or you'll pick anybody yelled about Tom Brady's wife. I know it's different kind of look I know golf there's etiquette involved. But I think that attic I think you can make the argument that that etiquette extends to does it affect the play of the player like you said the backswing. If it's outside that. Exactly that should be. It should be it's it's it's gonna fight Bob Barker on the seventh green go and do well. In two fiscal hole. I love them we are seeing them. I don't watch movies that meets its unique night no movie that is at least tell me you know them the biggest one of the biggest regrets I have is not owning happy that's a movie I should all out I don't old I've seen it a million times I love that movie. I see some I love them. Oh that's been brought up today during the breaks never said I do is I'm not a big movie. I've seen now what I should own it I don't that's a problem and the only that it just by the Billy Madison happy Jim boxer to have that you're done via horse. Is everything after that is irrelevant from them. That movie. I mean it's it was a great idea it was well executed. Huge Virginia event and I mean that crow she's the girl from Monica she's. Julie's company 20 yes. It was a great move debts and so stupid that's what made it's so good how dumb it's. Rory shot out there just talking trash to you. Whenever proved them wrong. Yeah a huge problem is I know that there's a lot of quiet associate with golf so if it's obvious talking trash year in Europe. And eight games change sports the ball. Maybe this is the way that golf is evolving again it's not disrupting the backswing or screwing with York. Ability to perform. I mean your ability to hit the ball in the moment. I think that there. She did have to deal with some hecklers just sounded like jealousy because tiger is back and slowly you know that that's how it reads to me a little bit I think you're right. As tigers get all this attention memories prices on. But the best player in the world for four years of those guys on I'd sorry if I'm wrong on that. He's been in that conversation there's probably a little bit of that what the hell I'm the best player why's he getting the attention. Well he's more just a minute I don't see now way I see more ads. Yeah whining. Given there's there's this subconscious now want tiger it'll they want tiger to be in the air because. They want him because they understand it. Him being there is healthy for the game but there's also resentment that we talked about it earlier. You know so this other guy comes in and he's not even any good anymore and you kind of resented the fact that he's getting all the attention when you're the best player. And usually usually get the attention would have liked this guy was talking about were about Gore's wife free kept yelling my wife's name that's what Matt Morris. He said I was gonna go over there haven't shot. I will occur I was gonna go do what was ruined his career or is he gonna set. Are you just walk over and say hey dude. You talk all the trash one just leave my family and that's like that I think yeah again that there be a man and go do that instead of running to a reporter. And and complaining like a little child. The guy. It's not like they're separated so far away for you that they aren't footballer something. You could literally walked right up to no one's gonna stop you yeah you walked right up to him we've seen other players do it. Where they have a problem what the fan is doing iGoogle confront the guy don't fight them yet they say hey knock it off dude what the hell overall. And I see you're saying I would of had a problem I think overall though confronting the fans verbally. I I just never see a winning scenario there. Confronting a fan is never what you wanna do you know it always depends on how you do it if you're very calm and reasonable guess everyone else will be on your side in this other guys being a Bush's deck. You do your. You're gonna look good in that situation if you're calm and ran down oh yeah you really can't lose because the other guys probably they're they're gonna do want to thinks they're gonna concede right away and got arms are because they got in front and I didn't think they ever would. Or they're gonna start to go a little bit over the top. And trying to put off their chest out. Either way that person loses. Either. That's the key I you do vehicle if you make it look like it's bothering you. Any new react that way that's your catalyst but if you're com. If your reasonable if you just say it as a matter of fact I don't appreciate that and he's moved on yet he would've won that. Anyway. Kind of a weird beginning and and that he everywhere we tundra two things we should I never talked about a missed a start. Even price. Yeah. Eventually we will I'm assuming eventually we will get into baseball you wanna do venture that some baseball preview thing Eric. Picks predictions. That eventually went with the seas are too weak on Thursday the rain it's great we are on Thursday. Next week yeah do a little bit next week to some baseball preview next week too big market bubble pitching but we won't do is pretend that grapefruit league matters notebook. It meant so much David Price should I meant so much. A catch up little. Playing again we may only guy recognizes pierce we I don't know anybody here gift they've got beat. Guy's name early gift. Roman fields. I mean these are all these guys are gonna be it's double that. That's a meaningful outing they're out okay. So we'll continue to monitor the patriots the draft eventually will will we may even then we may even go forward. Have a guest. You know yeah we might do it. Traffic coming up we might never guess we'll see what we can do art is the market kitty Joseph won a three point seven WEEI have a good week.