Mark & Kichen - Hour 1 - 6-27-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, June 27th
Are the Patriots at all fun

Don’t care about athletics outside of their profession

What is fun about the Patriots

Ex patriots players don’t think the patriots are fun anymore

People don’t think Bill Belichick is fun

So sick of the TB12

Tom Brady is the goat

Chris Godwin had to give Brady his number 12

No issues if Tom brady was upset with bill or the contract situation

Tom Brady will never be a villain

Brady had the weapons last year

Meyers and Harry need to make a jump this year

The bucs could be the browns of next year

Tom Brady is a deva

Tom Brady is definatly acting like Lebron James

Bruce Arins will be okay with Tom Brady

The Boston Celtics Schudule

How much will Tacko scores

Celtics need tacko fall

Celtics could possibly get by the sixers

Khris middleton is a ggod player

Milwakee is a scary team

The greek freak is the better player

Cant predict if the Celtics will beat the bucks

Wont be a gentlemans sweep with milwakee

Frustating to watch kyrie to play against milwakee last year in playoffs

Don’t care if zion makes the playoffs