Mark & Kichen - Hour 1 - 6-6-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, June 6th
Drew Bress Comments

The NBA is back

The NBA will be played in Orlando

There will be no fans

Lebron not liking that there will be no fans

How will lebron play with no fans

Which NBA player has been putting in the Work

WE don’t know if baseball will even happen

Not having fans in the stands will not happen forever

The fans want to be a part of the sport

Expecting that once 2021 comes around everything will be back to normal

Wish that the NBA went straight to the playoffs instead of just having the 22 NBA teams

48 games is not enough for the mlb season

Could this be the end of the MLB?

The MLB free agency might not happen because of this

The MLB will not go away

The MLB might start up soon

The MLB might just be a blockbuster