Mark & Kichen - Hour 1 - 7-11-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, July 11th
Jarret Stidham will start more games then cam

Expect the ravens to not be as they were last year

People will learn more about Lamar Jackson then they did last year

Patrick Mahomes is not going any where

Mahomes is that good as brady

The Chiefs will do on a run

The chiefs could go undefeated

The Patriots aren’t superbowl contenders

Cam newton can move out of the pocket more

We don’t know anything about nkeal harry

Worried about Cam newton getting injured more this year

Looking forward for Cam to play in a Patriots uniform

This was a smart move for the Patriots to sign cam

Are the Patriots over hyping Cam Newton

What is the problem with over hyping cam

It will be hard to replace cam newton

Brian Hoyer isn’t that talented

Hoyer is an okay backup

Brain Hoyer was never going to really start unless stidham was really bad

Tom Brady cannot throw the ball very well after last year

Cam newton can escape from pressure

Cam newton is not an elite qb

Tim Tebow was like a Lamar Jackson

Buster posey opts out of the mlb season because of his child

Tom Brady’s starting lt opts out of season that won’t be good