Mark & Kichen - Hour 1 - 7-4-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, July 4th
Jarret Stidham isn’t better than Cam

Can Cam stay healthy

Give Cam newton a shot

Cam newton prevents a better option then stidham

How can you not like the cam newton deal

Barely paying for cam newton

What did bill want to do with tom brady

Brady has a lot of weapons with the bucs

Belichick did with what he was trying to do

Who is better Brady or Newton

Have a good stable of running backs for the patriots

It was an ugly season for Tom Brady last year

Brady was very different last year

He was the most miserable 8-0 qb

Cam newton will have a great season in patriots

Don’t have a lot of faith in newtons health

Julian Edelman Instagram post

Tom responded you will always be my number one receiver

Don’t let Tom brady ruin the moment for julain Edelman

Lets have tom move on

Was shocked about what brady said

Cam newton is the new girlfriend that tom brady is jealous of