Mark & Kichen - Hour 2 - 6-27-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, June 27th
Baseball is back

Baseball could be really fun if they get it going

If MLB baseball played games on the weekends and play 80 games

You need to fill the stadiums

The baseball season is too long

Accumulate runs in baseball

Should the name the masters should it be changed

The Masters name has been there since the 1930s

Better likeable player millar or walter

Bettre comeback Celtics game 4 or bruins vs leafs game 7 2013

Bruins game 7 was better

Celtics came back from 24 points

La vs Celtics comeback was better for mark

Better all star moment

Martinez 2 ininngs strikeouts

Or Ray Bouke top shelf goal

Better championship run was better Celtics 08 run or the bruin 2011 run

The 08 celtics run was a lot better

Better draft pick Damina woody or kevin faulk

Better draft pick was Kevin faulk