Mark & Kichen - Hour 2 - 7-11-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, July 11th
How long will andy reid be the coach of the chiefs

Who will be the next coach for the chiefs if Andy reid retires

Patrick Mahomes will win two more superbowls

Patrick Mahomes better than Peyton Manning

The Chiefs will find away to get two more rings

Will Patrick Mahomes be the greatests of all time

Patrick Mahomes can do a lot things that tom brady cant

Mahomes will have a better highlight real than tom brady

Michael Jordan has better highlight reals than lebron james

Will Patrick Mahomes be the next GOAT

It will be interesting to see the Ravens evolve

Has Deshaun Watson done enough for the Texans?

Will Watson want to be out of Houston

Enes Kanter and Rondo are complaining about the suites

All the nba players need to stop complaining and just play the game