Mark & Kichen - Hour 2 - 7-4-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, July 4th
The Patriots could be 9-7 with cam

The patriots went 3-1 without brady

The Patriots could have double digit wins

The Patriots wont flop this year

The patriots will be 9-7 because of the schedule

The NFL did a favor for the Patriots having then play LA twice in the same week

The Patriots aren’t dealing an out tuned quarterback

Have to have more faith in bill

Shocked that the Patriots were 12-4 playing how terrible brady was

Will there be an nfl season

There will be no preseason

The players don’t want a preseason

The NHL hasn’t announced where they are going to go

More excited about patriots getting Randy Moss or Cam Newton

Curt schilling was more exciting then cam newton

More exciting getting Kevin Garnett or Newton

Bill doesn’t like celebrations

The Redskins name change

This is money driven

The Redskins is the most offensive name