Marshawn Lynch's most disrespectful protest yet? 11-24-17

Mut at Night
Friday, November 24th

Buck and Reimer claim if Trump stopped tweeting about NFL protests, the masses wouldn't know about them. Why Marshawn Lynch's latest protest has callers arguing it's the worst yet.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio you. EI. All right we have more than tonight at night don't we know more dale and Holley. I got this nice polyethylene is yet on now because that's what it would where I've I've Paul did the French in my head as appalled that a bit. I can then by all you know there's nothing about how we joked about. Yes I picked what do you tell us what might what gets comments on Twitter and by the white real quick I am saying to myself I was out. He does this like a half listening when you made Thomas Dewey reference last Sunday corset do we Dewey defeats Truman yes the court so. Posting back as they can back that I think Democrats come and get your heck they're hating you know like yes they. But you think it might might with his mustache does look like Thomas do and and I tweeted the side by side pictures. Can get zillion and check mark needs in whatever mutt so we're looking guy people love looking at weird for what we are looking folks on Twitter that's Nike sent. That's like insane but might scare them so I can upper body but some anti. Party young guy doesn't do any party a whatsoever all that'll chicken legs. That's I never get I mean you work in up. You're providing my network at the lower half to a degree more of I says but the marathon I enjoy Carty a morning enjoys lifting. Why do you not run a marathon Alex I don't I don't want to do at this point in my life. Simple as that that's why I had more right where I can name three duke mrs. Hoover on the Boston. It meet Esther okay. Through the you know me and rob Bradford out and Steve DeOssie while we're on the Boston the Osce has has merit is he has. It in it we. Read bagel guys who run America on you can do you sleep a melting occur in due and I just don't want to what did you do with the charity. And a very runner. But CMO for that don't would donate. I don't get to raise a certain amount of money down on Byron rentals not shore people would be in reality even if it was for the past Gaza the world we have all your guys out that the girl lining up to. A locker route your -- Iraqi do you like it become a waiter actor Dijjer a cloud cap paper cup week it then make that much into cynical guy a sex and so damn good luck yes forget. To mention a forgot this by the way I talked about that charm tweet. About how we wanted to let us know that time magazine. Caught on to say that he would probably big name being named man of the year. But he said he got that probably is not good thanks anyway. Simmons tweeted out how Griffin knows tweets I don't the quips and every paying them a truck does it says retired every edit baked cover of time featuring him hanging in that is obviously do. I was fortunate. Trump is obsessed. The type magazine it's been a busy day on Twitter for the commander in chief on this Friday after Thanksgiving I started off doing what he's been doing for months now packing black athletes he had this tweet about. Giants lineman Olivier Vernon who I melt during the anthem last night can you believe that the disrespect for our country. Our flag our anthem continues without penalty to the players the commissioner has lost control of this hemorrhaging league players are the boss. Trap on Wednesday tweeting about this again the NFL is not thinking about a new idea. Keeping teams in the locker room during a nationally at the next season that's almost as bad as kneeling when will the highly paid commissioner finally gets tough and Smart. This issue is killing your league. I'd like to point out to the present by the way that up until 2009. Players did stain laughter. During a nationally him yes because the T theories here but it but the Toronto star had this article today in Donte' Stallworth. Escorted into kind trouble white supremacist news on train too mossy. Earlier talking more about that you just talk about the re speeding. The trump has done ever since he started his campaign in the summer when he fifteen. Going back to the partners I mean that's I'm trying to start his political career by propagating at wide Barack Obama was not born in the United States this stuff. Continues and that's the only reason why you still fixated on it. And the message here is just so clear you know all to some months and months as anti anthems dot bits. You don't get blind boys said Neil during the at them if you want the privilege of earning millions of dollars in the NFL. Right that's pretty clear what the message is here with trump. Can you deny that it's anything else and it just continues continues and continues and continues in. People complain about in the liberals in Bristol Connecticut to ESPN put a lot politicizing sports. That's exactly trump is doing here politicizing sports. And to the people who and this is like it's difficult is people say. People say don't don't write about politics in your sports column but what if what if the politicians talk about sports. And it gave gone over the wall to my side of the street now I have to write for instance. When I asked Belichick about the trump letter right. Was that was that meet leaving the sports round it's football talent check out the sports round that I politics without well yeah I did want to point out. A slight diversion is that the patriots had an event in the data to a stadium. They invited a whole month like over 100 Vietnam veterans for a ceremony was that a by judge crap in crap in his. Craft industries is that with Els right Kraft group that crap sports production and industries. They had it was that they just got back from Mexico and they get they have like five patriots plays and violence you'd be part of this one of them was branding cooks now. For anybody who would say that branding coach is un American that he hates the military that he spit in the flag it. The whole business with the anthem but a month and a half ago. Keep in mind the branding cook's dad was in the Marines his uncle fought in Vietnam Brendan cook was at that of that he could not have been more reverent. To these people. And he'll pin and little badges on it even when the sixteen patriots in Palestinian them and go and so just understand. That that. These people as individuals. Don't eat any in again it's always blog read me. That that people have taken this hold taken neat thing as somehow being a slap in the face to while fighting men and women that's not the case now. The I think that in this case the writers appropriated that message. And in the case of reigning cooks and a lot of people it's incorrect. Right in name it we've talked witness before going to go over the old ground began but the anthem. Eight means more than just the military aid the idiot that is all ours rights for every yes that's just for the military and many veterans supported cap reckoning last year there was that house to veterans for Catholic green beret Nate Boyer is a guy who told tapper neck. It's not sick yet Neil right whenever people say oh I predict. It's respecting military quite the opposite was a that was originally was sitting during the anthem last year. That a green beret said I think that's disrespectful but I hear your message. Probably knew instead take a respectful in the and that's a cabinet. Has done but others trump stuff it just continues you know did the rate it's got he's the one politicizing sports and that's why. We ESPN's new social media policies to try to stay away from politics when necessary. It's impossible admin truck is tweeting got the NFL should suspend Marshawn Lynch for the rest of the year. Because he sat during the anthem in Mexico. That is a sports topic that is a sports issue I'm sorry there's no avoiding. 6177797. That he threw seven let's grab a Mike in Freeman and Mike what's gone on. I don't Ahmad welcome I'm forum so I can't did it Colbert trump all of the news station that I come here twit pic from trump. Liked. The audit becoming a lot. But Mike the truck he'd have movie Alex diagnosed as a C now I don't see Imus and the side board of media cyborg but might trump won't let truck tweets about sports now I mean so that we we should just ignore that the president guide it states calling out. Apple on a daily basis. I don't identical. Equipment the equipment bought an all out. Oligarchy the other the other is a lot. Had a pop up a putt on the border have talked about all at. Every. It'll all of you know bicker segment went out our I don't think that back in the morning in a fairly liberal on. That crap anymore. Mike I I agree I I hear a sommelier is saying but now Alex is the expert radio but he's worked in it for four whole weeks but. Announced would know this but the problem with that quote unquote talking about it all day. Is that no one person or very few people listened to WEEI. From the time they get up until they go to bad. If they do they've got maybe some some some they channel their energy is different direction. The audience. Go ahead. A lot of outdoor driving and pro war right. Right that's true. So but but that doesn't account for the other eight hours during the day when the applying their trade. And that they can't sit in the office and with some of the radio lets him making service calls and so forth so. It was somewhat when people say you guys when talking about Red Sox pitching or just make it sports that simple by. But the misses are you guys talking on human beat apparel all day what's because. There's a whole bunch of different people does this whole thing about every fifteen and they're different show it's you know discuss the mediation does it does mean candidate Mike Eisner said. I quite a bit. In addition to. Hello I doesn't respect and they succumb to it's hot it's hot yellow cake and chocolate are all stuck on CNN. That was did you catch any about the monument like Lavar and Chris Cuomo on you couldn't miss that this it is having a bad that's another case where we're. You didn't have to have him on your Twitter feed. Everybody attic so it's growing up it was it was impossible to avoid right in I was in not night too late night I'm. Tuesday now's Monday Monday. I spent some time on because that was the one of the biggest things like not they're pretty sure I parity of the news of course it's up at CNET has been a parity avenues avenues network for years and what did you start. It served the Malaysian airlines like a decade or you want to talk about. We've seen and really became apparent since it used to be like anchor is doing sports and weather and news and and they would do. Dare I say it packages we you would have. A guy and our own Joseph Smith was there and filed this report a PK GMTV yeah same eyebrows broadcast journalism major and all those trees and and whatnot so. Sounds means and I was outside it out of my voice over I guess that's what Solis on the tape. And then I I kind of started with McLaughlin group. On the Glock on the course yes and and then. And real fighters if you watch any movie from the ninety's they they always have a clip McLaughlin they would go in films that would make him part of the movie Independence Day. Now is president Bartlett a crazy beat like that would have of the president's name was glorious in Springfield lawyer what's gone on. I hit I think we're coming Elaine not that mark and winds so. I mean sitting or kneeling there is it getting the American market and owning and Mexican and that's the thing that Bob why did it bother you. Because not only it will. Disrespectful to the Iraq. Not just military that I think all of we have the interest something to gather and I think there's other me security act the show. To get you know to work on being that they need she improved. Bright the glory but lynch is been sitting during the anthem on the racial injustice social inequality except Iraq I he's not protesting anything that Mexico is doing so why should he opposite. For the Mexican immediate you know use these non Mexican citizen he's American since. To dial it irks you in the American about it. Isn't anything that's going on in Mexico. I don't but I can't think it'd better way. Shelling. That you want HE could change at the camp in the hat or explain. That today discussion. I have to back Alex this when you you can say what you just said as a complete different argument. But the fact of the matter is Marshawn Lynch the the whole business with the Mexican National Anthem. Is that. That's that's not in his yard he's visiting someone else's yard in Jesus respect in the customs of another country. He has no he's not fighting a cause in Mexico you follow what I'm saying. You can make you can make your I would disagree with that you can make your argument about whether he's just in the National Anthem or not but. But the whole Mexican issue isn't germane to what we're talking about is what I'm saying. Yeah I changed and I just I just think outside. Even worse when they act I. Did you go right back here of items you ask the UN has ended but yet you. Still lacking on that Mexican issue which released in part of this discussion in mind. Or they can't. X Laurie thank you for the sunny nice I think he's gonna be ridiculous and ought and I think we brought over our senate that Spock this we're noting team all these sports. It trump put a white people in sports or criticize Trout I mean he's been harder and trumpet Steve Kurt and Gregg Popovich standing Gundy. Not any tweets though bashing those guys. Tomorrow or tomorrow is that it's it's a it's another great point Tino. Tom Brady did not go to the White House right then trump expunged him from the civil 51 record all that was I was there and the it was it was. Painfully obvious right here's a little heads everyone was looking around and bite them at him and sent dot no nasty tweet where is stepped curry. Just talks about maybe skipping a White House and the next morning trump dis invite some. What's that there's any sense of how parents are not saying just say as an old teacher mine used to say you just can't quite see black Jack welcome to the show. What degree of our eyes yeah. There was one time or ski Barkley by reading his columns all appreciate brought you and I they are the exact same page. You know something. I'm a bit disappointed I'm a bit disappointed because you've always been beats the voice of reason I thought before sort of waiting issues very carefully both sports and now I guess and politics. And the reason I am. Two what that losing a little bit of patients with everybody I can understand Alec and Alex is that nice guys by. Being young and being what 24 Alex. I understand you know and don't take this as a as an agent self that is not jump well don't spend what's your needs he a lot of bank that is much of all time out it hit what bothers me about politics and about. What you guys saying which comes out of the hole and by talking about the Mexican immigrants the whole narrative wise she was talking about hypocrite he was talking about illegal immigrants but I don't hold narrative and can't let it come off. What god it sometimes nobody's talking about if he's very he very champion is very insecure by. He wasn't talking about immigrants that started the holdout out of about. Saying things were still open and saying this Twitter and all I know. That's act in the interest of time will what's the measure did quite disappointed by this point in the latitude like puck anymore come. It might point via iTunes site put our scenes on Wednesday. That Alex. Praised. Castro opened having a great medical system a great helps kids systems are being. Alex buck get a high note this hotly thousands of lives you know actual order of jacked. Jack Jack Jackie Carly go though I wanna get to this point used to love buck night disappointed but why we're disappointed in. Luckily it did in that pocket not using a common sense approach that political blog I thought I know your politics just filed after a semi sold us. I look at the semi weighty reason not gonna get to the point that any of this country became an economic power. Because of capitalism what had become the government is because and a I and TI do on the highway not government doesn't need do is missing people waiting. Hundreds of outlook blood flowing out I would could not seeing of the 18 by the union answer a query and if you praise. With the Jack Jack because Alan says is finger on the budget why and he says it's just immediate disappointed that spot doesn't share your politics. That's facing you not looking at. That he doesn't even the other side. What Jack and I hope I don't lose you as a reader but the whole idea behind writing a column is to take your opinion my opinion. And so ram it down you wrote. Being fair and does and both sides of the story makes a really bad column. So whether it's in better radio whether it's the Red Sox pitching staff or heating up by the way. How has been criticized me for not being politically not allowed buck to unleash his book jacket got news for you and thanks for the call buck grew up in Cambridge. Lives in Somerville as the eye popping Cambridge the son of a truck February heating oil laughing I'm letting my friend. I've senior friends 617779797. Buchan river continues on W media. Each month at night on sportswear. Obama personally. Basically rush to do it again it's a long way gopher games there's a lot to occurrence of all. The logistics of there are used to having an NFL teams if to go in there and this handle models of logistics it took a lot of manpower a lot of hours a lot of energy organization do you know I think we lose we were tired we're. You know exhausted from the truth there's a good trip but it wasn't meant it to those took a lot out of us I think so look we gotta play. You know we've played it on the road native home every terriers so that's that that is what is. I don't think the senate Benedict rushed him to go back and and do but that's what that we're against it I'm sure we'll put that. As Dodd checker in the week on high with Keefe I'm talking about his desire to. They're playing Mexico City again and Jason played a cut because another poignant view you insane act. I Belichick talked about it he would there are lucky they were in no volcanic eruptions or earthquakes here in Mexico City. And I said what he didn't statement I mean c'mon that's what that's like doing what's that like doing outlets like doing that's like saying box now guys I played a game not pick your major American city how we played enough today Cincinnati while Cincinnati what do we got out of there are there any mass shootings boy we're so lucky. It really add if you look at the odds. The odds of being in a mash eating in the United States greater. Greater then witnessing an earthquake a volcanic eruption in Mexico City. I'm at and all of that come from the coach and on that comment from the coach I think of it that way 88 he clearly. Wanted to get the message out that it wasn't pleased with going there without coming right up and saying about dictates that stuff. And he didn't even elicited China when you're I'm Wembley but never I I have come to the realization that I Dana I'll never see China in my. No desire to go there the flight is much too long awaited. New know you've skated off India to me there's no attractive men. At the end Democrats like one it's not what I said that the the new as far as SaaS summit partners with some beauty he said there are no attracted men India. I didn't say there were no attractive man he sat here. At least that's not what it's you did you besmirch an entire nation say that and our listeners know that it what did you say. I said that where it was this one night in this did that there was nobody. Okay there's nobody nobody to figure fancy. Nobody. Out and now this isn't to say that a country of one point six billion people doesn't have somebody that I would find fetching. It's kept Bucky its entire nation as we could try you know I tried my attorney and I have an organization in China has been to the boulevard the ball thing. If rates even sending email on China never mind shopping day of shoplifter. Alex. In addition a rotted in jail and all out now wants until now is her father didn't say thank you. Not eight by mr. Condit if if I sound. My complaint book it's against the military apologized but that's very hard all sides know they should not spent three to nine years in prison. I think that's my 810 B a three tonight beat. If you go to a foreign country be apprised of that country's laws and regulations and do not break those laws and regulations. Alicia when I get a whole lot of trouble it is so hard for me to pick a side big Boller grander trump I mean who'd like to test. Less emphatically I feel bad I feel bad that you got dragged into it because the kid said none of this stuff. Once you figure out just because it's because the old man as a tool. Does it concern tool you can say tour Europe can't tool bag music that yes you can't you can't say DB that's an ADB such as this film is the tool bag doesn't. Reflect necessarily on the on ones now while what is no parent wants to make group that's a different matter no parent wants to make life more difficult for their child. That's exactly Lamar yes but the ones. Go to the photos Gerri mass Jane Massachusetts woods you know let's talk to Terry what's going on. How much that it can't like I wanted to act on the woman caught in Springfield about Omar shot mention Mexico City. It just look at his immediate. I and it's the end you know I don't know what Christian Ortiz got Turkey India and what are. You know are out there and I respect and out there right. However my shot late should be in a representative of the National Football League an outlet in America and really. I'll eat out an Internet aspect regarding sitting out. In Mexico City you know Agassi he's he's against racial justice is OY eight against racial injustices all the America elect. These American citizen that's who was most concerned it. Like it is standards for her cause like what 8 o'clock to be nationalized. And furthermore like you're gonna hurt him like you're representing this country you don't get any in my opinion. It's a very stoppage sluggish part just try and get it due to a shot like static in its used to wait I'll. You also drew positive reaction homes and attention to himself if you're of mind to believe that. They you know it's like I'm. I didn't it would. There are people there are people that championed his cause and whose cause he's championing its it. To your your your view on this matter which I respect hardly. Is it necessary their their view of somebody else and says oh he too old saying so he drew attention to himself in your review was negative attention but. In in other quarters it would be positive attention on saying I'm not saying that your honor. It seemed that his assist to make it's that negative. It all everybody are excited about it like this so that particular destruction wanna stay for that they like. You know and hit it. Because he wants America to be better Jerry he wants America to be back. Or. Were. Sure and sure I edited US Marshawn Lynch she would rather live here than in Mexico but we'll Jerry now that he's not he's on a Mexican citizens of their problems don't concern him as much as the problems here where he carries you say you're in the military. In and can can you share with me just lake bed Vietnam here at the batter. You we like in the Vietnam era or after that. Era okay ninety's. So sold of the people who protest the Vietnam in the 1960s Heidi filter out those people. You know obviously I am I. I have no problem people are just enforcing your opinions I guess it's specific to this situation where we're in our country you're represented in a country you Americans lack. Chosen respects. It yet. Yet Gary thanks for the cost. I get that sentiment but why so lynch. Has been sitting for the anthem every single week he just are doing Mexico so we should abandons I would just like any differently because he was playing south of the border who lynch him. Tom I'm not a Marshawn Lynch and all that just because now his whole media they become knew I had to. When they play the patriots as suitable my assignment. On media day. Was to go the member he's all the whole interview. I'm only here so don't get fine idea shop and diet and and eat it while the rails once second I was in the very front row. I just got a phone call from home. But it pipe that burst in my house is gonna cost all nice and I disagree Connor receive like one minute before Marshawn Lynch came out. And every single image they showed. All day in all the different networks will pimps at the united answer I went in front of it with a look like I want to break the world that. Because I'm seeing dollar signs flying in every direction and I Melissa is start not Spock. So but you were upset not because Wentz wouldn't talk but because of Paris I was pit stop is my pipes froze because. I would say to you know that. Go back a couple of years out of but at some believable like dad's been in all these sites tried to make it at least hoping to a polite sportswriters and yet a black opulent Portland TO acquiesce them a dog is out of reach hoping it is being major banks the that's an example listeners. Where race did not factor in the squeeze not go witnesses I've frozen pipes that was mine this was not awake iPad stock because the black guy was talking on the ice this way again doing their mind and grow effects that the heat in my room in my bedroom is so hot I stick my head a little joke there somewhere every hole let other people now is to Ed just want everyone tonight. A couple weeks at last week I said that the heat is high in your bedroom like couldn't pay my parking is dead it's all it's always high. But I couldn't pay my parking right configured had to do it last week. Yet the parking ferry paid for my parking are all all. I had somebody asked me today. That was askew is here is the are more ways out or is no chapter two yet. So I'm now saying if they're anything and even in the audience to my radiator. I can use a little accident they turn it down to zero. It is still scorched and harassment for some which guy with a built the tools to show up in your apartment you're asking for the sake he'd be cute as well to be bouts. Liken the carmaker it's gonna be both you know. But. And I'm like Alex. Here old blue collar district and I respect for the news thank you respect deal. While. Bosh travelers I wanted to call I call them because ultimately bit ago I was informed that you said that. It was so bad that sit here sat down back into the sort of why would you ever sit down. He has no ties that so you obviously distraught about. Well as I understand and believe me I may you don't know what the road at the trop I. I'm not exactly tropical Bible Belt but. I'm okay that would see it out but. I understand why it like I respect that I like it. I don't mind the reaction the reaction at all I think that much what appealed what their reaction. Understand the next there's there's huge but why not if you're note. Iran and you know that's a. But tonight is a point is they think he should stand for me at the you're happy dad. The next open enough that it should I would not. Be in Mexico but if you have a problem with you know. Which I am. I'm in the middle. I respect their right to do a Knight of the British white black. Well. I'm okay. I don't understand why. In the over. You know his laurels well with our country which. AP. Whatever. But if you have that. That view that as. It used to they're. Playing OK and again. More. Whatever. I look at him. Towards them. Standing once the other respect or one. Piece and by the way. Very important. Market. It. You know it's important. To. Jobs out there might think thinks the collar up against it absolutely that's a very level headed way he's. Marshawn Lynch has nothing against Mexico is not Mexican citizen and air their domestic policies their domestic issues don't really concern them so why would he sits. In the Mexican Anthony is that me and by the way also save you look at that picture that and bone of the globe took it went viral when sitting for the star spangled banner stating to make Skelton and wasn't standing very attentively for the next game at the mentally he was fiddling with his equipment Williams doing it right so it's on what I always which by the way is about how 85%. Of people at a sporting event. Stamp the national exactly myself included heads buried in the Twitter feed while you know what maybe take a minute news on your country. I told you by I want you to beating kneeling sports are I think that's the way you go viral. Make a big scene events a menuing is sports rights body should say that it is during the whole hoo ha. Or renewing the National Anthem earlier this season I did make it a point two outs in the press box. To see if somebody would take a knee in the press box. And if they did would've said you attention seeking fool exactly what I would have done and I guess that makes sense. Likened the car once in awhile I'll never visit China Mike what's up. Oh yeah I'm well. It. Thank you might. Thank you very. Alex Wong questioned why am I know under 24. I am in between Utley was happening few weeks that. Scenario. Or the my question yeah it is about cherry yes. You. You're what. I would never lose it chanting no. OK but you were just. That you're. Promoting social. So go to charity here. And it's they're not really socialist Mike ID when they gave capitalism for the for them for the most privileged in society and then. Like nothing for everybody else. Only twenty or you don't and how are. I let my I don't Mike if you think China is a socialist country I know more about the world they knew my friend they're not esoteric dictatorship yes they're a parked car. An authoritarian regime they're not a socialist country. Russia same thing and authoritarian regime. A Cuba. Authoritarian regime not true communism is to communism like we have no real head of state because communism. Nobody's above anybody else if we're gonna go to the exit to the full definition. Where where is a socialist country you're looking. Scanned Scandinavia Finland Norway Sweden very lovely places. Very lovely this I would visit Norway and play. While that CU's that I didn't. What has a little social and Germany or socialists and we are they Sosa's entire health care fraud all that stuff. But China's socialist country authoritarian regime. Jeez Jim Payne. Giving up and guided by mountains that is kick that was my coffee break for the while they played on elm outlets and if you say that Russia Russia is not Communist country anyway. 150 my god my biggest night. Against Cuba. Having been there. Re bored. You said that earlier. I think another we spent much an ordinary does Moriarty before it was bored I told you my father went to Kenya you can't dream in Cuba you did you dream of late. Living 200 miles outside on that moved on and Aaron Lennon when he showbiz that you you can't dream dreams and Q you've got to get. Logged in with her now granted there are certain kids that very Smart thing to put in special schools and they grow and they get you know receiving I don't know that I understand that but. But but by and large apartment caste system in it if summit the Cuban native like my BP up on it. Fine I just sort of been there and in Indy is basically people just kind of chilling time. 617779797. Buchan Roemer rolls on Sports Radio WB yeah. We capping that day in sports with Mike much nasty it's Monday night sportswear. 61777979837. Bucket dreamer taking up until 9 o'clock and we have who's coming in that must be yours right Jason. Actually it was in these interviews Scott had nine tonight's publishers is out souvenir that. I've. Seen but at that station interviews or Kuerten Callahan says. Nine to mid ninth tied to me. Ninety midnight interviews gone exceed definitely placed eighteenth is now. That the comment is so so far back. That's a bad thing right that's a great thing what is a harassment should appear yes David McKay points to join the fun next Steve how are you. It was gone on guys made. Yeah I wanted to do it I mean unless an all night and I mean. I'm an American citizen my father served Mike where are great uncle died in pro lombok and I respect a guy who want to protest that's what makes America great. Go to China or protest and see what happened when you get shot in the head right at least yes delete some displayed so I wrote it's always Richard Apollo all the stop. Pleaded Dolan just don't wants to yanks get on with I mean in Stockton playing them all the time. A demand America if America is great regret the option to protest in your own way that you wanted to. Dave my friend nick had not said it better myself. Andy missing thing is too I mean now like a dozen players are new it is so relevant in terms of the league as a whole month. A trumpet his crowd use it as a red meat to that base. That's my week whistle attempt Bach has gone through my own sound effects a little dog whistle you can't whistle. It and now. As great radio people with things that I had I I have three dogs I was so incorrectly if you add three tucked away you'd be whistle I whistle and correctly but Tony chapters detail to trim the sound goes. It. And you shall hear all I was saying why is it trumped stops talking about the you know nobody would be funny uncle to nobody not even know is still going at. Just science San Antonio and waiting and you'll a long time the tot Celtics Celtics magic. Underway at 730 Celtics had a sixteen game streak stopped last night just Siad banks are hanging on what is going. Now from appreciated really loved ones talk about was the Celtics. I don't think are now respected in our league are here Charles Barkley ripped home piece and it's rock folk. It's still better national Marsha which he beat down. And we'll make the Celtics hope really is that no matter how big the deaf it is no matter what circumstances. They always on the way to combat. And in my book. Brett beans should be coached a year not had a question. Do you rule with that exit they have like eight million dollars forces of order hey we're seeing injured people act on the information about harder channel that in her work. Yet just sigh I think. I think they're gonna spend it on a bench eight point four million dollar option they got for Hayward. They could they're gonna meet he's not a bench. That's my analysis by the way the reason. He Celtics tonight in England national pub. It is a very good reason for a lot of people and by the way award wade. Cried tears last week because you know Tom Brady's like an opera aria international media doesn't sixes on that was a great ten year old take but a I'm not a and I am anti. DH is well I'd like to says the. Interleague play but doesn't do us any more evidence that these are playing in all year long. Not special anymore. But but we've transferred that's the Celtics thing I think is a very good reason why this opens didn't get a lot of love during that winning streak because. On this opening night of the season when they lost Gordon Hayward I think a lot of people myself included sex all the could have been such a great season. So people develop an instant mindset the Celtics would be 4045 when team. It just wasn't gonna be the year too many new players they didn't get that that the key data and not gotten out seasonal or. One of the key guys with carrier ring they got wasn't going to be there all season. And season's gone so when they began winning on this gay people all these games it would just saying all year it's ninety's that school. Good but damn. But they're not gonna go in the right about flooding they thought they fell behind a lot that six in game street Brad Stevens talked about it ad nauseam act that mavericks went for example right carrier Irving scores 47 points. I just 22 shots and incredible performance in the fourth quarter and overtime. Brad Stevens after that because we've got to play better even kind of saying now like a broken record to dignity state take a step back and appreciate act come back. We had a number effort plays there late that kind of kept us around and he was right and Stephen certainly talked but this. Last weekend Brad Stevens throughout this entire win streak kept saying yes this is nice. But we're not playing as well as we can not shooting the ball well we're not putting together four quarters of basketball and Gary watts regardless of the globe today Chinese rights. The sixteen game win streak amassed a lot of the Celtics deficiencies like eight have fallen behind the story just the headline is that with the headline believed but he referenced them finally behind Alonso just on the bench is struggling but you've picked. At the globe today on line. I'd like my father had and you could have been in the liberal bubble as though people like robot. Matt remembered big station at station months and you're one of the few pagers on the station it was like Matt Murdock elementary yes Matt agreement still banned from curtain time and I believe his son's band wailing and out. Whenever he wants everything asking for I'm the doctor conversation we're in diner conversation I was saying but that's being played. Richard language right Avril is guys who just hanging out. So he brings me the paper he got to see this watch for an article on I was gonna go prepare for the show. And then I said well you know I could take the newspaper up with me or I can just pull it up online in two ways that that's when it. Did I but will his point was though the bad it's you know read big globe. There are times Washington Post or make too big follows a pay for the times soon gonna pay for the wop that I said. I should actually count time I paid for The Herald. Globe. India can take the walk out and anti times and up on the walk out and eat my opinion if they don't wanna go by the paper the you do issues that phenomenal. Tool it is is it is it is but I had back to watch religious. Pinstripe you know interest in that I said that. While you're so interested you. You so quick to make fun edge on the Nike's photo talker little people when I try to tell you some that cutting edge about these newspaper what do they have a wet or while The Herald. That's how does the addition its it is your website website got a lot better Adam yeah. It it as it doesn't Fries has five times during the Munich in snorkel Natalie it's like once as what and look at the fray here. The you can read the paper the equal to that right now beautiful that is a seat that's different than going to Boston Herald dot com and this is the excitement do you listen I think I said all I can hear is this is the addition to that. They get the ads it's very nice but I look at Everett there I should mention to run it would also as a really nice layout WEEI dot com if a site redesign and you know what are you CN eight. It's the best the best place for on clouds in the sports news go to WW dot com nope we have a young. Bustling I'm limited a picture of kids living in their mothers' basements reading W yeah that's fine that's that's my people I am I right wedeman my mother's basement for W yet dot com so you guys or read it. When your mom's basement. See but never said Haynes do anything for you mark in New Hampshire wants to paste comments hello mark. I buck mark are you. I'm Liggett column related thank you love it. I love you you're great you can thank you and myself on Q I was at the all I heard it in Cambridge well. And I understand you were allowed to commissioner at a chancellor you're gonna pick out. I'm not big time one of about 450 is the grandson my leg at a time like everybody that your son play in the game. If your son play in the game. Oh no no how easy it was all me only fourteen old news please ball. And the ball choppy at the ready. Eight and you got the ball are you need those. In after the game was that hard you'll because I do did you see him after the game marked the US. I was an exit eight Burton is keeping an eye on the ball like that society what would it never been done in the air. I wrote to stand guard like deeper. In debt and epic and I couldn't it though game otherwise I wouldn't hold back a bit later. Also Steve Burd with a nice gana was a jerk. It got better at night and not being out you're gonna love the are great guys solemn. Religiously. Thank you mark thank you appreciate it appreciate I it I don't remember that but I'm sure I was that we were running some guy say this though are people out there I think picking go to the all time game to grab a sneak a peek it by now but isn't very busy even close to be obvious so I got Pedro roses see it working very big that's right 4000 people this year there was a quite a crowd you have Eric of course I would see you're so busy don't even remember army being there now I am French I the next replacement organs -- you it's that's what I'm talking about. Was days Mexican history final time gain better issues the department's. 617779797. We'll continue this conversation whenever we reduce maturity and aside and also. Tom. Pats dolphins are dog that next W via.