Marty's back in New England, but will he be healthy enough to play?

Mut at Night
Friday, November 10th

Keefe and Tom E. Curran are talking about the Patriots re-acquisition of TE Martellus Bennett after he was released by the Green Bay Packers, and the health issues that led to his release from Green Bay and if he will be healthy enough to take the field for the Patriots.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We EI. And I. Classic Friday edition. But at night without it is rich keep and it's hockey term from NBC sports Boston Tom aria okay what's going on keep happy birthday bash and health notices are burnt he had seemed to bubble applaud everybody looks like you would die of us on the celebrate the good people went all the moon it was a big day. From my fortieth. And so I was real good on you is. Follows more than that does not that now forty now. Now you have forty early look great for forty feel grateful for already good he'd get a look actually crappy forty. Like 45 the right part of five or in there 617779793. Cents and a virtue would jump aboard here. And other big patriots news of the week would be Martellus Bennett yet and he was out at practice today questionable obviously once on the night. Mix them in line but I addicted when you look at what they're not getting from Dwayne Allen which shoes. Lots of nothing it's been you know victim and a massive amount to nothing we should mix and because. This entire seasons are ready predicated on injuries between gentlemen and hightower. Who is gronkowski. That's why I thought this made a ton of sense to go out get Martellus Bennett and even following all the stuff going on with the pack. Is what they're saying oh what Bennett was saying on insert Graham today and I don't think it's not affect anything with him on the patriots but it's just very strange where. The Packers are saying he failed to disclose the injury but Mike McCarthy is saying. And we knew we knew that we might you might even get surgery and a bad it is saying he didn't trust the team doctor there it's very strange. And you know what it's not unique. It's not unique at all in the NFL you have Vontae Davis situation Macy's played less than a 100%. And has nothing to do is growing at its room on the injury report with a growing it's kind of a you know. Retroactive effort to say that he saw so that they could Cottam. This stuff gets screwed around with and yanked around all the time because any single player anywhere. In the NFL right now if you put a full body MRI economy could find eve of something that's ready to pop something that did pop something that's for aids brain. Or otherwise hurt. That they probably had firm. Since they were in college about it being so outspoken about it and that by outspoken I mean you know its programs is take a social media and it just seems. The patriots would not have been made on us that's interesting thing because he's now a member of the patriots right so. I would imagine. The way that Belichick generally operate series either he or. There's interior maybe somebody else personnel on the scenario go they. Can you cool it with the stuff on the social media about the stuff that happened in Green Bay because you're here now and then regret. Really whenever you get going on there trying to work that note with a Goethe we're gonna try to stick with what's going on your practice. You put it all out in between practice and play prelude to literally let them in Foxboro maybe even in the locker room doing that that's the kind of tunnel they have their guys are the report that the on the bus alerted the airport two words with friends we don't just less a raid my four different guys I have a lot to get a budget that is doctor McKenzie guy. And the Packers and an app. The Packers on the thing to. Now they wouldn't see it anyway. But that is strange but as far as on the field it's it's. It's obvious pick up it's a great pick up they're getting nothing at the second item positioned between Hollister and Allen three catches the whole alters. Judy Allen will be gone unsurprisingly he was in the corresponding move. I was two degrees well. But when you look at. The fact canned Bennett played this week necessarily can you welcome Brady and you have to clear that's one of the roster still on a plane you know you know. Entries go to his Condo in fox or panel or wherever else could easily cleared waivers is headed back problem practice you have come. Zip it back in here as you don't need another defensive lineman that probably pick in this week for whatever reason or in the kicking game. See get a mountain and see if you can do anything in the game and if he can he sing about thanks plane that was awesome. Had the great night games yet that didn't work out like we hoped that all. They have a lot of those solid and that's the interesting thing with them. For the amount of heat that. Bill that she and takes the screwed over they'll approach it hurts and every year doesn't make bill the coach is able to convince fill the GM to cut ties pretty quick yes. And this is probably going to be another case of that. It's but the personal stuff here always does fascinate me because whether it's Bennett. Well whether it's the Garret blunt on a boomerang situation with the Steelers or whether it's Barack below there so. Decisive in in it all the time. Always tinkering screwing with it me or anybody else it's amazing. They they are new in season trades not allowed teams partake in this should there actually happen to be a handful of them but. They're always right there the off season. We are saying how they won the off season even though that maybe you could tweak that a little bit Tuukka that included guys that coney. Regardless they're just very aggressive efforts you know won the Super Bowl today and say. All right organize trade a first from taking get a wide receiver red aura to all these things. Yet you have to love that they're never content even when they've been the best team for so long not gonna say while work last year sort of bring everybody back and look at. He didn't sixteen that offseason was probably even more splash field because of Chris Long and Martellus Bennett and oh in Oregon and who else there were other guys last year they dragged in here who. Made good contribution right you know absolutely of after the game this Sunday night. People fired up to the Motorola isn't it enough and if it wasn't for Martellus Bennett are you know what we would bin talked about this game and and that's very rare for Denver but that's just a Denver didn't get whacked like they did last week maybe there'd be reason all the more reason for buzz say they were 500. And the defense is playing better. In front costs while other continent knocks the wind at your sales like for Sunday night there I saw some people tweeting about this topic on the December came close but. It was eight NBC muddy and want reflects this one I don't think a lot of because that this could this could get out of hand. Because Denver's offense is terrible the defense the personnel is really good but they've made it paled. Well. That's the problem is they're starting to hit that point where defense is planning office. And they're starting to get to a point when no matter what we do over here because they are number one in the NFL. In yards allowed per game their number one in third down defense a point 6%. Meanwhile I was doing this earlier today. Denver on third down in their last four games is 21 for seven victory. That means that's not good enough that we do not convert notes 28% of let and a lot of that's come lately games. When you look at the patriots schedule right now. At may have to have some buzz. Little buzz and again at budget add more but Atlanta has been under. Underwhelming this year it's been applause. Free season change when I was announced on the opening night. But added I know I was taken it's your body itself but it was I guess that was it Alex Smith thing you know let it be considered a hero expert with the quarterback it has now passed this way Pittsburgh new levels if you've heard it could shut. That's December 17. That we pay fifteen GAAP term the patriots are entering. Really uninteresting stretch. Because they have five out of six on the road. Between Denver Oakland buffalo Miami and Steelers. And you know team sits at six and two when there's two ways of looking at it and I think we've all general looked at the spirit. It's an underwhelming team that has. Reform probably to its capabilities given of people that it has now but they're still. Especially offensively defense will be they've underperformed although the last two days been better. What I think is very much a wait and see attitude with this team still and yet there are Stephane you'll want against the face penalty away. From being a one loss team. Yes Dallas through and I think we're at it again and Lester was we have like this too wasn't it. It was I agree you but don't register that last. There's so much talk about ninety you know when you or me or ball ninety you know people get him so once they were all in one a game that's out and never did sort of become a I'll see what happens in the playoffs like that's. I don't fortunate because a few years from now the but it seems that you're going to be dec reverting to go to all the before Beckett even allotted five or bewildered we screwed forever that era mysteries gonna come in every week and that's here well I think could do with a Pringles the penalty at all and -- people know what's going on but that. Took some of that out and again Denver usually is one that you would circle that this is going to be really tough game. But this week we have not had that we've not had that thought of all part of its Brock costs Weiler. It's their record of those happen to Denver by the way two years ago they win the super bull. Last year the door 97 but they missed the playoffs. And this year they're currently three and five. On the way to a losing season would there with a first year head coach. They have a lot of the same personnel. But it doesn't look anywhere nearly the same team well it's. To me it's similar to some of the stuff he hears Dick goes on with Seattle lore. On other teams where you get to a point where the players start again so much voice. That. They end up eating there's eating themselves eating themselves from inside because now they criticize and lots of TJ ward. That was criticized by Chris Harris Chris Harris also knows criticized the offense. To weaves playing like gas to markets where retired. All those little yeah factors plus. And I think this is tough with any new program. The patriots have that program plays they have you know 144 year old offensive line coach is probably gonna do into is a hundred needy correct. And never forget a thing. But it's Joseph brings in a new system might of course their profits of who would Wade Phillips now see it all that's stuff up and ready and you have. I'll be great quarterback who once he gets the littlest bit of pressure starts for an around and then it kind of implode on itself. It is pretty remarkable though again it speaks to how impressive the patriots really are when you take a team like Seattle late Carolina like Denver. And it looks so good for a year maybe even two years. Eighty say while they get they get the pieces in place there they have enough young players where they should be a real threat more 567. Years. And that's why even say that about the Broncos you looked out almond said. Well Peyton Manning laws horrible that year. So anybody would be an upgrade so they're going to be even better when they're gonna have a guy that's even if it's an average quarterback they're gonna be fine. But that's not the case they may just sort of a decent starts eternal themselves and that's just they can't recreate that one season of pats pats them and the pretty bad I hurt a bit yeah but I mean it how do you not go to him and to see what he's got. If you go from Trevor simian to draw Aussie earth. Earliest Broncos would start which as we twelfth. Now I would not not act so this that we must be in that should also another headline news packs the majority of us. Yeah you're changing that way all rights. But here's the interesting thing when you look at the patriots what would you pin is here and number one. Issue for the second half of the season they have to get better because you know I'm not even talk about defense they have to get something out of their drives more than they're getting their red zone officially enter Italy don't itemize. If that helps him that maybe you know maybe it is he's up the one that you know catching the touchdowns just him being out there. He's a better all all all around tight in the Dwayne Allen any lease gives defense is that threat. Okay now they're too tight ends and you know what both of whom. Could actually make a play so that that should help them there. Well I think it you know consistency with the running backs we've seen sort of flashes I feel like from each guy but I wonder. They can they consistently pick up third one. With a running back not as thought the pad again they're not know they sounded they need to do it I think instead of in his dozer talks about some time yet to be lineup and and get the one yard when you want the one yard. You know they closed out the game against Atlanta. With that for a minute offense yen and ended up Neil and I don't think they did similar with. San Diego last week it was at a picnic Iran but they they close to call that came up fairly well. You know San Diego closer but now I don't have a lot of foul play. Skews in LA commodities. She she's your culprit though 35 times a fiscal San Diego through the new economy once concern what's rivers gets that the answer and I'll actually be easier when you're doing now to keep telling yourself that have been gates on skates and rivers are no longer planning. Then they can officially be the only chargers yet. 6177757983. Said that it I think it should point not only is an a lot of buzz for this for this game. But. Well it Monday night games at Thursday night games and Sunday night games that don't involve the patriots are you was into it this year as you have been a in years past we know the numbers are down they're still great overall. Yeah NFL ratings are but they're dipping down mean Watergate and stories out there that the NBA ratings are shooting up like crazy. Not just the Celtics local numbers but nationally and in other. Local markets around the country are all doing really well in other seasons early bought. These are our our changing world that I'm sitting there last night watching. And in our studio look to TVs on the real Casey. On one TV and we Edgar. Seattle Arizona game on the other in my eyes as it drifted over Leo Casey gave us that Paula I'm like yeah I think. I think I'd rather watch you know all things being equal. You re in an NBA game. More than I'd rather watch your. Thursday night football and what I mean when did you ever say that and so we could take calls on on all that against 6177797937. Mott is off tonight so it is. Current and keep Sports Radio WE yeah. Mother and I told the hunt for Steve's time he turns. Taking your phone calls just like John in Maine what's going on John. And I I thought yeah and I mean. I don't like regular back out by Atlantic on it and it out I don't like remote. I for law fired and four. Out I bet I'll. Add a little while they're due in 04. I don't think I note and it art. But that are about that while they RTU I request in rat even the back yeah eerie how. Odd that are the only other. Well whitlock that even on what you're not even though I. Eat it up well he may look back east and out and yellow light and ink but we are out. Yeah outs they like John and I saw that somewhere some hideous images from one of the talking head shows asked the question is Brad Stevens the best coach in the NBA the obvious answer is no anger Popovich is. But outside Popovich opt out of make it compelling case form don't want an and I would actually say to that the style of the spurs play their ability to shoot the ball. All of those things have been unbelievable but. The the job that they've done in player acquisition whether it's Tony Parker managed no way. And the fact they had Tim Duncan and the Celtics could 1 PM there is. What's. The one common denominator to every great NBA coach the top five they had a tough on the player and fighter area so. Give me the coach who gets the most out of the least I either guy who has an IT whose 58. In wins 53 games. In. Beats. Chicago and Washington last year with the Jae Crowder in their lineup that everybody around it was content of thinking with an actually good player. Or Amir Johnson now that you have a really good player carrier right right so that's vital project could well be sixty win team in the expectations are higher they should be. But I think he is that I'm not seen Gregg Popovich is it a great coach public is always a caveat. From eight a whether it's Phil Jackson where Shaq and and Michael Stewart LB or whether it's Red Auerbach right who has apostle Russell arena Casey Jones had bird known or talked about agree Casey Jones was. Yet there's not a there's not a great coach that had crap players. Could you never would and off you what you and if there was but that won't they've won but yeah it it does take both up about as well as answer that. AA they're good players specially in the NBA. That's what's gonna win by tie Lou I don't think it's a great coach. He just happened to be technically the coach of the cabs to here technically and broadens coached team LeBron. Two tie Lou was the guy he had the title and so. He goes down by a college town jokes around that. Well audience how cool is one titles so that's he's better than Brad Stevens. Yeah you know the veteran vowed to say that I Erik Spoelstra much better much better than Brad Stevens. But I think his point are or what he mentioned in there too was. What you're watching right now of people watching you brought that up pal yesterday you know our. And out of town football game in and out of town basketball game on at the same time. I think for years all well and I love the NBA but that they're both mom and at opal. Or even Thursday at footballs but that it is battling like a watch that's there whether it's fancy when you're gambling on or whether you just have an interest in it how it may affect the patriots are may affect somebody else. You're gifted in that but now. I'm a piece of siding with the U I think if you see specially there's not maybe half the league in the NBA. Even if the teams you don't think are true title contenders they have players that you want walked right and that that. Might be different in the NFL and there are a lot of it's kind of stink bombs in a falcons are. Because the NBA hot stove season this past year was so compelling right I'm still trying to figure out how does Paul George book. With Russell Westbrook and come elements absolutely Anthony Anthony how do they look together how are they gonna be good because I know they're not actually good right now. So those things are fascinating to me you know is he Anthony Davis. One for that team what would he be jettisoned so Marcus cousins but it would seem silly numbers on this in which human and it its enormous. I'll I love how the pelicans are going the other way and we'll see if it works but when teams are also small they would typically have the two best centers in the league. You don't playing next to each other in order word of where I try to win this way and we'll see if it works they wanna gets traded at the deadline and they orbit they've alternated blow it up I don't know what they're gonna do they're they're a 500 right now. But you're right that the Celtics made as many moves as anybody to solve sees me eleven new players in the and they're off to a tenant to start but it's game winning streak is. Nothing to sneeze at having I don't think anybody would have predicted that his. At any point especially do just thrown the team together and you know. The week and a half itself today please and everybody's walking around with hello my name is stickers on. If you did you lose your second best player on night one and how can you. Who is the most improved player because I would say we can talk about Sheila brown all we want but I think it's market Smart. Really I would say I would just my obvious answer would be Jalen brown at a much rather be on me at. They are thank you Bob a thinking man's edit series you think that Marcus barnes' just because contact your form so he doesn't he used to be such moronic things with the ball where you you could see that he was on the cusp of doing it. And many do eggs again and who's gonna do it and they were occasions the other night. It was on the floor more than anybody else carrier ring included. Where he made plays. That you look dad said wow I thought it was gonna screw that up and that was a really competent play. There was one. Situation where it came into the weight started to pull up the five dropped down the pains and are hoping that followed with an incredible. Lumping in two. Aids has been solid theoretical markets Smart has banned the I think there's a lot of questions about their bench going in the years and having a lot of young guys off the bench it'll look like in Smart has. Something that may be as before sort of a calming influence but yeah as the guy who would still kinda you know you can play intense defense and probably just more control interview present and doing a nice job when he's out their solar. One of the points it would allow carried a playoff the ball well but the assist numbers are pretty good so. If he's the one of those guys that certainly hasn't improved this year 61777. On 7937 back to your phone calls here. Coming up it is current anti Sports Radio WB yeah. But at night rolled. On average you. Sports Austin. I'm going to be out here says that Tom sticking around until eight. Is. Blessings on the auction. As Slater might give us the mind equipped well nobody could see your mic lips that he'll get I was just for patio on. Ultimately athletes Aaron thank you with us we got periscope. Expert for the privilege I feel you guys at Paris open now. You have been on the field periscope like sure yeah oh yeah careful about the periscope periscope up. I'd I I love of people started with a frigate hearts all over the place and can't see what's going arts I don't. Mine is much and it's a nice thing and maybe some days you need it more than others let's be honest I actually you know what I watch when I was in non in LA you know with that. Can my kid into school and am personally this Muster and that was in this. Little dive Quentin Tarantino hotel across from Emerson LA. And I watched the entire. Con McGregor. Oh yeah you're one of those guys down periscope a but I watch it on my Twitter I'm on my phone right on periscope and people liked is Harding the whole time stop stop Harding. I can't see the fight I can't say I don't I had never seen a periscope what they really clear video like it will certainly not HD and frankly I don't you think ST would be happy to call that. ST with the very ethical they had analyst who monitors yet. If it was calm I could see what was going on minded it's a little blurry but it was also bad guys it was funny because a person who's doing it had a separate from their television yeah. And then you can hear its stock comment in. I hotel and my ups in my hotel stock. And good. All the talk. Those athletic ordinary is old it. And a flea bag hotel run upon a lot of them but would you pay for the fight nothing. And who's laughing now but there comes a point in your wife we can say I can afford this they should be able to ideals that you get to build the mailers that need to fight that fight I needed. You did that was the one fight that I now it was it was so much an event on an bonds traded down with a box. And I depend on the wrong I adequately with Britain expert Rick Smith. Yeah I don't know Paris builds. It's fine and agencies it's like the idea periscope and they need to sharpen an advertisement on on the Paris though the show for the next few that's okay. That's. Really you'll distract you in a very easily distract right. He would be not very helpful for the next hey folks how you feel about the football game this weekend. Paris dove right now now now now and all of a mask and everybody's in their company stock. That thing is not a free good people out there about patriots Broncos. He's on here today I'd be candid now. You know evolves and I know the Friday night car gets a little fuel wood nine know that no one cares about this game. Is that can part of being in knowing you know it's that it all what's the number one storyline to this scheme for the patriot marked Keefe current NFL Sunday 4 o'clock. Go to what are you gonna ring out west with errors when number the senator Phil Perry's going in my stead T that mean in studio parent yet. It's getting better and better which we talk about. Oh no I'm not in this studio in Burlington studio. And if you keep the Briere recorded ten minutes. Fifty. The team and that was an amendment like we're in an hour with our neighbor and our Belmont what's the number one patriots storyline going this game. Will mark house and play. Followed by with us on Gilmore plane could followed by a knee buckling league pour all of my Denver's a house of horrors he had the chip that's not a great story about the war. Swore read this I now look it. Did I miss the. Fed extra for Sydney and ended up being so bad back to watching rock slow or quick quarterback instincts and we've already seen that movie and it's a crappy movie. It's absolutely siphoned about any entertainment value from his game then they gonna beat this is a weird season my friend. I agree that they had of their week off they just finished with the chargers the AFC west. That they're going to be in Mexico City for a week of division games like crazy tomorrow I know but right now which is the Mayan way. Are you going the next incident. No I'm not. I haven't nightly programs that covered the team I have a nightly program and I watch every night I guess I am still covering the team will be there to go to Pittsburgh and buffalo but the center estimates and as well he's out he's our guy embassies are. Boots on the ground as the senator going to Mexico City senator. We have someone going my positive what is is he or she worried about the water or anything like that. They didn't know I think that you really start to generalize and stereotype even yeah can you dump that than panel about it going out over the net then I apologize but I apologize not only the day later apologized to all around dodged a bullet that thing I didn't call attention to it. You should save me there. He landed a job Jeremy in New Hampshire is saying exactly what the storyline to the weakest guard Jerry. But he got. Patriots. The patriots. Welcome our Jeremy they just gave up 51 points may have a competent defense this spread on this scheme is seven and a half I would take Denver all they want in this game. Home dog the home and home dog thoughts on the street had been on the road for forestry teams think about it. If you look at this team Jeremy right now they're not that bad a thing in the path through especially defensively. Which is a problem. That's happening. Now Washington. That's on. Any outstanding. All right but you're not doing anything is an adult conversation well and you're right because that's a testament. Thanks to listen thanks for call and that's very that's right before I get out here Tom there are. It's it's it's good luck on the back. That's what you explained that this is a great hour right just put it you're just go out villages while I thought the last format or not. About Jeremy had a great column like they tempers are now blocking my view I don't think that I hit the older male singer I'm on the arsonists who wouldn't want from me just got you refresh you should. One bringing the energy I am fresh as a daisy well. Now there's an article today teeing grounds the on now on ESPN. He would of funnel exercise he says he predicted all of the starting quarterbacks in the year when he too want. Who do you think he says the patriots quarterback would be who would you say the quarterback would be. 2220. I just. So it just so everybody knows it's currently 2017 yet it'll be baker mayfield. He says Tom Brady now that's that he says well I know also Tom excess. Andre doesn't. Five each template five more years that I three years like 200. Deal some things this all the time he's done between nineteen. With a big hole in flames over 29 you don't think big maple Jewish whole thing is over Clinton and they're not wrong okay Olin Brady and Belichick leave. You they walked away together a meter in May not arm and arm but ought not not like that. Yes they retire in the same year. The ball to a halt same thing here yes and the patriots off him saying there. Two separate ceremonies are sorry we can only induct one half last year that the cruel affair react to get a real vote at any age thing right only want to win. You'll find out where the fans actually really like Moore who was it may be a ballots yet who was well are employed and I always say it was ballots yet because he drafted Brady but look what he did in Cleveland I can onto the Internet political Sosa Aaron mean he had at anfield. But got sick. That's the real football story will now. They act as well anyway I can't lacks the way to let the two bills because that was asked me I'm pumped from two bills and no mechanized it was so odd Tom you have more of that great stuff come up for the next hour Patrick Gilroy is gonna replace me give him his country. I think he's in a studio there are getting ready to get all of them I was probably listens to no peace to America. We're just Harry putter compared faculty letter of thanks to all the out of a day I'll be back 4 o'clock for NFL Sunday colonel join me in much for about fifteen minutes. On non on national survey of a great week and we'll talk to them.