Matt Barnes Player of the Game Interview 09-19-17

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, September 19th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox pitcher Matt Barnes who got the win in last night's game and he gets the save in tonight's as the Red Sox beat the Orioles in back-to-back 11 inning games.


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Back to graduation last night a win that tonight as saying event that you had to work a little extra there but did you get some. Pop ups and a weak grounder. Did you know it was was a great game honestly both both pitched it on both sides to the ball credible and the couple nickname and and then they've continued through the ball well. Knows the team that you described in we're very familiar with the Asian games this. As everybody is kind of notices of late and you know also but it went and I had noticed map and they're right now there's a good plan of every night. It does seem like it but and it's it's six plus games extra. Worth of extra innings but second Major League save for him and get over a save tonight a win last night. It seems like you know everybody gets to contribute one way or another but you get a win tonight the team doesn't record and RBIs and guess it's it's not how it's how many of him. Yeah you know we're we're making the final push here to tap the trauma division. And frankly it doesn't matter how it went as long as you in the game. You know we'll take it anyway we can get a right now frankly for the whole season as a matter of fact. Yeah you know that was a great game. Everybody played well. Exciting news and to get that want it tonight and when listeners. We're doing this maybe there at the long gains today as you exit the bull and think about what's going to happen what was it and we're out there not try to have fun bomb the numbers then they're going to 67 date to relate all right escort could this mean Donna not tonight. You know it suits. It's become kind of kind of the norm not their but you know we're we're having farmers them loose everybody's ready. Kind of feed off each other and in trying to be the next got a going to put up zero. And give this offense witches which is on the bill to score runs. You know throughout the season is basically. Late never quit by the that would divide across the board. Continue to do our job that there isn't a lot of it is good to go home and what do ball game how much more. With a run the team is on at this point in time winning games and all kinds of ways how much more things magnified as you get through. The month of September to this stage of the month yeah absolutely. It is that we're we're trying to win every game all year long obviously that's not gonna happen. But it methodical way to grind out every single win right now where. Three games up right now. We're confident that allows the thing you know ten days of the season here. You know it's it's magnified every every mistake every every team every win every every bit not a big pitches is all magnified. And things up which more right now so it's it's fantastic to see you know we we did it last year you know that yes the veteran guys who who don't have a lot. Throughout their career but. A lot of the younger guys including myself haven't I haven't gone through this last year and make in this pushed my division late September. Not it will cut it. Cut. Come on guys are you know call on that experience last year in and helped with was through. And you know get the job done now and then continue to win ball games since that first. That we do it would have been home longer goal witnessed or they would that extra the outfield defense penny throwing out this. We shot with a play at that Jackie with a home robbery Davis Fiat and its it's fantastic to me in this. The eight guys eight guys behind us or seven behind us and. One of forming with a pitcher you know that there is their phenomenal I would Johnson agreed upon their defensive outfield. That are out to them again and that we have and it's phenomenal to make an incredible diving running. Texas the throne guys out. Noticing guys mr. incredible please. All throughout the NC Oden and judges don't guys out and and it's it's a lot of fun right now and then he's geysers another bust nets element longer. And it's amazing about it and get another win. Maybe get a second debris here than the start thinking about tomorrow if you're Chris Sale on the elegance wade mildly. Chance for a anytime sales on the field you know he's got a great chance to win yeah you armies he's what he's done this year and in. And as it is absolutely incredible on and frankly he's done it his entire career up to get a move surprisingly when he was doing this. But any time you can go into third game series. Having already won the series with mistress sell them on to get a feel pretty good about your chance to enough ball game. He's been phenomenal. Go out there get some months Foreman and see if we can insert the series here. Yet you go with his bullpen it's so good all year yeah you know it's it it's been a lot of fun we get a lot of guys out there were kind of feed off each other a lot of guys who. You know guy goes out on those are all you wannabe we got to follow him thrown well you know I could buy critic who's who's the best closer in the game. Has been invaluable to this bullpen. You know you Carson back into ozone great work either. Not who else he's. Bob a bottom in that goes on and on and on about the guys down there than they've been phenomenal. And it's a pleasure to be part of open. IMac congratulations. Have been a big part of this series especially to big wins here Nelson thank you guys are K Matt Barnes. I cast as the Red Sox win won nothing I don't wild pitch in the Atlanta and he whatever it takes. And so it goes in this game penalties just never know and this team has filed when you look back in the season this team has found some incredible ways to win games and and last year that did the same thing but this year they're doing it without number 34 and it's been. You know something that. Some Niger like while she boy would they like to have him back but he's retired. And I think when you look at how they won like win this game tonight just another one that's that's one to put a check mark on an. And as scheduled because. You know who knows how this one would have gone and we continued on but oh wild pitch by Brad brought. Almost hit. Mitch Moreland avenue and it hit him the runs toward scored so. You know tip your cap missed his Red Sox team resilient fifteen and three in extra innings that's amazing. Time directed to a club record for most extreme any wins. As the Red Sox and we want them up.