Michael Holley announces his departure from WEEI

Dale and Keefe
Wednesday, February 28th
After 13 years, today is Michael Holley's last day. An emotional Holley addresses his current and past co-workers, management, fans and many more.

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Yeah yeah yeah. Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI. Actually met at this time. We promise to make you show announcement. We're regulatory. They'll. I'm like. Chief I get up and now I know announcement. Our. I'll get to it I said in a few minutes ago that I'm nervous. I am nervous and nervousness is. And and. Never imagined. Making this announcement but I am thirteen years ago I took this job. And that in itself is a blessing and have to say today as is my last day WEEI. Bear with me. Before I leave I have a lot of people who think. I've been warned by my wife fellas then I'm not allowed to cry. Because according to her. I didn't cry at our way. That that that are wary pathetic cry at our wedding everything else just to I'm not allowed to cries so I'm gonna try to get through this thing. Without crying and I've got some I've got a lot of names here a lot of memories over thirteen years wanna thank you guys. I'm listening. Thanks for sharing your stories with me thanks for listening to mind. I've I've said this you guys many times I mean it from the bottom of my heart this is the best sports city in the country. I am grateful to have. Had had the opportunity to. Recap a bunch of championships with these championship wins championship losses trades signings departures. Retirement rumors. The more and that just hearing what excites you guys and angers you in sports and otherwise. This job has been wonderful. Teacher from me. I want to thank David Field four employing me through the years. Jason wolf hired me. There have been some men who succeeded him. And the program director spot Kevin Graham. Chose a bottle here right now general managers Julie conjure round. Bill Zachary Marc cannon who's here now. And has been a great. It's been a great guy and I'm sorry to get a chance to work with mark longer. On air staff past and present. John Dennis Cary Callahan per minute hand boomer loan and Christian Fauria Mikey adams' crazy self censor Rambis. I'm a man Jerry Norton Mike McMahon ski Kregg mustard Larry Johnson. Had the honor of working with people who built the station. People were who were here when the doors open. Glad award way and you dale. Bill learned a lot just by watching you use your immense talent. March 1 2005. He brought me and then. You show me the ropes. Had no idea. What radio was going to be had no idea what I was doing and you patient with me. And now you're you're the best guy I've worked with that really appreciate your love you man. And Keefe. You've been great to work with I think. And throw some heads your way about how the whip. It shouldn't be with key. It's and key Fiore big time talent this is your time to shine you're gonna do great. But you guys more than we're with you on the radio. You guys are men of character. I'd just really respect you both act as people as men. Your brother's. I love you both. Andy. Who. Are let's do that Jon Gruden got fifth spot yet. Anti I believe that you have more wisdom and general knowledge than anyone in his ability. This place is fortunate to have you. Thanks for your proficiency. Your wit. Your friendship and went emission yelling at us when we are available. On remote broadcast. We are remote Friday and hardly wait are you gotta gotta to god that of an issue men and that do not lose my number. I'm here for you for anything and I mean. Rossi I'm glad I got a chance to work review. Your hunger and enthusiasm. For that Robert gets don't lose those qualities I love the way. You approach this. Have been some great sponsors. Over the years. ARS. Which don't which tells secular. Terrorists AT&T. Parity it's. Militants. Whole foods. A doctor Stanley Levinson I got to thank him and you have saved me from a lifetime of sleeping in the guest room. 'cause Levinson smile don't ignore the snore I'll let everybody get and others play and I. I this morning the alarm that had a pretty good guy changed my life met my wife said I did not hear that you got. You're not you're used nor too much but he corrected that so thank you doctor Levinson. Some great radio found memories. I would Dana Farber. Selfless doctors and nurses them back next August if you want thank you. Will. Nurses and volunteers. Tell us we've we've met some families. With the radio telethon. Families that have strength and access. I mean just some remarkable people. Gail and Steve Williams. The parents of our guy flat Dan. Remember the rent those laboratory Randall's mom sure do. Brought a birthday cake for Torre Rand oddly looser eighteenth and nineteenth birthday. Cancer survivor. Torre ran those mom says. Hey. My daughter made it two or eighteenth birthday but they are a lot of kids who don't. We got to do something about this and she looked passionate they don't always have started Reagan. If you just rallying people and it was one of the best hours because she just took control. I remember one year there's a those a gentleman by the name of Dave heroic. He was there with his two sons. And he was telling historian thing how is sons were helping them out in David Ortiz. Came in in the middle of a day telling his story. And Ortiz. Just threw it another 50000 dollars or another 100000 dollars. For cancer research. Just to some incredible people like leaving this job. After thirteen years is not an easy decision. I believe it is the right one is not impulsive. I prayed over it many times and I trust god to leave my life. I do wanna say a lot of things have been said about. WEEI in the last few weeks then there's been a lot of pain in the broad strokes. I think that does a disservice to some wonderful people here. And many of them behind the things who simply work hard so those on the air. And have an easier life sales people. Cafeteria workers IT's security. I thank you all for doing what you do without fanfare. Sound man deals meant. Who correct. All of our mistakes you know we go in and record some food bills that he's an okay say whatever you want how clean it up I'll make it sound good and he always does. Thank you bill thank you Doug lane you talk about a mile lamented Richard great at what you do brother you work so good and you keep us on the air. Announcing it is an amazing things to say broadcast thank you I appreciate you. I'm so grateful really. And if god never get another thing for me he's guarded give me more than. I. More. I'll get through a get through. More than ever. Couldn't ask for. Or imagine. A it's really amazing. The main. I don't I don't talk a lot about it. Where come from. But it's just it's incredible me so many people. Have helped me over the years. To get to this position. You know. I don't I don't come from a lot. In my mother single parent. Worked so hard secretary. Raising three kids. Read a lot of sacrifice. Two. Put me in this position. And I'm just thankful that jacket I could talk about my family. You guys. Tell you some funny stories they're all true. My grandfather Killen a rat in a basement. With his bare hands. True story. Editors and other things in my grandma's basement. Taught in particular and you guys that story. Just telling you about. You know my life to Sherman live to talk in most sports and other things and so. I would hope that you guys have heard me. Grow. To this point as a man in over these years have gotten married. Witness the birth of three kids renewed my faith. And I always tried to come to this base. Knowing that I didn't have all the answers. And with that aim to be flexible enough to listen and engage with Q. Some days we're better than others. Some years were better than others are learn from at all. Your praise in your criticism like. You guys are. Authentically Boston here authentically. New England. And I love you for. And one of my son's. The same one who swallowed the quarter. That stuff happens so one of my son's asking of the day are you still an off there. I said yes is that what I haven't seen you writing a book and a lot. Tough crowd erupt soon last year what are you talking about I'm not only am I still an author I'm still a broadcaster. But still Bostonians. You can find me on TV tonight and every other night during the week. The TV role is likely to expanded. And I'll get into that probably an announcement on that next week bird. I'll be here will be around. And thank you guys for letting me be here. For thirteen years appreciation of the. Not sure I can follow any of that kind of stuff. I have had the pleasure of working with the a number of partners throughout the course of my career both on radio and and on television. For some reason. Michael and I hit it off almost from day one. We were truly Brothers from another mother. And it has it has been that way since the day thirteen years ago when we first started working. It will be that way today. It will be that way tomorrow and the next day in the day after that. That will not change. Michael will not be sitting in this chair every day and that makes me sad. Because I can honestly say. Through all the different iterations of the program. On this current one is the most fun I've had. This is the most fun I've had doing that. Our riches brought a great energy to the program today he has changed the program for the better. I think Michael was re energized by it I know I was three energized by a and and I'm sorry that that part won't be going forward. I'm really happy for my friend. Because you are rid of him not in this town. Is voice means too much his voice is too strong. We need to hear what Michael Holley thinks about stuff and I'll be watching. Most nice just to hear what he says when I'm not calling him and texting him and asking him and directly about that stuff her. This program. Will be called daily key starting tomorrow. Because we have to move forward. We can't call it dale and Holley could keep any markets the holly part won't be there but of the dale show with Heath no no no no no bunker he and I don't care that's fine by me. Change it that way and that's fine by me to. We will begin a search for somebody to fill that seat. But we won't replace that person. I would just say I mean I I remember I was in college that's me yes fuel all of college the first time I heard you guys together. And it became part of my routine you know get now a college HMOs in the car around lunchtime I would listen. The deal Molly and I remember reading your books aren't we seeing on TV. Never did I think. I was gonna spend more than a year working here and it's been a blast I think the show's been a lot of fond of love come into work every day but that is. That's a great thing and and we've for conference once again and I I would not imagine that being the case so. Gonna miss you Blake Phil says you're in Iraq can be far so revealed so get a hold that you bug you about NBA stuff. And everything else ours on our thank you thank you also. Made me a lot better as as a person and not in dispute sappy about it that's true and definitely has a radio host. Thank you. Thank you guys and I also wanna say this is a it's a wonderful opportunity. For somebody. It's just great is great talking with the fans every day and you you guys tease me about it and have a position on one thing I may change my mind a little bit later I do. Because he got missiles more the fans are so Smart. Some of the callers. Who we have talked to over the years Harrison Roxbury was on earlier Marcel in Brockton our girl Millie and mulled it. Now Bruce in DC during deflate gate we have that George is calling in one of those and engineered talk about this could happen because. You know this role in that having so many engaged to people. I'm Fred New Hampshire whining about the Bruins crying about the Bruins. Tony in Bridgewater. And I mean just on and on is a great opportunity. Did just. Check in with the fans of New England. And see what drives people so I I hope. The person who comes in just understands. What a great privilege it is to it to sit in this box. And interact with the greatest fans in the country. Let me just say one other thing before we go to break and try compose ourselves enough before the narrative gets turned out there I wanna make sure people hear this from me directly. We wanted Michael Holley back on the show the radio station wanted Michael Holley back on the shelf Michael had a professional opportunity. Which he elected to take and I don't blame them it's a great chance for him and I'm happy form. Don't let anybody out there telling audit wanna back anyway. Trust me. Everybody under the building did not. And out and I got 31 minutes tried talking out of this thing so yeah Africa a good tool for can understand thing for another 31 minutes. I think it's time we take a break what do you think. By the way out by the way only those those were two years it was just as good guys something to do a good luck good luck had knowledge and Brad.