Michael Irvin with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

Michael Irvin from the NFL Network joins us to discuss the Pats, Thursday Night Football, and has some very candid comments on CTE and the risks he took, and whether he'd do it all over again knowing what he knows now about head trauma.


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For our weekly visit the playmaker Michael Irvin from the NFL network or hall of fame wide receiver. Michael rusty by VA New England health care systems Boston Volkswagen. And draft Michael joins us right now hello Michael Dario. And I don't rate I'm doing great everything's great. And order rails. And I got real. We silence. That little bit. How does it now ago too cute that you don't what do you don't want to I yeah I look at that are. You know frail. Are adults look all of C you can it will go ordered an Oprah is who made it different people. Different personalities. All client because one moved because this incredible. Michael this is football gonna survive in Los Angeles with two teams in the and the bad attendance numbers we seem. And if you wanna go pinkie there's something Golar. Like where you're seeing with a young team like the re arm circle Chicagoans. And are bigger so Barbara we're currently got the but I don't stall quality players you know young guys. Life are like you're let go walk on guys like gurus. You know lockyer. And here and dull dull. And back. What color is wrong with Leo not punitive letter to your team could do their bit that that is too. Tackle into aegis column in their duties. And an assailant but I think you can look bad that you have a young to let. As somebody who fought like people who want you to on the field dunking it you don't pitch here will you want to send a message. Director of young or we'll trickier YouTube that's how you get this somewhere special. Yes and so I think they'll supply. You wanna know that much like Korea continued down there there are going on because it's encouraged to park. It's a great story and in any Hollywood you. You know Mike last June last year if you knew then what you know now about head trauma would you play football you get a great answer and said you would. And her Cris Carter today. In the wake of the Aaron Hernandez news today. And he's very you know he's he's he's afraid of the unknown they're friends of his teammates of his. Who had OT and so. The deal is this your answer change at all that as more information comes out do you think about. Know what's going on with you were friends and friends of yours and how do you look at it now. I've been the Romans to change my fairly the year ago where that with the king McCartney either late. I've been the barometer for a change we aired which changed the direction with there old a long long what was supposed to live. Our change their lives there's not. There's not being. It can take that. I don't you go its. Beauty I would cycle like my life regretting. If you weren't saying. I would site for a school where we were. To me institute change very good rate in March fairly interpreted. He's been there right now comic great little school including school. And hopefully change your course. I would sacrifice alive when that. You know on word I'm scared at all in the middle march that one bit because you don't know Rondo greatly. Couple weeks ago there was all the all that. On preakness something like that with the airlines would grow our war he concussion thing you know low cut. In America acquired. So I'll click on line journal applied for work wherever bulk liquid and then let me put my name in the book. Cook I don't know what quarter after a different back. But two years from now in apparel and then at the market something though Al aren't are under so well you know model. So are accurate that he's Smart and puts me down I'd call it the body that I know exactly where they actually did the same thing. Because we don't know that we try to being. There's no secret router oh we're older people rewrote laws. That somehow recorded changing. Q you're not which it is not all at all. Moved my chemical inspired to another he if we work my life. Do you think that the game is safer now than it was when you play it and then I guess the other question is there anything else they can do. To make it safer but also still have a deep football without any kind of drastic changes very wouldn't recognize the game. I really do we go to run lol you are in the industry. There's no. Well what we're creating are excellent thing from the about football they're recruiting him that we need to Leonard Oprah. There's some heroes or insurance or other activities that just wasn't in boxing and alters that every site owners. There's so little to beat them in the little soccer news league soccer. All that stuff. He'll probably bring about your problem there that we're just not study which was starting with who visuals or will fall on. Like what we're doing and trying to make district until I used to get upset about. The militants on all. I catch passes while who looked like supple released from the ball. I don't do due to. Are you you to give my records and Rick in my record he optical well with who watch. Make enough to gain waited far too much sought scrap the law. They're not let them certainly the mistakes they wouldn't go to war and would it. They'll do to myself playing out there are being used appreciate all the soon. The mixture figure out the year with it and everything and I try to move much on a much neck while slices. I'd rather than it's been basketball Cecil Cooper in that moment that's all that we sit down and talk about it right there. I'm hopeful that. What I do. And also mountainous. Well still you know and let it OK okay and then they should start finger yet shall have periodic. Could make things safer. You actually led me to where I was gonna gold next in that has do with your own son your own son is playing at a at a high level. Are you more concerned about him going forward the new week and are much self. Absolutely. I have to. You know. There is no you don't swear you OK there what are. We Will Allen went out there and let that they're let you know that is for the urgent look here. Mainly because first most incredible thing out of it mean the crowd went. We wouldn't you know as you know first column. Kabul lately the cardinal wrote Lou call and I wanted to link. It's all over former claw. Her column no. Matter what mark little Nintendo. If it is knack to. Yeah it's a natural thing you can't help you yes you are concerned. But I also love seeing them out here. I love seeing him out I love it we use this experience. Of being with other. Have a commitment to go to. Look guys. In the work on it needs to happen. He is predetermined nature all right rule obstacles. By groups that backed them all though. Qualities that Warner supplement other areas of life so so yeah it's. It works both ways. And Michael how to explain their big win in week one for the cowboys and a blowout in week two including Zeke you're Elliott just kind of looking. Eleanor on an interception and I'm not giving full effort how to explain it. And it'll hurt the bottom of your explanation of that your dollar and arts and that's what a two caught. So most issues will lose Leo yeah actually in the banquet on this team you know we got space that might. So here that Sunday quit owners paying less I've got a tour and then colleague monitor or. Yeah sure Morton these. Yeah. PP he quit he quit on that slate. You know I analysts you know this what people do the people to your computer slate of Al employee. Ultimately go for your ultimately. Report out completely in the Russians there and we want you made in the year hundred yards. Our Russian incorporated gained educational infrastructure. Work with toward banner. If we'd make people here. And you know you know regular Ocean City already quick. If you start saying you do quicker if so what are you are staying put ever. It's aware that things for ever and so now now all of these all work. You're reportedly would let the excitement Tom Brady's situation so you you won't create local local long and fruitful. It is won't try to explain it would display apple a huge global Kurt. School but fuel you. So people they believe the ball all know he came back to where you try to put battle here on out people. Pop. Out you know cool your life and pick one street so we should indicate dispute. The totality all you walk you want total quality beat you ought to look at the totality. And not about what situation. About one week extra distance will Brooke and I can actually go. And I think world smarter not be more responsible without word in our actions in Iraq. Texans covenant Foxborough on Sunday Michael what are your thoughts your early on on to Shawn Watson. I love additional luck ran out or equity it would have been the game started us who shall talk about additional broke. I mean both the black guys toddler Watson what people thought Brothers there's there's your photos of road visit Tripoli. You will be solemn wrote in order to build a show on different. Differently each week where I. Applies. You know coming out coming out. School retreat he wasn't ready. What caught our patrol they gave each of the stadium and now dark and Ian Watson. Wouldn't be the first quarterback Jake you're either after a particular can look back to back national championship game. In order to let up. And all old guys have moved to the starting role though and it and just been incredible break. And yet a lot. What he has no gifts that it should do qualities in Minnesota especially. And then you're getting. Probably about as almost certainly produce. I was recruited at the moment the position and have a chance this or this look at this now because he's simply. We were pretty good network of gain early on larger number that now. It played pretty who have partnered with Google the bed and screw you being being gored or all you could not. On what the defense played pretty good week so if all this would be better than boom and has now better than that doctors or all. And ever actually materialized. Just yet. So so you'd look back at while you additional longer pull a lot. What dabbled in the cauldron that Michael Jordan ish stuff idiot then you know. Thank you. Thank you uses so imports into pieces and plays similar to what they've played their first or played OK matchup will orders. And they've made great all allscripts change. I don't develop mixture prisoners like this there's like you're quote. The to pursue a chain with gold producer director and yeah maybe he knew her. It would cultural and good article so I've got to how are you. Like we always have fun talking football with you will talk to next week. An apple quick ran his hull and we're trying to go home visual flair and it's a court. What Rick Rick aren't jacares that is all too rare the and I know. Hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin. Analyst for the NFL network when knowledge quickly turned reason or other rock Oliver. We will log access Michael but it was absolutely worth it 6177797937. We get back to the calls that you guys in just a couple of minutes dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media.