Michael Irvin with Dale, Holley and Keefe - 11/10/17

Friday, November 10th

We check in with our weekly Friday guest, NFL hall of famer and analyst on the NFL Network Michael Irvin joins us to discuss Goodell vs Jerry Jones, Ezekiel Elliot vs the NFL, Miami vs Notre Dame, and the Patriots vs the Broncos.


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It's time for our regular weekly visit with the other playmaker hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin of the NFL network Michael has brought to you by. VA New England health care systems and by Boston Volkswagen miss talking to you last week Michael how are. And armored guards to run on the front door well. The looker or tour. A great football week. Yet there's sort of a big college game your interest that it isn't there. I'll mild regret today read about it or our record actually wrote out to you read only look at it accurate applaud all of our. I'm so excited about this Rick it's good or out. Is that for outright call eight equally the other in a fictional. Rarely. Yeah ever. They're or that it can happen hide. That it was reminded. Was blessed to have to experience it didn't go to someone a valid that we bears take you back to the and it is magnate Robert gain and in the course of that though TB it is just that you didn't quietly. According to go to a much harder actually experienced that so it it it's it's that which you which. Gerson great Miami Notre Dame stories over the years. Whether it was running up the score in Gerry files last game at Notre Dame whether of the cap X vs convicts T shirts any any. Notre Dame Miami stories that you either experience or have heard about the stand out to. All of guarded. Who then let let this rivalry. That Wichita. Heck yeah just like any rivalries or is it that that this company and hired that you like. Oh my god that that I did children that is illegal political benefit. You could crowd out. You'll comet belt although that didn't want what is it you will Alter that order workbook or edit it. Week later it's well Larry you know report. Well reward top receivers coming out. Were caught receivers are more. Don't match we want all flat on Pluto they're. Tellem might like the dark little gauntlet wall covered under almost. We late term forced you know like sort it couldn't beat him so rare where the hole while. They were they were being beat its Jim ground you know talked about at all. Previous appearances. But it may of course like you to back. It's split pretty bare tree out there today. A good movie template already in the creek near a nuclear equipment. So what are eager that was there about what there just isn't right. Well this is. That. Your your credit caller goes on. You know what I'm pretty smoke there don't covered that aspect. All picks trees real. Apparently all the result we're all like when we were so hard when Eric Berry that and how about this whole. You know I hope. Donald huddle I think go to any law which now what the subtle level now. We've while you're hurt we had all I got it wrapped that was shot quickly but there atmosphere. I believe we'll ride our guys not. You make your moment. Now one of the young big stories of the week Michael's been a Jerry Jones. I was considering filing a lawsuit against the NFL do you think he goes through with it in and what do you think ends up happening when all of this. Well or will we know art is eaten we got all of them million. They don't you billionaires without planned all Allred here it's all who it is there it just doesn't work. Yeah and also they're they're all. It is wrong in that know how to live halt all our our all try to use the I don't like hearing on vick's involvement. You know I remember Greg with the unfair we're what I am hearing it and and I haven't it's good to what we hear about it. With your medical mission critical personally and a lot of people don't. But personnel like commission. A likeable lot ago senator and an animal hole on Oprah somehow some way. Like all being you know beat you guys comps let out there witching hour. And then you're not and that's usually how it works widget you would billionaire is court agreed. Law and order up would not be on your daughter to triple almost certain route a novel regret the cheek. Up here in New England we'd all about article 46 and try to fight the National Football League and how generally when you fight you don't win. In Dallas they found out this week that fighting against article 46 is a losing proposition. In hindsight do you think Ezekiel LE it would have been better off taking the six games when it was given. Through we will also hear now because there and on life or career ordered these. You're like manner at night ago. Because in all of the old fired being. And they come out and to a regional and integrated. Wal-Mart. But we check on it are you that the orbital work. Multiple rocket that made a great beginning to hear about the way I don't want to drink and pick your. And it worked yet. I don't want to be your network gains in the first two would next year let me that will be you. You know what I mean. Try our current record though so now it within the last week. How we're going into it looked like 115 in yeah it is. We're down like lol oh I bet you go quite expecting it. But you know an Iran expert Rick you know it is it a whale out in Iraq. You know religion is actually back here or there are really weird it was a year. I just would wonder your doctor's daughter and I don't know what happened oh. Not a lot of work we're gonna look where there are too quick. There you're not in the west and so on. They got off a little out of the crowd. And they were saying to the daughter of Easter a lot of people at airports but Infiniti. Piece by ward you're in it. And I I get it quite clear they ordered work if it is a it'll be cleared in the desert you'll. The police Allred is not real art they're not rock group which won't we can equate our truck later in. A you put it down the inner is not currently. Up in the New York to determine perspective and not let him do it but not unit they're a and act at all the way at the. I wanted to make a dramatic turn and talk about something trivial and you would have them and side. On this did you noble characters involved Tony Romo was going to Deion Sanders Deion Sanders. Had a great response you've got a gold jacket that he didn't shock. He told Tony so what you make got a whole exchange. And not all the crew there in the political where you go. Told that me and thought that they'd. All. There's an American idols all of our dispute. Oh that ability bilateral. Pact now what are me with a you know words or indicate that you know what are. You know on the shelf if you'd typically attack. The other remotely and do it. Outlook public person to go would have it is almost like somebody come back later the Internet market. Quite a bit like blocked. I'm not will be better draft but why are not one car not my contract negotiation. About it with your goals. Where he city where armored a lot let you know that. Google about every citizen of the toe. With this dog. They're better ya all under the you know you're so it's. It if we look at Tom Brady here. In New England he's forty says he wants to play until he's 45. You played had a hall of fame career you you stop playing when you're 33. If you could have reviewed injury had edged out June. Did you ever have a number in mind of of where you were gonna stop playing football on your terms. Oh yeah yeah I remembered not. As good number Butler suffered. They're glad a always. Build alliances to local a decision we. There are here you know who are appealed to walk on the war on route which to me you know me I'll open our group is appropriate at Oakland. If you're not lack of undertone. There's nothing in the world like. Albert U three guys with. And you. Collected wheels going out on the football field. About 53 other god collective we do not like it you'll never ever ever never ever. Cool to be anything like it appeared in your life as well as you can pray suppose you can do it. Don't need anybody to bet this is the bottom luck at all probably he and everybody. Is here. With the required to ring mortgage required spot there an Internet. Yeah. Loan you the right people around you know. On it understand it on to promote Julio and so are. Political. Michael we missed the last 33 get a chance to ask what did you think of the Jimmy grapple trade to the niners for a second round pick. I actually listen I go to recuperate wherever but you know now I gotta look saw when I heard. Or come out of there won't go extra rebate we have until it would just open and know what you got to find out. With god you know. Before you go back in the raptors who reported artist you have to find out right now but I thought it was a victory but if you got one or the theater. If Matt that every he got from some other people out there if they'll keep on where you're probably got rid of it and show the cement. I've still got political longer period that saw I thought that was great. It's very respectable around normal you got it back after have a great use Serbs there without a backup called Butler worked out well. Michael enjoy the game this weekend and good elect to the EU and and I will remind you that the the Catholics did beat convex. 3130 right. You don't know total total total refused. Why hate that doctor rhetoric if that's the African conflicts doctor let them start there. You're rewarded bill Tuesday that aren't your report that we hate me in my epic that we pay go wake up cyclists. So great to bid saying it in fact commitment to achieve how. In it in an in doubt created what that would outlook you'll admired William whitbeck Packard for the culprit the I would limit my favorite eight her ankle went great. It's elected next athlete Michael thank you. Our writer will grow to overturn a article that he. Aren't allowed a glare right guard in the NFL network spanning going to bank but the teacher and I think he kicked it hate it. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI.