Michael Irvin on Dale & Keefe - On the Gronk/Ramsey matchup: Trash talk “absolutely” motivated him

Dale & Keefe
Friday, September 14th
Michael Irvin joined Dale & Keefe and discussed the Patriots matchup with the Jaguars on Sunday and Ramsey trash-talking Gronk. Gronk said the bashing “does and doesn’t” motivate him but Irvin said that kind of talk “absolutely” motivated him as a player.

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Our number three daily key Sports Radio WB BI it is time for our weekly conversation with NFL hall of Famer. NFL network analyst Michael Ervin Mike was brought to buy rings central Cape Cod lumber and your local Andersen windows dealer Mike Miller and he joins us right now hello Michael Lowry. Well I know well or great. Eric good day that I. You know worked so well record the football. There were Staal was sparked leading to better for what Malcolm and all week to go pre season Newser were you what matters most real quick look at our football team. I got asked this question right off the bat it to win the masters. Based on that out that I saw last night cap and act. Is there a brokered quote. They're creative work I went through. Victor being on a regular Q a I still can't it'll workers who. That you had on Sunday. I predict that it worked. I think you'll writing and that's all I'm slide through its winningest. Is yours you'll pardon back to Sunday talking about those are where. Do you remember early to ask. Torture in it or you'll brain didn't work out which shall we are actually federal mama. How about the knowledge Michael on patriots jaguars is a rematch of the AFC championship game in May be the two best teams in the AFC once again. At no doubt once and especially with that. The awkward or laundered through scorers who don't sit there and you're if there is great battle right to their game right here it is ordered their. So you know an Al they act that I ordered are there in the fortune most. I could make no mistake about a cooker for your actual real in their preacher say in it into Jacksonville this. Well it was which school which is this is being a dead end and they took great war battle was all ready even though it. Brit or eleven and 93 united are. And took outlets operated only want but in order look great. They also are there no vital what maternal so Soto. Went back. The best big game split level with the debacle but the governor a good day they just couldn't hold the ball and they'll go portal closed felt great. In the game over the fourth quarter and in the pictures of course you know article one McCain certainly this is going to see just how better. No god but god they eastern. Basically ought to prepare a statement. The world I'm curious when you were playing the game if a quarterback was talking junk about you leading up to the game did that helped get to go on. Absolutely. Some. Yeah. No we mean this is pretty. Being hindered in any beer you know. We're there at Portland in what they here as well as political while. Oh. I would we all. Though. Oh what is it made it go is that it will hurt him out like this. They're. There. Mean it and you know sitting at all. Wait how well. But if that adequately. All of anything. You there that I. We may well repeat it to have a little personal. Would or wouldn't. Which way to go. Open exceed edit because Burton. And and what. I mean. I know the terrain that you can. You know quote the victory Ringo. Oh. So. If they're they're very. And it. Now Jim Ramsey has given just about everybody in the league in Opel board material but he's somebody you can back it up. Do you think he is going to be matched up on Graf or I guess maybe I should say. Would you would fewer Jacksonville would you put Ramsey on grown more often than not or to avoid that. What will it get your. Vote who are here earlier this year and all that would. So ignorant people in law so where we are with Odeo. Now. The credibility you move them around. He EP dot so literal. They're Belichick's belt if you're read a lot of pro route you're all four or bill back here and I'm sure I'm sure. But bill goes or adequate barometer the rate we're going to get mad there's no doubt once you get mad so there is what I mean. Maybe it's you know you're here at this little miracle that their biggest play with new England and they'll play based. Solemn order for. On and it say that what effect was afraid not support Rick yeah. That's what happened all in which they are greatly if all they. You know and an apple or water column at the vocal that it was too great at what impact it it will stop and do. Late that he has not ready to go all those all of this or in the reader wars and yet. It's hard to picture that Leonard four net who hasn't practiced yet is gonna test the hamstring today. It's hard to picture him being effective on Sunday. Eric Burke who is running out. So cool down you. No wonder we want everybody that this heat wave in America you know and and that one thing I think though is years. New England are well you can be more typical day in New England. They are more that would indicate. And and they need their for a bit of their board to be more vocal. Integrated that are Carter picture here of being. And in that kind of well. You know and it and in one recount are also to let their earn their respect what they need to repeat it right. Better that you. A big deal with them. You're going over Cuba and I had Matt Patricia and see what he's doing his first year the lions if it's true. Eddie Horry lost the locker room is it possible to get it back. I know they're they're mayor. Coach richt got here. And yes it is possible that they're back out that I don't. If you do it looked pretty equal block. All written we got would be if it is probably completely simple were from before. Who who who like seeing. Radioactive. And it went in expecting. It block wrong with that. At all but when it was built their workable wouldn't know they're all those great or greater note currently paying. If you lie I didn't put out on him to. Like how are you aware of the new. Is there aren't willing to do it unless. Moto oh. Their sit in their ways. Who now has come to report where they're guy or very somewhat as for the public act. Data out of law. Quicker and that we came out oh record for all our government would do all I remember our war on global. Requirement. That locker room that occurred local or what a joke in each open. Where it was when we there was a I was like well hurt them if I check they're quite a circle on no such thing I thought would rattle their their. No other co creator and looked at law rule bill fine though they're out of 08. Nuclear. Hear about it with. The week between. Game one and game two of the NFL season is the most overreaction weak in the NFL Sam Arnold go to the NFL Matt Patricia is gonna get fired. Again the Cincinnati Bengals are going to super ball. Of the of the over reactions that you've seen so far after week one what's the one that makes a laugh the most. All matter what you know and I backed start my views about our senior what we call a creek mutual. Saying if there don't become the darling. All new York and Ed Ed Ed Ed and I lead just called the book is the order of that. 4000. Cool. Cool. These three year. Yeah they're interact. They're limited zone bankrupt without a pick up on a well they're they're they're you're greater figure airboat with a third create it pisses you. It is you need you to play well because the book as well as you know we got what I Kamal. Less all responses. Look you quote rumor but little wouldn't be in the leak or bury your return of their struggle with her personal use in the locker room a few years but that beat their. And it Uga can't build other start. You know I got there at the time with the eagle fighter I support. Let Jeff you have so little work with right here I know I'm bad I don't believe he courses Super Bowl that's all that's. Well I mean it by the from the book unions will opportunity. Michael what's going ala Dez Bryant you think he's gonna be on a team anytime soon. I hope I hope our logo is lower quality at all. All of you here where the concert the other and I mean you know nobody here earlier political element. Local O. But you knew they neutered whispers so proto auto. I would say we. Let it if you really you carry it through or where. If you do one or little art. The order of cards. What order you order book what the Coke Burton. You know there are covered all their work all their lives so. All of NCA. It is very. Each year we'll do whatever it takes to mean either they appear are duo. Rick back and was lists and present their. Certainly it would sure the married and we let me go but we're back at a mediator. I like outlook that would block by an image and you're. I think that's what we've worked on it would mean. This really I don't think you want to play football in your body worked out there and and I don't know how this security but I would hope it doesn't look good out. What would Jason Garrett thank you Jerry Jones did that. There will be very known as an end for green. Who run the that aren't there and we don't have eaten. With nearly eight. Eaten or coach you're when he talked about it because I don't know what he called and certainly will follow them or know. And I'm sure you know make it all I didn't. Order they. You know saint Rome of course settlement they're making. Order the order to eat I don't think. This vehicle. Because they wouldn't hurt a guy like they're on form all the wrong let there but they're more than that it is used to eat. So although the total opposite with. Of course you're little about the political there or you could import. That's what you're recording an out or how it worked well with it and that would know how all is well. You know you're the little. I was open the patriots are assigned Dez Bryant they did not said this week it brought in court Coleman in Bennie Fowler would you expect anything from either one of those guys here. The court colder there would lose your normal little little the year. Currently or whether they're or all of the art of note this article with people leaving little room 00. Darn yard go what that number amounts. We're. Learn and develop. Number let you do with great. So who would that come out one of it that little oh. Rule salute with what our new. Either full or peaking out who's who aren't going to hurt them so there will. From about oh. Michael we always appreciate time can't wait to see what you Wear next Thursday. We are if look for a little are not. We're seeing all that they would go. With hope it is good for it back to. Little aunt. I. Won't know who we are either food or. The quote of the day went out Omon that you're on the war went well. Thanks Mike we'll talk to and as vital are take care. Our new and thirty keeper madness we can review is coming up next at give everything in there seems like it seemed like a lot.