Michael Irvin joins Dale, Holley and Keefe 12-01-17

Friday, December 1st

We're joined by Michael Irvin of the NFL Network for a complete look at the NFL as the Patriots take on the Bills this weekend.


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It is time for our regular weekly visit with a playmaker Michael Irvin hall of fame wide receiver brought to you by VA New England health care systems. And by Boston Volkswagen Michael joins us right now hello Michael how are you. Let those. Possible right now is just flat out impossible. Right now what BP to work either so. Fact that I act of I got to ask you about. And you know I I've been reading these different power rankings in the NFL and some people say illegal said the best record pro football focus today said the patriots are the best team in the NFL. For Michael Irvin who is the best team in the league right now. Although no doubt it is noted although Clinton beats yours does deter doctors orders you're right now because. We're in. And he looks good we're used to look we've been saying it is at all. When would you hit well. Did apple come out to help little double the level. It will double weekly elf capitol this gulf war and doing creatures is going to be to local. War for the Eagles as one of Rick about the doubles and paying that they ever seen it they got the view was that we don't or how they're want them to. Totally right now. It is it is between the pages that are much I can do we got to do what are some global. You'll look no matter what he'd done. Are actually to this that there that was one with Billy and of course. New England or closer look this right now. Couldn't Walt Whitman looked completely well. But I it rendered this inconsistent. And maybe this is that we could put associate. Witnesses don't vote so. Mark moved inevitable that this kid playing in almost that your forcible all you know yeah. You impeachment. To see the Clark Kent. Quarterback where Lex and who may have let him out right now we via this. Are you have to pick MVP of the league. Lotta people like Carson whence it Brady's name comes up. Who would you go it would NFL MVP. Well let alone. It was the clock go you know it settles in right nickel and it doesn't go. He'll look. It up this quote. If it's called it's called now the local the Clinton cooker. Well me and you know so it is little business travel reached record talk out. We will work well we don't expect it from. Metallic parts where things like that took to try to get them that Naruto within waited corroborated it witnessed their communities. I'm but it wouldn't go to right here gulf product yet. When you're a player did you ever think that you deserved it you know dollars goes a quarterback sometimes who go to wide receivers but did you ever think I should have MVP. It it is that it rarely ever related to what is it that the quarterback. Problem wasn't just called it. Best that I can beat you did that root or. Who have BP and get sprint that thing around. Well we focused so much sort of quarterback. Are all we talk about all quarterbacks most of the conflict the everything. The problem here to conquer everything. You know what. Are those that would acting. Yeah wouldn't that put Scott I answered many peculiarly. You don't do not. Off. They'll beat you re a broad computing QL you know would have been good aren't. Talk about also. Where we're struggling the first thing we look at. If you're running it Alex that out construct well we'll get the ball early don't bring it brought it sparked. Well look real real and well we are here 00. You quarter. When you're looking at the best receivers in the league how high up on the list would you put Brandon coax. But rather crude probably. Lead. Brooke GO. At some level where it. Big drifting pack. Somewhere Murray fifteen. I would please note let's regardless dark secret from all about it right now although oil all of. My mistress to use that program content in it and short of there. That wouldn't let you Uga played with column. We really don't know it was a great. Who don't you a hundred. And our outlook under docile watching it day. In mind. Coincidental and onlookers could mean. And I wish you good good one quarterback or great quarterback but by the leak leak because apparently it doesn't look messed up as that. Move you to put the old job. Where credit cook it to it although they. To look back to the oval pitch and indeed what he's written a rebels to. We're talking a hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin from the NFL network on Monday we talked to Heath Evans. And he looked all around the National Football League in the dumb stuff that teams were doing and fights and penalties and and as he said what he can't coach stupid. Why is there's so much still put in the NFL that. It is. Though voted or supplement your good work but these are the result so. You know exact not what's being met right here without that there's this bird is just blurted it. Director of dark hair and here I come running ought to break a tackle and in any rhetorical and I'm looking. Warned that. A political football player you lie what appeared to tackle the dark it to a dollar. That you are totally in the window opposite. You know time in the outcome of the Big Apple betrayal and a order your success. And I'll wait I don't should. You let applaud you ought not muck because I'm about that right now. I don't you have to gain remote to dog I could don't want to give must first start up that tackles. And I battle. You know abilities all bounced off to let what is what is particular priest that I called don't football. Does your rent increase that this has played if that's what Oracle's mark well. Michael I'm wondering what you think of the agreement. That's been talked about the last couple of days between the players coalition led by Malcolm Jenkins. And others and the owners. To you they say it's not necessarily a match up we're gonna give you 89 million dollars for. Social causes a new rule will stop kneeling but that's the understanding that. There's some money coming in here and they expect different behavior from the players ready to get this whole transaction. You're going you know. If there's these quarter. Not reasons and her resolute quid pro or older or you know it for all bigger than. Watched. Where equitable sir it would work or use. So woodworking and we got Rick as user got a proposal. Paper. That vote most of it and put their hands on it they want to. Or somebody's phone workers how to make a change in everything and I are the art. I don't think we're on the pair of goggles some great something great. From the god. It seems like whom I would direct technical and people want to have strong opinions about you know what I think but the reality here. We are soft and dark wood. There is almost worse social issues. And almost had formed good enough so where. Bring bring the knowledge and education. And awareness to those situations. Like that when it. That's when yes it is that I want to I want to. UP we can you figure that we doubted outlook it could be 200 million dollars or give out this round working and now it's a hole. Apple relevant is if that is. Now I will work its will we're we're talking about because ultimately. A well quote we've moved to implement structural at all in. You go out and things happen in world war between you know something you all will always ask you should. What will working in the right direction and I wanna cook him. Michael I remember reading stories about you helping Josh Gordon threw some really tough times in his life and it looks like Gordon is going to be. Returning to football on Sunday for the browns do you do you think he's gonna be able to it to make it stick this time. I'll also. Also god knows also reform one that the villains and I always thought people as well look. What was was reduced to close soon. Stretched into an American well. The phone peaceful sit on applaud them motivated and also procurement. An independent you're around them or. The locker. Man you who own a you'll go ballistic when three weeks as I told them. As the old saying goes to have a negative way of trying to encourage people to I'd rather say it that. When you got through reaching. That your vote we. There could you know we wanted to Kurt. Whatever. It is an heading coming in recent green and there's your another week. The US military reported being here about what they. We'll put it that they don't digital are at all. Think you know about it here. Being just focused on winning an excellent or adult and today that it retorted well you're a big deal that would change it removal. Likely it's always fun to visit with you we appreciate the time we'll talk to next week. God we. Are preparing to. Are huge effort Houston and let that I was I was afraid to bring it up because the whole thing. No let it it's. Well out of the outlook. That occurred about would be good news. A little luck ruled out recruit immigrants one particularly well though there is the girl right. In our government promote these kids were right there with firm would we've been very sweet. And Erica in OPEC one and round and round the went to grad. You mean you flatly we Kelly when are the last two yards what are we love. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. I'm gonna hold my idol is 88. GO yeah. Don't expect that. To be a whole week go oh a barrel. What are the hospital where you don't around that don't understand that the Obama. I think he would make a different now right when you're eighteen or nineteen that the huge if you probably did the same thing with your old team again. I thought about it to a lot about you know it is. Just don't know you don't know how our outlook that it should unify the pulpit vigil so I'd do without that. The way it will be back in Cobb caught up with people who know well all right more than I got to review of all its own. Throughout all these bulwark. Yeah at the credible report degree that it reflected. Are we do about it. Cord and can you explain how to discipline the court you know and they didn't get beaten at eight. Saturday want to gain pop. You're playing cool all the way to go late. You gain popular there's been here a bit more. In LA ought to do so if the opinion you're that old you are playing at 11 o'clock. Well we're back in that note this commercial. And it hopefully he sees Q a will be cars. And all that will be cut. What what I heard is do you Ares plane on an Oakland yeah I John how did you how did it like debt and a lot of people play regenerate and everybody and have access to his plane how do you and a. They're I wouldn't quote structure of the ball. If anybody. It about bought Jared they have the music playing. I'll put it on the equipment Bob's been methodical. And if you currently that it could pick a little bit that I went there wrote. RO considerate about it for a written. Culture I told him situation exit now to make the commitment that combine. Whitney. We can we'll salute mr. Aaron we got in the round. Do you do drink that you were going to. You don't shoot well cool about it playing tomorrow is. Good couple your well. It were blown away record Michael it was so all of these other got a problem. Seeing is that apple should be there could well. And rock. Race. Target it so excited date law in a report. That bird are all accountable project along with your purposes I won't we can't work this couple. Oh. But no Obama don't know what part is on the Ricoh are guided by the Pope has been whether we're in it that ship. Old. Couldn't we eternity. It was a by the it was good. Well good like fled the with the U tomorrow against Clemson and good like the whole rest of the weekend as well. All right our bike racks like your take care. That is another playmaker hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin joining us is he does every week I Jesus pictures on the plane it's your plane so you can take it. About as a rodeo at now now edits mythic and Jerry Jones a lot of grew a lot of guff here but that's a pretty cool friend to have what's the line there. Emmitt Smith probably take the plane they can. Not on the plane not a real Triplett about how harper. Guys that night I players are verbal like now. Switzer complement sounds a little volatile area and I don't know all about Jimmy. Bygones be back you know we are matching vetoes Leon that consummate agreement to mistake air Williams. What about most. Moose yeah those could yell beyond doubt Dion yeah yesterday yeah. All the tired Dion would have it ourselves. And not so no doubt no doubt about it in the game to get a win win one of those non value rubble again should not elect a lot. That's in thousands he's the best the business hasn't had a best in the business Darren Woodson. Aron bulletin. Is on the play. I think yes and as fire. There what's it gonna have you hit a nice player and I don't blame you in the fairway hats we dare what's an. And somebody in his combination yet you need it got to just fire there there's like there's no Aikman the other and win yeah I just you know as being. I love me and at me and Nate Newton OK you're in May. Let it George Jay Newton did know if that's brushed a majority. And did clock TO he did you BI knocked over TO when he that was pulled star or see somebody else. Let us using chemical that wind it would Carly well when volatile onto tackles don't call out there who caught David fiance David. The idea is why we have the plane now mr. David Field has something out. The copter and he's got Donna thinks we need permission for Iran until college week David shore up the pass. And down probably listening right now as well as your chance well you think I would they'll all this stuff. I didn't like it at all and I don't recognize god that is what here again 6177797937. We get back your phone calls on a freestyle Friday. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.