The Michael J Mutnansky Hot Stove Power Hour 11-22-17

Mut at Night
Wednesday, November 22nd

Bradford and Tomase are in on the Hot Stove Show, talking about where Shohei Ohtani could potentially land in MLB as a posting agreement has been reached, and how much of a chance the Red Sox could have to entice Ohtani. They also talk about Giancarlo Stanton and the latest surrounding his potential trade from Miami. They close it out by talking about Joe Morgan and Baseball Hall of Fame voting.


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At least not hot stove show. And Sports Radio WEEI. I was appropriate I'm making change welcome aboard else. Well a lot of ways and now. I mean not with complete coverage of the Red Sox off season. To a WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford grad Rhodes shows that might open W. Com columnist John Tomas we'll keep going to. All Red Sox studio host Mike Mike Netscape. The hot stove show was brought to you by. A breath through its clothing stores whose distinctive clothing food to re enact. It's time for the hawks do you know. Wednesday that. And on the whole bonus up. My coach Dave Komansky hot stove power hour right now a lot of people been talking about it all week. Here we are once again been false in 9 o'clock. And the other part of the equation which we've tweaked a little bit might it is tears as I have I am. Had no problem deferring to him is his time slot it's it's. As he points out it's what he's judged on. We're just drop in the show right in the middle bit weak because of some value people like the godmother putts over in baseball and all that. So all part of it is is the interviews in back has been the topic of conversation I think John the mosque he was sitting here with me. And IR one side of it in the sense of that we like interviews if they're good and they're relevant and really if the have suddenly doing what's going on in the Red Sox. Might be Nance he's a little less tolerant interviews and understand that that's as time slot so. We are going to be sympathetic to that but he did say in modest taking some while well deserved time off this week. He did say that one last time one last time that we if we were very sustained if we cruised through these interviews have. We could do another round of their noteworthy guests. And where that mine we planned for a few days now. A cavalcade of stars not only were interviewed but also came in to do the interviews right. And former aren't people during work here and I know it's crazy amused that they had been back here in years but as homebuyers. To the show's star in 2012. Alex spears par these interviews Gilani. Kirk gonna hand it does one of the interviews. And might minutes he's not outlawed like we said the key thing here is like we wanna keep it quick to the point. Very so I keep coming back the words to think that's what it is right that's what we need yes. OK so I kept my response to sink exactly so to kick off this week's. Michael. Sponsored by Gould distinctive clothing here are the interviews which we take. Earlier in the day we distributed David Ortiz says he's been nice enough to join us for a couple minutes you look at you more boy that's fair enough David thanks a lot right brother. Always say happy Thanksgiving I feel a. Great. You know it's their number. What about High Court of the Austin but John thanks so much for joining us certainly our partner at all. It's Red Sox senior vice president Theo Epstein at the O joins this year on the hot stove show VO itself mutt and Robin John tonight how are you. And it all the a happy holidays to you and your family really appreciate the time and I'll afforded CD on spring training. You two got acrylic portrait he didn't Brett thanks to. Jayson stark ESPN and he joins us now. On the hot stove show Jason how you doing happy Thanksgiving and your car are much that I Turkey and stuff. On the table that I go there's Jason everything is nothing nothing worse at Thanksgiving dinner the labor strife yes. Jason we appreciate you taking the time have a great Thanksgiving yeah you gathered yeah yeah yeah. Buster only of ESP animals tied in guy in the sport buster it's Mike and Alex here are you put on line I'd Dario appreciate taken a few minutes. I think you have neon. Andy for a Sox pitcher Jon Lester nine member of the Chicago Cubs joins this year a job it's like rob and Alex your Boston power you. Erica well John you've been great for the time here today we appreciate it Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you your family are got to appreciate. Saw Boris. Scott rob outs and Kirk and Boston are you see him. About Kerry tried Scott thanks your time they Scott you walk about. Well there you go yes. Is that it's totally I think up or is somebody needs to clue him in that that Kirk minute hand is not a nobody knows where that was like the first time those two talked 2012 it sound like a lot like they did back then things have been patched up that I guess not all Kirk makes a lot of enemies would make sense well there you go. So I knew a daughter and a four of the hot stove show it as a plaudits and that is how we're kicking off we want says sinks. To the point interviewed newsmakers I've been all week we can't have a nuance for five minutes know now more like five sack yes say goodbye you say goodbye say it's viewed as he's says that there ego. So. That's how we're kicking off this still show how well done patio day for recording pressing play and record and all those interviews nothing else but I those. Basically just piecing all these interviews together remember we were earlier in the old studio when Jayson stark Kolb then. And it was bill one day whereas like. Oh there's going to be a lockout it is going to be some thing it's they each stunt today you see attack Monday was the one day were that was the story anonymous believe but he was very good that's all I SR yeah so anyway. We're past that Wear plastic controversy of the hot stove show the drama it's this is and Michael minutes he's time. Word deferential to him yet and and so but now we're used to proudly say yelling about trump can remake that somehow related to the there. Get out there who answers that I want you out I doubt if you know. So but there are stuff there are at their art stuff there are things to talk about when it comes to baseball on this is what this hour is about. Because we're in the meat and potatoes of it and call in if you like 617779. 7937. I know that everyone's out and about what if you wanna talk some baseball all this going on. Then this is the time to do it Adrian start off waited a guy who can layered. Said he scouted extensively. In which it's open sock this. In that respect I noticed I see this gas. And is like you did I watch a lot of YouTube well that's out that that that's acceptable that's how an entire NBA draft is analyzed by people around yeah bright lights and YouTube highlight videos to raps on it. So show hey economy so hey tidy who bizarrely at an aids to his name midway I don't like at the age. OH now TA announced its. How does and how did we not know there was an H and his name member rates you know and arrested this member it was like break and honestly does the year sum payment is right now amounts of an ass yeah. Yes you know I remembered this event I min is a big year small I don't know. Might have a lesser obviate the fabulous yes. So. So. A party a party with an eight so. It is set the scene news amid do my absolute best to reach into place some background music for me describing. How this whole economy thing is actually happening I think that we should do something because. I I attempted to do this last night I think it did an all right job. But it's still I can't we can't just go into this conversation and destroy this guy's name out there without giving the guy slides of what's going on yes Missouri yes I don't know give me by Abbott the this week in baseball and I are. We we have that I know with throwing a lot of we should have thought of this before but show it Connie. So show way condi is the 23 year old. And to give you an idea that if you waited till he was 251 of the elements this he wait till he's 25. That he would have made 200 million dollars right now he's gonna make like five bucks yes. But the glory of the glorious game of baseball the United States evidently is an enormous draw yes so he's errant. I don't go right at floor is yours yet. What show tea time. He's being due to these news of the early on my decides that Fred lately with the war Wednesday against the law because what we have the ball. So it's on 23 year old pitcher from Japan who throws a 202 miles an hour and also. A hitter likes of which we haven't seen in some time. He's Babe Ruth asked he so he hits eighty pitches and he wants to do ball in the United States. Yesterday it came down that show hit Heidi is going to be posted. On December 2 what that means that any team who was interested in negotiating we show a tiny. Asked to pay forty million dollars put twenty million dollars in the pool. 23 weeks will go by. So it condi has defied an agreement with the team who ever T whichever team he agrees with that everybody else if there's twenty million dollars back except for the team he agrees to that money goes. That is old Japanese on ham fighters are never yet Nippon ham fighters. So. Now still pay it on the he can only sign. The maximum that any team can off from the Texas Rangers and that's just over three million dollars the Red Sox can offer him 400000 dollars. This is only the international signing bonus it's not like Daisuke Matsuzaka. Where you can just opera mobile load of money this there there are limited and to what they can offerman not only will only be making. That money in signing bonus but once he signs to be making the Major League minimum after mind you this missile cost. Very very very little money for whatever he'd. Signs him. So that in a nutshell is the deal was show the economy you missed year your you miss the post at a satellite. How. Act as I did I did cause you think that might. You were right there yet that that mean that is it in a nutshell and by all accounts right it seems like the Yankees are probably. But it brittle we don't know. That's that's the bizarre thing so what what let me ask you this why do you think the Yankees have because they have to knock already they have. The second highest amount of money I think I'm the Rangers body would be stopped right. Occur at north of GM meetings asked around about this yet. Every one even though once again we don't know for sure yet most of the GM's side. The money is gonna make it yeah I mean the money is negligible. Relative to boys three OK and so it's like four million boxes the Max he's tournament the other looking at the the difference between the Texas Rangers who have the most in the Red Sox with three million bucks yeah okay who cares. Yeah well I don't know some may be that. I don't know if that makes the bars and not by yankees are upset Jason is not yet either so winning situation you have to knock you have Matsui who's played there you have a history guys. Who have played well and had been big stars in that market you have more marketing opportunities. This guy does seem he does not seem like a wallflower so. New York makes a lot of sense. LA is always gonna make sense right even act I don't know how a lot lot of people think he wants the plane now yes so LA in New York City at these two major markets two winning teams. I had two teams that haven't mr. Japanese players. Some of these things applied of the Red Sox as well by. Those two would seemingly be ahead of Boston OK so let me and you and there's nothing linking him to Boston right well you know there there is. A little something a little something and democracy Daisuke Matsuzaka now even though he still lives in Boston. Which is bizarre yet but. They're the little thing that links him to Boston is the relationship they formed with him when he was a high school player. So Eddie Romero the assistant GM for the red site right now was the international scouting director. You can go back in Al Spiro out of ferocity eEye dot com. That they they met with him as an eighteen year old high school now. Does that mean I don't maybe got a lot. But it starts with the relationship we saw would yell on and conduct a big part of that was a relationship that he built. With the Red Sox in the comfort level and all that. So why this is the be all and so might not be the be all end all. It is something and I don't think it's gonna be the money. And so you were John you're not alone when you say we think is going to be the Yankees the is going to be the Dodgers. Another one I saw today which was thrown out there bullet believe it or not with the twins because it here's the thinking was that the twins have. A lot of money we still don't think the money's going to be the biggest thing yet. But the guys that he played with with Yu Darvish. You do. Some people think the twins are gonna make you healthy running Yu Darvish. And then you're thinking that he might go with you direction which you know I can buy the weird thing is. And having to on the GM meetings like all these people you know how it works he tock the people behind the scenes and and the sort of give you an idea one way or the other. Nobody knows what's going on. Nobody's the heat is represented by CAA. And as Paula was well armed with a name Nez below. Yes we're gonna say yes yes Erica yes it definitely will be on next weeks until. So the agent so bitter tightlipped about it they're controlling this guy and rightfully so. But nobody knows what he is prioritizing. In that is way Tedisco to. Where he's gonna go to what he's gonna do so we talk with the Red Sox. Is their fit there I know what I think what do you think yeah I say no I'm all right I think there's a fit for me read yet there's a fit. He would fit anywhere yeah okay but okay by acute part of that part of one of the things he's gonna factoring in is how he thinks he's gonna fit in terms of hitting pitching all of it and I don't I'm not convinced that a team is gonna let him do both I'm just now but I he is but that's the thing he has this choice so they're gonna have excellent yet but they can start out that way and what's it gonna be two years from now. You know two years now you may realize they're you know this guy can't accelerate it. He's not our guys now we thought it wise. He's probably going to be I I would think he's gonna and opposing pitcher that would just be my guest so. One of the things I think initially people a gold National League hit mute pitch and all of us yet. No I think it's what every team has a DH spot yet. That's both the team is the best fits and you can make the case the Red Sox have a DH spot now. Aid dependent on who they get the JD in my team is of them stand on the Hosmer whoever. In the him there mirrors thing by you can make the case of are your pitcher and we're going to be he's a lefty hitter. We let you had a couple times a week as a DH and if he shows something maybe you'll play more if you don't then you'll draw back class. But the DH spot is what Martinez DH spot. Yes that's big he's playing in the outfield yet and that to me makes Boston bat because. You are gonna sign Martinez our Haz morrow aren't made less likely stand. And you're still have Hanley is going to be the second year earlier going to be able to save a key to the entire odd season is Hanley Ramirez and so do you go into. Spring training with Hanley is your full time DH assuming health do you not assume they'll put you do I think there's too much uncertainty with him. Two if Europe tiny to say on definitely gonna have. You know I deafening on an opportunity here so what you're right with Hanley in because and does one of the things he take away from the GM meetings and to browse scheme to browse he's saying. The doctors have clear that he can play a 130 games at first base it's like he did in 2016. Are right sure. But do we know that now now how can you I mean we went through this last year I don't see how you can. Assume anything positive about it I am yeah. I know you're paying MCA have to deal with that but. Find the Red Sox a thumb out score funded our brows ski I'm gonna assume the worst with Pam am and hope for the best OK you got planned for that. So this goes to you say to be fair. So this all fits together now one thing I think people get mixed up. Is they say well which ones are going to be easier to be Martinis are his wrist and or a Connie. But Connie is wholly separate from these other guys now because zero money yet. Pretty much money relatively. And but he's not only in the sense of you have to pitch him you know you have to pitch him on ice and don't know it was initially doesn't get it costs something there. I don't know what bout it you know hunt I paid position dollars now but I and a series San like the money does not matter at all not this this is not spending sixty million bucks a nominal 920 mill you go into the post and he doesn't count Costa yet cut against the law free tax. So how this could work in Iraq and team. We you would think that either you do get a first base where DH in him he's gonna do the other thing. How this could work is Judy Martinez. Says Ariel signed there but I wanna play the outfield. They say well is worth it enough for us to trade drag trade Jackie Bradley because that's one of the things about the Mark Hughes case which I'd taken my head around. Like I still kind of think you would probably wanna play the outfield yet and why would you wanna sign here to be DH he doesn't really play first base. So why would he just signed muted BDH so if he is gonna side here that would have to be some understanding we're gonna dear ol'. I assume it's would be Bradley yeah you don't play the outfield. That you still have that spot and if it's a tiny or some other cheaper option like the Logan Morrison of the world or some thing. Then that's how you get that that dynamic and. Yes so I I still think that there's too many moving parts and again it like comes back to handling. Handley is too much of a wildcard here for the Red Sox to play and you can't go to a tiny and say I suppose it could be you'd be lying you can't go to him and say. Kim is gonna play a 130 games at first base that opens up you know a lot of opportunities for you at DH like act I don't see how that. You know I back at work. Yeah and you and you were saying the thing about their relationship. In when he was eighteen yeah now so. You've got us in the John Devo was probably involve you why. Yeah and he works for the Dodgers now so you know even that personal relationship if it's with a guy's not there anymore. You know that might just help him more hours is sanity in an Rivera talked a lot more than going to be. 61777979837617779. 7937. So we've talked a lot about Al Connie you can weigh in on that you want him do you think he's affair whatever you want along those lines. Couple more things that we wanna get to in this hides those shows stay in is the hottest of hot button topic right now. We start with a tiny whatever by Stan is the guy that everyone's talking about how that's in the playoff and later. Well we get a little into the Joseph Morgan create a little bit of the hall fame controversy will earlier than usual right yes usually we get the default of that. I was on the morning show yes aired yesterday and add my email Mike I have an email from Joseph Morgan and every casinos it turns out. Dear John note sets and he addressed it to me and it did you responded with a batting stance guy imitating his now on I'll now now 61777979837. Were gonna give the latest. Say hello to you count those Stanton. Residents. That you. Our writings I still show back fight against you on assignment. Thought the mosque myself the only ones here coaches tried. Be some occasions where I can't be here where you can't be here. And somebody will be talking knots though Ken Leonard. Can there office generally I could even be Saturday. Believe if I called Ken Buchanan right front jump off the plane like those turkeys are helicopter lowers the NC the good family yeah. So before the break. Before the break we talked about she felt a tiny. And the dynamic it's going out with him right now the Red Sox might be contrasted. I think that he's probably number two on the the list of interesting games. Mean I think he he's up there he become might even be number three honestly to me behind JD Marti to Abby I think the intrigue a big. I mean the intrigue is there but in terms of realistic like. Who's gonna come in and make an impact in this lineup in the middle this lineup Martinez is gonna have a better year than a timing next year offensively. Yeah but it's again it's the guy who throws a 102. In and out bites and but he just he hasn't been linked to the Red Sox enough. I wore Obama. You're try and that was slightly click date now I was like yes yes yes. He hasn't been linked to the Red Sox can select month product. We all knew that that was you know that was their guy and now back and a stuff this one is different. As. I think he's like just as much as everybody. But Connie is a B I met a IP on burden but anyways so. He's not number one number one is Stan is the number one name you know everyone's like. You know why are you talking rusting and why are you writing invest in what's going on with Stan. And so where we stand with standard as far as we know. Is that. The cardinals and the giants that we have been reported that they have made formal offers to the Marlins for Stan. And the offers that base throughout there or that we saw actually involved useful players and why say that. Is because. If the Red Sox the Red Sox best avenue to getting Stanton isn't with useful players. It would money. It's way of doing why the Marlins said that they wanted to do which is UE is much money as possible to get to a certain point in their payroll. And end. I'll say it again once say the people I talked to the GM meetings they said or what would it take to get stay in if you ate the majority of the money. These are not not hardly any players you can't you can't have both. Slides I disagree I've heard I've read that I heard you say that I couldn't disagree more strongly you're talking about a guy with sixty home run power. Who was the face of their franchise who day. You know made this huge commitment to. And meet with the understanding for their fans they're gonna build around him and all of that and even though even if their fans where I'm sure realistic enough to know that he was not gonna see the end of that deal. To turn around and just Al him like I European soccer transfer and not gat. Reject prospects in legit players in return even if somebody quote unquote eats all of his money eat when you say. You make it sound like a guy who's past his prime is terrible now if he worried it's a good contract and you're. I mean lit well let me let me raise their contract you would get if he gets 88 there conflict exactly add I don't think it's a good contract but it is a fair contract and what he would get on the open market. And so how can you to bend say just take money and you won't have to give up players. I just don't do it after you would have to give up players but we're doesn't you know ought to mean you don't have Theodore was jet plane would have to give up but maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm totally wrong this is what they're saying it's. But if you take on the majority of the money may be all the money that he would have to your clubs in to Bogart's in Jackie Bradley and Jason Guerrero you know so. And I don't know where it lands maybe it's happening you have to give up a couple of those guys. I don't know. But the Red Sox clear Lee's best avenue because they don't have a lot of players to give up now if they don't so they're best avenue to get this guy. Is to eat the money more so than Saint Louis is it Cisco and we don't leaving notes in won't accept the trade. The boss and that's the other part of it would you give up and sending in a different. Straight up. Well no it would have you dent Andy and other stuff. Any Ben and send the prospect of another player's back. I think so now I'll be they would. I'll leave it would at all near minaret sucked down the Red Sox and a I think the Red Sox looking better and candy as you know a guy who's going to be a star you as a rookie year he he's going to be controllable for a long time because. Yeah I almost guarantee you when because another part of that is that they wanna keep guys like him who was he controllable as long as possible. It is one of the things he talked about was the extensions yet and it's not only extensions were bad some potentially Bogart offense we Bradley. But it's sale. It's the old you have to have a pitching staff you have to and by the way David Price may not opt out you know CI AB you may be on the hook for the rest and I and also you have to find. Either you either you have to bite the bullet and sign resigning closer after next year or find a new closer yet that's another one. And they don't have their farm system. Is all low low levels I mean. There is a lot of answers at the top of the top of the heap here now AAA. And end this was you know this is a complaint all along that Tim brows ski in very short order. Had taken one of the deepest farm systems in the game and turned it into one of the shallowest in the game especially at the top admirals and that. Limits you any when you're trying to trade for a guy potentially like Stan but B if you're just looking for cheaper replacements you know to be able to fill in for gas. 6177797937. Eric employment how you doing Eric. They guys or go to a particular user well. Thank you that you I got so under the cutie Martinez care about what the other worked out well get him. The main reason is with John Carlo what delicate immediate picture by subtraction Gillick the art it or abetted and you're never quite got right deputy year. So then I need to get one of the best bat. In the lead immediately you know ever whatever park. Are you gonna have to give up some analysts do Betsy Markey as you preclude the bat a district with a birdie birdie oh home runs perfectly straight years now. It took a little bit to develop but it disguised pretty legit yeah it's like Tweety what I think the year. Yeah add him in this light up as it is I think that they or their effort to put in the short odds ought you know it with the pieces are out of the. Well yes or let me ask you this Eric. So John referenced this the contracts in confidence so we'll be okay Kiev in view of some forced him that this push that aside. That nine was it nine is it nine years or ten years that he's committed the rest time and in its ten if you include and I had years and years it let's say around thirty million years yeah right around there. Ted years ten years thirty million year. This say they JD barred T news is you're doing it about. Know five or six years slate Mimi slightly under thirty million a year you know 25 to 27 whatever it is. Which is the which is the guy the which is the guy that you want. That I would say that the general acute stint through the years younger than Martins. Yeah right I'm a huge advantage I mean come down to back articles it. I just because a he he's a better hitter anyway. And it all runs. But then I mean so I think stand contract I don't think it's really elect as well beyond it got the rights they each is you get a contract is going to be an easy duty at the end there at 38 and he could still in passing seasons and I. Right because they'll be magic 45 or twenty year daddy so I'm not too low ball contract I guess we're gonna be shot away well. The thing that is is fact that you know we're I think without it Peter Bennett turn the war effort not ordered that's got to hear me. And I wanna keep that he's likely to be just go to power back in the middle why are we out. I think that would be better particularly pizzas to act it. Yeah. I don't disagree at thanks for the caller I don't disagree. In the mark right keys options seemed like a decent one a couple of things though is that. Will really one thing I come back to the position. With a position I think that people are released surfacing in in talking about Jed Martinez has a choice. And this is a guy who's played the outfield. Is. Is I guess the same at the outfield. Oh OK and I know they have the analysts social probably last an OK but. You know I talk to date nag and he thought he was perfectly fine yet he's supposed to be pretty sub par I think. Yeah well again like we've got left field and this is this is yeah this is why it the guy who if if maggot newsroom on this guy he says he's fine and I think he's fine like that Jason Bay thing when everyone's that I can't play outfield. I watched him he was fine left heel that that way yes. So if the guy is gonna play outfield you have to move some parts around. I just can't see your guy like T Martina saying I'm gonna sign here could be a full time DH. At thirty years old. Does does that mean if it's clear he didn't like two and a million bucks he mine I guess you know that's also do they wanna pay that much for a full. I know they shouldn't and I am with you I mean. I liked JD Martinez when I thought you're looking at like six and 150 something might bat. And maybe that's what he ends up getting I know Boris has put it at 200 you know to start yeah. So six of 150 vs ten and 300 to me that made sense I understood that. If it gets him the closer gets 200 less. You know the last compelled I would feel from the Red Sox to be and a so we'll have to see where the market takes him in and we've talked about this before too you have that. You among gets free agent class multiple free agent class is coming in the next couple years so why you and they rushed necessarily yeah. I don't buy that though I don't like that I don't like that argument because you are saying well why you know rush because you have Bryce Harper out there well so what. Mean if you have the guy you have the guys like the Edwin Encarnacion argument might well be yet the guy at the price you want. Maybe he's not quite as good player but he fits what you wanna do. Then don't get them yet but you're not I mean you're giving up. Players to get stand out that's the debts the differences Stanton and so that money if you spend it now you're not spent and would you rather have it's just. Flat out Stanton sharper in harper harper but there definitely are there and act so that and so I would say my money for that you know Agnes. I I distorted this to say on save all your money for that creating classes is going to be such a crapshoot and while still I mean guys to get resigned and then they're not on the market at all and then you have on this Monday people don't know the next year free agent class is insane I mean is. Like half the good players in baseball being a free agents and and I got to think that teams somebody's gonna get through that free agent market. A few players they just there's good teams are gonna run out of money in India and up. The event at the end of free agency but if I'm department aging and not creating class I synar. I don't care you know not harper may be. But the my conscience of the world there were some of these other guys I signed early I don't wanna deal with comp competing with all is that would. Guys for that money market. Yet but I mean the caliber of guys are talking about. You know whether it's the shot or harper or whoever else is there I mean somebody who can get screwed in the next couple years Bogart's he's playing himself out of we all assumed. He was a 200 million dollar player and he won't he's not a on nineteen by. You look at a guy like him and you before you would have guaranteed. He would have been right at the top of that class and if he doesn't you know. Pick up from the pick up the pay off to what he was a couple of years ago and start turning an actor accident and he's the kind of guy who connect up on the outside. It's good the first three months was in Borger it's going to be important because either was the hander was. And that that's what it comes down all right we go more segment ago on the hot stove show sponsored by Gould's distinctive clothing 617. 7797937. I should also make note because I'm gonna forget this of the emissions Aussie now. Reminder Butch Stearns. Tomorrow. Always a time honored tradition nine to noon from. Talking to all the people let all the Thanksgiving games it's a great great listen and tomorrow he just texted me. He's gonna beat Boston sports legend. Who was gonna reveal something about his high school face. I mean if that isn't professional tees I don't know what is can't wait night and noon tomorrow we'll be talking about wanna talk about the hall fame real quick when we come back. Because that became in the news and I'll make one last rants against the voters who I voted whereas. For the MVP. All right after this. I have a flight cost himself rocking good. I'm rob Bradford while John Voss and Mike Mansfield on assignment. We Cedric to talk about the hall of fame Joseph Morgan hall of Famer Joseph Morgan. So he emailed directly to Johnson mossy and a few under other people mow mostly to me mostly positive view as basically like. You were they the Mac guy like to join the mafia whatever royals CC BCC ID line off a BC. So go your rant was so tough and so here's why do I assume this so yes and Joseph Morgan emailed all hall. Fame voters including me Johnson mossy it was directed it was it was. Addressed to me dear John it's weird to you never sector companies are now I know actually I think they had by. In my home team now I can't beat anyway you'll not get health benefits because he'd protect yeah I think thankfully commitment to map but anyway. So he just says basically all us cross seal hall of famers don't like you guys vote for Sarah people anymore attitude began. You know OK fine you can feel that way and I know a lot of people of immediately jumped on everyone in the seventies did amphetamines what's the difference. I think there's a difference you know I it's. What steroids did to guys and that changed who they were amphetamines. You know you what you were what you were on amphetamines are hustled Miller manic or whatever it out yet and you weren't is tired okay fine. My issue with that letter was that it came from the hall of fame. And the hall of fame refuses to take a position on the steroid guys so to me this is gutless it's like you leave their. Tell us not to vote for them your selves. Or you tell us that eat your leave and it in our court you know there there. To me it is a complete like abdication of their responsibility decide if these guys to be on you want them in your Holler not. Like we are the voters but it's your all of thing you tell us what you want and the fact that it's sort of like. Will let Joseph Morgan he only speaks for himself but it's from the hall of fame but we're not gonna tell you what to do. It's like you take a stand you've left this ball and our court for way too long the hall of fame Major League Baseball whoever they need to take a stand if these guys are on the ballot. Then I'm gonna vote for them however IC. You've got to either take them off the ballot you have to take a stand they're not do that's weird I know that they all fame sort of sidled up they'll Morgan on us. Yeah I mean that they email came from the hall and city may have approached them and said. I wanna set is still they can say hey you know you do this on your round yeah and so the fact that it's coming from them means that bear like. You know their tacitly. Approving it sanctioning it. But they're still not taking that extra step. To say yea or nay on whether we should be voting for days since I am not a hall of fame voter if you knew that I I was I ate I knew that you weren't in this special club that I men but I couldn't remember which or would view forget do you. Clemens and bonds I vote for. So the only steroid guy right now that I'm not gonna vote for is Manning because Manny to me. By how many times do you get busted in what he got busted so many times because he clearly didn't give a you know why. And if he didn't care enough to not even go through the motions of trying not to get cot multiple times why should I then turn around and were in reward that so. You know I reserve the right to change my mind on that one but for right mama no on Manny because that clause about. Guy character and all that kind of stuff in eighty you just can't get busted that we anytime. We talked a little bit about last night Jay Jaffe had a mile was view he has this formula job iris house and he says Scott role in the hall of famers so. And we that you really lies in them now okay so that's stupid because. Because. I'll go back to my fail safe and I don't know how you pick apart this which is dominance in the air you talk about dominance you have to show some dominance at some point. And Scott Rolen and IE whether you wanna say top ten top fifteen MVP voting yes but I think it's a good one because it shows dominance in that error at the stats changed but. The perception of dominance doesn't Scott Rolen just never was ever on now I think. Allen is so stupid and that's where we've totally lost sight MR run and at a time maybe we should have started this by. The Bill James thing where he ripped apart war. And said that the thing that everyone has lost sight of his where are not linking war to actual wins it's become so theoretical it's about well if you have this many runners on second and you should score this many runs and if you should score a hundred runs the only score is seventy well we're still gonna give you a credit for the hundred. And so Rolen to meet these straits Muzak kind of player like. It's fine his war is tied were really we have we have reduced hall of fame voting to war totals and it drives me. Freaking crazy to you I'm sure you know this is you brought it up Scott Rolen has one top five finish in the MVP voting and I think he had like. Two or three in the top twenty the act guys all of Famer now he's not know any and you can't even do the whole like. You know the argument that. Well he didn't play in big markets are deeply for the Phillies he played for the cardinals. He played on a well known teams you know post season teams so spare me. And also in their defense would be which is doesn't work either their defense as well the human element the writers radiates from the writers are well I'm sorry no. Because yes I as I am gonna point out two seconds the writers who were voting a lot of Maurice in the a lot of them don't do due diligence. But when a guy things is either at the top ten you're talking about whether he finishes second third fourth or fifth for sex. Late if you're a top ten or even top fifteen you had a dominant year you just stated no but that's that's irrefutable. So. If you can take in the Dallas through the war thing. Under the pivot to my mind caught my false bomb ball star my MVP voting American League MVP voting. Once again war is being used. All up and down this is the be all end all war. What is it good for nothing absolutely now. Mike Trout does not deserve to be the MVP he played in a 114. Gates it's not hard though. On that voting criteria. Look it up it's worth the Google we run an Atlanta. They vary you know I Simpson pots though so maybe it we missed right and ask you will be back next week I look forward steam again. Patio day excellent excellent job thank you to all our guest Jon Lester the OS team David Ortiz Jason start in my forgetting anyone. Who else. Frank Wren depending on what should put it at which segment you're talking about Turkmen and crystal audio experience for thank you helping out in the interviews. Johns the monster of course for coming in and please everyone please drive drive safe safe and sound. Tonight it's it's a lot of fun but the risky proposition. Get to those high school football games in one piece and you can listen. Nine at noon tomorrow Butch Stearns. Great listen to keep track of everything that's gone on the high school gridiron. I still show will be back next week I'm rob Bradford along with two on the Monte have a great and happy Thanksgiving bad about ten dollar coming up right now.