Midnight Morons; Harvy Weinstein; Celtics and IT's comments. 10-12-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, October 12th

In the final hour Alex has his midnight morons segment focused on why the women released the Miami Dolphins O-Line coach taking drugs. Alex also talks about the recent comments made by Isaiah Thomas about Danny Ainge. 


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Talk Sports Radio telling. I let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late night on Sports Radio telling you. Yeah. I hear Leon. First four hour show without a replay. No no 1 o'clock our best out here know now we're flying straight to the act. We needle energy or gonna do profile are gonna tackle cocaine. Can't do Coke of course. On the air. But we can talk about in May be we'll get a little energy. Chris Forster of course is the former dolphins offensive line coach. The viral video actually but never got to ask you now like it opened to break let's let's play got momentarily to set it up if that's not too much of a pain here. They're Criss Forster of course former dolphins of offensive line coach. Viral video. Filmed himself snorting cocaine in the dolphins facilities. It was released Sunday nights and I is doing it before meeting he's whispering to this. This model who he wants to impress this motto he's carrying on this guy extramarital. Affair west. And that's few weeks the video. She leaks the video hits it goes wild it's the biggest during the country for a few hours Monday morning I'll Forster loses job of course the most amazing to me about him. Is he was paid two and a half million dollars a year. To be the offensive line coach for the dolphins and does the whole culture of coaches in general Tim house of accidents on pain and see on Monday these guys to stay until midnight 1 AM 2 AM Tim really just pound their chests. Insane they're doing an hour more dedicated and you were staying later than you liar. Oz so that's what Chris Forster is doing here really on just such crazy and wild NFL coach and such a workaholic so what am I gonna do. I only historic Coke before meetings and wild and crazy. Into it and send these videos to this model here Keon deny age I want yet. So bad I am in snort Coke. So just totally wild. Totally bonkers now as I mentioned he resigns. Probably go way per year. We'll probably work in the NFL again I believe. These guys don't go away forever little does he think he should. Go wait for amber or like yeah I did Coke. In the team facility not greats Dockery one or midnight more on on Monday and I think deservedly so. Bob but I mean I did Coke. Yeah granted team facility not the place to do in. You know players spot doing code they're suspended so I guess you look at the double standard and say well outcome coaches but I know in general. In general this is more. Embarrassing and anything else anchor Chris Forster is very embarrassing. Especially when you find out the story behind. Why it was released. So this model. Keon and nine age did a little bit talking on Monday. At least some statements spoke to some members of the press said she. Ratted out Forester because dies. In dealing movement in the hypocrisy at the end of the aux of course dolphins owner Stephen Ross. Send and he expects his players to stand during a National Anthem now. Eyes so Keon denied says on Monday. That she week to this tape. Because it was a stand against the kneeling movements that we we have that we so reread here's the tape that of course has gotten everyone's talking. On an item back Poland sacked once act right so. The tape you know Chris forresters snorting real creepy whispering sweet nothings to Keon denied. Okay. So she was on damn undeterred show. Wednesday. And good friend to station them amateur and was asked more questions why did you week out this video why did you do it. And well. Here's our answer and it's not like crazy C said she did it's. To make a statement about social justice and out sounds weird whites or listen to and decide for yourself. To be completely honest with you guys that they did it mean. And my best. So even if you've been and then video but beyond that that you guys even if he didn't and then video. You're going to be exposed because we needed big. How do we have a line that can't pay millions to be a leader. Or team. You know and dorm below where we can't act people that don't want there to put you do know that flag. Yeah I mean LA and like it does make it. Not bad not bad so originally you hear a case that he's doing is to get revenge for the kneeling really that's weird. How does not do it best. But you heard her talk. You say yeah a way to the dolphins ownership. Saying you gotta stand out here. Chris Forester coach you know wanting to stand. In yet you feel comfortable enough doing blowing the team facility what's. What's so she says that you can get huge if you. Are doing as he can get away with this than player should be allowed to deal don't victim don't don't don't vilify players. You don't have your house and orders that he say now like that she says this had to come out. Poor Chris forced air heat she used him as upon it wasn't this video is going to be something else she is get exposed and anyway. Next question is is there any personal animus. Between Keon and nines in Forster and of course this was all about a social statement there was a personal animus as well here. This is not cut number twos that we have Ironkey on explaining why she leaked out news media. But keeping that are actually he's started out situation learning me from the very beginning and at home. Why his. Into he's coming at very kids. He's currently that he was married but that he was still hard. And he has yet parliament the Miami Heat that it right in my president like trying to keep it there. And I hurt even invited nods yeah it means at my best for our and with known in my Amy let it kinda. So it's that the fact that he tried to lie. The major rain then on top of that you are sure look at it get paid knowing. So is many a reason it's on top of that after he's in the video you probably you know came offices trial there. After we as a video he he kind of hurt me. In case and that exposes information. All right so wasn't purely a social stand from Keon and nice he felt wronged by disguise so they met. September 17 she said that week and the dolphins are in Los Angeles playing a chargers only a month long relationship and skies are already saying moved to Miami I wanna be with you I mean people. That what people would do as well as Mark James did say appear lusting after someone. Noticed he wild wild things you lose your mind. You lose your mind like this coat video which we do you have now. I just love hearing as 'cause it's it's a good it's a good luck in two. What what must he do what re easy things can do to your mind it can cause of football coach making two and a half million a year net to do stuff like desks. It didn't miss the action. And we can do in this cricket. He is. Push the recurrence of Christian compassion and her. Should. Bush. And keen and urged. It's me who's the club but. Just the your marriage to do it can pitch. It's it's it's. Less than it. She. Should. Prepare. Us partners. So hey gal now Keon and night also say ninth on the damn I'm returns show that forced air used her as a cocaine platter. Like to snort cocaine offer body. Knowledge and now this doesn't I'm I'm not Coke guys really sound doesn't appeal an amoeba how as a sexual at all like the viewer to receive that video. And of a crazy with the team this hot crazy girl isn't it though it was. Sending you videos of herself snoring in whispering Madonna do anything for you. I don't think so you don't think it could maybe yeah I've never done that video I can't. Day pressure yet but makes you do is crazy things it doesn't Tonya blasted to sickness. Makes you crazy things even ice in times in my texting someone comic Alex your public person. Mean really what these leak. I'm dead and it's only a matter time before something like this leaks from me. Which is why I'm fine make it on a Mark James didn't last night it's story for the site you know we did you gotta do it. But yeah we all of the skeletons to an extent though I'm not sure quite like this not your many of us are doing poke in the work despite. Stale love plasticky making you crazy things. You know month long relationship with this with this with this model. You say moved to Miami. Be with me and they come. Come line but she says it had to be done seizes the video had to be leaked to point out the double standard. And you know it we're going to be deep about it she doesn't appoint even look at the fact that showcasing your rich white guy. And you can do Coke and a team facility in not fear repercussions. But we have. African Americans arrested you know five times the rate of white Americans for drug use marijuana use he'd know statistics show they don't use. And any greater rates so if you want. To grant. Keon and Niger her points or you can do that you can say yeah outside the little solely on the surface that year. Releasing expert racial justice and to make a point but look at a deeper into it he doesn't tour with. Our good pal Jim Leavitt argued today and you say. Maybe she hasn't maybe she has a point so Chris Forester. Out of the news already getting out of there Keon denied having the last word like I said I think he goes away for a bet. I don't think he's back in the NFL next year but. He'll be in a year so don't go away go to rehab maybe you know poker I'm not sure what he'll deal by deal go away do something you'll be back. He'll be back in I. I would I would give him a second chance why now why I mean how could that go to. It is yes to an app million dollars for an offensive line coach as well it is also easy to me. We offensive line coaches are breaking into and out Mel. That's awesome for them it's awesome for them Mino replaced him I'd goosby Steve who glee on whatever his name is a guy who got fired here a couple of years ago. So there's that 61777979837. Coming up next they do you wanna get into you does Harvey Weinstein story a little bit. I guess everybody looks. And now the story is not solely about Harvey Weinstein but about his enablers and a couple of. Boston acting legends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon or smack dab in the middle. Of this nasty story we'll talk about that next WEEI late night continues on after us. Kirk and Callahan. Breaking news John Farrell will not return as manager of the Boston Red Sox her team. John Farrell is out out so writing and tell him run again and hit. Gutsy call or error. Gerry Callahan morning spiked thirty detail on Sports Radio 937. WEEI and WEEI dot com Bostick and because we. Is for losers back to more with Alex Raymer and late night Sports Radio can't wait TI yeah. Continuing on. Blue real core hours and no replay knowing. And you meet defended the collars. But I don't quietly programs. Detects I'm really enjoyed Daniel and are really lots and lots eleven attacks. People San attacks sign read the tax no. Into it enough abuse again on the phone mind EMI Twitter feed. Turn off the text machine be nicer. My save space. 6177797937. I want to get the story last night we did not. Have enough time doing it here tonight it's been a huge topic on the station all week especially current ally and in. Obviously throughout the country I know joking matter Harvey Weinstein just the revelations that Margaret tests by the day. I New York Times last week that they expose day actually one week he guarded today. New Yorker earlier this week it went beyond sexual harassment it went to sexual assaults went to reap in some cases just really. Viles DOS and dies the at The New Yorker obtained Ronan Farrow broke the story which is interesting on a number levels of course it is history in. He says NBC news spike the story which has run and for our as a correspondent for NBC news and of course. You know that just goes the enabling storyline which is a big Parton is increasingly becoming a big part. Of Harvey Weinstein but to get the idea of just how creepy this is and how. Topology it just how untoward this is guy here's a little bit of that tape which I was obtained it in New York police sting operation in point fifteen. Model amber Gutierrez was sent on a sting operation to visit Weinstein. And he admits that he freely groups when he tried to grope her and take a listen to this it's beyond creepy. What we have today. Being an immunity challenge is there. The bar now he must. Please I want nothing to me. Thought I don't come easily get it was a kind of aggressive trying to do what I need to know person and you have to live. Thing I don't like losing these things where I've just didn't mean to embarrass you lose. Back on its. Leases. We want it. Please I don't want to have something I don't want to go to. Here it is and it's fair it's. You don't hear rumors news and honest I think he plays. What is the ball and it's. Not gonna do anything this were my children. And everything. Remain very confident. Let me ask me now. And one minute if you wanna do when it comes to my wife isn't very touch screens he's searches more venues and so. Yeah you get it to her and this guy is a total creeping me it sounds like demonic in his voice you can tell right I mean just. Just demonic acts like Nivins plants. Bill Cosby asked Roger Ailes dual Eileen what's sickening two ways. In new Yorker story by Ronan Farrow. Wind today eighty and I 8080 I think an accuser. Says that Weinstein once bragged to her that he does not to dried his girls like bill con has been. Like that's how sick and twisted as I he big wearing it as a badge of honor like yeah. I can sexually assaulting my girls when they're not passed out. I'm Hattie you bell. And then also speaks to media neighboring Iran bill Cosby's the fact that that was such a well known secret that stayed quiet up until a couple years ago. And that's a the more the story continues in the more revelations we get it becomes. About the name about the enablers as. Everybody knew. Ben Affleck is she's a statement expressing sadness. Then actors throws me down in accuser fires back got him. G dammit he tweets in his direction. I told him to stop doing. You said that to my face. The press conference. Was made to go to after assault you lie. So what's he saying is that McGowan says she told Affleck about the abuse about the her harassment. Now blacks that I told him to stop doing. We Dowd says he said that to my face you lot. Now Affleck never responded to rose again. He did respond to groping allegations. That actress Hilary Burton. Says that Ben Affleck touched her breasts. When he went for a high gun total request live in the early two thousands now tonight's another accuser or make up artist. At the Golden Globes in 2004. Says Affleck grabbed her ass. So Ben Affleck is dirty as well. A liar and he's dirty is well I think obviously knew about Harvey Weinstein given how often they weren T there. I just don't get sexual or browsers are stumped if you're an apple. Can sleep with you it's a little Lotta women. A lot of women you don't have to try that hard they're lining up for. What do you doing grabbing the rest. I'm a random actress on total request live or grabbing the ass and make up artist at the 2004 Golden Globes. What do you deal. It's purely a power must be right I mean I can't imagine it's anything else it has defeated yeah he's you know he said they couldn't get anyone they want. It is I'm famous I get away with this in New York in saint that a boxing great saves Goodling and Barbara wanted to fat pay a guy. And it's as amazing as a white flat demand is sad that those kids can market out also ever get a real good counseling camp. I'm if they can't work it out then I don't know there's hope for us now famous to get married so. Affleck looks bad he knew about it and condensed and as a sexual harasser himself. And we know about his Brothers while Casey. Matt Damon as well issues another statement after this comes out saying he's disgusted behaviors to arable blob blob why well. Former New York Times reporter Sharon Waxman says Matt Damon caught ridiculous story in 2004. About Weinsteins. Sexual harassment in a sexual assault. Russell Crowe and Matt Damon according to Sharon Waxman called her to kill the story you know four in the story never ran. Matt Damon did respond to best and he says he remembers it differently he says Weinstein told in the New York Times was running a negative story. Abouts and Italian director. Who runs near Mars Italian office when a Weinsteins companies he was involved let. To Damon set I simply called to dodge the direct. Weinstein told me there was a negative story coming out in New York Times about Miramax in Italy about the movies so. I called to dodge the specific director outside Damon remembers it Waxman says there is more within. We're gonna expose them for being a sick perverted big daddy is and you called this to kill it ousted Russell Crowe and I totally believe. I totally believe that all these accusers it's the same story or similar story. They feared going public. Because a a lot of them it's embarrassing messes with you mentally all that but they also fear of the retribution. Of the Weinstein legal team going after them a Weinstein blacklisting them from high would a Weinsteins buddies like Matt Damon like Russell Crowe trying to stop it trying this you know muzzle the reports trying to prove the reports are on. Question their credibility question or character they were just afraid. Of the Weinstein machine which it seems like Matt Damon was very much a part of you know I go to Brad Pitt Gwyneth Paltrow course. This is the amazing thing to it's been famous actresses when it cultural Angelina Jolie. Judd Apatow now. Saying they were victims of Weinsteins as well. Brad Pitt was dating Gwinnett County in the mid ninety's when she was 22 in that she was. Harassed by Weinstein. On who she says put the moves on her at the peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel. Brad Pitt apparently confronted Weinstein pouter says Som somewhere and sit tight. Take your hands off my girlfriends. Hot so Brad Pitt confronts Weinstein says take my hands off my girlfriend. We as a go public with it he doesn't go public with Angelina Jolie says she warned other women in the industry not to work with Weinstein. But she doesn't go public with that either. That's the amazing thing clearly tied to people knew about the S clearly I mean Angelina Jolie glad pal throughout. I'm not victim blaming and I'm not saying needed 88 serve responsibility for us now. But I'm saying it's amazing that somebody. If that was Angelina Jolie how come one of the women who she told to stay away from Weinstein never went public. How come Brad Pitt never went public. Ben Affleck I mean go on down the line you read his reports there work. What level assistants who were set up as honey pots toward these young female actors is until late night in weekend meetings with Harvey Weinstein. And then it would leave the room leave the conference trim in we Weinstein who leave the hotel room and leave him alone with these women. So yeah of all these assistants working at the Weinstein Co. you know about it executives know about it. And yet nobody tells the press. Nobody tells the press. An amazing thing is so that tape that the Yorker obtained that run and Farrell would obtained. From the New York police sting operation in 2815 they had an active case against winds. And they dropped the district attorney Cyrus Vance dropped it interestingly enough. Cyrus Vance received campaign contributions from one of winds these attorneys. Perhaps that's why dropped. And since ours and by the way I'm real geeks I know this there was that case involving Donald Trump junior and a bucket trump. What they're misrepresenting their prices to their SoHo Condo units. They're accident investigation into them a few years ago and also drop that case perhaps not so Quentin Donnelly. The Trump's personal lawyer mark Kelso it's as a big time campaign donor to Cyrus Vance as well. So the question is what's going on. In the New York City district attorney's office seems like a lot of rich white people a lot of rich people in general. Are getting away with a lot of bad banks and of course viewers that Harvey Weinstein here so how come nobody went public. How come the people into the Agile we told Brad Pitt confronted him after he went after Gwyneth Paltrow nobody went public here Seth MacFarlane. Says that Jessica Bart confided in him in 2013. After Weinstein chased her around the hotel room. And Seth MacFarlane. Creator of Family Guy was hosting the Oscars and when he their team and actually told they Weinstein joke. And it got laps. Here it is. The 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role far. Sally Field in Lincoln. Anne Hathaway in layman's Iraq. Jacki Weaver in silver linings playbook. Helen Hunt in the sessions. And Amy Adams in the master. Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. So everybody is laughing. Released a lot of people think. Which does he got a lot of people there that night muted joked. They knew exact it would set McMoran was referring to. And yet nothing. The story stayed silent for years after 2013 while ago. Unbelievable to. Un believable to median naval. And the fact that everybody seems to be an honest and I'm sorry enough people knew Seth MacFarlane told a joke at the Oscars nick got laughs. This was a known thing around highway I am convinced. And nobody spoke up nobody none of the men. And women who heard about it's nobody's nobody's said anything. Why is it says a lot about our culture it dies you read the Carling accounts. One woman in New York article one actress said that she'd been had consensual. Sex with Weinstein after the assault because it's cheap Alex he kind of had to do it to protect her career and said she was afraid of coming forward can she got that Weinstein that there that backed out there in power wire and name and so just. Really nasty stuff and tons of people knew about it I am convinced and nobody went public with that to the press nobody dead. It's very very sad waits to tie it a little bit here a Bosnian. Boston sports. Tom Warner we know worked for years and executive producer with a cause Michelle and Bill Cosby in Kirk yes as a slot and some good points. Did Warner now and Tom Warner know about Bill Cosby. I mean Harry Harvey Weinstein knew about the cause he bragged about not writing is girls like Bill Cosby drug says. Stuff football cause me any sort of operation around him like Harvey Weinstein dead. Pardon me to believe that Tom Leonard. And Tom Warner did now. And joining about it again be enabling enabling we see and this isn't about politics is about. Democrat donations it's about just the culture of enabling a culture of power and it's. Aided in its unfolding. Full blast. 617779797. Whip in the car wants to sound now fondness with what's going on. So Alex I don't know if you saw that desperate time like he didn't it sound like a lot of people haven't. Because they're coming down on Matt Damon you make that maybe yesterday saying that you'd sit on their. You know. Rip it the other thing about what the guy and Italy are you an Italian director and yeah right. So then Waxman who wrote the the original story in the times right yup. She tweeted out yesterday that he endorsed the game and I'll. Endorse this statement saying that you would not informed. But it is just calling. I knew grocers say on that story and not because they had APN Bill White scene because they had happened do it that other guys the assistant U. So why I. Pointing that out or did you just not see that she tweeted that out yesterday that she indoors is its denial that he didn't know. Yacht now hearing got a year right at your legacy it now I endorse Matt Damon statements he called me briefly was informed their city have been. An investigative aspect of the peace yeah okay. So yeah I didn't see dot. That's a bad job by meager job by you but here's my question do you think that Matt Damon had no idea at all about what Weinstein is up to given what we know about it. Just about how how many people dealing how much of amateur and open secret this appeared to be. But Alex given what we know about Matt Damon is Matt Damon ever done anything that would implicate that you had lied about something like this. I mean Ben Affleck he yeah applauding. Players show that he would lie about it or just sleeping on her right Matt Damon. You can't lump those two get together just because they wrote the saints screenplay doesn't mean there have the same values and. And go about things the same way. Yeah now wecht that's a good that's again I can't buy you thanks for the call I've not seen that many other places but Yasser. Sharon Waxman did endorse. Team and statements but I don't I mean just seems. Just seen little sketchy to me out are now I mean eating eating you work with Weinstein a lot like Damon dead. Mean again people were setting up meetings company executives I mean Watson people went on this need to know about it. I don't I don't know what does it just seems it seems off fishy to me AFLAC certainly in another league and he needs a dealing with his own accusations himself now. Hobby it just speaks the total enabling culture. We have it really dies in its in its its people get away this all the time it's Roger Ellis bill Reilly it's our president Donald Trump. Twelve accusers in counting. It's too mossy sad with much earlier tonight rich white guys that trump Weinstein Alice O'Reilly go on down the line. And it it only gets worse. It is the culture of enabling females males Democrats Republicans as well we have and it's being unraveled in high would. As we speak eyes so as the story continues. The focus stays on Harvey Weinstein yes. But now it becomes also largely about his enablers or you could say in this case even. His co conspirators. 617779797. I do see a Celtics call on the board. One a dual celtics' next to wrap things up because Isaiah Thomas I thought made some. Interesting comments to Sports Illustrated. About how angry is about Danny Ainge and allied think the trade was a good one for the Celtics Irving for Thomas. I could totally see IT's frustration or wrap things up with that next WEEI. Who can sleep when there's so much Boston sports to talk about BC's Alex Roemer. And late night by a Sports Radio WEEI. It is going to be an insurance thing. When the cavs and Celtics. Kicked off the season next to be as accurate next week next Wednesday nerves went. Wednesday day the burger thing that's right six days from now will be on the air for summit at the end Celtics counts. It's going to be wild Isiah Thomas spoke to Sports Illustrated. This week there NBA preview not happy about the trade. Pretty obvious he wasn't his press conference everything else is where Tribune SA feels betrayed by. Risen to agent SI saying quote I might never talked to Danny again. That might not happen I'll talk to everybody else but the Celtics. What he did knowing everything went through. You don't do you not that's not right. I'm not saying F you but every team in the situation. As Audi or two later and says we made a mistake. That's what they'll say to. None of it made any sense it still doesn't make any sense I'm still asking what the hell happened. At the trade you make an NBA to pack. It's not a treaty make in real life. Isiah Thomas going off on Danny Ainge saying everything he went there of course a sister dies. A car accident the night before the playoffs began he plays plays well. Point your hip injury. That jump broken tooth gave the Celtics is blood sweat and tears for the playoffs last year. And then they trade him to Cleveland and and traded Cleveland in the process is gonna be an issue of your medical's snagged going to be portrayed as damaged goods for a week. Have fun with that. I think it was the right trade the Celtics to make I take carrier ring ours over Isaiah Thomas any day. Special with a hip problems. By. I can see why Isaiah Thomas would be pissed off and it's certainly seed. Branded and Boston want to sound off on this Brandon what's going on. So I completely agree all not many I bought daring thing Irving 120 its ally MO act truly great trick. But comic have to understand is kind of surprising that the guy illustrated why you like a matter of a couple of years before he straightened out and you should know that businesses. That the NBA more than anybody. In our top of that. He seems to forget the fact that if Guinea can bring him to Boston. He probably isn't who we used today isn't going to be paid under just 3850. Million dollars a year when he asked racetrack and all this money which is what he's gonna get paid because he was brought the box. I so you know he can complain all you want but what is good if again. People understand that he's done and that he'll be happy when he makes money. Yes did you wanna be on this team indeed what is it seemed sure but it's not your Cinderella. There are brand you can understand now and I get all that you can understand why is it Thomas it's a way to meant I was here from the ground floor. But the Celtics backup but do contender my sister dies the night before the playoffs I play I played there about hip I played through to you know bad dental issues. And this is why it thanked me I mean it's a business aspect you don't understand how Isaiah could feel a little betrayed. No actually this no it why don't act terrible weight but you know treatment get out never gonna go down perfectly. There my dad and he's got guys. All I don't want Sergio high on my hip I also want match money to stay here for whatever market China is well. Acquittal would I want to stick or kill our organizations to. You know LeBron documentary. Married atop complex being hip and they do their best Mateen and would understand that come. Whatever time down the road is the best decision made each spectator too emotional over hopefully over and currently being here's their whole situation with Allen went over it. Who knows nothing same kolbe. M and banks are Conning Guinness on this topic as they did want again to somebody can do it here. And responds to Thomas he said the ESPN you know trades and a hard part of the job. I know there's a lot of feelings that go on when these type of things happen I was a player that was treated twice. So I understand his sentiments you guys know how much I love Isiah he's a great kid and I wish him the best I mean this a case or again I understand both sides appeared to any change. We have to be concerned about improving the Celtics and Isiah Thomas and about have knocked me back to January possibly. This is a win for the Celtics not just for the future but for this year is well I think on paper they are just as good. If not better than Cleveland I mean you look at that council at its and it's LeBron James in the decrepit for its Derek Rowe is its decrepit nineteen now. You know Kevin Love at his injury problems it's a it's an old din. Borderline feeble cavaliers team it's especially if things don't break their way this season so. I love the trade the Celtics and loved it down I love it now. But I can cross the sea as they as frustration continues like man you now I'm loyal to this organization. I give them all I have. And sister dies appoint the next day play great. Played through pain in the playoffs. And this is the thanks I get traded just the way it went down to you when it's not celtics' ball that's Cleveland's fault as well with. I lose hung out to drive publicly in his Healthways openly questioned her almost a week. Was the biggest sports story in the country nonstop day after day Isiah Thomas went from a superstar to damaged goods just like that snap of the fingers. You go back Thomas is poised to be an essay that was published last month. He called the whole situation a good lesson forum he says it taught him that there's no wild scene in sports. And that Spansion expect players to be oil and owners and teams aren't loyal and he is exactly right. He's exactly right now I mean it was sports or business books. As we wind sports are business. But yet there's a double standard you know players are expected to be far more awhile then team's owners and general managers watch. Why doesn't make any sense. No it all the punishment ever directive for going right until state for taking a better job. But what he thought it was a better job now he can say if you are now opposition when you stay with Westbrook I mean sure. But bottom line is that mean you guys should be vilified for taking a better job right wouldn't you what most of us do the same thing so absolutely it's a great point. Look at Kevin Durant in Isiah Thomas actually reference Kevin Durant. Is perjured B it is players Tribune S is saying I was thinking about that last year Acadia and his free agency. How people GeMS such a hard time doing when he felt was best for him and his future and they turned him into a villain. Just for doing was his right to do as a freeagent in this league so we have a ways to gal. Again and it all comes down to I think a little bit this athletes they make millions display any kids games he got to be thankful when this is a business this is ruthless. And the Celtics again and every right to be ruthless here this was a good trade for the Celtics Danny Ainge made the right call but I totally understand as there is frustration. I would be pissed off Aaron issues as well answer you can be human and frankly not be pissed off a little bit if you are in his position. And out went the you know for sure it's gonna be a hell of an NBA season it's going to be. Story lines bonanza here in Boston neat carrier Irving in these Isiah thing in. It all starts next Wednesday Celtics and cavaliers so. There haven't been there for hours of WEEI late night. Roemer after dark in the books wanna thanks everyone for calling tweeting texting all the participants knew that or else. I think I was just speaking into the switches not find so bad as always awesome job behind the glass here marathon shift in ten years. Then folks has been here since like 5 o'clock. 5 o'clock. AM. What speaking of which six empirical cal and at the air with trainee. I'll talk to next on late night on Monday I believe song Iran.