Mike Lowell joins Joe and Tim in the Booth. 05-25-18

Boston Baseball
Friday, May 25th
Joe and Tim are joined in the booth by new Red Sox Hall of Fame inductee Mike Lowell. They talk about his career with the Red Sox what being inducted into the Red Sox Hall Fame means to him. Mike also talks about how baseball has changed since he retired and what he has been up to since leaving the game. 

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We will lock up another one of the new Red Sox hall of famers Mike wolf 2007 World Series MVP well thank you joke sounds great but when you. But little descriptions afterwards it was executed. But without most deserve you at five years here at that so we've packed for every one of of course the big ring and 07. I was definitely special you know it feel like you come together as a group of spring training in. And you feel like you have something special you feel like the talents there you can compete with everyone. And when the expectations are high as festive place like Boston to be able to come through you know personally and as a group it's. It's something that's very hard to describe but it's so satisfying. Blown away to wouldn't want it. To make you play third base I think better than anyone I've ever seen here with that's a very good wins including you could box. Beltre for a year but. You wish somethings that you always want the ball hit the. I you know I I did it I'd say. Probably 95% of the time I want the ball hits me. Ground ball to first the easy play for Moreland steps on the back one hour special account like that I felt like that's low rollers. But a couple days when you know you get that misty rain and thirty degree weather and April maybe that's so much but I just. It took me awhile you know I've played the middle infield that high school college my whole career so I felt like. It's a very good two plus years in the minor leagues to really learn that angles at third base. And then I I just felt so comfortable there you know it it. It just fit right that what I was able to bring to the table and you know like I took a lot of pride in playing defense because I think come after the fire at least since I struggled defensively. You know a lot of the reports were we think he could hit the big east and Asher he could play defense so I think those motivating factor kind of try to. Prove people wrong you did it that your zip flowers the catcher taking ball one Tyler flowers. Takes a fastball for strike one and won some make you feel better like little gold Glover four time all star. Silver slugger winner relieve it of the you know. Parents who I have two kids that are currently that. And I know what does it genius Alex Alexa. And we get to know our spring training mostly in the spring training when one is I purple you have to spend little tundra feel Denver's third base structure. I did you know it in. And it's funny because before the ceremony yes they've forestry questions that he feels a grave and I was like what you think it devers at Wellesley man. I think I I still stick with Louis since returning he's ovals and and and the Zander Bogart and and even enter that attendees to a certain degree their product of their own gifted ability to hit you know they've been to the system so fast. That I learned a lot of third base by failing in the minor leagues. And when I was 21000 people you know so I almost have the freedom to make the states. And you know rap trio probably doesn't have so many more reps and what I did that's what you want but he's due to confront a lot more people at a much. You know more pressure packed situation so. I think with time as time goes on he's gonna feel more comfortable and understand what he does do it so. There's no panic but you know it for me I just. I feel like. It's ironic in the sense that sometimes you play better defense the better unit as a kind of you know kind of calms you down. So I just want to let you know lettuce town play out because he's he's going to be it could be really cute. Who grew over the first baseman Chad now are right feel like for you buy flowers at. That's gets too quickly only in the would single one on one out and be connected pokey with you that's pretty. Will drop to outline the record for mr. obvious movement I would love watching and MLB yeah you Winamp what about six to seven nights a bond. Sometimes yeah it is a ranges from you know three five in the post season I use it to a little bit more it. It's great you know that they treat me great I'm unable to you know stay in the loop and try to stay current with. You know that the the stats and all that the numbers game I think this has come such a long way. And and you want us you want to understand if you wanna really you know be able to break it down and understand why this is good why you know some numbers better than the other. But it also allows you have freedom there you know be with a cute to be at home so our outpost like I have the best of both worlds that I've been lucky in that sense but. But the exit velocity something I would love to have known Joe Brown I was Atlanta more more so mentally not now not to seal I hit this ball this harder. I think would you go into that you know one for twelve stretch. The American politics inside when I want you to would you go for that you know one for twelve stretch too for succeed where happens to everyone. If I could go back and look at say hey you know I hit the ball as hard as what you went eight for sixth team. I don't feel like would have felt the pressure to try to change something and and I it was a very big field guy. But you know your feelings start changing what you don't get the results so you know you'd like got any doubts they right now take a broken black bloop single reliant now. But really that's the swing you take that line now that your you know so that that that meant to argue though that information I think is what really helps guys. Kind of really hold it to what they're doing right and what they need to work on to the backstop for you coaching thing at the beastie. You have it it's winding down 20 lead and he's a middle school so. He was in seventh grade so he's on a six that eighth grade team it. I've helped out they they did all right they got the semifinals of their you know their apparently it. But he pitched really well he's gone through big growth spurt so he's in that. You know that that kind of awkward range where your ovals too tall for your own body you know he's thirteenth though. He's fine with that we actually threw a lot of strikes who. Now bothered by the diving Bogart's in the center field for a base hit for the Margo top executives flowers are brings up Dansby Swanson shortstop with two on. And one out. So it's oh yeah you know he's he's a lefty pitched it does a lot of strikes as you know it but he sews him because he had that big growth spurt so. If you put some meat on his both you know things could maybe get exciting so it's it's been fun to watch an of that that progression of you know you look back if is it just a few years ago was tee ball and now you know there. Accident one note change of some like this one change of something which he has talked about it and just listen to it. The more. The more on. Away from the more retires as the years go by I think it's less and less because you're that guy that we that he used to play maybe that's it no it's not about that I think has a little bit more of wood to 56 years ago is now you know anything about launching. Iraqi. But it it was funny one couple years ago we had a staff with George Lombard is the first base coach that Dodgers. Myself Juan Alvarez who is a lefty relief that played you know parts of the Reuters is the big leagues. So we get all three of our kids on the team I support what the twelve year old to in the fourth that help and now it's at the University of Miami. So we get to one cent with a pitch is once or batting practice Stewart's takes the outfield as we take infielders. And those descriptive my someone illicitly George's son wouldn't listen to him watch the so we've made a pact you can't or rob what you're located you can't throw batting practice or not. So I guess that proves we were down which is is a lucrative center failed the Jackie moves over to make the catch get Detroit position so flowers asked them home. And we know your your daughter wrote. Is there great student and an athlete that she she played volleyball this year's. It's it's crazy how. Competitive everything is you know Paula ball which it is applaud. It feels like it's you know Monday to Friday and Saturday and then she's through the she dove into musical theater now sees them after a lot of I think it's that's a passionate to. You know she really has sowed sooner or later just make choices they just can't people full time and it puts a lot of strain on Tavis you know it you know. Put your big girl pants on you gotta you know time management I think it's great you know it it teaches you that you know you gotta be open up. And clear schedule it CO it goes with. So she's sixteen Joes c.'s Nancy got a driver's license last two weeks of school like its guests who really early Wednesday it was their last day. So she's been driving at these last two weeks like oh man we just get their say just get there's today is it that or don't we each other up on the ride over. Weren't so parent of the team there you go so pigs for the most part of the good so far keep my fingers crossed that. And knock on wood or one do Ozzy album is to signal that his first time to want to lobby swings it pops it up shallow right center failed. There's been stranded two for the second straight inning his book he makes the catch to retire at his side. Mike inaudible that you want but that your place Sunday right I am I we can't way you've got to thank you gentlemen is doing well there's two pretty good all right.