MMQB's Peter King with Dale, Holley and Keefe 11-07-17

Tuesday, November 7th

We check in with Peter King from the MMQB and SI for his weekly appearance.   We continue to discuss the Jimmy G trade, and how Peter was not a big fan of it... why Jimmy G didn't play for San Fran in his first week there, and more on the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL.


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Every Tuesday at this time we talked to Peter King from the MM QB he's brought to buy. The gridiron glory exhibit at the Museum of Science Peter bills off today so does Richard Michael Howard don't. Awesome to hear or don't pretty well it's been a week now since the Rob Lowe trade and we're still trying to make some sense of edit have you changed your thoughts Yahoo! can hit Costner did you change your thoughts at all on. Now light and I don't I didn't like it then I don't like it now I don't. You know first of all I think if you. If you decided. Last April that your gonna hang on its own. I lit it you know if I were Bill Belichick and nick Syria on the patriots. I would basically said hey listen let's let's. Let let's let's figure out whether we have a really good chance to sign this guy by the time of the draft and if we don't and it we decide that. We're gonna let it go in you know that we want some formula to get something good I just. They still find it very hard to believe that. The 34 pick in the draft is the best the best they could have done now the patriots are not the kind of team to auction a player off say. You know I mean as we have discussed about Jacoby percent. I mean they called Chris Ballard. The GM of the colts. And essentially. Had that deal done within 24 hours and I don't know this. But it sure didn't sound like they shop 2% around it sounded like they wanted. Phillip or set. And this was something that they thought they could do they Jews may make it handle and so they did it so. I'm not even sure I I don't eat and I don't notice everybody's is pretty hush up about it. And even know that they touch base with the browns on this but I kind of doubt they did. This time but. You know light do you think that there's a chance and I and I mean I I don't know this but. I think there's a chance that maybe with the patriots were thinking. Was that. You know if we sent him to see interest Cisco would very likely but it lightly and very likely. That we beat coach have a six year contract general manager and a six year contract. That he's gonna sign here long term. Whereas. If he goes to Cleveland. I would doubt that he would sign their long term it may be Lloyd who knows but it's just the way I have my doubts. If he would assign their long term than what the patriots then send them to Cleveland. They put the franchise tag on them and and the New York Jets decide that we want grapple. So they. They. Making huge big forum and they may end up getting dropped below. From Cleveland and free agency. And then he felt the patriots are stuck with plain plain against her outlook twice a year for the next six number here's a look. And I'm just I'm totally speculating but. My whole body is if he goes to see inferences that he's got your hair you'd see it once every four years and that's it. And so but that's that's about all I can figure out I guess I would rather. Have had an insurance policy for my forty year old quarterback for the last eleven games this season. Art Peter and John understands ever Cisco from this perspective they're only nine now and they're going nowhere fast. And it doesn't look like drop blows gonna play this week what are. What they don't hate what are you doing what they're what are they trying to. Would you put dropped below it until you felt good that he knew what he was doing. Well who cares if you know what he's doing O nine and are going to Wear. I figure it out. But that's not the point let the ones. The point is what's the difference if he played six games or seven. They haven't seen him he may not play it's not like he may not played four games or five games don't think. Don't wanna know at least what they have in Jamaica rubble before they make a decision on the weather I gotta sign kind of long term. Let me just ask it is don't you think if a guy plays four full games or five full games. That that's going to be enough to make a decision on them instead of putting him in now and and I don't know what they're I don't know what they're going to give putting him in now. We know left tackle Joseph Staley are going to be back for a little while. I mean if if you're is here 49ers. I'm sure that you have any. He would pick you have many. Factors to consider. With this I mean if you watch the forty not watch the forty niners against the giants this Sunday. Especially if the giants have their task for pictures back and CJ that there is playing. I will guarantee you he will have about to clean pocket all day. I mean they're offensive line is like Seattle's right now without stately particularly. So I. It might I don't know why. He's not going to player right now my gut feeling is it's a combination of not knowing enough yet and the fact it is offensive line you know I was going to get it get the crap beat out of that my gut feeling and I do think. That. They will have plenty of time to. You know to examine. What kind of player he is before they have to make. Make it truly bottom in the offseason. Here's the other thing Peter does not on this and you Tommy if this is realistic or not. We're we're trying to figure out what the market is for Jenny drop below and they got enough forum. A wonder how many phone calls. John Lynch has received since he acquired. Jimmy drop below and if he if he's that much of a commodity maybe some other teams are calling the 49ers and saying. Hey. Just so you know we're really able let's revisit this in the offseason if you're not gonna go to Rob Lowe. I think he could buy it might I mean look I talked to lynch after this happened. Anything and I know that there is speculation. And morbid speculation that the 49ers are going to. See what's out there for him and I would too. But I I'll just say this cycle I was really shocked when the patriots treaty problem last week. I would I'd probably won't be quite a shock. If they if they trade him in the off season or they let him go in the off season. But I guarantee you I would might jaw will hit the floor once again grapple as their guy. And again this is the guy because look. I I do not envision a scenario. Where. Washington let Kirk cousins go I just don't eat it they put the franchise tag on him. And somebody makes agreed offer. I think they'll probably matches. Because I guess I can't imagine. Before the I can't imagine Washington. EU can't. We have immensely without quarterback. I can't imagine Washington. For 19% of the salary cap in 2018. Would let. A top twelve to fifteen quarterback go that's just me but I think in 2018. Opening day. Kirk cousins quarterback Washington Jimmy durable quarterbacks Saint Francis got. Colin cabaret vs the NFL Peter are we gotta get some of these owner emails and phone records and things like that are or are we looking towards a settlement of some sort. I would that. The NFL settle any at some assert collusion. When. And who knows I. You know stranger things have happened. But I. I can't imagine that it's gonna be very easy case to make. To find that some owners. I talked to each other and basically. You know agreed to. You know to. Hey you know cannot sign talent ever everyone knows it it. They they could have done that. It's possible. But it would just be surprised if and I will not be surprised if if a lawyer for cap and it. Does get a chance to subpoena those emails in the phone records but. I ache and and again. Could could a couple of owners have said. At some point in some conversation. Ought not signing him. But in my opinion to make the case of collusion. There have to be an organized multiple owners getting together or saying to each other hey don't sign tampered. And you'd have to be pretty stupid in my opinion anyway. It could be a giant in your business. And make a mistake like that and by the way with all these teens and basically. Don't seem to want Colin jeopardy. I mean. Why expand even expend the energy. It's safe to one another. They don't sign a guy wouldn't you if you don't think he's that good. Wouldn't you be happy if one of your peers sign them so that. So that a it's not an issue anymore. And B. So that it is not gonna be something you're gonna get it over the head with by your local press I would think. That it is Bob Cragg Robert Kraft. Warner as we get it working his decision. I'm sure he would love it some team out there sign talent that critics so I can't imagine that. And look who we you know legal legal the legal system is funny I hate but I guess I can't imagine them winning their case with Woolsey. All right our my final question for you involves your mythical neutral field it's in Wichita right you know. I think Wichita. Okay virtual failed Wichita. Eagles vs patriots when you got. I'd probably take Eagles right now. Based on the health of each team. And I wouldn't do it because. Of Carson once. I do it because of Fletcher Cox and because of that Philadelphia for a that front is down right. Intimidating. At least in my opinion. It except better front that the patriots faced with a Atlanta last year perhaps significantly. And so I I think right now Philadelphia's front. Would present an awful lot of problems for knowingly it'd be great game. And it would be exciting game that. That I would imagine. That Josh McDaniels could game plan an awful lot of quick passes especially. You know sometimes we we see we kinda laugh about how many times that. That the patriots. Have targeted the backs like James White and I mean I would think this would be an intermediate. And short. Passing games hurt for new England and it would be. You know at least. Twenty to 25. Targets for for rocket white in this game. RA's Peter King the MM QB thanks for the top hero talk the next week. All the best guys thank you.