More people jump on the Tom Brady is the GOAT bandwagon, and nobody respects the Denver Broncos

Mut at Night
Monday, November 13th

Mut & Keefe are talking about the Patriots dominant win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football. They also play some sound from Denver's Derek Wolfe, who was very candid about his thoughts on the state of the Broncos. Also, we hear from Colin Cowherd, who it seems has seent he light when it comes to TB12.


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Venus she's months night. I am sad disappointed he deserves this is a very big deal the noble purpose here next business day. Arnold Sally and Bob would you mind the people. They have been better than perfect fit everything they. Right to make this all worth it now all the members of our family just afraid of falling flat on her lack of respect blanket decent. Like doing so that is what. And I wanna apologize right now on behalf of the human race for this travesty. Ali showed off I didn't show the game you know at a all the Greg in the war now here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. We like graphic we like up again. Victory radio right Gerri first couple weeks of radio somebody who's or. Is this morning your journalism radio classes when they communications. Schools back in the day. Big waste of a degree. That will paint a picture. Falls drag him around the ground as he did he takes a picture in pain and I can see that marching for right there camped and seen watermelon sized balls program that's a start show on Monday happy Monday it's patriots Monday. And boy is Bill Belichick it would hold the site at zero. Again. Like I said last week we might idolize that now not know or good like people say listen the dot it was it was again. I'm not gonna give you a lot of credit for last week thank him he wasn't dale wasn't there to intimidate him so bill was in a better move last week he would view as guards out actually knew how anyone to talk while the SP and stuff. Just like I won't blame you guys today that he was atrocious that he now wants to do it yeah. He is on his own schedule like I was in that and its search I'm reminded. He'd duck has zero respect. For media and general and you give that respect I price review in dale and and Michael. But you know he's not trying to give you anything he doesn't care about. I'm giving you answers he'd eaten he views that as many people said about him in the past as kind of like. I gain nothing out as a bomb on a Santa Martellus Bennett answer or something about Mexico City or Denver. I'm not helping anybody by giving away state secrets are giving way my own opinion why we get is. What he wants to say it again wouldn't blame you guys split holy smokes and when he's sleeping pill you know when when you have success you literally do anything you want you could yeah. So of course you can't that I that obviously fine and Casey he look at other. Coaches around all the players currently when they serve put their foot their mouth how back it used against them donuts Rex Ryan and they start insert. Talking about injuries they are talking about certain things. They always end up running into trouble sleazy among while what I wanted to that those those interviews work is Belichick has Pfizer bolstered when. Like I I can imagine somebody else was as Leo. Actually it's Joseph if you sort of driven towards the interview you can't hear what you got to do on your show most shows across the country would play at night while this guy hates this show or hates the media and he can't stand doing it. Because Belichick is once homage one at the fans don't care that he there any point now we had these. Think we had conversations over the course of Belichick's career. Deal deal like that Belichick is is is still BO hates to in the media stuff you want to answer more but now you because he's won so much he doesn't. Flipping matter. He's wanted you move on you take to go with the bat and if fans don't care in what do you do that while listen about checking on should or play people that we're listening to it but just like right. It's pulling teeth and it's like okay did bill. Go to one of those pop stores in Denver and just everything and get the sleepy brand new money into one to chill out this afternoon it was lower staff pay for his Florida back alluded to read o's just to Michael that no pews and plays very felt comfortable really you know exert some energy on the phone there Texas and it looked like satellite builds that'd visited the dispensary. Their Colorado one of the many legal it's legal and that there would ever want we will play there there are two things already play from that will do that at 630 since people probably just heard it in their cars. Our and it was so good run on played so close Richardson a tuna Dallas face and other two things you would he sees it there you're Martellus Bennett questioned all I I am I am actually do and that's the at 630 here are there might my two favorite answer for bill today. She won answer one lie. Big capital a lie for McCain to log Martellus battle plan for yet. At the bottom of the hour at 630 as for last night Denver. Odd dollars is an old fashioned. Vintage. Patriots. Ass kicking as predicted by rich Keefe on NFL Sunday yesterday patriots easily covered that number. And why the final score was. Is is gonna sound really don't care for a YL. The final score was not indicative of how much the patriots were beaten the crap on the Denver Broncos and by the end. It wasn't quite as bad as 4160 not make any sense everything I'm not even sure. Oh. He said it wasn't like at the beginning nor at least I think allegation of an up by more maybe the fireplace forty once it's on the game was close at one point it didn't feel close wolfman a winning by alive you didn't feel like any relation one miles 2716. When they scored out of the break their debt Broncos came down at 75 yard drive. And they scored get to sixteen is pentagon on eleven and I thought okay that there's a chance to be game and then. The patriots aptly slammed the door shut their own 75 yard drive. Couple of big passing plays and that it was over that you could do you go to bed. You could ignore the rest of the game. Once they matched the Denver drive and I thought Denver coming out the second half and an and I thought how can may be made in advance life there and then it was. Over from there. And by the end you're right it was an ass kicking was 4116 it was saying all patriots same old AFC. Play all the strange one again it matters now is Denver and they left no doubt in the effort last. While not when the special teams is is so vital in the game then maybe. It didn't outplay him really 4116. You know you're a 103 or kick off return for touchdown will be able blocked upon when you make some big fumble led to a touchdown early yesterday the Broncos Koppel on the first series they forced upon them to give the ball right back and an escort touchdown so. That had nothing to do Denver's offense the defense has put a terrible situation so. The special teams really counts swung it in that direction. Are they take away it was just how bad Denver's prepare their of their mass there on the Super Bowl just a couple of years ago. They get a new coach in there he looks like he's completely lost you know that night that Brock Rottweiler we know socks and the deep Elena reiterated he's terror the defense has good players. They've allowed 92 points in the last two weeks now against some at a special teams but still they've allowed a zillion points. They're they're offences is obviously not great so. They're Terrell you'll take care of it at that nice win for the patriots obviously won when they're looking like it dominant team but Denver might be the worst team they've faced all year well I can't remember a. A big play that Von Miller had a he'd get to the quarterback once is a look it was a a look at the box is one hit the gets sacked what the one sack was the Simmons sat. Where they they put the safety they got rated the reds on the fourth the field goal tend about how Tony got in and firm on Millard and on factor we talked about yesterday right that dumb Sports Radio what one what concerns you about this game and I said keep it Brady upright you do you talked about that 17 and they're good. Ball whatever the scheme is there whatever the approach was against the patriots. It's sucked from the Denver Broncos when you have. Marshall when you have Von Miller. You should be a lot more hackable front. Then they wore it violated and talk about Simmons and he's damn good in that second out throw it seems like every single time Von Miller tried to just run past the tackle or the tide under the fullback was there. Integrating different they were just push him further away and Brady would step up. And have a pretty clean pocket and throw it normally to a running back her tired and they start to get some of the receivers particularly caught the ball later on. Tree Timorese that aren't go for the lines a little bit banged up and if nothing else. Denver as a good defense while they'd they did not show us. Louis stretches out today and he's right and I'm sure solo league fields will get two events in the Denver Broncos being bad they are. He shepherd. As he used to say psychologically damaged we have sound of that after the game. I'll Lewis critic rooted out this morning it's almost embarrassing. Watching the Patriots offense Wear out opponents. Wear out an opponent's weaknesses such an obvious degree that they there is nothing that he can do. About and that's what they did last night I mean they picked apart. Denver want to blitz party was checking down. Denver wanted to plays own he's funny guys opened the scene Denver wanted to go one don't want crawl he found Rob Gronkowski general wanted to not come Martellus Bennett. I'm cal Martellus Bennett Brady. Was otherworldly I thought last night for a place where he doesn't normally play well with a record was three and seven goal went in and the completion percentage was under 60%. I thought Brady was awesome. Yet he and McCain is let's put on a clinic in those wondering if that's called for is now in the final and now a year ago only apparent the rest of the people that it did you do not your wrong about a group led a balanced life. I saw alliger wrote the headline today's trending towards still seems category with the wrong dolls go dump her gun battles and as years of terrible but right now Hollandsworth has a game offer to were prepared to fill since now these are dumb as hacker anymore. I don't item on George Collins worth but anyway. He did mention is still very good yet the two of the best quarters in the lead on Denver. Ed it related to challenge them that OK fine those guys on the outside and in jail for habitat in the program running backs and as it's going to be. Frustrating got to keep the lead Leno is really good and he's just watching the safeties and linebackers give up pass after pass after pass though. If Brady was great but they clearly had eight game plan what they wanted to do added we will probably knew what was. We should know what was going into the game when Mike you're mostly. Is a healthy scratch suit along with three running back that he can throw the ball to mix in some carries a lot of them came in the sports owner Birkhead early with that catch set it up on the receiver to get open so. And a lot of the runs came in the fourth where they did a great job of just taking on a clock like that a fourth quarter when buying real fast just because the clock was eligible and it was over to buy them and they did lawyer completes her path with a great dvds that I never get a view and what I have gotten gains subprime mortgage in the first opportunity lawyer gets in Boyer and Bennett may complies the final numbers for Brady twenty. 25 at 34. Three touchdowns no picks to get sacked once it quarterback rating of 125 point four. Even Brian lawyers three for three like you said quarterback rating when he team us we steps in right away is that nineteen touchdowns two picks known season. It. Some people on Google finally common attic these some national hosts are probably coming to the also policy Brady is the best ever finally by young athletic laugh that's not where you get that now one of our favorites are finally coming around on this now I think Brady might be the goat he's just under the pace of Idaho cards use the code don't go with the goat. Number a prodigy ignored or LeBron I don't know it's about two hours the top 34 touchdowns four picks things are on pace for just that I've Al. Ours so that's that's another review is sausage and that once had that laser throw the cooks the second quarter last night he was just he is pinpoint an increasingly it was awesome at Denver plays again. Or I had that cabbie outward doesn't play well normally Mary looked. He looked awesome last night coming out of the bye Andy at the jets they get the bills slicing up the jets they got the dolphins they got one games can mean something here. Down the stretch at Pittsburg Steelers are collecting what five weeks from now. Early December that will determine number one seed the AFC. Everything else seems sort of meaningless after last night that's help little doubt in my mind the patriots left in the rest the games yet it now and in what other teams have sort of been going the other way. Yet it seems that Edwards yesterday struggle against colts got that of them as and win the winner is still taking notice seven into orbit they struggled against the Indianapolis Colts the chiefs were on the buy that they've been kind of fall apart as probably the it'll certainly the last two weeks and it had their their way out. Jackson Michael likes Jacksonville they get the best defense probably in the conference quarterback. I'd still like blue chip sales though they're probably out I think if he's opened up. Very nice. We'll get your thoughts on what you saw last night in Denver 6177797937. I said we had evidence that the Denver Broncos are broken broken team. The evidence comes in the form of one Derek wolf after the game Derek Wolfe was at his locker taking questions and this all you have to hear this is Heidi this is how you know he hit his patriots last night the site of the Denver Broncos are. Diaw missed the AFC's. You're looking at face of their does that play I certainly wasn't flag did you see the play where Brent coaxed catches the pass he tries to be throwing many steps out of bounds I thought he was fully out of bounds. And Derek Wolfe. Ground it twisted around like chucked in the ground. And yet what caused it schoolyard just guard but he went to the ground I thought it was already out of bounds of the game was closer I thought there would advance the Cox and listen to care about is clearly out. And normally that would have been a fifty yard out early fourth yes fourth quarter because that wolf was just walking off the field he he's bought them down the ground and just stormed off so the assumptions. On here this is Derek willful pick through it just listened to the sound and his voice he might be speaking for other teams the AFC last. If there. So it will only and it bears on target there are tired. You know we start off and you start off fourteen. We start off down fourteen points. This is special teams and power lines Ayers. I'm not to point fingers and put. You know that if we have to play better for us if you better on all phases you know we get. Hey guys up there you know it's told guys on the field one time and you guys and feel one time. You know then we get into the it's Tom Brady and Bill Belichick they're gonna do us that they're asking about. Whenever you're in her chest hosted their charitable. And I really do that but you know this to cause of times. On the women's side with Israel says it's really it's sad that we see is that what we did a championship caliber. The team stinks. Nobody expects it. Let's not somebody happy and he's wrong ever championship caliber team you go to a team does that stinks. Nobody respects so why would guy is broke you right now he's cookie go and there are wolf. Vehicles. For preparation. It's not if perversion the last issue we have we practice so hard. We study are watching extra film we're doing everything I possibly can't stop I'm going to want him. But aren't as we sucked out there on the field you'll not be 2.3 prep we work hard nobody works harder and extra hours study hours. We do extra credit. We still get our asses kicked. I'm going more comedies have you got. What we ought to. Everything we possibly can't be left that growth to be the best we can't. So I couldn't intensity backs I'm lost Foreman lost the quads go either got a heavy backs brought some fifteen years. They're running backs are it. That'd be influenced them. Nothing you can do this. Not a coach it's up dared is. They're about that now it is up Apollo and rusher after the question open it's not the cliffs the guy out there in Denver but worries is excellent he's leading. Yeah our leading air open these answers all of it. They're just as dumb as the crowd and elegant and do nothing to stop it not my fault. On the up the coach burying his guy last night keep going Derek wall. I just doing told me. To do and told and John played as hard as opposed and there. You demoralized. I wanna. Do voters eventually went to slam which is gonna try to get a win and it's always it can regard I was trying to do one. Eat at W. We had it down W don't go there you don't there. How about that eases defeated man that that team came man they're feeling good they are an hole they've had Brady's number. Sixty minutes later physical ease is all doing everything but crying. Yeah in the post had a hard time now. They that would make a result last night they went into the by week three and more on the Broncos did Clinton win over Oakland looked at the time did you spot meant something. They've lost five straight games including a loss of the giants. And they're done I mean. These they still have. Almost half there's the schedule left and he's talked bothered demoralized. And how they words into to team now no one respects them now they can Brown's. Not the 49ers. But he's saying nobody respects but isn't that old school what patriots duty team get like they all right side there had set up shop like edit their left after the game shaking their head and I don't think we we saw that outside of maybe the Atlantic game this year the Atlanta game was complete game in Atlanta but I thought she I thought Atlantic came in psychologically damaged anyway because of what happened or I wasn't sure. The result was that you they clearly work or fort twice on fourth down official the second fourth down was dumb. I'll buy that Atlantic coaching staff he right Julio Jones after the game lead down backtracked on this but. When you start blaming fireworks for fog. And that's what race you could throw deep. There in your head I thought the patriots and we're gonna have the stretch this year because their defense they would have to battle these games Richard you have. They've opened every other NFL team that'll come down of the last couple of minutes every game and you go pellet checking you'd operating she got the advantage but it's not going to be that easy. I was wrong because last night it was easy you look at their schedule now going forward they're gonna beat Pittsburg anyway and that you will be somewhat competitive I guess. I'm in Mexico City because of the surroundings that might be top very good defensively. It just feels like they're on the weights you know twelve and now fourteen and 213. And three at worst the number one seed the AFC and in last night dated in a vintage patriots dynastic fashion. Yet I was not I was not expect is a big Denver recovered some you're looking that it words once again another year where sand art keep Brady healthy. Keep wrong I guess and other prove lash of the wheel without cross our got the wheels Brian Hoyer feel good luck they're admitting yeah we're right to start out one brace on via their paddles and VP stats don't count them two games up he's still what five games left against the division. If five division game so you've I mean I know they'd. I guess early December that put the thing away by they don't really care about the division there Carol and number one seed apparent that right now Pittsburgh seven into an idea of the time cardiac conference I got on the deep dive on Pittsburg so I don't but yet but they ever had had set the simplest thing you beat Pittsburgh you see where their schedules what their record is after that no human appeals and I just it feels that way after last night it was you know soup to nuts and that the opening they got a good stop like you said Henry thought OK became the three and out. And boom they fumbled upon on the first. Free can special teams play. And it was all downhill from there and the patriots. One convincing 6177797937. The former don't do this often. All of Blair and main aisle wants to celebrate the patriots win Valero is a passionate patriots fan and I knocked it out to be good start. On Monday differently set the tone for the rest of the week you know some energy yeah wander out into more energy than Bill Belichick had a few guys in an hour ago. Blair's opening idly. On why would somebody. Say. Hey I actually oh are wearing outside but I won't like it's solid it's known in paint and that's him. Yeah over dumbest guy they've got a yellow walls of walking and I am outraged. Hey eight. Power football league and I have a better football players get another day like that. And the patriots get up and played through something like that some heavy no. They haven't had one yet this year I don't think grassy. Not on November saying how one of those I yelled can but this is now snow season November December he gets that. Point a year ritual that they Keller is says could snow any game I don't the emotional Mexico City but I would apple now knows. Yeah but what a great way to leaders it's just a ball. Let the punt return of the Broncos. That's where it all started out without you cover that I don't. Pie that they guys fumble you'll remember that the first site drive of the game out to the other very shy of I believe it was right after that the guy. Yeah the prize the first quarter right yep it was significant you know. It started from at least Terry's scoring and you know it was never close game 41 at sixteen threw me. It will blow out well I'll. To me let adequately keep on that we've got like 41 Batman this completely against Hillary and active. Editors at camp because the last Davey yeah it can go out. As self worked out of them so he can blow there. I let go out Ratko. Lots. Aaron now Jackie said let's go abroad to sneak models and that's. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that's what they let. Patriot nation the land maybe. Hey I'm red sock. And with the best that's ever fit with time it's a little early for the Red Sox chancellor at that pull off that does set the tone on the rest of the good hour in the show yet that brings an energy Blair did that he brought at 630 on Monday after page when he gave it let's go Broncos in the sonus had Derek. I don't curve ball there from Blair wasn't expecting that maybe he's actually really a Broncos fan he's just been masquerading as a patriots and he knows you'll get to put on the air he hides it very very well now if he has 6177797937. Is the phone number. I'm Erin judge no surprise unanimous AL rookie of the year just announced a minute or so ago injured and candy. Second place in the voting behind Aaron judge you had. An MVP consideration type the year he and the power he had the year the Yankees had. Not to mention the Bill Belichick interview if you get hurt last hour you already know how electric ones at bill. If you didn't hear it on plate to parts of it one where bill was really locked in to the interview could tell not don't distractions for the head coach none and then. The lie about Marcelus back and he'll let you let him get away at exit head coach him because he is. The coach of a five tenths of bowl winner. But nobody there right mind believe Bill Belichick when he gave rich keep this answer last hour here from the coach coming up next and tactical calls as well 617779. 79837. It's much and not in I'm patriots won. We're proud of them so we get blown their pets I. Paterson and return. Dynamic player. I don't know offensively. You know what I mentioned. That great players should tiger. It. All the vague. Big question who was bill talking to free decided check out. During his week on getting into animation there. From somebody you think what kind of movie star you know I'm as the dinner reservation that that some of food that's something new food. But what we're not there has since reopened all that happens to me if I'm on the phone somebody if somebody comes in the room and that I have a quick conversation summary on the our elected it's there in part in the room VO. I always go back and go what we stand on the phone I was forget completely out him. Not bill he goes right back into what's going out of the raiders the out you gotta from coral Patterson talk right who nobody is talking about for the Oakland Raiders received our Las Vegas traders directly into the deal. Some sort off the air conversation that they that summed up today for me as a listener of the Bill Belichick experience someone who's. Excited about his team's win. Happy to talk about what it means to stay in Colorado Springs and talk about air force B dot. Eight the exciting Bill Belichick. Are now locked in bill we got last week when he won talk about ESPN and the fake news and that's how we get that sometimes the coach room normally we speak Bill Belichick. In person yet Foxborough every single Monday this is obviously different circumstances of the first phone interview we've done them all cities so the other one I want to play is one that you know again it's nice I called it a lie maybe it's just stay a fit beret a coaching mr. rector what you went with the good questions a lot of people are asking. About Martellus Bennett and what is bill about the situation. Is he okay now Bennett taken a social media and trashing. Other Packers any long respected Doug doctor their Green Bay doctor McKenzie. With a back and forth patio between not rich keep in bill bell check out an hour ago. Now Martellus Bennett joins the team late last week in the plays in the game last night. He's been very outspoken and critical about the Green Bay Packers about their team doctor. Is that something that you have any problem went. That they can answer that question is should ask them well. Silence. Of an acrid don't moon and Mercury. But are you OK with him boys in his his displeasure it sounds like wood down. There were gonna personally work situations so. Wouldn't. They come home from a fatigue some other some of the situation. There's something about. So it isn't only about it was noted that there was no third fondle one who does so those two questions are Martellus Bennett and quite frankly not sure what you can have followed up with the united as I ask you would you from Bill Belichick would you have vast a third question on a if that we kind of knew where the answers for again I actually just drew me and it would it sounded redundant and would have annoyed some listeners and I and I get that I was annoyed Belichick but the third Paul would have been. I understood Cote understood the Packers thing you know locked into 120 year old players commenting on another team right you know it was not in and what the mention he's the grand Atlanta sentinel dimension but it's not gonna go down the leg or grant that we wanted to take and that includes its strategy to purposely left that aren't out of it as Smart man that was a Smart move bugs. And so you asked him again less even the second time yes less about the Packers. More about okay players do a couple things number one. Bill Belichick knows every nook and cranny. What happening Green Bay what they thought what the league thinks what the shoulder looks like how it ended there he goes at Wal-Mart tells Bennett. As I and another follow Opel would have been well on tells Bennett admitted yesterday. He plays agent sent to every guide told his agent I'll tell teams don't pick me up off waivers and I wanna take the bits of out of surgery. Why did you pick them up if if if he was told what did you know was there contact with the guide because like. That that's the question is. What did you know because they knew something he knows everything about country doesn't like the fact he's openly going after each team. And so when he says I don't know about that that that is classic Belichick I don't wanna go down that road doesn't serve me any good to do so. I'm gonna pretend I've no idea what held his guys talking about everyone in the world knows via the Belichick knows what you talk. I told my agent tell the teams not to pick me up. Any ends up go to the patriots anyway. Like to me there had Dubin a conversation and there is a well they won't say that right but there had to a better off the books conversation hey. If we do picky out. How do you feel about playing well it but it had two of yeah now I could be but it also makes a ton of sense if you think about it because that he's not gonna play for the Packers. Why would he play for the giants or why would he play for the Broncos but he's already there in Green Bay that team has no chance of winning and neither do 25 other teams. So he probably would have played for. I don't know Philly. Maybe maybe maybe Pittsburgh of church and he's thinking going and play eight more games they've been retired wants to win and that Agassi and may have ended up here anyway but. When he says yesterday until the agent did not open up that the up on the patriots called lesser effort of fiscal plays a rule I don't believe that I got. That's a very good question it's I don't think it's a Tommy Aaron question I'd I should see if he's written about it this afternoon we talked about a lot yesterday on the NFL Sunday show with Tom. It would. It would seem weird I'm sure there are other teams now being like. Indeed he told us not to sign you weekly could usually like where did you exit the Steelers are chiefs who sounded out of the back and could use that help. Any ends of with the patriots is keep your picture feeling great you saw last night part ballot final of the old mark Dell's been made a three catches on seven snaps I mean. It's all good I would say around the league there's pollen more eyebrows raised and here's your going because when you say LT not pick me up and -- appear. There was there was some background hampering air like it was of the Garret blunt and others over the years when it comes the patriots well it is. Pretty it signaled just because. The teams get to doing whatever they want these players that without with the non guaranteed money you know they're they're cut guys left and right they can do whatever they want they agreed to with the CBA yeah I did but this is a rare case that it's a loophole I don't know what it is but but. Just like you know the care one quits on the Steelers a few years ago comes back with the patriots and it's great would them. Martellus Bennett sent Wilson Aaron Rodgers is done then I'm done here too and he probably is. Hurts the I don't obviously he can play through it we just saw last night but he senator Lamar and a place for you and then they're put a weird spot to be I Armand payout. Or the Packers decided to release them and then hope to get some of the money back they kept on the roster or they could buy a. It's exactly that if they are there they wanted to this this morning's pretty clear they said crap. We don't wanna pay this guy you know he's he's colleague you know busted goods anyway. Let's just economy as wannabe a wannabe hear it went on a pain that that part makes a 100% sense to me. What I'm not entirely clear on I guess we're getting to that point now. Is why another team didn't take a flyer on him before the patriots who they had what the last waiver claim why you know and he told teams not to pick up. The patriots did it on just happen to take a flyer on this guy who played for you three days after. I you pick them up Wiki these children body yesterday I told bill on how to Tyrell a practice Friday to only go out there and just like couple plays and now making three catches that it was the it was most obvious you know why hammered shall council's media last night in that first catch. And it was the Dwayne Allen Martellus Bennett Joan Mortimer Neil totally redeemed himself or deathly idealists in Tanzania and we can get that all of them well that's. At the touchdown. I don't those they help here. But it is so social patriot grip that he could play for Green Day I told you not to pick him up and he ends up here and it's gonna. This will lead to. Right sums a rule change in us in the Martellus Bennett. All of their explained you know a player. You know was hurt or ever has or on the IR that he can't silent that come up with some kind of thing although the Packers are not completely. Innocent novice and they don't wanna pay the guy's money that is they left the door open they could a kept them away from other teams they wanted to and my guess is they're not pissed off anyway. On the Pollard be able to add to save some of the money if they do the rest of the money they say the patriots actually benefit from a reading today where. If they had avoiding them the other parts of the deal. The patriots get the benefit of that and they might has an extra dollar you spend so it's his thing and they're from bill was a flier but. It's hard to believe he just kind of sort of picked him up get pretty good and so on bill says Arnold the situation at all which is that the U today. Called Belgian fit he knows all about the situation Martellus Bennett in his three catches. How Leonid appear 6177797937. Is the phone number we've talked. We talk more yesterday about the NFL and Jones and did the Alan craft that we did. About patriots and Broncos I think it's a bigger story the patriots Broncos and it is apparently in the last thirteen minutes getting even bigger. Where there is a report now with the words cease and desist. Are being levied at Jerry Jones or broader National Football League. Would get that next mutt and keep its one at night Sports Radio WE yeah. You really. Assess how much time Doris I. Now strongly. I feel about the job that he's doing he's got obviously. A very tough job but he's doing an outstanding. Jobs you have to know that you wanna make some decisions. That are. Very unpopular. Soledad as the billionaire hypocrite Jerry Jones and it is weird being on team chair but I am there and there. Pretty solidly left right now and his battled to get the commissioner of the National Football League Roger Goodell that his contract that knocked down a pay and also. But to allow every owner in the National Football League to vote on his contract with Mott at night's Sports Radio WED average key for long. I spent a lot of time on this story yesterday and now it's a new chapter today and that is the other owners in the NFL. Firing back at Jerry Jones. On several fellow owners of the NFL this according to a story in the New York Times than that the with the B half hour. Had given Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a cease and desist warning. Threatening to punish him over its efforts to block a contract extension of commissioner Roger Goodell this according to several people knowledge of the situation. The warning to Jones which issued by the six owners on the NFL's compensation committee. As the group held a conference call on Monday comes less than two weeks after he threatened to sue league. And the owners on the committee. I'm working for months to a new deal for Roger could help the league taking a wide range of steps here including fines docking draft picks. In suspending it Jerry Jones. It's now at a point where the billionaire bullies are saying. You stop. No you stop. There's stuff we agreed to this that on the bottle like anymore. That's ordeal with a New York said he would go all of that back in October repair it the sick and look at plus fifty million and a private jet and health insurance the rest of his life the best part of this. While the in this canal while ago but the fact that there's this competition committee with a six owners and it's the six or that you would imagine chiefs falcons giants patriots Steelers intact you each of you gentlemen Jerry Jones. Not in that group. He has referred to as they nonvoting member of the committee and I and everybody now the committee I bought his way out of that committee thinking about voting rights we don't wanna hurt his feelings though. Yet you can you can hang out of us but you're not really on the team I John's efforts to derail the five year extension for the commissioner. Which by the way it's as any in this story is been works for months and is nearly complete. It hasn't already growing number of owners who are angry that jones' tried to hold Goodell compensation hostage. As a way to punish the commissioner for his decision to spend cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. He's also accused of pushing the chief executive Papa John's a pizza chain and a league sponsor. To discredit the commissioner and of leaking false information about the details good l.'s contract. Otherwise he was behind Papa John it's all public. I thought we talked with a solution on those that thousandth big. That even a conspiracy because that's Maria sue was going on he owns a hundred pop the jobs pop it out it feels commercial where Obama Goodyear's going to be fatal area just ever so we thought that. This was Jerry Jones from Apple's answering jolt once every ordeal to sign off on the details of the Dell's new contract with to begin in 2019. Spending an owner for conduct detrimental is extraordinary. Abbott has happened and LB Forestar Marge Schott in George Steinbrenner radio controlled their team for most recently. The NBA forcing the clippers. I'm sale adults sterling factories awful remarks caught on tape a buys girlfriend file and at times story says commissioner. The commissioner this is the surviving. The commissioner of the one last impose the penalties as reluctant to do so. Without a groundswell of owners pushing and take action according to several people with knowledge of the situation hi hunt team Goodell. Punishing Jones might prompt lawsuits and even name last year. Public fight well if this is not going away no it's not a few suspended. Jerry Jones now if there were owners there were sort of on the fence now all of a sudden they might choose his side and they don't want their team and also I happen to disagree with you on something. And maybe wanna push it a little bit like what's gonna happen in my team so. They're older are worried about it Jerry Jones does some of the one owner though that is willing to. See this thing through. Doesn't it again Baghdad big there's there's going to be a bit of a final word Alistair down point vote where to stare down between these six other owners and the owners that are probe Adele who want to get this contract Don wanna put the league ahead of that the DD do deal and to make due diligence to make sure that you know he's knocking fifty million dollars a year and a private jet health insurance for life. And then Jerry Jones will sure has some support. Among although owners who were saying this is entirely too much in an owner talked chef brought the record yesterday in his story so it's this stare downs so. They're telling embassies in the says he's he he's now gonna say it will OK fine you really got to penalize me. Over this it began Dell who got penalized before so he's gonna play this game of chicken now like dairy you know when a fight this thing Ford as far as I can. Is he doesn't believe I'd I'm sure they can Dell has the the balls that. Suspend him or take a draft pick away I guess fine them or is Jones care about that so why is it worth at this point you've already gonna get the league he got against Cadel. If you Google rolled. Go rolled all the way baby I miss the gulf and what just went just go rolled baby in and aware and Al Davis and T shirt yes that lineup that's how many owners vigor on Jerry jones' side in reality and what kind of owners are there is all the crap owner I think one owner on the compensation committee had two weeks some of the stuff. And I think you'd be pretty simple to circle the Texans because Bob McNair. Has dealt with a much as any owner or league players feeling affecting their TV ratings their rating was awful yesterday. In Houston their ratings are down this year now when Watson went down obviously matter Tom savage quarterback that hurt but in Houston and Dallas there's there's funny speculation that. Those fans in more than any other in the country have been the ones that have turned off their team because of the players dealing so my guess is. I'm Bob McNair is probably in his corner. I wouldn't be surprised if we read the story where Jerry Jones my eyes this is this. Being used to ports of Narnia key is a side business where he helps teams relocate helps stadium deals he helped get. Davis and the raiders the LA deal my guess is Mark Davis with him. Mom and some just a handful monologue. Right at home without another thought she Eads Tom kids' heads outweighed this six and a luxury as the likely to be at one of the power owner. Again one the other six and that they compensation committee reach would that be enough. I have to get the ball rolling execs there. Privately is defending him but publicly is gonna stand by Arthur Blank. Who said today the committee's gonna continue to work on this negotiations are progressing blob blob Aachen publicly comment on this. A case leaks out and stay out everybody there and if you get a big league meeting and you get your literally choosing sides and you look over and just Jerry Jones and Mark Davis there that's not really gonna go to how big bad visual. You can't Jerry gets somebody else up big sons Steve and make it's all right mark mark we got these guys right OR JR Emmett Smith what is this place what's that restaurant he loves it's a ratio. And just the fact that. I that you PF Chang's and they do make a Mark Davis threw I think my I have I heard this on bar bar stool yes he loves any. Sure it's not like Turkey she hit it Boston and Cynthia it could do that I think it's PF Chang and he's obsessed. According to big cat and bought department different. They have to Oregon preferred over Stephanie contrasted to be commissioner that bus right Mark Davis those PF Chang's paper looks the part a lot of news there and so. Billionaire bullies now it is blinking. Cute it is private jet. Is not going anywhere my guess the shaft rob Moore on this tonight because these guys can keep their mouths shut while more on this. Are all week long. I he has Ricky is part of the deal holly program he really really got the lead the senate has more tells and the thing welcome Belichick the excellent work we'll see it marks there are 6177797937. Is the phone number. I said this earlier a national radio host has filed a come around the Tom bradys the best quarterback ever wanna play that sound and did the GM media is going on right now I think it affordable not entirely sure. And there has been a lot of rumblings. On the Red Sox and Jean Karl stand and I want no part of the guys on talk about what you guys are here until 745 on the night football your phone calls 617. 7797937. It is mocked at night here on Sports Radio WB yeah.