More talk about the NFL protest. 10-12-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, October 12th

Alex continues his talk about players taking a knee during the National Anthem and the statement that Rodger Goodell released responding to Trump. 


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He skis and late night talk Sports Radio telling you. Let's get it going with the Alex Roemer on late night on Sports Radio telling you yeah. Colin Capra neck and I don't it was terrible. And then I got bigger and bigger and started mushrooming and frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again they could. Then suspended its and they couldn't suspended it's third time for the season that you would never had a problem. But I will tell you you cannot disrespect our country. Legs are and then you can have been. And how dare you. Being opinion dated black athlete. Mike Cowen tabernacle. Express your opinion. How dare you do that. How dare you do that. That's Donald Trump drawn a red meat to his base. On Hannity tonight. Still out of it and taking credit this morning. Downtown this morning tweeted the NFL has changed or kneeling policy banks to me they're now respecting our flag. Has Goodell issued that memo that was leaked yesterday talking about how he thinks all players should. Should it stand for the hand them indeed out today gives a mealy mouth to walk back saying we have not changed the policy. We want to have unprecedented dialogue with our players our owners and community leaders on force it's not that hard. But the Neil they wanna Neal let them deal there one Danielle and if you wanna promote there if you wanna support your players like you say get a couple weeks ago. The talk what the actual issues they want talked about talk about racial injustice talk about police brutality don't let trump guide the conversation. And you know what the all these people he offended by kneeling during the anthem how weak are you seriously. Seriously what are vapid shallow. Conversation went on a vapid thing to be so worked up about I mean really. I've said mr. frost say it again I feel bad for their children. To grow up in house like that where freedom of expression is denied freedom of speech is denied come line. Come on let's look a little deeper than that and understand it if you're kneeling during the National Anthem you're not. Waging war against America you're not disrespect in this country. It's a for a protest and again why decal predicts start yelling because he met with the green beret and veteran who told them don't sit Neil that's more respectfully tapper nick dead. And number of veterans back about bond so. Yeah trump continuing Ted. Dominate this conversation. Hijacked the kneeling movement. And Ian does like Jerry Jones just kowtowing to him right back and he's NFL owners of Cobb weeks ago. Said they support their players. Do you not support their players because if there's even a little threats. A their bottom lines being harmed their turning away and I think here unnecessarily because yes and up our ratings are down. But guess what ratings for every thing on TV or not down. An NFL ratings certainly are down because a play a few players are kneeling during the anthem before games that mean in 90% of the time. They don't even showed he had them on TV. Please 61777979. Percentage of phone number Chris is in Pittsburgh tonight Chris what's going on. That idea and it's a I completely it agree view and I weren't. I I'd get my opinion. Absolutely. Quite a bit of golf are like. 'cause that would be disrespectful. So it's not ending but all you have to do for thirty seconds you salute the flag with the other message you wanna get across you want to bring attention to your cons. It's a good way to do it. In order now or wait what's the other way. Would Demi and it's a just and I'll go one go on Tweeter FaceBook anything you wanna do besides that make commercial donate money do whatever quadrupled why do during the national can't. Because because any four protest is done to bring attention to the cots and I agree you can tweet about it. Put on social media players do that. By any topic was the biggest story in the country last year and if we were able to think a little more deeply would have been able to talk about what he was actually protesting Wednesday just focus around. This anthem. OPEC but now my other point now. Why are you protecting the flag in the infant had nothing to America they're the plot acquired matter Bob by not all of America IU QQ America. Know our wins they say they hate America. Well albeit not. And in its Lou and it is they're going to be crowd and that the the flag and take. I've lived here it's the reason I'm making them money making it the reason I have the freedom rang out. Just a little. Actress guess what your white guy in Pittsburgh. You have opportunities and a lot of people don't in minority African American communities that's a fact. A lot of people look at the flag and Billick doesn't protect them in doesn't represent them. That's a fact. So Gaza tapper neck. Were originally doing as to speak out for people who. These voices usually aren't hurt. That's that this is all about speaking out for the voiceless. 88 it. And it's it's convoluted and frankly as it's a stretch it's a huge stretch to say. And breakage is wrong to say that kneeling is disrespectful to the flag disrespectful to the country. It is not. It is not nobody is saying I cannot predict never set him doing this to be anti military he actually said many times western great respect the military. And a lot of veterans don't take offense at all to players yelling Bruce Macs all the a's catcher who kneeled last month his father is a Vietnam veteran. Spot as a Vietnam that he was the first Major League Baseball player to Neil these are two issues that don't go to gather and also the National Anthem. Represents more than just the military. It is not just about the military. I'm sorry. The flag belongs to all of us doesn't just want the military. Dollars in Tennessee though what's going on to. Good. It cover about leaders. In my World League is as what you're cute to enter the picture out in the morning show. Morning drive. Do you like. Rat them out. I mean. Are. Do you take equity trying disabling or not do any good job here while on what do you want TV show and say. And Q oh. To Kyle Burton wonder whether I did yup and I was Dan band and student. And you know why he abandoned. 'cause you're not loyal. Guess what bill. When I to a gym coming back next week it looks like what you're saying on. You don't wanna you know I'll only record four point two years and I would if under. He'll be out in the equipment military I don't. I would have been my equipment kicked. But how the melodic your fellow veterans say they support the now I don't believe there. Well it's true minimize this rebel cabinet met with the green beret last may Boyer who told him to kneel immediately and grow greens IE. But you know I'd heard a limited amount Eric can you might be patient on what I have done and I had diamond ring core. I have been O. And I am. If I help and you don't know where we're fine. Gary grant never who now now or never do that moved very different. When you talking now. Are probably a bulk. Why didn't connect the morning show it was a slow the flow. Yeah L bad job on side. Why go after me I fair game black does a lot to pick drill pipe that was I mean did you folly is doing now and I didn't really and I make it. I can really make up or go. I have so confused I've noticed go to other talking Neil we go from Tony Robbins too. Neil Lane back disloyalty for the morning show. Mostly maybe next week may be next week the ice has been dot I don't know I'm not not not counting their chickens before they cat before they hatch a lot can change. At this radio station a couple of days but will city. We'll see about that the ice may be gone. Richard is in Beverly rich what's happening. They're going I hope you're well thank you you is well I'm retired veteran from the army a 22 years. Attend John F. Kennedy special warfare center and school. I have a particular block this. That if you try all the people that we are freeware that we don't excite ourselves. I'm. When that when the athletes media whether I agree with them or not that's not do what they're right to do it. That is why I've seen them do not think but Neil quietly and record. Right exactly again Popper nick originally was setting he spoke to a green berets spoke to other veterans and he said that's disrespectful and you also guess what he Neil so totally. Exactly and I think whatever one a bigger issues are from there and it starts from our tweeting president. Is that we we developed a society. Where if you I think that I disagree with the new stuff. Yeah. We're we're we're deeply polarized people now Richard and there's a lot of reasons for that. Open to a whole dissertation now but a big reason is on the left. Only gets their news from certain sources. The great New York Times the Washington Post NPR MSNBC. All the greats. And yet the right the transistors that make America Reagan crowd their Fox News there bright parts. That's at. I love my friend Gerry Callahan I love him dearly but we could not have different interpretations of the backs on these issues so that's the big prom with our country. People are operating up different facts. Any can't have a constructive debate if he can't agree on some fax me can't agree on some concrete. And concrete stuff but you have nothing to work. And we also existed echo chamber now the majority of people get their news from FaceBook and social media. We'll put your present on FaceBook. You're friends with people who generally see the world the way you see it. So it just feeds us this echo chamber. And that's what we can't hear debate that's we just wanna shout people down. We wanna shout people down because we can't take a difference of opinion because we're just not exposed to and that's what's drums playing too. People have suggest this a real leader over the last couple weeks would've invited some of these NFL players the White House. When have spoken to semi xenophile players hurt their concerns. Heard what they want to bring attention to. But trump doesn't do that he's too busy stoking the flames of his base. On social media. He's got interest in hearing the other side I'd. And as a result to supporters. Ers in the car what's up. He knew that the program has come to the clothes and I've heard yet on what the real problem managed. How can you have justices were all. Like to let the flag. Sessions. And have people being. People being shot. Could anybody shouldn't views. But it's really murder. Not a killings have gone to actually you know. And Aaron and aren't trying to. Right yeah. Yeah I mean we we can go on a breeze pretty gray on land you know house than I am. Are all listed people about how in the world cheaply. Shame that. Yeah all literary news is that bigger areas. Them. And there are an. Irish heritage yeah. Just nearly as saying disrespect. No. It's not humans. It's actually should go. It's a picture you're gonna her about it in my own people and realized. Yeah oh run over not saying yeah. Bruce it's it's a good point and thanks for the call it's a good point it's just so shallow. To say now it's disrespect you find no it's not nobody said that but trumpets he's a Sadie treated out again other gonna stand and respect the flag. It's somebody's just not interest in him back and forth it's own is an honest in leading. An NFL owners are complicit in it as well because two weeks ago either release their statements they say they're supporting their players. And now they are cal tied to the president's now in doubt was on the cover Sports Illustrated arm in arm. Would step curry and LeBron James also justice warrior Roger get down. Now it seem now issuing memos dealings players should stand for the anthem and as a result trump is declaring victory on Twitter. Please any Rush Limbaugh I always say it Rush Limbaugh said it best. On his show today Rush Limbaugh said no president. Should have dictatorial power over individual behavior. Our president should not be able to tell the owners of a business how their employees are gonna act and what they're gonna swear allegiance to and all of that. That's at the orders to do and it's at the owners to come up with this that the with a system of punishment. If there employees violate company policy like it is and any other business exactly Rob Lowe Rush Limbaugh. Rob voter Rush Limbaugh to these owners last year there was no policy about kneeling. There wasn't in if there is a policy an official policy that comes out next week after easily meetings it's going to be because of trump. A president interfering in private business to this extent. And that's a scary precedent and it should scare all of us and it scares Rush Limbaugh it should scare you. 61777979837. We have football minds on this we'll sort through. All of her cause next it's late night Roemer after dark here in WEEI Boston sports net arrests. Seeks peace Alex Weaver and late night on Sports Radio telling you week. It's a national dialogue you know now more on the flag. On our Nashville had patriotism. But did pressure in the early unjust treatment of others. Has fallen in the background here we haven't heard that party you disagree with Mike to cut as he set hasn't oppression in the last 100 years. Well look up the meaning of oppression. Look up the definition of repression and you understand that it's obviously taken place in right. It. Should have been showing name on the cover Sports Illustrated couple weeks ago. Arm in arm it. LeBron James stepped carried a social justice warriors by. It was Roger Goodell who is I convening a a meeting next week meetings perhaps multiple meetings with. And FL ownership in leadership but what to do with these kneeling protest because the president of the United States. Is continuing is now like month long attack against the league still tweeting about it Wednesday morning. And I've gotten a lot of tweets some taxi on the tax line out to keep saying an awful ratings are down as the kneeling near more on yes they are not. 99. No proof and ratings are down for everything including the NFL. In last year won a wider at one other real ratings numbers last year. According to fox sports. Nearly 203 million people watched some part of the FO regular season and when he 68 when again the ratings decline really happened in the healing started all. That's a 5% increase in the previous year so more people were watching. They were just watching for less amount of time. Which affects the ratings which causes the ratings decline. And why is that happening wire people watching for less amount of time not because they're offended with the protests. That happened before the games even start most of them are even shown live on TV. There watching for less because that's just what we do now we watch things for alas we don't watch as many live events we're streaming more. It's about audience behavior it's not about the kneeling in these NF blunders are nervous I understand not there wanna protect their bottom lines at all costs but they are missing the mark here. And as a result they are howling down near kowtowing to this. On erratic president to now is controlling the actions of private businesses via his Twitter feed just as an American. That should scare you. Those in Maine though it's going on tonight. Eric scorer. You know has gone up I'm learn on an army veteran. Circuit here there. And calling kind of their arms are duality I agree with you. I have no problem. Are constitutionally speaking we have people would there oracle players taking in the that's that's exactly what we fought for the correct but the person in their right if people wanna be upset about ever popular street Amy why don't you do. Arm what are one used switch your anger over ago truck. I'm coped too conservative slash Miller the libertarian. Now so if you wanna be upset pretty wild. Yet to be upset over right now. You be so don't Paltrow she's called for NFL players to beat spider. For. Exercising their first amendment rights that the very definition. Destroying the First Amendment the First Amendment protects corporate speech and our Croker. From the government you have to present in our states who's calling for people who beat spider if you want to like I looked free markets. But if you wanna protest. And Gordon boycott boycotting you so just what the free market spoke. And accelerating or there. Roger Goodell just came out you know what today yesterday and EU. Stellar reporters stand up we want. You don't get to haul for someone to be fired because you disagree with them no you're right bill. And says scare anarchist libertarian should have asked more questions about that dot sounds wild to me. Eric has the retainer so exciting it does sound exciting and a activists wow he's a member of anti. And now they kept him on more libertarians or is interest me like what extent are you. Seatbelts. Because if you take it to the nth degree that's what it is. I've by most libertarians aren't beyond filled seems like legit guy not in his is appreciated sir is not gonna saying guess some by the while alerts and sandy Aaron and like him again. With your anarchist or dude gets all the forms of government the so like how can you be Elsevier and candidates on the little redundant. Right I'm gonna take a lot of people I am not saying they'll make a lot of people console as libertarians Lee's kids my age because like they're golly they want to legalize weed itself. I'm libertarians. It's liabilities hippies voting for Gary Johnson who like gallant the legalize weed but. Also. You don't want to go back the gilded age economically and in all that sell out and it's noise but those of funny next. Tim is on the cape tonight Tim what's up. Not much how are your am. I assume they would mean you guys are coming and I think America critical point where. It was about back and a lot of people. Look to the fact we believe the facts and that would back and they went towards what things dude came back and now people. Earrings getting hurt and it's because they don't like someone's opinion and is that what this whole situation. We're we've alleviate the United States of America right all be able to have our opinion on. Social things economic things. Whatever you want and I feel like there's a point where we need to. Just to realize we regret the problem I think Xperia there's across breach of trump in everything and it because we give them the power. Everyone freaked out every time tweet them but because it after 9% to between their first play. But she goes and now that the cooking OC keep control over the situation he is one person that he doesn't have control wiring and and his way it's tweeting because. Someone election. And then I think in. And the ground about anything ultimate snowflake is neat that's a grand iron no a 100% Barry he's scared of losing control our power you've always been in power. I don't think he knows what you like to be. Under you know under all of bank is the perfect person at the perfect pedestal to do what the queen has but he didn't think about. Every re repercussion in the world I mean. Weren't situation now where yet kneeling. Even disrespect or Wagoner personal opinion because. It's an opinion and you we all of a rate to about I mean eat it im trying to bring rookies that caught that and I see that and that. All right but I think like the last caller did say is look towards the real problem and that the person who puts it there in the first. Yeah and and you talk about the double standard and now Parker C. On these NFL players the spoiled millionaire athletes they're politicizing the anthem. What do you what would you call Mike Pence to that the colts game last week. Going to taxpayer funded trip halfway across the country. And then walked out after the anthem what would you call back. That's politicizing the hand them. The definition of. Would you call using the anthem for a political rallying cry like trump has done over the last month that's politicize the anthem it's making the Anthony political issue. They can do it the athletes can. The old white guys can do it the black athletes can't. There's that double standard as well but there is in Boston Jose what's out. We'll vote I don't so I guess we wanted to touch basically an instant. And see what this whole. Aptly to a kneeling there protesting is being lost in the shuffle. Because everybody wants to complain about out these protests now protests that people like it is it is disrespect in the military in the way. OK so the majority of people who are protesting are African American people in their protesting because the AFL African American people or and that. In its athletes in don't have the platform. Bet a common man are common model would have. And they're taken advantage and saying this is so this is the way that we can. Open up this opportunity a discussion with cotton bouts on the net completely. That the completely wrong thing initially and this is a problem. Because you know everybody wants talk about how great this country is book how I mean when as a country really been great for African American people in general. You know I mean. Like that slavery Jim Crow segregation. You have you have it to you today all the way to today. You know people being killed you know when there on on and tried to just live their lives. You know and I mean in and on the net incarceration rate in this country black people incarcerated five times the rate of why people in this country you know little spot to life. You know social. If it's never been. Like it's an angry you know and not at a president who is it's an op it's an end it's all while a rhetoric where. You know yeah I mean cause like he liked it it it it. Like where where can end an African American people. Protests in a peaceful way about things that they feel. Are important to them equality peace. For all. It's like what form is good just in this silent it violated the best thing and that's gonna make you know everybody acting in this kind of white people happy and or conservatives don't wanna be in our control. You know I just don't understand but why. Why you know if we if black mattered that the protests we you know. Yeah Jose we've got we're we're up against it thanks for the call I spit and fire cannot agree more. That's always say tale you know just imagine what I mean we had Jim Crow in this country to the 19191960s. So if you were born whites. Like I was in you know many of our blisters are fortunate to have been you Blake started on the fifty yard line. You got a major head starts against slavery like was a real thing. Up through the mid nineteenth century and then we got indentured servitude after that so it really didn't and it just. Continued in different ways I just think and that to me just that the public may headstart you get. If your white in his country in and you can see that that's beyond me but this president's. Obviously doesn't see it doesn't try to see it in the NFL owners. They they know what the players are protesting they know the point these protests but. They're too busy. They're too busy covering their own asses and they're too busy trying to please please visit that it does this phony kneeling protest movement which they still don't believe. I still don't believe it. And up all ratings are down because the prime time games have not been great on the hall and much you know about product bad ratings. And also just the ratings for everything down across the board in TV viewership is getting older across the board the average age for all of these sports viewers. NFL 06461650. College football is now 52 college basketball's 52 MLB 57 any tell 49. NBA this spring chickens at forty tale. So it's a culture thing first and foremost. But trump is declaring victory because of course he's in he's in distorted. To do it every once near the waters into the protecting their players staying up their players like you said they would do a couple weeks ago. Are not doing any that. Rick is in the car as a thought on the mornings ago and this is interesting I would look at navel gaze Ricky what's going on. Good morning how he could name what's up and during your actual very much on our right hope I'm great thank you for I have to say you that I really don't think. That you're missing anything by not being on the morning show all of the other than just carrying the liberals like. How will include myself and yes Willie got any trendy to mossy union and we were trying to present and and but but but Callahan it's really odd shout down the east he's playing ball trophy you guys now in our I mean it's obvious in the way he talks and praises himself that he's been. You know. In that bag so to speak out but I look like he's fine with those guys Ankiel Alex finally Jerry turn elect. I know I miss and noble book but when problem like you isn't on that show it's really intolerant I can't last more than five minutes. I hear the show every morning and before I'm done with my errant throw respect in the morning I'll I'll. You know what I mean and go away until later in the day and it skipped you these guys. You know they're just playing too much apart almost I mean they are there be an eight Saturday Night Live or in. On Jared is now I guess now is true and are currently about Eric I hope to be back on the show. Thanks for the car and I hope to carry that liberal flag proudly for you my friend. That's what I wanted to. 6177797937. I like this we got a variety of calls on the board to get to all you next and also coming up next. Yesterday big story Mark James and his incessant texting. With Elisa will agree I spoke to her story upn WEEI dot com was everywhere yesterday. I James is a creep. Needs to learn Heidi except. The answer no. No no now come on this if someone's got interested taxing them again and again and again is not gonna make them more interest. Unused grabbing a ball outside the fence there. But I would defend my team still a little bit next a little bit because this is really picking up dead spends over this Sports Illustrated is all over this. And dot Mark James. Again creepy taxed. Got to learn how to say no but I think some of this is getting overblown a little bit. I'll do that next W the item going. Losing sleep over the Sox pats b.s and c.s. We can't look back to more with Alex Raymer and late night fox Sports Radio WEEI. Rob I am I. I am completely and and and and shock. That he would support or. Quick. Mark games on the had a full about you have. And I think it's disgusting and to be quite honest you're kind of a pig. No I don't talk about my boss that way mean. Don't do got. That's Alley read. On the young and journalists to. Was out front as mark james' story before myself and everybody else. And a great story on our website if you few days ago going to his past fronting and using alias. Interviewing his ex co workers in Charlotte and Tampa day all right guys guys and all we're not surprised at all at these creepy stalker esque. Tax that he sent Elisa will Bree eight point two year old actress model. Perhaps might be looking get into TV they manatee photo shoot North Hampton. Over the summer Alyssa Brees says James text here nonstop for mid August to mid October look and meet up for drinks coffee smooth the she kept putting them off putting a mafia didn't take tents and and she one day October 7 just said as politely as possible mark. I appreciated but I'm just really not interested I think you running different circles and Arctic is gonna work Alexander. And James goes off Bonner says on the big court TV anchor. This is naps and doubt mutt in Bradford role playing new exchange yesterday and money nights very entertaining. Replay it for you here last last night's finale read the journalist who's on front of the story called us at 150 last night's. Odd to voice your complaints about which she thought was the mine is ace in a mark teams with money Bradford I read a senate panel saint now. We're making fun of mark we're not. Putting them on a pedestal. In any sense. It's at last night that I'm that your you've had these experiences I've been humbled side to this. Right been pursuing someone who is not interested in me. And I've also been neat. Pursue weak if you well where I've been receiving techs and someone who I'm not listed and so I've been on both sides of us I've experience. I'm yourself you familiar with this phenomenon yet but that you know stable you silence both sides and you know like if your. You being pursued by somebody in you not understand you keep getting texts and mr. bragging about their jobs and sending you unwanted videos and photos. That's generally not gonna make you more interested in the person. Generally not right where is on the same token. You got to take your hands right like if you're always texting first. If the other person is taking hours in between responses are not responding at all. They're not interest and texting them more again is not gonna make them changed him it's just. Mark James checked your ego man. Mean really c'mon check your read got to take no for an answer padlocked. Apparently he's been suspended. From NASA this week the last two days he has not been on the air I he's been quiet on social media is well. That's been picked up on it tonight so you know it's really gone viral awful announcing house it all the typical web sites. Here's the thing now. I don't think Mark James that are Mark Cuban are sick is real name. I don't think he should add it because he might change his name right mark and our zip in privacy rights and as. Understandable yes I don't think this is a fireball it's a and mean stupid yeah got to take no man. Found fireball. And now things. System and what's unfortunate for mark but ours marked games. Is that. This happened the same makeup Harvey Weinstein. And couldn't be more different. But I saw a lot on Twitter yesterday. On NASA has Harvey Weinstein on its hands no. Known as he sound Smart James seems like a clown. You can even comic creep. Somebody does not take no for an answer. I'm sure there might be other lists of the breeze and maybe they'll step forward I read last night when she's on the airwaves said she spoken with others who have similar stories about him. So certainly not not good behavior. Got to be more got to be better than buy com let's let's let's pump the brakes a little bit here. Not Harvey Weinstein junior. Not anywhere close and in the quite a mean. You go to see him on TV they can between Red Sox games in and yelled at Vegas texting immediately like it is now don't even heard of them prior to this this is. This is this is now August economy may be nesting decides are like we we can't anchor is just a laughing stock like this spots. He shouldn't be fired just because these tax sent. Yes worthy of suspension. Take a chill pill. These girls are in Pennsylvania man don't keep text them enough not to change their minds. But no come no firing for market and ours act a gal. As and a half our defense that we are pretty anonymous and deservedly so. The survey Saudi guy acted like a total creep in Elisa would break cannot abandon yourself button. Dad's been NASA hasn't said anything about the anchor I mean now let's let's not turn us into that. The scandalous Internet. Those in Milton what's going on tonight. Good and you do what's up. You know I agree with what you're saying it's actually rather refreshing as perspective. I listened to the morning shows on Palmer expect something quite the opposite from. WTI. But. I think you could trigger a step further I mean I'm a little frustrated by. You know people who are perceived to be mostly out much side of the issue who nonetheless all the the suspect in the black like. There would be something wrong with that if they did. I mean I like back in the called earlier sent those primaries it's disrespectful goes on this patient particularly after black and you know it could be articles stuff about this second military aren't words I'm really I'm very. Ups I think it's got me that this not always black. And and poor can adapt to it you know. It went well of people with different horizons I never make that choice. And then we glorify what they did which are both bad thing. In the world. You know reducing your Iraq through rubble for example I don't think that's something we should glorify. And yet you skipped a victim why we shouldn't be like. You're out of them or not. You know we should be in people who are so upset about the lack I'd I don't think it would be so concerns about funding of the day. You know which op it's growing in Scotland are in Macon and where you're disability. And the governor never think they collected an eye on it if you relievers that the military back don't cut the issues don't be so worried about the right. I fell it's it's it's totally ridiculous it's completely ridiculous. Obvious easy convenient and knots and knots of people do but you're right yeah he's here. A black kid a poor black and you served this country in the military you come back in me can't get it very come back and you know finance support tree line from your family is so you're left work in a million jobs trying to make ends meet I mean totally. Totally the issue runs aids so much deeper there's no connection. Anyway between the National Anthem the military in the National Anthem in football it's forced patriotism it's been patriotism. We know of that no doubts and I. Could not agree to more brother. Preaching to acquire I like to think that liberals come on after midnight. We are nine hours after all mark is in Boston has some thoughts here mark what's up. Figure out to take my call your you know what I I I agree with a lot of what you say but I have to say I think on this though. On the implement new link it is almost by definition divisive and not in like collapse callers said in some sense. That may be a good time but I don't think it is ultimately I'll tell you what. When you windows implements played. It's a moment of unity at the moment don't. That despite all our differences we stand especially at a sporting that all able to span Democrat Republican. Independent whoever's there. In a unified. Moment wherever it's all the monitors one minute it's new species. During that ask them certain people neo. And it doesn't have to be likewise matter can be worked. Org found gay rights can be against marriage be against abortion and the market neo revenue numbers aren't as soon bag that. Moment of unity of oral. All different reasons it's the reason that the audits that whole point well we're probably not our expectations this person and abortion. Should be legal abortion and shouldn't use. All four hole which amounts for called the person burns blacks are treated well. You know any number of issues in the whole point of the procedure of New Orleans to devise. Two major regions of item out all it's our it its that's very clearly to visit. Now American goods include depression. I disagree I think ultimately elected he'd be very constructive in the market. But it who's said that they knew who said the National Anthem is about unity and all that annually is now a year prescribing to it. It isn't it in. It is it has been. If you go to sporting event he'll unity amount all of nearly a still lot of people dislike your checking their phones. Not just agree they've been preparing here about an architect. Not I don't I don't. You missed on a more patriotic. Experienced nine to market thanks in a car appreciated. I I mean that's helping to the spores rides mossy senate with Mike earlier and he's right who are we even playing the cantonment sporting events why. Do you want to know why they started playing in national intimate sporting events they started doing it. The cubs did it in the World Series or Wrigley Field the early twentieth century because they wanted something they get the crowd going right. So was this feel like the 1910 version of let's make some noise that's a the anthem started being played in sporting events and in a few decades later became a regular thing. In the NFL in terms of players being on the field during the anthem. Up until 2009. Today what weren't even on the field there is no rule that even said teams have to be on the field during the out and there is nothing new worn on the field at all so. Yeah alchemy in 2009 people didn't think it was disrespectful on players warrant on the field hands over hearts. Vowing solemnly when he anthem was being played how come. How come I mean 2009. Up until 2009 players weren't even required to be on the field during the anthem so it's a forced issue anyway. Talking about disrespecting the flag and all that as we've discussed is a distraction but trump is continuing with that and it's it's a winning issue form now because. It's rally his base. Everybody's rallied around naps which is what he always likes to do. Any owners are listening to him Jerry Jones is now distracting his team I love that's all we can't sign cap predict because as distraction. But Jerry Jones is now causing a distraction with his aunt and policy today they held a team meeting. And afterwards. Jack I ducked press got Ezekiel Elliott in Jason Witten. Three leaders on this team who always be writers say are always available to the press afterwards. Just what they didn't talk today they did not want to answer their questions so that's the grand irony. And all its Jerry Jones as it turns out is the one who's causing the distraction now predict cowboys with his. Hip hip hypocritical kneeling stance that sly smile he had a few weeks ago kneeling down in his players before the add them. That was just deploy it was a cheap why and shame on anybody. You fell port these guys never protect their players like base they just were and it's two hander and protect their bottom line and they're doing. Everything they can right now and trump is controlling he's controlling the actions of a major private organization and I don't care what side of the political you follow on. That's to be very scary indeed. 617779790. Through seven is your thought number coming up next we will do it a midnight morons we have an update. Honor cocaine snorting. Coach Chris Forester. The BB model who leaked the video I'm going to butcher her name. Gimme a second haven't in my notes. Here we Dow ready. He wanna nights. And hope that's I pronounce it. Sons close. For 1 AM it's close he on a night was on odd that damn leverage hardship and great friend of the station. And she was explaining why she leaked this Chris Forster video. And I think she actually made a lot of cents. Goat he wanna. We'll play that's on free next than midnight morons one more hour ago and Reamer after dark WEEI. Favorite team host and commentator to.