The most sincere apologies always go "I'm sorry, but...", right?

Mut at Night
Thursday, November 9th

Mut & Keefe are talking about the apology that Felger made today at the start of his show. They talk about its sincerity, and get more reaction from listeners about the comments made that Roy Halladay "deserved" to die.


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I'll call. This yeah. But my god look. Take your I don't know. Not the right. They have doing bad words telling it like we. Ali shell ought to be or it's hypocritical at midday host now make Google for five grand. So I immediately thought it important that. Completely better than like to see if he wasn't you know and it's been working out batters and you know fortieth this is that a character now so it's. It's like Carson probably about the most synthetic person I've ever seen in my life. And these couples and narrow look at those and you went yeah I think maybe it spoke with one last. But you can be the guy now. Years months. Talk Sports Radio W we. These are heavy heady times and Boston Sports Radio wars a lot and keep its lot at night Sports Radio WEEI fresh off. What is big now. Officially just over 24 hours of conversation about comments made on sports talk radio which is good for. Our our business overall I would say the strike for all sit around talking about stuff last a couple of days what have time to be in Boston sports very well this is it inanimate this is the big time Barrymore as a high school. I freshman or sophomore. And and Howard Stern had these different radio battles he went nationally syndicated a place like LA and new York and Philadelphia who go to these different places. And he would have these battles of local Fiji's flaky at one point said. About Mancow Muller much re still around he's based at Chicago time management accounts for with a hit mic man tells father passed away. And Howard Stern's and on the air he would like to have such relations with his father's side. Dead corpse of the face of his goals tape like that that I've ever think it apple employees that happened a radio all the time and turns out now back in Boston Portland radio. We get after it this picket lines there's calls there's calls about one station vs the other one back and forth the plane sound and this is. This is it and I I think you'll get to it felt his apology here today or whatever when you want to call quote appalled -- council live by the way I checked out and get it done quite a peace Phillips in their count is still around you being that he checked get a quick thing and it's yes he's working at some placement now Congo yeah I Howard or against suggested that he liked to -- -- -- with his dead dad's skull at one point but this I think. There was an article couple days ago we joked about. When it was like that in five years jobs won't be there. And one of them was DO generalist. Sports talk radio host and I makes I agreed to an extent like I feel like. You're gonna have more of this type of thing which is were willing to talk about the other station what they did other people on the Markovic and I think that's where. Everything is going whether it is because of the that the politics right now on our country Richard because people can get. Say sports in air quotes in a million different places. Idea came becomes a part in this last 24 hours is just it's a revisits the radio wars in the ninety's but it's all storm I think a peek into. Where she did talk radio sports talk is gonna go again in the next couple yet you IDs you want to listen to people talk about the story of today Thursday happens to be your competitor the doesn't you can ignore it. And you know I'm you know vast right you have done right sure all the extra if I was ever have I've worked at stations words that you can't mention. But the Koppen to she can't mention them mining camp later Saturday some so all the 2007 yeah right I got left on etiquette it's tough on both side though if you can't talk about a show that's on your station. You look like you're avoiding for some reason he can't talk about show what's on the other station at our why are you avoiding it but it for the most part now it's just. Talk about what you think your listeners wanna hear you what to an if you again we we united stalked off the year about other things you could've talked about today and it's like. Ari could we sprinkle them in a sellout and I wanted to see our analysts Celtics Laker win you can talk about Martellus Bennett on the dole wins and CTE again area Aaron Hernandez and is it. But the the biggest story in the country sports media wise is happening. Roughly three pence a mile from the dual or will we work. But just that short walk a two or three minute walk in somebody did today yes I think they did it and again ironically it's it's funny bring you can't talk about late. Kirk Ozal that this morning. The rival morning shows in that building they don't acknowledge it like they pretended that they are they're not mention it at all Jeanette from what I heard I was doing the flip back and forth to see now did they may afterwards that they mention about it not your second day do we know if they mentioned. Felder at all. Today just not meant I could not and I don't know I know I know right before they did that. I heard the beginning of the walk and I eventually caught it on FaceBook libel play some for you next hour. At that time what was going on they were not mentioning it I'm sure someone conclusive if they do and upn and if you don't that's like. Lucky not to mention your rivals outside your two war like that that's the old school approach I would think I think it's different in 2017. I could be wrong you guys talked about for four hours. They talked about a for four hours all it was talking about. It's the comments yesterday from Michael Felger and it's apology here today we're gonna play some stuff for you get your reaction at 617. 7797937. Kirk's big gut. Pick it this morning across the strength that movement don't you think it's all good why drove by yeah Lotta whole Lotta there outside right now are doubtful they were they were not going anywhere. I don't I'm not sure the open fires were great idea now I'm like oh fires there on the sidewalk wearing only a Birmingham way voter collar for somebody to be fired it is a really good visual to have fire it's also hold outs you Nicole and around the holidays rely harsh on ice got here about ninety minutes ago it is jam packed police they set the stage he was definitely people notice that police there was a police presence there to the guys you saw when you drove in. They are still aerial there yet in greater numbers. There were three state police vehicles that. So I I would what I go on leading partner you know you have allowed a lot officers he's he's committed to the movement as you heard today result hash tag element by now you have you heard what Michael Felger said yesterday in the big line that you and I talked about. And everyone is talking about is the you know he deserved to get to your second first though let's play patio. The open of their the show today so it's not the entire thing would give you a snippet of the apology from Michael Felger. This afternoon nomination. I have yet to start malice. With following up from yesterday's Roy holiday commentary. After his death and it's all just not to say but just jotted a few notes all this. Say what I gotta say and then open up to the people and that's that in a nutshell I would say that I feel bad about. What happened on a lot of levels I feel bad about what I said and how I conducted myself I feel bad about that. Others say it was over the top or insensitive is really stating the obvious as you're not saying much to saying. It was insensitive over the top it was it was obviously those things. I could come in and say I apologize if I offended anyone. But that's taken Holland everyone hates that don't you and at the worst and some comes incessant. Besides the the only folks that would really want to extend that to. Are the loved ones of Halladay they're the ones dealing with enough right now not to have to have me come over the top and do what I did yesterday. Story doesn't do that justice as it relates to them and you know that was just could mean for awhile as it relates to them. I would also apologize to the folks that I work with here at CBS radio and NBC sports. From a put you know put up with what's happened the last one for hours and went through the wringer in an answer for my poor judgment yesterday. Like for example there was a bad line I had yesterday about rooting for the wall against Dale Earnhardt. Now I know what NASCAR means to a lot of people a lot of people on our TV side what it means to them. And so that was just a that was dumb hyperbole I'm on my part I met part of what they said yesterday and there's parts site. I didn't mean it was just dumb hyperbole. The Barnard thing falls in that second category as to stump. The stomach burglar didn't mean that. Public there's stuff that I did that I didn't mean. But those doomed the the presentation and the tone and hyperbole was just low class bad not good I don't feel good about it. So I mean naturally about it I regret what happened yesterday. More say what happened I regret my conduct yesterday. I believe I believe what I believe I do but again the tone in the hysterics. We're really uncalled for. Had to say inappropriate and over the line is just stating the obvious are clearly those things and really goes without saying and that that that's pretty much ended there is I have no defense side no explanation I had no. I'm not asking for aid said the deal breaker anything that I don't I think. What I've gotten is I deserved I deserve Oregon in the last a day or so. So that was that the major open to his apology I'll admit I I thought it if you stop right there that's about. What do you expect from apologies you guys did a good job one is out today it's a 1000% at colleges are you so apologies are useless and edits out on the air for something stupid idea and it sucked. On IE try to make apologies to the family and people like that when you make big mistakes and you hope it comes out okay. Also time as you mentioned with Michael Vick or as you guys played today for short it's like Sox what sucks sucks. When it's a week later date even adjust the data later late how often is the apology you could see your IR he was too cold to do this. They did is he really sorry or does he know that. Well we have different sponsors or we have different stations are and you know employment people are gonna be offended by this are there at the deal welcomed the backlash so. I'll issued the apology so at least they can respondents say a while he did show remorse. So odd times. Those are those are just crap and he even tried that pertain like they are noted that apology sounds like he's at a market that wants our if you were offended. But they continues live sort of bad apology to listen I'm not looking for him to. I don't really know what he could Saturday to be honestly once you sort of stepping it like the way that you do you just gotta have to Wear it and move on but I I would say this if you stop right there. I would I would say like you said boiler rate boiler plate excuse me. Ballot pat apology. It does he won four of the segment where he completely. Loses me just as a reminder patio let's just play real quickly. Built the the line from yesterday. To to set the self discipline dead spin and many others like the show. Rolled whiff when Michael Felger talked about. Why realities that. Then you all don't you forget I'm a little plane with a friend I think it's the end every time I hate Osama I'm accurate on in my mind did Ron I do want to see what the F are you doing Felger. FY die doing that you don't have that you don't need to have sympathy for me idiot my fault I would helicopter skiing once. I got all that I'm like yeah. Julie and I wouldn't do it if I die helicopter skiing you have the right out there to be exact same thing underwent a Roy Halladay he got what he deserved. Okay so me you dead spin my father my father. My five year old my two year old we all heard at the same way. He deserved it. And he got leads leading up Roy Halladay. This is where Felger loss speeded because Felger replay that same audio. And tried to put it in context and say he was talking about himself. Not Halladay. But just. So you know what was said and Powell was said. You know in its full context there there came a point in my. It diatribe. Where I said that if I died in similar fashion I don't deserve any sympathy either. That divide by helicopter skiing. That you could do to me what I do and how he got what he deserves. As of got what he deserved a thanks a line. I'll speak about me in the third person if I was that guy. If I was that guy you deserve to do to me what I'm doing he meaning me so again that's. That's what I meant how can a crosses. My fault and that is. Some extent it's now it's within my control but anyway I wanna play the sound of where where that line came rom we're got every episode and to give you an idea so that's. So he says he was talking about himself and look who applied to sit here rank apologies but it. I certainly. I don't believe that any and if you do believe it. He's still saying treat me the same way I'm treating Roy Halladay he puts you exactly how the exact same thing he is now getting an. Some mythical. With the idea that some web sites took him with this quote of you deserve to be saying why didn't I didn't exactly say that you you did without. Sync it at all why I was owning it. Put that all you said something stupid. Stand by that first apology dole finally come on it's I don't apologize the cell I feel let's take your phone calls for hours instead it's yes I'm sorry but. If you don't you're not finance it felt so bad I didn't quite see exactly what he's an hour. What I are why I switched to a lot of what I did was he was obviously referring to me edit that was pretty clear of tries already Els was able to get that. But he also threw Roy holiday's name and right before he got he got what he deserved it as you said that's right hearing it again. In the apology portion of it when they go and play tape if he's seen that what you thought was the worst part really wasn't that bad. Now your your your doubling down I think it's just as bad because you're saying you could say that about me. Oh this is what I'm saying about him already. As well as what he's doing they just trying to confuse the point two I could not agree more it was confusing to try to tell the audience a day later. That noble and nobody heard it that way did you hear it I know what I talked to and I talked to plenty people and out of business the last 24 hours about this that's all people are talking about everywhere. Nobody that nobody. Said oh he's really talking about himself the right you realize was saying he deserved it. Nobody heard it that way and so a day later to spin it that they did it or try to move that move the goalposts and say well you know. I didn't really say at that weight that it that's not an apology that's a hate you heard me wrong you rarely even into followed up with ideas are. And I deserve the I had the last 24 hours I deserve it and I feel bad and I'm sure he does an egg could be. I'm sure at some level he does but it's not there are other people's faults when you're talking about the death of somebody did after they die that they. I misheard you or they can quote you correctly and that's. Supply and guiding it brits that is Peru now they're already warning unquote as you correctly when they literally took what he said and they wrote it down and I was the headline everywhere and now is exactly. From your words those are from your mouth and out so we all heard. I had in this that was my big take away today listening Ellis and often on for a while I did the stop at some point because. You know we just a lot of it is were repeating itself and as the she as the show went on. Like. You can tell felt it was getting annoyed by this part of did that caller patio in the last hour their show. Just to give you an idea because. He is trying to put that thing in context and still a four hours later when callers calling on him for supporting you and I are talking about he's trying to put what he said there are contacts. We seek to have met mean that you're saying that you whole McCain thing about. Halladay crashing that he deserved to us that's what you paid about who. That's there are much and I'm about things take out of context will end saying. You should hear exactly what was said how what was said and and you make up your own mind but you're right if I was lumping me and him together and if I got what I deserved he gets what he deserves yes that is. Right right OK for that sentiment is not they don't feel that would interfere. You know do they did say it than they did say it I mean well that he didn't have taken out of context. I are nothing idealistic contacts and so I have I watch it here exactly what was said how what was said. I don't like dot. And on right now I'm not saying I was taken out of context I just want you to hear exactly how we said when it was said. That is saying basically I was taken out of content on an army. Is that the same thing because now the thing when you say to just another word as an also all exe O all right TF there'll where it's. She's that was. That's a rough explanation there was. It's hard to say you cannot take note and I wouldn't listen to it and when it's hard nets called contact I just want you to hear it in whatever you here's here are heard it. Quit trying to win clearly it is something in a certain way what word you could use them though caught caught. Yeah without work and effort than a million times and I still feel the same way and that even if you wanna if you wanna take his cited for a second and you want a take it which I didn't hear it this way but if you wanna pretend like. He met he got what he deserved it he's now stepping outside of himself and now he's a critic of himself I guess. The way he then as you said today sorted tries to defend that you should avoid that altogether record here your whole defense the whole time. But when you try to explain it better human immunity work now you today in my my big reaction was to snatch your picnic leisure hash tag blame Tony I think Tony real salt Tony that could prevent and all of us though she get that sense. Tony just sit there I was sure he's even there yesterday and we are on offense. And usher was there today. This is the easy for hours get a bad body has ever worked he had a better apology than my acted today I thought Tony I thought Tony's apology today stronger than Mike but that doesn't mean he's off the hook. The master or arduous anything else. Geologists say that a good thing I regret is not get in the way I read regret not raining you when it's not your responsibilities so adept adept part of regret. Is and I don't know we sit here together and have for eight plus years is out and generally speaking. I do know and it's never a 100% but I know where you're coming from and I know which are about. So I know what you mean unfortunately not everyone else does. So I regret and I'm getting not a black. I don't know I don't know that really apology. That we all remember I know what you mean but analysts is too stupid to know which human apparently I think famously we all over the last heavy rain to man. You over the last on the toll stood up to my great assured I'll know I'll have a wait for the first time I was. We that they they ought to all go ahead had a role that. We don't have that would any of them stood up to him ever pat hasn't oh yes we we thought it was for the generally roll. I don't know that that I had a cash. Candidates. So let's I know it seems our hash tag blamed on this is a little harsh by and I you could listen to make as you were sort of on here is that someone listening to bull you know. Needn't nonexistent for weeks and just for us tonight I don't I'm not sure what he does in that spot honest I'm proud of the things but it was just it. I probably wouldn't apologize thought that fared as one as one producer at the station texted me at some point. It was a year and we think he's good out of that. Well I don't know look EE IA I said last night I am. Ward that he was not suspended and I I'd had this conversation again RP or people at the station they were making predictions don't happen I said there's no way he's on the year 2 o'clock. He's off until Monday he'll come on Monday to patriots segment. And that it 230 whenever they come back queries we don't apologize at that point I'm forties on these air today. I mean he's he's he's gonna be on the air tomorrow. I saw you guys we don't appointees not could be on TV tonight I didn't know that I firm I didn't know that and get that confirmed I saw the it Lucy are still are we what are analysts and Joes are non meat from a source he's a good city art in your source source source told at the bottom fell today. It's. It was a source. I. I make I I would slice up quicker chancellors and wish it's almost wish like Joseph we worked our new people to worked on the show who work. Chicago can't think maybe it'd take it to her. On idol all we could put on actually it we don't have a monitoring it could find out but I I heard I am floored and outgoing if you we don't want that we would like that choice noted we don't Wii's like that we used to like they got pretty glad my guys Auckland and rocks and ash around out there I go right in his bat I was out of nowhere man hale England beat the other thirty are though we hate Portnoy dale that midget. Jason wolf. Port all right well one thing I do respect Bob orderly is that he holds a grudge he shorted out he'll hold a grudge Lila I like Glendale very much but. Port without any is that if you keep that weather that they dies. So there's a lot to talk about still with this all it's a mildly retarded are right for my way or the gangway boom right out of the gate trainee trainee in ten V ten anyway it's not seizure Tuesday so they're wearing. TV for a vote regular clothes or you guys again lined up already at 6177797937. Is the former got a million things are gonna smokey I gallon. That's the call that. Yeah I've been married for long time what the hell smoky. Lucy back on that rate of something that you know they're talking. Like the indictment recognition. Well that's that's patties not to her defense she was up at 6 AM this morning doing curtain count I know I like smokey I understand looks on smoking guy. All sent. That's how you describe that map and you are that looked like a Lone Ranger. All I'm saying. Take that the wrong way. I'm thinking of that sign felt episode now aren't we cute girl it's one way and the life. Always not polite to face to face I gonna beat this smoking why not I don't you're the wrong way and now at its own eyes is usually did the Gary looked 617779793. Said it is the phone number we come back all of you miss the blogger Matt showed that he gets what. That the callers. Were they critical. Did the call which is married on those guys that you'll hear that coming up pleasure calls Monday night the rich keep Sports Radio WB yeah the thing I regret is not get in the way. Pop off. This goes yeah. Yeah I respect you very nice you know. The combos to climb into. You speak to in my favor you guys some might it resume and a lot they're not afraid to admit when you're wrong about your apology spot that is what all the people were sort of show. No you know you're great person. They're an accurate guy and they get the hyperbole. Here I would say. Not a lot of credit felt more no you weren't they weren't offended by this I sort of got my second that the deck here with from the goals deserves some angry on the line. Don't you won't apologize for anything you can night but don't great. You look back at bill like it died by the bullet this past holiday lip unsure if they and we got it. I'm should be getting a lot of stuff you guys are hopeful that this is what we love about you. They want now and had me loyal fans not that well on Wednesday no without summing up all absolutely I. The past they keep doing what she did read. Well let's all the eggs I love push all of always watch dead. That's that now when that's beyond as they we have it should I I love you too bad don't blame yourself. It's not an abstract don't play yourself. Sort of silences. The it's funny I got a caller turned to Susan wolf this idea of let's start your notes ever wanted to presence. On those other response they got today anyways it was funny they were that they were actually begging for. The other side of it they got some of those calls over the course they we played one earlier. Our last half hour of a lot of support I that's understandable I am sure we I'm sure felt good. Four that showed get that support nationally. Of support has not been there quite as much as you guys that can equals and others who are are standing out but at least internally. He is all it was on the radio tonight he will not be an NBC sports for early edition this evening for whatever we all know that I've I've. Confirm through what Lucy verge of producer today said Gregg confirmed three separate source site that he's not on TV tonight a look around that means it's a suspension I had separate source site. Multiple sources multiple sources had on a firm Michael Felger is not going to be of Lou Moroni it is Louie is seated earlier Cumberland farms lab he's hanging out Jesus Christ on Maury the second oh on who you talk about NASDAQ right now the NBC sports has not set a suspension of Chad Finn wrote today for his column for tomorrow that he should have been suspended as far as you know layoffs. It just dawned on TV tonight and they would be likely to do and fell to mention a couple times is apologies how. NBC sports is very very very tight end. To NASCAR and so the deal or are more NASCAR last I knew I wouldn't surprise me they were the ones who suspended mid hand for that. The joke about killing Roger Goodell and kept them on TV for months if not longer nap because of a joke about. You're killing Goodell we're cool it says now I was joking. In the next breath and it took off for years so bad I guess this this is now get you some time might Andy year is Felger you know. There's a lot of the programming. But he's going to be offer on time my guess is at say it's capable base but it is also funny guys there who ease ease off of this show but they've literally some cast a four hour radio show that he was on and they talked about the whole day. So tight they pulled the plug in and ran more. You know and for marshals. They did not we'll get your reaction to this a wanna play EI next hour some of the sound of marker and hands protest today. Sorry could not be there as the marching band with a brass trombone guy not related tied the thing together or that more of impact I feel like if you were marching with the trombone have a having given more warning there was going to be a protest today to get the medal of the Porsche iron might have been able to be there but there was the matter report next time they're broken each. Dryer are closed drive editor please morning's rocket fire are here that on yes man so is mine yeah. Credit card statement. Brian battle Brawley the soft tonight's Monday night Sports Radio WEP average Keith this year as he always is during his first hour hi Brian. Hey guys now our air about corporate parent accurate trees here on indigenous based thank you for him that that's not. Now on you know some of the best junior high accuracy with amendments which of you here you aren't as a me thank you. Yeah I'll anyway I'm so unfortunately ID gore and listen to a permanent hearing it because that. We'll little boo boo leg is Bryant. Anyway. You know I just wanting it what an idiot to say there and you want one hand he's right I mean what I say. Why I'm apologizing but yet I item amnesty embrace is used chemical against themselves. You know it was panic kind of ridiculous here. And tonic. And what it sounded like what I have satellite apologies I made that many people may look at they never come across well but eat you all dirty you don't and their. He found some weird middle ground where he was sorry. But he wasn't a story he wasn't story and it was the timing in the home but also to go back a list in the context of it. People to come out of context it was as we hear I've not apology is what ones that's. Yeah someone take you guys adore and I heard Tom. Remarried to a last night is if you're working with other people. Well you know one may hold you accountable past England's own it's and that's the real thing. You know they don't have seen any other kind of works until I mean Trent I feel there's a point that happened on the that they don't you know Ricky show looked out holly. That's they're the guys agreed. I'm I feel like you got in when he hasn't stepped in and. I hope so yeah I would I would think so yes ma'am I get a look at you and ask you want Friday Ty did would that late. Unless that's also how you feel. You'd think there have been a little bit more pushed ahead dale or Michael start going on which I can imagine but it one of the dead are going on and on about it. Are you let them get their point out if you want to that you're jumping in say are you wish her well what are you really wanna stick by this late you about a walk that back or like I completely disagree something but there was none of that and I will tell you I am guilty sitting in this year where you are hosting the show I'm guilty of sometimes being focused on. What's the next thing and something else having prior to hear exactly what you're saying I think I should have checked people on certain things. Our over the years and didn't slide in that same spot a mass. He sat across several it was eleven minutes like you had it yet you'd that's all you do was listen to anything that sent a letter anyways yes OUs are you doing that they had quarterback beauties about thrown at the break he's not set up the next topic he he. Should have a chance to sit and listen it's Saber Jim on the other side again if you two other guys in there that can listen. And call you out if they disagree. And maybe they don't honor. I don't know way -- Stanley spoken out today family I family pets as a family of X and LB pitcher Roy how it is according DMZ insist. He was an extremely responsible pilot to spite witness claims he was hot dogging before the crash quote. Just as he was known for his work ethic in baseball where it was also while the respected by those who knew in the aviation community for hard work attention to detail. And dedication to safety while flying. I TNT sports spoken multiple witnesses who say Royce plan would make give three and usual change and altitude. While flying over the Gulf of Mexico what wind is called it aggressive line but Roy's family. Says that doesn't sound like Roy quote. Since retiring from baseball Roy's been actively studying accumulating the required flight hours in obtaining multiple pilots applications in licenses. He treated his passion for aviation with the same joy and enthusiasm. As he did it his love for baseball again having service on Tuesday but there. If pushing back at some level to the idea that he which is reckless through all sorts. And I'm sure it's a point that nationally I do portal have. Some report whether it was him being reckless and help it will be in their report they are saying that was not him rather New Hampshire rob your WB yeah. All right guys don't rob. Good. You know I don't like that but I just think you guys are so. Filled up with ratings and beaten up each other on your own network to look your own throat dog shows. But you know you have any intelligent or compassion I do think that stalkers are on it I think he didn't. And given that his apology although he did apologize to the to the family. But he gave an explanation and I do think I have a feeling. I actually think I know that his explanation does involve his own anger toward himself and toward anybody that does anything stupid. So you know but you guys won't ever admit anything good or anything on the other side and I notes that ratings thing in the handicap it the king of it. I was in apartment we're gonna look into the shown more because too much politics in the morning. Sure you have I've heard that yep yep yep and the ratings are just terrible right now and you guys make fun of them to. It never is not here anymore. Well anyway. I think Terry there of somehow found a way without that very nice gentleman at at the bar. To do exceptionally well with their ratings as many shows and station in general is doing very well right now that all stations are it is written about today by Chad fined what 25%. And the radio listeners in morning and afternoon drive and we know that did did their shows are doing very very well on the station as for you know. I don't know what his anger towards Roy Halladay has to do with him saying. He deserved to die or they daily routes for the wall so disappointed in Roy Halladay for doing that we're pleased he so angry he said something you should set a key disagree day after this guy he disagrees selling of these hobbies that people have your admittedly are dangerous for others are in our rock climber use you know motorcycle guy whatever happened to be that's a little bit more dangerous. But he still and he even said today how. He still believes what he believes that it so I think you just take what you said yesterday compiled what he said today in you know exactly how he feels about. I'll let's talk to Joseph who's in west Borough I GO. Yeah I love my car I haven't done all the talk joke since June Brent oil and on the patriots well. All the schools what shot oh I don't know what show was that was and any show sentenced to surrender all you tell me hey. When medical what did you and remember what you talked about it. No yeah absolutely doing was he said he could not move the team out of Austin for a sparks where we come across find out because it's and I pointed out that that would give him a relocation usually tell you recall when you then yeah absolutely. That's what my point is I've caught listened to use roach coaches stations. And actual and actually end Michael thought. I wanna get them out so I cannot stay on the back on the there was anyone that I would turn out the radio it would be to have. I I listen to that yesterday live set I've heard and I'm really place and I actually didn't believe her and the gentleman I can't stand out. I absolutely believe him when he shed that. That he could or should go to Macau you know which would set the same thing about them as he was saying about Roy Halladay. Who is actually talking that. Saying that if he did stupid things and why you would expect people. To criticize them the same way he's criticizing word out and you can get them and you heard them I don't know a lot of them. I mean this is not only them their closest to their car and let all the NASCAR. And the crocodile hunter guy who didn't die. Shall I mean again I don't you you listen obviously a lot more than I do GO I would say you can see other you have a context of it. I would say in the context of yesterday. Are you herded to flee that I it doesn't make your take who brought you do you feel that way as solicitor and that's. Within your right I'll give you my opinion on what I heard and into the fall apology today which was not. I was more explanation Bob. But today he did that I actually not much better than I thought you I thought he actually felt I had not because they told him. That he had to apologize I think he understood. What about the preamble. He understood how much he could harm the gambling nowadays said. It's only guy I don't use up so storm. I actually felt that I don't we teach change his opinion already people who do dangerous things. Kind of doesn't work together and he should have basically Max yes I do I do believe he can't. Remorse real real remorse. The timing and the fact it might have on the. Yes and and maybe he did that I thought the worst parts of it that that felt that way but when you start to say he felt bad because there is backlash if the timing in the tone of it and you know it was worth in context and go back and listen it's not like I said he didn't. Didn't come across a way to meet that caller. It's certainly did 6177797937. Is your phone number or continued talk about this will play you. Oddly protest this morning Kirk men and took it upon himself to protest. The comets won Michael Felger he has apologized you folks are reacting to it and it's gotten so big now the New York Post. Has jumped in one of their big headlines about the Boston radio. Battle going on right now reject parts of that too it's Mott at night's Sports Radio WE yeah. You are out there but OK yeah yeah I battled. What for about an hour today. Seductively to hear the entire thing next hour on the show but Paul. Charting. Supporters of the mid day show took Kirk protests across the street which is against national pendulum bar stool radio talk about it and it was on Harold radio Tom shack. Breaking it down that national offensive video can can you see how many views its hat right now patio on the FaceBook page on WEEI. We will pay its condensed down like nine minutes and so gonna play you a good chunk of it. Our next hour for those who mystic you needed here try to get it was on later in the show. I'm now you're driving home anyone here can watch it woken a player good chunk of because people have reacted to all day long here Lou next hour up until. Week ten. Thursday night football this year cardinals Seahawks on goodness terrible game is fine the cardinals were healthy. Unfortunately I believe Drew Stanton as quarterback tonight for the Arizona Cardinals mockery. So it might be movie night at my house patio where we up to right now for number views 63390. Golf nice. It's got a 100000 views men don't know a 100000 views and take a while amicable days but there. It's get a lot of thousand views I'm not sure what the most viewed things we've done is on the FaceBook life. But that is a big big number. I will play some of that next hour it's gonna need all MF recapping Dale's route through the whole history already goat will go first steps that's probably out there. A fun one like that doesn't a top five week Tex got to see week I'd love to know one of the most viewed FaceBook live things and you notice would rank can be improved sometime before 7 o'clock if not. Figured out some point. Our Richard Dorchester waiting patiently on the show it's Monday night alongside. Rich keep rich area. I'm doing while volume not on earth with an. Yeah I was they actually. Carlton to the show earlier today and that ordered as an analyst. So disappointment. Most of the sort of cult and that support for a for shelter electric probably. Three quarters. Of the folks that call that support them. I didn't listen I'll show what I heard it was easily three quarters. So yeah yeah I actually you know where he knew he got what he deserved my my comment and what you actually didn't get what you deserve to still on the air. And then I I I actually to think that should be fired because. Yeah I read that a lot of places rich. The minute hand feels passionately about it he sure does I it's. It's just it's weird it in this business and their there are certain things you could say I guess that would get you fired. In this case I thought his third I guess I wouldn't but I don't many people are going now filed against Bible fentanyl. It's extra character development ticket but you know I I started it and look now at the million dollar your company. If I had somebody at my cousin who speaking that way. That they have fired you know you can't do that. I think in this in this business rich I think it just gives you the option. -- I think you know their Soviet people that listen to him but you know what if that really bothered you so much then you don't have to listen anymore but I certainly don't think he should be fired or are you that the job also asked you to be. Entertaining and sometimes you go rats the line than other times you come across the line but. I mean I'm sure there are examples that if there are certain things people can say they get them fired or seven words the FCC is a want you to say if you do your illusion O'Donnell limited and also things you could say let. On this crazy racist ethnic tirades Don Imus in a thousand that was ridiculous but I have and here's what's most recent ones was and radio play say okay here's a good example. Donald's or. Donald Sterling was caught on video saying yeah please don't take black people to gains too is I believe Asian girlfriend I think I don't even been blocked I don't maybe remember don't take black and white and black guys might get you about overall scenario and again you're saying that and yes that's one thing you want your dollars regulars in people being. Upset men and wants these classless all the sort of thing that's fine but I'd. By no means you lose his job for a lot more to get to with the with Albert's Keith he's headed out he's back more to with the guys like to Denver Tulsa. We get job until 7 o'clock in the big cardinals and Seahawks came here on WEEI which Tom Brady's apart. Other pregame and halftime with Jim grace you wanna tune in just for that your fault all hourlong at 617779. 7937. Is the phone number if you miss Kirk to protest the day. We'll play you a chunk of that in this hour in the New York Post. Yes the New York Post. Is now jumping in on the Boston radio wars ridge from back as well it's Mott at night's Sports Radio WB yeah.