Mostly C’s  - Celtics dominate the Cavs in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals; Who are the top 5 Celtics celebrity fans?

Monday, May 14th
Rich Keefe and producer Jason Rossi are a little too excited about the Celtics' dominant win over the Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Keefe proclaims the Celtics have the better players in the series and have 7 out of the top 10. Will we see Drew Bledsoe back at the Garden? That sparks a conversation of who are the top Celtics celebrity fans. Rossi breaks WEEI news toward the end of the podcast.

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He's mostly seen some post week's podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and I. Parish to pierce everything season. Sleeps seeks let's get to Richie and sweet spot can. Did they do another episode of mostly seen cyber host Ricky. Joined by producer co host extraordinary case prosecute or you know I've fantastic. I'm great Jason thanks for asking I also excited and I'm gonna ask if there this BP. The best day for this baby can't live this well. They haven't won any championships several of them that they haven't won enough recently Finley after it like in the in the last decade is to be the highest hi this is right up there witnesses. On I mean what a game one performance by the entire team. And 88 pistol whipped the cast I say that. How about that incident. Will I don't know I don't know what I'm not gonna do it here you could. That's good and I'll keep them back my mind I was fired up watched that game yesterday it was. Unbelievable to see LeBron James quit again on the TD garden floor did not anticipate that the rest of his team. Socks that I kind of was expecting Kevin Love is the only other super super duper talented player that other guys couple I kind of like. But overall it's not a very good roster LeBron makes up for he certainly did in the Toronto series he got help from Kevin Love there. But the Celtics. Have a better overall team and I think that's crazy consider all the injuries and how you've seen. That's his mind even at three weeks I mean you really think about it. No carrier no Gordon went from. But to think that this team with Terry rosy with Marcus mine Jalen brown Jason to eat enough yet not yet. Right in the middle of this is leave unreal this time he keeps. My boss once the point again this. Just sorry that the owner of about about that calculus and the thought you know this guy's probably private I'm fine because I've I would never do that. Although there are some people I think should be fired but not rocket auto pilot that's and I got another openly. But as you went does that team I think again the high read Irving trade. Screwed the tabs they they got absolutely. Hanson that trade they got injured Isiah Thomas they end up forcing a way to get another second round pick because he's. A spot like. Our financial sector optic. They get to Crowder who did work there he is fine here and he used fine elsewhere but he just didn't work there in Cleveland. Isiah Thomas was a mass he was hurt that when he got out there to work with the broad which by the way I don't get much right I knew that was gonna work a new abroad and Isiah wasn't gonna work you can check a bomb that bit about both these things is probably until Hollywood Keith but how all of that I said. The fourth is dead at a look there's no way those guys are gonna play well together and they didn't in the sub tweeting answer Grammy all the nonsense. That didn't work. And that they had to make another trade and they got. An interesting return late George Hill and bearing its Joerg clerks and Rodney hood there's some good young players and there's they help their roster more for the long term. But basically take carrier ring put my mind in the top ten player beat you remove him you out Isiah Thomas who attic top ten season a year ago if not top ten players like top. 3125. Made 2531. Ortiz rolling but it didn't work so your move him and then he gets some got George Hill sticks. Stakes Rodney what I like but he's in the bronze dog house it would Jordan Clarkson those guys archer pretty talented. But think about what the drop off is there so the bronze he's the point he would leave cleat on the first time so we can play with Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh. That he leaves Miami so we can play would have alone carrier ring without you just that's Kevin Love. And that's why we're here so what Ron is always give the best player in every series Kevin Love could. Maybe heat as the second best player but he hasn't been very consistent in the post season. The next seven guys out probably take from the Celtics roster that was my question can't tip. He might be the I think it's the ability to be number two Al Horford has had a better post season of the Jason Tatum had a better post season. Kevin Love I still really like I was a knock him duke the revisionist history I wanted him on the team abroad as trade rumors and everything else significant way on down exactly how excited I wanted to Kevin Love lots I think he has the ability. The peak as the number two guy about the USCB there. But I would say seven of the top ten players in the series or on the Celtics and who's your expense cap it you know it is dance net. Office. Now or I'll bet I mean it might be George bill. It might be I think it should be Rodney hood. But whenever I am only riding hood just on the soap which should draft Rod Hood over team's young but that's another corporate of the time. I'm Rodney hood but again he's in the broad stock house again it's LeBron started out it's not high Lou's doghouse pilot doesn't know oil disaster result it's all about waking up to me who isn't in the bronze not everybody. I quit on CBC on how. It's happened like this like what this happens that all of this is the end of LeBron Cleveland Park to this LeBron is acting like early career. Yesterday during the game who's picking up that it's OW motivated to putt well that's the thing as the broad has the play great he's played great in every plant in just about prior to. On game one. But not only does that have to happen that's still not a guaranteed win whereas in years past it would be because you have carrier regard you have Dwyane Wade. Now you're looking rising and he is an epic Kevin Love game it better be because you're not gonna get from the other guys corporate Smith can knock down threes that that's all well and good but. It has to be abroad he has to go nuts and yeah Marcus Morris. Bought on credit Marcus Morris didn't just slow down the broad. He also was great offensively he played better than LeBron and a portrait that I said hey he's tough he is like profits and himself. He had the great quote about only he had quite a letter to guard the prom that way that's awesome. Yeah I'll play don't use knocking down shots is aggressive I I love. What Marcus Morse is the markets Morse was everybody's. He really was he out we know how much he loves his mother. It yeah he and his brother beat the (%expletive) out of some guy who I think was talk that's not an authority. It hard to that was. These other guys do it of the whole thing Arnold Jack I would and that's. The more. Mexico when connected to it scared it's very into those guys those guys are tough but that's like the Agile snarl when you get ladies back to ease about him why the only two guys recognized LeBron what's that confident that they support the so Tyler it sounds like I don't think he said it yet he probably is that clear with a broad but game two they might change the starting line is they go pretty small and Brad Stevens the genius that he is he changed his starting lineup. And it was much better also last game they went with hill Smith core over the broad Kevin Love. So it's a smaller lineup but love them abroad over the rebounds all of them but Tristan Thompson does pretty well against Al Horford. They met Al Horford and there of sub sectors and Thompson and wit love and abroad now the bronze back to play in the three. And then you go with hill and I'm guessing cement company said that this hill and at a shooter. So how did the Celtics responded that. I would say that you cannot take Marcus Morris out of the story line you can't do. But then you get into our who's gonna guard Tristan Thompson who's gonna guard Kevin Love or for cattle guard one of those guys so the immediate reaction be aired Danes in the starting lineup. I don't think so. I wouldn't I wouldn't do that even though I know a lot of times where Thompson was in the game in game one a they would town where there and Baines. But if you take a Marcus Moore South Carolina that's exactly what looked on once that exact look we want I don't think you do that I think. And an energy to is so good news conference is awesome. So give me more us I would start the same five guys and now you put paid on its a bit of a mismatch but Tatum. On that Tristan Thompson would but Jalen brown. Not prosecute to the brown on the other shoes and whoever that is Smith or. Korver what does it ushered him out that brought. Heated Marcus Moore better but it's it's funny if you look at where the depth comes in to some yes except it's so. Ideally you know Cleveland looks that it overtures and Thompson on on. You know decent him a cigar Thompson. Also they run their office the interest in Thompson had a bit bigger post the Tristan Thompson and knock it you know love and in the broader ball don't go for that. Now the one thing that he could kill you. Is offered three Basra over the the Easter covers files a year ago for the top every single rebound that went up there so that might be a tough task for Tatum. But I wouldn't wanna freak out put Bain thinks that if you leave more since we garbled brawn. You're back and had not start Needham and goes you're those nearly scores. IE that's a little old chess match for for Brad Stevens. But the game was was great I think you saw knowledge Marcus Morris has died of market smarts as well but just. Dak anecdote about the perfect fit for this team and he was making plays and obviously defensive plays for the office he's knocking down covered dagger three. That oh my god abroad remembered that at that site that does enough that Bosnia to. Vote your partner mark is Smart it some people he's like a love hate and yes he has and the thing with him right now he's playing really yes it just only comes in sports. Like five minutes I just don't don't shoot the ball get out of Pacific and then he goes on he's like three minute runs where he is just you know defending like top defender score always take it to RJR life is great vision great that's the thing with. Market Smart they kind of tragic crazy yeah and makes you wonder how much money this again make next here in the Celtics and in. It is everybody's watching right now so if he has a good series continues to have a good series I am afraid somebody's an offer too much money. He he'll get stupid pass off that capacity that's I'm afraid of and semi social ills of other stretch in the game which is very markets are like really I know that you're up a good amount but don't shoot threes they chuck took three of mrs. Kind of down the other end. And it was like use face guarding Jeff Green you're looking at the basket at all he's staring at Jeff Green with a gets the ball than score at the end of the quarter Eric. Why on earth was that I was in the Sammy Sammy out pretty much who who has become like their eighth man. You know you look at the the bench the obvious there are some scrub time at the end where everybody got in I have a cell in the Dallas Elliott Nader the whole creator is the human version are the ally version of Gina. If you had need to get. I'm British pound because different company that has taken a real way Beckett didn't get damaged and Gina otherwise every game preacher that you do you have to have Drew Bledsoe. At game two because our defeated would you books it's funny seeing that I thought about it I was like he show up tomorrow. I think you I. Don't even care I think they come back to Boston is a chance clinched yet. Well there are definitely a must they're sweet they're definitely coming back the Boston. I mean there's no. There's not an act now overall excited right now but other legal backing you picked Philadelphia in five. Yet Jason thank you very much but you did the right to pick one more time ease. Yes so party won game down this year. We need they'll offer us that size that the cavs are middle win but I all the good of listeners I don't want it this way and says listen. I don't wanna do too much of a peek behind the curtain but I'll pick the cats for consistencies. Because I've picked against every time this to a topic that really kind of wink wink and go thing I think caps and I am I am superstitious. Yes year. Strong. Law mostly C raised that he asked to Hugh and I didn't and are you hearing me now a honestly it was a big difference tonight on it yet yeah at the Helen. The instance and the return to barge in here and it'd be a third man and the podcasts on this network. No problem I've been summoned brat such on now. It's what about it it's not like it's just totally up. In a good you're very Heidi I am everybody in your very bright intelligent a lot of notes in front of me yes it's great. And he also have like things just happen. To open the door we don't. Oz you know I got a phone call last positive we just right back. Just in the present barges and after a dork studios know. This is how and even report at times you know I got to a couple. Up a trooper before and after so. And I don't talk a lot and exuberance I double up tomorrow but that's. Or about that this is the mostly scenes podcast or talk mostly Sunnis and then my other podcast that we go to sort of the two topic we push podcasts and it's more listen that's bricks and use our that you are. Penalties. Are like that let me ask you this. Who who are the Celtics. Celebrity at the top five Celtics celebrities. Wahlberg yes. And now with discount to its fiber is if I'm a gold finally got by their big team that have been more people jump on the bandwagon like at the apartment could you wouldn't like Belichick aircraft or no they are a lot of games if we're going I was gonna craft on the list yet. Kraft bro I was a settlement on the list I don't he has been watching him awhile here blog is the only yankees he was a big Celtics. The truth is that at a town. So there's that visited. Just. Yeah he's he's pretty impressive that a lot of jewelry or go to media and you say. Are resilient our part the Atlantic. I think it's the creatures I've about the mosque that's. Must older like that's yeah. Wizard can be fantastic you know pigs you know you balconies you know. The Sierra Club scout with the jacket but tidbits and I'm living on a prayer even go to topics one on one yet they did back in the day that where like the Basque Lois had. Bit overweight if for being honest at I don't know what happened them look at those aren't the but there's this notion of it creatures but that's the Larry is the brits are now a celebrity Bledsoe might be I don't think it's weird to me by the way. I don't buy it on YouTube that Madonna template or we both grew up with bullets and let's though is yeah it's an offer he can do no wrong in his winds but. I was gonna swear not going to Eric Dijjer swear I did was part of its that the IE let that fly a BC's world Boston. Let's go. Is based of the big fun of Eric Bledsoe who isn't round one but we are so far happier though it into the battle happened. But we are so far remote like that it's like this post season that they played Eric Bledsoe went beyond Eric Bledsoe and did you get the scary Terry shirts all over the place which I like the secretary bing now come around on that ideas which people were aware of market more do you new dedicated Robert Gordon Moore he's doing just about semi new episodes yet and number two selling T shirt exits. Rick morning march its whole areas it's one I'll never see that show its had a lot of last year when my body's trying to force it upon him at bats super athlete that night I don't look at that department not. The six and forty marathon gather around boys it's not idle was at that the about a party on the boy's amazing now so there else's rip off the screen mask which instrument there was able to him the scary Terry find that the thing. But some security there shirt he's wearing a drew blood soldiers I'm getting. If if championship would be I'm not tattoo guy I want somebody tell me as a scared Terry that's really what the black voters and the content. Eddie House about it I do and that's the Phillies there's laws remember the confetti it now. What is that these are celebrities now that there are there really do you think he purposely said Drew Bledsoe. I think he wanted to disrespect and nobody thought how is what's another bullet yet he should that Tampa split so that would have really on top Asia now would it got really burned them what. Even if there's a lot of Vanessa. Well and our officials take returns I don't really talk now know it went really overly went. The court with a one day. Not the massive now she does support. Yes she's out of that well. I think that might be the biggest regret she's ever occur answers and achieving their resilient picture caller on the Internet today of Bob barber shop at his wedding. And he has his own I think it was a mob were shocked as he married the assertion about from a cop show. And the two grooms in Sydney next. Built houses on the project and Jason. Odds I'd like bad. As the disaster. But anyway. Speaking of balance of animosity that's a bit yup good lord who knows what eight years before. Give my ideas now RB. All of OJ Simpson got together while opening shot of the ovals or shop and police academy eighties. Earl early and I mean OJ was kind of commitment mid ninety's now he went about it when it. Except after Republican winning if you don't go to jail well. Going to be there aren't really a lot of Boston's celebrities after it used to be was Ellen Pompeo Grey's Anatomy use a lot of against. Yeah sure they'll want to. Yeah all fifteen seasons that's what's accidentally wandered the team that you don't realize it here again doing the light yeah. Attach yourself to medical drama. This notion has asked for each hour on over at our Chicago fire Chicago Bulls not and he entity. About minus that the fire on a hospital. There's a house in general hospital Jack off in years called out of them are very long time. Nurse's. Scrubs and a good crowds that have a good run. Mostly but anyways so for the a four year stretch for I want to every single game and yeah yeah I love for work Holy See so get your. It and how all of what went on you know every every single him out go to anyplace. Those are weird kind of talent that. The team like sort of a base or gets sound that now that the Celtics were reporter a lot of pictures you don't like if you Google like. 2000 or maybe it's out of the idiot holed Michael is over that stretch its use the. The other station. Yes sports that it hit a sand inside that the podcast you never know a privilege if you saw that like Mike flag a microphone liberals for years there's -- -- -- theory but it helical while a lot of games anyway if you saw that flag chance our house immediate pull it so I don't other responsibility got to have the right for the team to us every game said he wants the game are appropriate and get pregame sound locker room out of my own thing and ask wrote players' questions from a noble. They cover are over for Celtics of artwork council the most Gaza Celtics out doc console and I think so yes mr. O'Brien rob came from any book the whole thing Zach Lowe was there while. It's so. Do the pregame watched that game just watching it and at the end. Get all the sound and putted up and senator into the stations open neighbors play in the sound that's where it came from but. My point is at every game ended every playoff game they would show on the Jumbo screen. He's quote celebrities and it wasn't like Ellen Pompeo as knowing the patriots. It was. Really not much else feels like it was brought the athletes in town I like maybe big poppy what are. A team analyzed habit poppy I hate that David Ortiz added you know and nick now rock on call him big daddy just did that. Poppy I know it poppy meat and meat but it I should've said that. He cut that out now now now that I'm gonna actually play it later and profit is up. Art yeah we gotta get out here could be about they'll keep show Carmona. Or your breaks news. Yes. It is now right now so we borrow it from podcasts cracked. What's given the podcast aspect or so to meet its most easy I'm going AD finally after time and time confirmation team. They'll be wrestling podcast. WB yeah I guess. Well that's right so we don't have official was that I threw out a few get I don't wanna be the one names and to a degree by it displaces the lights create their own. I sent an aka get a good name man no ice Koppel. I don't know what that political aspect or column and podcast of the that's would be copied and by posse of Russell that's number one. Is that gives a little means seek your name on that idea and the other one the roster report we talked about balances and then register one out that nobody else know that your us and it's wrestling it's marks. It's Marx's I guess marks a that you payment problem that's the biggest regret of hash tag dork but you have Michael is right. As a dark eyed baby yet so he's not he's needs it when I'm invited. Yeah yeah it cult like nobody is that he's don't clutches. I just throwing a lot of it just that hits if it was. He's the weeds and he would have names and it's what would motivate him like created it first of all second of all the first like. Fifty something episodes he was only a part of maybe. 87 rotating of that and show they are they're doing a lot I heard a bugle and said. He recently in his pocket just like I let me it's important that. So what does the start at what are we gonna hear on that whole key people. And this week I don't want him not gonna wrap it up yet poignant and an atlas got a big show its true with the enthusiasm about the listeners eight. Usually he proceeded to do I want this audit of the game what was so exciting Jason. Yeah I please finish that story and there's like coming and he sits on I was actually thought about it pieces together as meek want to keep those most of the disease that is expected. At this. Some don't on unit that they quit I've turned around outcome I think I think you have Moroccans they rubbed off that growth but you have to you helped me. Look at life a little bit. A more glass half full but not completely out of college. That works like three years of Adam Jones back to take a lot that are easy feat that is now the king of darkness. Though I. Oh he's the most negative guy the world I love him he's always radio persona and it also relate to what I was. Blinded by phone bills that you'll they I love it to get there yeah yes. If it's. Yes this house is answered by the way am I don't you give you if maybe the government out here but life is too short of their game. If you should look that was an aspect or as well I'm feel pretty good feel great about the Celtics team. We're gonna narrowed down himself with celebrities maybe by the next Atlanta as the ultimate call to action must. Long three accede to when he won yet adjacent do you Rossi. Let us know yours and he gives. Any Celtics who was the best of the Catholic at the top three to get that checked at that you know you might be that you're gonna wanted to let you know really be surprised. We got again. But I am very so with cable up on the wheel subscribe to the podcast if you never know if that was a good field I'd do so what thankless this Rossi that got him wrestling podcast coming out would have had to admit. Ross is gone I think I guess I got it at that doubled the work we we have to dork episodes. Rated. And England the year. Rural little away from stuff we got a couple of dear experts and talked about all the beer and honestly I don't see it you're gonna love it here a lot of all right that's it for a member of the called act don't forget to call that what is called act. We just a gift of a snow leopard.