Mostly C’s  - Where does the blame fall for the Celtics letdown in the ECF?A huge argument over the blame for JR Smith’s dumb ass play.

Friday, June 1st
Rich Keefe and producer Jason Rossi are split on where the blame for the Celtics loss in the Eastern Conference Finals especially Game 6 & 7; Where the blame should lay for the JR Smith horrific play at the end of Game 1 of the NBA finals.

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He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and I. Parish to pierce everything seen. Mostly seeks but mostly c.'s podcasting's presented by GP LB officials sound appreciation teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get tubes which keys and most weeks she's podcast. Thanks for that sort of episode mostly season podcast went in the refute your lives. We'll host slash producer. We'll I'm patient in the NBA final patient and I've got to start by saying it's so funny yet to go back Celtics are two out. If her work and we on daily cheat death rate program how long that I. Totally. You know over that any other real strong and no questions yet on but. We are talking about the topics the next day you are who would you rather face the warriors at northern rock. Well ahead of ourselves let's filed with the reactionary we live data day here. I'm not judging you know and that is like that out anything they're up too low than there were up 3:2 AM at a fourth quarter lead in game seven and I know that's almost a week old. It's still kind of stings now I think it would go and smoke by the warriors although we're recording this on Friday is that we saw game one of the NBA finals which was. Insanely close the back tab should have won we're getting to that more on the radio show this is mostly c.'s return to a lot of these years genetically sees it could be strictly c.s that's true that can be on the other podcasts and I cite god you know my side at that under the family of pilots don't get deleted. Like so many other spots. As a as it relates to the Celtics very very frustrating we said this on the radio show. How can you exceed expectations for a season yet also choke your final game. They did it they had the formula to do it because they lose their two best players one obviously very early in the season one that much later wrong. And yet still there talking running game 7 a of the Eastern Conference finals. But that Cleveland team is so flawed. It was home court advantage it is really felt like the Celtics should have taken this opportunity. And gone to the NBA finals the would have been 888 crazy story like you just nobody could have predicted that hell I'm the idiot that that there were to lose to the blocks filled with it put the bucks two years ago there was that series they out with a guy you peel it back out important asset on these on these. Podcasts these airwaves. Sure sure definitely both the view that heard it said keeps an idiot now they are people that action podcasts I know seven people that's how. Guys and the one we said sixes and five of those few snow yeah right now. He's in my blood and we talked about it what did you think of the cavaliers how the Celtics and if you pick cavaliers violated effort of facts. Because I was I was had a had a good piloted by really an anchor good out giant fine fine. But again it goes back to game savages tear rosier shooting terribly in markets Smart and Marcus Morris Jalen brown. There also that you want a more Jason Tait and you want more Al Horford. You can't score 79 points at home and an elimination game. So that's on them the cavs also played poorly in that game LeBron James was great and Jeff Green which is insane but Jeff Greene played pretty well. And that was that that was the difference and they move on would you see as heart of the champions. That's not very good post that was happening and the democratic idea and I got to at a come back out I agree that's an fired. It should happen when he was in Oklahoma City cracked. Yeah the earliest rounds like second properly yet. A second van Gundy. As bug me about a huge fan of green van Gundy Jackson greens fine. I read endorsed per view better duo Mark Jackson van Gundy get to. Into each other's crap in their. It's 120 point gain any one legal slap be like I'm finally I could do field trip I was to a plan that player caller I'd I'd go down the road of like what these guys talking about. But it's a tight game in the NBA finals in the third quarter. And Jeff Van Gundy was saying hey Mark Jackson couldn't hit a soft ball off of the bronze wife what the hell are we talking about. Did you care inflict odd usage you can go one for Ted against the Major League pitcher and some Jack wagon for this other pirates that you could do about. It you really good game like and it has probably thought it was going to be a blowout. But this incredible game and like LeBron hit a shot he was soul on fire you and I said to be able to seize the nominal and NBA finals tangent. But you can't umpire. He pulled up from like five feet behind the arc in drilled the three and they're still talking about softball and Mike briefly and lot of those guys like prop up I don't know Jeff. Geez she's got a sinker ball like. We do that that drove me not I don't think they're very good at all yet. I have two thoughts on that one is I think everybody eats. Anything I especially like nationals pay a lot of stuff I don't know if it's healthy or that it or it's going to help it would help the idea tell if we do it to it for data Dade bassist Roger but I just like I call all. On rate now now and not much but I do think it's like that is what you'll see every day on social media whether it. Monday Night Football broadcast whether it is here I don't broccoli like a lot of these it's gonna ever and now this example you gave and I didn't hear I went back to their site tweet I think it was in west rolled actually for a portion of the game during the NBA finals are what she wants world yet you post they Celtics podcasts mostly self the other part of it is less moral. As I've got caught up cholesterol have to lose the interest first episode snooze. While I was having a real trouble with absolutely I've got abs are and I like Africa France has a six episodes I think I've seen five the first one yeah it was an absence news it's like I don't want to get it the second one. Forces you to watch the other ones but that it like these ones I don't know I'm gonna also give the theory that. People always thought Andy and so I missed middle of the third to end the fourth as kept that in my phone it's not people to volume that you did it JaVale McGee missed the S and I just got some but. I think put them easy I miss up until two minutes left in the game and I feel like that it is. I just thought that's a stupid thing that's of like a big lead for a bit don't like this is this isn't saying equitably goes on and they edit the graphical one point. LeBron have liked when he points north and fifteen minutes when he for you might think that's actually good doubt bill that the way things have gone public doesn't really impressive that the teammates actually outscored them for awhile first and the struggles for over fifty is in the game needed overtime to do it but still got over it what 49. They get organized and what a couple of free throws of America and relate to one dollar was all warriors in the in the overtimes I Thompson at 30 yeah league Alia and those guys can get a get a big. Lead in a hurry but the JR Smith stuff is awesome to terrorists that stuff is so. Good there's no way he knew what the score was oh claims that he did after the game. Any claims he knew that they were looking for a time out you leading call yeah. I'm not a call you have the ball you can call time that JR Smith first the ball he gets the ball in a position where he could have gone up and scored he said in the post game Kevin Durant was gonna block your shot. Wrong if you want that plays mates I'm divided you could see the Kevin Durant his momentum but the way the ball kind of ricocheted in the Smithsonian's. To rant was actually turned completely the other way it was those that could have an adult lamp a righty lay up right in there everybody listen to this could've done with JR Smith did or should have done. And the way he ran it out if you've ever watched the basketball game before in the closing seconds when your winning immunity wanna go to the free throw line you just had a runaway elect that he ran away so fast got away from the pocket what my twenty feet away from the basket from where he was originally in. And and spread out would not even looking at the path that was my that's the big issue he didn't get out of there like they got back like looking at the basket like his body facing the basket let leopard its job like that half court you know. Coaches. I call that the track and it actually. Look all they did the right angle at apple and the coaches tech inevitable boxes line there and he's over there and the bronze economic what are you doing Hedo and then he'd like it clicks let me ask secular or else go to that shot I felt bad for them that hill the guy who missed the free throw don't talk about it may have been guilty of it that he mattered retired about it. But it was just so. Not a good judgment not a hell yeah Hillary Elvis the freaked out but he but still JR Smith. I. It's JR Smith it's back is if you read this is what happened. But a missed a free throws a physical to stay. Missing for that because 80% to 2% of his free throws he's going to miss any of the candidates that this is that the evidence of it set. I nobody get a look at it all you know he's going to miss Aerosmith but it didn't know the score. I'm not they're not blaming the warriors airs and it's an important position. Taylor Smith it adds up basketball player you should know the score it would be that he shouldn't be in the game no audio right maybe you should be proud Golden State. Those blood on the north what I'm at a time Hollywood Yancey at the weekend party occurring exactly that by point seven seconds we'll get that not this happens. I don't wouldn't have much in Kansas and the amazing an admirable brought the mean that's going around right now is hysterical. It's a LeBron walked off in the post game press conference. He walked I don't so time I don't get back itself. It's with him because you know I know you hate LeBron I try to do I try to look at things obviously the Ron if he keeps this up this whole series even if they gets elected if it was. It's gonna be our tribute argued so greatest Nazis the greatest player of all time but he is by far surpass every player aside from Michael. It seems like it's this or 49 point to keep his team that everything that biggest underdogs all time of one of the best buy like the patriots ever being an underdog to magically yet Huckabee ticket sent by Brady became Brady there was a big underdogs and the person I want that was really let LeBron the last let's go with yeah it's. You can't call that team that dramatic underdog I don't care to bond going out there with media. Is sometime nights it looks like he should essentially but yeah I mean LeBron obviously go for 51 Eitan a and that is team let them down and again it's going to be another built an excuse because when he leaves to go somewhere else people are gonna kind of slack they're gonna say they've ever would JR Smith is when it's airstrip. We get to wanted to harassment it's a want to their like that yeah we'll talk to him. GM LeBron got him in there so that is absolutely on him but this is such that that was there opportunity everybody predicted like asleep towards that they've maybe five games. If the cavs won that game would been huge for the NBA because now also there's more intrigue and could be pulled this off but it's an underdog story you most the best player. And that doesn't happen and I got to assume the sweeps back on how wanna jump back this place they are mostly it's a little bit LeBron at a at a the brought after the sell after the game set and you know soldier down you mean my guy yeah I do I do want everyone to have a drinking Yugoslavia might Democrats awareness are mostly seized in the rest of the way on and it. Yes and you're either beverage of choice I UU I I'm Alex almond extract I had like beer that's fun I've heard this and really good ones on a different podcast there's not really accidental draperies if you go to her aspect or podcast right now available in the archives decent best no wiggle and Beers are renewing that I also have extra guy isn't ranked guy yeah but I wouldn't think along that I love along. Buick when I wonder of girls but is not a girl. There's like hot shots alcohol and Eric I guess the way you look at the 21 heralded as you grab it get you drug but that's all I'm agreement allows one wanna have to those that there's a night Erica as the time forget about it. Tomorrow morning I'm. But any time LeBron and post game you know if there's ever with a walk off interview with the power of Soria anti mine specifically. If they. I'll wind. I've seen and in Los is against it he will say I wasn't good enough it will take that and we are members of the word we until. Some of a bitch I was making this point and everybody was watching games sadly I was over my brother in law's sister doesn't listen to he's gonna probably gonna be about itself. Did this whole thing when he got him on the grounds out of you watch the whole post. I Arden he would have on both guys had on the ground laying down their show on the trophy looked tired anybody else I aluminum and in order to air Smith there's guys I talk in the wind. It. And he easel and crowds out on my dad's he gets a needs to be able to pick them up comes over his act. Skies today. It's all about this team isn't about me all the these debates you have the whole time I've made it all about him. If you heard what doors before this he whose name need not all of that I would be Drake left and right back at the end I think for everybody watching the NBA finals and curious you don't like the and it supports the post game. Are eventually detox from last night. Yeah it'll save money he's not. At least four. Is he just gets up walks out big question yet efficient or maybe and out and if you're with somebody finish there trying to hit that you'll accidents yet. So I think that the rewarded by the years through Morgan left with the cats and a dog I will say this I think. If you leave Cleveland now as bad as it is he got to find every. Yeah eight on a two point Cleveland 2.0 until I was much better files and he have been believing championship every singles. They may hate him before this cut oak I really happening on the front yes he left aggregate they bottomed out there really get the number one pick. Three times and a four year span. You think there's something up that. I do of course there's a disturbing conspiracy guy yet I'm not necessarily mean I have are still in you know that conspiracy against. I think it puts a lot of pressure on the conspiracy theories yes that term answer and dumped in the conspiracies think yours is really the same thing due to an abrupt how people ruled I think there's the potential that that mr. I don't officially believe I'm not watch so it's not that outside the box that picked up the NBA draft lottery was rhetorically. Oh watts up they wanted the bride to be. What else and help out for them because he would date. They've and they turn Cleveland with being with a broad that he leads the want the super team and it brought it over loses mine. And Bryant positive PR results as as France so we need access route for an answer heir Andrew Bennett no carrier Irving that it was a year off and that it was. Anthony banner anthem at a underway against. Now announced that it together and team by the he's got celtics' offseason we'll circle back well now we get this Ilia yeah. What are your honest opinions against who do you where you point is that I've Jalen brown you mentioned terrorist digit number who both had outstanding game six is. That should have closed out this year CF true comeback in game seven they both. As their pants I would say outlet most of the blame. It's one of those things where it you'd be stupid to blame one specific person you know that's out there ought to give one person in my I've when brats who like I think he was that was the worst performance we've seen for Brad Stevens. In his clutch Delaware early adjustments and adjustments that timeouts weren't as timely as they'd end up this whole policies. You go back to your famous boxers fell six years ago he was so he really mockery. He was outstanding at timeouts yet to yeah basketball and I doubt it's ever ever about it when he noticed went to pull out of the game when he was just. Ice coal to the ground at a great heroes are needed to cool he just needed aptly cool at my the old I go back to is. This is what got you there but you have everybody at the green light your fire when regular co pilot Marcus Morris threes in transition he's lived with a markets Smart pulled up with three like they're living with a hurricane season. Also and so they only played seven players in game seven all seven album just based on watching them Brad Stevens is okay without shooting three's whenever they want. So do you all of a sudden third quarter of the game seven say. Hey guys know what we're doing for the last 99 games let's not do that anymore so I would get a prestige deserve some of the blame I just think it's tough to tell your team. Mid game we're not doing what we did before and also. You look at two ways when a guy is old for eight from three. You're off as a fan of they don't shoot it sucked shooting. That as a player or even as a coach Tuesday. Is critical for odd is the over ten is it like. James Harden what overlook is still infrastructure over to 41 B Everett told James hard to stop shooting and my god I'm not saying Terry rosier or even Jalen brown is James Harden. But it but the two with the teams in the situation the whole idea of them having to take shops and everything else though. Those guys put it out of the starting backcourt is what action all the guards were Smart and there would brown and wood rosier. All and also about Marcus Moore skin and is Chris Tatum wants SE second half his first half expert he looked like. Start right away he started and that's leave us okay good was not ordered audience seventies knocking down jumpers early and there's a stretch where a whole second quarter even as even doctor about you want he was all of Clinton gets the dog gone abroad and the already and you're thinking here ego like they're gonna win this game it's all at both teams played bad it was an ugly ugly game it was. It was just growth hopefully to be under 'cause that was just the Celtics scored thirty points in the second third quarter combined. How do you expect the winning team there we were like thirteen and seventeen or whatever the two quarters like death row total. So just that are really frustrating when that they should've been in the NBA finals you hope it's not just a missed opportunity when you look back on this team insane man. You know we thought there and make like five trips to the finals and they only made to look this could have been one right here. And again not that they would have been the favorite in fact there have been a huge underdog. Probably is similar underdog to Cleveland do you think would you care they got so now I'm not gonna era at I've got a lot of it is about experience I just think it is. Four as a fan and as a city and as this team. Knowing your failure to best quote unquote players you just need to happen I think. A two all I think the next steps that you take is really important like them. Making the playoffs the second year under Brad Stevens was a big step forward for the players animals those guys are gone but also hit. And so now he has playoff experience the the next year you you don't. Advanced on the first from when a couple of games are competitive in the year after that you make in the conference finals and not to make it to the finals at the whole different thing for him next year in which Democrats need every year not only as the wing Todd totaled in the regular season or playoff total wings have gone out at Roland that we're on the ice and we went erupt throughout. Bret Stephens is already accomplished eloquence and a so it's. But he just went on to those that you're up 32. They LeBron James Stevens to the end the bronze in the east the whole time missile career but Ozzie Bret Stephens has faced him. Three times in the playoffs. You know we get swept out by embassy was terror opening a little doubt but the greatest harm. They did their best they could barely ready for the I really keep the game let's leave the game leads me here there is LeBron turns on them the bad load game one of the MB files after comeback all the type of no country right at the Celtics erased a sex that's six or seven you lose your second best player and the team around him and if I. So based they get swept. That may win a game surprising last year but tonight our rights egos Timmy knows how to artists aren't clear water eight against LeBron in the playoffs going into this year and any go to game seven and so that was obviously. It's still was. Look Stephen's best team even with the injuries I feel like there's still is best team I think with only help would be last year's team that's ahead and even without Kyra read certainly with him and that this is without question the bronze worst team over the last years. And it's goes back to the agency is 07 team where I believe the starting lineup. Was Sasha Pavlovic Larry Hughes. Drew Gooden and address of hospice I believe that was the starting lineup. I haven't and a laptop for the that worked but in the culture down 51 and no one's gonna get that right now with a little aside other activities overlap honest I think there's some Euro atlas but there he thought the small audience but they're very act outlets outside and we and we pay outs are a lot of passion. Outlets. Larry Hughes LeBron did in zones Damon Jones. And David Jones off the bench it gives us. Yeah and is that Daniel Gibson. I did you sorry deal definitive but the police. I wish that bird hunt for a little while the NBA and we any merit like mr. Cole or summer jobs musical yes there was. These things come back to me anyway that's the bad team. The 07 cavs might be the worst team in the NBA finals the old nine magic's autograph I might be at the bad team to that the need to have that is like no chance of a half. An hour of him now. Now. The bass off that pass losses dramatically if she's the greatest hall of fame it's the nasty back is good I'm not that he was not good job on the caller. Yeah you're saying I'll wrap things we got our team back at the end of his career was elect the hawks or something and the the handful years I was getting sound for the Celtics photos oh. To the visiting locker room when they open locker room and attorney interview players took a quick little five questions with like whoever. It's ITT Mac sitting in the locker rooms that vote the the back of like. Nature silly yet if you missed it the questions. He's like dominantly out about the young guys do all the interviews the public and public. August Wanda says I really enjoyed watching your career you're with stuff like like perhaps like you thought was really criticized for like not playing or something but you like not having it at first that he was like all about it yeah you'd give you guys how are you that's what's up. I Tracy McGrady led the league score a couple times yet why Chrysler price and you tell you what one time all second team. That's at Donald more than that way more than that look at Tracy McGrady had nearly iPad and I'd that he was avenues all NBA. Four or five times. I could be way out on the first the net and now. And if there's all of that's not. A pretty good note I don't know and I think they'll take its its spot positions I mean she was one of it is you've got. Here's guardian to or two more time also that Al Horford he's the senate I eyeballs whatever that means makes no it doesn't matter. I'll keep that knows all art it seemed tapestries. All I got it all got with a third in the the fan vote to throws off all of BA's where two time all NBA first team media onwards there. Three time all second seed. Two time on the third team wait a two time scoring champ which I was correct. And BA most improved play Sonya is all NBA seven times poll slows this your mouth about to not be at all Amer I just seven times he was all India. So twice was more the five best players in the league where the core rap pictures. There was the made it. Because of the political winner pressure point in looking like Robert Horry more than him. I'm Victor of the winners on the to debug Arabic I just went I I vouchers and Grady even better than I thought seven time all of the I. I just get out fast the whole fan it's I just itself it's gonna have any Alabama. Hours is all learn so do you like the rich keep all they broke the Baath law at the basketball. And are now are everybody would only apply he was dominant in what he meant to the the world and he was gig at its leader. You look back when when what like he hasn't hit a tactic I know. I made it I think they've made it to the playoffs twice maybe they got a conference semifinal of the out of the point is like and I look at it like when you. When you look at like a generation of time to yummy stand out. Yea if super tallest at the remarks while. Except with the excitement of course it does you son of a crowded a big yellow it would lay it out here it's only a video game it's no one was looking I don't think he stood out in player wants a look at this that is solid yes it definitely opt out of work ahead of us senate. I shut down that was mostly sees that we really turn I would cancel anything mostly strictly sees it the what's the deal here we're all in this. For the show and so we're gonna be interviewing Danny Ainge so that interviews probably already done by the time it was in this so look on the Daylon -- page. We are scheduled to talk with Danny Ainge citizens should be good interview see what. What he's got cooker here for the offseason so look forward to that yet. Rusty you have a wrestling podcast on the way at some point is that true just got via podcast you know Ross young wrestling it immediately and you guys peeled that please please keep yet peel. You could follow the other dork podcast with our other podcast attached act or on iTunes in a WEEI dot com act or podcast on Twitter that's TV movies video games comic books. All of that stuff thank you so much for listening to this episode of mostly c.'s. Subscribe on the iTunes we do account sporadically as an unlocked. The rock no thanks. Here's why I'll be marked and my moment. The government and its non negative and Oman and in my point of the crowd really a thirst for. But I can tinian. The reason to give me be a nasty habit every week but I just you know why don't won't talk much about on the air that's that you may actually do I ever thought about something and apart this and and tell you gonna come to me as it. Throw some outfit. We'll give you big draft shell out of the draft we do draft draft stuff we can talk a little I doubt at all fame. And it follows her review at some also some accounts tiger at inaugural joint venture that's apparent that's gonna do it thanks so much have a have a nice wherever you're doing this avarice rescue day united thank you. I'm gonna end with a better that was read that you have a fantastic it's going to be the best damn that's it's it's it's a national and the Intel's not descriptive.