Mostly C's - Celtics-Warriors, DeMarcus Cousins & Todd Day stories 11-17-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 17th

Holley & Keefe are back to talk all things Celtics the day after a C's victory at TD Garden over the defending champion Golden State Warriors, the C's 14th-straight win.


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Michael holly and Ritchie. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. Parish to pierce everything season. Mostly seeks the most least he's podcasting's presented by GP LV officials sound of Jason teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get to Michael Holley and which keeps. He's podcast. Thank Saturday of the mostly fees podcast is brought you back JB LB officials out of Jason page of the Boston Celtics in the NBA and Michael Orr reporting this. The day after the Celtics win over the Golden State Warriors they win that you predicted there. Amazing amazing that I got one right yes and it's amazing that it actually happened. And it's amazing how it happened live atop the Celtics we're gonna win a game certainly didn't think they win by shooting 33% from the field. And agencies that curry scoring nine points for the game goes crazy. And I didn't see. A game under both teams scored under a hundred points. Charles targeted to that either watch our Berkeley when you add this to him and I. I had some he's he's a pain it's. He's not outlaw it if I watch and put it let's not forget it but what they regular season win in November. Really need. Well I think it means. That thought everything you do has meaning because. Was no back to back for the warriors. Or for the Celtics. They were on the warriors radar. I think that's what Steve Kurz comments were about to say clearly that you're there yes and just try to you know try to tweak his team target is to push his team to focus. Ought on the Celtics and blow them out and also trying to tweak the cavaliers in the good to go nuisance. And are worried about us here right now. You know you're not guaranteed to be here write him I beat them. So I think they got the warriors. They get the warriors best game but he kept their best. You're the Celtics beat the spurs earlier this year would no choir Leonard so that wanna connect when I wrote my letter. This was. Everybody for the warriors disclosed everybody for the Celtics at TNT game at least that neither team played the night before so they could both circle it as say this is the big game. And I don't think anybody should freak out one way or the other leg even if they had lost by twenty I wouldn't know I would know lost my mind you may have. For now Africa are out your forget excitement I. I have I've never been I've I've I've never been so happy to be wrong. About know what it's rate was that due to a team. A so emotionally attached to a lot but boy did any of the things seventies Celtics right we talked about eyes thick high reboot but every brat Avery you loved Bradley and they ripped a ball away from the U ripped Isaiah way for me. And here I am. And I have carrier ring I don't know what he's gonna do as the leader of the team with a partial and you know you move on from. You know eleven guys from the team to which the conference finals. And Eric dot Alka. Is this team is untouchable he can't he can't really make any additions. Have really group health love and you are a lot of deeply allowed keep those deeply. A lot of people love this team a lot of loved it and were confused by all the trades and all the different signings in just how new the roster looked. I think if you sit there and be fourteen in two with Gordon Hayward. I voted no way I don't will still fourteenth straight games yet that's Iberia would be unrealistic yours could take a while but I think way. Today you know to let definitely need time did you I'm going to play fifty gained 53 gain but don't be a better team but yeah they're getting there. But I think the individual matchups those relates to deceive last night you know curry and Irving we'd seen in the NBA finals the last couple years it's now one but. What was Jalen brown of what was Jason Tatum even Al Horford possibly guys off the bench what are they gonna do when thrown up there on the court with the warriors and I mean Sergio Brown he was. On blip that that if he didn't play to get a third quarter they lose that game by double that. Down by seventeen point I. Let me just add that to you didn't do things on its economy. I can see them going down seventeen points twenty points and then losing by ten or fifteen. But to go down by seventeen. In the second half to the warriors and then come up with a warrior like rot of their own. Because that's what the warriors do fifteen teams seventeen to see you later you were in the game and you don't even know what happened three minutes later you're out of it by by. If Steve talk about the big go to bed at 1012 brought in a blink of and I went up our shoot threes is just don't cut a turnover or a missed shot all sudden they're raw red Thompson and hit shots from three feet beyond the arc like what what happened is blood did you. You're down 1560s so for them is to be able to come back and into that game is one thing. But to have Jalen brown. Really ignited. On both on on both ends of force it offensively and some of his offensive aggressiveness. Really saved them and that game he was not he had no fear whatsoever of of Durant. It up any of their guys. Eight it was difference maker on defense I know we had a caller yesterday which ticker member's name he brought it up Ehrlich. All Jalen brown caller. As saying yeah I think Jalen brown as the key report. Yeah out of duke I put it right away American money and like oh Tatum was more important but all instead we can find his call you know all of that he says the club actually got everything you read a book called active. That's what Ed Adobe this IE you guys listening please don't this color but you'll be okay only the caller who says. Are caught up two months ago and you guys what laughed at me I hate it hit me but they hate being let somebody laughed at the sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. It is perceived to laughter if I if. I doubt it would laugh at the guy yesterday and he'll say we did. Yeah most likely will go as a relic ala what he deserves a vote on the democratic Greg gloat yeah browse and add that to me it really speaks to the difference between our rookie year in year to hear Rick talk all you do is better ball. Part of being better is he's been on the court Kevin Europe worries over a core stuff queries so I could see why Jason Taylor did not have his best games. He's looking at the Golden State freaky warriors the heat even watch these guys by playing ever NBA two K interest is blown away ever nineteen. So when he was getting his driver's license these guys are up there winning 73 games in these guys are out there waiting NBA title splash Brothers on the court them. That's gotta be crazy like. At happened to him game one number one he's by LeBron blocks a shot right away teaches that what. When I'm playing if LeBron James and asked about the game yet in the event was that what you expected no I had not read that he's way better it's crazy but I thought it was bigger he's faster everything yet and so but you can't lose Tatum like Tatum the first few quarters didn't really do a whole lot but that all of that at the end when you need dome. He's attacking the basket he's he's making a few plays the attack and that the box where socket and a slick pop with him but. He added up stick it went it and they need him in the. Fourth quarter he goes you know wells who else is falls into that category means and what Jalen brown year one year to you just better. Brad Stevens. His fifth year as a code via stroke so it's not just the talent level is talent level is much improved them to get the most talented roster obviously most talented roster these bad. Since he's been in Boston. But you think about some college guys we have come from that game to the NBA and easy either it's. Demeanor wise they don't get it they try to over coach and I think that. And these guys are on scholarship now on homey. Pick up more power than you right now but I pulled away press you'll need them more than they need you and if so it's got that that attitude adjustment. As necessary in the second thing is it's just a different game it's different pace. And so some of the college college guys never get it. Brad Stevens you'll want to know the leak he knew what from front from and outsider's perspective. But now as it currently is like a year player yeah fit your player who was it was very good very talented but now. His knowledge base. Is solid in its extensive as he's able to do things now when your five that he could have done in your two. Ever were talking a room in between year one year too and ask him sir what's the biggest difference that Betty to really know. Andy was talking about how in the NBA the best player or best players on the other team. Just how many possessions go through them like just how much impact those guys have. Compared to in college for all the games are shorter. You know yet and the shot clock is longer writes it is more possessions so you're you're facing off against Kevin Durant for example. This guy's got the ball how much like right after this much of an impact on each and every game. And just seeing what he's been able to do against the warriors or what he's made adjustments and other series to other players like. I'm within that that has been pretty clear the last couple years and now he might even have the skill deserted and do what he wants to do right. How real is it. How real is this. Yeah well I don't Brad Stevens has realized all the all the players of that and other coaches of that and they had to start up platitudes you can see the effect he's out on the team. How realism fourteen game winning streak. For the Celtics and atop the Eastern Conference in knocking off the warriors play the cavaliers well without Hayward. For 43 minutes yep yep. Beat in the box on the road. Beating Oklahoma City on the road. Beating Toronto without carrier Erving right. And I keep you keep upping their OK okay that the test the challenges and you got over this. But can get to level three I ticket you get all mad. Yeah well that's right let out big Joseph I'd I'd like a rose on that matter all that different game Howard's gonna do. Here and don't pretty well there it is they're doing great item one thing law a lot of substance have been quick to point out is. You know defense that is really going to swamps of the best defensive team. A lot of effort and yummy to keep that up all season maybe they'll be certain nights where you don't but. It's not like they're relying on one guy to carry that either everybody has bought in so defensively. I think that's going to be there and then offensively you're to have nights where. It oak carrier ring is all for seven from three of some nights where he is six for eight from three right so you're gonna have these different kind of nights where. Odd different guys step up and carry the offense but defensively. In rebounding which was on huge problem for them last year it seems that all of those things have been improved in. That's by the if you wanna say that the second best team in the NBA I think you have confidence in that and if you wanna say they could give the warriors the series. I think that's fair to I think I figure you're crazy though you say they're better in the warriors because they beat him once had had limited hours last year there isn't the worst two years ago we got better than than necessarily. But to say that they belong on the court them. I think that's today at the big state and I think that's what we saw. OK there's one thing and in this its interest in see how this. Plays out over the course of the regular season. And we get it to the playoffs because we've been down this road before I know I've been down this road before looking at a team in the regular season. That 1617 celtics' number 1 team in the Eastern Conference in you're so excited. Because you're the top seeded team in his heyday well it top seed. As happened this need that right now they might be able to do something in the playoffs became a different story be a different story. In the Eastern Conference finals they got to rub starting a Chicago there just it. Great series against the wizards a winning game seven easily or comfortably. Then an Eastern Conference finals it was just like oh. I'll pack for routing it guy who we are. So in the NBA finals Cleveland felt like Austin dead in the series before it really great little article here are backward along. Bowl win and it already my and much better where so Brad Stevens knows the difference between regular season ball. And playoff law. A lot of these guys I read. Al Horford does Jalen doesn't know not really would Jalen aren't there a little bit last year the blood and Tatum but Smart data shows that rosier got a taste of it. Aaron mean. Oh Heidi we're experts in. And saw it. I wonder if if that. That same will be going to on that same road this year like oh man we thought it was so gruden won fourteen straight. How we forgot that they lack the slipped four. So what locker I don't and then that's OK am I I really don't today. Another. Big time score. And score if scored right David grant scored f.s going outside of the artery but it's. Is is Jalen brown. Who we don't know he's a big times scored a good player yeah I don't know. Is he AA east. Butler view is that they're competent yeah yeah I have. And maybe even eight million or more days more advanced. Because until your threes that well no political agenda butler's first appeared here into new Butler he he was more than one and done too so he's he's way ahead of the schedule yet what did you Pollard ultimately geek I don't think it's either your or your that your MI or talk a little bit. So dale brown might be able advance yeah as far as guys that. Could realistically get its money in a night. Obviously Irving he Daryn you know Irving will. Brown can read it last night out Jan Tatum can and can't Horford or am Morris. More or maybe Morris Morris I've really Morrissey and carry on a certain way so. But that and I guess that's the difference but you're getting down way down the road in terms of matching up with a that that may be the best team. The last like 510 feet adding another NBA. Final hours and know those three guys these three guys averaged twenty. That's what they do step Curry's going to get to twenty plus the rant well Thompson will. On all of our guys combined for seven the on the wall just with will do that. If it in the Eastern Conference Toronto has a couple of guys who will yep they their backcourt was probably a score fifty Cleveland has one guy who. One who want an end amaze me. Knob there may be if you're a top Soledad Thomas made but right now they don't have that yet love. Man love is too up or down it that's one that you cannot rely on. But he even he beat up Horford last year in the conference finals but would you guarantee out again and Milwaukee. Do you want them all of with the blood flow in there yet to fill the huge score yeah but there's sort of figured out now they are I was the parkers welcome back to write it into place here in the mid you know they don't have pace issues anymore elect Cao plotting for awhile but they go pretty small. But there very long like there there there are weird match up type a team. Exit because there are their personnel is strange and I got you got a guy like the frequently note he can ya then you got guys like a Middleton. Who you know middle and could be way off little can Little League in dropped forty which did not as. I hear exactly. You know what they mean you'll be ideal for the Celtics is at the south at the one seed. If the box get the three and Cleveland gets the sixth. Make them play each other and then also another buffer game between the evening depth of that era though about easy path but those teams and I'm pretty dangerous. Unless you have. The 76ers. Measure eight seed. Because. Nick I mean. So are you quit her wearing it well on the web site sixers are playoff team they are out announced today today is December 13. November 17 the as of November 17 mother's birthday tomorrow and have a birth canned goods without urgently lift and shot only allows the mostly on the spot like I am glad to change the name yet and I like the other day and to. That that's mostly these things work. At a bed mostly c.'s now we mentioned Charles Barkley earlier. And I love Barkley I presume and we've all the Fed them I defended even more on the show Allah oh where are they entertaining. And I think. When where and what he's breaking down players I like he's not afraid to rip a guy he's the only one up there the Billick this team allows the deceived writing him like no he said that which which you like. But then it seems like he is just. Either for some reason he hates the Celtics and I'm not one of these people that the only national broadcaster other like. Hi team can close them navigate the Celtics like what is it Danes know that any carrier diary he hates carry us. Man I because sorted this guy I don't think he likes the way it went down you know I'd hate. To bring this went up a lot and in your in your clothes now you're onto it. Where there's so many people in the media. We're LeBron people love LeBron. But I ripped the bottom on what to Miami years ago about think he's now he's back now acknowledge your retiree yet. But out. He's back on the net. He's back on LeBron bandwagon because those guys when added back of it it last year and you know LeBron pointing out days joking around and a finals against the bulls -- talking about today's players might laughing and and a finals game but no consistency from Barkley yeah I think you know it is like the way LeBron left. The end you know like the fact that LeBron is considered better than Jordan because that's his area. But. Here like the way Calgary left LeBron. Yeah for some reason it really bought them because these guys they're no consistency because they say why would you want to team up well large want to vote don't wanna be the man yet and that what you wanna leaving the other but I don't. Over the security bad about all that he is. And it tries may not in this this is the new thing if you're watching with a the first time they play either the first or second game against the box I forget which. With the TNT game they're showing on the highlights Ted green jacket or you're talking about them at and they go to Charles goes Norah I think. Who mediocre teams. When he was crap and on that early in the season all right football and we met at its best teams in the east of the game five per game sick yeah it was a little earlier real early rising to mediocre teams. He also and we played all the sound that the night that Gordon Hayward got injured. I'll without him a bit lucky to be a top five seed it might be the sixth best team now on the east and even after the winning streak that you still locked. Yeah he is somebody trivial assets and routes and I like this guy's an analyst when he's paying attention but only those are not as tonight we have is that. He has been an analyst in years he's a he's personality. But. And that's what here's the truth that I get it he's entertaining. As you say he has blunt. He he's funny. He can be funny but he had to pay it but but. In terms of basketball. Analysis. That's not necessarily a strength right now that's Kenny Smith he needs it to the film session with candy. But there's a terrorist pictures with child rather the exact there's always an out there at Charles your up there with them at one time. To learn a little sound like they're not watch the equally games army went on TNT and documents is watching them we know it's not a lot to me gives him out on TNT there when he doesn't Collins there is a that's tide is turning into. The college that was there is a joke but don't cut him some slack and they wanted to be entertaining and I don't expect him specifically to know 64 teams and all the guys are 68 teams all the players you like it right you're not in the game like him too but that's why they have stepped Davis that's why they're Clark Kellogg after the bring Greg Anthony. You want entertainment from Tampa for the NB eight. That's should be as Spain. Well but you know it probably would help them even though we don't expect and know the entire league over the entire area in your place. It would help them he pays attention to these guys the best players in college basketball are going to be tomorrow are going to be frozen next guy about staying three years maybe they'll stay too unlikely. Unless something really goes wrong. So pay attention to only college out you can make a reference and say hey you know Jason tenements on this guy. In January. And I regularly after his injury really came on for duke was one of the best players in the ACC and when I that note can remember his name it. Numbers there this al-Qaeda kid that's what it's one thing if you want to say the Celtics won't be passwords answers fine. Regular every argument if you would even argue that but that it takes a step further and is what drove me nuts like this team. Won't beat Cleveland. Okay by it's LeBron not okay. They won't beat Toronto they won't beat Washington then at which I think is insane guy goes one step further those last year's team is better than this year's team okay. Are based off of water outlet. Did we know how last year's finish so the data they want 53 games there in the conference finals let the pretty high bar that's pretty good. But based on what the sample size that we have of this team that's cars and the star power. I made that that's you if you can you would've got it yet there as fans know. Steve manner got to look at you gotta be honest about it speaking out of gold yes I'm surprised Hewitt that's what not to bring your blog where. I hope my boy as we know we've gotten to probably to really heated art area over the last year one was Isiah V Tyree the other. Was just it whether you like or hate DeMarcus Cousins that right. These these are markets cut these are families splitting our arguments this is these are up to North Dakota vs South Dakota evidently got that we have a break off it was it was real bad it got real heated yet hated DeMarcus Cousins I loved the market's gotten in this deadly week of growth for you as a group week. Apologies or looking in the Mir. Yeah DeMarcus Cousins on the pelicans this year a series of staff and he loves that I thought I'd like that is that he's just not advanced metrics it's just the five. Big stats that are but it keeps track your entities that if you. Points per game DeMarcus Cousins is averaging 28. And that is fifth in the India. Rebounds per game. Thirteen point seven in almost working that second round yeah and we're in Portland 28 boards you know well. Five point seven assess round up to 66. That's eighteen. These senators are big Fella yet averaging just under six assists again at eighteen. Our but I have a defensive stats one point eight steals per game that's good for twelfth at one point six blocks. Per game good for wealth. In the NBA therefore in the five major categories used in the top eighteen. In all that all of the other team is playing pretty well they're not the other not a a wagon but right now I think could be in the play. Gunshots you wouldn't shock me I didn't know I think I had to look around our growth and a look at Robert I was sitting down. And I was just I was watching the psyche remember what game it was watching the Celtics and I was gonna Jason. Suspect Jason to it was a great situation. To be in for rookie because he's come to a good team. The now is has become to a good team in the present. Historically. The celtics' best franchise in NBA history just look at just a great energized and so. The current team understands that he's not here to save them. The fan base. Either you don't do it at at seventeen years old. On your dad your mom. Graham somebody knows about the Boston Celtics and they know a little something about basketball so just it's not just the president it's the history. If so there's no. No self explain it looks at eight he would. And says. You're got to transform our entire franchise you gotta make it something that we've never been. So Russia to note that sets up a player no such chance no stoppage rookie has to. Ever think about probably pup tents on and that's great project Tatum which let me I'm thinking now about intimacy. Wow man look at this. The market. I just had a thought he gets drafted. The Sacramento while worked for a time a terrible franchise. Look at their history. Their histories irreverent when we lost the lakers in the Western Conference final really fun season if you have a lot of it it's a very jet like perspective hey we went to the conference finals when happen. We lost doesn't get through Madonna yet yet always yeah very jetlag is well somebody else out cause us to. You know not takes center Superfund they were fun but there's I don't often there's no history in the franchise. At tickets sold badly here guy who's your mentor what are you doing. They look at you every year they look at their draft pick and state change yet do everything I dozens. Settle back or more so look. I'm short the markets have little bit of that attitude every now and then he might but. Even if you are I you've you've you've checked all the boxes and you're great you're the ideal. Draft prospect. It's too much for anybody come in and change around LeBron did it. Yeah LeBron did it yes but most guys in a different class. Right Rhonda and directed a deterrent did that we give Westbrook went and helped heartened right so. You've had that that's maybe it's Isiah Thomas believe Isiah wasn't full Isiah Utley left but that might have been the best teammate he had in Sacramento. Right maybe Rudy Gay. Yeah Atlanta did not have much here. So I am I am apologists that I have now it to market problem audience apologists probably licking at. And for all rookies is all rookies who go to bat franchises. They're just expected to come in and do things data every franchise hasn't done in the previous drive years it's. It did every sport too you see a guy on a floppy diskette drafted one picked higher or to a different place his hole for rewrote. Did you ever think I even think about bird. Yeah bird came into this organization. He's got Brett Brett our back is your general manager while. A magic you know you're going to the lakers you can Kareem already there he edit in the franchise had done some things before you got here. You know even going wait wait wait as a rookie and rookie class as abroad. I go to a bad team but equal to bad team that's led by Pat Riley is that there's a game plan there there's a program in place. This is the guy who knows what it takes to get there. And we knew when you're going to some of these historically bad franchises. You expected the figure it out on your own at the age of nineteen or money which is just impossible. The Republicans are playoff team I do get in there so you think this they'll keep The Two Towers together for the whole season. Because that's going to be it succumb trader at lunchtime where their are they gonna wanna move one of those guys contract year but he is in Davis only has another year I believe. Is that every year there's trade rumors of him but. You can get a hall for probably either god they're both playing great right now they don't have a lot of help that the rest of the team socks like E'Twaun Moore star think it's a bad hit didn't it. Like those guys are caring about that might be enough to get in yeah a backdoor 78. Yes there rights I get in there that might be enough for them or get out of here I wanted to ask you quick story if you had one. So during this winning streak have been tweeting out. So this morning strict stance that. And I post the picture of a player of that numbers like last night Bob Cousy won fourteen straight to Bob Cousy. Thirteen a lot of great on issues from I landed on top de sol and I saw you responded by today or the great guys that talked to is a very entertaining. Is entertaining and he was trees. So but my favorite stories when he got stuff interest yet. He really didn't get up to Chretien by well Olympic setup and setup odd day. Very Smart guy you know I hours you've got to have got to get that humor. At two pretty good sign of your intelligence your quick wit us so he was really quick witted. And I think Greg minor was not a Smart guy like Greg minor. Errors like more about the quiet. And respected. Yeah. Kind of like a southern guy. Who just yuck it alone. Eight of them that have not yet optimism that two sides don't mess with the quiet yet it don't ask Tana. And I started it. Pay off and oh. So Todd day and Greg minor. At practice the glory days and I don't think they have to pay an M minor at practice and data and the out of wars are won a lot of whatever. And they just a doc who can talk. To you back I got another shot over the got another shot. This celebrate over martyrs like hey that's enough. That's an elephant on the I go about our. And that's enough. And other so there may start going to lock released they'll talk now in their minor. Beckham was like. Really was was crushing them so he put launched ordinary guys that don't like you're not there full fight he had. Picked him up. But I'm interested. In this is that Brandeis yoga practicing out there yet and it took Rick Fox is that a team could. It took Rick fox and here's a name from the path out and the list. I. Well mop of and I did this story and everybody is telling me what happened. While still at at the end of the year and I was working for the global economic too long story in the celtics' season. This where a rise in all ought to be really happened behind the scenes now. Alta list on a you do this on purpose yet. Money quote. Hey listen I don't wanna bring a ball that stuff that season isn't the trash but where a large. In Todd are in five day. It was that a year they're going for Duncan yes I. Just some characters David Wesley. Lastly Todd today Rick Fox. I'm Brett Szabo. And Thabo. Marty on on the news overzealous this is wrong whenever rather young guy watching that Celtics team loving that's dealt with the mark Marty carpet Monica Marty Conlon. I was convinced that was better than. And I don't let the irrational and out the thirteen whatever at the time public liked Allen better bass player than he has to everything about the way he shot the way we live and the way rich and Democrats have to be better than him right. If in the league no definition whatsoever nothing anywhere nothing but I'd like Marty. I liked him. Harder or easier to get on the podcast you are here you know what every good multi dollar roster would be fun to go through all of it there's some guys on there who. The interest up experience that no although I'm not do and you know I've got to go to Celtics fans in attendance that year and that it's still right. Up 141014. To fourteen loss 67 games. Yeah that's I had several they had several losing streaks you know this team has a fourteen game winning streak. They had a couple of had a fourteen game losing streak and they have like that a couple of hands. So I don't have an embarrassed. The worst. That's good stuff so will be back our to do in the most disease podcast couple times a month you can subscribe to on iTunes you can miles into it. Right on the website WEEI dot com anything else Michael when. I'm just happy I'm happy and a good mood and a good mood been a good mood all all of we keep an example got to have another and what's our next next podcast should run and I don't know I say we try to get somebody on to the Robert Parish a lot of fun yeah duels front they go through the rolled actually got a couple of people in mind a couple of surprises for you so the next time we doing here. I you'll be joined by. Celtics legend. Somehow never lets you thought about it for their roles they either a hall of Famer or a legend or an urban and current Bergen. All of am legend or government laboratory animals seized podcast brought to Reggie B out it does sound Jason Tatum of often felt. I.