Mostly C's - Robert Parish

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, October 24th

NBA Hall of Famer “The Chief” Robert Parish joins Michael Holley and Rich Keefe on Mostly C’s to discuss his thoughts on super-teams, the best player he played against, reasons why there are very few dominate centers in today’s NBA, If Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett’s numbers should be in the Garden rafters, and if he thought if Danny Ainge would one day be a GM.


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Hopefully sees podcast hey guess what Michael it's presented by JB LU officials sound of the self. Great new way of good news new sponsor yet. Things are coming up they had for the first time ever a guests are coming up shortly rob prepare for the all time greats of the club much like you. So nobody can. What the content. Before we get through what she's the scope what's around the NBA that we've got a chance the games through for the Celtics. The Greek Greek and we're gonna theme again this week of a time stamp or if the abyss we yeah honest I that the whom below. To have this guy win the Indy yes. We both learned about it. I love them I love everything about his game everything everything but let me ask you. Three point shooting. In today's NBA don't you don't you kind of need it if unless you are well you know that everybody does witness it is scary that he doesn't have that into the latter reliable part of his game right now and he's still. Get it done Eastern Conference player of the week. This week I beat the had 37 last week against the Celtics. May good nice job as governor gray put down leads Dell but no my. Then follow that up with a 44. Did you see he had one play where the ball was tipped around as a turnovers he got possession of it at half court he took one dribble. And then two strides that he dumped. One dribble from half court I don't want to travel authorities old man cannot travel weather that. He's the law is so used. Long believe the data to watch with so much so why don't at least what is best of the one thing that's what two things that got me at his age is number Q. And I end of the number one thing that stands out and I guess you could ask everybody this but where Boston so I really would like to have. Like at a nice honest conversation with any game today are so. Helio clinic. Vs John. What was the war room lies in how do you teach me to avoid those types of war rooms. Let's say Kelly political is probably 23 when they draft that are of yeah honestly too and yet. They had. A threat of evidence and a lot of people did I wonder what what are what you people that what was it. That that kept teams and I don't know learn the language barrier I don't know just not sure I'm not sure how the game translate. From Europe and the United States that's less of an issue now they're going to be going back through an uptick that that's sort of gone in waves hasn't it where. You gotta drafted international player. And then also in the nick wish you should believe in Yond vastly all these guys epic that aren't go the other way that many many believe it and now you got guys like Yokich in Greek Greek and built it's is another win that would link and now that your little he's due back in the international game that's used to be the the way to go up. Couple other NBA issues here a couple of up players two different sides in this one. Let's go to our let's go. Personal I love to hear I don't wanna be here. Claims that he that a hair salon Brian McDonough says I don't believe that's true yeah. I did McCall last night and asked them about that tweet and there's to clarify what he meant by it and he said he was at Ursula. It wasn't about other suns or anything related sons. He figures editors long this girl needed wanna be there anymore. So I don't believe that to be true. Kind of here's his girlfriend they're slobs on the game so it ought to be there. No hash tags and I'd already here now if you say that your girlfriend's hair salon yeah. One got to explain there to her title to be there with her because I about your lives by the time. About bond guy right here hanging out there supporting me I don't hurting your stupid to know who's who's more of that private data or the drove for he should is that it's about you right there in us about the suns now both reducing its once that you yourself did you. Through the fire you fired coach. The first week of the season and haven't idiotic Earl Watson and how to do it after last year to. Dictating of the season it didn't they lost by an average of forty points for their bad team. They don't have a lot of talent and know how it went last night have a lot of talent does that develop now. Yeah I like Devin Booker that all the Kentucky guards Jackson so they need to make a deal with the pelicans get the Kentucky senators and then to have cal our economy that Iraqis and to give Kentucky sons. That it might trade and other saying that he's done is he's not complaining more. Which are against teams count Oprah three games of the season he's your best player and a poker pilot projects better but right now he's your best player and they're just dumb of them. The Bucs are one the teams interested I'd like that would be doubt make the box in the south Robertson Robertson at a conference. A lot of stuff corridors SE that. Training for a personal things about these discussed on maternity always site. If he just a tremendous amount that we want during but he discount like that you went on and it toward in his occupant in your mouth or lose. Now guys Wear mouth pieces in the league urge Gerald Wallace of course and how it's not a public radar Gerald Wallace with the Celtics for Gerald Wallace with Charlotte. Charlotte Gerald and he wasn't even the score yet but he did O line. In the mouth please come out and it was just. So lively as it grows looks a lot it was discussed there was also some very deep voice oh great voice very deeply in all of our guests we should have him on the most easy spot Jolo after allows us to talk about. What it was like the early days of Brad Stevens that trade that nobody wanted and he got traded for David Lee right. Yeah and then Gerald Wallace was not in that photo. That infamous photo the nets. That just got traded Humphries and Marcia Brooks and keep bogeyed and it is you're Gerald Wallace Velika camp like at a one of his camp at least that's what they says an hour was over Alabama right he wasn't there's the president that we got out on he's got a great all right we will we will wish list now for guests that's next outdoor or somewhere analysts yes Euro but let's start let's start now August with whatever there. Please be joined now about one of the all time great Celtics and basketball hall of Famer Robert Parish Robert how are you. I'm very. We're doing great code to recall you G for a fortunately. Who do but officials declared Robert. And expect that. I will call you chief about a lady that company. Legend says that came from Cedric Maxwell's that your. How you go what the talk of Max lately he's always full of stories and energy. No I have got snookered openly. He definitely. Particularly with Greek Cypriot here. We'll tell him to give your call I'll probably see over the next few days out on the call you because he's been he's been a bad friend hasn't kept in touch so we will we will like you are confident. I'm appropriate note board of hypocrites go. We appropriate vote. Route one of the big stores with the Celtics this season has how many new players they have somebody got their transition to Boston I'm curious what it was like for you we played four seasons. With Golden State we don't know you won in Boston and did but I did it begin what was that transition like coming to the Celtics. Well the price shock it's pretty good corner or future with the Golden State Warren. But he decided to grow in different directions. Replica of the destructive supply. Do about it for. It imagined your average you know achieved do you think about it over the years and it's amazing all the talented players. The Golden State has had. In this before this current great Golden State to use that policy team. Homage on how much doubt they've had and how much talent they've let go it was huge Bernard gain in. Will be free and even later down the road. Chris Webber I mean. If it wasn't his use something in the water out there already think it was. I don't know where to vote book. We're have been night certificate total district government. And then he would we could accomplish. Go to affect we would have good luck at all or coaxed. But for whatever reason because that it Gordon of the terrorist. Would you Nobel Boston at that time I was the you'd you'd played in Boston a few times before being traded Debra what do what did you know about the city. Where they had a history. Tradition of waiting to be successful. Oh victory in mobile local. Code. Grew so I agree. And now so when I get treated to posted exit Leo. Every article that interpret a situation. And also expected fuel warning. Obviously toward it won't much services anymore so it's still critical to a no decision bit Waterman or premier the premier. They javy can you tell us about yard mention them Bill Russell can you tell us about some of their. Early conversations you have with Russell does give us a couple of of story that I know Bill Russell was a great story teller it is fair and very wise man what did he say to you. Well what it would it. Would good to prescription. Probable it was totally different from reality. Electrical or corporate or do we were ordered. Their vote in our great city game. Agree that it did too was cruel to load in there they'll. They get to bring it right here you could have given me. Give him a law. Is 300 law. Alternate terms of law. Social issues in racial issue. Have not had a big ball in and you're there in order executed but also. I wouldn't do group would be missed that boat pretty. It is certain forward in. Bulk to prove it. Could be. A lot of weapons if you go group. Yeah. So if you go. She beat you think about the perception. Had you. Had you heard about it while you were with the warriors did you hear about it even before where you we think about it in college and mean what what had you heard about Boston. What I I heard the news you grow. Separate duties. He is basically. Kept it and do. The deal paying. A law and so but we're networking. Just opposite it will fit well. Very open. Now the opportunity to true Romans the credit where Leo perspective here in the go to people. Carpet so about it person character. In that WW secret each individual. Market. QB or what do now. Now go back to when you were in college do you care who drafted you care where you're gonna go because it seems like now there are so many players. That that wanna go to a certainty or once they're in the league they wanna sort of dictate where they can go did you care did you have a preference at all. Whatever prep I was agreed to be tripped about river. In better than me. I just want an opportunity to feed. I don't know dude back to back penalties in my game. Carrier alternate notable because got a good draw on a great comic clear. Does that mean if this is going to be ordinary enough. I know and I came to BP. I don't know the bears made. About first exhibition game did I really what they develop our oil. Who that is yeah who'd you play or that nightmare spurs game I hate dormant we'll put our money it was humbling experience. I leave predicted a was there a guy over the course your career and maybe someone who wasn't even a fellow hall of Famer that just gave you fits that just for whatever reason had your number. We're Oberto of both all the Kramer. And they gave me a lot of problems that will be Molder little old and scream out due to draw. Very ordered interior of their country's sugar premiere Rick and I forty gay. You're going to be able community. Where the boat also. And are completely different players so if you're gonna to a game us that we've got to go back in time here okay okay. If you gotta let it get you got a game tomorrow got a game tomorrow against the lakers. Terrain in that and a couple of days ago take on. 76ers version of Moses Malone Jimmy's got a report agreeing woody that ultimately I do against Moses. Or devote it is cruel and usual partners for the book ever period. Ordered the court is green. Now I'll try to but he gave him a B deputy. On both side of him right Leo upfront and him at a possible oh we now call for total pot. Credit trying to briefly and it should did you got mortars or you got it Korean football and we have a pretty cute. And it level. You can never seen would you want to do I can never altered rip them. In the soccer program port and secure a job. With which you we could shut. Could could they are all critical. Topic one reason well. But did devastate group review ago nobody could tape remote looks. That remote into acceptable shot in the game of their vote. In Ethiopia. As community news. The focus is dedicated to scripted to and had not committed career certainly. You've been called me. To get moldy. Definitely. Oh very. Over relative to mold. Well look different or unique type of premier Mirko he really didn't do not know for jail Chicago shot. You go about executing. It got there that are deep pull up. Another go to team what Brad. Now but unlike a puppy at the well. Respectively issue people we drew loud gone. Our own pre world. And I couldn't believe my usual before the game with gitmo. Because people argue it's Sergio. It's built of rebounded in in Britain dedicated. The focus to rebuilding. Ultimately he'll don't want the get. You're positioned around the basket there was no move which could be and you dubious role with the wondered did look look good. And mimic it and it would abide. So they'll duplicate hear about it in my career. A lot of people used to say Moses miss it's let layups on purpose that Japan has rebound that half the that you're here. Thought I. That maybe the group. That. Doesn't seem Robert Ehrlich there's very. Many good senators in the game today while why do you think that is. Told him. In my opinion. Promote their their picnic co Q your enemy in India great. We got caught the ball would beat it picking different but this is an epic get water resources you. Most appropriate but please oh pretty good bet you'll be meeting Beckett back opening of the day or go to coupe in. And the bring you. But it's appropriate. For all of August. Saw you at well soccer ball. Well most of the victory. Our Africa. Oh. Yeah for sure that. But back you're secretary of the video. Now. Almost extinct. And not been in an epic voters called it in the and we think the game late date. We came in the perimeter game. And I think definitely the way. Speak to talk to the free Tibet it. And if the issue group ranged to date and not an epic all. Go to Cuba at least for me. Go to Q a law accountant. Sort of flow Minnesota and Soviet pavement. It gain. What it'd be gained today. Being marketed to release you knew you were no reports you truly are our perimeter shooting. But he utility game where you get respect him no matter where you go and and I respected about. It looked like he could appear in school or forward. These Indian and a better. All four all I get seatbelt forward now go cook and they definitely. Will draw. It is no wonder Taylor Dayne BK today. And they don't go to to rip big rain or could be good culprit is expected to bear. Due to our favorites right there yes yes Eddie Davis and Crosby down out. A lot of people's edit the 1986 Celtics are the best team ever created let's let's play along let's say that's true. 86 Celtics yogurt that execs felt the best team. In basketball history. No dole. Who is. We're we're we're 10. Great the we're. And particularly an ultimate. What is certain is when Eric when remote productive and seek. They were. Quote terrible threes some Emeka magic Kareem and were very. Which by the way in my opinion. It awkward one Google Hungary small forwards. Up. In my opinion but always Ehrlich is saying what all your game. Make you who were thought to be. With all due respect to ticket yeah but I. Know wreaking. Yes. Created great it'll property. That we don't do it to my goal and if you can call local schools. And but it did. Air and Rodman. Got to give him a note also. It would and other political. Those guys maybe they would the bulls right. I don't know that's well that and other. I don't know I don't are. No. What about the teams now what about the teams like the Golden State Warriors from the year ago. Aka old by toward Mexico diplomatic restored. With the Golden State Warriors. It and Edward indicated they're already. Being repeated we've been given direct. The panic gap between the war you. Your body up a lot I think they'll be. What forty what. Toward its you can. Club. Owner no doubt. It it didn't get to a talent right they're not connected vehicle here premium you're. So being going to be to opt for people fearful knicks to vote for you a big deal. And they'll sustained. In Beijing to. What do you think of these kind of super teams that when LeBron James went down to Miami and teamed up with the friends wade and bosh now you know Kevin Doran a year ago in free agency decided to go to a team that are already won a title you're seeing a lot of all star kind of groupings around a week. What it would you think of that. A bigger great. Of a similar situation. Given an arcane painted logo. The ball. Would consider grow. The prospective echos of victory. Because it will be there terminology. Would that look you do. You can predict it and now. I am in the top aide. More talent bit not a victim. In order cramped space of a co Q what victory. Well one thing you know we get an award. Yet well. It the current deputy mayor would be great if do it. Go to all. These years mortality he noted you. Would have been right but we get a. You know it's not that much of them are you go ahead and you want yeah. I don't know. Regarding yardage out of it in its cars bedroom. You know it's so simple. Yeah I'll read it. I images there but. I. It Everett asked about a particular you're right I agree with you terminology is is is different but it's the same concept. I think the guys who are of your airplane with you. Have been on record saying what's the problem. You know Charles Barkley is about that day we would have done that Joseph Biden Georgia's I'll would have done that you know. Going to a different team. Magic wouldn't let it does seem very angry at this concept. I'd rather not know currency. And that cemented. Wanted to report notebook we've been that was that it is too close he did it when their analysts are rattle. Saying they would dumb and it would be. Called a role in doubt. Dated him enough talent around him and where they came up short. In the IP and in their debt well. I don't condone it but understated. What you could be. Volatility over the he'd be clear. It would it would give you a bit put thought about it either that they developed about their ring. Enacted in that 11 re well. They're probably get a little bit went wrong with the Miami Heat but only one goal we have Egyptian government. Replica of under trees you can grade we that it beyond. But it. No wait regular about local and local all he would vote there'll. Remember what we have here are the New York policies are what we won and in. But he got they've both got a better change. We're underwent vocal Allman that it bears team dealt with what the so understand why they do. They want their brain which is probably the purpose statement sports to do good where championship. Peter the mountain novatel. We're gonna tip you've got to pick pretty impressive these. TP support. At all for a win. They're up to do. It now they'll be Grotrian award for a pejorative being put it reads. Another sort of out of the phenomenon what do you call but recently a lot of players have just been. I'm sitting out games you know over the course you're just arrests and Gregg Popovich kind of started up and a lot of other players have done that now you're a guy who's plated more NBA games than anybody it in the history of this of the league. What do you think of those guys that. It notes notes or the coaches electing to rest star players throughout the course of the season just hopefully get them as as rested as possible for the playoffs. Where they're bigger Olympic about a baby BU Ruby Dee you know my bet that. If you need 08. Practices so I don't think you'd dictating so that it in my opinion about that. If you run down to target. DB QB rejuvenate the retort to read no. Take practice so they'll practice. Three full days where you do to read though. Are open to picking. Recorded their server. To view. City BA connected me to do to bring. Go pick about it. Some people some rarely get ready book all over. Skeptical that it won game. And now you going to keep you because you worked toward picket Nidal. I don't agree. There are holes to go. I like it now let's get I like him. And that and had not prepared in fact they're probably playing now they're going to bring in right. They can get over it all be real bury it because that group he. Every night we go there there DK agreement 00 deprived ago great. Not a picnic in every community. If you think to a debate in terms of keeping their bodies. Artillery. And terrorists. If anyone Pete they get a bit medical spare Brett. Scripting grew weightlifting grew whatever they need speaker. In my opinion deputy makes you you better seek it wouldn't work because the technology. You guys thought ought to be. You'd be about Bobby told me. We're when he watched certain. Sported a beard and he feels like a load the Premier League beautifully all. You know we're still we get started on me complex being used to and bidders so crude. Think you guys just do. Travel with their writers you be if you ever traveled coach are you always a first class at least. The rookie. Going back a bit better than I did in April. For. I go to the week there beat it. Out Robert. The Celtics or announced that Paul Pierce it is number 34 retired up there with your double zero. Two other interesting cases I think people. I think people are pretty much you know Kevin Garnett having his number retired curious what you think that people are very split it may be more no. On Ray Allen what you think of those two guys get their numbers retired potentially. There were deserving. They have right the number of page from the rafters were to go to go to great. Including people can do not think that poll do you really. Deserved to have them take it from the weapons. Issued to open the polygamy. I regret I picked up. At a. The program. In my opinion. All year. All they've. Probably been built built addictive property. Alternate. Oh yeah it appears. You're you're out yeah Ray Allen and Garnett I just curious with Garnett if he was here long enough. Its aim was they would re out pierce is a no brainer for sure of that but but Garnett Allen got I wonder. Did did did they play here long enough that have warned that. I have a court review yes it is a tip you Vera on the route and yes they did. Very New York where I. So they're here here's a question for you write this it's up went there might be the same answer might be the same answer one. The best player you ever played against. And the best player in basketball history. Are required to have some sort okay that's good. The best player. In my opinion they'll pretty big green do you ball epic about a foot stuck. Karine what is the in BP property. It careened should have been have been different if only it. All right there should be calling for continued in the mean no 102. You know Allen well. I don't know why we won't predatory more. I've heard that he net walrus person you will meet in terms of personality. We're careened around running for political Alter what is different of the may interpret your relationship with the media. Whenever they. They bit area of our. He also between. Ross who. Insane. Rough but the coat on chipped Japan because the ball and win. It came in because update you do most coveted players being double were don't do it the Kyoto me. There's a big man bias here routers say yeah how did a lot of that I don't get hollered at guard honored at what all we're. If it. But I you've been able to hypocrite about it. Of them that. Who gave that up. No matter what you do you couldn't stop payment but granted it what he went in against a lot of great talent. We go to Cuba. And ought to get on here. But Dominique is Dominic. They don't only put in that they appear. Or come close to being recorded double or did I hit it hit. And they were very slow him down. We're we're we're very repeat it. It couldn't stop him obviously but do it over debt though I've been. It would have been at big argument about auriemma also. Nobody at the bat that beat me. It was great to. Altered chain. Don't complete. It property. Was when you speak about their Corey. Was their players that you that you played with that at any course the tower played against even that you. Thought I was gonna turn into a perennial all star and that they just for whatever reason never did. You'll very care. Are polar apparently. It is an all depressed. Yeah Joseph Joseph barely cares right now they call them. Yeah it took Eric peril. Yet. Of you'd be viewed break me. Well all with the war. Right. Garrett did not like and enjoy a basketball for whatever reason. And it's amazing because you're the guy that is numbers for his career still had pretty good not not great that never won a championship but. In a pretty good numbers for a guy that does tell you how talented he was cheap that. Well they're Errol we're all notable when he wanted to be. They record. You never know what you awarded to be dumb and but the opposite view predicting it is do you copy over. And you know. It can be oppression in all. Okay here here's my final question for you is you know who what is it. That that you have to have is it that. Is it just the durability. And the mentality of dealing with practice after practice and game after game of the NBA everywhere. What makes it such a challenge. Outside of your ability to play the game what makes such challenged it. To be up every night. We're predicted challenge you to do Provo. Back in here in the local fare is certain. They have into Guerrero all of our break him over there while we're Pepsi in order to beat. Great if so do you got it looked he paid like. You guys you got to be all mania or if you're not going acute. It who wore it to keep if you look. Order and that's been commuted. In an update desk work is so talented and it isn't enough it demand likely. You're not always gonna be rewarded for your old war in your dedication. And your sacrifice. That's what you get them up. And network project gras because. Put it ought to allow. You to their case. Definitely year's entry you'll crept. In danger shook some might immediately be. If you go in there while you're you're playing right Korea. And at their net well it. Imitate life. Because they feel it is a little bit or maybe you be so little and they and it gets picked up the police appeared to make. Epic Egypt Puerto. And an epic got where it is so challenging. Because. It's difficult to maintain that consistency. What he did you have a little bit like. You prayer warrior and being you'd get. That we can definitely hear the whole group about it. Every game be before you'd come out of it is so that we made in the media company Hermione you do it you're not playing there we. Didn't get it added press. And nobody. If you don't know that you and that but it we have right now so I think it could be talked to about it piece when you do go to ski. Look at any oppressive in Puerto. Some of BP. Last thing for me Robert when you're playing with Danny Ainge did you ever envision that he would be in a front office and particularly in the celtics' front office one day making trades scientists outside of players and in doing that. No I'd about been in this role but it definitely so all of America. These inferno for. And it was built. Barely. Will would be ago an executive but it didn't didn't never thought that he'd look at game and toward being involved did. Over video. But. It's way to do so now you're. That's right these Robert pairs is that basketball they write nine time all star four time champion of the all time great Celtics. Thanks so much for joining us there are really appreciate that to do it again at it and a call me when it sounds good thank you very much. Thank you got there are you thank you.