Mustard and Johnson - Aaron bleeping Boone is the new Yankees Manager! 12-02-17

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Saturday, December 2nd

Hour 2, the preacher and the teacher talk about the hiring of the newest Yankee's manager Aaron Boone and how more managers are being hired that lack experience. Have the Celtic's caught peoples attention or will people next more excited once the Patriots season is over 


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The preacher. And that teacher from. It's mustard and Johnson. You guys sports. Sox packed season seeing. Muster in Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio. And WEEI dot com he's pretty sure I'm a teacher it is mustard and Johnson sports. Radio WEEI. Officially our number sooner or just warming the seat up as we always do. On Saturday and trains can make it two straight appearances trail today yes indeed I cannot believe that stop the presses will alert the media. By the way the you are right over there that lead singer. Of the tokens passed away today so Hawaiian will be sleeping tonight. For a long long long time yeah it was a great so I love that song 1961. Lion sleeps tonight. In a movie is my kids knows that to remember what it was. It was a movie. Is that is that lion sleeps tonight so we give me a musical sound -- that's your fault not six sending me -- lyrics Iraq grew graduation and it took us an hour and fifteen minutes usually the phone starts ringing soon as the show goes on where we're hearing your ringtone is mostly you know texting things about you off on amused that song whether or someone violates your wife had something. You're texting relationship with my wife and I realize it's true it's true. Thank you Lilly Vonage still isn't sure by the way you're keeping score that's our fifth. Reference to blazing saddles of the show so far the phone is ringing and about a way I warned them of good fellas again. That movie is so funny I heard that so now in my class homes where people Hoosier where would you put goodfellas on your all time list. Certainly to out and meet him. I'll blazing saddle LA county that's out there to LA confidential was really good you know I'm so sad though sit around amendment is very about it a lot of their foot birdie. Not need neither I'm Brian emotional stress disorder are like a rock. Thank you Paul Simon. I mom. By the Redmond to call you and I'm not a big sports we've channel two has been carrying a who would trio is special on The Beatles. Oh yeah I have I've already have I seen that it's excellent it's that by Ron Howard the guy yes yeah Beijing rapidly they have too many games commercial banking people upon stuff yeah I I I had Hulu idea who was one of those streaming services yet and it was an exclusively on Hulu about a year ago when I picked up who just to see it. And it's called eight days a week and it's about the only tour years. Of The Beatles member of The Beatles stopped pouring in 1966. And the last four years of their existence they were only a studio band when did you and John died in 1980. Only mediocre and we talk about this last week enough about that you are waiting on hold for a full hour away and I apologize. You know Larry said I refuse to take any from framing and I kept trying to hit the button you know they've edited and Larry's set I don't wanna hear from Mecca. We have a future drive the pure power at least for the program. Meanwhile Elizabeth Johnson Johnson off the year before going to continue going on for tomorrow can't wait to get out of him partner they allow a lot of stuff to do. So for crying out loud crowded public content you don't haven't you don't have enough hours in the week to dedicate to other stuff not. Unbelievable. The issue before voters that they are there were federal a lot of talks are a notable about it. Experience if you would alluded to. And all but one of supplies Joyce Littel these are torture loading would have been approved for food for the Washington. In. All of its supply to living in Turkey shoot of the agencies or Washington. And I think. And lord he wouldn't accentuate. And our political degree are they locked its Wu wrote Joe Mauer and flu pandemic they're working to. Right and you know a lot of people got hired and it was interesting how long the Yankees talk a minute had loads of interviews all kinds around all people. They you know that they went the more traditional route without Rob Thomson a long time. Bench coach and everything else but I'm going to be fascinating for both Cora. It's intruded it's both our thoughts are all technical problems of our club a community groups. While bashed in with an hour ago a lot of help develop a lot I think pollution all the way to two billion. The total to amount to war all the advantage attention an hourly. And don't shoot don't don't will be. Demo of the read starts hitting balls. Actually received the Yankees have power for the Yankees and assure a little bit attention. The shootout I wish I had known and you'll behind him. Yeah you would shoot this caught us. All and I will you play and I just don't have a place for this guy. Should any. And kind of clutch city after waiting for an hour why don't you so much more comply he must have broken on average every two on the night. And right now trying I haven't been in there and a wild. Lehrer. Well I can assure a lot of a lot of little ritual it's brilliant from Chicago. And maybe help locate and and movement like you could probably would have to be in the broad deal. When did you see thin grass is more. So quickly to try out there are cool here usually what you want to hurt. I don't know. Those are old fashioned stats deal with a RBIs and home runs than an hour. She quickly want to kick Cuba and we want to do not permit Thabeet. Public security to monitor I won't get. Because the guy that's running the show you know as well as I do Randi it's that GM. They don't want anybody with a lot of clout and a lot of time they want then George just Avaya system right. And I would love the game is played so I'll let you know which nobody shovel mud. You know the quality fuel mileage in the history of the flag charger in my opinion tactical call. And you actually in the black until. And how many championships as they win under the great Dick O'Connell. And I know enough. On the actual rooted. That's Jim Jones a broad array now winning is overrated I know I hate that. Walking yeah with five straight. If you look at that if it's all part of June embedded code pretty it's and it's impossible to read sharp it's fabulous it's up. The political people look like Richard short book abroad which is Roger transport. While that's saying something that to me that is the greatest exporter. Should he showed an agent right up and actually I think in this country politically oh lord no reference to. Thought illusion. Does this say is this saying that attitude toward. It it's like an oral history and a lot of you go to your is it in the mold of their Roger Kahn classic is an oral history actually. Short. I thank you and. Well I cannot. Good luck and you can't give Obama a little. Or I'm Brian man that's that's my goal. My goal my two goals talk about chatting our Arab emirates tiger exactly to the words right I'm out I can't figure out my little shed and Freud world my little petty trivial. Hostile resentful shadow Freud world in which I live. Which which I would rather not see when Tiger Woods or help a bit him I can't figure it out. 6177. Which from the cape used to always used the word Chad forwarded any he of course was the the master of shad Freud were being in New York fan in the middle of the Red Sox country. But a UG if you try to tell me that you want you root for Alabama. I don't root for them I don't hate that you like to see Leo do you like to see them lose. It doesn't flow my I'll go one way or the other which team's six I like clams and a lot our ballot well like guy. Davos Sweeney I like the way and he's principled areas are what which team in all sports do you hate the most is there one team that belongs on top of your cash Chatham forward west. Am dallas' closed Alice is very close yeah. NASA's anytime Ellsworth is I haven't really are ticked off the Redskins the other night that was run out of the Redskins phenomenon out after that game on the line every other thing about Dallas unity you like to see Jerry Jones go down about why that's right as any David dallas' loses that's that's a pretty good game Blair and Maine you're next on Sports Radio W reacted left. I capital U blared. That much. So tiger way he teed up at fault that you agree. Eastern time this morning pretty much on this afternoon. I wanna see the winners trying to lead in all honesty. Every turn and agents to the moon so loses every tournament that is so I would feel wine cellar return. He needs to be in OK I don't care that. He's in great. Great guy somewhere and all Blair Blair. Great guy give me some proof that Tiger Woods is a great job. What you look out all day or whatever he got. We do alcohol than last time we saw me was he was a fast asleep passed out in his car and some road they asked him what he's doing he had no idea. Because what they do it right way to give it the alcohol would have. It was an alcohol is that little description and prescription drugs out opener we had some sort of open noisy out. And that's something they can't do it you're a professional golfers. Yeah it would have been if you're a human being. Right. Does that nobody can sit here and argue the point that he's of the Chatham light piece certainly not the last eight years old and his right here substance at Thanksgiving night or whatever was that he that he had so we know that. I mean it's very difficult lesson do we know and I I bought lines and we talked about tiger for years we are the per we actually. Believe or not one of our last great moments as a broadcast duo before they cut our show on behalf. Was we are on we're actually doing films we were we were allowed to come on other people's shows back in those days we were on the day after Thanksgiving is a Friday. Day after Thanksgiving 2009. And the revelation. Number the producer handed ten minutes of groups we wanna go with this news and literally gotta put that on the area he said to me. And everything from that moment on has been nothing but a series of unmitigated disasters for tiger on Viet. On the on the course or off the course and he's not conducted himself and anyway. That leads me to believe that he's on his way to redemption you get this Larry. Yesterday. If he played golf. Five strokes B and therefore he's back but I don't do you know I don't know what he's what he's doing personally do you. I mean I I should just got through telling you. He's had a horrible horrible. Stretch right of lifestyle the stakes right sort of deficit why does Steve Harris hit so why does he deserve. Our support and our law or at least our hope for redemption what does that dynamite you you know he's your favorite guy you put a poster on the wall. I'd but he is a personality and I would like to say and come back and do something bullies personality are right 6177797937. John in Malden you're next on Sports Radio say yeah. John A so how does it feel idea US IU shivering all over again are you conjuring up those beautiful memories of an October night back in 2003. Not really I mean we'll see what happens I mean maybe the guy will be good may be wrong but it's it's really doesn't make cents whole picture. I mean. You know retaliate if you believe the jobs don't leave it to the alliance something else saw the look like the Yankees had anything really concrete lined up there. Not well obviously I thought they made a major mistake in firing Girardi in the first place. Well if you don't get along with a general manager re supposed to do well obviously that was the problem the tension between those who was apparently unresolved mobile. And they went in the other direction that's how they do you know when Torre was fired or let go were pushed out the door. The anti Torii was hard Girardi now the intelligent Rory Girardi is hired and boom. Yeah but wait when you're in business Craig you've gotta kinda. He got to kind of looked the other way when you do that stuff. There's an abstract problem problem at the end going on and NBC and some of these other networks out there you can't keep looking the other way when they take that parallel time. Mean I mean once I Steinbrenner was there are problems with David Wells and to call it shut a track that you've been slob and you know what. They knew that. Steinbrenner knew it was good to risk any feud helpful like. And in Cashman should realize the same thing a couple. The Yankees under age Iraq one about every few teams that could have a negative run differential can still play all 500 baseball. All believe you're right why your hey listen you're preaching of the proverbial choir here nine. 910. Wins 710. Losses over ten seasons pretty easy you do the math even for me. He's he averages 91 wins this season I mean how do you fire a guy like that such consistency. Never had a losing season. Relatively always ended in contention. You know I put it this is the way to go John it's a whole new ball game when it comes to the manager in baseball tonight. I'd I'd well I don't agree what do I mean I I'd like the fact that he was he was a grinder. Any we use three pitchers in one inning you know could get through the the adding I mean it used eight pitchers in the game every game meant a lot it was it was a matter argued got to win as many UK and and I'd like Eric Bolton but I think he has a little too much of softness position committee I think you need. But that's what they're looking I'm sure they don't want that job watches throughout this. Hey Jack how are. How it worked out of that softy that that failed cardinal braves manager back in 1996. So you're in Mets manager and three. Three teams. I don't want her to winning seasons with the Braves that was about it and John I'm sure and I don't remember there's I don't know if you call us back in those days. But no one in New York the fault of Joseph Torre I was gonna pan out at all. Well I agree but you're also afterward Mick Craig he he he kept some. Pretty okay eighteen committed state. Well a team that lost to Seattle the playoffs the year before. Bloc built that team along with all there is huge gene Michael when Bob Watson. But no one thought that Torre would be the right person and he became one of the great managers along with Casey and team's history self. Who knows what's gonna happen I I I don't think that. Airborne is gonna be the next Joseph Torre but that's what they're looking for down there. Their lesson maybe it'll work out maybe maybe you're right maybe they do want saw the touch in the Geisel. Relate to what better I guess I picnic I have no man. Managerial experience. And and that they needed it that this team has a window he it was they can really. Go forward and like you say I mean it doesn't say much when you're sitting in the and I have to have a bench guy for this guy you know what do they. They had bench guys for everybody now Clinton is. On Indian Wells really and yeah. Is there a future Don Zimmer route they are somewhere guy they can fill that role as number did. Along with Torre got to have plenty of managerial experience and of course thanks for the call John simmers problem wasn't in your body board way can tell you all about it. Zimmer was way too intense way too sensitive him rabbit ears could not manage admitted I don't arrow. Terrell would you seriously if you're Brian Cashman now would you ever hired John Ferrell as your bench coach is one thing. One of the things that John ferre is not communicate is that is that dugout person. I don't see I think John fair or should go back to what he was very good that that's being a pitching coach. I'm sure he's gonna get one more bite the apple they all do they usually get two chances John Ferrell probably work again as a manager. But don't you see if he really wants to stay in the game long term. It's either going to be in the front office or as a pitching coach I don't see him as a manager. He could he could you know make me look bad but I don't I just don't see that happening with Jennifer by the way did you read some of the numbers here in front of but the golf yeah this is the numbers. This is I don't know where the source is John. GOLF Magazine John Karr from Gardner. Told us look up some numbers here so here it is on Thursday. This heroes challenge which is on the Golf Channel on Thursday. They're rating was up 190%. Vs last year where everybody want deceased be of greater together ever okay and by yesterday's race in which tiger shooting up and under par round watching him again. This is funny this is this is meaningless that. Market frankly don't think I got to play our when he succeeded last year we didn't play last year OK okay and it was in play last year so his ratings were huge. From fifteen to sixteen they went a 190%. Friday when up 200% we don't have this year's numbers no one's doubting I'm not contesting that tiger doesn't bring in more eyeballs I'm not saying at all. I just don't need to have tiger he's been off the scene for a long time and I chasm right. Because variety of clay for back surgery says keep you off you're coming up with all kinds of most now not correct I just don't understand why you can't eat you know we listen if you're rewarding for perfection. Don't watch sports right there is no perfection as our kind of stories out there were different personality I admit it's my fault I blame myself. For believing that Tiger Woods. Was not only a great golfer but agreement about it because I don't oppose my fault I say that all the time it's my fault not his. And so are holidays off the pedestal like you just try to put it off I can't. I'm sorry that's just I just moved on and I report to lose every single time so you don't like Matt Lauer anymore. Never did I mean I. Watch The Today Show listen I you know we we watched the 9/11 coverage I said to my kids and they agreed re watching every each and every year we don't seem to watch Matlock our receipt watch what was it like to be. Are watching television that day used to like LA confidential. That's going to be hard for me with Kevin Spacey in one of my favorite only get shot so you should like that that's the sad part is that when he says roach in my essay. Jin was mustered just Sports Radio now between point seven. Most important. Same for him to get right from the start to given the best chance to succeed. I just think the relationship with the players. I really think so because although that number amounts that it bluntly I think it's. They had with Joseph Torre that ultimately if I'm wrong. Go to not go to very good man but warm. The guy like Eric Gordon you know that we've gotten through fire would be the right to read what players at all often. No word about though is that. The record that meant the opposite of what Arab voters. Michael K longtime broadcaster play by play on the yes network on ESPN arms after polls show last night commenting on yup Aron bullied and moan they got hit that home run against Tim Wakefield back in 2003. Well we know managerial experience is that do. Skipper of the New York Yankees and talk a little bit about that cell. That's going to be fascinating as we some of the top of the show with a guy like Aaron born. We've no experience. Eric Alex Cora while he's got a bench coach for several years won a World Series in Houston. He has a little bit more experience but when you war. The manager not just the bench coach just as we see that in so many different sports from the assistant becomes. The head coach slash manager. Things are entirely different so that will be fascinating is that 2018. Season. Unfolds. So I think his Celtics have done a masterful. For I don't know hours they were definitely some of the trees they've made but. I think fifteen and he's done a masterful job in terms of getting the coach that he has gotten he has an ability. To communicate with these players no matter who you bring in here he. But what's the difference Larry Irving is going to be a pain in the mine but I he's been nothing but great. Player on and off the court and you know we are blessed and it's gonna be difficult for Cora. Op because you have the greatest sport certainly among the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL in Foxborough. Yeah a guy like Brad Stevens who hasn't won a championship yet but certainly each and every year they get better. He has a tremendous reputation players love them. The organization laws on he's going to a couple of NCAA championship games he. He obviously understands XML as any understands personalities so. It'll be interest and see how pour fits into all that. Same Ferreira boom that's the beauty statements are when you look at it on the sidelines he looks like you know like a high school math teacher. A young high school math that you really does John Maine it you know it was it it looked like icicles for crying out loud. He doesn't look like he has any authority just from appearance. Eight you know it's it's how is this guy. Motivating. Professional basketball players who some of which are not that much younger than he is each and Erica on this team it's a young team so it's a little bit different but this guy is amazing. And you look at in inched stark contrast. To the team that they have to get around to get to the NBA championship. Tae woo is in a kind of the opposite of Stevens he's now longtime assistant. Never was ahead coach. A lot of people maybe I'm wrong maybe it's unfair to say this he's essentially. The bronze caddied more than anything else and there is tie will really running the show receipt Miss America obviously tonight we pretty much think LeBron. And is running it right but centrist thing about Cleveland they keep an eye on me is when Isaiah. Comes back into the falls he is an offensive threat. And I think he will help LeBron not a lot you can take a part of a hole. And then do a lot of things out there for them so it's going to be an interest things second half of the season. Aren't you surprised the heck out of me the other night as Andre Drummond from the Detroit. When we talked about trying to get hit every reason guys Ozzy found shooter and now he's not that good boy he looked really good news working on a final shooting that was. That was surprising pistons coming near winning by ten and the way the Celtics have complained that come back down to earth a little bit and you of course have said this throughout the this season particularly when the streak was still going on. In and I there's always the fear that you don't wanna quote unquote I know it's silly peek through whirling you'd rather have them winning sixteen straight. Somewhere near the end of the season. Then the beginning of the season because a lot of things can happen between now and playoff time one of the things that's happened. Since the Celtics stop their towards street another team Larry probably noticed in the eastern conference's won a lot of games in a row. And that would be the Cleveland Cavaliers have now hit double figures they've won ten in a row. And you gotta have followed LeBron stat line right and end they were they were awful when the Celtics were on fire the cavaliers did they look completely clueless yeah. Z one of the things the run doesn't get any credit for it in my opinion is that. He's like a chameleon he's what ever the team needs him to be in need a point god you got LeBron you need scoring. You got LeBron you need leadership on the floor yeah LeBron and I think that's. Something that you take need to take note he's got that by the way Danny also nailed it again with a draft pick. Getting Tatum when you look at oh these other players are all injured his shoulder problem. The kid out in LA is at the funny shot I've ever seen for an ugly shot yeah yeah he's our he's distributor yet so I mean it's it's going to be. Interesting. The as far as a story and the NFL is concerned make it go down all tied up he's too busy worrying about it no contract that. To me the league every week there's something going on this disruptive laughter flee fielded. A lot of fist fights and everything on the field that club that. I leave in. Fight last week were Crabtree was it was it embarrassing and yanking his chain often borrowing yeah I don't have a it got that going Spanish you know literal I don't I touchdown celebration thing is gone way overboard though that this is just about o'clock comes out there I don't. I don't know I don't know what today visual it's not anymore now. No not anymore our way we were talking about the sounds just from minutes ago on that arc so we covered brought to you by JBL the officials aren't you know this query. I'm Jason Taylor that's his official sound. And Boston Celtics and the and the will Madonna's son is still the general men drove there on how long that's gonna last if he doesn't handle a couple of picks or something on the way yes. Exactly. Combining up over there in the western absolutely not so now now in themselves playing great basketball every ago people say. How about those Celtics I mean if people I've talked for a while the people and they they wanna talk sports they go immediately. To the Celtics because you know the patriots are you know doing with the patriots do. Bomb. Today's game mark is that like appointment viewing for now I want and I'm gonna get out of here and get them in. You're one of the game are you kidding me I would go to that. The Phoenix Suns. Exactly so is it you wouldn't say you know I care about your games if it's so you know that is opposite you know this thing about basketball the game goes amiga into the fourth rather put it well I think it's the same thing with the election tonight you enjoy the skill level. Right now but maybe it's not until the NFL. Places Super Bowl and shut that down. Then the NBA games on Sunday electric back in the old days the season really didn't beat I had it does I don't think you can get that excited really. Do you signal when bird was playing. My favorite applicable time. Every game was appointment I was living in new York at times there was little bit more difficult so maybe because I didn't have that commodity it's all about supply and demand and supply were short of the demand was high. I couldn't wait in Dayton every kind of every game you matter to me over the you enjoyed the game. At the time right but in terms of really getting involved and it looks like the eastern division is gonna have some serious on the west also. Jockeying around that's when the season really begins to me. You're not worried about it now so you're not well it's it's a long. You know it's a long wait in in these guys get injured duck. I remember so many injuries and sports it is is out of here is baseball hockey football and basketball. Injured while because the players that you have because the players have more control over there injury destiny in the old days when it was basically a glorified plantation. Players usually play with a glorified plantation the players had applied and having control of that now they have contracts and they have. A stipulations in those contracts and what was your favorite days and apps will not believe or not I'm not like. Who was at the via. Change Earl Jones character talk about baseball is very good better back in those days by the that we should always credit block with a good the first person point that now that you know about the Obama they had was that they're hitting it well lefty all right can't stand that movie it's overrated. A field of dreams they have rate Lyoto of course the star goodfellas. The year before that. Playing Shoeless Joe Jackson in batting right handed. Well it's such it's all offensive he's one of the great lefty hitters an all time they have the movie batting right here what you think somebody would have known but then again Larry think about it it's a movie about people coming out of a cornfield. Who are long since they had complained X I don't know if they build it. They will come. Very good point. 6177797937. Will we're building a bridge to treading into mossy coming up at 11 o'clock if you wanna call between now and then. Our telephone number exactly what you forgot where what is that number again 617779. Seven. They sneeze mosque and shocks Sports Radio. Easy. My away. It's nice seeing you and you want an unforgettable songs. Apparently the lead singer for the people who manager. It was releasing his name Notre Dame campus police and the guy inside too that little loss upon out there. Sounds like he'll sit back. Lion sleeps tonight. In the jungle the mighty jungle Robert lion sleeps tonight we sure your answer about Robert John the data did the remake in the nineteen I don't think OK it's got about seventy okay well maybe that's about. But right look it up please I want accurate information right not yet been accurate on day six Funcinpec and so how would. While we let the fact that Brazil throughout ethical race out. Proximity of only go up there was a Lion King somewhere it you know like every kid knows that song. Can't even the this generation know that's when it was which opens some movie somewhere. So we can help us out 6177797937. Davis in the car he's next on. We're tree WEEI playing days. I hate doing it good now I have. Sandy you and the U by the way is only 22 shopping days left the Christmas ouch Zachary. I just wanna make a comparison. Between twelve gradient Zdeno Chara. They're both fought these yeah what you hear about it gravy nobody talked about Chara and I get up within a war they have. A look at investor who's got the best skills that we who's got the best skills that right now. Who's got the best skill sets right now. Part B Brady Chara might people who feel a little bit. But he did great mentality young players. It's great to have brought that decrypt audio play an actual. Use a great ambassador. For the game and he played himself into rhetoric shape. And yeah. The difference says days. As much as you have to admire Chara. There have been some gains in the Stanley Cup Playoffs the Chara at times. Looks all of his forty years old you have to admit that. We'll talk again he played and 82 games. And you know what happens they don't they have been able and I haven't you know and and Bork to his credit board play of forty what war one were a Stanley Cup at age forty. But it's age it's probably unfortunately unlike Brady and unlike ray Bork. Do you really see a Stanley Cup in in short star's future. Now now now no choker out Portugal open. You look you can I I you look I could open man or took a guy. Could open. I think most people are at this point because they've had a lot of success now. It shouldn't it be that they what let's quits or about the Celtics your patent if the ball for a bit locker content. He has become a good finish in the wall of no problems. Obviously you would have a bad situation where he wants. Got to deal like what the Celtics are doing now. I don't like corporate and we have to go up against guys like Drummond. And those big gang of seven. That's an issue that's their point day good very good point he's a good that's a good point and you know gives. God baby should have been playing against. Our government. Our bedroom into a guy like 1012 rebounds in the first half a danger on Fuego today good job. All right see you later. You know even think about how the Celtics have been competitive and have been able to beat Golden State over the years what does Golden State not have. They don't have that big banging guys. In the middle of the government you could shoot like they know from the outside but because their perimeter team and the Celtics traditionally at least in the Brad Stevens there have played great perimeter defense and have a lot of guys that can handle curry and Thompson and in the white as you would say. I think that's one of the reasons why the sales match up very well against Golden State. When you play against the heavy hitters the guys that have that inside presence the bangers guys can wipe the glass. Becomes a different story for the Celtics now. I think we saw a way that doesn't really have a glass cleaner double team what he's talking about who. For the Thompson yeah it's not because Arafat are right now he's written me about that right he's a great rebounder he has not and it's like drugs while he's played some great. Great basketball interior wise against the Celtics when it counts. The playoffs we shall see how that unfolds. Freddie and Tomas seat in the house we'll see you next week at nine. Thanks have been Charleston on the other side of the glass you know who needs met a guy goes on today about what 2 o'clock 230 in those ratings get to skyrocket because tigers catcher. A nature's noble map. He's such he's such a credit to their human race at a time Tiger Woods nobody's putting him on a throne again like you what I'm putting wanna thrown up once and I don't throw you been on merit six point 777. On seven I'd probably seven because I want trying to monsoon like you'd have a good show. You're just wishing nothing but ill will will maybe I care about trying to mossy. And they're coming up next five.