Mustard and Johnson - The Butcher and the Preacher; Danny Amendola opens up about Belichick 4-14-2018

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Saturday, April 14th

Hour 1. Butch Stearns is in for Craig Mustard. The Butcher and the Preacher talk Danny Amendola and his comments on playing for Belichick with Mike Reiss.


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The crews here. And that teacher from. Mustard and shots. You guys sports. And Sox past seasons. Truth be told he'd gone to the bullpen this morning. Craig mustard deck came out blame for his start. And I am always the bullpen that's what I wanna on China I'm trying to get the right analogy is so when Pedro. Was benched for coming in late by Jimy Williams they went to Bryce Florie. So I'll be Bryce Florie I guess. Tom. You know it's bullpen by committee here this morning Larry and I guess on the committee. Oh you were always available your great guy union I'm always available as that's as good as chiseled into my grades you don't mind your flexible Internet connected to the only guy and old into about fifteen different things so today have you. I appreciate how you don't a good. Yet god is great time of the year I I agree with you patriots in the draft of renew your gonna start I don't know I Levitt the the Red Sox are on a roll eleven and threw him and the Celtics score up against the Greek free tomorrow I mean yeah it does Wear loaded with stuff salt. I wanna start the air with fuel because I know how you do feel about the draft and I know you do it a lot of homework. I'm dead serious about the school the patriots did you party whip yourself I haven't spoken to you about this but I know you've already whip yourself into a frenzy. Who do you want well I don't hold. Mayfield is interest we wanna 23 I don't ECE six foot but so wasn't a lot of people me and that was the last find a direct question if baker mayfield is their 23 are you taking him. Over an offensive tackle a linebacker all the guys like Connor Connor Williams at the big big stud left tackle I think he's available if he's available they really need to sure up the efforts of line. I wasn't that I think it was that interest in the draft until most recently when they procured. I inaccurate number one now all of a sudden. You've got some from the work room because Belichick press conference the other they were wrong not well informed about what the team is doing. My contacts and it's interesting he's somewhat of a project he didn't score that well on the one to let what does that really mean I don't know Brady called the beast. Offense of our quarterback who it like a Michael Vick type. That Watson type very athletic and but I don't know how complicated so yards receiving a distinct Connell in loses Europe. Object of affection. They can't be happy they got a two lions two to lose them. I wouldn't trade up or down. I think I would trying get the best four plays and I can get because they do need to the team is getting bigger and screwed the last couple years with the number one depictions of so. They need to shore up some some areas. Sell yours here in the patriots war room on draft day on the 23 pick rules around. In your guy Connor Williams. Big huge block of granite left tackle is available baker mayfield is there to yet they can check on his neo but what are you doing question what are you doing Larry you're on the clock. Got him but about LaMont jackpot is what I'm asking you your in the war room here now what would the 23 pick. In the 2018. NFL draft. I'm gonna do what's best for the team that's a. Man edged out Larry Johnson out that's Duke's. Baker may feel that the quarterback Oklahoma I think that gets me. Really he's one of those type of catching a take him a board for wherever they're at now is whether he goes to the if the degree thing this year. You know because the quarterback. Classes of late have not been that spectacular but this year. You can have six quarterbacks going in the first round. 6177797937. It's a beautiful Saturday morning in April as Larry said there is a ton going on it is a great time of year. He just set the table it's all out there for yes football in under talk about Dez Bryant Danny Amendola we'll get to that in a second throwing its. Tonight in game two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs first round Celtics. How to help you know what to expect from them their Greek freak tomorrow at 1 o'clock and his last named Red Sox agree freak yeah. Antic about whatever don't vote or will I get it right and and I don't get it right is I don't imagine kind of freak and just go to Fareed so so chime in with us here I'm in for the teacher this morning. And from the bullpen I'm gonna give you six and two thirds at least strong and fight to stay out they're not his total for unions dom good nom I'm definitely in my hand at the sit there and we'll see what happens so hop on aligns it 617779. 7937. If you let the great question us at the great question US though and I mean I went three cent or 937 as the number to text I'm sorry I'd you know the president on the board in on. Really got a few other would you in this regard docks of the NFL draft by the way is less than two weeks away it's two weeks from this past Thursday. That's the first round and on Friday night you have rounds two to three a shameless plug and then on Saturday have the restaurants. I for the first time we're here to fox fox is broadcasting the draft so on Boston's point five I'll local station. My main employer we are going to be broadcasting the Thursday night and Friday night and Saturday and we have a special after the draft Attila at 1130 I know I'm not sure yet we're still figuring that out or doing a special right at the conclusion of the draft. To local special shall obviously it's going to be focused on yeah what the patriots do that day in a far would you Larry the one decision I do have right now although Bill Belichick is. Melbourne flight of an elderly do what I'm staying I'm not. I'm not taken that. One of those picks the 23 especially. And traded Al for for number two number twos on non interest and whatever the state. No I want I want equality yet and I realize you Donta hightower and Chandler Jones again you know I mean I want. Two guys in the main reason I do. It's two things. One. I think you'd agree with both these Belichick has held a track record was first round draft picks very few of them really stunk or didn't make it. You know Brandon meriwether. Comes to mind is one. You know they do you call. Ben Watson a bad first round pick you still plane the only complaint so. So that's one reason why here's the other reason why I think we all agree to any new infusion of good young talent. And while there's 50% I would argue of the number one draft picks who won't make it won't be worthy of that second contract in the NFL. There are other 50% Belichick seems to do great job that would reach pick and Richard Seymour at six order picking Logan Mankins down at the bottom of the draft. He seems to find the right guys. That they can coach up and put into this is a charm stay in there and I'm taking two guys. Whether to quarterback whether it's a linebacker or whether it's an offensive tackle and if it is me. I don't think I've taken a quarterback Matt first round I really don't and you get too many other needs I remember the 64. And I was scratching my head and saying why why do you want to act it's just a wasted. If that kid Rudolph might be available. Based in grew he's a quarterback might be available but I like that I like Jermaine Edmonds that linebacker rope and Smith. Out Rashean Evans I like that again I'd like I would love linebacker they need a pat they need pass rushing up anybody horses of about last year you know that they get their. Heads handed to him effective Brady passed for 505 yeah odds. In the end they still lost the game aside from Butler. The fact of the matter is they need some help on defense they really do phone lines lighting up at 6177797937. Get on Saturday morning when US and Larry Johnson of first and may need to even say hello. The detail you did not even as we do take Dez Bryant I thought I was just gonna guess that I asked a question Caricom below. But lines of film up mogul right to load up case you missed it as Bryant was let go by the cowboys he's out there. Literally he's out there are on them. Jerry Williams used to say he's out there out there wake up America as well as him throwing bombs back and forth from a theater stories on Dez Bryant a Dez Bryant was a guy the patriots. Originally passed on in the draft when he came out. He's a guy who's been a problem child so to speak putter over talent. Here's his comments this morning to the NFL network after being released by the cowboys. Yesterday. As Bryant hopes is there according to Todd archer on ESPN has Bryant hopes to remain in the NFC east. After Ernie Iran and the Dallas published quote I won't say any teams about being in the division. That's a huge possibility. A huge possibility. And it's something I want. Bryant was set to make twelve and a half million. Who was gonna count sixteen and happily against a capsule that's in his cap casualty of the cowboys they saving half million by letting them go. Most accounts are even if he signs a one year deal was gonna cost you 68 million money they wouldn't give to Danny Amendola. Would you sign Dez Bryant. If the number came in at four billion its would you adding him to the mix Larry of Julian settlement Malcolm Mitchell Chris Hogan. New guys Corel Paterson and Jordan map yet they say he lost some of his upscale audience and my question I'm answering it for you that that he lost some of his ops like he used to be able to go and attack the football he would if they were crowd of people. He would come down with the ball. In this thing he's lost. Some of it he if it materializes. That he's willing to come colonel one year Martellus Bennett. Prove it type deal to dangle get some money next year would you do I would. Well if you thing around four million it's probably not gonna happen but that's I do it on. My terms of farm Bill Belichick has always that's what I would do. She's definitely for nine years. This nine via he's not there. Obviously. Phenomenal player in his prime. Could you squeeze in on a year on the guys just love given Brady another option even if it doesn't work now. Don't you just love them to do that if it doesn't work out I don't know but I understand Chad Johnson was brought in for the right reasons Joey Galloway was brought in for the right reasons. Com who was the receiver from the British of one turf. Who came in for a cup of tea but never made it. Our taxes are being human that the rams yeah. Great car. Sat next to the press box for game after his obviously made an impression only it only was the the widest keen to think of his name somebody jumping on the tax line. 37937. Ricky Proehl. The other guy who is or rams wide receiver who's so good they were eating making the here reader and has JJ stokes was another one. A veteran came in and it just didn't fit and Ian Kennedy system obviously texture sand. It'll. Reminding us of draft picks that don't make either Chad Jackson Bethel Johnson of course were guys that they picked high. It never mated as as wide receivers I don't know. When it comes to wide receivers let's segue into the Danny Amendola thing Mike Reese with a nice get any Amendola was in town speaking at Merrimack College. Gainey had some very rich in things to say saying that he came into negotiations with the patriots was an open mind. But the the patriots were not even close. When he came to offering him money that the dolphins and other teams. Offered him but is most interesting comments that I think he got him about bella chat that the or about playing for Bill Belichick. And what it's like in his Danny Amendola. Talking with ESPN's Mike Reese about. Playing for Bill Belichick. It. You know so it's not easy that's for sure. You know. You know he's and times. A lot of things I didn't like. About planes forum but I must say things that I didn't like. We're all. In regards to getting the team better and I respected him. So. You know I didn't like tracks in the snow and it Mike Tyson in the rain that was gonna make us a better football team. That was gonna make it better football player. It wasn't easy. He was he would be the first to admit at at the ring ceremony that it was it was an easy points. And you know the silver lining is that you directories. So they rarely used was he was an eighth hole. He could be an a hole and I know the frustration as media people you know Croshere down there. What it's like to put down there yet a press conference the other they spoke for an hour and said nothing. I'm I don't know whether he treats his players that way and not perfect can be frustrating. Well I had a chance to. Have a little sit down one on one would Nate sold her weaker shall go before he left. And he said the same thing in a different way. I had he was talking about belly check and what it meant to play for him and why he's been so successful Erisa worlds not always easy isn't it any snap right package and it's never easy. And oftentimes it's not fun he was but I respect how ought to bill and I respect the process and I respect what they do yet. He said they were great. Which we got to his son in his malady and that they are very supportive and about takes a look whatever you need to do. Human crap whenever he needed to with regard to your son you know you have our our endorsement to do that so he was great with the fact. But every goes back to that crow from a Philadelphia Eagles player who you know. He wants to win but he also says gee you wanna have a little fun right you're doing and at least art is something and in I don't think that. I don't know I think politics is very very difficult to deal with I really do it I think Brady of late Brady just. Is becoming more bolder and more bold as Eagles are lying and in the end some of these tweets and stuck element at a video the other day of getting around down we career Carl so I mean. Bear becoming more and more bold in terms of expressing themselves. Only they know what's really going on down there I think it's hard to play for Bill Belichick I think Blakey Amendola expressed in his own way. You hated it times but you respect it and I think handles gonna miss it now Anita page you're gonna miss him and dole I think the government shoulder but. If you. Patriots fans and wanna have it both ways I think you wanna look at the patriots and you wanna see a huge part of their success. Is Belichick's discipline he's not gonna give Danny Amendola eight million dollars when he can go out and give Jordan Matthews in court on Paterson the same money. And replace him with that but what's the price to pay I think the price to pay. Is in the short term the system. And the fiber. Fabric of the organization image Dolan shoulder which will those guys. Guys you could count on guys that Ernie Adams likes to say. When you ask about hey Ernie. What about this guy Eagles that's a guy would check the box and didn't have to worry about. Amendola was that guy's a punt returner sold it was pretty close to that guy left tackle let's position you always worry about so now. You have golds two positions Larry. A among other things and leadership that you you don't have box is checked you have left tackle checked you don't have punt returner chucked. And if you think potter 20 it's a punt return yellow wake of the owners and added as a major. My. Position every doormat. So odd way I think they're gonna miss them but then again I'm a hypocrite because I do want it both ways because I believe the system works. I believe that telecheck. Is able to replace those guys that believe that everyone besides Brady is our rock is replaceable. Donna fox borrow. And I Amendola did get screwed though they did screw him they navigate really Kate gave him they always want him to take pay cuts in the like how did he get screwed any different than Richard Seymour lawyer Malloy. I'm Vince Wilfork and it was. Korea out because they had their pay they at least they had their pay days they got their money team get it here but they got some of it I think Richard Seymour was on food stamps. Their money caveat and they didn't get caveat emptor Danny I'm sorry I'm and you'll have a like him as a person of the gays equality got it re telling me and Andy acquire you know where sorry read the NB a career you'd like to get one cash out day where you get these kind of money. At Miami right up front and make an idiot you know that we as I am I not while. That that the guys that finished your career as senate president Larry I wouldn't of science older for the money that the giants and now signing on for would you that you how you gonna turn down be in the highest paid offensive linemen performed don't forget the philosophy of the National Football League it's always it's EU's squeezed the better teams because of the salary cap gets so so high but that's not why the pitcher to do things that I do. Why do you HO. Beat by their actions you out by their actions they just can't be the example they're not giving Danny Amendola eight million dollars plus of guaranteed money. When they can just go out there and get a Jordan Matthews. And a quarter of Paterson to. Among others. Just they just not gonna do without it the way they do business. Fine if they can be as productive haven't they did well if I don't know your judgment into new guys I will see. I like what our patents we have had a great year traumatic reverend would this system via eighteen years and a amounts in Belichick's perfect. I'm the first to jump ball well we OK we you know the defense has caught them. At times is not a come on that front seven. You who. You know going into the Super Bowl that that was going to be a week weak link for them now none of us through the Malcolm but I was gonna play at dance now met we still know that into the front seven was punished or not I don't know that I deferred to DeOssie. And Fred but definitely DeOssie on this because he played for Belichick. And when we sit there and lament that they don't pressure the quarterback from when they get rid of a guy like Chandler Jones. The aussies on its always. Sort of eating killed about and says when you play the Bill Belichick pressure comes from a lot of different places. It's it's a little different hospitals and ran I would assemble on pressure coming from any place I could fit that it is. About phone call so we go to phone calls from any place they a lot of different places where a private pipes let's kick it off here on the butcher and the preacher. We've got Ralph and cramps than this morning hello Ralph. You're putting guys. I love the football talk it was good to talk baseball you don't do well which I can agree yeah. Guess Bryant could ring connect workers I think at 41 year if you could ever do it. I mean I know I don't wish it has like such players feel happy as heck school that lightning was such a little like. That's a very pleasant less than what is saying is that the into an implant for par but. He can be a pain in the behind and that's what they don't want. Yet Larry Larry Craig hit you with something to rule it out you know what is it occurred doubts. Bring him here with some of the rules. And you've got an absolutely prolific as a prolific like these people when he's got a together and help you at that he sent them. Belichick and the people and he's brought people here that we didn't think your question character I think he'd have what if you could ever do it. Lick which is that you don't loan money one yes it's amazing. That's. How long. Well until full size significantly reduce somebody but you don't want to open people keep saying well you know you need to retrieve. The book you receive this but they don't have any what are. As Carol is this case. He really is a prolific YC I think peace is another two there's sort of a little bit as far as people at a strange time. But he gets open approved. And we've seen this kid and then give radio weeks people like back in and I think it's a perfect until it's great. If he's got something left in the gas tank you must admit this past year or so he was that way below his average. It is it wasn't gay he wasn't happy if something was going everybody knows you know. Is nothing wrong with him physically 29 is inching away secrecy. Ralph let me ask a question mister question Dez Bryant is heading into his ninth season in the NFL right. He's been arguably one of the back top receivers in the eight years he's been in the week he's now available he's out there on the market. Randy Moss when you compare the two in this regard ready to run Randy was nine years in the league. He was 29 years old when he was available and Belichick went and got him for a fourth round draft. But signed him on his terms why would Dez Bryant be similar or different in your opinion and Randy Moss coming to fox. Well they both came here with attitudes of reason why it if they're similar is because people have extraordinary talent and went went more skiing he actually was exactly was well to date. And of course after a year or so he was big bet that water will solve what we have that thing but as far as being different. I think Randy what was a little more into if you can make a little bush was in west of the great teammate. Well I can't argue with who's playing these practical terms. Al objects out of monster he's one of the more intelligent plays exhibit a of ever coached. We are mainly intelligent well that that's what I'm getting now that is what we would Randy Moss turned out to be from what we thought he was and I was there on draft day. Doing a show on W the I from the press box. In fox borrow. When they made the trade and I said flat out I don't want that dynamite team positioned to got to remember folks you interview we just done before that's I'll play hard when I wanna play Monica housing and really do you want that guy on your team. What's that. I. Don't know on look I I was wrong he he made me a lot of other people eat my words. I wonder about Dez Bryant in that regard and that's why. I say and we all know that Belichick won't do this unless it's on his terms. Well I want to deal with something to prove that much is ballots that can be a pain in the behind it's that pain in the butt nine. Characteristic. That can bring out the best of seven players and most of the economy and by the way the veterans that do come here and making it. Rodney Harrison Corey Dylan Randy Moss and others. Willie McGinest is just Julius say yeah comes under the wants it came here at the end of it and none of them have ever regretted it now. By the way thank you touch as you can stop now there's about a hundred pages look Torry Holt. On Isaak oratorio Torry Holt is a guy who came here and really never made it which surprised me. 'cause I thought Ian Brady would mesh we have to take a break Larry Johnson it is it is normal seat. He looks over here and instead of the preacher teacher he's got the butcher. So I've got my cleaver I'm ready to go my sword of damocles. Ready to go to take your phone calls for the next hour and a half here on WB ya. Taking some. Clustering and Johnson on sports. Open. And (%expletive) You know he's he hasn't been known to pay its players really. You know I I understood that I gave money back to him selected so I could play for him and played for my teammates and for film side of the contract. You know at the end of the day I I have had faith that he was get a he was get you know give me an opportunity stated. You know I think and a free agency or current you know this case it was the beginning it. When when free agency broad you know hit it it came to. Realization. You know he wasn't really come close to them any of the other offers and had a and I had to make a decision from Findlay in you know go get them and me. Continue in there. The matter gonna put you on the spot that's Danny Amendola Mike Reese if you can go back to about halfway through that. When he says he really didn't come close listen to the chuckled. Under his voice I think that tells you all you really need to know. I think Danny Amendola. While his words coming out of his mouth were I feel in the old man might wanna take care mean the end for all that I Don by giving back over. Not the end of the day I I have faith that he was gonna. He was get you know give me an opportunities and you know at the end of free agency you're current you know this case it was the beginning it. Lynn wood free agency broad you know hit it it came to. Realization. You know he wasn't and it really come close to celebrate you tell us. All you need to know in no email email wasn't gonna happen. He knew that he was gonna have to leave new England and he had already conditioned himself for that now what's interesting Larry brought this up before you wonder. Danny Amendola and I don't mean this is a criticism but as a guy who drank the Kool Aid here for a long time. Right he got a 26 million dollar deal if you remember when he signed all he did was restructuring give money back ever since that. But he was brought in to be Wes Welker is replacement and never was that Julian settlement emerged as the out party became one of the most dependable clutch. Dependable and clutch patriots. They wore the uniform no doubt about it and one of Brady's favorite targets and was willing to take less money to do that I would argue. That by doing Eddie also put himself in a position to make some endorsement deals but that's part of the trade off you do he was never coming back. Never he wanted the money and I don't regret a fourteen year old. Doubt but yeah I don't blame it in in this instance I don't mind the patriots either because that's the way that absolutely the salary cap is structured that way they want the weaker teams to get better Cleveland had some meat calculus. Salary cap figure that they can work with this year sub like eighty million some some ridiculous number. And that's where it happens the weaker teams. Have office money and I disagree with your premise you're in making this out to be that the Indian and dole is not a teacher because of the way the NFL as the caps us all I'm saying they're not gonna go. You get a team like the patriots and you look at their budget right now. They're not gonna go over certain amount of certain people when you put your talk about them getting Dez Bryant yeah at a certain price and I'm gonna go about battling the Larry what I'm saying they can't afford to what the teacher is doing has. Less much less to do with the way the NFL cap structure and how they choose to do business. Other big market teams if you wanna call it data whatever. Other teams decide decide EZ cap and a different way. They'll go out and give a Dez Bryant money to keep him there and then being cap L but it feel a bright but I'm saying if you look at the cap structure right now I don't have it in front of me but to look it. Like Pittsburgh and some of the better teams over the years. Eventually it catches up with you in you you can't unless everybody wants to get paid unless you're willing to say sorry Richard Seymour are gonna let up front like you're right right but they sorry lawyer Malloy I got Rodney Harris that's what they do sorry Logan Mankins that's the structural well before this yeah he's right but that's the structure of the league you get to a point where you might avoid the patriots choice in my pocket and out of the cage okay why didn't they thanks older. They are short lease why when I was a choice take a Florida well they didn't wanna afford it rob why didn't want to look at salary cap. If face I saw older than a lop off about another five players. Back to the phones we go quite as they don't have it by preacher and all they have it we you know just aren't alarmingly deployment to hard cement that's for that's our that's true. Qaeda as a masters and let's go to Darren and a truck or kind of trucked in driving Darren. I am driving it straight liner. Lee. Its report thriller. He beat the lawyers for us until those airlines. Don't. Wives watch out for Dan I was one of the drive when I just I could ever imagine how you guys we have those things are great drive and right now or are you exactly. I am driving through New Mexico on it and yours you just I don't know because they'll look there's an extinct volcano in the Mexico. We did not know who don't know that yet there's. Oh agent lava flow that almost rock there are good five mile stretch. Actually a good feeling in New Mexico. Zeller and perhaps even their money and go it alone. Don't go under the wall. Could be buried out there so when nobody that in mind I wanted to talk about the youngster out there I think alert right that we need to grab the left tackle well. I think with the 31 at its available they should get that big go. Guard there because two when he was hit and run over all last year it was produced pretty bad between him and David edge and there didn't get run. Also you. So you would take true our offensive lineman. That's right those chickens are community can get you know. Good quality defensive players in the second round and when they cut down you know before the season began. They got that big that that's a big horses that god they got that Quinton Nelson and now on Isiah wind and we will Hernandez are these guys over 300. Thanks for the call Daryn appreciate it. Well we all remember about the the play that car I must say I'm not blaming it just IMAP but to swipe it radio fumble on the ball came from my god. But you know what the offensive line was why they lost that game number I'm saying but if you got a finger one particular play mobile that was a play that decided the game yes in that came on the got to yeah. Right that it doesn't actually is welcome Butler could have made on the other side of the ball possibly via which we will never ever ever have a right to go your job. In yard Euro way of a uncovering stories like nobody ever been known by you'd never came up and Malcolm Butler answer for us I give you mine and a little bit. Let's go to Mike at night. They adore it it's a secret and at what possible Belichick or the he's tall and all the other stuff like that the problem. Look at Pete Carol Sherman left. And Pete Carol alt a player's coach he shared that sugar to that only work at call so if you lose. Typical played a ball to what you're pops orchestra plays coach. I agree with that I would say this though don'ts and tell me if you agree that this might. As a this year you Buren and bill we trust guy I mean if you had to take a side. I. Oh. And I agree some ads not a criticism I agree I would lean that way too I'm in the bill we trust I don't think he's infallible it does work. So I would agree with that but. It's not the only way to do business it's not the only way to win. And I think that's what you heard from some of the Eagles in this net you bristle at it. When you follow the patriots because it has worked for nineteen going on nineteen years now under Belichick but let's admit it's not the only way. To be successful dubious. If you take all the way to win of your. Oh crap detector that would go not only would wet welcome barely aware. Repair ballot check racquet to some of the of the NFL coaches however well it doesn't compare. No one's done it for two decades so what does that that I love so what does that tell you what immediately portion of Brady. Doesn't. Everything everything but Belichick peak travel where it was working. Military can't eclectic Carole and Mike Brooks. Right true. So here's the problem the things that I don't like about ballot check at the same time. I would my I don't want another coach. Not the soap soap that I have problem that's your point I just wanna be clear about it. You respect the system you know that it works. Yet you do agree it's not the only waited to win. I never got to wonder drug created. We want apple to change all that you'll get a bit peak altitude and view them. But he's not impressed about is not going to change she's too old. And he's not gonna change and it's been working for him so why would you change that. It's like they're Red Sox would core I mean all of a sudden out Cora came and and he seems to be pushing all the right buttons. Lego Indiana last settled last for awhile and and it's it's it's recycling in after are you gotta bring somebody new wind gusts at one more patriots column morph into the Red Sox a mouse corals go to Kelly and Hemmer still Kelly I Cali. What I like the odd couple. We are confident we. Yeah it's very. Quickly that's actually what inspired you called a rainy but two but when I hear you talk about sorted biblically public are back I'll call it. All of orders you're a popular all but a doctor put up. I noted that really cool music and we're talk about on the field yeah there were so grandma obviously. Stretch the field so well and that I can do that you know. Almost as well anymore but would vote. I'll be may be no nobody did like moss let's admit. Nobody did it like Butler let sloppy execution. If that's a great but went when mark was without there he would catch. Every thing in American that it bred that check on the second nowadays. You have no matter what sexual love love let. Are these guys they just check church as well this'll spoke on guys like you know outback with our how big they are much about the order whatever. I feel like backlit Chris Carrino raining mud. Well Minnesota what I've. I feel like that the actually. Well you just played I think telly we got to go to break sir appreciate it corroborating Kelly just made two great points in that comparison first of all. Nobody could stretch the field like Randy Moss nobody is old soul in you wanna look at Dez Bryant and Kim coming in here and being a guy who quote unquote would branding crooks gone now could stretch the field. Let's let's put it in perspective he's not Randy Moss and nobody was were you disappointed when Brandon cooks. Now it's this acted as an amendment and a lot of stuff you gonna get through by death Bryant outside glad to talk about that coming out and but hands. Nobody had hands like Randy Moss either Randy Moss it's out of your way to scare you can imagine you know Jerry Rice and what people want to let me read you couple Tex or okay you're the only comparing the machine Graham or Jerry moss to Dez Bryant is a tonne on yeah yeah moss was an intellect Dez is a dummy. That's number one. Dez is in a Smart. Bryant was fifth in the NFL in drops you also fumbled move on to other needs are. There was a bunch of them here Randy Moss was a pain in the arts before he came nobody change your right I agree with our however why I didn't like the mosque that with the vikings I didn't like the mosque where Oakland when he came year. He became a different player and that's the that's for you gotta come on if you did get it Dez Bryant would teachings like mosque did. Yeah I mean. That's again if you gonna count on that is when George yeah that's right risk reward. Yeah risk reward if you're gonna if you can get that. He be great to bring India but. Could you get it. 617779798371. Of the subjects on the table before we take a break you brought up Alex Cora yes. As we go to break in the short answer to this question because there are eleven and two because they've started playing 900 baseball. They're the best record in the American League the only team with a better record than in all of baseball Italy is in New York Mets enemies it's all right. Does that mean what Alex Cora is doing is working and will work for the rest of the year. Or crush on kind of working now for the rest of the year partly people change over time we don't know that but I like. We decide when their 500 I can as aggressive. Approach I like for a while hitting our you know after Pitts works good forget about trying to win the pitch it down go after the ball. We'll keep threats as spectacular so far I like. We're corps is doing I like what he did the other night against the Yankees third base coach. He seems to be a regular guy who you can approach in part to. Nothing not to like with a Red Sox right now below nitpick and try to find a few things with the butcher in the preacher after this. What's your name Johnson a run. In this Saturday sports talk on. I bought it they shortstop live Bob Hope it picks it up wondering at what the second horseplay gets the ball game. Her Red Sox note to you haven't been. So he's got there was a lot better. Elevated fastballs I think. There should be a weapon for him something you can use in his last one obviously you start the way we want to go too fast ball bound away and the incident that saw him play. But overall a lot better than the first. Alex Cora would your eleven into Red Sox not sure you heard this Larry. 0105 his first pitch today. On the WBI Red Sox radio network 1220s the pregame should be a little him Joker your real little 1105 World Series tickets on sale over and yeah. Eleven until the play 900 baseball get in line Jordan's Furniture out how we act by the way. By the way I commend them on those like it makes me wanna go in there and think about buying furniture because we might get a no hitter in the last third of the season. But this is the latest fall all the ones they've done down there this what's kind of interesting like if you think about the logic behind it they got together and insurance company I'm guessing. And they said they did the math. They did actuarial tables and they simply to take a third of the season here is the odds let's do that will sell you a policy for this march and it's gonna cover all of that. I mean. I like that better than them when in the World Series I think is there a better chance of how about them semi trying to hit the sign out there yet. Well let's ram that's the bull Durham thing you know grants them on the ninth pitch there he's. So you go to Alex Cora situation and I I would say this that everything is you know you're never as good as when your your best union members worst. As you never as bad as when you ran your worst I think baseball proves that more than any other sport. So with a Red Sox this good may be they're not this good they're not gonna win 900 ball the rest of the year of the 125 games. But. It's working. It's working so far but say this much about Corey if he maintains his transparency and he's honest about things and gives you an answer right for about par. I didn't I didn't mark Martinez out there for you know I should lifted him and put a defensive player and if he's. If he proceed that way that's kind of refreshing and I think people will appreciate mistakes all of that helps I think there's other things that have helped. In this winning streak and I'll give you want to keep that hasn't heard what people say a player's manager player's manager checks not match why they succeed. Baseball's a different sport and and in this day and age with guaranteed contracts you almost have to be a players guy we have to understand how to get the best out there but things have been up and a price last year. So let me give an example and I think he is a little underrated that I don't think he did the way he's handled Joseph Kelly this year. The first loss they had in the opening day would die for nothing lead to bring Joseph Kelly back in. To be highly leveraged situation which he almost blew again. He's got lucky because the guy swung at a bad pitch but the way he did that think about the repercussions. On that team it's just a little thing but it's a huge thing. He showed faith in god by the way I believe I'm right on this I think Joseph Kelley's third longest tenured on this team right now. There's Dustin Pedroia I think Hanley Ramirez and and Joseph Kelly. If you think about the roster there aren't a lot of guys who were being here for a long time now so whatever he has he's definitely top five here's the point he handle a guy that way. He's a feel good thing that goes on in that locker room there is and the managers got my back type of thing here's the other thing about quarry that I feel strongly about. Cora got the job because he understands what they wanted to hear the Red Sox more and more believe chip from John Henry on down. That analytics are the way to go. Advanced analytics it's how you gonna win baseball games. And there's always been that toggle war going on between baseball as it got sporting instincts important analytical back to Grady Little. Created one of you know pulled poured all the analytics and it's part of the reason he lost his job and kept Pedro in. But. I would argue that the most underrated guy if you wanna point you got nobody really wants talk about this is Dana will change. When. Only only things people say in about dean all of Angie is all okay you took a loyal guy 25 years in the organization you made him pitching coach. He's never been a pitcher but how does he know about pitching one of the greatest pitching coaches ever Dave Duncan was never pitcher either. But I'm not given gain all the credit what I'm saying is they would be edgy to me is the Dante Scarnecchia. Of the patriot he's a guy who whatever rule he served in that organization he's gotten the best out of the people around him. And now he's important this in a corporate environment because that's where the Red Sox run. Their organization. To take the easy analytics to make sense a Dick for guys so it makes sense to them. And the thing that Corus shares with him in quarter by the way has said this numerous times if he got a job somewhere else they were going after living energy he wanted will be NG on his staff. He might be saying that because the Red Sox wanted to keep them partly. I don't know but I will say this it's working Larry there that they analytics part which I worried about left spring training I was like really. These guys gonna become baseball nerds use you are is going to be the rule of thumb. Well they've made three errors in the just made their first ones this week and their pitching is the best in baseball. And he's on fire and all that but the wave they're doing business. Is working the question is is gonna work for the whole sees what he is gonna make it better the Indians in the Astros. Here's the other question to ask obviously the first priority has to be winning. You have to win. Really that's the job Zach national school okay what's with this team specifically. Secondly. They they seem to be likable in you couldn't say that lives agree. And may win the division last year but they still weren't likable big what you just said and they weren't last year I different faces them honest Ottawa now. What makes them so likable besides eleven and two what makes them so likable this year narrower last year Farrell is a big advantage that's huge yeah. I like Carol but I mean I know a lot of people didn't. I think it's I agree with few I think it's more of it was time for a change. Nobody probably knew that I was out of the biggest thing that they had around in backlash here was price he was a pain in the behind and he's he's done that in my I think people jumping all run because he missed a spot comes of his team and I think that way to zone against a child at all because it was the only loss to the Yankees and he didn't miss a start against Tampa it took himself out of this well he didn't they collectively took a lot of start. Against the Yankees. So and don't forget don't think he took some part because he was intimate no they were being over cautious and I would I I give them and that. But it's the only air strike is still not good nor am I right they're still not good that he begged out of the game against the Yankees is like to go Rask with a tummy ache. I mean really that's the way it comes across. Yet nobody on the team seems to be that upset about it. I don't think it only you people but then again had they lost the third game and lost two out of three the Yankees are they would feel a little different but they didn't. Larry. He's so good. Like I said they're winning as a top priority but any of these Celtics Bruins as any of them we Novak. But in terms of being like in the Celtics a likable agree with bro wins how likable and the Red Sox are now I agree with you they are now re basing that you know I know I know it's mainly because there waiting they got Aaron incredible racquets Arafat. A Lebanon to a think it is. But aside from that act remember lash is setting a thing. This team in the to a winning and I see this team isn't and you bring up a good point and by being likable does a better chance they're gonna be relevant. On the Boston landscape while they banged out of I don't know hot weather at the sports dollar is being stretched me and I mean all the dead bang and out all these places. Go back to the phones will go to Al in New Hampshire along well. Yeah al-Qaeda. Allying. Do extremely well. What's on your mind lock it. Got try to copy the past few weeks and I kept in the Arab outlaw should signal. You bring it up Malcolm artwork and it. If you guys in the right now that questioning do you have children. Yeah. Fourteen year old 1618. Well I'm past that that's when he won nineteen and seventeen Y. Protect projects. Let it reject the welcome our work after the Super Bowl oh yeah he was brought to reject any effect. They've got height. Who in high school. File hang on how we good on this doctor Ruth passed. Woody get packet to the point could I get to them I mean I had gonna explode. It's a guy in itself been wrong in English punch. Line it was the do you like that punishment. But it actually brokered I don't world. Lowe's card and whatever. It. So so year it's oh you have no problem with Belichick not playing him any single play in the entire Super Bowl. None of us through. I mean. Yeah. I don't like seeing it on not seen anything right. I'm saying if you are right. OK if you are right annually to laid out on the couch and give me this cycle analysis by while Malcolm Butler broke a rule. I find it hard to believe whether he pushed the dollar check or not or did something that really crossed the line that he did something. Justify him not playing the entire super why it seems getting clobbered on defense. Good correct correct that you coached. And in just think that that's in wallet check we try. Yeah wow what does that mean though yeah it does doesn't mean he's infallible. In that you actually just put on the bench I like it. You can bring up out out out Superman Kryptonite Superman had Kryptonite and Bill Belichick has the same thing. Okay he really does sometimes he over thinks things any over thought that the Super Bowl and I know that's how handful of players on the team feel. Okay whether it's justified or not it is justified because he's the decision maker. He's the last call these judge jury and execute their if you downright occupy him outward. With some comments about it afterwards. Not heavy handed but they came out weatherman I know Brady endorsed. Butler and a few other players endorsed him on the way out the door I can tell you guaranteed several veterans were not surprised that Malcolm did not start. But we're very surprised that he did not. Well not spouting. And and not playing at all two different things absolutely what was the patriot player I was a domino or not Welker who tomatoes for jokes about Ryan yes so we didn't stop. He player for series that was at that he's a first quarter. That's I know but I mean when they'd get Butler back in there and they never got to men are so listen we get a little break. Were warning half innings into the game skip. I mean here relief from my coming up for the fifth I you wanting I want the fifth I want the ball you won't you went on and them in the game OK you monitoring the fifth the 131. Yeah I've walked through but I struck out three Ghana last year leniently legal for the fifth Muslim world people are blowing you. Okay I think. You know what they say about the fans if you listen to him you'll be sitting with a coach thank you pass south blown off for the fifth all right give me the festival drink the fifth the mental Robert definitely got the glasses back after this with a preacher. The butcher the preacher another hour to go on WEEI. Complete.