Mustard and Johnson - Do fans care about the Hanley situation?; Steve Bulpett gives his Celtics draft grade 6-23-2018

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Saturday, June 23rd
Final hour. Mustard and Johnson question if Red Sox fans even care about the Hanley situation. Steve Bulpett joins the show and gives his Celtics draft grade.

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The preacher. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. TI sports. Sox past seasons. The next. Anyway play point after I air fares he had not been charged that he cracked with the water. But I you know that's just keep I'm on the seat and prompted. Eyebrow raising from federal and local bar or spent. And it's it's hard look at what kind of connection he had two of the suspects who was on June heat or rain. Retarded idiot wind certified brand that and I'll admit it that's a lot of faculty. As Michelle McPhee can't Wear Red Sox rewind last night she was all over the media yesterday virtually every radio station in town she seemed to give an interview win we had our last night. And by now I think you do know the story about him and owners as possible I repeat. Possible relationship do you think this story will roll or or goal way. And the fact that these suspects. With the crack cocaine and the grams of fat and all 403 for high of Koreans while. More than just his face timing. Handley. In the moment. I know you're you're richer stated that and you are right to think there's something not there any EU immediately wanna make that link. But I think we need a little more hard evidence yet for a variety of value architect you know you're investigating the case surely gonna go for other rarely happy right I'm not gonna ignore it yeah that's certainly would be an area that I would say wait a minute he did what. Then I you know that what we really need it we don't are not privy to is what took place in the face time conversation. Right and we have no idea what that is. And apparently. A federal case announced in Boston yesterday also links that Dominican national. Which charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 400 grams so all of this that's discussed yet if if yes. That ain't even take somebody's phone calls I appreciate people calling in cheering in the light and it's. It's it's painful write me that people going through this short and you know and I ate it being a little skeptical and cynical and I said at the beginning of the show at 9 o'clock that I'm wondering. How the average Red Sox fan looks at this. Of course now that Handley has been. Released that was about a month ago. And we talked about did the Red Sox know anything about this there must have been some whispers it might have been bubbling over a little bit. They of course and it was all baseball related some people have a hard time believing that given the fact that. Ramirez has had the ability. To hit the Astros for instance who they may have to play again. In the post season. Certainly last night the night before Red Sox does need is vapid eventually you'd think that some of his experience in production. Could be valuable down the line so we wondered if we're truly and genuinely just a baseball. Decision a month ago when they announced his release. Now you wonder did they know what they insist of course that there is no indicate there was no indication. The players association and everything else involved on that you don't wanna get tied him at any of that right but. You know this is a beyond baseball story. And you know some listeners don't like that in now some of the I textures and let's get back to sports but this is insist boards yeah. This is this is sports and society because sports is only when I write letters Seamus twins them at the right Tampa Bay YE if he. We suspended three games and stuff well whether you like it or not that's part of sports now right what's part of society yeah not in the need to move men the way men treat women. Certainly that is a larger issue to be addressed and you know as much as Hanley Ramirez may or may not. The involved in this distribution ring. It has huge implications and you know we reading that article from Rolling Stone you haven't picked it up. Or haven't read an on line. When it was announced. That Tom patties death was directly attributed to an overdose of fat at all Rolling Stone wrote a great piece on prince's death he daddy a week a year and a half before. Same reason and just how. Deeply. Embedded. In the culture open your aides are now what we did Jim Morrison. Mom. He hits it was drugs he did it in his sleep. I'm not sure we're drug was could have been here but I don't remember of course that was on the heels. Janis Joplin and mama Cass. And all of them being 27 years Obama can sharpton's damage yet I think she was also. I think she. There was born pitcher which is something as it wasn't just choking hazard is amazing now how prevalent this stuff is in the entertainment. And in entertainment is everywhere it's not just entertainment yes and it's been the entertainment world as you said when your father proudly played with miles Davis and other great jazz luminaries what fifty's and sixty's yeah. Okay we know that's were the drug culture came from that into you know Billie Holiday present jazz artist one of the greatest singers of all time was the heroin addict for my horse and died of congestive heart failure due to herald you heroin that was heroin. 27 we know that unlucky number so many of those rock stars at that time. 617779797. Possible is numbered and Larry get about 6177797. 93 set Hewitt so well so the question is it and that's about all you do well I think you're you're you've been fantastic today as always. As are you retired major different guy not so generous now myself in different furniture around and everything as there is a temperamental diva not gonna sit on your buying every day right believe me my wife has other thoughts on that. Either way can grad to EE IA Ferrara. Using tickets and more I love the guy absolutely love him I think he's funny witty knowledgeable. I'm glad to see that he's been occupying these chairs more often right more Greg Dickerson that's what we won't want right here idle hours were a lot and I'm sorry I loved you know that always been a big fan so I asked the question a couple of hours ago does this matter to you. This. Possible and I again I don't wanna see a guy who in his life and on my mind I mean would you would you be advancing you be happy about it but you can. Would you care whether handling went into element now if he is involved. Then my concern turns to anger. That's the difference. And I would be angry with him because that I had nor have any patience for anybody out there. It's a first of all for those guys make of that kind of money that he's making if he's out there involved in some scheme lost some way to make a I have no patience for that whatsoever right and that is the issue and we wanna hear from you 617779. 7937. And you know I think the Red Sox are going to do just fine thank you. Without Hanley Ramirez I think the baseball question is probably at this point mu. You know I think previously I don't think you got to give Dombrowski credit that. Judy Martinez on my card out he it won an acquisition you now. Hanley did not turn out to be the best of freeagent higher certainly the panda. I've turned out to be a major bust and insurance and has to look back at those in and probably regret what he did and how whatever the motivation was those were two. Bad acquisitions this is JD Martinis and an amazing how you have five. Five RBIs nights in the first half of the season. Get when he didn't have a sixty RBIs so low key about it in timing is finally he's out flaunting it patients low key about it it is amazing 6177797937. We go to baton Providence. Who's next. The name in morning goes on. International. Community. Bird were working toward. That in the morning. Well I am. In two dollars and nine. Moody's. Bill lights and we want some more on. And as a possible routine won't play at nine sure is one. Responded my will record Keaton croak sentinel. They responded with patches. And it will try real bridge landed religion to when and so on. Eventually eat meat sent general. Thinking as a whistle while. It was a lot cinder attached it was stick them in camp bitten your mole. And it would last couple quijano admirable when he holds you know we shall pretty quick right. And quite a while Evans who's. Six certain mobile excellence in news. A day in. And well I mean antibodies that brings spot on steroids so of course but close. Remark was in control. Atmosphere possible that is so they would do it in. And out came a time one at a loss. And such. Drivers that are typical urged it's not you know because in my opinion that was in your body can't close to him. That rolled in and who's your oracle will let him walk by. I joined at the com. All I entered a long. I had some poor losing some or shock from the I'm access. Won't look cool and could go in there and but back. English subtitle is that. It it works but it so or calm. You have that kind of know what it to your whole body. You know we see you all have smoked out of it because it shows commercial and don't work. At it but battled all people just. Liquidation. I don't want us out because it in incapacitate. Him keep Opel to a more staring at a CDs. But you don't know your objective right away right. Dog on the Internet all morning you schooled mentioned that he was on the when I cherish it personal reporting on the action we're currently working and admirable work and nurses I. Don't think it was such wanna states are totally urgency that it doesn't work to the actual loss. And licked it because that'll work a lot quicker action group and certainly it because. Wasn't sick reading it took a body is getting directly into a hole and on. Our. The you know getting off balance of real tall and a little lucky I was sold a medical marijuana addict or not. From my old it's gotten roles hole or it's like her Alter. Well I'm out I'm I'm glad you're okay and whom I am glad you're taking curious though. Although he looks 63 don't survive without. A kid a mere blocks. Yeah I wish. Altitude and success our thanks a lot sits on 7779. 7937. Is that telephone number we shall see where this goes what are you and you ask me that question what do you think this thing's gonna go. I think it's gone ago while YE a very wide and deep. Because I cannot imagine a guy getting stopped like that those aquarium and the and then him face timing and noted celebrity. I think it's gonna go to eight I don't know hi I don't know how. You can get that I don't know how you can get I'm trying to think back you get this. And I you can. Well there's our efforts are now. You know. Of friend cause you we face times you would get all these crops around the past and you pop up on the screen. Amongst the conversation. I don't know what the conversation wise but I can't imagine imagine how good this caddies so clumsy and so indiscreet. Did you do that we think they got there was yeah I I know I don't eat suspects pulled over the first thing he does is facetime a celebrity I think he showed on brains yeah obviously. Is it right you know. Mania at least sake I hope not. But somebody got somebody got some explaining to do. And it'll be interest in Siewert grows from here and you're amazed at the though of number of calls that we have gotten. It let's face it though nowadays is that a hearing about. This really about this Pope really crisis that has engulfed this area as I said earlier New Hampshire. Maybe the most addicted state in the union. If people have been dying or talk about those numbers of working class white males especially. Who have resorted to open yours for a variety of physical and emotional reasons. And the death rate has skyrocketed. Now particular demographic group. And they attributed to open your rights we talked about the Rolling Stone article talking about prints and of course leader Tom Petty. You know suggestion that some other artists. Chris Cornell of sound garden committed suicide he struggled with a appeal rights. It you know we certainly know about it as we said in the music world for many many years it is everywhere. And as you said we have every right to be angry. For Handley being. And anyway connected to allegedly a guy that's making anything like 22 million dollars a year he sit es dad is doing ads lean on your son's of course they're building you senate right now you might think you do something positive. How how destructive. Can you be and no matter. How you feel about Hanley in his tenure over the Red Sox in a baseball way. I you're actually right here we should be angry at him. War if he's involved he's gonna level Rahm I'm pretty ticked off about it right all right we're gonna take a break. And we will talk to you about the issue. Talk much smaller things as well as mustard and Johnson make an hour waits all known time that it's try any with her. Sometime partner Mark James and I knew right here on Sports Radio WEEI. Mustered just you know. Saturday sports stocks. It is mustard and Johnson sports Radio Liberty value probably tuning in right now on some wearers try any. Whereas some see what these guys doing out on the supposed to be out from 9/11 but says some Arnault via the programming. Department here WEEI has had gained. To give us an extra hour we're going into overtime baby. And we're doing now wait till noon by the way I Tomas was good Tomas he's out. Daughter has a birthday party something today is that what he's off I'm not sure why the last time we took it was this is my daughter had a birthday party and I guess it had to be on exactly the time that the show was going on with his daughter voters like about another loses daughter go to their party. So anyway you're a more perfect have come once secret they do as a matter that has to get Jon Johnston now amazing how that works of art James will be filling in meanwhile. I am going to welcoming an old friend from way back when Steve bullpen in the Boston Herald. Joining us to talks and Celtics here on Sports Radio WEEI what's going on. There's this to lucky things sound like one of those notes from Epstein a mother and a. And did you get your right hand. For a while and while I didn't realize army and the way marathon tour just in Europe and articles and scholarships. It's more it's more walk and run but it's. This is the time of year where you've got to get healthy and lose the weight gain during the season and you know. Look at told people my primary care physician wants me out to be worse from the readers do. Is that it is a battle it's it's they're vying for the supremacy in that department no question about it your over. All perspective on the on the draft this year not too many. Surprises. Here in the air. A port or getting passed by on the board that long that was kind of a surprise but down what are your thoughts. Well I'm not it's no surprise that the poor thing because. You know. Who wants to get left holding the bag on a Greg Oden situation you know. The guy's good injury news. That's gonna scare people off you know you. We've always talked about the draft is an inexact science but you try to at least. Take into account. The facts and evidence and that made it difficult I think for people to really jump on Michael Michael Porter but. You know. I think that you know them there are several reasons why. Robert Williams got pushed down of the Celtics and you know that's the way it worked. So this isn't the usual role baloney about we're so thrilled that the drop this low we've had a much higher on the on the draft board and suddenly he came to some how many times have we heard that people are. I I think I'd be integrated is that in this case. Abusive situation the Celtics. This guy. Tell lies Williams is no question that top ten talent meaning he'd come out last year you know. No question. He's that good. Issues with him are. His motivation. He you know does he always bring it. And if you have trouble bringing it were. A thirty some odd game college season. You know two out of second translate to the NBA where it's 82 regular season. Plus playoffs. Which can run you know. Another twenty some odd games. So. You know there was that those who they were those issues and so. I think this toll could. Very lucky for this regard. If this guy pins out then you've got eight lottery talent at 27. And he doesn't pan out well it was the. During seventh back there you go. What you know so. News the edit and by the way he all his skill set. Is something that the Celtics need you know. Bigger guy rim protector defense. Can get out and run those are things they need the public needed size out of this draft. And they got that so. You know whether again whether he's he's. Takes to the environment. And realized how hard he has to work now that he's here. Or do you know or not that's going to be the issue. And the word that Dini was using frequently you were we've been here for a long time out of south the camp outside. The guy has upside. When it does that does that translate into next year does that translate into a couple years down the row what does he get it began. To show his full potential on Celtic uniform. I'm just thinking back sadly put time Creighton and Larry when people that we have outside. That was a long time I I can't I can't remember that far back. And now on the downside the other side of failure no. That's the thing is that if this guy. Robin Williams can you know can take toy is being taught and and it's a lot more right right now we know he's. You know he he can he gets up he can block shots all those things but you have to learn how to play NBA defense. And it's more than just. Hey I'm an update a medical blocked that shot it's about being improper position so that you don't mess up somebody else. In in your defense the scheme. If he takes that he's the guy they came they can give the minutes and help them out you know sooner. You know he's got the control he obviously got offensive issues. I mean he couldn't. He's very good dunking which is a hunt told a high percentage shot. But you know he's below 50% free throw shooter. So what he's the guy you could throw into a game and you know. Go check and had a couple or three minutes and see if you couldn't you know messed up is that forbid. And then you know. On down the line and you have the to have an assistant coach signed him all the players have assistant coaches assigned to them and and they'll be working with him before the game you'll see him if you go to the garden early. You'll see about doing his pregame work in the Seymour on the bench with a coach and and it tablet they're going over video and and you know that's the way they'll be working yet again that the question is whether he has the the interest in him learning in and the aptitude to get better. You know while Reid for grave of CBS sports Steve. Okay he's a writer for CBS for three OK okay right and so he assessed the first round of the NBA this came out yesterday. And there's only one team that got an a plus for their pick wanna guess which team was. Kind of pick the team that didn't have a first round pick a. Yeah. I have now this is the first round pegs not a trick question which team got an A plus from the immortal. Read for Greivis CBS sports for their pick. I take Phoenix but the Boston Celtics like those is like a trick question but you know I thought it was requested the Boston Celtics tonight what you gonna you know now in a massive believe do you do you think it's innate lust it's. I can't eat out just for the fact of where it is you can't lose yeah. It's 27. You know thinking you'd get a guy that you try to draft a large person that you stash per year. Mean update this ditched the guy they got a couple years ago and he he went to Cleveland as far as it as part of the Kyra here the deal. He's the guy that could develop into a really good play was very young when Nate you know even when it. Brought him over he was very young he's the guy that could develop into play. I play can. You sit Newark rich and you know these people that you didn't actually hear have been their first year or so in the league. They going to be really good players. Yet you're gonna take the young. And you have to wait a bit for them to you know and in some cases to to see what they can really become. Celtic and eight if they did that that'd be when if they pick some guy. Some large person. From overseas are or even from here that. Would agree to play overseas for a year and they wouldn't. Pick up a roster spot. Then that would via a W for the Celtics right there but yet getting this guy here. Who you know has the physical gifts but. Can look. Let's not kid around about this. If you know how how much how often does a guy who hasn't. Quote unquote motivational issues ever really get it I mean if you if you get a cannot. I think one of the biggest things. Bit predicts how good you guys going to be. Is whether he has set competitive Jeanne. I mean you can look at it. Michael Jordan and his physical gifts and they were meant but what made Michael Jordan Michael Jordan. Was he was just a competitive streak I mean which led him into gambling and other things as well but he. You know. He would compete over everything Larry Bird was a lot more gifted physically than people give him credit for. But what made him Larry Bird was just that that ultra competitive. The need to win every night you know it's it's a Thursday in. You know Sacramento he needs. Right where they said famously about a change in the fifth set famously about Jordan he needed to win in the student. Union and every ping pong game we've played at University of North Carolina. Or that kind of competitiveness and went everywhere says you know as Williams take away the that Dwight Howard dark. Yeah I'm not sure. You know look. It's to play power comes here for a song and you know it doesn't cost anything more than a mid level or something or even you know. I did you know but I'd still be wary of Dwight Howard you know is he gonna accept a role. Yeah. I'm not sure they're going to be willing to mess around that but hey you. Did you Jiri had a bad locker room presence. City you know currencies enclaves or. That reality. What do the math on this moment count the ways. So look. Quote now. We'll do the dissident is here how many since the team goes into how many years. Acadia. That should tell you some right there I mean you know here's a guy that we average forty average last year and it's their gardener in being traded yeah so. Let's let's talk a little bit more NBA. What are you arrives I was looking up at during the show or ESPN's odds. Are ten to one that LeBron stays in the cavaliers. Twelve the one he goes. To the lakers that he was fourteen to one some other team how do you see LeBron and in the summer of 2008 T where's he gonna go. The best information I've got right now it is it's it's Cleveland nerve or the lakers. But. You know that that doesn't preclude the possibility that someone steps him you know Billy could make a pitch. I know I don't see you know how that works that. He knows someone could step up I mean I I. Think Houston if they could have worked out the numbers on it would be. A good spot if you want to you know jumping on jump in with a group in and try to win soon but. Yeah I. I don't know under some so much less into the quote unquote LeBron thing. Then we were that I was here eight years ago I just think it's become kind of kind of a circus and you know I'm afraid of stepping in the open down. Or about how about limited. Yet a weird situation. You know because. I think you know look I I think he's got the Celtics would go after it you know except for a couple things number one you don't know. Exactly the help on his squad. And that you don't know whether it's state would you have to this year but you know this guys. When healthy. You know is a top handful talent. So you know. I you. I'm if you didn't see anyone really reported on what the outcome was of the Popovic visit with with why. But. You know. If he winds up in. And the city of his choice LA. You know that could. That could make things. I can Alter. The balance of power to have to have good to. You're saying that would have they're also come when LeBron going to jail. Yeah all auto Paul George or you know I mean they've got some good players there. Now I think I think that they that they could find a way to the lakers kind of way to trade. For Kuwata Leonard. And include one so. We're just raised out of there. That might be a great move for for magic Alonzo you're dead right. Well you know is completely. You know trade is bird rights. While so yes your more fascinated by the coli thing them LeBron. Well yeah I mean look the LeBron and more clear and present. Possibility of of mold movement. But I'm just kind of like. Over LeBron you know when he shows up at the press conference after game five with. With a cast on his on his rear end. Little overly dramatic I did not need to do that. Everything tell me about the. Become a solid football ball LeBron piece all the sudden delete without luck out. He'd start tweeting about north about North Korea just to get back in the news. Hey I'm excited about a lot of these patent and then come out this year. Bamboo or in that eight Lynn. I you'll do would you find any change that might come about in the NBA with them the emergence of these new big guys. Yeah I need a bit. But I mean. Talking about maps problems still diplomat a couple of years are going realize that you get more points if you shoot from outside that that that strike that goes out McCord yeah. So I ice as he opened the game is gonna. Evolved that way but. You know you're big guys are there often politically it's still going to be a case where. They're going to be they're mostly clean things up inside. Unless you've got a guy who can step out and shoot the three. Which you saw more of welcome to well Ambien and people like that last year. But I think. The big guy situation you're looking at defensively. And that's what those guys can ever really really big affect me. A guy we look at this here on your whole lot. Calling it the town's. In Minnesota. This guy's you know this guys a wonderful freedom player. And you know. So yeah I do think indecency other other big guys work. But they've got to fit themselves into the quote unquote new NBA the modern NBA and the way to game is played. No question about it well Amanda continues to ply his trade when the extraordinary. Excellence despite what his doctors and his fans say Steve OPEC give it up with a Boston Herald. And we'll check in which they've sorted out ally. Our body Singh ladies aren't stable pet sports radio WEEI we. And while NBA and some OP UA crisis. A virtual smorgasbord of Arizona and haven't mentioned Brady's singing but we don't need that now probably don't waste of a couple of segments the one segment to go takes more your calls up until twelve trying and mark changed filling in for too mossy. Red Sox playing tonight at 715 lots to talk about. Just a few minutes to do it's if you want chime in 617. 7797937. Monster in Johnson on Sports Radio W media taking back to more. Buster named Johnson on us. The Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback in history. The sport. Not may be years before he's not god awful thing. If they're great as well bottle I would I would sue Bob Kraft in the rest of the pages for allowing that to happen while great glories to management and through our own line card please I don't wanna hear anymore about. I told you want to come on please don't tortured me here for a more people the only time exports on that time I think personally as the most. Interest thing and I don't mean in a positive way. Our seasons I think has been very. Interest and yet on it and if house felt different because. I volleys. Looked at him runway kind of quiet conservative who has known his family and everything which is kind of stage to himself doesn't get involved in that many different things. In mound and he is totally flip the switch not coming to practices. A day. Still don't have training and Troy you know got cash day he's got clout man and he's an even on this phone clip we played a minute ago this thing being used to beaches. He's out there. Listen in the bill. Verses Tom. You know wasn't Tom vs time that really gripped. The offseason has gripped the offseason it's Tom vs bill that's the one that's really matters and Tom was the decided winner he won. By knockout and he asked Italy's Dario on his outs and he's left the team and of my opinion extremely vulnerable position. Got no back up quarterback right well my employer. They had no backup quarterback. And when he does decide to retire you know where the heck are they gonna find them a quarterback. Well they are many quell there was a kick out of eastern Illinois that they had there for awhile you know we're on our network out yet waiting ego of that work out so yeah that is going to be an issue and I'll be fascinating when they do go to training camp in July. You know they'll be out there by the thousands is very popular it's a free taken down and watch the patriots. Go through their paces and you're drinking and again challenged again by another I'll probably end up when fighting with one of the patrons there as they did several years ago you don't fight you retreat. Now I I I actually really it's not to do that nowadays I retreated after I uttered. Less than complimentary. Term at him and I walked away and intently oh I forgot to mention that I wanna make myself look much yet to begin with frank. Is something like that I don't Frankenstein as novel that I don't think you should read that's what I said you're absolutely right so anyway it's funny because we were talking about probably two kids down there that was many years ago. And I was down in our Cromwell Connecticut yesterday Larry. This is the second time we've done this round two it's become an annual. I'm Craig and Bryson my youngest you know him he's done some work here at the radio station went down what's the second round of the travelers. And what is vessels to be very good today is little bit better tomorrow that is such a great tournament. And on the heels of probably one of the worst major tournaments you're ever gonna say that was such a cluster such a debacle. Pension account last week off to a point where. Phil obviously. So frustrated where those greens and in the hole placements and everything else. Decide to hit the ball big ball ball on the green. That was due to as our machines out there watching them derisive term that I do let's hope we ordered out all the that is one of the most bizarre things. I've ever seen professional golf. Of person of that magnitude. With a bowl will be I know you don't play golf you know they'd everything is there there there there is such. Followers of the rules. They they have called fractions on themselves they would never do ER it's not like all the other sports you're trying to cut corners and cheating get away with it. And to do that blatantly on national television goes to show you how upset he was he barely made the cut it was not in contention. But that was just such a fiasco. And I'm telling you if you're in the area feel like watching some great golf or he's down there barb is down there they're both in contention. It is a great take great viewing sites and really enjoy going down yesterday so. I know you're not gonna run down there. By I won't even remarked rightly or we will you watch the type tiger's not even in Myanmar watching I don't care why if tiger is it that you're gonna carriers tiger emperor and last week was enough for me for a while yeah that was just bizarre if the casual fan. Was interest in of course you know tiger was bringing a lot of viewers and everybody was. Panting over tiger now he is he gonna finally breakthrough after ten years has won a major since 2008 a bogey and didn't even if started with a triple bogey did not make the cut. Rory didn't make the cut Jordan's speech didn't make the cut it was it was awful if you wanna see a little correction. I'll watch the travelers. I don't watch that that's gonna that's that's gonna be the first viewing experience of the weekend in my retirement years and sit down what some good golf. This afternoon at 3 o'clock and suggest that for what are you land it. Next week we'll take suggestions from people what they think you should be doing your life as a few suggestions as you just a few are at marked change is in the house trainees in the house. I think we're ready to roll we're gonna leave your remark car on the board says don't answer waste of time so I'm not going to be that I just I felt that guy's name wasted time now that was not him are right so mark in trying to be our next we're gonna leave you that Wayne thanks people fed yeah. Chris Forsberg in there you let's say like you do your members and hey I resources and edited and grabbed Brad Pitt. Thanks to everybody you we had some interest in discussion about fentanyl earlier two guys unfortunately perished from June to overuse of fentanyl prince and Tom Petty. At the hall of fame. While my guitar gently weeps. Listen to that will be out back next week it have a good weekend everybody.