Mustard and Johnson - Do the Sox have what it takes to go all the way? 02-24-2018

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Saturday, February 24th

Hour 2. Mustard and Johnson bring the conversation to the Red Sox and discuss JD Martinez coming to the Sox and question if the Sox have what it takes to go all the way this season?


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We sure. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. TI sports. Sox past seasons and that is our number sale. Just about fifteen minutes away from animal house out that's the delta guys. Down in Fort Myers now what does this tell must still living arrangement that you know moral more than we do what do what's going on down there was basically what it. They have suites. Will ever rob Bradford John Tomas sleeping on the couch in what is known as their billiards room. Really have risen goes well I'll ailment that. Why is nobody sleeping is that is on badger all of course. But Tomas is legitimate cup which must do sleeping on the couch yes I don't Ackerman that from the very nice RK so he's knockout but he has his own bathroom sweet Lou's got his own room. And they're continuing to cover the Red Sox they have started their exhibition season yesterday. With the the always welcome win over the Minnesota Twins in the quest for another mayor's trophy meanwhile JD Martinez has yet to show up. And we'll see if he does appear over the next couple days. You don't seem to be too I'm so I'm not I'm blown away by Danny phone call we I don't know I had a K Danny has usually very alive since it's just very logical and even how many people are here in pay and a nation. Are you happy eight but the fact that Butler didn't play and down one down on special teams. Are you happy. That Jack Iraq hello I don't mind getting traded I understand that pat. But they only got a number two pick out from an in camera such a lousy for Broadway he went on to sign some multimillion dollar contract yet. You I sit here today at the patriots fan. And you're happy with these two decisions the way they came about and maybe I'm not make Danks got some contract with bella check he's got to do is vote yeah maybe he will be. He'll be ferrying. Belichick back and forth from Nantucket or something because. Those are two takes I was not expecting from Danny yeah that was a good trade order Rob Lowe and Malcolm Butler wouldn't make any difference whatsoever. If he had played in the Super Bowl while. 6177797937. We're talking about that those people still locked. Letting the Super Bowl loss to Eagles linger a little bit in their minds we're talking about the Red Sox who should be better offensively. With the addition we think of JD Martinez some other subjects as well including speeding up the game of baseball which is always something. To discuss as we enter a new season. Do you if Martinez. Does the sign here as we expect he well I you. Happy with what they've done so far I am I I don't mind it pitching rotation of Seattle bullpen fares out. The fourth of fifth out of but then again you can go to any team. And question his daughter's I have done a good job no question John Fox for your next on Sports Radio big John. I item or in the lineup I'm good thank. Kind of a modern I'd get a maybe back up again which are not be popular but. You know what it's where we gave bought another chapter a little had that would follow my sisters I heard somebody say that. And I I apologize I'm not sure I heard somebody say doubtful that I'll get doesn't matter we steal ideas all the time yeah. Well you know we talked about you know senate you know not let a battered auto the box slot game. I double that aren't you are at greater character and the same page that you are apparently are wrote about it I'm not yet I got to step outside the box so we need to. Get a pit side Albert you know quick. You know I'm new law a lot about like you know to treat for a second area I'll maybe I get a side that beat that every pitch in now that's just open. Small to help speed up the game and and I know that open at least that for old school thrown downside that you don't know what the on line and that's about schedules while these. It killed four. I covered base and not try it out like that well you know it. Especially late in the game you know. You know couple met topic that brought all that unique declassified that -- people feel fine that. Potato like bat ecumenical troubled obviously quiet you know concerned about arrived back in CA and. You know it is it doesn't either I applaud your idea I don't think it's bad at all but mighty. What goes back to my attention is what Craig said earlier. His kids don't care they don't watch the game anymore. That's the part that we got to like where by tomorrow come margins kicking around I gears and all that stuff but the reality is. What do you do to get that fifteen. Fifteen year old interested in the sport again. That's your future right now certainly the Red Sox because of the Red Sox they're gonna transcend. Some of the problems that plagued baseball as a whole. People still want to go to Fenway Park the big question as we've seen this certainly in the ratings ratings across the board. If the National Football League is suffering ratings you measure how some of these regional networks like NASA and have to do you would ratings issues because of the game is it is one of the more popular teams in the game on this is a hotbed of baseball in its still turning off. This generation that just cannot deal with the length of these games it's not just for life Larry. If there was a lot of action going on in the three and a half four hours the game was unfolding that would be something. Completely different but let's face it there's so little action. In the game. They didn't think I haven't played so I don't know. But to the video games these kids applying them that the baseball that they provide more action. You know I don't know because my kids played the basketball video game right before and PolyGram had they played Grand Theft Auto auctions say that Obama might be listening. And I'm I'm out I'm saying is that video game more exciting than the game itself fortunate. On via audio problems and and there you go and we know that at all though of before. Major team sports the one that's used the oldest demographically. Is always baseball. The old timers love the game of baseball particularly on the radio which is great as you know that's one thing Els say. Radio. Is always been a great spot for baseball. In our ratings are very strongly you don't like as you can do whether things were all right James right and it's great for that it is in an in some would say in and I would disagree that baseball might even be better. On the radio and it is on its own eyes wears a rhythm of the game the other problem is people like you. Funny yet your people. You know like any sizzle and the game like a good argument I'd like a good fight on the field once in awhile I really go. I think you need some sizzle in baseball right now. They have sanitize the game to a point where it is now says this is just my problem there to go to the repay play what's exciting about going I think. Three people stand up by the replay Booth we kind of an old testament Geiger big Bible freak and I think you like the old test and no I you know did this I like it on sports because you can't do it real life why I remember is a kid in 1960 sevens in the old lion watcher for a long time. I was Joseph peppered Tony Rico Pakistan remember at broke out into a fight early season 1967. Yankee Stadium. This is so what went by I am you know how to respond that is an eleven year old kid decries our crime and figure I was still pretty high here. I like McCain you you go to a hockey game and see people bludgeoned themselves to death and I Lyndon byes as I live at times like journal and I don't know all the time. Nine Craig but I like a little excitement David it kills you this Antarctic joke it's taken some heat of the play people. And time based violence stuff. Stop talking about I favored by it was of this that. They talked about took off fights they talk about Joseph sticks to talk about why aren't about Earl Weaver and they talk about some of the great argument to talk about you as covering up home plate but that there. They are kind of little personality things that baseball bat. The people like you just wanna get rid of not I I think that our you have as a budget guys out there extending the game for four hours. Larry I certainly baseball brawling is something that they should not have an artist artists few and far between it's a rarity thankfully but he McCain meant you mentioned here attack or separate to thank him. Only because they happen to win the World Series and it was depressing to think of I think of Iraq thank you liked laboratory case 2000 Ontario quietly on the big screen the first thing here was his fights and bras that's like major violent guy so I'm the only one on the gotten goals and not like I what is an ABBA when will Chamberlain knocked out client a valid patent on the highlight of his and a real and Sam Jones. Chased it around with a JS files of the day and I am glad you go to church now you got to own for the violence fantastic shot. Gracechurch Avon any welcome Buick Open arms will fight break out of my shell out there problem maybe. Matt stay at your expense portray. You do that you guys and that. Well well well I yeah on. Good Mac count down a little bit. Of all oil. Well. Or hormonal. We're talking about that earlier today in the ramifications. Of that would be first of all for the financially yet revenue and revenue coming in Whittier advertisers can do it really have to throw off the beer taps it in the fifth inning we can't do that. You're talking about more auction all of a sudden I would note on. All of. But who's gonna give up that who's gonna give up the money I I am all for that. It's all in all for the be works all. On all of you seem to equal marked with theirs that's what I'm on the right. But Matt at its interest in suggestion and one of the things that Larry was saying earlier about the players association would Gulfport that would be a rule change they wouldn't go for because as you just said. Very perceptive way. It that the way the game is pitched is gonna be completely different in the seven inning game. You're not gonna have all those relievers which is really got to cut down on the time there's no question about it. And. Although it is overall. Gordon. On the arm. On the loose ball and therefore everybody on the moon will be more auto loans. Only played really well now. Well they're 25 players on team. Along. Warlords 32 you can do the math 60700. People summer like that yup. Yeah also won't Walton globally and the food left before that you want all along with more action and honestly want to sit in the world. On what it's all my whole life it's what he wants you won't lose interest. Rigel when you lose that's why did you lose interest. Paula Newton almost on the bottom you'll formula used to. See I don't think that's a real knock on the game as much as he is right at you busy. Yeah I I think it's at the older you get I think that is a problem as we get older we get into middle age we have more responsibilities that we've marriage and kids and other activities. It's they did not calling marriage it's done at all one of the great decisions the greatest decision I ever made. Was 222 years ago Valentine's Day 1996. When I got engaged to my lovely bride wooded campsite. Now that you obviously the other commitments and everything else your priorities change I remember I'd pay the kit Larry. You know the games rolling on Red Sox game rolling around on the weekends on television or on the radio seven days a week. But that was like must see television channel five at the Red Sox on Friday night. And Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I'm Gloria all goes round and with your kid didn't get but get a bunch of friends together and go out and play. Oh yeah quite a day that we didn't original video games most days yeah I don't either play every game outdoors or you watch the game in the doors we have the right and in effect upon what prop one. It does all the numbers going down they really Korea. Numbers going down they've because of the fear concussions parents don't want that's a different ya so. That's a different sort baseball is is four balls obviously much more popular. And not admit it it's hard other than football. To commit to any other sport on a regular base I ago on this record and no argument here. Yeah 162. Games my times I three and a half hours in my TV today I don't. Is that as it came on TV today might be too early I'm not juvenile T yeah. Is that Lessig had to rush home to see it. You wouldn't want to I just don't gain any I don't know whether that's the age fact I was you know retreat to get some kids to grow if you're younger 1516. I'd be curious about it why why is not so much interest and it well here's a guy that doesn't. Flag at his. The devotion to all things pinstripes is name is Steve and he hails from all hey I'm Steve. And good morning gentlemen you know it's it's funny I wanna talk baseball but real quickly. The gentleman who called in from born and who who live basically last year for our via fraud you keeping an. Publisher of play it would make differences you ball and had brought Logan shopped prior to the draft pick to that maximizes value group felt it was packed into a corner and had to get her. He wanted to hold onto him as long as he could hasty review you are doing well and teased that he had to get rid of them we just can't try to manage just because you just can't. Just because you okay so that means you just brought make the first dealer comes along. I know unaffiliated into areas that they hit two options okay. Garrett at the trading deadline a little walk in his seat to be working afraid. Well why wasn't the secret than a month or so before that. That they would know on the that they want and be able keeper wrap all you make a deal then. That I don't know honestly. I don't know. Our ballot Jack said he did what was best for the football team. Yep and that's well Larry talked peaceful Larry how do you know about you know Larry. It in any called in here you won't make such a big deal about the Yankees here ala such high eroded. How people are correct except in the highest payroll in baseball Larry. That's. Well and it came down on my haven't MM MM Annan is a particular photo I thank you Jackie Gleason as Ralph good and that is a problem if John Henry doesn't spend and people ripped the heck out of him. That if he goes out and spend people ripped the heck out one thing you have to stay Steve there is absolutely no hard core value over there vet as as for our philosophy or policy. About what they're gonna do every year it changed my they have a policy after yeah yeah. They used to be this fall past the old bracket pay anybody over thirty million. Thirty years old part of France's Obama accept that John and they would've been right now they end. And in that in John Henry soap out of themselves at times we're not gonna spend that when we're not going to be spent for us. And they and they react to what happens the year before each and every season. That's what you want fraud and we have fraud okay is that they are right a few years ago. Date today. Re just secondly Jack what do the Yankees spend on Stanton. The big Larry. Johnson who had and he's getting the same annual value discovered that J. D. Drew Martinez's getting okay. So I am happy with the. On not my Jeanne as we haven't done yet and some of that JD. Power and now. Very empathetic okay appease it Lester they let him walk they overpaid for Pryce chip decided by the Viet. Last year went after Ortiz retires they'll think about you know waiting. Beside them stood inside them now they know paper GD Martinez okay. Yeah they and then and then Henry it is relative to to the report is yours or are that we would get more home runs last year if there was better coaching. How hot. I didn't hear that did he say back coaching. They've basically blamed it on the hitting coach he didn't. Say that was specific terms. Blame it on the brow about let me ask you this and the jerk Freddie for a Yankee fan you're pretty objective I we if we assume that JD Martinez will eventually find his way to Fort Myers. And to Fenway Park is what if our bias what does that mean as far as the the AL east is concerned with Katie Martinez aboard. I think it you know one and one day you can direct subsidy to the there I don't think either one of them is much better they'll have some kind of you know. Black hole whatever I think the direct factual as their bullpen had to be peaceful is is. Starting pitching on pitching him at third. You know they've got why wouldn't they have just the Martinez up the process than they can get everything done. Very very they're they're facilities in Fort Myers OK I'm sure they have a my elite team the plays or whatever a single achy or even. I know he's talking Andrews works in. Got to think there's some medical staff and Fort Myers who works for the Red Sox sought the help implement here a big. That's what I wanna know. It is very mysteriously you leery about his his injuries now well will get Brad fall and Tomas the only case down an animal house south of figured out I'd kick you off if they get off the couch into 6177797937. It is mustard and Johnson's eleven right here on Sports Radio. Most unique shots in a row. Rock in this Saturday sports talk on. But from my perspective please. And a lot of change. And I think her approach. Last year was lacking offensively. Have had issues the players aren't talking I don't I don't really you talked about but I. I agree with what's. That is the owner of the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Globe one John Henry talked about the state of the stage. Of the Red Sox down in Fort Myers Judy Martinez the app prime Lama. Five your 110 million Khan dollar Contra we think. Maybe they return Henry's comments those at no time does he blame the players for anything. We may lack of they're seeing her. So it was a pretty poor offense last year but yeah I've run about the clubhouse that was a problem in my opinion. Well as as you well know when you need to change the culture the easiest way to do that is the president I. Is to change the manager can black guy John Farrell I don't know I don't have a good and coach. Oh OK it's all his fault. Obviously when new manager comes in he wants to have his own staff. I think sell outs core is going to be the perfect. Manager. John Farrell. For all his flaws and faults and I didn't mind him now it was time for him to go in spite of winning back the back and no manager has ever gotten that. In history of the Red Sox back to back AL east titles that I think nobody heard from him here he was in some sort of broadcasting things on media. I have no idea nobody has any right here I think you'll be fine as a broadcaster because he does how to analyze the game I just think that the communication skills as as as the report from people who know a lot more than we do we're there on a regular basis. I lost the clubhouse last year and unfortunately as we well know. Did you lose a clubhouse that did you lose David Price could be the same thing. I think that's pretty much synonymous if you lose the clubhouse you've lost to David Price. Don't you. Believe Larry may be I'm. Pie in the sky optimists. I don't have a I don't really have a dog in the fight in this one if you've got to believe that Cora. Is gonna be. A very healthy addition to what's gonna happen real as I know when something doesn't go right. Price when David Price readers exactly and again right. If I were routing form a lot of people rooting for him so well why would you I mean he's the manager of the team you report of course you wanna route form I mean. Why would you go would there be no reason not to. The guy was you know he's a people weren't rooting for apparel. Because they saw over four for five years that things were probably. Not gonna be fixed by him the kind of things that you want a manager to address it wasn't able to do. I mean is Alex core of the second coming of Tito Francona. Maybe maybe not. But he certainly observed a Francona while I was here has the same kind of personality. You know utility players. And catchers tend to be the best managers. Because they really do study the game they understand the ins and Al's they're not blessed with a all the the greatest natural talent. So you'd like to believe. That that will work the fact that he's Hispanic I don't think is. Something that you should. This mess I think it's important to have that as well. Certainly the in the Latino ball player makes up what 27% of Major League Baseball. Many on the Red Sox I think that's gonna help. And they have a lot of talent. They just I think you've it was time for for all of the success of Ferrell have with the World Series and I've said this many many times. His greatest asset was that he wasn't Bobby Valentine it was the right decision. For that time this is the right decision for this time in the Red Sox and even steeple met. For all of the whole the law of John Carlo Stanton. And the great bullpen they have the Yankees and great line up from mop top the bottom Red Sox are right they are now. And it's gonna be. Because last year going into the AL east did you really through the Yankees were going to be. Posing a big threat to the Red Sox and I did not out. It was supposed to be a transition year they came out of nowhere effectively got to a game seven of an ALCS having surprise a lot of people. Now we're back to business Larry. We're back in the old days this is like circuit and I got for a guy and they have an it manager got so you know if you know if if baseball certainly around these parts. With the Yankees. On the upswing Red Sox improving offensively. 22 managers as you point out I mean that's going to be very fast in our summer Carl what about boom that aired the romance before yet never managed before. Watched the game from his ESP and Beaufort from everything I've read very bright very bright really studied the game. Again I go back to it comes back communication Brian Cashman. One of the same thing. That gave Nebraska he's looking for in Alex core. Is that new manager is the communicators in the thing is you get in -- indication get a very seasoned. Pitt coach. Who knows they have any corps' case. No bones case she's have a never managed before. And everything all look like okay yeah you add a season I'd play exactly how that was the area that you are lacking you add a guy can run very early. But as amortized you know who really knows the game yet and it's funny because consumer for rate we well know this board where your body you'd be getting caught up with on weekends. I'll tell you. I'm just quoting here. Who you tied Whitman and went when Joseph was down when Joseph Torre has prostate issue. And he was out for awhile Zimmer was the interim manager he did not go well he's he he was much better suited. To be the bench coach there's certain kind of god it's the bench coach and certain guys that's the manager wheels. C without whatsoever Hialeah. Oh yeah like Camelot 61 who said we particularly love that moment that was leverage their judgments I don't know ice well I like Iowa nice I like Atlanta when the thirty year old pitcher shot 65 year old man in the ground that's that's good based I don't I would open a brawl broke while meant that in that sensitive seven they had recovered almost as if he wanted it probably know a lot better than I do you have certain moles inside and I don't touch anybody anymore on the black sheep of the company so to speak today. Jimmy G files are gonna find somebody I'm sorry I'm sorry paid Glenn in Natick you're next in Sports Radio when the guy. As I don't know why that's happened to predict. Com regarding the Chinese comments earlier and Annika got more successful prime much less traded before the draft or. I carried it got its grip my point is why did you wait to the last minute if they do a month before that. If they weren't gonna be able to keep on that's when you make a deal. That's from here and all the stories about what Cleveland cut of profits well that's the simplest you know he think that that's a very good point going to do is say it will take a first round pick why would its efforts to scope. Was gonna cut this guy the way they eventually did thirty million a year you think you give up for anyone have been any would have been wasn't exactly a contract has it that no one in San Francisco would have been complaining about it. The witty portrait was also part of the park today. Are ought to start you know if a I mean it is not gonna play it a little bit even against Cleveland or someone else but I. I I think I think it was terrible I really do I think it was terror that the Butler thing. Every sport of Obama and I got solution and played and it took to what degree and at least a third of equipment I mean it would have been nice to be about their. A great match up that rate of as a part about it but it was really a domino effect. It's almost like in plain instead of Jordan Richards or order Derek Roy gets more specific. News about a player what you don't really. Go ahead. Of the domino effect you know now signed on or Providence on on our goal whatever his name in our camp called Jonathan. Johnson & Johnson Brett. Yet amid a Garnett and that bothers him most about the rubble and you know if it's typically a very organized in orbit runner organizational plan and paired. Why and and they debated but it seemed like a wave came out why didn't they talked about if I am last year up to all sitting down with on the darn neat thing. Realistically guys what are we looking at here for years and I'm sitting down crack and they know. You know built and I really wanted to be to guide the future of our that was a great. Radio that if we can't Wear our planet it seemed like an apple would trading deadline as opposed to having the ball in play Spain. You know lay it out if XYZ happens Arnold treated the real tournament the deadline. You know it just didn't seem like there was that was in place which really surprised given. I think yeah I I think I think you're making much too much said. I really do you issued upon the right radio station to call somebody else glove that was way too logical. Yeah of course when it's my Achilles heel since. If preview world. I have a good weekend ceiling agreement. You know that is a good point you know we talk about Cleveland everything else why couldn't you just shot them for first round pick it would still be in the top ten obviously budgets and can be listened don't get me started it just sounds. And I know I cannot believe the dollar chip Reid we reduced himself to this it just is now and I like to hear any explanation that he felt like he lost. And he was going to Lucia how well he's gonna power. In he was gonna show the owner he's initialed a quarterback OK you don't want Jimmy Jay this is what you're getting in return. Betty turns around then all medical interventions is starting running back and you know it got no explanation I'm ballot checked and it goes back. To the Super Bowl where they beat Seattle were bought or makes their role it played the and why was he in the game. Because Belichick didn't like what he was seeing from Kyle Arrington so he gave Butler. Basically an unheard of anonymous whoever heard of this guy before he makes that play. Chance in the second half of that game. He it cannot convince me. That Malcolm Butler couldn't of done something in common talking about the domino effect Patrick Chung. Hovering just locked up speaker why he couldn't he's strong safe again that. That's that's where the domino effect really got in about child a good tackler true it was a very good tackler yeah I mean for the sort of veteran John is had a great return but he's a safety he does not. Have any business. Covering slot receivers 617779. 7937. Peter over JP your next on Sports Radio WEEI money Peter. We're encouraged they let's update due to the senate tradition want to loan payments. I go to an art so I can't or into the game scorer and I think they're under strip so orchestra it. The game itself is. It's well but I do I and army went to print several large regain ho ho and I did what I eat and he takes quite expect between pitchers yes. He had book it's quite would grow. Our own. When it Peter you say you watched Wakefield you're timing on YouTube. Oh today I had to get to a game as a post game back in 96 he was on the mound. In and we got I got an hour traffic jam had to get to a show only after every Larry wasn't working with the it was John rock. And I had to get to do the post game. After the game was over. And he was essentially playing catch with his catcher. It was a one hour and 45. Minute game and I got caught traffic on the main terror blackened and and it shows like twenty minutes late. It was the fastest team I've ever seen. Every game when he was in his prime that's what it was like. To lie to wonder about wait. On the Internet to you woman aren't. Either do you have kids the yeah yeah. 02 OK I was series of things to watch the game. Yeah I mean by auto martyrdom Manny Ramirez's future corporate and what do they are. Who's who what's sure to see. Any room here. Hey. I've been there ought all has a role model where you. Go watch him on the field or might make things simple I mean baseball. I want it going to aren't yeah. You know what Little League World Series of pitching church. The sect or are the most a bit more which fruitful and actually blow. Into the reliever. Roll over or states. You know war art cards. I mean that it were ready to. Right and it did it and that it yachts bigger relievers Peter and I do appreciate the call. There has been this is that my original fly again we don't have any original thoughts we just recycle other people's material. And if you are going to pitch out of the bullpen. You have to pitch an entire inning instead of that removed the specialist but there's where the players association we get involved because you would. You know left handers. You know those. Those left handed relief specialist would no longer. Being in demand. They never make places or should they never make decisions based on what's best for the game. It's where this average up as best for their part right I think there are things that would. They would sign off on I think a clock the battered that are not having to leave the batter's box I think those two would be fine because it wouldn't. I'll put jobs at stake when jobs are at stake that's when the players associate a association comes and I understand that right and that process and ending game got. Seven inning game forcing reliever to pitch and tiring those would obviously have a major impact on rosters and that's where the union would step down 617779. 793. Separate monster in Johnson's final moments coming up. You've got some mustard and Johnson on sports. Hey is mustard and Johnson hit the home scratch we're gonna out of the delta house were to mossy and I want to couch. Had to Brad or there. And they're going to be inch rapid re little less in their pursuit of one GD. Don't call Lee drew Martinez. Who allegedly has signed five year 110 million dollar deal. The Red Sox we shall find out meanwhile let's nick in Dover who's next on Sports Radio I neck. Good morning I swear. That's probably that's running on a Tuesday and Wednesday we got back again. What did they had no idea that what you said earlier Greg about gore is 100% correct. He'll be the glue that holds all these guys together to keep some keeps them only when they have a three point game that stretcher a player. Doesn't have you know that a bad outing against. Are on the road whatever they got it they're there to be. And they have so much talent on this team that any one coaching in Major League Baseball would absolutely love to be. I agree we're back. I agree I think they're classic under achievers in spite of winning those two straight Elie styles that won one playoff game in two years. That they're gonna get one more thing before ago. Notable thing about shorten the game I'm older than. Now in and I find that. That base ball a lot like a round of golf sometimes you have a great round going you don't want it to end you wanna you don't mind the coast. Six hours old baseball on the other hand. You've got to if it if they wanna keep this all you know for the purist like myself. They keep loving the game don't comply with trying to shorten the game. And that only I had to say about that but but thank you very much put me on guys. Thanks for crawling yet no question about that thanks for the call neck and know there are games. That I have been and you had talked about that Wakefield gave from 96 I showed about twenty minutes after the show began thankfully wrote took over did a nice job until I arrive at an awful going a late reverend Huntington avenue and you confront apart gas space but don't that was the worst feeling in the world would Tim Wakefield in the zone playing catch or off catcher was. It was just ground ball after ground ball one strike take. One pitch out you want to pitch out one pitch out and that I'm a member had this is the ease its big. And I could take might date I was working rating on Long Island. To a yankees game we're Tommy John with pitching not the guy with the the underwear. About the guy with the surgery did have the surgery was the pitcher lefty in the pitcher and he worked as he was the fastest non Tim Wakefield I ever saw. I went to this game I want that really spent some time with this girl. The game was one hour and fifty cents. Was at. Does it have a couple dregs that deficit down watch the game has not to run a punch you in the guy that was not the pocket that was much later. But I I feel like punching Tommy John. And I have to back up and I need some time this girl Mike in the car you're next in Sports Radio WEEI. My idea. I I Garrett who is. I'll just hit it a little disappointed when they took out the the fish popular there but it but it 22. Explore this year the last and our last speaker reverend a little crawl out there it would go to they're old. As too bad because. You know laden in the rules despite sequels to the 1215 seconds what's the pitcher receipt of all the catcher. And look at Pedro. Armitage saying. On the at one time. That would have reached talks on pitches you'll also get the ball sort of bought it bought that we'd better get sent out. And etiquette try to out guess you and look at eight those instances. That we court. We're not only that if you're playing defense behind him and if a guy he's dying out there it's just. Brutal to keep your concentration up. Yeah and any other news and it as far as the future baseball and a Larry we get to go to US when a salary rock. They go crazy. And I think it may happen after a generation ago because the new generation or two and two generations. They don't watch the games and I like to kids I have a daughter and son. She plates are all from chisel to post high school he played baseball from five years old so high school. And it would certainly with a drop after the assembly rooted my debate to sit analogic and they want to get to a long and this culture and no generation. Well all of it being issued talking about it ought to be teaching stint I mean that's what I should be able to medical his grip. Go to slaughtered to only a few weeks and all these other things they don't have the concentration all the time they wanna be doing something. And it's sad even going to be gained and now thanks for the call I resign now on you can't watch you know it's it's ridiculous if you go to a movie and I have to tell you turn off your thought like oh my god can. I'm an have to spend. A couple of minutes doing something that's not the phone. 6177797937. Is telephone number Mike in the car you're next on Sports Radio I might. Oh Mike I have to pick it up there we got some there ago Mike your excellence forgery. Yeah I just sort of eight people back. I was yeah I IQ as you. I have not I have my who's on first a way to I don't know we're talk oh this is damn I've been saying DN standing Cranston you're next in sports for Dan I'm sorry. Hello Dan what's going on. It yes NEA and how. Leo he's the real quick and Jamie. You nobody knew. You know if you went 015 instead of five and all. Don't know what Belichick John mentioned nobody knew how they were how he's gonna do. So it's a little bit Monday morning quarterbacking if you don't 52 things would happen. They still have like the 33 and 34 tech and he would have got to be the highest paid player in football. You know anybody was wow. Thought of wiley is still here. Yep and I'm just say it became a worst case scenario for the patriots in the best case for the 49 slide you know I mean. I I think one out and all you need to know about I just look at this again the other day finally novel Belichick's motivation. In eighteen years the press conferences and Tom Brady. Didn't add up to one paragraph. Or one can of what he gave. Jimmy Barack Loewen of press conference today he trained and district court of work the work. Doesn't he give me Barack won't take courted got the most Brendan Belichick it. And you know what that doesn't make me feel any better. Unarmed I'm not saying I understand if anybody's wondering what Belichick motivation was just go back in looking for that press conference again. And in all it was like give it up and Sean basically. Route he should've gotten more Ferraro I still think I I still think Dan Bill Belichick you know might have a soft spot for Jimmy G. But I also think he realized that if he wanted to continue to coach and win. And extend the dying. That that other fellow was slam and young people but I wanna give a big shot out of the young people of our country and out quickly move on. You must admit it Greg but Alex Cora was talking this week about his view that he's working the count BS is is past day and I was so glad to hear that. I did not hear that I we skiing on frozen granular trails at lone mountain over the last couple day as far. He notes by one Peter Abraham song wanna give. I would love to hear that because it in the last 1520 years you're you you're not worth your salt as a player averages throughout the way it felt very clear OK at RBIs are overrated we want that hasn't worked the count. I think one of my frustrations last year was of my favorite player in my opinion was losing his aggressiveness and that was one moment. But it was slightly injured. Also. But I I'd give a lot of times I was like damn wedding a swing at that what moved you but it was you know first pitch or second page and also. I wanna move on real quick injury your contractual sample how can we not construed as anything other than that would Judy Martinez right now. But my main point is happening in play is peaceful myopic that they don't get. That became these pieces that are you talking about the demise gentlemen mentioned the clocked the compromise so that was the mound visit thing which is fine. Thirty seconds that's the that you could do only you can visit for thirty seconds in trying to cut down a commercial time. It's two hours and five minutes for local televised games two hours 25 for national but as soon as the commercials over first pitch is going to be thrown right after. I'm Richard Clarke I. My kitchen clock and all that of that but the manager goes out that's what they did institute the manager or coach comes up thirty seconds tops that's that. My understanding was that the commissioner could of shut that down their throat but he chose not to duel with the pitching clocked. And he went with it this sort of a compromise the players accepted with the mound visit. Sure but how these young these guys I mean can't they understand that it might do to maybe get me is an outlook on the road. You're just gonna wane with the young folks and it just talking to work the same way. So. Yeah it it is a big challenge and Major League Baseball has to continue to address it aggressively thanks for the call just our interest to grab a TV and here we're watching the pre. College game day thing in the Iranians and young people's tombs are going crazy. Problem is most young people they don't give a damn that people. Are probably don't I just wanna see the product. Right we're gonna say good bye thanks to Matt on the other side of the glass. It is too mossy rappel down in Fort Myers in search of JD Martina is that certain of our couch I believe you live great song by Amanda will be 75. Years old if you were alive tomorrow the great George Harrison maybe the greatest Beatles song here. We can everybody.