Mustard and Johnson - Do we need the national anthem before games? 7-21-18

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Saturday, July 21st
Hour 2. Mustard and Johnson continue to discuss the national anthem protests and question if the national anthem is even needed before the game.

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The creature. And that teacher from. Mustard and shots. Sounds packed season soon. Our efforts it is pastor Johnson for our sure all the way up and so noon today. And you're treading fans are going to be disappointed will be shocked will be chagrined. After working what two straight weeks now I think she works straight weeks. A well deserved two weeks off. To mossy also taking two weeks offs ago the newest the latest it's a sensation here at W the guy it's. Dickerson and James. Greg Dickerson Marsha Scott Weston does doesn't yeah Dickerson and James coming your way at twelve noon right here on Sports Radio. I'm glad to hear that. You know we have been discussing there's many things that we're gonna get to a loss owner of the things out there on the table that we need to declare that the patriots training camp opening up. We were talking about the this National Anthem in the protests etc. But we're just like this clear I have family members who belong to in the police departments and various levels. Unarmed black man. I've seen abuse. I write as a dues on time with regard to that and are traffic violation and made her walk home in the rain this year this I am very serious. Mayor walked on the marine some. Don't feel like I was doing my tail light summer wasn't as you liar not like our I don't know man because she had a tale like she couldn't get back in the car and driver and it got me to walk home. And of course we protests and it to a point where they ended up apologizing to a but the point is. I'm not naive. In I realize they were all kind of people Thea who who. Hold jobs some. Deserve all the credit in the world for what they do and and how they function of and that those parameters. And then there are other people who were like anything else just because your party according uniform on government doesn't mean they change and they act or. So I'm not on either site I understand. Bowl. Situations. I really do. But EEU must understand that if you live and I grew up in Dorchester man opinion arch area and stuck. There are some wonderful wonderful people and and and in those areas. And it's not this track it's not their fault when you have these gains and in the and the like parading around and to shooting in the middle of the night eccentric. These people are trapped OK it's not like they chose to be here I know some people think that. But now they. They are why would you choose to be in a situation where you wouldn't buy either way you hear some people to park you'd think it is their fault that this docket I think there are too many people that think that if you wore poor but you're stuck in poverty that somehow or another it's an individual choice and it's immoral. Failing where people don't look at maybe it's a structural systemic problem and people always wanna blame the individual. Without looking at the structural. Solution yet and I think if you follow people are promptly wealthy people and stuff and in went back through the history not an all cases brought in quite a bit. There's an element of market there's a written is passing down some five or something they leave the kid well set up or. Or evade the is an element of luck involved with that I mean I haven't I got married eighteen OK so I had to. There was no luck involved than that I had a good gracious of getting I really good job but the globe at a very young age you run 21. That helped me a lot and if I didn't have that. I don't know what I would have ended up doing so there's a reality India in all of this the fear of people out there all going through things and it's not their fault. In a lot in some cases it is their fault. But re godless. The only if from Brady Brady is sees it this is a plot to kill and his where I can never be involved in some like this because they throw me out the door. Brady can September craft than a minute and say look there are some really injustices out there and stuff. I want to contribute 3% of whatever my salary and I'd like you do the same as an owner. And let's identify some programs via the year. He's been only nineteen years or so identify some program G-8 years in he might do that on his own anyway I don't know that. But I'm saying if they'll be in the play as was serious about this. That's how you resolve it you bring some forget about that they're protest in protest and why everybody knows what the problems. Use your money is is the solution to some of these things. In terms of helping people out education workforce training all of that stuff. But just to walk around fighting and in front twittering and all that crap access into would deem thing for anybody. Nothing. In the lineup and they're gonna play football and don't have a nice life while the. FL understands that this is more than just a perception problem it is also an economic problem I've seen the ratings decline over the last several years 40% trump said I don't. I don't think it's throwing well anything that trump says you have to obviously discount. But com. The ratings have eroded I'm not convinced and I said Wright makes I ever wrote I don't think it's because. People are new wing before game because most people aren't even aware of the National Anthem. Either when you're there obviously will be different from remember the the more that the large preponderance of viewers. And we know that the NFL kills in the in the television ratings most people watch their games on television. Most people don't even see the players new wing who happen to make that choice so I don't think that's and we can save a lot. I wanna see what the patriots are up to this weekend but a couple of patriots in dealing item can watch that game no one makes that choice. I think I think the biggest issue is. Just like we've everything else. This too many other entertainment options out there on Osama TV. You don't have you you're one of the few people doesn't have Netflix you have any streaming. People stream now they watched things on their computer there are many ways to individualist OK but but they of China and OK even though that even though the NFL still next all the other sports you know kicks major readings spot. People are looking for other alternatives. So that has there ever been a steady. For an overall. Age grouping that files let's say the NFL. In other words if you could narrow it down you know how we had the radio station Atlantic. Eighteen to 2525. Whatever it is and then is there an average. Age where they get most of their viewers. I would Betty it's 25 to 49 year old white males. Although all you gotta remember the NFL is 70% black so there's going to be a significant on a black males watching too. And it might be some females but they're not they're not catering to CIA also find it and the last of four probably has the opposite problem of baseball. Baseball plays Thelma market themselves are proud of whatever they don't nobody knows who the heck they that's a regional sport baseball ultimately is a regional sport. Except for maybe the Yankees and maybe even the Red Sox now. Best player in baseball the issues JD Martinez does anybody know Gino Martinez and on a future pro from Red Sox fans original JD Martina says. Now big poppy did that right he wanted to transfer implant did McCain really did I needed appear to have had a Japanese at big moments. On the national on the river Reggie Jackson and me people like that bright it lights and the bright bright perform well you remember. All the big NFL games are on the national stage. And in baseball unless G eighty Martinez says that from this post season. People are not been recognized as well it is personality. Baseball I think I'm older. But I think football is is is moving in toward direction of problems. We're the play as one over and now I'll I'll market the sport. With these end zone celebrations and I'll let other crap. Everything all over issues it is getting a bit my Libya is dissent on and go back to what we said last hour. I don't care how the NFL players are celebrating a touchdown burglaries that tiger shot yes that is it. Wedeman that there are you watching. He's by the way he's about a his but to. Carter another birdie look at that black man play he is only now two strokes behind the leaders the leaders can tag abided now Taggart is that a hundred what do you like black Sambo when you're cute guy with blacks Campbell we're at I don't it's out of pocket or it was very burger. That's why didn't the Sambo is restaurant chain have the renamed itself went out of business hi Lee and an additional. But anyway tiger just in a 145. Yard wedge to within a half or four of the holes that he's now four under par through strokes behind leaders. At the British Open and Larry King keep his eyes off his weight I don't want to call them out. Again I looked the other 10. And I'm I don't wanna get off the subject. And why you can't root for people I don't understand. You're one of the problems that I have a problem that's bad set if I could all. For tiger got its position he's the only black guy out there SA and you hate him I loved him for many many years people redeem themselves. I just felt is doing right now is the outfielder chasing after waitresses and around while I don't know but I certainly know what I want to look into it as it would waste and I'd hate as a father and a husband he was highly fraudulent UN to paint and he paid the price well he's still paying the price he does and as we attack and Federer who is that that's a regular good old days. As many people know tiger is not won a major since 2008 at ten years. And he's been through strokes. Believe the British Open we shall I don't you just sort of ho. Call Julie I Arnold throw Rufo lefty. Oh so you can't move the ball was like yeah ice braves actually I don't have that problem you have. If it's not like I'm rooting for one against the other I was just so high and we do not keep them escort you if you win this thing you know from -- with that would be for growth I don't need Tiger Woods to make my golf and viewing program but on the union into my question might be good for I don't care records tell you like opulent on TV but did you like it in its hey day about seven or eight years ago maybe seven or eight years ago. Howard Taiwan's. He oh for crying I'm talking about where it when tiger was hot all nominate tiger and the game of golf needs an exit before Tiger Woods. I mean he says this little scheme with a bunch of white guys. Around country clubs and tiger that was done on advertise on that happy Thanksgiving of your life. Actually almost we are still on we are on the year. Matt you probably don't know this because you were I'm not working at the station 2009. Thanksgiving for some reason they used to give us other hours besides Saturday. And we are on the day after Thanksgiving as of Friday afternoon bingo show. And the producer at the time handed us this story about tiger having a domestic dispute. And I said I looked at Larry we've been reared during the commercial break we got to kind of read that. And and just ball. Hell broke lose after that moment that was we broke the story. About tiger's little issue we never knew his mind for such a good golf for. Boy she it she wheeled a powerful way adjective to. Oh. So in any event. All I'm saying about this is I'm out I'm in the middle and I know that's not good for radio and opinions and stop but I don't care an honorable Edward well this thing on the proverbial fence or raise broke announcements maybe he's run and on the street now now I am I'm in the middle. I you know where I am in the middle as like solutions. See I wanna bring people together. And I talk to the number one solutions that's why you'll never happened. As everybody who shoot them how far nobody wants to donate money of trucker rather concerned about it get up off a few bucks. Why isn't every bit just contribute a couple of box is set up some institutions and more athletic programs and learning and I've retraining some welfare recipients get them an education. If so they can be in a time program in two or three years they wanna get a decent job. You're kidding me I think almost certainly on the table right candy to a because it's very complex you know it's not that complex and if if this was such an easy solution and -- zero million dollars right now would you go wild unknown not not medalist probably but could you allow Austin and find or find something apart Vick could use some financial. Hell. In and it in better what they have all solely well when things are different is that well. You got there were twenty million dollars immune cameo in in the NFL. Much in my crash spends on that that little groups. Banquet he hasn't the year with a Super Bowl rings and you know if money is done right. I'm not picking on him on this thing and there is money outdated these people making that they can donate a little bit in -- as the it anyway it's. Eaten up by taxes let's go to the phone 61777979837. Robert down write your next on Sports Radio Robin all right yeah. Good morning guys I'm. First time caller I won't say how much I enjoy the show appreciate it thank you almost become appointment viewing for of appointment listening port. You listen if you're watching it we got a camera and it. Where is a Big Brother is watching. I I've got a solution that kind of build on what Larry saying and let me say first of all Larry I think it's a good idea. To encourage these guys who. To put their money with a mock this but I think that's way to easy. So. What I think it the other fell. Is missing a tremendous opportunity here. And every time they turn around the stub their toe worse and I don't know the solution. Is I run this by. To my adult sons and they think I'm nuts with a look at your what you think about it. The first thing I I think should happen is that the and it's a leadership. Goodell and the liberal against the other players association. And to think there should happen number one is colleague Patrick should not be the face of this. Of this movement. He is absolutely the worst and I think he turns off people on both sides in this guy walks around without a teacher celebrating a mass murderer now. And the man was a racist and that's chaebol are and his position on the police and wearing the the Sox will. But critics now. On the other hand Robert I could jump in for second as despicable as that is and he's made some poor choices like not voting in 2006. Which is certainly he's not a very good gesture at the same time. Everything I've read about him he's sincere. He's put it as Larry said he's put his money where his mouth as he's donated millions of dollars the causes he's put time. He's really fought through all these issues it's not like he was just making some. Empty gesture there's a lot of substance behind it I understand the people taken. Issue with some of the things you mentioned your absolutely right. At the same time this is a guy who seriously. Believes. There's a problem in this country this isn't just for show boat. And that's as far as that's what as far as it goes refugees damaging their course. So and so I would say it is on behalf believed. That they recognize the sincerity of the player's position. That these people have genuine concerns and that their perceptions of what's going on out there is a real concern. I would take it one step further and this is why I think Larry's suggestion doesn't go go quite far not every one of these teams is located. In a major metropolitan area you could argue that Green Bay may not be a major now. On the air but on the other teams are sure. And they've got. They've got large police force. And they got large inner city in the inner city problems with those perceptions exit. Why could that lead not together with the players association. Facilitate. Meetings or at least offer to facilitate meetings between. Each team. And the metropolitan police force. And actually have them here each other's point of view because your perceptions on both sides here I'm sure the players. Have concerns that on. We need to be aired in the they would appreciate airing them. And that the police have a point of view when they're not being allowed to say what they think about that. And then have each. Pat each team and we show that there will think things school right that there are they're getting together with the police department like this might sound like I'm not so. It's a great idea but I I'm I'm surprised Robert and maybe this is happening and some of the NFL markets EU. Think that's that's a logical. Rational thing to do. And you wonder they've. Even gotten close to that if I certainly never not read anything about it say rabbit I I like his solution but the problem is at the end of you have to have some pitching. What happens in a lot of cases people liked to park. But they don't wanna dig at Merrill we see in church is about time I gave men alleluia or another quiet and everything but when it comes time to tie thing in passing the past and around. To help support the Ministry's. A lot of people don't don't don't work that does that take money to sit down we will what do you all sides now what would not but I think you do it you need ball. I think you need dialogue. That would be great and it's hard to believe that these NFL owners many of whom. No win. Their players last year of two years ago to show solidarity. Certainly offended by what trump was saying last year calling sons of bitches and everything else in the order herself. Rio so reacted to that date. I'd joined the players dealing on the sideline. You'd have the ball and wonderment and then what happens part but my point everybody gets up and goes back to right there were doing before it's hard for me to believe that. Owners have not taken it to the next level. And done exactly what Robertson thanks for the call Robert exactly what you're proposing. It it just seems too logical to rational you don't I've found over my years in the end it on this earth is stuff. The cheapest people. On the wealthiest ones. You'd be surprised how much money people walking around with. And they are so. Cheap when you take somebody else was barely making it you know make it about 5060000. A year whatever. They have taken their pocket we get the Jimmy Fund coming up and in a couple of weeks and stuff in you'd be surprised. People call up and now Marty donated 20000 dollars while what while the guy and he's got about a billion barks at the bank I mean that's right. The people who have demolished. Right. Not my general Eisenhower realize there are people who aren't generalized well number can I edges you're looking from Asia I think there are people out there who do wonderful things with the money that they've been given. But there's a large percentage of people who can do. Something and make a difference if they want to write but I don't know if money is the way to go here I mean. I think it's it's really now Greg your viewpoint has not threatening throat now via US senate armed people wanna do. Is current with he would do with the 25000. Dollar suits and everything and sit down and have meetings. But not in an that's a good idea that's a good idea in an eight. It can't go anywhere because the idea doesn't have any fuel. You've got to have money you've got to have people out there who who are willing to get their hands security in where courts of people in the inner cities of programs and even price even my name at that cup retro Weymouth. I mean is just there are ways to doing things we hear you if you if you put a few little bit of money in it. You can hide in the right qualified people and put some programs together parents and youth ministry for thirty years. I know what it takes I had to use my my pat myself on the back but I had to use my own money now to the kids on retreats and stuff and having money. So I'm just saying that you have to. You know you have to have people willing to tart and then willing to walk. If you know what I mean I don't talk the talk and then you gotta walk for longer wanted to send him people want our department nobody wants to mark. An amount that the play is off the thing you these NFL players that statement contracts and money easiest signing nowadays. They can give up while some money themselves that they want if they really can't about this they can even form their own. Group with an union in get people who are willing to donate if you box I see nobody wants to talk about that stuff causes if they don't want to. Well they wanna talk about it but they don't wanna dig in their pockets into anything or. Re talking about this for a while all the lines are filled wanna talk to you at 6177797937. Shot lead. Eight raising its ugly head again. The twittering chief that's on call now. Having is a solution to the National Anthem problem one game suspension for nearly ones. A full season suspension without a zebra dealing twice used the problems we get a little break is that the biggest problem with trump is he creates. Things where he becomes the problem that is so then people come after him and that's not helping and doing something right. He is not easy to keep his mouth shut because it eat he's not the issue grin welcome now won 6177797937. Its luster to Johnson Sports Radio that we we mustered shots. In this sport stock ups. Flustered and Johnson Sports Radio WEE we hear all of whom it is Dickerson and jeans filling in for turning into mossy both of those. Folks. Have another week off. And there'll be offer couple weeks and he had not told one the next week Larry and I'll be missing two Saturdays in a row and what what we've been doing there. I will be checking out Big Ben. I don't mean Roethlisberger. I was gonna say that's another show up and actually my son is going to his alma mater. Miami University of Ohio beginning just about a month away in chest that if the C Winchester cathedral will probably see Westminster Abbey will be seen Windsor Castle will be on the Irish is that Dick Ferris wheel. Can you check in college star in and out of Thames river gonna go to the beatles' studio. Feel studio and Abbey Road will probably walk across that famous crosswalk that's appears on the but he on the Abbey Road album with. Paul McCartney wearing no shoes in triggering all those rumors that he was dead if you remember back. In 19691970. Thereabouts so will be a fun trip and you haven't figured out who your partners can be for the next I have no idea here. Maybe they go into might be your way now 61 sevens and guys that I wouldn't get a word in now I. Think in the old days when all. A and you used to do that show and land now back in the afternoon beginning on August ours reliever Leo you were that you would like to six wheeled from mischief all of Siena and they had John McCain Adam an air of anyone across show on as far as Frontline yeah yeah. But I wouldn't be listening for I literally I could listen for two or three segments in a row. And not hear you at all was finally. As well. Show me the money baby that's all you care about it Pete and love work and repeat to me. So who knows maybe will be back in the morning and the afternoon show now that Golan has returned now he's got his cast of characters already are so we've been discussing important there uncle. We have been discussing for most of today he National Anthem protests story. Once again raised by both the Miami Dolphins on Thursday they tried to institute their own policy that was shut down by the NFL players' union. Donald Trump stepping in of his own solution of the problem on Neal for. Game in your route for game kneel in other game in your route for the valiant and again man in my opinion on the whole thing him subject is. Let let all of these participants have one thing that most of us don't have money. Come up awful little of it in and and and designed some programs that help inner city. And though like. That people thought they were trying to make a difference. That's what you should be doing and the other thing they should be doing and I'm not sure again I think there must they must've been overtures toward this and maybe there were actually war meetings between. Some of the NFL players and certain communities we have police forces around the country because. Policing have to change. As far as. How predominantly. White police forces in America deal with urban communities of people of color that does. Have to give says very very. Differ count problems and you can identified as such but on the other hand if Europe in the middle of the night you have to report are over for a traffic understand yeah. In India Anna Gunn pokes out the window all of a sudden it's a whole different problem that is it's us it's a problem on both that I can't be dogmatic on either side as a black person. I disdain. Any sort of that you win happens is you're taking advantage of a power position Erin. That's what it is you're taken advantage of that if you're a policeman and you pull somebody over and gas and get on the ground Molotov. But on the other hand you have a lot of people out there who just society gonna take a long into the wrong hands and that type goodies it's difficult situation no question about it we've been taught them nothing to do you can be anti police or you want baby brat when some gore wrong in the first run your car sort of like a lawyer. It's defective phones at 6177797937. With billed Framingham is next days go all right yeah. Well this question. Or torture. Christian right yes. Okay you'd believe she's Irish this toward and you talk a little girls the long ago. To everybody to believe. Their future I have insurance yes OK trigger argue. That you come to work. In Michigan what radio show. I'm gonna put the first time it's not all the dirty so I don't know the show with the Bible church. And you do that all the sudden which sit in the people what you wave your float that calls catalog yet this stuff. You know crucial. The older. Of the pole station and Taylor. The Bible. Or future world very important and the whole world apparently on. Our salvation. We've been achieved this goes well out so good I don't want either so it I don't want you to if you don't dare. Now my question is are you gonna to be there no because my high he had to do. OK but. I hit a protest against the police chief at the felt people and that's not. This platform they wanted to or someplace. Fire which you don't do it. Where where where do you do it Bill Weir where he suggests these players producing looking for the largest platform possible where's that going today. They all had written me and it shall not fortune nor do I do. Out I live in Framingham passionate they had a concert on the calmer mood was probably 500 people you know what they do. They take called the council went and say one I have. I wanna talk a permit you know not permit a permit to try to the people bought this situation. And you're. The people can go at 500 laps right from the little talent Contra McCormick they have out there. People. Did not wish wish that then or in some people's almost established acting the format. And they can say whatever they want. And nobody's gonna go crazy about that but. So that's a desolate foreigners. I lost your point I don't know you what you're saying. My point there as if the boss told she can't do it. Or what I did then you won't poet. Right but this you only and he is also of the union which is not going to allow that to happen you can't fire somebody war. Off free speech it's a free speech issue. Brief speech wasn't a surprise that culprit here it's not you know what to shut. Larry couldn't talk about Jeep and severe or to the bosses don't do you rocketed to. Right that's not the AP yeah see I agree with you I listen everybody knows I'm a Christian or they should know. Love the lord would love to have a lot of people. Go to church primer. But at the same time if you notice I am very careful when it picked my spots because I realize. People do not tune in a show on a Saturday morning to hear me talk about the lord right. And I I amnesty and I understand that right you and if you did. Okay and somehow or another management would permit that that people would know that Larry Johnson in the first thirty seconds or minute of the show. Our reads the Bible passage were makes some sort of religious comment. And they would know not to to an end. And they would wait till. You would finish that in them they'll tune in to extract OK that's correct and you have that option as either an attendee of a football game or viewer of football game. You can wait if you were if you for these are not there are way outside the stadium well you can go to the concession stand something you like the we're lying that OK I have a there are many ways to deal with it and everything. It is it's not like this it's some frivolous. Just year so it's not some egocentric narcissistic. Page you look at me. This is this this this year clause this is not some empty. Kind of thing that's what bugs me about people who were outraged by it. Black players and along with white players have a concern. About police brutality and other forms of insidious social injustice in this country. And that's why you know of the flag ensures that people are awhile to protest original to right. Right. And and I think that I give credit. Two most of the NFL owners. Who have allowed their players to do now. When it starts to hit it in the pocketbook that becomes another issue that's one of the reasons. They are responding. To. Large segment of the audience Betty if we're listening today many of whom called today. A throughout the country who were much more concerned than I am or closer to maybe you're. Political base who find this. To be. A direct slap in the face to military. Up to all the things that make this country great. Well again if you are are are. If you wanna get somebody's attention as you said in you have to trying and pick out something. That we do that right and I think the flag. Although I disagree with the but the flag is the it is that one emblem. If you certainly can use. It get people's attention right because what do we do cynicism even a mandate in the state of Massachusetts. As a teacher for the last 21 years. Each and every morning to school at 7:30 in the morning. The pledge of allegiance like that we play in the united states of rumor and the last line of that with liberty and justice for all. And how could anybody who understands the way this country works. And certainly over the last several years there's been several instances of police brutality. Tiger just missed the pot. From a long way out he's five under by the way just one stroke off believe there about ten players. Who was in one stroke I believe they are start and a cut up that course. Outing Carnoustie meanwhile what was I saying that at that I'm trying I'm trying to make some important substantive comments. About where you re truly guys this pleasantly it's a flat out liberty and justice for all and the NFL owners may be solved them initially probably want to take bill from Framingham its route they probably wanted to. Institute some sort of policy Stephen Ross who owns the Miami Dolphins tried that. A couple nights ago that's not going to fly you know that because there's no solution there. That's not a solution his solution wants suspend him for that last night you know and you know it's you know it's gonna happen if that if that ever did occur. Then this this resistance this new fueling problem. Would be even more problematic than ever before you know in if you are for a player alone can't allow that to happen another player the team are lots of calls to get to so little time that you were going to be here until twelve extra hour today. Talking about the National Anthem controversy yet here it is it's. Always July 24 yeah I want right now. Wait until the last man that guy's I made and the the policy that was instituted in the off season which is really more of neutral response stay in the locker room if you really need to protest don't like it's our Carol that's been abandoned for now they're trying to work out a new solution maybe you have on forest of 617. 7797937. Mustard and Johnson continues in Sports Radio. Muster any shots on sports. This Muster Johnson's forgery WEEI. Three hour gig today. Mark James great victories have come your way at high noon talking about the National Anthem patriots of course. Breaking camp breaking camp I guess they're making camp Thursday is the first official day of training camp Tom Brady will be there. Big sigh of relief threatening New England on Monday according to the pats instead Graham how soon he'll be ready to go. And my guess all the veterans memorials will be in by next weekend it's that Tommy Oregon Larry Johnson football upon I'm excited I do that that's the prop. The problem of all of this regardless of what side you're wrong and we love football and U2 U wanna sit Akamai too good football game. And this has been. Dragged into the forefront. And it's become a topic. And a lot of opinions on it. Very proof solutions and that's my problem right but can you and and you begged the question and we've been talking about that since I think you can I think if you watched. A football game and you can tolerate. What I think is a sincere protest is here to its irritating them. It's how it if you're a heretic as I reached what I've I respect the flag I respect I think in the N I don't know about how it's kind of form of disrespect usually we've we've we've generally had common ground of decision how is. If your patriot player or any other player in the National Football League. If you're kneeling. And you're doing it for. The the cause of social justice and the alleviation of priest who police brutality in this country. How is that disrespectful. Because you are not acknowledging the flag. You're acknowledging that we need to make substantial progress okay toward achieving true. Liberty and just fine then do more all fine and do something about it OK and since you asked yes OK. Reading a website at not making this up all of the top my hand. Wonder if David duke on and on top of that or what our players and teams doing in the wake. This controversy okay this is from last year. On the league Jacksonville Jaguars roll along with the Jacksonville sheriff's office. Patrol officer and discuss with the local elementary school we need to continue conversations between players police. And community tiger missed the plot. Kansas City. Several players have expressed interest in the Kansas City fraternal order of police offer for informal communication in school discussion. Okay. All of those working directly with the police. DeVon according Matthew Slater among the players have met with the Dell and other team hours are last year after after the post trump remark protests according to ESP. OK so these things are happening out there there is a concerted effort. Ought to go beyond just needling you make it sound like this this is frivolous narcissistic. Flamboyant. Ego maniacal. Gesture that hey look at me I'm just protesting because I want people to pay attention to me. There is so fresh. Are you said yourself that because of the use the power of the nose and the people with the biggest miles. But that that we really don't know what people erupted doing in terms of supporting. But they're concerned right and if they have been so we know have my idea and we know from Kapanen if you know anything about it just read some of the articles he has backed up his gesture did he make a mistake not voting in 2016. He absolutely did you make a mistake with the the Sox with the pigs not probably. But he has spent his money and his time he's you know with the the gentleman you always talk about yours wanna get them on the air. From Stanford. Marty cal Berkeley Harry Edwards or Harry America and he has he has spent considerable time. Boning up on the issues with Harry talked about Capra. He's become very well versed. In these issues it's not again as if he just. I don't really like the counts very much while it's Neil he's done a lot of work behind the scenes. And he's sacrificed his career to do yes. He he he could he should be in the National Football League right now. He could even he is starting quarterback in the national football is a lot of racquet for a better position. And because of his political views units are concerned a patriot who would you sign of doubt the property would never allow them. And you know what Bob Kraft products Ramirez Brady want to somebody who's totally incompetent behind him pretty much sounds like it doesn't what happens educator. This time Brady care about that brought us but I imagine Tom Brady cared about the New England Patriots Jimmy eagle rock wall would still be the backup quarterbacks who were to be. They starting quarterback if Tom Brady was concerned about why would you Utah for what you care about that. Everybody ultimately is concerned about themselves John and Matt and you're next on Sports Radio hey John yeah. Morning gentlemen thanks holding. I wanted to adds something to our discussion this morning that might be constructed so may be exactly that. I take an example of a problem like let's say the problem police brutality there are a lot of votes in the cities and so ones right. He might point to the communities this. We don't know together collectively what the solution to that problem is we know don't turn it off. When you go and do things about him now to don't stretch right. Are there going to be police brutality despite policeman outside cameras and everybody sees it in what's happening. Okay what's the problem. We can get the camera on links. You know on the spot. This is a political. Situation but I'm currency you bet it's sub formal corporate kind of government stepped stops. Collectively. From getting to the solution. Pick a problem any problem one let's describe the problem talk about the solution and then talk about the barriers to getting to the solution okay. I accent makes total sense. I'm saying. I'm only now can you quantify it I know it wasn't what it and I can attack the block is going to come. From some relationship involving a corporation. In an individual. I've been on the show before I had before. In our republic this great republic that we are well we won't ever get past these problems all of these problems until we. Understand that the real problem is the relationship between the corporations and the. Well this whole thing John Johnny in the you'd be saved very well quite articulate the whole thing stands the problems down this. From the NFL's escalation. Of this. Patriotic. Ceremonies that they all have to put on both at halftime. And before the game up until a few years ago the National Anthem particularly for NFL games was a very quiet affair that occurred at least a half hour before. Danny NFL started taking money from the military armed forces for all these celebrations. And all these patriotic as fast as your Genesis of moving it yes I absolutely off capsule became a military and became a military showcase and that's another discussion that needs to be held and another opportunity. For the NFL to line its coffers what they've done very well enough Conficker participate I see red I can you talk about it I really can't but seducing your recent payoffs. The teams got from the TV networks well we all know Larry that. Not one NFL Lawrence all revenue share that's where Green Bay can exist in Jacksonville can exit right they all share revenues based on television. They don't need to have one paying customer come through the turnstiles at any NFL stadium to make boatloads of money its all tell all my governor. That's right the NBA finally is starting to cash and chips and rice and these outrageous contracts these players are getting is because television is is romancing the MBA and have a phenomenal. Not all I'm just saying. Yet so league SAU women's basketball all our keyword every moment what. Romance for TV in much the money come right and that's were all comes from and when they see the television ratings. Dwindling a little bit you know and in retrospect it nervous and perspective of course it's still so much better than anything else. Of the three other major sports. But they get a little nervous and they start looking for answers I don't believe I don't care what anybody says anecdotally I cannot believe. That and and people tell me this I still believe that you would be prevented from watching. Your New England Patriots. Which is the number one team in this town with five super balls in the greatest quarterback ever. The you're gonna let a couple of players kneeling before game prevent you from watching. And enjoying our Richard Brown plans to own and a few minutes. Right after and just as I said if that doesn't make me happy if may well if management said that Larry Johnson could read scripture each and every Saturday. The solar show by the way can I we re here is that wouldn't be here actually is at war. I I learned from olympians four I have learned to be content and all things. Now that'd be. Paul Paul McCartney and his own version that leaded the but they weren't an addict you who you are out there baby everybody will be searching for scripture before they corporate profit 6177797937. In the coffin as an enclosed in the show madness are. Mean we still have an hour ago up until twelve their own guests and all that and rolling during a conclusion of them stationed on the pot if you're probably right unintended. A.