Mustard and Johnson - Hanley Ramirez has converted to the TB12 Method 2-17-2018

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Saturday, February 17th

Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson are in studio discussing the Red Sox who are reporting to spring training. Hanley Ramirez spoke with the media and he is all in on the TB12 Method.


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Look who's here. And that teacher from. And mustard and shots. Yeah I scored. And Sox past season and see. This monster in Johnson Sports Radio WEEI we're here a lot 12 o'clock today a little off programming adjustment team USA playing this morning at least local time out South Korea. It was a a nighttime of fair following the Olympics at all mr. Johnson. A little bit here and there. I like the hockey is one of them I like to ski jumps the hockey stuff like that but not really. I can't find it half the time and then the other problem is at that time the timing and that when it's on. Just tonight Ike and on time to be about fourteen hour difference got to be convenient job not to sit here in and I hear other radio stations both satellite local complaining about how they're not watching. The Winter Olympics we're not gonna do that we'll talk about things we don't care about. Many of which include the patriots so let's get on boards around 7779793. Cents. As of armored Belichick again he's dropped a point in my book I think because of the ground below situation and because of the Butler situation. It is not an address nor probably will that be addressed just they don't care he's just. A lazy line we to a whatever is best for our football team what the heck does that mean. Raza south there's concern neglected to rookies and for chip brown had a great game last night 35 points and rookie game by a rising star yes but I do think they have the while little bit and I think that but they can Tate's case they can't complain like Cheryl Green like they just put him in there. Why should the next time they play he stands over in the corner. Any chance stands there he does not move to the basket. No aggressive net very little I know his fingers messed up but. They got to get him a little more aggressive rookie and not rookie. Bruins I think we've got to give credit to nearly Sweeney and Cassidy then again nice mixture that got kids they got the two goalies Bergeron my Sharon. McIlroy he's not a kid but I mean he indicated that they they have playing very well we've got to start giving them some credit. The Red Sox are concerned this is what puzzles me and maybe you can answer me this to them about it right the phones but. A couple of them have come out ball gods in the key of a mountain said. A lot of attention last year in the clubhouse there's some issues that went on in the clubhouse that would not finally. And not conducive for applying to the best of their ability. OK aside from Farrell being got jettisoned out here. Everybody else is coming back to saying so how was that situation gonna change if everybody if you get the same plane is coming back. What a perception has after the guys down a buck wrote about it a couple days ago others did as well that move p.s trying to. Close that vacuum that was gaping chasm that was left in the leadership department. As I'm a completely mixing my metaphors here we David Ortiz it wasn't just a pharaoh problem it was a clubhouse problem. Well like what you know as well as I do where you can have the greatest coach or manager in the world if you don't have a leader or group of leaders. Who the players can really rally around. Who can rely job layers can rely on you're not gonna have you're not gonna have a very good clubhouse or locker. Here's over the gonna what are they doing about it from my point is that it seems is it of both debts and Bogart's particularly bats. Are trying to take that leadership mantle. From Ortiz finally well there was little my question to you is the best looking like he's trying to do that okay but who knows the pain in the behind my -- with a price so I think I don't think it's any mystery that we had to be price. Out let me ask you this though if you were playing for the reds are pure play everyday player out there every day you came down there it was just a bad attitude just bits that bad. Com our image as people acting out and being idiots. Would you reconsider their cattle tail or something if you complained publicly about it are you just gonna go to the whole season like that that would go against any protocol for any team be a college professor and my guess is it'll tell you just sit there try to work it out and say he's generally well obviously if it now to the whole season saying just sit there and let the season and on the train I mean didn't go enough that I won 93 game right they had the division going the way they were in first place more days. According to quote unquote from Dan Duquette from years ago. Now those guys had. A lock on the division at least as far as the when he met titles concern yankees came on late. Unexpectedly. But they were the team last year in the dailies they won two straight division crowns Larry for the first time in their history you fire it up. About them not qualified of the yankees' yes I know. I'm fired up about so I'm at home right dated stroke why don't you find that about the Red Sox. Because they've had two straight years yet of winning divisions and rightly put their Adams division flag up if they want. Yet the perception now we as if they can't win in the post season they went out of three straight games David. Ortiz did go out with a bang but a whimper and his final go around final and why are you might say don't get soaked for a town near Wright and sales of big disappointment is down the stretch price was her for most of the year had a nice. Play off as a as a reliever largely agree in the back nine but if I was immediately justly Malone just let him go one pitch. Only Malone I wish they would I know they won't but I wish what are we in the press would leave him alone. Maybe I'll do it because I'm gonna be probably more so it's up costs just stick will treat him with kid gloves are not kick out of just let's let's David. You want now that I'm not saying that I. I just simply wrong and the happening was that he gave him a don't ask him questions don't Wear company and it's faced by the time that the job of the media is to call the recipient like mine so you're supposed to ignore a player who's crotchety. C'mon if he doesn't want to be Bob there was that played a Steve count them but the Phillies have been limited by yeah he's OK you don't wanna be bothered therefore I won't talk to wait exactly just complain. That's the problem review yeah you just can't let you just complain. About Bill Belichick yet not. Being accessible. And open with the fans and the media. Not here now yours browsing this plan of somebody doesn't wanna talk just we Malone went into college I get an awful lot like Jim price just to turn his back on writers and everything they aren't as tight and impunity our jobs is. You comfortable out you know it's like they're making fools of themselves but if he patent my right when he doesn't want to Hartley back a long but he did talk. That guy from they needed at the other day did right. And you know David Price is a grown man who's been in this league for a long time. I've had a lot of success. But apparently. He can be toxic no matter where he goes. And the big problem is he can be toxic all he wants he could have all kinds and or contrary to what you're thinking was. He wants his money he's gonna stay in unless somebody comes up with a better offer he's not an idiot he's gonna stay here and collect rock but the problem with him and it's always going to be a problem with him until he resolves there is. He has to win a game as a starting pitcher in the postseason well never done it blocks the elbow. When I say about him right you know. Fans would love David Price they would cheer him on they would. Support him you gotta wait it is Obama what went away to the policies every guy you have to and here's the problem this year. I don't know if the division is guaranteed I would think that the Yankees. Have not had the edge now are certainly with stand coming aboard their pitching staff isn't as good as the Red Sox but. Red Sox got questions in the every day lineup the one thing they didn't do. Nobody thought they would at least pursue they pursued but didn't I'd catch anybody. Was a bat in the middle of may be JD Martinez comes aboard before. All said and done an opening day happens in early April but the Red Sox. Are at this is a problem last year the there was the price problem and the other problem was on the field. They just did not give you a baseball. Okay away other teams have pocket did you know they were having trouble in the clubhouse. I think it was I think a lot of people were saying. This was an on likable team. And the poster boy for on like ability was David Price right I mean we spent a lot of summer last summer talking about David Price. He's battle we Dennis Becker's late he is negative influence in the clubhouse John Farrell's inability. To control that clubhouse we know what all we heard last year was even the fact that they were in the despite the fact they were. I 93 when team and in control division. We heard it all last year this team just isn't likeable and least then and that goes against what we always used to say. What's what's a likable team a team that wins that was a team that won last year when it went out like they were not likable right because David Price. Really. We're we're did allow them to write likable right. So I I give. Wilkie that's a lot of credit he's a soft spoken guy I don't think he's a natural leader certainly not the way David Ortiz was. He's a leader by example but even Milwaukee last year that was in a big year for Milwaukee. Okay did not have a great year statistically he's a great all around player can do and then in the what do you upload I play well got a slogan like too disappointed when he five home run of the proceeds write it you thought you getting any end in what was the big other than price. The big issue last year was. How do the Red Sox Milan. From may be their second greatest player in history of the franchise how do they do that and in spite of winning 93 games. Chris Sale for a long part of that season being the Cy Young front runner and had a great season up until the last six weeks or so. They still have that problem. Moving on from Ortiz and now they need a guy who can step up. Both at the plate in the clubhouse maybe Milwaukee that's is that guy. But he doesn't have a natural personality for leaders of that is the big issues so for an illusion registered pitching going to be this year whose economy parcel. Probably I mean it can't be let's put it this way he'll never be as good as he was two years ago when he when aside. It'll never be as bad as he was last year. Started to get it together a little bit toward the end there you have a fourth pitcher. That's I was thinking about it saying before it was going to be a fourth pitcher. Retreat in. You know I I think it's up for grabs at this point. And they still have I think they have a better staff one through five starting rotation yeah. Then the Yankees do yankees have a better bullpen. And I got a much better lineup and if they certainly have much more the it factor in the Red Sox I just hope we can trust. The team. If it was in his what's turmoil last year and and they hid it well until I don't think that. Everybody every what it's quite a rally people are talking about that team having issues and all year don't do what the bigger issue I remember was priced. That was the issue. But we know that no with a problem lies and people recognize this particular people who are there regular basis. They recognized. That he kind of he was the guy. That took over for Ortiz and that's not the kind of leadership anybody wants now is terrible. I think it's hard enough showing he's the talk about this all the time. She'll be used to talk about how a guy who's not an everyday player and right of the greatness that was Kurt shown particularly in the post season he should be hall of Famer. He was not a clubhouse leader ultimately after. Is a career ended allowed people would say that he might have been a problem in the clubhouse yeah but the guy that needs to be leader. Has to be an everyday player and one of the problems the Red Sox had you've talked about rice. One of the big problems the Red Sox have four years the Red Sox in the seventies and eighties remember the old line of the Red Sox right. One effect cabs there you got 25 caps for 25 players those teams. Beginning even before that would Williams to yet as to rice the best player on most teams were not natural team leaders. And that was a problem that made it difficult in an all of those club houses. Or T that's not what's right about Ortiz Ortiz. Had OT dot team up was the guy that can break the ice and here's a pitcher he was a pitcher. You went from Williams. He has to rice loved all three of them. Late I I got to meet and talk to both the jazz and rice liked him when I talked wrong but they were not. Tremendous leaders there and act galvanizing figure that I mean they were not guys you could. Reach across the aisle there were not consensus builders. In those are tough club houses. See I thought would among. Came on. I thought he had that. Two Wednesday about him that he was crazy cowboy up meant having yeah but a couple of shots lower game yeah kept on the loose I really did not like them a lot right. And and I think somebody like that they won't eat and and what was the problem you think about that was 04 who was the best player up until. The trade deadline in 2004. Entertainment Nomar. And Nomar yeah Donald re all eatery was terrible he was the best player in. But he was not a natural leader and when Ortiz finally arrested that leadership. From. Nomar. And Nomar was traded their course they went on that great run in 2004 came back from all three against the Yankees. Ortiz took over from there and that team was which characterized by. Ortiz. He was a great player on the field fantastic to have that big advantage but he had in the clubhouse to sell. Can won't keep that has a great all around player was number two in the MVP balloting couple years ago when you're done duration. Kitty kitty do can he be. The leader David Ortiz was I don't know if you can. Learn to be it's one of those things either haven't got a you don't it's a natural thing and I'm not sure he has that 6177797937. We have lab long enough. In the immortal words of I got it wasn't on yesterday but will be on Monday. No up. It's mustard and Johnson pentagon coming up coming well what do you say something's I just I can't say anything more of trying to be I think you're a nice Fella. Thank you as mustard and Johnson of same to you write that catch your buddy. It's mustard and Johnson here till twelve of their own then our buddies rob Bradford and Johnson mossy who we love so much. Right here on Sports Radio mustered just you know. This Saturday sports stocks. A word. You feel. All right now just felt a monopoly in my profession. I'm. On one of those ways I know things 8%. Only. Next week ago. There's so after hours ago. For ten minutes and we've got. All that treadmill. Our run rate you know without that we. And move on my ahead of schedule. So. Just continue. The process so there isn't. There. Customers write another guy you'd think would fill that leadership vacuum says sorry issues with the Red Sox are or as figure him out and we even discussed conspicuous by his absence of that discussion right before the break was Pedroia you think he's the natural guy MVP from about ten years ago. Scrappy. But I think the perception. Of Dustin Pedroia and the reality of Dustin Pedroia. Was exposed last year. A lot of people figured. That it would be natural for Ortiz retire Pedroia it take up the leadership reins it did not happen. And of course that whole Baltimore. Controversy. Really. I soured a lot of Red Sox players and a lot of fans on Dustin Pedroia itself there's another guy you'd think what he's helping monopoly he's not gonna start the regular season at second base when he's helping out the plight. But they probably Droid of course Larry is health he's always her. He is being compromised and health department for a long time 6177797937. We begin this show with Dan downing quite instant. Again the morning did. Morning hey I know those were up. Missed the drop will think yeah his former. Larry yeah I can never won the Butler trying but I think your ear to a telecheck with a garrote all things so misguided. Why. Well it's very inspirational. To his plan all along. Belichick talking and the best thing for the team this majesty. Was to get rid of Brady after this year and go problem quote pure. OK and we all mulled the Kraft said that I have to correct. That's still not much appreciated Tom ready to retire when he wants. That Jonathan Kraft. During Super Bowl week leading up to the games said that we are supporting Tom and every shape way or form just paraphrasing it's Tom's team basically losing that's not my issue at the end that was my yeah. And yet cannot explain the problem why didn't they get walk OK all I need your earlier. Because he always wanted to go with Barack slowly get rid of great. But that. Does not only that but if you tell me Kraft said no then you'd talk until now and could do you mean why you know why it's Exelon. Beat and he didn't want to do what actually what it can't the draft the draft. The deadline for the trade deadline which basically laughed hard you could do it in action shed. And then now that you lost about well I'm I'm. I'm I'm the more you want a Whitey get yeah. Because the best thing to the team. With one problem though a check of the committee that he could screw you I'm an acceptable way. And if they said not rapidly at that might have they said you can't tour. So much or alternative. He just did what he did what was up but go rock law. Which is treading. Crack one told you demonstrate the guys really did what he's got dropped so why. Why. Didn't national what was that report Rob Long. Well it is when you win the business about weren't about what's best friend of since when is bill bell Jack. A roof was cold and calculated coach and general manager. When we see ever interested in trading summary for the best interest of the player. I don't understand what you're talking. Umbrage at it just as Tom Brady with the one exception when he couldn't make the call he's gonna do the one exception picket guy garrote what what's that fit and could the best and respect him to look good. This is Graf or to look good he's going to Cleveland wasn't gonna. OK let that wait a minute how is if Iraq logos out has like incredible season next year. I was economic ballot technically. It's gonna make him look good because. Guys like me I go on this state in Marta train a mall walk. And if they don't win another super ball with Brady yet it's gonna look even worse as time goes. Are you are right I don't understand is coming out of Iraq has a great yeah I don't resent how does that make Belichick has gone because. Right Derek holt. The worst the deal is at least from the perception of the fans. The better looks for bella checked because it looks as if someone forced him to do it number had gotten out of desperation doesn't become an eight. If he had if he's gonna have a great year. OK. I woke up whatever you want a car but then. Once you realize that that our craft is said now we do we're not trade Brady you got to get better arapahoe. You call Cleveland you call a couple of other teams are dead I think you're right telecheck. He did he succeeded and shaping public opinion. Most nobody I got now can I finish please not most people I think part of this graph forced his hand. So if he does do well in San Francisco. Wasn't anything and I had to get rid of a bat does not craft to I pray that's not what how I want them to operate in now but they is start what now. Is he got Brady as a quarterback and who else it's the -- black that there are a lot of teams like to be stock quote and tell us not to reject the age. A Brady did you check the super ball. Yes I did you would be you would be lauding embrace violence takes his one hit. In you're out Brady then would you go online we've Hussein. Well it's bound to have a blast it was ten years ago notes last year as well it was in the fourth quantum and against trips act and that was true. Came at a bad time and date entered into a 6177797937. Andy you're next on portrayed today ending. I can't you still miss you still ride nice to bask in the after allow our. Go to our pentagon original version of your digital of the parade. The launch of our soldiers it. When a U I you you watched for hours of the Eagles made our. While an annual any big highlights that was on veterans have a video content that it. Actual global international horrible pollution we're right there and poultry. Flotilla should work well a notebook full of little flooded you know. Put title should audition to sort of provision at all sports dude dog will you orbiter to dual. Role. And out that was definitely devastating oil as it as you know as an American paying teacher B it's those always. Are very disturbing. Letters in the school around this cold and it's a terrible terrible story essentially kid off to school every day right. Shaq and his father's American teacher and a father it is so scary out there no question. Two important vote awarded the you're right red truck shops are on Cuba are today and has traded grappled through I'd be there to try to W thank you. Roberta values attributed I was. A kid believable love letters it's. Very happily. Somehow on the drugs to reporting on the front of the players terms with the jets there. In addition people who can include potential but I would not rule out it. Actually let's pick look good to make. And eventually you know Louisville employ our public approval they needed a quarterback put two good looks like you're more from referential. About the giants I think the giants would have been the ideal situation. Would click some of them that's because Conan had all those. Draft picks. Why do you know you don't make it Cleveland pick that you don't like Jimmy at the end happy I don't get me. David good to your attitude that. This is not. Do include football what do you know a couple of football in addition to those that do you think that. It is as ecstatic he's your world your Eagles finally breaking through winning their first Super Bowl and they should they should be congratulating you think if the patriots. Had one. On Sunday a couple weeks ago. That we'd be as concerned region EG being its efforts Disco or is just as we know we're already that this is just exaggerated or amplified because he's gone. Much. Saturated now because. I think I'd say one thing I'll answer that for you where Eagles draft comes and talk to me. That's that's what it's over their organizations are also this which should maybe read about that. Included the full credit trouble don't particularly about talking about talks or any other in both love Obama. And yet they keep a look forward to another about. Okay it stop to stop it. Or visit the defensive line they put out there for the super well. For the reporting finish and that's what you get out. Cowboys. Had a boy ended up now on the guys let me finish out like that they had this feed running to the sidelines now I would. Have been handy you know as well as I do that you you you can just you can say that this some nice draft picks over the years and he's had some good drafts but it's all possible because of number twelve. The number 199. And 2000. It's sort of yeah did you kind of volatility in effect who don't want it to pick up its Portland didn't do. It is important don't want I want to compete. In the Red Sox comment before it looks like it's in las. The flight attendant in the clubhouse and attention immediately two pronged. It's totally blocked opponent. Who handled locally managed and handled this situation. Go home and it. Well they com. And they can't get it right you can't where they afraid of us. Well what their work and it's well he's the manager of the global. You heard a portal that throw effectively. Control not playing nickel slot. But as much as there was so much there was rampant anti price sentiment in this town. When he went out and pitched well in long relief in the post season. Suddenly people were all excited and supportive of David Price and you know that's all they want they want to see him. They went in the regular season more import. Only be windy the other policy. That's all that's anybody any the other problem is they were afraid of price because of his contract. But there's nothing you can do know. But boy who grew. Won't talk about truck dumped on the English settlement going to consult though. A little political quoted all the twenty peninsula. Goodies were in the resolution you should OK we will rhetoric. But he's on Brady program right amenities on the TV twelve athletic bodies in order for all of it's a brand new day and. It's I always MM and I think that's wealthy he's going to win and you look at the people that shut down the net. Actually you know they were breaking down and heroes read the paper this morning thanks for the call Andy take care you're an old and it's every other year he is first year the Red Sox he was bigger because of is muscles EE built up a lot of I'm muscle weight. The next year he was trimmed down at a Goodyear last year he came in heavy again had a bad year so this year he's trimmed down so according to that pattern. He will be a major player for their agility and it will I think it's 22 million dollar option if he has so many plate appearances. 22 million I would say. That they Hanley Ramirez Iraq. Has not been a great. He's had his moments of one game I want to Lester my son. He was on Fuego he could not be stopped what are you gonna do receive the mark on the back and has a good view of the Jack of all who cares that was a mistake they they cut their losses moved down I don't think anybody is worried. If the panned as a big year do you think anybody can say. Have buyer's remorse. Or I think you've got I think you're angry. Would be angry that it that is atoms have go certain players do well in certain environments and as we well know possibility John Henry sat down had a meeting went down browse in says let's slow down a little bit. As far as signing all these free agents and stuff they think it's just not been a good ten year period. The signing a free agents when you think about Gonzales and others Dodd to play is in the like. That stung pretty good arbiter Carl Crawford there was another bullish on the ground yet I was 617 sevenths and I had throat sevens what's the number again 617779. Seven. 93 cents. You back to Muster any shots on us. To break right. I was twelve foot left. I federal and last year it's. You know with the Bentsen. And now with. I think. And you know. Susan and those are wonderful thing you know BA then. Changes. It's. I'm not like you know but. What he's saying you know. If Saddam and in some ways. Yeah Harris he's a convert. It's the TV twelve and is avocado ice cream all around for the Red Sox players in the clubhouse out of Fort Myers what's Stearns down there firing questions I'll say I think cross withering cross examination baseball season's too long. Yes think of search for a 160 it's not a hard time going to get longer anybody. You know. It was a 154 as we well known until 1962. That you knew that Wright was 154 before 1962 maybe you didn't know that. And in every says go back to 154 bicycle down 13020. You have a highly based I want a clean under I like it a hundred games that would be perpetrators totally destroy the salary structure I Beijing although every age quick you that it is safe to argue the point that the seasons just stabbing. Interesting point however I will say this I think the season began on Sunday afternoon. In Boston. If you know what I mean. The revamped read. Reenergize. Reads united rejuvenated and new look at. I think in his statement. All I afternoon I I watched the game the other day out like a lot yeah I mean it's only two games. LeBron is happening what your reasons album by T out more speed up they could open the floor board. And that I think the big story the rest of the way I'm not a big regular season fan usually just wait for the post season but it's going to be interest and see if LeBron and the cavaliers this new team. Is it a mirage or is it real Ken lay actually. Continue to have a stranglehold on the easy gentleman that neighborhood used looks good the way home looks good Toronto looks good now. I still spends about five dispatched teams that really look good and everybody else kind of falls by the wayside but I still think it's going to be the cavs and the warriors in another post season. Tilt. In the championship round bot. Oh margin just shut his mouth and dribble. That's right according to Laurie Ingram just shut up and dribble 617 are myopic is that I mean I won't make any comments about anything else in the world can't have anybody ask to borrow should have no opinions it's one of the dumber comments I've for a while 6177797937. Tony and bridge wore our stance. We're trained him hey hey guys who have no hey Mitchell. Addition by subtraction with the Red Sox batters get rid of that and able barrel despite the bastard in a overcharged. Way to make you haven't recovered since they fired Bobby Valentine few years ago. Well he wasn't quite called that there be any item which was liked. 90% of the people which I did exactly the way to go you think arrow you think ours is trying to keep everybody happy. Carol. It wouldn't when he started messing around with that reporter read an immediate thought yeah returns or the media. So what he would have been able to respond to immediate goals would this play is what it would orbit the British wanted stunts it was like a walk waters last year. You would enable adapting we can't monitor what I was it would play get always wrestled. There's a difference between Russia but stupidity. And Internet enabled this game. And he didn't handle etiquette with the explicitly they keep regional school quality sake it's all ball yet you know there's so I'm. Rights leaders Pollack he. Handily and then a reset benefits that that we are. Right and bikini muted Ottawa the announced it was lack of a ball all the build a new policy solutions to Apollo I actually think I was just. Other top. That's about tech from you know no doubt Tony I think. Carroll's good baseball man understands the game was a former. Played in the major leagues we all understand that. He was not a great manager had nothing to do with the exes and always in double switching in relief decisions in the in the World Series in 2013. He just. He what he was for a couple years he wasn't Bobby Valentine noses and asked to rate. That was when it but of eventually. It was gonna catch up to wamp I don't Alex Cora is a reincarnation. There's managing here I artists to block it was so quick I didn't I am telling you right now like you never know all of manages scored a period we all see eight. Can't Girardi and you know look what he did would achieve what he has also require dot Seward gave away on a World Series and he gets camp. Not every damages a bit but I gotta tell you it's not that and I never heard this on the radio. It was so quick to hide it or. I'm hopeful what's it like. And all books from that so the worst might go. I don't know. I would I know what the reason was. War right side is that the biggest drop off I'm not sure if he had done what Karen Burton does that that nature. Man's 617779790. Degrees set very low and you'll love very courtly if you step on feet at the trapped oral opening your god wish there ago. You know an educator Craig back in the American revolution that was a great general won victory after another shot historians say. Without his victory type com Guerrero got. That would not have been an 86 just. Is that DO Arnold's great great great great grandfather. And ultimately. Got his ego got in the way Angel legacy will be actually trigger to the patriot veritable. Blank years. 250 years well very great leader who letters to many great. Tree is ultimately his ego gets in the way and in my opinion his legacy won't doubt go down. As a traitor to the patriots. And how how how was evening how are Z the 21 century version of Benedict Arnold. How is that possible. Because he purposely did not put kids. Team in the best place to win and McCain. But he says he know he she is ego prevented him from making a rational decision. He didn't you yeah. And that caused a loss switched in my opinion was trader has to every man whose parents money. Greenspan's time spans emotional. Our effort to support routine he consciously. Are mostly made that decision not to put that past team he could on the field. Because of his ego ultimately costing no locks and commuter. And he has it in anyway but obviously the most frank is it any feels they didn't have to answer for it. Yeah I I agree I wouldn't go with some as far as to equate him to you most notorious. Trader in history from American military but not by the way from Connecticut I hate to say that is and not maggert Buckeyes. A Norwich Connecticut though I have to my best friend is probably listening right now morneau three point seven FM and Norwich Connecticut 6177797. 937. Is telephone number we still have an hour ago we have joining from bridge or he just isn't hot hot hot it is just in regard commentary will be back with more right after best.