Mustard and Johnson - Hanley Ramirez has name mentioned in drug trafficking probe 6-23-2018

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Saturday, June 23rd
Hour 1. Mustard and Johnson talk about Hanley Ramirez being eyed in an FBI drug trafficking probe. They spend the hour discussing if the story could be true and the facts on fetynol.

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Look who's here. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots. TI sports. And Sox past seasons and. It is mustard Johnson. Cloudy overcast very on summer like Saturday morning on things going well for you. And Larry are you ready are you prepared do you have the mental and physical energy the stamina. The endurance to make it all the way. To twelve noon no. I gonna do anyway I have to look okay a three hour show lazy generally are progressives yes there's nothing wrong with your radio is do not adjust your sets. They're allowing us three full hours I don't know what I got into the programming staff at WEEI but will be here. 'til high noon and will make way for attorney to mossy John is out Mark James the ubiquitous weekend. Host of late will be here and now we'll send it through the afternoon itself. This. Story from former Boston Herald and WRK a reporter Michelle McPhee. Who I now works for ABC news is fascinating. Do you believe the Red Sox when they claim that his possible involvement in a Fenton all distribution case in Massachusetts. Was not any way related. To his release from the Red Sox back on May twentieth a day that blaming. Is very close. But in any event I I would have no fault would them mean if they if somebody came to amendments have similar if you're thinking or doing anything with this guy. I cut bait now because there's some wild stories out there. And and they just when they had did anyway so I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't fault them if they had an inkling about it the story is still a little bit sketchy. But give them the benefit of the doubt of this event and all about it maybe they didn't welcome Michelle McPhee who was a pretty. Dominant. Investigative reporter for The Herald and our sister station down the hallway WRKO while she was here she's working for. A national network now ABC she was all over the local media. She was that are sister rock station down the hall WA AF she was across the street. And that other sports station she was on Lecavalier last night after the Red Sox game. So I thought instead of trying to explain this. Picking them apart various articles why don't we play. Can layered it's. Interview with Michelle McPhee after the Red Sox 1410 win over Seattle last night and this is how she explains hand Lee's possible involvement. In this Fenton all drug distribution ring. I guess let's just start with your tweets up from back got about an hour and a half for the game began Taylor mirrors hiding connection with the ongoing federal state investigation what can you tell us for people who run have missed the initial report so what's latest. Unless a parent I wanna credit Kirk and Callahan you know these guys I think cabinet on the story from the very beginning. And that now prompted me to call a lot of my fourth that they are able what is going -- And add it turned out. He can't their Ramirez was will be handed Red Sox rock need to gain passage it was a very questionable heart stop they call it a while. And we know that it was an active. Adults he now an attempt to not ranked eight and aren't. In New Hampshire what US attorney. And just like and that thanking Kate I just wrote about. That have been wildly successful for the US attorney got to act stupid. That's what happened they block up that's what I people out of them all only about of merit. And it was in the Indian belt you know I've yet to got caught it it big federal it now. Well now we have any joint eaten federal prosecution. It partly PDA. The FBI is your attorney doctor aptitude fit that the US attorney got the New Hampshire. And I'm nanny out EO Rodriguez the rest. In. A car stop. And yet the box. In the vehicle. That he is driving during the cart. He held the hot button you can start my conduct not a problem for you can't look at that box. While of course that immediately bring back the cop why can't look at the box while the box. On to who can't hear me aaron's. Of course but we've been skeptical here and what is this aspect do that he they've had with him there merit. Who immediately recognizable. Since you got it did not equate foul what does this mean that we need neck here and there Americans in any way try to act. But it certainly put him in the round of this ongoing. You know multi jurisdictional task force that looking into that sprawling and the rank at operating ally Massachusetts. Michelle. Well I think day you know atmosphere and no way to predict it any way way aren't happy and I her parents he had not been charged with any crime or the water. But I you know that this speech I'm confiscation prompted. Eyebrow raising from federal and local bar plot and indicate a hard look at what kind of connection he had two of the suspects who was on June heat rainy. On charges that he had 135. Ran back and Allen hit the national law what are okay. So when you have a drug that fact that seat time. Whether that backfire. I thought had blocked out in they have learned. It's going to search warrant thinking at all I think that it made a lot of questions. And the backpack today you know the Red Sox got right back in eighth and Kevin Gregg deadlocked you know our decision to cut. And they are Ameritech actually I think you're not by him that they can we exploit yet apparently aren't as it. I felt like now it's time might as. Me. That part that's happened on May thirtieth in Kenner area that believe let me start you know start. I don't believe that's exactly right organ bring in our Red Sox expert rob Bradford here to see we can make some heads or tails out of this minute makeshift Michelle McPhee report. Rob I'm trying to figure out how important this story is can you help me when this place. Well I'd be able to run its lowest point of view it's it's obviously it's not that order now there unless you sank that. Maybe they were hey we gotta get out from its value and then there's the bad scene and we release are right away right when we get back Tampa. You said if you talk about the car stop in and I think what she's siting in terms paroled but release apparently is when he actually is an. Becomes a free agent. We knew about that several days before may 25 when the Red Sox are now. May 25 third. The car starts out error when he yet exactly. So. So then I went to. I had probably been listed historic amid doubt yesterday afternoon sort chart out around the Red Sox. And also in person and on phone and everything else couldn't and and I mean at what their life in America why is. I valued their baby they're saying this has nothing to do their release had nothing to do it. Where this whole situation by. I think it's important just did it to your original question I think it's important. Situation because there I was a member of the red Clarke who got it real holding up as they have fun loving guy go to this and we are merited an avid option that twenty million dollars in the number three hitter. And then a month later were sitting here aren't exactly a month later by the way when you yet a was sitting here talking about him being part of a drug Greg coming out crazy. Christopher Dodd is making what fifteen million dollars a year why he needed to be an oh right how and why he needed to be involved. And that kind of activity pretty strange. What do you make of the facetime. Connection and we were our use face time in the past and how personal and intimate it is. What did you make of that part of the story. Or bigger screen dimming for handling there's no question about it because if you have these guys who this guy whose spot to put this stuff when you. According to this or you don't buckling down ES poems for a whole relationship to a play out were notified about it because we've got to we've seen this guy around Fenway Park that he really kept apparently in every. I don't know these guys. By the way if this tie game we used in the number and here we gonna pick up political also meant he probably knows him pretty well. You know that doesn't mean their yard and we are automatically guilty but it doesn't really help his cause at all. So yeah I mean I could it negates. Now the whole situation that Michelle would be laid out it does not do not help to narrative that they have universe that is until he. What is it also. Say because we probably kind of speculating why not that bright Yemen has not been picked up by anybody. Yes so. That's ridiculous Larry because. I read about history double on the last couple weeks it's too far and it is it was bizarre that he wasn't picked up in. And always have to go by with him he was easier to Graham's story means temperatures. Nobody was talking to nobody called yeah agent about a week or so it. About everything. And okay that's cool that's fine but we reviewed privileges that they're saying when I was storytelling to me he was. He always with a guy who is we're putting and it's grim working out utility between Albania would give me a minute ago already go to my next team. And all these pictures are on a boat and a dune buggies. You know the last couple days or suspect with the needs Ferrari you don't feel like you've been includes four. I'd like let it we call the clues to figure out what what actually he's doing but in terms of the teams picking out. Picking among you you could look at it as well if it's give has potential much why bother even though he's basically free program. But I I I always had a hard time believing that. Because yeah yeah at the ready but yeah example. Did any hostility that. I guess and I do think that you give up on apply a reality that's another part of it I think pretty good or apply in. A real problem I don't. Server something else guys in their garage so our point of view. Which is if you know if they didn't know that there was an investigation. Mean they need on the roster. There are out of tea ready recognition spreading without pay it forward FBI investigation or federal investigation. Wait so you have to keep that in mind it. Any off erected. Comments by any of the players. You know you're certainly not what I was out and around about it yesterday and will it really would no doubt in my room. Total players previously having good food Baltimore. Why they have each Arctic and the withdrawal apparently no one really really talk to him. It was stellar sort of weird. Put your put it Letterman oh really Revere pretty quick. And people say well it's clearly aren't good guys in the club welcome back gonna talk about this. We like are probably people might it ever be used while I've been in big. You know you you. Clowning around or I don't know some guys appreciated that part. When when you know when you're going to catch. Actual or or if for him when you gardening and he's still climbing around but I don't think everyone hated him Niedermayer is but it was odd that nobody is gone just disappeared out of nowhere. The medalist she didn't really. Nobody was really our secure an update our. Are you suggesting that perhaps these other teams were aware of this investigation and it was bubbling under the surface or the Red Sox knew about it maybe tipped off other teams how how would. Can you give me any explanation other than the fact that Caylee doesn't wanna play is there anything from the other perspective the general manager might know something that we didn't. Almost go through referring to could have been here which is which is and we don't want to play yet this kid you just want to hang out and make money anyway. It's made its skill set is so good stead no way people look at what he didn't say they are nuts don't with a slightly worse fit. Order today. Rumor got around about this investigation. The world baseball and it's not worth I mean this this. Dude this investigation. That is what Michelle what he's talking about. It's been out there and we have been out there are no one's been able to Milwaukee down and up until now. Are you here and spit out there are so. I couldn't tell you it's it's been out there are prevalent vegan individually baseball by. Those three things I think you have to piece together they all are good reasons why you are playing right now. The obvious question. To me is an am I even though well all of this though is. Why would you why Barbara. A minute guys making my got a whole load of money already like why would you even bother if this is the case being involved in something like this. There is that question I have absolutely no idea about Larry because I'm with you. You're making your rich guy you know affairs and we your kids. You have it is you know you have your play baseball you still have a career. Why you would want to get tied up in something like this and you know that some hotel allegedly gave tied up in something like that. I don't know I don't know which it's funny because when the news comes you say are you surprised. Record should surprise revealed neither. For a professional athlete. Who had all this money here and in the and everything came on for a why would you look to Europe or why we want to do this. But our Lola ordered a new nearly as either a down market pretend like I knew fairly. I covered it heavily I enjoyed double him a lot of times. He was because you're contrasting you with that case I think. But I didn't know Italy. And hopefully keep the people that appeal the appeal a lot of people on all of Iraq are truly new elite. I'm not saying that they didn't know that it dark side and I don't think there. You don't know every single thing about these guys especially delicate. Where is he does anybody know where he is now. I think you're in the Dominican because that's where he did I know he's in Dominican because. You we've discovered again we're tracing the trail of disputed mr. Graham's story can. Today and yesterday you write the heart of this post at one. We're still the collapse of something with Florida Keys next story this is bizarre that by its capital of the Catholic count all. Which is where he lives in the Dominican Republic. I've actually been there it's a great place do they haven't. Oh yeah I know that that's where what we actually have trouble I got over it lead to advocate and that's what playing. Because you get off the plane you put down their rowdy get off the plane and in San Domingo and you go through about two hours of nothing but poverty. And there's Cassidy Campo and this is just unbelievable spread with golf courses in Villa is an all kinds of great tourist attraction. Do they have enough to bring him back. The FB guy that unease at Yemen. All are you know. I don't know do you know darn well that he didn't he I get to want to not because you you can place bets for Thursday and that. He wasn't where the education the eight out of capital where the nation. So I don't know what you have to find out I mean this is. You look at you know we know it was. Wish miss Michelle McPhee is giving I think historian yeah I forget that the name of the author apologized that he had last night as well. And you have that car stop the other cars stop that's not a good look for a Hanley. But that doesn't exactly immediately tie him to do that are laying. That was like such a huge huge deal in April. You know they're gonna do the investigation to be entered question no we're not the way are complete. And you do know but X acute in a facetime call is not the easiest thing in the world quite often people don't pick up. I was so fascinated with the facetime you are going to get blamed into doubted us facetime stuff picture yourself being pulled over by the cops and right in you call home. Webber. And immediately the person picks up a phone. Well I took playing at the I could happen and I gobbled it got four in video Roberto. Noted there's certainly with facetime by its. It shows it shows he had his number picture those and we knew him well enough that when you call it living at a mosque. So close don't screw things for a guy who is being pot for that all the other stuff. I once again not a good luck. I wonder what he said Daly when he call them. Pair got a the odd thing you know that a platoon back they interview in the geometry. You know we are saying Internet. You know he says it's the Tokyo that is they've got here Rodriguez yes he says he says. You hate to do you do surgery that you want but yet the new seats don't open up some new equipment to do well. So it's. Don't Hanley I had a budget cops as is surrounding the tyrant they went there and opened the barks out or shall I do. Exactly yeah it's exactly so it's it's not a good luck and know who if it all day. Needs to release an investigation and detailed investigation. Amid investigation from our course I'm very good job on. I know that Turkey Calvin yes that I know that you obviously Michelle would be you're on it. I know that people would have brought that so recently. Jerk rub is that something on it. You know so you know I know that people on this story and all of these good to have been surfaced as back. Certainly lead to pay we should look into this full bit lower part guys you know put the reds are supported him. There's certain bacteria do whatever you are sure well. Yeah exactly we don't get milk. Blog it is clear that we are not life or that we noted that we have covered herself in terms of not releasing the guy for the wrong reasons. Whatever you whatever you have to be done he's got our car. And the united JD Martinez has yet another five RBIs performance and now I mean they found the replacement they have plenty of production I know there's some regrets I guess this may be the most. Ridiculous question to ask at the end of this interview rob. But it is in a perfect world did the Red Sox make the right did they make the right decision to bag this guy. Back on May 25 forgetting about all this and it's hard to say that hard to frame this question based on what we know now. But did they make the right baseball decision a month and a half ago or a month ago. BI ticket that are actually. Well cleric if I think we're gonna have to find out and it's easy to say that it right now because they had 36 hits in the last two game. But if Mitch Moreland gets hurt. In the bed and then you're left with a back at first base situation. Or blog called Blake's why heart. And I don't think that's an ideal situation. But also got to do something about it they're considered every day first baseman. I think it probably saved them a lot of money because. If you ask me in a bullet to get a major trucking option that would that yet small. Obviously that's not gonna happen I felt all along a big part of this also. Was when you're gonna get into June and it is. Plate appearances were going down then he was gonna and also on the happy go lucky here we were gonna turn because what happens with the guys. When they had the option coming up they become obsessed over. And that could be clubhouse problem dogleg right now actual opium looks like we could move it along if this stayed healthy. And you keep the other parts of that piece BP's whole lineup intact because if you don't. Then a guy with a potential apparently. Sometimes serves a purpose. Come round last question from me. Message just from the outside looking in. Com corporate just seems like a very honest guided me I just to show us the impression that you get over and over again even when he makes mistakes. He just seems to be honest and he just his reaction you had a story on it. I was jeez you know I know nothing about it I hope it's not true he just seems very honest to me your impressions. Yeah I think they're they're he's pretty secure in himself or that the best way to put it that you just secure himself where. He either you do there's been times where he's talked about messing up pretty big time about well maybe we should have done that Serb. On the there's an incident like this where some uncomfortable question he could easily sit at I really had nothing to say about. Egypt and on center. So I bet that's superpower it strikes me you know I've known out for a long long time but you don't know how are you going to. React when he's in the manager's chair of the reps are. I just think he's just secured himself in and either OK are you know one time so far. As dice have lysine a reaction. After we lost were you like oh my goodness this is really really a factor in this guy but that he did a lot of lives you know he's Google regarding each. You've been through this as a player and I think you can look pretty well so far. Well its interest to see the two rookie managers. Of course Gore's had a lot more experience. As a as a as a bench coach and and as a coach and general but would go there and born and Alex core rookie manages both having fantastic. Maiden voyage is when you say. Yeah clay and yeah right I knew we ought to take a step back to rebuild Carolyn we know help out beleaguered and everything. But they could step back you can bet that these two guys who have never managed before. No fifty win big Turkey waddle into it's it's not a big I big play if you talked about was winning the battle be aging process. They Gaby Cora is very charitable and looking like gave. A false. But they're gonna be good simply go to Mickey Callaway at the met her. That is that's typical tough you know the cup deal and I think they're but I forgot which helps sort of course to go back to a talking about. It is even able to roll with a partial open more not get wrapped up completely nothing at the end of the year are. Well that's limits everything you anticipate. He knows what the answer me honestly that people are just get a little broader terms of where are you comment from. And that that if he doesn't say any saying that it's sort of linger so I would do well. All right rob appreciate the clarification we needed on this show on a major way south thanks for coming on next drive. Are you. Our rob Bradford joining us right here in Sports Radio WEEI guess the question really is Larry. Does the Red Sox fan. Give one who. About the story it's. Fascinating. It say in how it's it's a train wreck. It's you know it's like watching an accident when you're driving on the highway you can help a rubber neck and see what's going on. But because it really doesn't have any impact on the on the fortunes of a local mine. Does anybody really care CNET. They give you car yourself a fan. Of a team. Venue. Is Pashtun Kean and get intimately involved. And these players. There's pressure EK can I get and so close and only do I care about Jackie Bradley junior and his family and I don't usually like him. I don't you focusing within I didn't I think each day god doesn't matter leverage my team has weathered him momentum would. I I don't I don't know how you can watch it team of this is if you're a fan of the time. And not care about the individuals. I would hate immediately as was part it's been pretty good years of production over the years. I would feel parable. If this guy cut himself. Hideout where that would such. Fills the story is that. Well because your compassionate guy and I say that without sarcasm no I happen to be assert us our cat you have going to be compassionate sympathetic individual I am I think a lot of Red Sox players fans I should say. As you well know. You you might. Connect to the individual to the personality. To it to the human being. Most fans root for. The name on the front and the number on the back and that's just about it but you can you can follow a guy in here from I don't think getting out and if they get no no and then if a guy gets in trouble as something. Even if it's the guys probably stupid enough to all of the breaks. You don't have an inkling a feeling bad about it it's bizarre. It's odd. It's somewhat entertaining it's mystifying entertaining well we entertain with what we're managing a business people people are gonna listen because it's entertaining to hear this story it Chad and Freud do you think. If you remember the Red Sox now I think there'd be a mutt a lot more concerned. I just don't think Red Sox Nation is gonna get wrapped up in this I think it's a great story. It's amazing what Michelle McPhee is done and Kirk is done essence you know whoever's on covered this it's fascinating it's certainly emblematic. Of what's happening in our country fentanyl is and hopefully LA that is extremely insidious thing we all know that. But again I'm looking at purely. As we talked to fans Larry on the show to fans. Care about the story now Monica stay up nights tossing and now earning all right. But when the story for is broken I get an inkling that I have now borrow. I just don't think I felt bad form yeah I elect an ominous feel bad that I worried if he still put enough and if he's got eighty million and the bankers Celanese out there with some stupid scam allegedly all this is circumstantial they do not have a smoking gun there's no hard evidence there is lot of things that you mostly are you saw about a conversation I was in the Cutler in the past when the police are standing there right. We don't know that right. I mean I'm street and facetime on this thing you want me to pick up a prize on the way home yet. So let's take a break it's your calls. What effect it's 6177797. 937. Should we'd be concerned should we be interest hitter just gonna move on Hanley I was cut from the team on May 25. Red Sox is rob pointed out if had. So what 36 hits twenty last night that was a season high G eighty Martinez says has had 55 puck behind dates this year it's absolutely incredible is anybody really care about Hanley Ramirez in this alleged driver and 617. 7797937. Mustard and Johnson told twelve yarder right right here on Sports Radio mustered just you know. In this Saturday sports talk on. It's. For us really of baseball on that I talked doubts about yesterday house or. We were prepared to maybe gone a different direction with our move. He called me Alex as I've got a thought or you. We're doing and he said. This is a move I would like to make recommend make it ultimately comes in my final decision but he said. I don't think that and leaves a person that sets. And and on the bench well. And so Asus is something that I'd recommend it to. What has a lot of layers to it. That was Dave Dombrowski may 25. I did he discuss its core face timing and it. And by the way the song we're hearing is that Tom Petty song Tom Petty sadly and tragically died. Last November of a fentanyl overdose he was trying to trio bad hip he was onstage used touring. The heart breakers painkillers and upright piano and obviously. Extremely popular as all hope we'll aides are. The gentleman that was stopped by the cops said what 500. Grams of them like that close to 500 grams. A fentanyl which is is that what was on the mark so we don't know what was I'm not sure I you know I am just trying to make heads details of this are not figured all that story just broke right I am fascinated that. Kirk and end in injury. Seem to be in the news a lot with some of the story recently as it does have excellent. Reporting on the ear pods. It but in Ireland they were behind the scenes but dropping hints about some things that they know they must have some excellent contacts absolutely let's go to the phones Greg in Newbury port you're gonna kick it off on the mustard and today I don't know. What's happening there Greg. Hey guys I'm actually in in ball would I'm in recovery myself tonight and I'm very active in trying to bring awareness to their sin and kind of break the statement that. Makes a whole. Open your crisis we're in right now. Kind of be ignored. Is because of that stigma I mean. Our opium it overdoses are killing a 174 people a day which is more than in the age epidemic at the height of that are more than items via. Yeah how did you get it's how did you get what. I I wasn't hooked on I'm an alcoholic with over four and a half years my congratulations to go. Died for heroin overdose or not recovery the community and that hurts doesn't matter why you're there. You know we're all we don't have the same solution the actual work. Are clean but these the issue here is you know sentinels can when people smuggler. It's intact in New Hampshire you can find her but when you think you're fine you're really banks. And it's a hundred times strong. In black like report from the people who aren't and boats and not being cooped. We've covered up and crap you know where people could violently MX or hurt Arcsight and that could be reform people. Is it and it is that an uphill bomb or needle. In their columns and although. He won't what is known it was a mast track. In the Austin. Saying that it's most of those are all produced in trying to smuggle over from Mexico and here's an important part for this story. That dominicans. Are distributed across the country and that's why you you're so lonely people talk. Dominicans. Who are written about true large and and low income captured Merrill. Is there and it really. Her out IP from the saying copying Pennsylvania it company that is. Coordinated. And that's why this is such a big story and the killing more people than car crashes Chile. I imagine the profit. My agent from this is outrageous right. It's not just it's almost like it's let them across Martin's work deliverables cubicle life are all important things are people don't know about. Cousin she. No and that's what they care. And you can get Fenton all prescribed to you however correct that's still a legal substance. Art it's only been used for decades in the hospital and and some people are but I I've never heard of grip affect small. I've thought all comparably I believe was probably addicted to opiates and therefore it would cut off. Right and that wasn't released a lot several months after he died it was a heart attack in November by January. The autopsy report came out. And it was overdoses fentanyl. That's right up and and then there's constant no that's like a hundred times stronger than Matt. That's a bit Allison hope you like to hear about. Gregg who is this can you keep your profile can you we is that the average is if it's such things possible the average. A fat and all user. It's well there's a lot of young people men and women who were dying in their twenties right now there's I know a lot of professional people from all different backgrounds housewives. A lot of it starts with a neck out and an injury playing the sport or doing work. And I I got a bunch of scratch my doctors just in the way more than I need it and I got hooked and and when it becomes too expensive. The cheap alternative becomes settlement and out to their team except when they announced if you get an error when it's it's laced with fact. Now it's over how people are dying from overdoses. Yep that's what their efforts in beamed back from overdoses now one quick thing I should say is anyone can pick up market right now. Knocked it into the Ukraine and five minutes if you're a parent you should have it and it's a nasal spray that is. In Massachusetts last year. Percent of the of the which are experimented. I think again this stuff I mean I wouldn't even know where to begin to to get. But one place kitchen getting. Are there parents cover of their parents' medicine program Paris matters. Oh yeah absolutely no. Yeah. Am yeah I got I was I had surgery three years ago and they gave me a bottle of oil put OP what they can't remember which one it was. And I just watching down the drain immediately added wanna touch it for any reason at all include the fact that hey kids in the house. And all the police acting and you control elements are right. I have added I don't I think it's irresponsible the hospitals does describing you should walk out of the hospital that stuff. Now you shouldn't if you should should be very control. You know what we couldn't script or something because people are elements that we need to do a better job of tracking who's here about right scratched. And Greg and every once in every one right now wrestling. For about what you're taking every adult while there's some some kind of medication that kids are taken out of Iran met this guy. Hey congratulations. On your on your recovery. Secular Christian that a lot of dust thank you Greg Greg migrating inside. 17779. 7937. When I had my surgery and I had my kidney taken out. I had a couple of OP yours and remember what it was what's the most famous one was wanna rush was hooked on. OxyContin Osce got ahead oxy count and they I'll tell you they are very seductive I remember watching TV. And like I'm one of those OxyContin is right after surgery in the hospital. Every show is great. Should always fantastic and my sister went in recent years on OxyContin everything right now is great. And make you can get hooked on that stuff and I walked out with a vial OxyContin. And I take it down the islands and on the cape and like there. Problems. Right and I'll take what he mentioned New Hampshire I believe right now. New Hampshire if it isn't the worst. Open the only state in the country it's the second worst as far as addiction. And number of people who have overdosed and died. This is a crisis in yet and that's right you know these house break and an analyst up because we knew if you're addicted and you need the money and you need to get it. You rob from your own parents in no question about what's talk the Indian Framingham is next up AMD and headed. Good morning gentlemen oil and a lot of it's sort of a little kid or two sure you'd vote. We have a totally push abroad what do you make him. Mr. Emanuel and all that well for the record could reach about it and you know just thinking. Obama or even consult. We worked our partners rhetoric should Hillary Rivera. Didn't you know assure the problem. And from the injuries ultimately the more regarding everything dated the maybe there's nothing there to ported version. Secretly involved with an injury that boom and resort. Deals only that you didn't look or the outlook for. Not so finding an Amman accusing anybody of anything but that's why. That patriots situation but the two different training staffs and the like. This stuff can get really messy because from really don't have that kind of control over what you play isn't taking. A music as well flaw I would pull the National Guard to move forward for the comfort of what the what the root structure reflect longer involved with because. What the Republicans out there are usually go to Cleveland and looking for about a quote. Well why didn't even know Africa governor Robert L their true the other thing I want to go over the scooping on. But if that started this show isn't story is so prevalent how calm region. Having you know on an early. Or we showed a lot of things. You gave him more than more info from where everything's happening in the and you're not aware of total oil companies which went over the but I do goodness it will I want to go under editor editorial from bla governor or the other players involved relevant should be. Well as he said and I hate it you know this week this. It was one wide brush here but. There seems to be a Dominican problem if you believe it readiness seems to have a pretty good aside on this and you know that dominicans are. Quite popular. We've Major League Baseball general managers were quite a lot of them in baseball and you wonder they're connected in any way to this and you know I hate to be this is that's wild speculation probably irresponsible by. Right exactly right now it's all circumstantial that's the problem. I don't know what the national with its development again this caller could grow it should do. Although it would be injury up at the close it was one of combat boots. You are in reducing mutilation of tea I can I can trio will come about. It is very easy as I just set in my own hospital stay 33 and a half years ago argue could easily get hooked on that stuff. Joba not for the show's going to do plan to include colonel Robert Byrd went. Are you doing 1777979. Threesome I think candy is actually he's probably summing up my feelings. My initial responses he's not a member of the Red Sox. He isn't there. While this may be a tragic story in a lot of ways. How does it really impact the Red Sox yet from a societal basis and after listening to Greg. And hearing from Ron and hear from Michelle McPhee. This is that this is something that goes beyond baseball. Because they are you aren't Skoda beyond round right our little world right you know maybe there is a connect actress thing I think it was David Ortiz. Who's got a very strong connections with the Dominican and the like him. And now who could certainly help. In this matter yet to how the now that was it's I am not blowing this thing over board I have no idea what's been the ramifications thereof and how far it extends back. It sounds like it sounds like in general would Winston. But that woman and expect. These teams are gonna have to straighten up and spend some money and get some expert type people in. To helping the areas that they just not that good that investigating. To straighten some of the stuff I opiate violating a woman nor. Or this that particular situation you you don't know how do you begin to do. Investigated really like into you have to have somebody who has some inside context. Who can see Arafat this thing goes yeah and I wonder I I am being little cynical and that's our job were in the fourth and stay our job is to question. He had to believe the Red Sox knew something. They had to have the more you now about it the more years some of the to dates and Nvidia at this time I'm not saying how far goals but I'm shut. You know there is another story out there about a Red Sox infielder at some point and they got rid of him and we on the inside you've found out why they got minimum and people got mad about it because they wouldn't talk about it on the air but you didn't have enough to substantiate. Talking about it. So. You know Brent tax money just kind of whisper. In just said look there's something's coming down on this guy and if you're giving any thought to get rid of them out of time to do it 61777979371. Calls it bad to now not at all now I I I think I just think this will make it out of bad leg. However progress nationally in what they did when it went to what is bad about this and let me get out of there. I don't think any Red Sox fan is gonna begrudge the team for doing in retrospect what we now know. He and we may be involved in 61777979837. It is mustard and Johnson were working told me alone while making us work extra yeah we are gonna talk about the NBA draft to Ian maintain this topic got result hang on for or for a final rites of Robert are all right it's mustard and Johnson and sports radio and every year. You've got to more mustard and Johnson on sports. That's not what we're not seen it that there is imminent or at target we're not saying that there is that indictment. Let me thank you mayor Barrett but will we are saying and that it was. A halfback who directed I have very significant drug charge. And that aspect has. Very personal contact with him there America. And that current banking committee employee with back and I can not immune from that perhaps. Boy you just look at the facts and the facts are that Hanley Ramirez. What type suited up it's a. As Michelle Fay with can layered on red sex rewind last night pleasure was all over the media yesterday nice job can doubt popularization by the way Adam Katz told fox sports reporter Ken Rosenthal you see him on the baseball all the time. Ken Rosenthal that is not Adam Katz Katz said quote. Haley has no knowledge. Of any of the allegations contained in this media report. And he is not aware of any. Investigation while museum knowledge from getting a face time well that may be but again that's. Entirely at this point circumstantial you have to admit that. Well OK but not much is we're playing for a minute though. What about the timing of this managed knowledge he's driving now mystery over one as something and it just happened to facetime on this at which you should be doing anyway back. Just to see how he's doing or is that timing that he's surrounded by cops. Any whipped out his phone and facetime him out I mean that different you know. I'm sure Harry wish this this gentleman were a little bit more discreet yeah we but why would the why woody Paige why would you facetime somebody like that but again it's speculate I understand that I am asking right you know I'm anxious and the only thing we have in common with Antony is where human beings. So you can at least put an act of circumstances. In place here art and I'm saying why I would somebody's face time you were at that moment. It is compelling. You were making a case against Ramirez again that would be compelling. But not ultimately it would close the deal you know right you need some bobbled a little bit harder does that you can't close the deal but quietly opens the door certainly TJ up in Portland you're next on sporting de WEEI. They got. Well what you guys are talking about earlier about what are people out here column and they don't care what does he dogs for years quote Sheila. Sports celebrity as we have canal. Small city like Portland I really hope this isn't. True right Opie gone neutral could you couldn't ask for nicer guy he honestly wants a great kid you know English wasn't quite content art under. And you can martial law even though you wouldn't want one of hardball at all. Wait a minute what do you saying TGI. Well those are. You know the local. Guys on the ticket in myself while they haven't been really pay even a Nokia was could be crossed acting like. To have five or six it's gotten happier with them at all times. I know it has got a lot tight circle around him which probably only expanded the more money meet. The Major League Baseball but it wasn't great kid you really want so I hope that this just go to Larry. Yeah that's uninteresting story I forgot about that a course when he was a Red Sox prospect before he got traded. To the Mariners. Not America's Marlins. He mocked he probably did integrate himself a little bit without population I I think I saw when he was that age I was up there a lot vacuum what Michael 30405. Around that period. Where he was an up and coming star. So you know I'm sure there are people who were drawn to him particularly. When he was a minor league Red Sox prost you wonder why these guys never get it though intent to put these policies is to if you look at Allen Iverson and it just about ruined him I went to our way you can understand Larry as that demand they can again become your fan we've had limited English in Portland Maine you probably wouldn't feel comfortable. Maybe and what she did have some your pals with the U Johnny Gardner one of our tells us next in Sports Radio WEEI. Hey kids played on this Larry I got an exit to that question if you give me a minute. Powell's Feldman was absolutely great the first call yeah yeah us. Fortunately very respectfully I'd like to slightly disagree and that the stigma. In the Uga Ayman Nokia didn't do some of these things they did a few other things but not ever heroin. The stigma has been. Lessened quite a bit with this place because of cross and all. You know also to be. All demographics all thank you that was what I portable radio term jobs. Arctic radio term Democrat or had a chance. Lot of and I really am if you work like that. So that statement and brought down quite a bit ago and people a lot more open about it of course such a great thing. Sentinel. As a true. That has a lot of that has legitimate medical uses it was first it's generally good news is that in anesthesia. The surgery it's also used for pain management and I think the good news on the pain management part is that positions in the light there. Plotting to learn a boat much more about how careful they have to be. A bit regret wasn't sure there was subscribe prescribed is it is prescribed. Spectacle yeah he's going yeah. Oh yeah there's religious curtain and and pain again in my life load me up drug. I I I'm sure that petty probably had a legal prescription of fat at all. But apparently his hip injury I was so intense the pain was so intense and he still wanted to war so what does he do he just took more painkillers. Now Tom Petty died of an ongoing sentinel well he had a history of probably will carry automatic back from the table yeah. I believe so but it Archie get this stuff from more than the doctor's office correct. When I get on the street and listen here and has a bulletin folks struck deals and not real. You know the talk show people as far as their honors and. I'm not gonna win the gene Herschel humanitarian award anytime soon. Thank you mean my brain is firing terribly too. So felt that the mixing with government review on its okay it's different stuff to infant died synthetic drugs mixed in. With heroin it's badly and I'm not for any stones isn't trying to beat. Heroin addicts looking for that ultimate highs just short of fuel vehicles. Sold. If I find out if I'm an addict and I find out that sold sold some of bags of Sutton called Donald Joe's. Whatever and that's the best tire out the three. Couple people had trouble with it also had to use and actually ended source told the bills but that's a step sadly. The addictive process that were right go. I thought of that bag stuff that you don't commit. And on I was asking Greg who the the consummate user definitive user would create. And yet you name it but it you probably noticed that John that white males. In the working class. Have experienced death rates are higher than any other demographic in America now and in the of course the speculation it's tied to OxyContin and other appropriate rights. 11. More peaceful and how an event wanna move on to my skepticism about this politically get time to. I took this is very anecdotal don't anybody hold your as the years ago when I was taken courses and stuff to learn more bulk. When I worked in the treatment field full force I had a pizza. Professor. The maintain that you know if you had a pure heroin. It was appropriately Dole's and it didn't have any of that stuff mixed in that it gets mixed in with on the street. You could live along and help you with. Quote unquote healthy life what gets addicts is the lifestyle. In the crap that's mixed in and never that you all we need more and more in the ultimate high useful. You know what I mean. So an exciting right. They young people getting tied him at this. While less is convection now discrete thing is the kids that I felt it. People have mentioned about Scott not somebody else's medication that developing that happens Arnold percentages. A lot of it does happen from that. Door there's also which is creeping now so that if somebody a lot of times it is people moving on from the prescribes. Legitimate pain medication and then their cross over as Greg just ride. But it's just I'll be in mixed in with things I don't think I could be wrong I'm not in this game. But maybe just people albeit push back the paddle while fentanyl is like eighty to a hundred times more helpful than morphine. The so that's why it was surgical anesthesia could sacred. You know small amount and do what we're trying to get my skepticism. Greg until you cross mice like you might feel last week I was going to have to vote didn't get some golf now what bold statement. I crush your feelings and they do you job. All of this kit today we've done that we UK Gmail has talked and we hooked up and play golf. And made the great state cut through whatever by email fought through all along I 95. Would look at my kinda get a minute blocks and I get pulled over by the jam down for the. Who were your own OK you call these that we can't play golf that that should write your book is my job outlook by the way that bought into that talk show guy was out did write that it. Blocks but you can search the rest of the cow that blacks in my. Surged ducked my body Craig all wanted to get money and help shore up email based I would double. Here's the thing I don't know anything about me any music in the background its full look at what he's into and nodded to. But people in this game they admit that guided by maybe they can hang together and him we don't know anything about what this guy's boat but it's quite possible that this guy. The other thing is drug delusional what they do they've bowed out of the people. Correctly you're not time to get out hot water. So I allege that that's Craig most of block and hopefully I hope I about it. So I'm very skeptical. How many facetime listing you on. I don't know how to break I donated. Larry's very fastening his face time asked may listen John I appreciate her against the clock thanks a lot 617. 77979. A. Big facetime guys don't read on the city very fast the Aaron admiral Landry Jones lately to harness facetime aspects are innocent you know in the immediacy. Of somebody's same regiment let me get my boy on the phone is is. Puzzling to me that is puzzling but not completely. Damning at this point no but does that. Surprise your body you. I think it just another piece in the very mystifying in heads well that's how they tie him and in the first place frank frank we're gonna take a break 61777979837. Our number one in the books to morning go you heard it right mustard and Johnson. We got in the hours till moon right here on Sports Radio.