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Saturday, August 12th

Hour 2. Mustard and John are talking about the Patriots preseason loss to the Jaguars. Larry sticks up for his man Jimmy G.


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The preacher I. And that teacher from. It's mustard and shots and you guys sport. Things Sox past season sees right now only Muster in Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio. WEEI. 3124. Old one on the pre season and I'll get ready for the use content. Joint practices in West Virginia and then down to Houston. Pre season games of the two. You know I was getting so excited. The patriots lose on Thursday and then the Yankees win last night boy Brad Saxon patriot fans must be at total funk this working with Eric Johnson is not an attack exhibition. I was even though they were back up back up play as I was surprised the defense showed nothing. I mean when I mean nothing I mean. Nothing percent needs to work on his touch at south and the part about cutting percent wherever you cut a guy like that he's got to write for for an. You know I need some work but that's right it was straight afterward was drafted. And I don't you know we all know that the patriots. Our chances to win another championship rise and fall with the help of Tom Brady to Brady at all. It was sure pre season yeah. Well next week maybe you'll play quarter I don't know be you ought to wrap allowed to Whitman givers set the F why do you even based on what we saw last year because he's still got to get his timing down gives -- I mean in practice. It's not the same let's face it Barack quality that needs a different player or when the lights are up -- that that's been his MO I retire I know her career and think some people made the lights on there were a lot of people who did not believe when Rob Lowe is given the quarterback reins at the beginning of the season I came out in Arizona. That he could handle the bright lights after I'm not playing particularly well in the pre if he's argue play the other night you know you it really. Is a debatable topic about what the heck they should do with him and it is really up. You could make arguments on both sides of the table because he rarely. So what's more debatable. Craig Kimbrel being saved last night in a lot of ice that's not planned it to me that order apple not add that the camera was an bigger debate that September thing where Madonna okay oils they drop low for a second okay and I don't recall and that I'm sure you can back me up on this one football sage. On this radio program. Said that you were he'd rather have remember this mavs like last week I believe. The you'd rather have draft picks from Cleveland. Then holding on to Geneva Iran yes that would be you ya ya. And I went to a party. Later on that day ego Danny Danny pleasant for Craig social. OK I am not I'd agenda bottle again he's going to be totally relieved about this yeah okay. OK Danny I have nothing to do tonight so I likely very. Find it on the cowboys' ring how much about it a look at some countries. Be a lot of fun I was down would be I was down Danny's neighbor this past week down the Kate I'm recalling the cesspool I was down and you Armand in Africa and that's it thank you wanna cruise if you know and I mean Kaka who won anyway crusade fear yeah there you. Which version the Mitchum version of the there's a number zero yeah that was a scary one who may well the outcome malware in Iraq is 6177797937. Gonna go to the beautiful bird of star in Massachusetts a great place I hear I hear that some some that are hot it's a big luminaries some very famous people of the while Mike can start next on Sports Radio. Good morning re examine my I mean wake you are right. I'm. They might go and on the grace church in Avon it's right around the corner and start from start. Grace church should be ready to its name on. Yeah I do a little miles from and I know Florida. Usually give it a try a series given strike. Great passes John Sears. Great place I love it there. All right just simple copy and anti what's going on. Well a number I sick gratis on my heroes and not the monster. Some concern and it was on the radio virus and so you later are considered recently and I and I agree to it what he said the quote something armored. I'm a true Red Sox fan right so Micah and send me. Blocks was in Vietnam and sixty's so. Awhile. Couldn't Goodyear to get paid Mike Goodyear to get box scores. Goodyear did it box scores in 1967. The impossible dream. You don't want it's still my favorite I I I I wouldn't wanna be getting dispatches and rice paddy. But boy I'll tell you rot that was still have all the championships they didn't win a championship by law of that year 67 I stood on the agent grassy service over the top. Or. Say I came all my missed every game that year and I was I looked down the street from there in March 1 goat again look at them every game but I came home the week they want a permit. And then the funny thing at my grandfather so severe maybe you should stay in the job and Italian maybe you should stay in the jungle on the more weeks. Oh you wait a minute wait a minute if you came and if you came back in the regular season had a great series against Minnesota that you need to win both games against the twins demoted M it was Pam am on the field. I missed you missed the whole thing on my while. Yeah just my point is there are a great read such ample last night when they took them. A guy who was on parole a low pressure at the television as sad I was certain this pitch count that was like can't. We think it did he look like he was getting tie it down. At a 107 pitches I think I'm right around well Mike if you recall. Rabbits used to get you got five days to rest of our guys certain sudden. Then we believe me out of trouble. Right you know enter in. Yacht and Raddatz recourse was old school reliever you come on when you were needed the reliever could be in the seventh or eighth or ninth then I sometimes even in the six member he would pitch to part of a doubleheader as of right and you know he did a show with us for many many years it was the teaches the preacher in the creature an addict almost every show on Sunday would say. Why are they gay being these guys. That's a totally different world everybody's slotted everybody has a certain number of pitches in certain roles. And in Raddatz didn't didn't have those rules surrounding him most things. Yeah I don't know dispatched but if you look back with Pedro and Clemens though you own fortune on what one run games they take them out and applause. Since action on that it shut out via did you see the whole game. No doubt I'm actually echo. The GBs are. I already Vietnam you're not a power paragon hey Mike thanks for call banks might by the way speaking of 67 next week they're gonna commemorate that great. Fifty years Larry fifty years since 1960s and whose laughter he has Rico still very much whether it's. They re oh yeah Rico another in the loop card shark dot Petrocelli back it. You know now and you decide you're going to be an English teacher eggs you know it's so funny I I believe it or not I had an email correspondence with somebody yesterday nice and I think I knew what was in the beginning I swear to god layer. I think I knew I was gonna be in English teacher panda moan that moment Ned Martin of course at duke graduate. Very literate. When the Red Sox lost in 75. He immortal he said. That. But did he says. Matt you gotta save after. Sorrow as they. The news we'll have to live from Hamlet I've come out completely forgot about it does say that Erica met him and Jim woods. Yeah I think sour as they come not a single spies but in full battalions are too late that truly are but he quoted from Hamlet much better than I could as you've got to stand up comedian right it's all about time. Erica in what impact route it please save us right now you're next in Sports Radio WB. There. And it has its own I yeah. I'd I loved that show and they tell you why real quick drives work and it was and to all the shows all week and I I'd like a mall. By the end of the week on there and bush Dick really starts to get to me so wanted to they need guys on Saturday morning. Much more mature and you'll show and I really appreciated and as with. While we appreciate that thank you and I I'm listening to the station all day long and I take in my best. Moments are when the shuttle's stock and they get right into sports and stuff that's what I like to hear so I appreciate your comments. Yet of the morning shows that I drug mule creek as they get off the sports car parts but. The number number when Brady now I will say this Eric we don't know overstayed our welcome we have a quick two hours now we get sick of us by the time anybody even notices Roth the herself mass effect they have packed house started waiting out front about quarter of eleven up. Delhi dispute yes Russ I tell me about the now last week we you were talking something kinda related this is what I thought of I know this isn't what's gonna happen but I'm my imagination this story chills yeah. Brady in the ultimate team who goes to Kraft and Belichick and says listen you can trade mean for hall. Do you thing distributed to the niners they take all sort of draft picks. And the following year we get we get greedy and judgment you know verses Belichick problem the patriots in the suitable. Do you think Chester because if you get Brady that that's gonna take the financed the film Apollo. No I don't think that would happen with a hidden room in my story line in my mind yeah why why even pondering these things Eric. I don't know so much on the main. Rate Brady will lead to higher here he is eight EE will too. Now we want to practice a couple of weeks ago and I you know you can't tell that much of practice but he is so accurate. With his sorrows in he's just. Tour in our planet volatile it can look at that tweet out Larry. It is the to just what the wiz now when he sold when you watch the hope is Katie. You can't even get it all right so I knew coming after me hey Eric thanks for the call I'll tell you this though. Give me that quote again. So as they come not in singles by put in full battalion yeah I think it's something like that cannot match from him. O Matic to key asthma but I will say that if I care who you're right I never heard the word pandemonium before and I know that I heard that call lot I did not have a access to a TV. In 1967. Are memory isn't I remember yeah and in due course it was immortalized. I had this record for years I lost that some remember they impossible dream album. From Fleetwood records. They came out right after that I have that out moss hi hello I have the Celtics album to Johnny most tablets and I don't think they are Brian's call on Montes settlement David Ortiz. David Ortiz. David Ortiz will be one of the quotes it will go around what's history. It was a great call and agree hit. Grand Slam against the tigers game we are blessed around here I think when you listen to some of these out of town announces compared to what we have here. Really green Indian Max to a great job and I am really I think we were bused around him. No question about it some last week member. Called and ripped Dave or Ryan we've had some nice words about what he's a national broadcast lovable guy I think he's great. I spoke at a Jewish temple. On a year to go as treatment for motivational speaker and he had been in the week before. In May coax him into making that call. Or real idea. It's funny as a great call and of course a variation on the giants win the pennant the giants win the pennant giants win the pennant I was a bit disappointed in was it was at my client with a guy had it scripted like he's reading off my chair and it was yes yes. Terrible that my chancellor rough around the edges of play by play guy for Saint Louis 617779. 7937. Pad and hagel on your next fast radio. There's an appointment or appropriate and what it called. One of gutting most most famous all of you know what typical did not stay. I love that you talk about the Detroit this and AM Isiah has. This most famous one that was haven't checked stole the ball. That was he was since he was one of our kind. I wanted to get one quick take away from Thursday's pre season games should not go go on May be little mini rant about. This whole picture what you don't nonsense to call out all patriots and so my picnic whales of course the most polarizing guys there's a great game what Rob Lowe. You know what we're not in our it was Cyrus Jones and I'll bet. But she says but. You know they put this guy with their first pick in the second. The second round pick you know. And the Alabama connection insane and everything else. And they have before comport with us it. What has taken some pressure and double element as a returner and he group and you've really been that. I say I haven't you you bring up a great point pat I have not seen. The defensive skills and instincts needed to play that position. In the special teams play him watching him on every Terrence. Nothing yeah nothing disaster waiting to happen but did detect my cot a quarterback you kidding me I'd rather cut him Indian news Armand Goler and if for a punt returns and kickoffs and really truly especially coming out of that program. You think it's a semi professional it's it's this close to being a professional team as you can second round pick the Sabin connection. All the success. Such a great college player so far. Certainly has not made to convert what do you think of Augusta. When I think of Augusta he's a great place on what about now good defensive lineman was a 400 pounds no huddle on Larry reported I meant yeah who's bigger the town in Georgia or that I got a borderline mentally one no who great who's drawing board was yes he did. Waited. That interview we had a couple weeks ago agreement with a rainbow that my is name is rob Bradford came on like I'm like that. Ten minutes after that program is over and what was a very strange interview this was always present what's strange about that it was a strange about it dividend payment is weakening in injury history can he call he kept her going Mead Johnson means I don't want strains in him doing an interview with Pedroia delays we. Well rule. It Larry. Jerry is now he's sit down taken that from rob ready to ship coming into these laser show and say that rat trap here today pat Bradley a six it's cut my captains down from five to one that's re coming AM yeah right. Six or seven but he is not better. I'm. Who wants to give the number up as. Stop you wanna do excellent 77797. 937. He immortal he said. That. What did he said. Now they sneeze mosque and shocks Sports Radio. Point seven. Mustard Johnson incorporated are not WEEI. Madly and maybe they are going down make you could start. That handed me the passage from him I don't teach him with a senior. Assignment I teach Macbeth that you sound like lonely old Julie on like he didn't teach it happens sorrows come they come not a single spies but in the talents of those guys right put in full there. And that was what dead Ned uttered the great late Red Sox announcer we've had many many great ones Joseph of course and I'm Dave O'Brien in everybody in between but my favorite always day. Ned Martin of course made that a great call the end of the 67 season many of those 67 players will be on the field next week. When the Red Sox and yankees tangle. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of course the most important one. Carl Yastrzemski a man they call yeah housing values credibly ask you saying man they go yeah thank you just came. We do not ask you this thing. And still I hate to sound like an old fart here it's still the greatest single season. Anybody ever have is David Ortiz the greatest. Clutch hitter certainly the jazz had a lot of clutch hits and that 67 season. And almost single handedly propelled them in that World Series against the cardinals so. Great week next week fees 67 fans let's get back to the president 617. 7797937. And Mike in Foxborough was next on Sports Radio MI. Hey Larry have you book your trip to quorum. I don't know I might have to go over and lay hands on them I hear is beautiful this time a year Donald Trump said that they expect. A bike up and tourism consultant that's gone and the just wondered if you had hoped there could. I might yeah I am. So I I just want it to. I kinda let you know why a white folks say angry about those three guys who posed with project it felt good no so. When the patriots won the Super Bowl. You know of course greedy the players coaches the owners all got there revenge against Goodell in person. And of course the thing and very excited that the patriots won Super Bowl but they would have been anyway. So the band are set to get their revenge on opening night wing went to delves in the stadium and everybody knows he's fair. And whether he gets announced and not our our present Super Bowl trophy or anything like that will probably the Fijians will boo. Make a lot of boos in the history. Of sporting events to just like they did at the Super Bowl. But when those three guys most guys got used by Adele. Details basically saying hey he everything's fine in New England now. So he used those guys to take Apollo are away from the stands on opening night he. By kinda defusing the situation. They're probably is a day we get our officers say they want to know in the end. Brady sat out his suspension. He came back they had a great season. They won the Super Bowl so I want in the long run. True but opinions haven't got there Asia and and honestly I think after opening night bet it would have been no where. But but these guys like used by Intel and now which it. It's it. I don't know if you. You know what I say seriously get over I was yeah I'd say get over it or were recorded another line this from a lesser known William Clinton actually no not quite as good as him what put the the number one selling dvd of all times frozen. It was a song they are called. Let it go oh. Let it go all pinch your feet and he let it be thank you Paul McCartney great show last year Fenway Park great moment let it be. You want and you alternately trying out why the bitterness why the need for revenge. Can't let popped seriously very it has thank you Matt. I'm serious so I guess I think it to eight in sports some particular. I think you're too many damn people want the trying to control other people's lives. You wanna stop and take a photo with the guys to protect a photo of them do you really believe that you dealt. One thing Goodell was not is very Smart you think he was that strategic he's okay on to defuse any future anger from patriot fans. By getting this on the way to pre season game c'mon. Put it past the NFL Pia guy's hand that's grab a couple of guys get a photograph but who cares though I mean. Listen if that's the biggest problem and you know life that you are very fortunate right if you. Were still upset the patriots didn't manage to pull off the greatest comeback we're in different sports history. Maybe you could make a case. All ultimately everything came together. Pure karma emerged. At the end of that game and you can you can sit back as a patriot fans enjoy it bask in it. And just wallow in it. For months and months and for ever doesn't you have to do a single. Paying more. If you're Tom Brady or that patriots franchise. You came through with flying colors why all of the bitterness Trevor in Dorchester you're next in Sports Radio. There are it was not found. Me miss my. Gotta love that song second side of that erode. A little. Soccer. Scene or college. We're done. We're. Well. Like it but to kill Dante and that's Macbeth. You want to get it over with fast as he wasn't too pleased his wife. That nagging wife of his lady Macbeth. What is your courage to sticking something I ask your courage to the sticking place. That's why your teachers are. You listening to complaints about weight and her as the. And that's neglect let we spoke I was up that particular unionized. And ever since that I get assays have the best locked. These are the best summer. By the way tremors that a verb commuting he's had never heard that before are you I think it's a well the last it's not like he's blessed. Are. Who blessed to be stressed. So we've been blessed large cigars. Not a care in the world put. We don't care is the world we live and I'm Lou you know what's so what's going on there right. I was. Ordered a Red Sox and you know but the hardships and slow. Since forever and there's just something about his team are just wonder I don't wanted to and so sought to return to import. Isn't such a thing is inherent. Unlike abilities that are just something. I just can't get into these guys what are your card and try to watch. You know there are big game. Obviously. They came back agency Indians and that was produced on her body like. Just generally can't. Well I love sales I'd love sales. You have as an end this. Devers certainly have have brought some back I think we're finally getting over the price situation. And in you know like I said. My message for them for the morning for anybody out there is just get over who cares about what David Price did. It was done we talked about it in and you move on like I I just move on from that. I think but the Red Sox right now is it odd to get excited because they don't think when you think these packet momentum then they lose it. Yeah well they've won eight Iran has nothing really to complain and I'm still standing heading desire Trevor you were not caught up in Red Sox fever. Gripping the hub where this eight game winning streak that went to south last night. IE. I wouldn't wouldn't there could be but I guess what Terkel program circle we're used to watch him as you know we know we're kind of awaited books stance in the whacko Whitaker got right here kind of looked and you know work out the back. Jim writes in order. Haven't played OQ I consider first yeah story about her. We know. You know whatever attendant were Tuesday it and I just don't I'm not. About grabbing that it football McCain mean by it almighty girl she knows that you use their poker exploits bureaucracy more. And no shortstop but so could position it on the Red Sox ought to. Just to check into I don't know. Well I think it's age I think its recent success. You have to wonder you know what more can the Red Sox do you've seen three championships. Up I'm sure that all four was. Unbelievably exciting for you. It you know after a long time Red Sox fan of all that frustration until then but the last 1213 years Red Sox have had. A lot of success and maybe it's plateaued emotionally for him. Mean you know what you know or creditors are reported to the gulf war but he also re ever. Lost quote our DC and the one awesome bar down there. You know you literally could hurt you dropped. Actually when Pedro came back out to the bottom wouldn't say get a lot of. Terminal three against the Yankees. Yeah yeah yeah. And a electable and sure there are inseparable in outlook and Herbert walker home. You know two miles from in thinking that life that ended right there and look would have to learn next year. Grow more than an emotional you know partner so. That took. I think it's about youth you know I was born on wraps a nice thing about Ned Martin in 1967. And even win the championship they got to the World Series they made it to game seven and that was like an exhilarating time it's still my favorite team 67. And you don't nothing will ever I think it's it's that it's that that that early moment that that. Time when you're young and everything is so important the older you get let's face it these games take analysts significance in the wants them. Particular right yeah that's right remarkable calm shots in rural we're gonna last year about growing up for a source tells folder and you know talking about his teams are to use and how important was it was the pinnacle of everything and if they hadn't created ownership and should I. Right arm and you held on growing up as a Red Sox fan you held on the 67. You held on a 75. Both series they lost in seven games and that was the pinnacle as you said that was the peak moment of being a Red Sox fan. Then you got your championships not only want big up for re seeking a seat you get a little you know maybe some mob post championship blues going on. Can keep you know I hate to say the club. The long awaited her over put real quick to go to Bristol when my parents and their friends are chipped and two votes. Comment I was actually stating how can I replay RT. Eighty cents or worst. There are ten year old that voters who better to give to them by a neighbor we're back a bit more. To school. I was in new York and had to suffer through the parade the Mets parade. In all the celebrations and everything else that is definitely a low moment that you made up first though I certainly do that. We. Are. A great Karl karlson I had driver 6177797. 93 so I'm the only guy in the World Series are wary. I was a Red Sox being an 86 when they blew the two run lead against the Mets and lost the World Series in I was a Yankee fan final four when they have three nothing we can go to prison they blew that trade and the problem yes as they say you know all the say about that when sirens come where they come not a single spies but in battalions are just what you think about that perception anyway it was a quick six settlement. 77. What's proper amenity gain the whole world and loses his soul you quote from the Bible I quote from the barred 6177797. 937. Is the telephone number we still have one more segment to go for our kids out there must have been Johnson continues. And Sports Radio WEEI. Muster Johnson. Sports where it's point seven. You we EI guys come. We fought like ultimate sense that the guys that are written we have brought on Sunday not that yeah they're Montgomery but they thought we were at that point. I'm okay got one good pitcher. Or like I'm sure you aren't my. We thought then another quick fix here I'm bundle it would it would it would then all of a sudden we note being created so there. That was gentleman who had his picture taken we right you don't losing Josh bison. For the record and a lot of hatred being injured it couple on this radio. Show. Upset at those fans at having the audacity. The data rate nerve the temerity to have a picture taken we had the the Darth Vader of all sports commissioners. Roger good now and I say ghetto life 6177797. 937. Well Danny. I just returned from that cesspool known as. Yeah armor at Massachusetts. And managed to survive. None the worse for the Wear rewrite them. Yeah Willie I I put two caveats on Craig it was in terms of traffic and congestion it's a fight town in September and you know went there. You know I guess that's why I don't really caviar what say you took a step down because you. You follow my little boy is gives. You know that. The West Coast of the K calm from the cape I get out out of OK I think atomic Nortel look like solid all Giuliani Elizabeth islands that the best coastline. In New England. Old silver beach. Why can't I can type I mean I don't docket to communicate out so. Don't light the lights lights can be just crystal clear water warm water are and it's beautiful song but not just blew my cover so anyways back. Com please look at stepped on the ball and I was saying loud or find people yeah I would I apologize and I. The Larry. Yeah. I'm listening he's fascinated by this conversation I'm taking no I've just got right riveted. I'll put out anyways I've played you know we let it sit. You know people criticizing I'd go up also are not falling properly right. Glad you came on the last year and you you you mimicked you criticize the falcons currently master of the ground zero static and they knew it isn't. Because I do I do everything after Glen have a gathering my headphone. So I would hope not but again yeah I heard a little bit at the hands of people that you know he's not following tightly won't get used to it because. This quarterback if he's going to succeed active patent happy instinctively as an innate instinct to try to convert on third down. District that is lags well I want my it will not the other way. That's where he's got to go and you'll probably your body opened to get yet is that the defendant. Make that decision to make a concerted apotheker a player. Yet there's nothing any quarterback can do in that situation according Tom Brady I haven't gone ice cream does not. Prevent against getting it in its shell whips. Another body to body it acted. But it is amazing how resilient except that in 2008. How resilient this guy is how he'll last for seventeen seasons. Without getting hit from stem to stern he's pretty much stood up for his entire career with the very few. I'd rather well and then things that he does not all the UN I used to debate with blood so when though like in now I think you're turning your way eases. He's a normal boy he can he can move around where he's improved mojo hello yup and you said he couldn't. There's a difference between all of aren't being basic in the pocket it was always a basic. Always had the marine on to step yeah I'm not like he is now. And I didn't forget you and ease ease a 51 embolden the number was five years into this a very good point. He it's just watching him pretty second up to DNA now of watching Brady in a pocket is a thing of beauty just the subtleties. The feel the instinct. No one does a better I'm always when he moves around better but it's the subtlety here these guys aren't right now I don't care. How much did he does he's a better player now than you Muslim have got to play and now than it was five years ago. You know is now not only glad to tell me that he's a better place than it was five years ago. You don't know what it wants I'd Marcy trees watch him. When he can he's a bad play and now than it was five years ago. I did take god in oh yeah economy he was not a good player no real. I don't think he wasn't a good why not he's a great player not just these teams are better than they want more I found that neither you two wanna wait a minute I don't care. Not as well as he does now you guys are arguing in my new degrees of great guys Danny you're wrong you usual but go ahead. More once you explain to Iran can't. Last week shot last week jobs so you don't you don't tell me you want to call you wouldn't innovation quarterback back in. 2000. He's better now than he was it five years ago OK thank tonight. Our defense rests. It didn't guess it does Danny you're wrong and you don't like to admit when you Rhonda to run. And he wasn't as good as he is now. I am the log I want. An unknown to him right now how you guys to get everything I what's your name. Anyways as far as the let's talk skull. You know as a captain's power hitting team which are not at all lately hitting came to court which you which would you agree it's not only okay. It pentagon I have to rely on the clutch hitting and unfortunately that kind of this team has gone into slumps and it didn't and who has definitely done it earlier this season. Or seven but they did for her way yeah. Also quite good confident that this game. I don't know what. Denny what would you have done last night which you did you like the way for Arab managed. The end of the game. I always believe there's a guy cynical. You know to let them go out in police officers do well don't you let him pitch and until that maybe you want to gotta get up a couple of hits I don't I don't I didn't rude at it. But to get back to the classic you don't need power we championship seeing people like fourteen in 98 with the community it would and twenty wants us. I stick blinding nature of the lying out being able it would tourists you know two strikes and two outs. You know couldn't pitching staff didn't you know big glut I didn't agree not to win a championship but the opposite is out sick all this fickle bunch and they can lose. And that's Danny if I can interrupt for a second one of the Li usually I did show I would be more confident thanks for the call I'd be more confident that the above efforts sendoff that Dan and I'd be more confident a Hummer Red Sox fan that he Yankee fan because. You have the two most important things that you can get this year started pitching and great bullpen pitching last night was more of the aberration than the rule Johnny in Walpole you're next on Sports Radio. John eight. Yes well I put like a question Larry but right. I would vote Afghanistan. Yeah we got it when you go on the night what route clearance patrol. So we were going up to rarer or going out to look at call you Z we knew OK in the gun quite believe it might be a until it always read that sacred Wednesday's speech I read that. Yes fantastic. I we have footnote to a country was yet to live Q Amanda greater share on. One of the great speeches of all time so inspiring I'm sure you've seen the movie Henry the fifth Ken Branagh. Rallying the troops. Yup. It's funny I've read John fourteen for inspiration. I was John 316. And I've read that so yeah. Well Larry my question is you his OK back in the day when the Celtics and the captains will go matter. And driving most. Called Isiah Thomas the babyface assassin yeah it was a segment by that or was he it would it would be like excited that you know he was. You'll take that you know. Always looked at what do you think Isiah was offended. Now he's too busy chasing people around the office. I think they understood you know what I think I think they John I think they understood that Johnny most was one of the great characters. In the NBA Elian there out and not make healthy and meg Garrity. They understood who we want I don't think they took him to a series I think people are found most sensitive now than women to I mean you can't say anything about anybody. I'm sure they all look at secretly be referred to a packet. Yeah. But Johnny's favorite moment of course was when they did that McDonald's game not your from all the checked and you and I am as Alex and that big guy unlock the bearded guy six ride seven probably drive with a very low voice Allah be. Andy from Framingham. Asking how I younger favored your favorite announcer of course is dean zinc share. And her away and told me yeah. On or kimbo I don't scored more potential not a hundred. A definitive closure. And you not pay phone calls for using a pay phone. Sounds like you put quarters and tables around your work work quarters of that and I'm. Not. With gratitude for a while admitting to the I can use to protect you wanted to talk to provide a little emotional modified approach would be okay. I don't like to be these guys are gonna be truthful put on the old school don't look at all grapple I think you should real Duca. The officials had thought I would not respond or whatever this year he's this is an and they brought reported that or another year. Brady and it is Brady gonna tell him or is he gonna tell Brady. A total total ticket totals neutral we can gutters symbolic. You know I saw this idiot and this just kind of came to me in a sudden fit of that inspiration and an epiphany if you will Larry Johnson you on the treadmill hey if if if a cut yet they get. I think you're right I think if they do win again. Now this year may be Brady's you know thoughts about retirement age 45 holes suddenly subside. And that's why grapples still here I think they might know that might be some tasks and are learning that you can imagine factor would make me out yet. There's not going to be in hatred which efforts of scope. Productive and doing I don't know maybe a Wyoming Josh balance the salivating over Roger about it. Ruled interviews feel you. You actually put the kid. Jobs jobs separately it would then lifted at all heartbeat. Had a duel might get cut all right well usually hits lead off for us you're pretty good in the ninth spot they're late today and yup and right that's it for Russ were a little late Tom mossy is in the building Trent eight are treading into mossy TNT is there professionally known coming up next thanks to Matt on the other side of the glass and number eight hours today a something like that I. He wasn't as good is he is now. I am not an underdog I want. What did he said.